K&C - Tim Hasselbeck on the Patriots win over the Falcons 10-23-17

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, October 23rd

Tim Hasselbeck reacts to the Patriots victory over the Falcons in a rematch of Super Bowl 51.


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Our our conversation with Tim has brought you by human fat loss McFarland energy and by Verizon enjoys NET TRY what's up. Morning and by the way I don't think so either you're gonna Trevor back there. We know it is it's so I think it's so pound depending you know you'd think I go to Winchester a lot of accidents next town over and over were burned. Lot of packs which are greed if you move out of the area to eakins or lose that boss knowing when it's ever happened there. Order order you should get it when I talk on TV no accidents. When I go back tendency. Airways cannot accept you know you really. Doubt you have entered the complex. Out just before and after that terrible but I could but it's so it's it's toll counted but but skimming Cosworth as the you know I think a pretty Smart guy pretty reasonable analyst. Like you've never heard his life what Boston accents and the duck boat toward that's insane to me. I Verifone will. Fuller speaks there if they do. Goofy or so I guess from a national perspective and glass and it's a lot more about Atlanta and when the page it's obviously play great but boy you see the 24 downs you see the goal line stuff you see some weird timeouts so strange penalties Atlanta seems so lost right now. Yeah and I think that. There's been a little bit of that just beat him prior to you know the game that was so last night where. They would magnify plane knowing you know the fourth and seven that they get to start the gamer yes or seven. That warm with just seem surprising that you go forward really their fortunate that you know articulate mild of manner are their work. If you're outside the pocket well to the first down then you know the other one. Supplements mostly snow since sector and that contract commitment in some of it cannot put it that way and really. If they make their kick earlier. Is you know which uses seven point game and so what you're talking your team at half time. It's a couple of them were down parent you know we had a mass checked all right in this thing or get football roster the second half I I. You know to turn the football over to wind land in that spot just. If it is definitely accept especially after you've done it earlier you'd gotten in the likelihood that your converting. While 47 an important check and by the way. What you converted you'd really kind of kind of been fortunate. What what the design of your play and not working now. Well you buy and that is just the offensive coordinator is the reason why the Matt Ryan a last year who sell these records and and was the MVP looks like. This guy this year who can't. You'll put competent drives together we're all these skilled guys are still hear the same guys were here last year. Grab all it's not just that. You know you know Mac observer in all parts of love for how he was plan. No pre this year to have been the same track of those guys. But I will say that I am definitely not. Police it just doesn't you know that it doesn't matter. If you got to look at you know play callers in the out of shelters you know the last decade or so and you know whether it was Mike Shanahan a gardener Gary Kubiak. In a car Washington court crushing him at all or there was that cooks now because there are recruiting what is offensive coordinator and so. I don't think you can just go ahead and replace approach you can go to drove there to another coordinators of mr. and we have split. Just put in their coach you know just like Paul Ryan what would it not easy. To just think that you can always just go play somebody with somebody else justice. The and the other one at that bar in my mind as they go down the field you know Freeman easy this easy that it down there. One inch whatever three inch line that Ryan calls time on third down a lot of time left. On on the clock. They do that in the play actually trying to roll on for the past that could play by bother and fourth down again you know I think in Ryan's gonna sneak I guess they try get calls for that she's the right word they got cute. I don't mean when they do stuff like that advocate sometimes you try too hard to be Smart. There's no question you do it and I think if you're in that environment here in some people don't like kids. It would get down on the goal line but typically what happens government. The goal line. If you run some type of police power play when you're saying look you know we don't block perfectly. They have to make the tackle. On the vaunted free men at the line of scrimmage you know and maybe that make the tackle what is on the all sort of touched. In there are other options as we don't like her angles and our numbers. It would take somebody like Julio and that the patriots you know situation oftentimes it's crawl. We're gonna split about the number in a subtle one on one that's just as good as anything else we can design but yet you that you're gonna run. Eagle fly sweet without the ability to get out of it when there's an overhang so basically. You know bend or adjustment to. Two promotion created over here and all rank you know blocking back. I can't reach him in time. In so what happens that you can't get the perimeter which is why you know your equipment negative player or who wanted to go how in the world that you think that that was gonna be directing. As the one play early in this first quarter Crockett called for offensive pass interference in its. Kind of sort of pushed off and I was good call it's it was not a good call date if they're gonna call. It. Every little thing he's such a big force physically I was like he's run into guys like that he's gonna kind of put his hand pick or give a little more freedom to run a pattern don't there. So I think. I think crawl doesn't screw that job and anybody of using his body to create separation. Thing. One of the things that he probably does well anybody I can ever remember seeing is that when he gets leverage shall leave him to a guy. But he never really fully expand on Samie any you know and pick your article. Big oil corporation swearing in and all that. But he was expecting to talk about the law about fuel yeah CN intentionally or expanded at that point. You know we're here or there is straight. Even that is what I don't think he actually gain market may have traumatic or call. He probably could have gotten away without doing a point one charter expanded. It just global looked liked. You know you're pushing off to not gonna get caught but to me. You know there are other ones that you got the better doubles crucial because he hiked better you know by doing that I I think there are off you know it goes both ways with him so far. You get ball well past five. Curious to get the benefit so big he gets mauled like you said he doesn't get the bad by definition that's telling them you can definitely help and it's not cold. I want the penalty there's no question that point penalty. I tend to think it. I tend to think things for him you know have even themselves out with the way you know that it's been called for him and against. A look at I do this every year medium overreacting maybe this year is no different meaning of the year and middle of that just seems like there's a million lousy teams whether it's. No Cincinnati or Cleveland and the colts or whatever the giants are severed Cisco in my in my is like this every arm Iraq. No I think what their American plentiful we're here yeah you can click. What does Jonas attempts to and I watch much more red zone I think he's CDs your usual seat and there's so many teams that suck it's unbelievable. Yeah I know there that's the part where you're at one I'll hate beautiful Beijing because the disparity. In that a and that in. You probably could make it easier argument for noted a bunch of our core I mean that as. If you start ever seen permanently changed. What can you get past five team you know each conference where you say you know I could see them into the wind and the simple. Already not even Manny no now. Probably right so. Unity the go to the point you're you're right I don't know pick wants replica of a dictionary every division and so. At I think in some ways is and I don't know reflective about it on the longer the vote. No they're what you guys put. Not one of people really understand. You know what it is that is just pick a reluctant China you know the giant to look at. You know typical success we have you know public Gardner stole their roster the quarterback that they have there. That's an awful pain and they're terrible. Big day. In their lot that they can't get there and some of their you know obviously as you with the injuries this year and you know they don't ever look back single level that you could Alter the line. The defense they beta you have to with a bunch of money on a minute we will fix their problems with. You know you warm Butler like take a look at what happened in the giants' secondary so. You know I I know a lot of people do appreciated is pretty you know you do it happened there such a long stretch. Are in the back page both the post and daily news this morning it does you to the giants it's it's just a lot of momentum behind that right yeah at all or everyone's talking of course I mean. Yeah. Our lecture. You know I think right now BC's what ranked third the country's veterans is correct yes I mean they are they're the militia being number two or dangerous that. You heard yes that's I hope so it's certainly open. I'll talk next week and our European banks have. That's impossible brought Cuba. Somebody doors at Verizon and something else something to do the referred twice. Weirdest and in the fact laws back from energy and by Verizon and ego and that's they're the quarterbacks are more mobile quarterbacks a look at three on next week.