K&C - Tom Brady Criticizes Donald Trump 9-25-17

Monday, September 25th
Tom Brady joins the show to discuss the Patriots' Week 3 win over Houston. He also addresses Donald Trump's comments regarding National Anthem protests, as well as Aaron Hernandez and CTE.

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We go now live to the White House joined by Karen Travers nine Karen the president started off on Friday night well and Alabama. Calling the players who took a knee during the anthem sons of bitches and the controversy. Last didn't throughout the entire weekend believing in yesterday's game. What did the president have to say after watching every single NFL team show some sort of protest yesterday. Well the president is almost taking credit for what he saw on the field with players linking arms in standing together on the sidelines the president said it. Yeah they were responding to what he said which I don't think if you interviewed any of those athletes they would say they were doing it because they president wanted them to. They were still clearly sending a message to this administration. Here's the thing inside the White House there is no regret honest. Senior administration officials say that the truly believe the most of America will see the president's side on this. And agree that the players should stand during the National Anthem and one thing in the White House and the president keep insisting is that. It's not about race he said this yesterday people are in this is not about rates it's not about race. But the original protest of course was about race about racial injustice the president's response to it might not be. Specifically about that but that's why the players were during this in the first place will ratings will be then attacked the teller here rank. Yeah I mean I don't think either look at one weekend and say that everybody started turning off the televisions because of this controversy I mean the NFL I think this season the first two weeks ratings are down a little bit. There hasn't been a good explanation as to why that is but. You guys know up in buffalo people are football matter on this country I mean it is a huge part. Of the fabric and culture of this country Sunday game days very big deal just to point out little thing yesterday were at the grocery store in Washington DC they're selling flowers in the redskins' colors put together in a duque and their labeling it. Teen spirit flowers five dollars at grocery stores in Washington that's a big the NFL is. Well you mentioned that everyone in the White House kind of standing behind the president's remarks. It but owners coming out against the press including. Some of the owners that I like Bob Kraft who you might have expected support. From yet very close friend of the president he said he was disappointed in the president's comments I mean I think the owners have I tricky spot here you know they have to balance support. For their players with also you know considering the president's message that. I think yesterday in my perspective watching those pregame ceremonies the bigger statement. Does not necessarily coming from the players you know that's not surprising how the players reacted it was coming from the owners and there were about half dozen owners who were. On the field for the as early gains standing with their players the president is telling those owners to fire the players to suspend the players to find the players the fact that they were standing there at those athletes that's unique is the brush back to the administration not necessarily with the players are there aren't that is Karen Travers joining us live from the White House this morning.