K&C - Tom Brady Calls in to Discuss Week 1 9-11-17

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Monday, September 11th
K&C - Tom Brady Calls in to Discuss Week 1 9-11-17

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Tom how are you this morning. Good so right after the game that reads Steve Buckley here and a bunch of other people references were also the week. Of course you had the post game press conference fifty got a lot of areas starting with our attitude our competitiveness. Was that something you would. Felt sort of leading up to the game was something you said he is a result of the game. Well I just you know felt like we needed to be better you know obviously a lot of areas we played pretty competitively competitively for for three quarters and then. You know just got away from us in the fourth quarter so. Iran had a chance you know kind of think about the game then. Think about what they need to do better and you know hopefully get back for this week. So something specific attitude was them. I mean it's execution it's attitude it's you know competitiveness it's it's. Urgency it's it's everything you know we've just got to Dugard are we play against a good football team and no just to get the job done. And no one likes to talk about in a wake up calls and boy this is this is gonna get this good you lost it's gonna focus everybody but three times you've. Lost the season opener come in those three years you've won the Super Bowl. Is their connection. I I don't you know I wouldn't say so organized I don't think it's obviously done in an interview Lou I don't think it's a great thing. You know I think you can are a lot from you know every game. I think there's definitely I think some losses. You know you learn more from because you. Are critical in areas. Or maybe you wouldn't be critical that you weren't already motion of the game the emotional win win. Allow you to critically analyze substantively with the use loose. You know hopefully we can. Learned from all the different things happen in the game and in other person in word head and we really couldn't. You know put nail in the coffin so to speak and we didn't do it. We got behind and we can't you know come back to make some plays into it. So both those areas. Need to be improved upon and I think it's just. Understanding how competitive all these games are. There's no easy game and in every team's gonna bring it certainly get and you know every team has a lot of good players and you know if you. I coach at least that's the game. All week looked big either score one place you know from anywhere you know work on defense where it's offense. Or special teams. You know it's just dangerous team and you know we had a chance to. Really. I controlled the game at different times and Justin making opportunities. We had the opportunities we just didn't take into. You are obviously your coach is the best it. Avoiding distractions downplaying distractions. Ignoring the noise and I assume you are pretty good attitude telling young guys. It don't read don't don't don't listen to the side. But is it impossible to block that all of you think. So many people thought this team is gonna you know win the opener and lots of people thought. Who's gonna win every game because when I go ninety you know he's an impossible for that for you to shut that out. And for all the guys to show including young guys rookies new guys who've never been here before never experienced you know the kind of coverage that the patriots get some of its seat being in cause a little I don't know complacency. In. It's hard though I mean I. I think it remains to be seen and it's a long season and I think it's. I think it's it's really been clean and his new players a lot of new players in others. Bonnie schemes. Obviously new tolerance and challenges. And circumstances to deal and and you've got to try to get this team to be as good as we can as quickly as we can't. And you know it's it's via you know it's no longer part of this season and that a lot of teams have started. I. Not personality B yesterday everyone thought may have its third year we're going to be. You know were were to win and you know what every team that plays loose and others. Urged her to gain of fourteen when you're wanting loses and there are a lot of teams that are left. We can about what they need to do better or one of those teams are which we were wanna help. Or not. And we got to do something about it so. It's just part of the challenge to a football season mental toughness is. Here's the real thing and you've got mentally tough enough to. Put aside. Good things and people say and the bad things people say and it's it's a roller coaster of emotions and if you get. Involvement roller coaster. You know it's it's quite more challenging than it. You know it's. They are. It's just if it's. We realize you know and every team. Into the leak you know if you played did you give yourself a really good chance to weigh in if you play poorly you don't yourself plus which much of chancellor also remember who you play. All these initial counted and they all got good players. And you know we have to I obviously played competitively for full quarters. To give ourselves a chance to win and we can do that in those first street for everybody. Because we feel like we could perform a locker room when we did so that's orchestrating this week. Obvious you've been through this process. Why are or not lobby been around for so long and I wonder in the game like thirst and they play like he did. You lose that he did it well point between then and now if you have it all these Eric screw it. Time to forget about that and move on I mean what what is the process like. It's probably easier when your legs get right back to work to do it actually kind of suck at 73 extra days to think about it watch you know. Rewards you gave me. It would do a good thing about what policy when the coveted Sunday as if Monday you kind of watches them by Tuesday you're moving on the next came in reached. You know moved in. And I kind of moved on the next team that we haven't really done that's always a team we're doing that today so. Yet concepts. That took us a little bit longer. You know what maybe it's good for us to suit the longer they can you know continue first you eat you know in the and that they can and so forth and just by a couple of extra days on the on the reflected as opposed to you on normal seven day we can into. You'll were were seen as a team today. Really move on Turkey next opponent starts steady and then I'd do all the things we do we need to do to get prepared for obviously WT. With her players' arms are player too for you when you watch of the few times over that that's he said geez OSHA them on back to the Allen throws or something we may have missed. Yeah I mean there's there's. There's a very few things that would showed that better actually have an error on every game. It was a close their brand could play the game which hit. I don't want. On the second line tries so. Like this that you know. He he's you know you lose your game you feel terrible about the whole game. You know obviously this that it recorded their game we felt like we're competitive and we work great by any means in Ireland and its fourth quarter when. You know we really needed to make some plays we would make any plays on offense and that's what we've got to get fixed. I'd as he announces board is that one point you're like the greatest QB sneaker ever. Why no QB sneaks on Thursday night. I I think you know who the players who were there we go play had a better childhood kitten. You know and we called to speak before that we were pretty good job to get the and you know we just didn't. It hit the ball look probably work is good for at least in the us for the other place. You don't cut the best looking guy I don't like respectable on the ballot looks anyway. And you know sometimes you get a good look where sometimes you don't. Did you think maybe the whistles and a small chance that your back leg was on the line of scrimmage when you made that when you know line or did you kind of know year old blind figure with the help. You know as I got no choice here. Yeah I knew I was probably passed. But I found. U is third down and I was gonna make him anyway so. You wanna asserted in a kind of cut to the line in the English teams and linebacker and I thought the guy's gonna keep going which games which I did little pond they let someone who has probably a little line and he came off from the I threw that. I don't know if there's. If I have to look at it wouldn't work so that you don't want it so I think your risk reward taking shots he may be right back Q was there. But I pressured it was a victory that. Have a pretty good sense of things. So sorry did you sense. The important element in the game like this I mean it seems like to know we're with with him until obviously going down the Mitchell seems like you're working with some parts I would guess obviously lots of Obama's. Felt pretty strong man Thursday night. Yeah I mean Rick I think world will feel that all year. He's just one of those types of players and they get I think Danny was obviously having a great game and he went out and Malcolm you know work a lot in peace without so. I think it's always about. You know. Consistency. Dependability. In them. You know work that's that's the challenge of social policy in the community and city which should be in midseason form. You've got a lot of people your work with and you've got to develop trust in and create these are insurgency and and they have to get to understand me I think it and then you know to accept an external line vice Versa it's. It's always. You know it's always a bit of a challenge. And you know that's pro war apartheid to try to that would give it speed on. Dude we've we've talked to a few in the past couple years ago there was some footage or in the jets' game and was theirs and I can't forget the young guy was. And some people were critical of you worked it do you think that. It that you worked on your attitude or how you deal with younger receivers you've gotten older is at the same this change. So it. Got a little bit stronger little basket you're sure that. Yeah yeah yeah who static. And Tommy gears now. Art our our thoughts on her. I was asking do you do you sort of worry in the past you've been criticized. At times for being too tough in these young receivers are. Or who has been for the during games young these guys you look at that as you get older and trying to change your laser is that his criticism unfair as its and you look at. I own. More adult tickets are different about that mark and one. You know pretty armed. He commentators have are. I didn't have a neighbor all the veterans on our team and I actually we've been through it no. Expectations. You know we should have more one medium. And got to let guys know about it. And sometimes it's. Pressurization of the you know wherever they the other candidates you know and practiced. It's it could be a lot of politics and as you'll accept the bounce that not a very natural in the field so. And I'll think about it it's going to be people's body language and you know tried. Help along. You know and some people in different forms motivations. How much how much will ten more days ten days helped Philip source that you would expect to see Mormon I mean I was kind of surprised CU. It's brutal once I mean that maybe it was out of desperation after losing him and all but will Dorset B more of a part of the game plan coming outcome. This week the Sunday. Yes we will. Sure you can't declare a bigger role. It's just a matter. And you know again how much no cracks and we have a bit of speed and trust one another and so of course but it is challenging economy. At that final cut. It didn't look in the political group for a month you can definitely and we we beat them so. You know what I expected to have. Capable of and you know Malcolm injuries maybe have been injured and I'm actually you know what you did there. I'm not quite so it just. In the world we're gonna have where people work together and production time and then you know keep our place significant role than. Now I've got that I have to cook in more than we've got to get them duke it. Are you glad or you how did that note none of your guys out of your teammate sits down for the anthem. I don't really pay attention you know to say that and I. You know because a lot of things for me think about that time. But I haven't I haven't thought about it much. You pay much attention Catholic stuff for now. Not much. Not much not that I'm here click a little attention goes on a lot of places so. You kind of in that fraternity of QBs in elected as well look up to you work with taco Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers and and if texted guys other QB's. Is did you have a good relationship with government and you played him with the did you have any kind of relationship with a. No I don't know Colin very doable. And never never really had a conversation. Quarterback question of the week is brought to you by north east men's clinic specializing exclusively in men's sexual health. Order obviously chance to watch some games yesterday and if you watch any of the Oakland Tennessee and peace are Romo in the Booth at clubs pretty good and if you paid much attention to it. Yeah I don't see much of that came. I just looked terrible insult to retreat place to start a game that didn't really paid particular attention to what. Always leads we've talked what's in the past and my guess is you're probably gonna say no Leo by the things to focus on when your crews eventually done did you ever see yourself. Doing that role even limited televisions listening appeals to Lawler now. Now nothing really expects insurer as easy money that met with our backs are. Our own but I don't know if ever been but I didn't scrutiny until a little lukewarm. Will you watch tonight the way we do we wait till it's over and watching condensed version. My pride in both the minute I wanna see there's you know I think charging about earlier in the year you just have no idea what you gonna be and I'm. You know. This week obviously. You know saying this will be the only game could really watch. Would dispute so probably potential and I get on it you know an early 1 morning and he's throughout the weekend. You know we've all got a lot into it it's a tough place to play her gluten squillacote offensively. They got some young players. That we partner against them. You know they Clint Kriewaldt home so that we got a big challenge for him to put little. What's really ship like debris sees a similarity in these obviously we didn't get along now and years has stayed pretty healthy this had been unbelievable career. Yeah he's incredible player and he. He's the you know he loves regain most of sports east and so. You know he's been so good for a long time ago I expect them compete and give them a lot. Know a lot of guys that know him I don't know him that well. But they'll say great things about him. He's if he's been so consistent over a longer term I think that's. That's so great players who have served in world. I could look in the world's this week I'm talking a messenger. OK we'll talk to next week thanks to expo but it. Number he joins and he AT&T hotline.