K&C - Tom Brady discussed Deflategate with Oprah; Mut loves his new tank top 6-14-18

Mut & Callahan
Thursday, June 14th
Hour 4: Tom Brady explained how he turned his four game Deflategate suspension into a vacation to Oprah. The crew debates whether Belichick is losing his touch. Mut finds true love when he receives his new Turtleboy tank top.

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He'd skirt and Callahan. Which occurred minutes and Gerry Callahan plus Sports Radio WEEI. He finally stand in the way. It just. Just too much. Anxiety. You know too much. I realize that couldn't win rule and it was divided attention. And and I was tired of that Hardaway can had a call with someone from the players' association. I just said you know what I'm gonna use this as an opportunity to. Had the month of September off for the first time in like. I would have been 1621. Years of rule and I was like come and take advantage this and the first thing I did we. My wife and our kids we flew out tomorrow and see my parents. And my mom was just certain treatment for cancer to. And I'm a civil golf and we're go to old beach. And we went there and then. Are we there when Heidi was my wife and I so we said look we're rude Italy. You know and in September and so I said man that was the best month off I think I've ever had to and I really it in some ways it was it was a great experience by the look back on those experiences when they. It was a really tough experience in my life. Tom Brady 11 right there giving everything positive turn up or night it looked at all the aggressor and the question was would you do during the suspension that's it. We on the question was what did you finally give give up fighting. Right those that are we that was her question what needed to go yet major let it go Collins and me. Half hour okay see the settings on side of course of course outside under the trees. It is cringe were super cells a look at stations on issues that are trees Super Bowl Sunday and Ecstasy and no trees around all I would do would like this race. Can I do it originally a radio studio without us let's put it this is not for us. And it's for her over again club Gerri give great credit he doesn't care. When we think he doesn't play should think we're gonna be no help when you go for a gorgeous he's moved well he's had a more bigger better. Important people to impress I was wanted to kiss we've talked to him privately. Few times he seems a regular enough guy we'd really rather. It's a questions from Oprah and us. Someone suggested this would help somebody asked for sure. To me is we have an apprentice told him if it assume that this happened hours at the time will be spent on. Wellness and yes TV twelve and help them also also votes epic its ultimate praise the father for you son for you husband while he he misses and what the army LA and here I wanna know. How much he won amino lost playing call for its full Michael's topic they got it around overestimate I don't know I'm well I'll figure fills them. What did deflate gates as the press call it teach you. About yourself. Well I think you Tommy it's on me a lot of things. You know talking about you know the people that could really count on loan. You know the people that really supported me. John coach or and it taught me a lot about life. You know sometimes you the best you can do it doesn't work out and there are a lot of frustrations. You know I tried to fight as hard as I could for what I believed in rule would you do things differently. Would you handle it differently now you know. My two little more careful around. What's his distress he could take that with the late rally. Which funds to read and I think was of him and you want as we know was just it was just rally was about that now is honored to three yes. Yes the kind of player who lost weight miss those cracks I think it's just advantage lies forever gone that's right and buddy that's that's that's a minor shocks lightness to the minutia pellets round. Google's the guys read my back Belichick did not write the start Brady under the boss at that press government. That's the real world what stood up and it is more release of beatle thing and defend the page ratio in the western model and mutt is no dispute and restore the schedule that's a question for haunts the quarterback and he went on jokes going others like one good way whenever your way went onto its regular society could happen whether you like you've heard Belichick say it's a question for a player not meet the coach asked the play and he had been asked about when quarterback position landed the football. Why he had he had no nothing absolutely true never Arnold Tom and he defended the situation pretty snow frankly after that. The emotion. The emotion he brought to the argument after that when he explained about science and deflating out of the work. Al basic could happen based his science knowledge nobody's did you kind of some code a code those questions for Matt Holtzman was the warmest that started he said talk and by the way when Tom talked Tom was beleaguered he was embattled he was. Rattled when you do well he yet terrible pressed into. Arms personal preferences. On it all footballs or you spoke about me info about eligible as much it was such an average individual now he has something he once asked again about every seat was initially physical chocolate accidentally. As he never does and never might you know that a lot of character rancher hasn't made it somebody shot that we neighboring fields. I don't think Craig's guilty but not a lot yet made it sound like you're on personal preferences for quarterbacks by the hole and all the quarterbacks are only two people at team L-3 people punted the kicker and the the about the quarterback is quarterback coach those three up Patrick. Those three a couple of out of court I'm gonna but the receivers have been up throwing a cat she practices. So this is at 11 AM on on Sunday. On that a Y own network and that is that our friends over the report. Ultimately if you were at least supported me. It's what's his face up produced wonders is told by those guys that are that means brings guilty if it's a scale bombings. The fans guilty people relax you know what new week. So that's 11 o'clock on Sunday Sunday morning it's weird spot for Brady Oprah that's not a good and I was prime time sixty minutes right there wanted to get the US open. What she's got podcasts probably about why do with that by doing on Tuesday could sweep ideally the fob Tuesday it is like she sells on the cover of vogue the first sustainable vogue whatever that means was an. Which is that it's agreeing magazine that. You can recycle or supported a retailer. No you cannot allowed to you gonna agree Playboy's only you or can you I don't know equity -- or put the magazine on the cover it's those are. It is true of the earth to a spectacular. You know I had been that fluff. It is all over the world every year. Yes she's a great image is also in the woods in the trees on the cover of vogue. If you feel it on the unity show with us and the longer things on board and 100 departed the seriousness. With this is a regular show catching passes from offering this kind of tough for the world and that is an. Pinnacle he shouldn't be reminding us is Kirk or me about that we can show that documentary and the reporters that hurts. The desert. This reverts our watchers this driver for a digit numbers much greater odds on the lights for immigrant. For a cure on Twitter Hal these guys I just retreated to montage of let's greatest hits it put to music what the hell. Who is wrong people. When he's you know spec and reading if they want answers. If you series thing move at all it got a golf related US notes about us. Who calls are the activists the keyword. Really you know as the un unshackled. And why not he's been an unhinged you know gentlemen join. Candidate. Diego police matters is all done per gallon win not that simple John but. Some connect region this line from the oval this morning's usually different take we've heard a lot of takes many of fake about how outrageous it is the term. Belichick canceled through OT a sessions are uncertain just how heard today yesterday yes I heard Belichick's given others. And Adam phone numbers to Cornel thing they were written for that opponent which is kind of weird going plays and and Maloney medical point. No one's ever played Cornel sober before pitches you know you always have beer. Right. Yeah yes sir miles M asking you this restaurant absolutely a lot of restaurants it's that goes for any sort of par blowout game you play if it's fair lawn darts to save for a five minutes yeah board. Just the thing to do the deed might give up as yet if I was gonna organize them big on day for a 7080 people guys know. I wouldn't include gonna be outside relying on other than what to Fenway thought they would take BP play a game or something and to summit kicked him you know. Wouldn't that be cool I want gets a couple swings I guess I'd rather have a day off. We'll shorten it is supposed to be bonding hero Bondsman. Nobody at that point they don't have to be sure with a home I mean that things they do there on in bowling you know we're going to the movies the general ought dated bond but they're not that serious stuff when their practice. These two golf as one. You know just the gulf and now ultimately that you're credible stories I mean you know guns in my stories with the patrons did with the whole region and lots of people were outraged by Roland another as I said fake outrage yes. Office. Bullet passed a different take he says listen this this is what better way for Belichick to so show support the Brady. Then to cancel the entire week of practice. Belichick is telling that these that these non patted non contact practices don't mean much. And the real football doesn't begin until training camp. He thinks it was a show of support to break. Machines whose tongue in cheek I want to meet me think peppered his image and its case and I. Mean I don't didn't even cross my mind and it's and it's fine it's different here valuable we. But what about the theory that. There wouldn't be worth having without the quarterback why they have at all. We mean when it hurdle. I think if they were surpasses that we're gonna cancel the whole thing right so watchable but the greatest amount of prey management fudge casual thing. Well we cancel the next two days and watched as the other days. Because you could use only so much without the quarterback what kind of messages are sent to Britain Belichick preaches team first masters really doesn't admitted one players. And you know what makes a due to pick one pick on Kirk you know look at that you'd choose one either Belichick and as a support shall support the Brady who shall have warned that these practices are meaningless okay. Or he threw his arms and said. These practices. Worthless without the quarterback I think I choose B. Yeah just I would say different equipment and he's even more pissed of Britain that's but that's him right back to me is not a science. There at the time essentially refuted braid it like to find good you know useless we we you reduced the team. Where you get him almost make us what question got was that first one yet that opposite how many how many reps deserved to any that we need would you knows how to play true. It could be any help than a passing camp he's not a good happens no brainer and a follow up to to grapple we're still here this idea of about it all Mike Brady would operate the assets were up points because Belichick we're just say OK you're the starter congratulations on stress and the bench that would and to make sure would be great who often you wouldn't do that don't talk raising your problem saying no finality and you were a problem was such a powerful rifle was here the whole time. Brady was out to impeach Oprah and throw footballs around going to soccer things all that. And then they came back. And crop was awesome the priciest you have calls immediately six dark commuter ready to reveal some rest really would happen if you say it again but you can go out there running everything that pumpkin on yet. So is already going to fall Kindle as a replacement deal pros and year Monaco and then. Call for Phil as you gonna follow up with a trip to Montana with a 12 receivers that I have him so that would be good evil it's a lot of fun and a lot of you know screwing around me if he won't question is is he gonna have good chemistry he wants to play but he hates Belichick's much given so this is that show that he wants to play behaviors loves receivers are just as large cup yes yes exactly if -- fair you know lately Wesley gray that's the thing and again I don't know what impact of on the field but they the idea of these you don't Egypt got to this point news is ludicrous meaning each. But but again serves every time say it again. You believe they had teacher last year not to integrated unit doesn't matter. That's like Pakistan and respect. And help out principles for years and urgent matters these things and I was not two no matter on Thomas relationship with a scholarship that relation is alleged culprit in not doing these things Belichick canceling things journalism when is that when does have an impact. Good question that's the big question I know. You know obviously in baton is what the oldest coach in league central's coach in Eagles quarterback matters. When Brady either gets hurt mistakes. Also does not stay with shots we slumps happen every great coach or when he giggles and boost Koch has now happened with the two good question it hasn't happened yet we know that ultimate not about to start I don't know. We will appease the data time that we all circle and say that's Superman it's outrageous they canceled two days. That's. Absolutely ridiculous. Again Joseph. Acts upon a time Kirk and tonic it's going to be played countless islands. Or what we do we knew what are we doing we try to win the Super Bowl we tried legally Nate. He wanted to get me they train your on the right track the others left to do that there you can you do more right now you want this and could you play no days off. Have a question for coach. Did you just not take two days off a question for coach out of the zoo in runnerup horse race was not a day off the way to work. Nine today dot com. Today. I thought no right to say that anymore coach none. And because of a quarterback compete against her on Oprah under trees outside or try win football games. Should this up I got from Michigan who can't you can always. Joseph the parking spot this year it is not it is not too big house that's okay doesn't try to work smooth drives a church in limbo Harry into the green limo pleased limo this team is going to go market down two and fourteen season buoyancy right now we're grass series curse disagrees and fixing it your way through seventeen. I terrific teams took fifty yes sir I don't who was at should go to should go back. And and loved curtain smell of doing a male thing yes it was tiring pretending to be original something you know I'm accurate analysts are much more hours every day your show on that. Other shows and I say I'm Kirk your talents in Ghana can we get on good forum where have a good time via. You couldn't do that never occupy supporters are things that we knocking I don't even think he could do for two segments I could aged accused of minutes he could only do it on the disabled we don't we talk patriots all the time. But we don't fake blood united 7% take we get back. Pedro Soros or you want to call Leonard get Leonard patriots Red Sox brawl sale wrong train the way usually it awful all the check when it all for Elijah let's do this is going to be completely fake saying we get back when all force not completely. 97% 97%. Stake we get back. On morning Joseph and. Condit his bed this guy so disingenuous now it isn't even funny I do think he deserves some criticism for this don't you. There's a lot that goes into playing. It is being mentally he's a bum who's your forced many of the check downs stopped him in the right so didn't wanna screw over girl what I thought I stop stop stop violence. Tough times stick around me and 100 has one year left on the life. He short Walter Payton said most almost no one was right. Now they get why get this right molecule knowledgeable people are saying people are saying everyone's saying out there just illustrated. People wanna trade I've heard this okay. People wanna trade GO brown. Three super comp picks Jason Tatum. Carrier ring Stevens. And eight I have been told yes yes but it'll change require it yet while Leonard who might nine field acquired sometimes it just doesn't feel the play odd question I know maxis has dropped since our quick question. How does that work exactly. How that can work. He's a special player. Movement yeah good player. Not great great oh great player or what yeah Obama was recognized a loss and LeBron are paging San Antonio yeah Jessica quitting on your team. I would need that he budget and that's it. I had that test out the cell automatically adapt is better than that spurt medical all the rustic looks well this to your guys yoga expert about the substance and not another not spurt as the capital of the festival Austin is better I really don't know you don't Boston's better and they were Gregg Popovich a good. Greg Popovich is the greatest coach ever. Can't play for and you can play for an biblical. Right in key player who got those points. Write a good on that score quick update. Three too much has nothing bureau of what I think pop source Molina when he went six. Republicans smuggling assailants as it is a political point four. I don't make a deal I'm sorry I don't care what anyone stars. Jason tends special player. Okay yes losing years but his situation OK so decade after you make the deal enough. Which is which but disagree. You may what's the deal and I'm 801 against the U I gave them the more can you make in the I'm making the deal go either how you make that deal I just thought I'd make a deal offer because I don't right now Jason Tatum he might be a great player on the road like you. While under already okay you take a look you look down the line up a couple of cars are a lot of three years now like that's enough point Jesse. Supply watch letter appeared I think it'll Celtics can't teach you to. It. Thank you very much right next topic Red Sox I mean what is going on in the coal project we wouldn't get there at the end and I takes the dog. I had a temper but Chris showed you define that bodily representing young kids out I'd like this so I won't kiss and watching the game part of any its parent and that's what you want Chris sales saying. And the umpire know that make you a per sale should be fine. Suspended as a disgraced media empire was working as hard as he can I'd like to have those shall little fire little passion that's why I like out of my case he's. What I I think there's. Exit race. Look I don't care what anyone's sense. You need and race play when you needed when this thing okay in the short series five game series seven games series you better picture. If you'll pitch good I'll tell you what swap that club for. All you are going to Google yet. I'm going to go home go home you let that bunker yet excuse can't pitch. That's right well we have your personal call Obama had all go to global shock wears. This item. So torn on this I'm serious and again they're Kovalchuk leads duke. Mr. Reich not miss it right at the broad from the semis well that class against Tampa but their mission. Lightly applied Raikkonen could score Christmas chucked a veteran he's not rush on glare of the past and I'd rather when anyone sat heavily and score. I don't know who else he's trying to punch yourself what's the okay winning once those six you have to put the puck in the OK okay after okay how old is he guys. 3035. Years old and NHL ears and eyes beneath fifty player in Russia who knows what he was using all their Russia does not steroid policy cut back in the NHL. He is going to let me say important political -- typical zombie songs are touted soccer sucks five I felt like he's older he's I wanna I wanna hear it in its roster spot on the great young British player has a three you know either the institute I doubt they get for two years 08 million dollars pay outside rushers and use it's no hard and it'll be noted on it gives you two with regal a playoff series it's an impartial report that's just me or not not it's called a -- and nightmares and I would say. If you have to score goals to win games is never the team history Gerri tell if a broad. George your right. As it's ever been shut out in one game in jail milk if not all of the play got to put the puck in the neck or you know like you don't write about a way to to flourish and a cast the system. Actually formed a stool but he made it past weekend. Yes Taylor will be quite solid fits like 863221. It's wrapping up was. Yeah. Patriots. Is this absence by Tom Brady going to negatively affect his impact on the locker room. Leadership support OK let me be the first from the sale and I think if you have a good quarterback in my opinion in my opinion. No movie you can't win honestly without a quarterback. Even if you have a great coaching your quarterback and he's a thank Tom Brady's been preaching the importance of dedicating delight of the game and I was on Oprah. Not in Monaco. Cherry score at the end. I'm undecided and a practice that shot goes now welcome back to look at him aside oversight but does that send guys. Unlike or what's or even 23 guys a look at exactly the same got back what doesn't care more about Ricky followed Tyson didn't openly as well when he when he has so Perot when he did this Oprah thing I'm convinced that he can write this down write it down in its past for him this year is going to be uniform number. Well yeah oh yeah all right well here what is being benched by week three I would say from my guy Brian Hoyer I could be upstart economical for a quirk. A high Oprah what's or negative in your pockets always played football OK got up what second. And the other course for now Ricky heights for I don't yet. The top it off the ultimate yep I'll prime although he did okay five private lawyer wants to. Why is a winner his past finishers in the 160 says that's my prediction. I don't think he can have known as 67 or would you care much you budget that's true. Yeah I get bonus points for passionate with Barbara what I was Tom Brady doing any court all no military Oprah push him. As we want to be appreciative you know like Oprah the candidate of family cottage where you're wrong the family time is gonna help break and come back and be a better player is the Tampa our final score. 65 minus 45. Mark was to. Us this year and youth it is is we can put on the field we tease us who. Much. We Obama or die here it was a volumes and we say it's not a campaign is our liberties. Reset this equities measured a single Lisa and Lisa Curtis. Can sit overs a certain amount in months and he should know how to feels zinger that. Good thing we've we all of what we appreciate them but we never give anything he doesn't get paid extra right now she America's significant sure don't. Which most of stacks of gifts that yes that. From Brees doctorate yet Teddy want Asia to give them rebuff the Specter will let you and I met art market. You and I can you know shared this week we split this sort of yes I admire your money do you mind them Curtis and Amezaga toy makers eighty bucks. It's eight about certain. Our luggage cash tomorrow so here's the thing apology to leading we got money give I don't know and we are convinced you and I commits his little. And yet he might which was a little smaller but speculate but I know he can you put in the drug addiction to accept it so when when we get back. This is big for radio. Mud is going to show mogul and is good at what we got him good just sick of take a photo before before the show's over fashion show they'll do that we could come. And ahead Sheri cal I had more which can you see right now on Sports Radio WEEI. The spirit. I am hurt so. I won't back down. One thing like. I don't be good Johnny Caspar that's very creative he's known for me on its most grave doubts yeah. I've heard deputies on so many times I mean we'll sing and I'm all in harm's ounces and to think yes. But this is appropriate to name this as soon. A friend telling complaints Kia and her back treated this out yet we can't think those guys enough and all the sponsors think the budget times they would do more going forward. On the big guys up next. Much who's insured up to temperature that's industries that are the nice thing that day and wanted to beat the station was. Column are posted on the DOS is now on number it was not precisely so having another two for anything else for those loans and home all day watching on TV just listening. Kirk and I pitched him we get Monday and attacked yes well some muscle had I am. He loves to almost lose us look really good you are checked yeah. A 100% or I'm not gonna get that call your watching the Johns Paula does self control Curtis and a little bit of crooked neck but it's here. Our outreach team and smear enough national governments across we thank them as well we're back tomorrow morning who's with us tomorrow. That'd be uttered KG's race. It showed today you Wear that again tomorrow yes you see yeah spear a 6 o'clock tomorrow.