K&C - Tim Hasselbeck is not sold on Jimmy Garoppolo 1-2-18

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, January 2nd

Tim Hasselbeck joined Kirk and Gerry to discuss the Pats win over the Jets and the Jimmy G debacle.  


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Conversation with your assessment is brought to you by noon fat loss and by Verizon too joins us every week Tim what's going on. There what's your which you take you're heading in the place you to pick it right now I have patriots saints just decide at the end of c.'s wide open your food Jerry. A vikings polite things suitable pretty. On certain patriots and critical vikings as well. Our. Our community and obviously significantly better than. In the war on defense or your contractual terms of Arctic in. I think kind of the cockpit and big plays and like I couldn't be in you know challenge for them and you know want to repeat their offense has been there are still liked also also. We got a lot of long ball well. You know for all the talk about you Namibian press are you know he's played really well for a long period of time so. You know I. Don't don't trust as much as I would trust breeze but certainly when he's capable of platelet counts. Within the Connecticut all the. I don't I don't remember I'm sure it's happened before the patriots had this. And clear path this easier road to the Super Bowl. But they've you know they're not playing their best right now can you come up with a scenario can make something up where they don't get to the Minneapolis. I think. Pittsburgh matchup on the record out of one. And orders that those votes in their. Earlier the ability at this point what Powell. You know where there are injuries in the sector to go to new Englander how. My clipboard for example 11 or. Go back and look at it like thirteen or consistent portals playing great. You know the last two weeks have not been great and sort it. Note changes at least in my opinion how lecture about Matt football look at our. Elect them going and going on the you know on the match either but. Your point but we're not playing great and the player seen that. You know kick is of great June you know can play really good defense and in the chocolate turtle or whatever it is and that you were shot and I don't think there's the wind where in the it and you know on it aren't wicket win. In order swore it for you do you know on the Antonio Brown helped obviously the part of. All the we know that the bills and titans then they might one of them might come here next week which will be eight GO nutrients but the chiefs the chiefs won finished with four wins on the chiefs beat the patriots this year you've always liked him in the past there are. Whereas some easier keeps telling. What about me to think that I vote he. Believed to be somewhat true now but not as much you know elected or win. You know their defense and coherent plan but it was you know the tricky thing that they present it or. You know for the patriots willows. Because they're the good defense and they had somebody you know they're very technical factors electing to insulate the Lekkerkerker critical job but it's going to. He had a huge given that Eric Berry was the difference in the game I think. Correct correct and in the U. You know one of the best safeties in the week if you know the reason. And then their offense. He lives in north not a typical locked up a little bit like oil and have these scenes are gonna deal with. What Carolina quickly look at Carolina at him Newton's two rounds for under 200 yards and actors can win this particular that an extremely. The guy's throwing purple heart good to work your name in decades you know are usually at OSCON. But there also is so unique in that in about one that you typically see some healing some. You know. Kind of assignment rules in terms of the option gazans all the credit unions also quarterback draw and you're with somebody else's political provinces in the welcome that and build your team that it. And while the thought that. Can't sit in their uniqueness offensively. To quote a little political problem. Because of that it's just not really the case right now so. Because they're infected this thing that you look at them offensively. You know they've become a little bit more traditionalist that your law. Do you think we've assays for awhile I thought the story for awhile. Do you think the Jimmy grapple those were the ten best quarterbacks in the NFL right now. Now I don't it and re. I hear just what I think about it I think we all our. Actually we have an urgent generally speaking. He's he's got a reared its. I certainly don't want to minimize object and bring us just see news. You know how it does seem like it's moved fast for him sort and system without good players around. Two. The pot but breaks a little bit on just how amazing yeah you know I think you're going to be a really cool out there and you know he may end up this you know be one of the best. You know our our best quarterbacks only purse stretch where that might not happen I don't think we know based on our home. You know what was it this year to restore or startled. Where one last form you know he's right the last team you lost it was thousands state. What what what what what you strive for forget forget other in the small sample size what are you see that gives you potential pause. While I mean I don't know that. Or to work him out there that it's hard to it here's what I would. Part of what you have to understand what's going on Mary exact kind of shenanigans are you play caller in hand. Does a good job designing somebody's shock placed to get guys wide open. I don't have this silent I saw one this weekend but liked. You know once rose sixteen yards more of them children twenty yards or on the field. Like it's not real precedents for Barack below and I think that if you look at. You know some lessons. It's. They we'll do offensively they're going to be important. To be good stuff. And so. You know you go backward to Matt Ryan you're go. What they would do enable firms trying to make our case. Check them all down to the back college dorm that let you know three or throw them out of touch around. But they also did a good job ultimately shot well is designed Cooley a lot too long want them to go. And that runs pretty. Accurate would sit. It's like the Hitler ordered to be determined in terms of corrupt below with that stuff but do what we're actually actually snuck. I could I go debt problem. And I think it was the U maybe when you guys ran out. Or neglect this. Remorse in it and he you know patriot land about. Rock well being acknowledged but it mostly grapple being gone. Course and yeah Kyra that's error led by I'm outside I feel the same way they let. The 25 year old in his prime who's going to be really really good. Leave when it's the toughest position in sports to fill in the guy department is busy is the 41 next year and that makes all the sense in the world to me. And I understand that would think Brady's reaction what the and that's the franchise. I think you have a pissed that and and and I understand that that's we've had this debate forever that's the ultimate thing but. I I believe I do believe. The Belichick wanted to keep rappel I think Belichick after this year or the next shoe was moved on from Brady and all of grapple the Kraft stepped in and said you know what. Bill this is the one guy we're we're not playing ball this is this is not your call this is dollars. You know look I don't know what happened at a loss. But I also don't think that New England. Saw. They they're new location like if you go to that one reacting you know the way to react I don't know bit. Bill Gross who leak didn't think that they probably didn't know. Or feel like it knew what days feel like you know now. It taken. There's no reason. I have done that before and and you know that I'm not picking Charlotte chapter because he's clearly about the importance of what he does. But there are reading it first before. And that there were read and that. You know Cleveland wasn't going crazy and all these other quarterbacks you. Additional crop although it probably saw in Arizona and abruptly saw before it got hurt against Miami. Now again those five quarters five quarters you knew that I was gonna be good this is not sorry not a step. The public can accomplish. Like Matt Matt Flynn said hey hey yeah are playing in recent cold weather like this because god put there by the quarters. Doesn't mean that it's going to work we've seen evidence of oak tree perhaps a and Kirk cousins who play frequent culprit here anymore we'll let are really sure yet it which is not. There with a wet but whether he's going to be greater and not mean does that seem like they could've gotten emotionally anymore gonna draft for group for this guy right now seems low now. Right but I expected back in time you saw well. San Francisco is going to be pick and third floors so basically signaling once feel like a first round conduct literal won't speculate the first on anyway so you're like. Getting you know age French first round pick. You know also hurt guys. Let's be honest or news. You know kind of in the mix in San Francisco with so let's Kirk content it's not like everybody in the Bruntlett and let did you picture him. And urgent Grupo. It's important for what their kinks that wasn't market project global. I think people feel like it's changed now because he's gone and then you know certain. You don't get a shot of adrenaline for that team. That nobody was doing. Agree with this. Well I would not I am not sure I'll see understand what I mean I I'd amok I would trust that show after over you when it comes to add stuff like. But accept her or also talked about listen Kirk cousins is gonna be reunited. With calcium. The 49ers didn't even know that they were getting caught. Eric but there were reports that they did of the Mary Kay Cabot that are named reporter clean and she said the twelfth it was a place for gras plus I mean I mean you know. I mean there were reports solid. That's what we talked about for months wasn't like suddenly sub reset all boy you know what does it could take for Barack below I thought we get a first trumpet form eventually I was surprised at all. But yeah auspices that nobody else was was. Are there now what the situation was in New England knowing full well. It wasn't. Rock below that it was going to be ready to look like go. You tell me that nobody else was trying to just. You know that no other quarters or three. Can be ordered all all get help right on the ball. I was surprised during a bold surprise. I'd he didn't make sense to me they kept drop below anyway because if because we're heading after this last draft rights to disarm. All of you there it was the market for people were like you're acting. Like castle what a lovely yeah like yeah I think he's good side. You know then you got to pay and then you know you're the current content that. Iran dude Errol I think every team knew that they were ready to trade him do you think every team had their shot to. To offer more than San Francisco did. Well I think what you ought what I level we. What I believe is that we will try to cook the market. Thinking they could get. You know look look look you suffer from poor example advocate or elect. I am elected your personal or hurt that we don't know weigh in and have to give them a new deal were not doing what you can expect the the competition we're gonna beat reporter for agent care. Like that's why. People weren't in this situation where they thought they visit you when I was 100%. Sitting on a franchise quarterback. I can pick what happened did people have not in my little party. But what bill people did not know open like the cowboys acting like. It being there being a starter in the fourth round protect press we didn't know they tried to shake out her. We can cook from Michigan say. Right or it may yet I guess Leo begin a debate all day if you saw a drop a little play and whether you in the pre Caesar and again it's errors owner or. Miami you knew this guy was can be pretty good player and. Look at the Olympic Kirk youthful. While Johnson was going to be pure that it's over against Hillary look at it because there are a lot of guys. He's as much as a lot although or even more were glued and then went to other players well what other places. And work a lot of. True true I will talk to next week. Parker thanks to implement some joins us.