K&C - Tom Brady is the greatest living human; Trump tweets about Marshawn Lynch 11-20-17

Mut & Callahan
Monday, November 20th
Hour 1: Gerry thinks there is no better human on the planet than Tom Brady. Donald Trump tweets about Marshawn Lynch's anthem protest over the weekend in Mexico.

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Skirt. But starts off way oh you called in the night before as terrible as it bearable phoned him might know wasn't. I I know I knew it knew or know do we do much to think for yourself just before five. Don't try to be placating someone all the time. That's the morning so our our morning show Atlantic records great character excellence with Kurt committee ahead probably go ahead cut my entire cable package because. Years PA and gave that a word on a made up show her Mike and Mike you'll woman used to be a man so I'm now gonna knock. Have any cable TV at all don't leave your humanity outside and if you do debt since you're so dumb that I can't even pray for you open. Good month and Gerry Callahan and it's say. Areas seen here is so good that that's right I'm standing outside the patriots team hotel which ironically is about 100 yards away from the raiders team hotel we are ironic twist. Now over so. You can stay hydrated this week with a couple of bonus because I can cut. On Sports Radio telling you we. Yes yes pretty it's Monday current tally. I'll bring you try to sometime during the show here Hasselbeck as well mr. Knight today in the short week. I believe it's too mossy tomorrow and trading on Wednesday I RD boot them trying to put that aside and I'm going to ethic and the professional. We remove the soldier. We have to get we have to get this to get this out of the way right of the case. There is no more debate is no discussion does that mean might be a Guinea as pin with thoughtful people like Scott and help but he is the like us. Even cynics like you have to just throw you on Zedillo's okay. Tom bradys the greatest quarterback ever whose values companies fiction I'm finished greatest football player ever greatest Boston athlete ever. The greatest. Clutch performer ever the greatest forty year old players who are you super cautious. It's incredible to believe it's important to body of work. And then I heard. Great reward one who's fighting with I don't know what I don't know what more to say to you great. Miss Charlie Manson aren't. As us as a toxic. You initially held me at night and had to get right to back in question never go to bat I was gonna leave us we might and we Marion and her. Never packed Fredricka some info on his alleged bride number a couple of years or at the stories she was 25 he's cute young was eighty crazy looking yes you love the crazy one yes yes yes to those guys he but if he just waking up Charlie Manson investments in his job is not coming down for breakfast now. He's no longer with us at 83 which if a curtain and and I would say that proves there is no god and live from 83 his organs function. You know he AT slept he read to them by taxpayers and it felt when you go in that year's list thirtieth live. A good long life. Probably met some friends of prison achieved and our best uses the swastika never went away they'll probably once you get old aged you know affect his wake and funeral everything back on a closed casket exit could Christ he looks so good at the end to the eighties those guys have looked membranes. His time this Clark ever greens you really was anyway dead. You were fighting all those people I was just fighting and I was so excited when one into the ground it's Tom brings up your act happy with Dale Hall the of the policies hopefully I'm hopeful at this point now I don't know what ever but what can we WikiLeaks that he. He'd get beat he's the best. Professional. Athlete in any sport ever. I'm sure better than Babe Ruth what I mean Michael Jordan he's at that point out we put him with Ruth. Jordan with Gretzky with or without put them ahead of them Edwin Moses to lead back Chicago I'll order all of a me and what about Alec teachers let's take a graphic yes correct that the graph. Two on came Dave Dickerson harriers and all of them Jim Thorpe and sigh okay I don't I don't that's my point I don't wanna put the wood them I wanna put him above. Well can I had a Peterman I think the greatest quarterbacking talent Friday's call correct I was quite good scouting report not that good if iPad is an eight years I do think praised the best quarterback in the AFC east two good question it's between Pearman right Brady. Matt Moore. And who puma now account account it's a close call us bad 61 with half a dozen or my main key for cities yesterday and he's usually dead on I think. This is the worst. Our other than breed group of quarterbacks during the Brady Aaron sees. I would you'd have to agree I met a vicious some real crap burgers at times but this past the be worse yet it's sad I am I don't know inch. I guess if you are real dedicated you know member of ordination you love watching. The other three teams it is crap the bed you don't want competitive division I do I would love to see I wanna live long enough. To see a competitive deceased as a possible means to have to live as long as Charlie Manson yes so long I. Don't. So I will never see competitive AFC's well again as a suggestion should be for the second best quarterback in the U seized in the Brady errors probably chat. Or Jimmy rumpled. Trujillo. Or drew let's hold off through so made the probable failure mean that's it Tyrod Taylor made the probable he did. Who put him on the list as it is pathetic it's you mean I mean it in Ottawa. In the important crowd like I know the patriots when percentage actually better outside the feast that's a conversation. We like to see another eight CTV. Outlets here AFC east to be pretty good and I mean two weeks ago three weeks ago we said look buffaloes and it is for real now Miami waited Miami wins whatever that were foreign to. Or 32 I mean they they were. There was an illusion. Perhaps more than most seasons that one of whom was gonna hang around to right I don't know Thanksgiving that nice of them would do well and I know you agree would mean it would love to see some competition in the division we are watching. A team the New England Patriots get their ducks in a row. For the AFC title game and play in the AFC least here it is ready here's next three weeks Miami home at buffalo. At Miami Monday night in Corretja and his one game at Pittsburgh. Sunday December should keep it all sad and and and they're tied atop the apes if seat and Alexei that your home games that your. You're game for the home. The advantage of it right now it's in the AFC title if you ask me period gun in my head right now. Edited pages knock Hutus in the football game this year seventeen into the gonna win out and I would reserve how could disagree. Did you disagree Eagles this year. Eagles in the story about governor get noticeable pages in the Eagles you are good you know you go to the X and and you know what so what we'll see what happens on that day. But they're going this super bull to you know it's your goal when you when you start the season go to the Super Bowl disagree. You know saying you know when he says would go to supermarkets two companies will win the Super Bowl but that's OK but what we've your patriot fan if you're Ford and guy you say we wanna go to the Super Bowl and see what happens the Super Bowl that is. It's not whether. It's them though it is just reasonably expect this year. Plus yes Al can you imagine. Was throughout the gap or something. Dance dance and Michael and as you see here today can you imagine Tom Brady losing the Super Bowl. The Eagles is now. Or of the Seahawks or whoever vikings vikings can you imagine Tom Brady Bill Belichick I cannot take the field in Minneapolis. And losing to some global now. Alec and that you're not gonna lose and and her. Now and may lose and that's where it's a minute ago it always be telling a losing Pittsburgh UFC title game. That's not gonna know I can't be banned from Pittsburgh visibly that can happen in cement its sex crimes in the state of Pennsylvania you'll believe that rectum it's it's amazing that within a Boston as a friend Gary wants proponents a lot of angry people unhappy people cynical people. Previously. Played these cynicism run out of us you you the most cynical guy in the world. You wouldn't than Moehler my two favorite cynics out great you can't. Come up with a cynical take on the new in the papers ticket now. When this election ghost total straw man we like 88. That was ten Kirk that was may attend. I'm sort of tried to better attract what was got pro football focus was football but as I have was this football outside acts. As. Place Tom Brady among the all time quarterbacks in the NFL. I. Here's sounds so stupid it was not even worth that they'll call him keep didn't even like the with the rest of them fight with him now that's out of their I don't but yet. Mean you do you figure file now he's he you know his his his if you missed his argument was that even Brady didn't admitted he was in the best ever so we're gonna add. To Brady's. A list of wonderful characteristics will humility of a toll is here to see you thought Brady. Was top on the truth when he said on the unknown tennis too battered young who's the better and those guys have better I'm I'm just happy to be in the benefit Communist and certainly surprised. Those that's your first your trot your use comic who's by the way. I didn't say I didn't slumped applaud the move to be demolished and was shown. McDermott I know some you know don't 90 yeah like them. No I said Sean McDermott knows something he looks and was as he sees him every day meeting disease some everyday in practice he knows something. I take it back it is our war on McDermott had a dream or something and said let's go to Peter stumbled road it's the coaches. Did. Now I just say that I blame the coach I don't want them pile on because this is take from all the in a Capra knickers out there all the people that love Kaplan a quick they were hoping. He would go down a plant so it can have another day to say look can't predict better than that guy. Oh yeah. Oh didn't you think that McDermott knew something about two of them is a make out with not there's an issue Taylor that he dump something off that's true that's a said that to. You know but that was the case I guess because he plays they'll might be the case but the end and coastal sounds pissed but. Now McDermott has no choice for a has to go back to Taylor and the buffaloes in Kansas City this week eight yeah. That's it's Hillary's again you have to find success in the pages can give up on home field advantage is kids who inhabit nailed it again intensity. Also a good spot spot giants finished and now. Terrific. And now now the talk in Kansas city's is time to go from Holmes yes so I mean they just appalled by the wayside and no. People are tired of the Shaughnessy commander can take. But they just stood there upright and wait for everyone else to fall in the opening of an opening on line for blame piecing it. I'm not only guess yes Foxboro. But that write or say. It's. Nine. Nine. Close herald says fifteen and a half that's true but just write your fifteen math. Fifteen and that that's so goes the lines of scare me if game what she could blow them. Instill much cover you when my fourteen Pittsburgh over here by thirteen having terrible Sunday night game against Green Bay. So bought it some patriots minus sixteen and whole crowd old days chiefs while the it is pathetic that they played twice. In you know fifteen days. Off sorry I like good teams like competitive game of move on because you see any on the horizon Pittsburg that would aggravate the camera. What's the day in the that in December 17. That's it and then there's games on the buffalo at home right knee is the chance at home if they beat Pittsburgh extremely. It's it's it's amazing that too good it's a look at Pittsburgh schedule on the patriots. Lose another game out of that do you think witness. I read the original ball to Munich to lose that's it that in this field. Jerry I do not know home Baltimore Baltimore and Houston home Cleveland at Houston. After winning team that we I would say that's tough from the patriots schedule. Yes much thought I'd missed the same office say it isn't so it is embarrassing the the the you know. Here's. We're coming Tom he current. On. Did the halo fiction but. Miami was forced to remember that don't have lost four straight including 48 to nothing loss to Baltimore the jets were free to they're now four and six. The bills were five and two when it wants and the bills may be the bills may be five on the the bills the enough five and five. Well past two weeks ago a 101 point is that accurate 101. Points. And has scored 34 and then they made them but most bizarre QB change ever which who opens or to share this Jackson was really good we just don't know someone asked me about the goes to going to be coaching years said. A rookie coach lynch down it was either me McVeigh McDermott. When you think I'm narrowing it down to a rookie coach and him and named John McKay. 31 year old aunt Nellie to. Still the most amazing thing has a walk into the season it was going to be it was AFC west. And embassies. So as the city's south and sing at MIT fairly good start to their apartment yesterday. So I got them laughing of laughter. My teacher parts yesterday were Charlie Weis on the TV show which was unbelievable. Mark Davis challenger in the game which is my favorite image by the Atlantic Curtis I know mark. Davis didn't earn his money or earn the team and no. Not the most brilliant guy but does he is he. Is yes I'm gonna ask what that there not victors issues with him if it's even with issues someone his wife his kids would say. While Malia approve GO limit or something like that now I like guys like that aren't afraid to be I got like them. Like my parents are hang out Democrats yeah shortly in my profundity. If you like in these meetings and talking but with Jerry Jones and serious stuff isn't so much -- gonna walk away with no pulse Vegas deal. Knows it's going to dollar to a position that is he part of this stuff I Tiki picture moving to Vegas plan like nickel slower to go to buffets its walking around crystal water slide. It is. It is funny just to put the camera on why typically have more off the right you said that they should just leave it. Let's have a little you know have a whole Mark Davis Kim really NCAAs in the final for the championship game of access to talk channels they have like Olmert yeah Hispano debt market this year. Basket too much excel. According to his Wikipedia page he worked in the raiders office for over Arturo Davis helping develop the organization's image. And worked in the equipment apartment. That badly. You. Equipment slumped in the equipment. If they came anywhere in that helmet on and these are growing if you weren and again he showed you go on full pads. To slap him to speak. They state that analysts and Campbell and the patriots season record is that most of the twelve the full on form right that is the most pathetic performance by an opponent pay home team. As her home yes me wasn't just a comfortably. I hate to raises a kid I gave them. You know I didn't I always root against the hated Al Davis aided. Check in Georgia since stabler hate animal. It's it's at now that was I don't even matter if I had some people victim to win that. Conference shortly a lot of people out as one that says I want this to be the season opener of this is the game the most sensible slaughtered it was a fox obviously but when the mute its work. But is another team. If you go through this Brady Belichick run. How many teams in quarterbacks have been the next team up next quarterback up and they just get dismissed. What this course this would be one but I mean. Brady now is now 81. It is checked no real defense is check this out at nine games right 81 a to the man. 21 touchdowns zero interceptions. 72%. A passing 2300 yards. In in nine games 21 touchdown zero picks technical or just. The fences have never. Picked off Tom Britt and they played nine complete games and has fifty touchdowns and four picks since the start last year that is correct and Peterman had five and one half Cutler at 300 premium. I mean well froze. I. At this point we're sort of done obviously all the debates you and I had for years you to Montana to brief you on the side now give credit for that and I took a grappled to you did which was a mistake and you move wondered. I think your question if you do this then Brees is he degrees in the alt I mean I don't know I don't know what else to do it's that you straw man. Don't have agreed to stay with us. A good thing to say Jesse. I it is it is funny we pretend you're here like even Romo alluded to a month and you hear people Peter King moments and Otto Graham Johnny Unitas and that's just but he used to be. The great. Sports to be used to be a staple on Sports Radio Tom Brady has ruined it doesn't exist anymore not for real as you heard with. The football outsider AD with that Dale Hall in it doesn't exist and you have no there's nothing used there's nothing could debate. And then you have great he's up there with any of the picture guys Ron Amadon rocker call you on the way. But you know Brady's been fit for awhile and I think he has he plays into his forties. Level that we've never really seen anyone extend. In two be on for one year with the vikings then I think yard kick move on my portal but it. When monopoly is okay as Dan Marino out of them Dan Marino who played once in bowl and lost. He has China united says it. Montana and Peyton and I. I feel like he can't even if you really have this conversation which can't have anymore you can't get to remove the Johnny Unitas is after movie out of Gramm's wife did not reveal that really public health is usually a new united is more than out of Graham but either way I mean you got to go sort of modern air. Yes and you can't go a guy who's never won a Super Bowl means Super Bowls are the only time I. I always said when I was making the case for Brady's five years ago seven years whenever was. Is he does he combines Marino and Montana he puts up passing numbers like Marino and wins like Montana. So he does golf if you're into passing numbers would be into gaudy statistics. He threw for fifty touchdowns now we see him the pace he's at now is otherworldly the de doo and again and then you have. In 07 Super Bowls the best. Good luck on the greatest thing involved quarterback of all time I'll call it. At that deviate. Well of us that easily last year is cranky old guy all the Florida while we yet. Yet the great idea can dunk. I mean the only debate now is who second honestly you can people to have that debate it's you know basically pre was never bored it's a month and a yours it's Manning and Elway whoever you want it doesn't matter anymore. And I feel like right now it's how do you debate Tom Brady vs the Bieber. Did you. Give those changes and you know what I mean talk about weaning me Villa but just I guess it's who wins the most. Who. Into the usual stuff like who makes his teammates better who. Who would ever. Lasted the longest Tom Brady's last longer than they wrote sure I guess I mean right now. Right now we hear the debate for an independent entities over until it's October it's Carson once they break might not win intrusion it. Its consulates Drew Brees and that Tom Brady right now Tom Brady has 22 touchdown passes. Two point six who. Reagan picks went as 25 touchdown passes. I've picks for the past TD passes that's all. He hasn't very raised even higher yards or higher he's got a higher rating he has 6700 more yards passing is a much higher completion percentage. The ball in sect 23 times. Brady heads. Done more I think would last when you consider that he lost the element now who's lost hope involves this cluster center. Most sent to earnest sentiment of reports sent yesterday. And did you notice is now the pictures do things that it's legal but we do this every week we do it again next Monday. They do things that nobody else does it a team screws up every single week. Actually you know when we're what's files or me it's 41 and yeah houses have been a blow out there isn't a report touched his if it is the thing that he can't. Can't argue can debate with a in the NFL. Weird things happen right it's supposed to be unpredictable which owns it you just never know. The Redskins can go into New Orleans and win. It's almost that we get things just don't expect. Except when it comes to pay its true we'd things don't happen you know he you can on violated weak one it's a shocker when Kansas City comes in and blows them out. It is except. And don't we know they it there always a work in progress they always get better as the year goes on despite injuries despite losing whoever hightower. Animal and all these guys. You know they just. Keep them keep going keep you know keep working towards the Super Bowl working towards the policies yes yes and mean and you know. Pastors say they're loaded in their loaded. I mean I thought the war I said they had the best weapon ever Hogan books is worked out sources is not right. No and obviously crops around the running backs are good part is safe healthy humans is loaded patriots team right now is now a little because I would say that if in good health the family. Hogan it's good but it is remarkable answers probably his two favorite. Outside targets and gram packets crossing and healthy. Makes it easier for Brady is having grown up haven't and it's what I haven't monster here now at three catches yesterday and he went to the podium there. Afterwards I said and he was funny Google's status thing. Wasn't fun but. Yes funny he's not an excuse he's not funny to me that what's funny about. Type what's funny and sit with my son. When he and his crack that that if it's fun what's funny stuff funny to you. OK usually if it was funny you you know to get it was fun except it's. Al Franken says silver and yet in my people. A TS across his phone crawler is as you know what he's not secrets I I and an extra point asking questions of sock puppet please direct and apparently quite Curtis. He is solid 69 you're sort fiesta stop the silly but it keeps the audience he's real you know food is ever any different that's if I don't I don't Smart enough to heavily. And to have an act on. I'll give this much tolls that it isn't for me. I would like to think that the because funny cartels and is a question I think march husband is really funny you don't isn't an oval is that there was books every single to read them to your children do. Every element but they also sick of all showed up Asia rates is finally comes from rob atrocity I like the better as a person he's dumb and like everybody you know Republicans like yes I I I think you read a big hero the TV twelve man hole in the press room I disagree pretend this is good you know you want to fight sure you know I missing this idea I Mississippi you sent you do. Said. I'd I'd a laughed a loved one win I don't know where almost so what told CBS tonight Jim. He's quick look at the stupid promo. You know what to say what Thompson has not what I talked and a great secretary Brady had three touchdown passes in each game he's played outside of American promise like that record on every broken again unless somebody breaks this he's that he's about now is not of the news bureau is every other type of the football stuff is excellent when he. It showed you in fact it was car under senate wasn't Brady showed you how he would read that safety if that safety went left to throw the slant. Back he did exactly what Robertson who's gonna do for the treasury excellent he's funny and laughed when I said he's been hydrating with corona is trying to do they Grunow he tries too hard record he's not surprised how did you sell here just. Coliseum Lewis issue he's out of Iraq this is what you do and blow would you want to do break on the play in the play by play a Moses blah blah fan anymore I am I think he's excellent it's accurate this week. So that's something. Phil Simms would never ever say or you know for that matter that in a futile for fairway men or. Jon Gruden Collins were no one else was saying that and an hour roller they would all be actually watch the halftime show that sometimes to watch Simpson public bungle around almost missed some tickets like a weird cousin and I miss having written that seem you know comfortable because things is so grown so swimmingly for the pictures you're like uncomfortable. You basically he'll miss the dumps him sound and I don't lives now. I admission told the Mexico City lot of up Christ god and Jesus that was unprotected Tuesday. Glorious scene here at Azteca stadium 77000. Strong Tony. Got much anticipation about this match up. I I tweeted about an awful placements Cassini is. And someone to buy sauces fray lady. Ratings some lady whose husband was patriot fan is abatement can get mugged. This goes tickets from his wallet phone on the subway. And it went on the subway in Mexico City but I can imagine. Oh scary could be and they they rub together anyway I Tweeter. Quote what an awful places and has this twenty million people. It is so crowded and so congested so she'll would smog the ones being the one staying. That's why that's why Amendola in the whoever wrote it got high dehydrated because Potomac and the one and didn't. 100 bottle two good question maybe if I went once Richard and what exactly literally go some of tweets that it was a Brady said it was a great experience. Are you gonna challenge and today we'll move on Brady said. He and his wonderful thank everyone he said. I we went. In the bus from the hotel to the stadium and back again he does it look good from my hotel window at edit that was his take the Mexico City or break moment all week did you see a guy who took a picture of an outside the mall in Colorado team will be. Knowledge ads great as some random guy. God you city district which was mom bring with them movies one night was who was he where he abides hopefully said he did not remove loose bunch so Baghdad movies like forty victims we had to go. I don't coach rock singles and so some video guys employer now. Holier hollers gotten up there but we'll ask them what it's the real story which is our moron in chief who weighs in again on Twitter just a moment joining used to what are we give I would do we get between in a moment ago party. In four minutes ago. I think he's doing a terrific job I thank god every day that he he won and in the inaugural as the back edge of but. I cringe every time I see it becomes ovitz is like one minute ago before I read I cringe brace myself. You dumb it is the and and in the senate like mocks his sons and mocked Eric is a moron Kirk is much much better. Much more articulate and a veteran Q what is known now compared to that what's different items that he's at Rhodes scholar that's gonna be get ready for ball V trump all week obvious piano in this if there's one dominant trumpeted its the bus no question I'll reduce the truck stuff and more we get back 6177797937. Ashok on it. I honestly don't every single patriots stop its original site about it is us I get up and Brady vs Springsteen secretary. Brady verses six her pretty verses. Reagan and hundreds of these Joan assault or wrong. Brady vs Nam Jonas Salk was so embarrassed by his grandsons and so the truth and evidence that from in my Rondo all of Dario is overrated. Editor. Oh cool who is better than break. In the world in the world and his wife world. I know you think he's been geez I'm gonna go jesus' and I Ezekiel is sick he's you know Bruce as much on. Twice that but but I chose much tougher much tougher yeah this is a street to ever play from hostile crowd. Ever know it's true whatever points all it was a home game for reappointment machine but you can't Chris mills seventeen seasons for Brady is suitable to pay me half of his career will be in play and suitable. It's the most insane stat and seven in the league it's designed to stop you from doing. In his league with the rules are designed to stop you from dominating Jesse's anybody to forget Olympic team next year who's gonna win the AFC next and and and his picture is big advocate of the his biggest rival. Is now doing these stupid and dumb commercials or Brad Paisley two banners and oh you know we could do so we can do is rip on the commercials I decided. The 21 with a broad it was coffee on herself is that most annoying commercial ever made the worst worst than anything close ever done. I was a guy flow on Howard that whole room becomes why that's pretty bad that's terrible that's pretty bad when they say the culmination of Google and whatever of Verizon or intentional school programs that it's also on the said he would meet at the same guy did a commercial or hate him or they'll Beckham's at the same thing. That was it you know talking and definitely an emergency they're spokesman now yes hate him. You hear native I hate his guts always cuts I want and the room crash and local school retirees present and yet it shouldn't. Tom's rot in prison chumps and the three rise of all thank them. He says this it left them in prison trump weighs in on that Andy just weighs on Twitter few minutes ago we get that as well Brady has about the drugs well cringing as they click on cringing on a page judgment. An incredible experience to come here and play football in a different country and see the reception they're bringing drugs you know hopefully there's more games here in the game continues to grow their bringing crime is a great experience I've never been in Mexico City and a welcome back it's their rate this privilege for us to be here to play in front all the fans of Mexico. We need to build all all. What do you got Brady's inextricably there's split marriage cases going back. He has never gone back unless the the league says he has to go back. He's gonna go there for the restaurants are for the historic. Whatever those things they show those big castles tough call on adrenaline now meant to be wrong and we don't know. These here's gonna go to Mexico but it will be you know combos or Colonia. Here's the president this morning six point we'll get the ball stop the second. At real don't trumpet every single time between cement this you checked to make sure you look for that we check there was an area are Perry counts. Marshawn Lynch of the NFL's Oakland Raiders stands for the Mexican anthem and sits down to boost for nationally that great disrespect. Next time I felt should suspend him for heaters season attendance and ratings weighed down from its. It's what's now he's going to have to Marshawn Lynch lynch won't ever like fired back right. Michael horrible yes I've noise and musical achievement with the Phillies to win. I don't know if you've spent the rest of the season. They should I get a better punishment may complain for the raiders for the worst season and I go down. The other way. Eisner and some insight on doing a tolerating them that the patriots get great ratings he's yesterday's game going to be yes rates really aged 4 o'clock and Sunday was lifeless illusory it was a practice and delicate a PC the wrong usually after a radio that an attorney Richard that really nobody watcher and nationally watched the fourth quarter. That's what I mean yeah and that hurt the number yeah records but not very first time I think of turnover red zone during the peak now meet a long long time me to be taught me to reach to compete because it had a you know you heard recently updated scores and semis at least some games the first. City games was awesome on red zone. It was gripping. He couldn't turn away in the world Washington at that and that was what to a trio with her giants game plan and news it's about tennis games great and it's not a threat hurtful or red zone purposes. He also imagine liberal thinking you imagine they can tenancy gonna. No knock off Kansas City and I was in. New York, New York but steel. At the Nazi plot swath of the giants quit at the gala was the other games and in the bay Buccaneers Miami tight current Miami Tampa yet but regret missing. Going down the wire pretty wild now's a good into the 2 to 1 o'clock news or less red zone as for its way it's there it's when subscribe pro. Is how I do I eyes start watching at about 3315. Per hour. It is the patriots and patriots on watchful game and that I'm watching again like. 637. They do their but he also has written does is precisely this Volvo feel nothing else to do use clip on. Any time to again once you have like 13 Raton compares to bounce around you know you're right the year in who sometimes doesn't pick up yesterday picked up especially Washington. Warped and I were not original guy. And red zone in popular red zone let's go to football game it's Korea but if you try to read them. On exhibit tumors hasn't delivered on reds on said I don't like it now. Or it doesn't work for me just the fact is as the commercials right in Iraq this is you know. Yet this is not as you say this isn't certain axis of people don't do this is one of them. What. Was that you know I. You you knew Donald Trump would fire about things like at all. But I have a case which is Tiffany I nobody at the get you get upset about this precedent that states it was one of the least presidential things tweeting teenage teachers to be jailed in China because he is they're good at policy idea. I mean if the father. The what are spyware tool for kids are related to Lavar ball he wants to leave them in prison their fathers thank you refer to anything he wants the TV all three of them thanks don't personally see if his name. Thank you president trump. All free and he wants Salim prison because his. Think you are vault them on didn't think I took good question wouldn't vote will also Alonso and on Google and I'm like when that we accident. Hate you got fake but the three guys you freed their adults. And one of the parents who you know was going to be make an issue because he's it sure would definitely be on prejudicial so yes although. Mystery could keep peace initiative and it beats him and show no I've been relentless promises that he had never seen his take on that channel and AQ what is right. Two you he would definitely be on the list do you disagree on this show but would mean you expected Lamar ball. Since some stupid and he did and the president of the United States responds during the pressure against the the president United States. So upset that someone's dad didn't thank him for doing what you know when the president does. He said he should have kept these teenage contention which I. The you know what else he said this is some touch up with the exit very serious crime in China as it should be so you want that America ten years in prison for shoplifting and he thinks that's the way it should be trop last night then between the meaty issues we've thinking back to China again right at which it may never ever. And that's when a president that's gonna. But whatever he's paced tweet again like Cheney before the show desperate that capita column to fill in Britain probably three weeks ago lost. And found my mail that Jerusalem. Trappist we'll the National Anthem that's over it's well the north and west regional it results yet it's golf although it was kind of stupid macho moments of I just stupid and it was a matter. It doesn't it Marshall Moses it's over it's over people he thinks it's a winning issue he doesn't wanna let it die he doesn't want to die because he thinks. You know what somebody told him someone who's John Kelly told in the poll numbers show. That the public is well again and the anthem thing and that's son of a job you know mine works it's always thinks it is the people are with me on this you measured the NFL suspended Marshawn Lynch for the rest of the season as the president likes I don't think they can hand. Girardi and you don't do and why don't think it's a rule analyst with the NBA and you don't NFL can't but you know what do I mean he could do he's done things well I mean what's he gonna do like that with free dolphins and the oldest they brighten had to be. Some other players. Nine is in place right. They were off yet so that mean that were still guys Neil and worked that morning. Michael cannon ball in play either. You know please don't whatever it was just a handful who cares you write it died this is the way it was before. Trumps of the sons of bitches thing it wide it was like six guys who kneeled. Knelt and nobody cared beast maverick like what what triggers. What makes him they would put us all sort of also it was over nobody cared they apologized he came back did a couple of days people moved on to always talk about anymore trump like him who thinks it's this. This. Fight back instinct right out what the back hit back prices this is instinct hit 20 anyone takes shouted him has to respond. Even if it's low bar we can ball. He has to respond. And he has this in a populist instinct that thinks the people with me on this so I'm gonna. Carried the torch in an in this case you know it's the National Anthem protest like this and actually people with and that's race and run with that's red state more on middle America again that. But the ball one who who won't do a new apparent. I well before they thanked him. He said. No it be nice if they thanked me for the can can. War the U silly kids made it back to LA he used squeeze it would be nice they thanked them I got the prison. Mean I did have a when he said I bet it's extremely into the economy. And his son went and both sides ran words since since. We my administration not. It doesn't matter because there rice sales say you know the other options that tells it works fine it's fine to retain the conversation with the guys embarrassment. And when Paris answers to sing teenaged BJ which mr. daddies and thank him and new effort to forget why I just laugh it off why do you think it matters does because there because it doesn't matter chests. Is deep rooted insecurity in need to be told Rachel that he has deep rooted in security no question but it doesn't matter I don't know that it's what I've. Is that it doesn't matter they seized deeds I separate them from his words simple as that company's inattention neglect. I would say. That hopefully the tax cuts we're gonna get soon lawsuit that that would indeed I would say. Virtually wiping out basis changing the rules of engagement the battlefield that matters I would say pulling out of the Paris accords with the greatest thing that American presence ever ever ever better only get better and like it because the pennant. The Gettysburg address was okay. Since it is the anniversary yesterday that's right it's it's to a we love our ball. Now I I just like a true more I mean two morons catcher I've agreed with you and not be with you promise you you are like one of the things like moon that liberals who ignored the deeds focused on the obviously not if she'd do just what he's at least 34 and I say well always when it's weighted what is insecurity when mrs. manifest itself in his presidency some decent party has right. Umi is deep rooted insecurities. Guess it doesn't Twitter all the time it just stays it would music in in meetings of people in guitar factor at all I'm sure they put us I wants credit he needs credit for everything that's. It I don't know he's got a big ego is like Q. Thank you mom needs credit. That's that would and it takes so where is his brother crackle is usually I answer answer and that's an ultimate hybrid huge ego. You really haven't mutt and Bradford well past I am you know nothing makes me happy Washington idiots by each other so nice to stoke the fires in the we're gonna fight yes and it's a real review I spoke to both parties over the weekend this is your hatred animal theory wouldn't even the ball like. Yeah guys. Awkward comfortable this is why do they hate each other marked as hate and he's his wife wanted to on the air you might like accidents that you or two Kenner Christopher Nicholas had this to mr. Potts of you don't really care about Brad and my wife who cares or no to both my friends and each plan but I want I don't believe that but look at podcasts sound those guys screaming yes and you're just got a look at point two I love you Pakistan but I thank you Adam Craig and went deep seated insecurity and of course. I ever said any different. What you're secure element among Obama Matt but I would say that's your man I figured secured support of the podcast that's if our president be tweeting it. The ball family. Absolutely not although you do there if I'm very pro I was at 21 years in weaken the stuff and you get them in the weeds with low lower level. You know you fight with whatever album from island shore also a jet fleet week it's an army adds to perhaps he's right right out of the no playbook. He is like you know the big punts for a month and you feel like. I don't know I tweet about as much from but in between occasionally torture read before you send yes if you've read that before you sent. If talked reads any tweets were send them right questions and I don't know the thought process that's I want you just touch and sense of seeing people to Pakistan that don't think so but he's the president. Can we know that John Dennis we women he's not know. Whether it be different swimming. Thought we have more money can't Wear a Rangers tied with New England Patriots at eighty and do overhaul Real Madrid engineer and see. And your tweets. That's a DOT from a year ago that's hard to believe raiders and it is if you touch the raiders I need to see video present evidence at this rate of 112 influenced in the envelope well. And did that car a great quarterback yet how the terrible loss to the inaccurate but he's skittishness. Del Rio but you look at them you sank. You know lash him to describe progress they're right where they were before that the sorrow if if you're Del Rio and Brady owns you Belichick concede torture mix it up. Say they think they know what I'm gonna do whether it's man zone whether it's it's bringing pressure not bring pressure I also would you mix it up yes also not bring them in you Mexico City latent you know make before. I think two days before whether whether it is they got last year patriots last year and pressure that played powerful believe I gets right. Yeah I mean you're right the right pace with the did lashes out worked. So they didn't get acclimated to that I mean. The of the play that that tail is important that the why don't we that the personal final poll with. Yeah I know that China now and home and just wasn't worth and take a good shot at dusk and shove them right. But yes out of my hands I was Jones wasn't. My theory you rhetoric. If you ever. CNET patriot player in the Belichick or do something that to fifteen yards that ball follow panic I'd kill those people. If that they get a penalty for a known and well noted that are captured after yet seller about a little summer camp or have you ever other than murder scene the patent for something so stupid it physically happens every week. Some former fashion that was slots that's the good news Soledad is that it's that you read there was a Butler I'm confused. Hole yet as a lever once he got what I would approach to my audience is just a little bit yeah. And he went in the wall a little bit to get hurt not he thinks the thing you can do call back and shove. How well in front of the fifteen edge of your I mean you know and wind driving and second in the heat of a sideline and you feel better as fuchsia and it just so stupid. If your eyes and play ultra tough guys who play you get pitched. You know in college Mo most cost is probably could bench Melissa baker made field. You know grab encroach sheer he's fired he's going to be there for the patriots they can take him in the raiders beat the Houston Texas Texas wants Texas to win this for the B two Texans in. It's the severe picked it off Jack's jacks on top of and finally you know what every team that plays in Ecstasy from here are gonna go to the imports them from week. It is like saying it worked for the patriots like you might as well do it art. Give any excuse next segment so short of anti. Interest to me articulating it in and explains Bradford and yes you don't hear of the year is young adults take a participant I don't know Bradley you know I feel within a month he's just too nice guy to really really hate people who you APU somewhat on Saturday night he is not happy this is where Simpson and as CBC. Com. On it was a real nail biter home classic I thought I thought of going that came my son home watched on TV it's that thank god I didn't go to that game much force that was a couple other lifeless. And dead adult what we've got the most terrible football tell you because it's always literally terrible for everything's got its rule anything out and tell me they're terrible atmosphere. Yes it is and why did it Alexis not made for. Or anything else it's made for base and after images I think it's like they've built a ten years ago. They said baseball home. Right they're trying to shoehorn these concerts and put trying to put one member when Tom yawkey was the first black owner in professional sports he died in the opening statement and I I and I and I want you to be convinced that these guys really hands on review for these two guys were the party on Friday night discards all of you were just hurts Obama team about the way Erica sort of says to weed immigrant which which is pretty wild it was a strange it's that was not the same restaurants are. 617779790%. Of radio address later on Hasselbeck as well patriots Monday and explain. On the podcast me due today to Gerri I don't pigs can be benched and not buying them tell you I think its chances in the league. It's okay you 2 o'clock. I am were going your your normal spotted eight and on Tuesday it's okay you go home I'll start finals no way no one. I was going to be I felt familiar night rob us of not for our guess my thought rob didn't think so they got a fight with them it's much deeper and in its battle over the hot story robbed him carry that that we can move on I guess I can't believe you do care because while they do the hot stove and he'll be careful that terrible affect him at each other but anything terrible back by your comment I believe right. Commuters on both and 11 o'clock to wager which which of those meetings have podcast through that Marty committed because you're different committed and I do Tenet of the other attentive no no you can pull this. This crap on me what time measure you you couldn't text what title your yoga I'm going at 10 o'clock meeting with a bullet time GO I'll be quick what time we meet together. That's why would meet with them you can't pull this crap what kind of deal and it's the brightness its tenth I need to warm up. Out at 1015 people is not the top 1015 and dismantle started community poured the stuff beforehand he reads from a Kansas. Like needle move this is not it's not fair quite enough for them for an actual work for the station is yoga for a work for the station to get these two morons together and yeah each other for the shallow so why can't she do that it. That when I'm in the meeting on the meeting with the longer is able arriving. Like Jim right and I ask that I can tell he's an ass but. Asked mod that he cities drop the sun out and an eleven finalists on night group that that's what he's. There oops. I'll be out at 1050 prompted you think you could you should text me not only tell me what changed in your like you're staying away you know I'm I'm staying for a meeting with the boss and then I'm going to the gym so even waigel have gyms to do. After important things like what can't tell okay fine after legal issues have to meet legal issues to deal with. Though she still that's the second round it and there she says it looked like and that's what is accused consider. It's what I do it's much demand the removal. Anyway so we'll figure out layers of sounds like you to greet thank you for that but I cannot draw Robb and mark are ready for war I can promise you that cameras on the inside the whole thing. This is rob it is most insecure. I think his life is as hot stove shall be taken away by much. And it's gonna I think it's gonna be ugly what are the setter till he's upset that you're dictating the late. Approaching the business also also that did you did you talk much I talked him out on Saturday he says he's ready to fight so we'll see. He's ready to go we talked in the sweet about it he said he doesn't get brought lost his mind he's insane he wants to go out and brought the whole podcast you'd heard you the story about Russia. Of course the course an hour and a half fondness. On what on this whole hot stove issue you brought in some some and I'm a loser with just Diego's jokes like an hour and half. Was was cannon ball that was also theirs well that's between athletes wrote could lead the forty minutes. On this cheered like rail to hear and rob Watson the hot social wants to have like. Out of topless on John Hart. And you know JP Rashard mocked who would like to do that probably privately knows now after work with us that's not the right thing. And wants to hot social have to do they have and they have a sponsorship. Response the pocket take some phone calls and fight got different topics and I. Our long why do you need all those whose casts rob I think rob what have those guests and so you know he can write a story out of there to tell these guys to get them on the radio stood for self market is firms you know. So in my I think agrees amigos are missing out to be a neutral reserve policy if they can really fight those. Is is rob nervous 'cause we have the new boss coming in today on Fareed I'm sure he has on being with a 10 o'clock or you're nervous now. Mom. Can anybody else of course you're nervous no no me enough because things are was fired him what's what it would again. Isaac fired if I imagine the worst thing he could do was say if stop. You know point two penis in the middle of the show. Why. If you don't mind plucked adoring young player you have to stop. Being you have to stop swearing. Please. I've been a fed boss is that Molina almost kind of balance. Well that would take the pressure of sock puppet an extra CEP keyboards have times where he knows he has taken off the air. Probably put the usual B Matt Light to what price did you realize that been going on for a year and a half I did not a couple of days. I did not a did not realize he'd been doing and it is not legal issue. If it's a company edict that's fine Ken asked do we sculpture which can send usually used as it was probably you know what as you are before not. His boss is a city before the show we have learned in this is I think this is why partners mice are momma did this was he got these guys through 2500 bucks each of whatever. And you know basically made a deal with a double these guys are now corporate. They're not with us but still I've heard shelling out two adults and not to be here it's character I can't thank you understand what I'm saying is that that they've made but even today before the show. This is video kicking around this party. You some what occurred space doesn't want to play right rightly orgasm right past them on Friday if you can get it because it's all you heard what we're we're at today. You made that I promise you I'd ask you can we don't do we care about efforts results that matter. I look at your and you said you asked him statues at the party usually could you tell the whole video closers on the video congress. You're you're nervous about this is an honor their Q what was your you're don't model is so as rice and all of yes yes she spent a video that about our old boss pulls liquor is gone he left Friday it was last at that party forum. And in for the party admitted video that lots of people says good luck we love you will and managers fills accurate and we think some of our on air colleagues did it right or worse when they tell us who but what their people. Org weighs on warriors on okay. Tonight or X apparently did you what did you say just give us. Encapsulate not you can what is. And Brad flow. Hartford it was. I had a good show which I thought was an all out there good I says you can have monitoring tonight in May cut out all at least there are a moron can enjoy Hartford they were to the next play. You you said you can have my drink Writely is about drinking autos witty and they said Condit oh yes all edited this yes. Was Fauria are glad funny was we want. Mil over they were sitting in the studio Fauria at some I don't know what it's no accurate guys were up. I must note I don't recall a Bradford. Now Joey Joey was all over it and all the salespeople. To fills guts for months. According to be. A horrible. We missed the party. I was late I got that Leslie who got the traffic was a puzzled that much in the yeah. On the video when you boom kids that in that much or get really favorite Pittsburgh that it really play I will always love you read it sort of got your Q what. So it was a joke was trailing of the no way swear on the one. As a people work how I think it's appropriate and what politics. It was what was playing it was saying goodbye as the as the video was ending that song was playing I was getting louder your hitting. Kurtz in moving away from the big but personally I will always we direct you put this together. Mindset reservists the boss whose move in the Hartford takeover station for. Oh. And they think I will always love you yeah that's what someone's. Did you and that is over that's efficient over the top you know it's like Green Day sound of life. It's retired but it's a cliche. Put that together. Was mind is that I believe his name is me our regular video. The next couple ways it is a moron. If I happen to die he's not been charged. That would look at this for you know video for your death no magic always love you. Love you here. It and picture. What's telling notes really challenge trying to move away from this is what's going on with the show. Joey and were too dangerous intricate troubles we didn't want these guys out 2500 box that you that's it in the east whores okay. And now they're not part of our show here but here's is not an act in what they've Perkins admitted that video would we've been playing their video today. To a false. Some of those who was a white choosing them over us. I don't have access to whites are probably. Because I. I think I could have had a fight I don't know if you have to my head up on the board this is this is an issue here's here's what they were tools. Protect Kirk from them so I can psychic I'd probably do I don't care. It elsewhere and I did not good view from learning you finally learned to catch yourself. We don't want to get fired. No when he wants you to get fired via. No if you swear in the only stupid things and here I'm acutely that this guy he can give me some song house that there are no no walk out onto that. It doesn't matter OK they told her hand to protect you from your doctor about that that's that's I'm in the city runs and it was as part of it out. Eight arsenal it's pride it's not personal it's within it was for this that party. Which is why I wanted to play hard. She's that's that's what they talk about defending them to read more about mind. Yes I was not a yes and you got to raise that told you protect her from self let Kurt Weiss is York probably would had they not because I don't think this is just political. I guess that would last year even though there is no reason why what did you find night. I would go to your phone. Obviously I was. Very more ball in the that we just want Glenn I'll always love you Papa to test the Iowa. Let's go god wants land and Christian and I care. These two idiots. I guess who else is it do we know the people. Big party right about Curtis huge problem packed room and I paid for that. We did right and you must we noted those reads imagine what trophy. Yeah I got a trophy and a shirt and Red Sox Jersey Korean number one on so so I I made twenty years in this zoo amid twenty years did you get a cup nobody likes they'll like as well we do these reads you're just read later on which sounds the same every time ago that that. This for the for the for the stock yard this is where the pace or. Exactly correct or no and protects their particular did not get frantic yes I like him out while. So wasn't open bones just drink tickets. Low low shelf on the good stuff. Yeah. Arguing that I can assure enough. And I'm not bringing us I'm not I would when. When we come back how to get that we get to. His was his support we've reached. An Tom Brady today. In both to the to the problem the premiere of preeminent football guys in Boston Borges and current. Old compared to poverty to Mozart. Today they didn't sit next to each other and they were talking about it aloud if it was a lot of Mozart Mozart. Michelangelo. And then go with that's I asked you earlier you know. In what's stratosphere. Can Brady now find his peers. And who are his peers historically for the concert music. Are now. Now we're talking I don't know I would know anything about animals are or much are you know it's. You bet I would I know Michael I know I've been the Sistine Chapel yet ego overrated but great. Living in the packets over rated. Except the bubble it's an awesome bubble has of Pope. Then go and ruin what him either because zero right. But I guess that's the point were reached or you can't compare Brady anymore pavement you can't compare to restart the show and you're right and Johnny unites us. Worst achy is is bring your greatest athlete in history of American sport I think it's absolutely fair question is is an incredible that we reach the I mean it's you can use the word now Tom Brady guy we talked to every week I was sick from picked you know I did not yes he has six -- artist by the way first court or taken traffic. Track. And he can do things that no one else has ever done pressed my question him he won't answer but why can't anyone else to what you do. I can't say. Yes that why can't pay me wanna answer but can you answer no why can't Nathan Peta and believe it look very simple to him. Barry's been paid to do was a fifth trumpet pretty plus Australia America don't. Car to why can't an own Jay Cutler who did a great job. Who's not immoral to Vanderbilt I can't handle power. Like can he do what pretty does it's a good question unanswered for me Brady and has answered. Brutally as appears to be Curtis hit an answer. I don't have winter I keep any of these guys do what Brady does I'll find out an hour to meet with Tom Ridge slash demise break enjoys a sour between them. At any point to smile so stick around the greatest athlete injury accountant's opinion history of American sport in any in any country. That's alien self. And Palin she's had a really Ronaldo or really have been in the room or rather labor that I'm. Who it's tough on runways is better than any of those smooth roads closed in Japan better than any of the hurling guys who were in Fenway this weekend from Ireland and next an hour to his next.