K&C - Tom Brady on the controversial win over the Jets 10-16-17

Monday, October 16th

Tom Brady joined Kirk and Callahan to discuss his record setting win.


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I Brady's up speak to him. His interviews brought to you by house member cater northeast electoral distributors Massachusetts General Hospital. Can't setter every day amazing DCU did you federal credit union looking DC CU and north east men's clinic. Tom Jones I mean AT&T hotline Tom are you this morning. Good I guess we're gonna talk about the call for the first ten or fifteen minutes Jenkins touchdown would you think of the time he's seen it since what your thoughts on the. I haven't seen it several. I think was inherently. Just what I heard on the field he fumbled them. And the legacy he caught it when he went out of bounds so I don't know. You are you overall now in this process of it's it's been forever you pro replay anti replay go with a. Oh yeah I think it's great but I think it's great and he needed I mean it's. Mister recalls that are reverse order to impact formally came to him. You know I mean we all worked so hard to get ready communicate to during your 22 bodies and certain more efficiently king did everything right it's really. But it's almost impossible so I think it does. You know it's it's so for me at least I think it's great that they they. They review these things and other views turnovers are viewed touchdowns and those are all significant place so. Provision literary. On the feud lived up live around here your whole life like I have peak he's used to be Ers they were star crossed that with a team that never gotten breaks for four decades before human Belichick came all Iran are wrong. It's different now it feels like you get the calls feels like things just go your way for whatever reason does it feel that way. From the inside from your perspective. It's a good question I mean I think it's. And Italy we do a lot of things you know well I mean our preparations I mean I don't think you'll win as you could see you know the start of whether certain ways it's speakers. A lot of effort and because a local perfect all the terms for us you know it's far program. It's such a competitive week it's neither good teams but its. Hard to win on the road it's hard to win against division rivals. You know sometimes you win sometimes you lose a bit. It's just it's a tough sport it's a very humbling sport previously assumed Aaron Rodgers in the it's it's a toss work I mean you lose critical people. You Americans for one week into the net. And in got a fair that are just so. I don't know you don't. I think there's there's a lot that goes into it and hopefully you know little things you know. They're really make a difference over time. You know any week anything can happen but over the course of sixteen game season. You know to mean this is a point in a week's six. Where things released articulate policies and it starts to get tough and mean guys is research he mental toughness and start to see what guys are made of them. You know that's where I think. You know we've done in our coaches do a great job keep an urgency and you're never let us off of cloning thing we just got to keep pushing harder to do veteran. You know hopefully that commercial more wins come down the stretch. Obviously the U. Being available to play you talked about yesterday in the press covers how important that is sincere kid you wanted to be on the field of your team you've done a remarkable job of that one thing and specifically. You have done is not to land on your right shoulder like Rodgers did yesterday light came as Winston did you as they like. Iraq or did. Last year do you do do you feel yourself thinking that through like when you're getting hit when you getting thrown on the ground don't you telling yourself. Do not land on that's wrong shoulder. Yeah I mean I think that I've obviously prefer not to have quite content for our body in this certain way. You know I try to I did my second airship surgery. I have to receive the money. One of my shoulder choice. Just from land normally as a cold field I was last game of the year in an Internet search term and so you know since then it just worked. You know that's that's what spoke where you really can't afford to have any injuries. You know it comes up and it's tough to avoid and sometimes you just. That's best local football and sometimes you're just lucky some pleasure and you know you got to try to serve a quarterback at least literary Childers. There's probably no place worst land. Obviously you're you're down fourteen nothing history and you were really animated on the field on the sidelines that's our gronkowski and against popular after the game. Is that just pure frustration is that ten days to get ready in and you start a late this summer to just a combination of all that stuff. Yeah I think everything was was kind of like that I mean I think we we just have to. You know do a better job all of us into. You know it's it's. It's a long season there's a lot of still learned we're still just have to. You know try to work hard door after. No but fortunately the thing that's. That's good that I refuse you know blows then guys are starting to be out there every week you know called to him. Cooks in pokes him. And Damian. The facts are mean and so we've been lucky you have not sustain in the eighties. You know big injuries so where would work on things in practice. You know we're making a lot of good place for destruction together that's consistent ones to remove all of them to score points that's what all sorts of football really comes down to. You know we've made some really great splash plays were just not make him you know. At the level that we that we need to do and that we really want to. Is a leader or you know as a leader in the T do you feel it get to pick your spots to be that emotional to be that that. Enemy if you do it every week or couple times we can guessing it loses its value. Yet their lives were in constant you know communication to purchased the there's a lot of positives that are being said to me there's. Throughout the week of practice enough and goes to get mad and goes perfectly and supported the goals are to be perfect goal just to be. You know better than the other team. Do you look for him to go right but to Courtney. Or eleven guys. Doing the same thing are in the right thing and every play event to marry a guy with a defense that. You know they played good defense to do and that's that's as inflows in the games so. You know that was just. One of those dangerous here we can really get the right flow which we just kind of you know kept fighting kept fighting news he had to grind it out. Is there any chance NFL network had you wired yesterday. We may never you do wired for the super borders have no choice right it's just that in the shoulder and say in your Mike. Oh yeah you cherish a you can just say go screw yeah. Do. You never do this this is just that you picked up on other people's minds and that's when my lights. I think yet I think it got other guys. It's the choice for me it's I think some guys you know for me at least when it's been on the I think are just conscious of what I say and I think it does affect and that's the way that I. You know could you know you're being hurt so. Her specific gamer timer you said you know this this is happening in my doing this anymore. It's been a long pensions and other. Yeah would you get in trouble with your mother or something zone have. No I don't think it's that assistant rather bluntly to communicate around. You know. Would you prefer the other doesn't keep the door. I mean that is I think I think afloat and so I think it's very mean some guys were like you wouldn't you know some guys like. You know after the Michael and so I just don't I just don't like it. Other would have chain of settlement in them on the symbol that was so great when the population we cut the ball I audit and a cot. It was so cool did you text. Aaron Rodgers yet. I did this and just. Message. And email so. It's bad news and so it's seen a lot of guys after that happened to you know do you laden. With the commercialism and so when players got the world team too you know obviously going through it. I don't know what he argues that the prognosis for him but. You know look pretty major. It's just it's. It's tough and you never know which place. I didn't ourselves in this 2008 and you know that was realized I know it's there when seasons without. You know been out of Virginia that I don't know I was just way goats and then differently this year you know like almost this is. It's torture to sit there watch. Yeah like I am as proactive as I can be or keep them. You know everything can orders you know all the muscles healthy and work efficiently and trying to help absorb almost forces as best they can't. You know finish in six it was a pretty dirtier. You know that in the champion orderly and the best team in every sport hero of time from what LeBron James. That they come gun for you in these regular season can get tedious and boring but when you go against the best and in you and you get up for. It works that way for you guys I'm sure when you're in New York against the jets but even more so this week I can't imagine. On the falcons not giving up like they have never gotten up for an October game is that this. Do you feel that on the field and their guys that you you just getting something extra from the team like Atlanta when you're playing this game this week. And that if you have them there were thirty government of that and so will we that's that this can be good matchup. I mean this is with a lot of time and energy bill last year and in the Super Bowl just in preparation for two weeks so in a lot of ways you know you feel like you really dirty no routine even though today in the C opponent that you play once every four years. You know this is like novices really acknowledges. You know their players conferred and we can just you locked in a room like. Thank you. You know like you're the only important to a place so you know that I haven't watched much film yet but. You know won't won't put together great play and then you know hopefully we brought an excuse it but it could be a tough game they're they're good on both sides of the ball. And in the kicking game so. You can enter democracies is that. You know they try to keep the pressure on and that's that's what we know we started and we are sure to keep the pressure on your opponent by police force in every play and making them. Really you don't defend everything so. In a tribute really important game press. Source in the fall into it's not you know great body stretched. You know America was slowed things that we can do better but to be important to realize you know we have you played close circle of support. You know really. Gives us a great opportunity to show it and you know keep working as hard as we can indicated right as best we can't were you need to do that against a religion. Getting knocked off at home by the dolphins getting upset. Does that make the falcons and more dangerous opponent or I mean how surprised were you see that they. That they lost to Miami. And they were direct seventeen that's been silenced home and that's. Started very hard to do to overcome. It come from from my at least important to overcome a seventeen are definitely on the road so. And that was pretty pretty amazing comeback. But it's. You know it's always one or two plays and you know everything you looked you may have the end of world order to place one or two players weren't complacent that's a lot of those and so viciously to boulder. You know one place that you know. Looks relatively simple to change the outcome to that central football swift and sure. Eighteen years from any previous. You wish it would you know you can get away from your routine just don't. And there were a couple close please say yes it is certainly has been a lot of close games this year and ones that are really come down to the end. So I could imagine are welcoming them millions to. Obvious Hoosier 187 when the regular season when yesterday most ever for a quarterback it's we're down on the games Jerry Rice Warner or Lawrence Taylor and us all the quarterbacks it SI understand. We ask you when you set the record for most wins overall company is going to be good pick one notes about the case of the Seattle one. Omar is a regular season winning your career back on and say that's the one minute that look at them done that's the one it's going to be the most well when you remember the most. I'm not sure to think about it you know is probably. A game against the giants go sixty you know now. Yet those those great one of those incredible. There were long ones from that year it was such as just a magical season haven't let everything go right relation to go right for a split. You have to think about it in 2001 and we beat Miami can that your whole host of pretty great way to. But there's been so many audiences. I've been so blessed to play around in such a great team with. To me the best teammates in the best coaches and that's sort of the Julie where quarterback to win games as a kid great teammates great coaches and you know we just have agreed to register the program in it's been a lot of fun and you know I just go out there and try to do my job as best I can't then. You know cattle or cattle dissect and to do that and they certainly held up their end of the bargain and I hope that I never let them down that's so I always feel. A Miami game was at the IndyCar passer no my around. We see it again you think this year in time. I don't know I don't know we kind of got away from all those types of place over the years split yep that was the first chart respectfully when you're 23 urgent mission. Yeah. I could sort of forty yarder and a 23 euros or better than by. Our quarterback question that we brought you by north east men's clinic specializing clues exclusively. In men's sexual health. Help us through this helped her neck through this explained to me. What this commercial was all about this we can still have watched a few times and still baffled by the unreal candy the unreal kid commercially yes. It was pretty great we filmed it you know couple months ago in the off season and yes doesn't grow very cool ideas so. Just have fun with you know like a release form and protection agreed to. It's great candidates much healthier than. Play the typical Halloween candies are handed out so. We have someone that we sent last year industry dinner guests to go to though the ones that the resistance but. You do too much Morrissey you do too much for wonder would anyone else. When we get one has limited this should let's get this little deficient. Limited edition sports players won't let me ask for a limited edition what area. What would you would you liken we get some coups eazy. Which like gaga they buy Tenet meet Tom for the house. Yeah so much in the pro shore. I would do that that would did you have a script that was that we you reading from a teleprompter 'cause you use. I mean that was a pretty bizarre Ural and read. Our goal for early in character. Little you know little you didn't they Lucio a different. Stance what is. We'll talk to next week art that's a picture real. More on we will do like that they ended 2000.