K&C Tim Hasselbeck Interview 10-2-17

Mut & Callahan
Monday, October 2nd
Tim Hasselbeck calls in to dicuss the Patriots' surprising home loss to the Panthers with Kirk and Gerry. 

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I have to backs off now tourism HTT. Conversation tends brought to buy them fat loss and by. Verizon Tennessee joins us what's going on. Heard our report. The morning observant that too much show football talk here at all to what happened last night here in our Las Vegas I guess we'll we'll start really with the patriots and then another ought lost yesterday in his defense is. Obviously becoming a L a legitimate concern that the passer rating against so far through four which is like 160. Better than I do is professor and that's true. Things. I think all that graphic as well and solicitor watching the game kind of what's happening or crazy normal quality Whitaker caught on the greens are. You know the oft obviously you know one arm on a screen for him that they were. You know Carolyn after that looking for people walking I would want all. Of iguana that was strange little food. You can completion. Carol back meant no picnic there or another while. You know there were two of the book. You know in the secondary. You know throughout that game and sleeker look up and within but even well coached eclipses every now and then you'll. Opium miscommunication. Because you know what quarter thanks. They heard they were saying or whatever. But when you have. You know more than war. And then when you have worked blatantly obvious ones. And I think that it is more problems than. Just you know random miscommunication. I think you guys. Not really understanding their responsibility. And our trip to Ottawa. Who whose fault is that do you blame obviously the blame the player to some of them you Stephon Gilmore. They got taken 65 million dollars that he is is expected to be a star. We blame him first and foremost but he also blamed met Patricia Bill Belichick is he not been coached up. Well look I don't know what these guys have been done and ultimately explain player of the structure of the typical talk about the quality Whitaker touchdown carry. If you're here what happened so that it got a carefree outside your war goes down. You know there probably treated Michael and Michael wide receiver. When he lined up outside a bit so you work outside a McCaffery. Cooler you can try to stick it well we and skeptical in the motion into the into the back field. Kate they're trying to pass a law during the motion took your worst thing my page from political trick he's going to the other side. Well you can people Courtney kind of warning the same the same way ticket that the safety for not welcome pick up the court goes back all the fuel. Dead guy who literally hit three. Forgetting the linebacker was on you know on the truck side. Which you have linebacker on the front side you have quarry in you hit feel more all Shareef being Christian capturing that side of the field. Which music is not copper at pick and on the outside know that they cover a Whitacre who they have been running this great deal on the other side and then the other one. You're more involved in the off as well also the I can't say for sure you know what their old where. You know in terms of how they were gonna handle you don't motion away we're gonna stay with ample what was the thought was we're gonna pick up. I can't say for sure that looked. All right though it. They were wrong you know more than one. And ultimately. The players job could be responsible lofted an older father to know if you're from what I'm supposed to built. It well we've we listen we've played this game is music every single year where Rory is sort of you know bear the patriots you do this you do that and they turn around a dollar cap of whatever couple years ago in the beating Seattle. Is this going to be one of these years right now or people panic and I think they should be and you look at the quarterbacks are playing against the offices which struggled coming in and play great. Is this one of these things were eight and we should our income go look back at this and laugh horses can be summoned so to this team all year. The I think their could not write the quarterback could not the coach you're not I think their purse and now the Serb held the lucky you know some injuries that they. With them. To get hot going run. I am so glad that we usually could be looking back on air America or Erick into the couple mental breakdown. You know on the secondary. For sure we could easily have. Reactions and looked article it's okay for fans they have that reaction to what inside that building. I mean there's no way mean everyone's got to see. You know panic inside that building because. While. You know the stock is probably also with all that counts involve our last. Duty yeah Maria play. Yeah only three home. So. You know it's not like you know I think you're in in years past and I don't. The picture we're obligated to what do you think can have it you know that would have been more you know. Closely decided ball game. You know it and I guess it here. I think you're looking at it now but wait here right. Sometimes I mean there's a little bit of a beer fortune you know investors. You know that element. Two. We're talking. A couple of somebody else about you know like you you know preparation the opportunity what what is it an article of all of that going into a but by and large no when one wins those clothes or reserve more air exceed their coach all that stuff. It took it doesn't feel like that when you watch them on extensive root out. Eight we all know the human body wasn't meant to play an NFL game on Sunday and then another 13 days later or four days later on the Thursday night. And and generally the games reflect that the games are are a lousy games well what do you think. Makes the difference between. Eats when these circumstances in that that tough it is in a matter of mental toughness physical tough dispute coaching do you think the younger. Younger team has an advantage the home team has a vantage what matters on Thursday. It's true about the technical matter we have a home team assured Irish on track I mean just. Plain and simple he just yet more time to rest for cover repair all of that stuff that matters. You know how banged up or matter I think coaching too. It is shall crucial because you have a condensed when he. And so while the coaches. You know we're preparing for war you know the coach as well probably already do in preparation. You know also Kampala. You know this past week or early Sunday morning. Knowing that there shortly well. The players were you of the players are gonna get a vote today and so. Or however they structure their weakness they weren't getting exposed for the you know distressed we can clean. It so. They have a plan that I get the ball for your players and I think that's the other aspect to it so. I won't all those things. And that he had a factor where things I'd like to see who is the ability to have everybody on the roster be active on Thursday night in the timidity. You know why. You know you have to you have to fire declare five guys active on Thursday night it looked certain ethnic at the other level to treat our active. Wouldn't play on such short notice. About but the first place bills obviously that the defense is doing the job to give it up like twenty fewer points from the patriots and at this point are they gonna be a legit will they be you know 500 the season. We have a shot to be 500. And mean potentially a little bit better surrogate you know material was saying you know normal course in how BRC a massive factor you know for them. Are they are about are there and I've maintained that position for a long time I expect because starter a look at ease. You know just cricket when you do is look at. Or two's are quarterbacks in the National Football League where Tyrod Taylor in the mix like committee I don't think there's any question that ace starting. However. Quarterback. In humans can't pass. Mean absolutely fantastic. Yesterday so. I think it's. Look. John McDermott to good coach and out of although a little bit ease. Yes he's heard that Jim Johnson disciple on the truck saw the ball to Johnson you know it is an amazing job of what's in protections which is important. You know it got to play caller in their little identify protection in travel so. And so he's good at doing that so they can chick could play. You know out of their quarterback ethical beat competitive automotive. That's very possible roster that is significant errors. I quarterback question of the week for ten meters. Is brought to you by the fires connector downloads up to 940. And EG go to fire assay Gigabit dot com from TVs tablets everything is amazing on the 1% fiber optic network get five us now. Tim idea I ever there's a bunch of places I person would have done that but I guess I can understand the arguably at all offseason. Give whether page's defense is now should be of trading drop below in this offseason load up on picks and on some good young defensive players. But the problem with the click on form you know America. I'd argue as the chair of the conversation nickel back select your somebody on the station you know our Trent Dilfer about it strands. You know basically saying market you know on our limit this chapter that as well looked a a personal or something like in terms announcement that it can be a personal or some. You know there's some dispute accident Goldberg you know what is proud. And my sense is that I think the immediate perception of what generator are closed value. Was actually was higher than my own perception. And so you know I don't know that trade project that Barack what was necessarily. Completely changing their key facts is I don't see that to you indicate. I so I look I don't see that Scotland now look at him going you know wherever being willing to Trajan grappled for a second crowd there. You know order regulate first rounder in the brickyard wondered do that is because that's the send them along our current roster that. That was changing the complexion decent this year. All right and we'll talk to the sweet thanks. RR I.