K&C - Tom Brady on his 12th AFC Championship game 1-16-18

Mut & Callahan
Tuesday, January 16th
Tom Brady joined Kirk and Gerry to discuss his AFC Championship game against the Jaguars and how he ignores the noise.

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Okay conversation with Tom Brady's brought some buy houses Rupert catered more easily we'll distribute TCU did go federal credit union look at these TCU and north appeasement funky joints and as every week on how are you this morning. What I got two more good work well everything's okay with the Brady minute hand Callahan. Situation right this is a couple of Tuesdays and wrote later it is no friction is there. I cannot say cassette southward to shame we rated writes I don't wanna get the middle of this. Are there did you. Get that Altman get off the school that I yesterday it would. Yeah just. Awkward. But do you buy harder as the kids guy at least I know I do I think our kids are brought to this image my daughter will be eleven my son's five. It's hockey fight harder to do your job as your kids get older and is more more to do we literally it's different when you and I were kids or Jerry your Alex. There's so many more things going on in the day I'm sure your schedule with the kids is packed every single day. It's it's a lot you know it's there are so. I love being doubt. But it it it's definitely different governor 25 years old are you all are a world record 45. Do whatever you need to do you get older too you know family dynamics change in. There are left arm of the day you know it's a lot committed to them man you know burger creek and east to be are you decide to actually it. It's been the certainly their policy of air from my wife. The Dodgers find it daylight is Salma a couple of years old and you were younger you played sports you put sports in your talent to a certain age. I finally how it's it's with kids now it's wholly compliant when he changed its wholly different now. Yeah it's. Bethlehem and I walked to school every day. I went to school those closest to my house in those. You know you played the front yard. You know my parents that drive everywhere out Flickr pick it you're cued up to assist from one pick the next which is great. But it it is different it's just pure political play street like you know what I grew up. I was cinema silent film bad for you because. He's got more than I did music at a lot more but he ever play street hockey we play street hockey every day we played. Basketball he's out all the ball or something in the street is true and now you there's no kids in the street they're all. In front of the computer part of the game also traveled the star reviews start younger in the van going practice but which I wanna ask is some about the documentary and even wanna talk about it. The other day Tom but I see a contradiction here and is to your credit you talk about. Given up your life for football than we see you with your keys your wife your home. It seems to me that you've struck a balance that you are. You know I father and husband in the sun and and the football player it's not you haven't given everything up. For the game have you. No I think we'll all of great you know look joy likes a lot of big ticket pushed aside. You know like you're like all football player spurred the sports editors note that I've Israeli cultural. You because you you are committed to another place for so many days. The other achieved and it basically seven days or weeks per. Separate art. Do you feel guilty about you feel guilty about that. No but I think everyone kind. Changing their schedule for you I think it's all about your life that your game. Oh Q if you act to you know check back to Sunday I'll be back and it's. Rockets which used you know there's a lot of great technical that you pick up. I'm very fortunate that I really love what I do about all my family gets shorted the stick a lot. And you know you just. Much. That's part of about short trying to art. Is there part of you that that was concerned about doing it documents like this in season where it may be a distraction. It was really awesome for me I work was trying to use some we talked about like in February. Yet and I could sit march so march April may June. A little bit short. So. Folks at all football. And elect with other things that happen and I'll be in its. But football to comply he got what I like those. Were my focus beast the beat and are there they collect spot. It's just. Our participation a lot of things. I turns where it needs to be which is football and you know get ready to be the best quarterback can't be perky. What was the a goal of the documentary. Some personal things. Here's the victors. But as an opportunity. You know look at it as a lot of things over the years some a lot to do. There are some habit. You try it today. You gotta have. That opportunity if you do it different parts of. Do you tell your your do your family just give me a couple more years and I'll be here every day you'll be sickest CME this let me finish and in Rome plays laws they can but. Then I'll be here coach WLT with the homework just give me a little more time. I. Let you have a micro ordered my outfit that the daily conversation at a backpack a. So what exactly is the timetable you give them when they when they passed to you. You know I. This is the question. It's very. I mean I think worker groups are like so. I love doing it a circle back and play. A geologic play you know at a at a grade level you know when a kid at a great level there. I feel like. I can't help but she wins them you know I don't want to be a part of achieve I think that's. A and your doctor your cute you're doing achieve real disservice that particular space and not playing that at a championship locals so. As I wanna do when. If I work. Are they didn't like everybody Archie does he and I'd love playing quarterback Turkey and I like those that. And they support me and I'm very grateful that took workers about that support that could do it. Well we know we know you're you're busy in your ignore the noise so we'll tell you when. Lots of people are saying this week is that. Jacksonville is the time type of team the gives you trouble live for. Guys who get to the pass and they don't need to blitz that two really good corners they have the best pass defense in the NFL by far. This year is that what you see is I assume you've been watching a lot of that that defense on on tape so far last couple days. It's been a busy couple days because. You know we track your maturity Kia and really haven't seen much remorse here. So the best players just aren't there a moment. It was good because it really got acute utopia where you need to be this is the biggest challenge we face sportier. We had a good offense they've had the best defense. And you know that's always a challenge that you brought against those guys to watch him play over the course of the whole season. You know it's you could see why there's just that I thought our quarterback to throw. And I think the whole secondary notes that linebackers knowledge and they're aggressive they take chances they got a lot of turnovers. They got a really good ski. Among quarterbacks do so under pressure all day and age. Unless you get you know get open quickly out that a lot of sacks then it's Baxter got a long yardage on guard turned to upon sent. They got a good run game you know plates at a good season so. You know there's a reason why they're in this game I say it's certainly the best team we've faced all season began could we don't play our best that one out and advance. You buy into the guest vocalists I guess I'm guessing internalized do you buy into the fact the distractions that can be a factor. New solid the Steelers but he even look at you guys obviously the office of the defensive coordinator. Are probably going somewhere else for a coaching jobs open with the ESPN's story does that stuff play a factor in the building over the last weekend in Tennessee game it was not a factor at all. Not think we're pretty folks of what we need to do we Genesis law are we committed to each other. Since really. She came back a lot of the last few people making all those months that were committed to trading it. Needing to doctors practicing gains yet. You know injuries OSHA and it's it. About that we're LA get away this week and I think the codes. A coach Belichick. You've got so many great things I think one thing if you just set the best phone for the players who knows what it takes to compete. At this level without. Now that person or I'd ceramic gamers more distractions there's more. You know people there's two coverage either portrait talk about where we're focused on our job. We'll let that what else do their job. You don't. You know I've got folks on my job back. You know I only get bigger from here so we decrepit state folks or we need to do and stay with particular network in this piece and it try to do squat there. You know continue what we've done over the course this seat and try to go Pia you know the best football team we played. I hit it from I guess so it would be human nature and I we talk to us all last week in the with the ships were now almost feels that it's two years old. Let's just say story came out it's a Jerry and I hated each other and we work together we hate each as far as that's what we believe that nobody would believe. We have all these issues whatever going port at some point in the course of the week I would ask Jerry you're he was asked me is something that's where it's true he did you wanna work this out to wanna talk about us. Did you ever talk to Belichick after the story came Marty talked to you and say these are ending to this is or an issue here to wanna have a conversation or was I never discussed. I mean are we talk all the side. Those conversations we get our product tree yet but we we talked you know. Every week multiple multiple times but it's you know that a great relationships. Again it's the a lot of things written and said it. You know that's again just what part of being a professional sports and in it quarterback Richie years you know coach has to do a lot of talking on a weekly basis Brett were both focused on. You know the same thing which we always been accused tribute I think for the team how to how to help our team win that's what I wanna do that's quite folks always spent. And I hadn't changed you know ever. Got or what the team down so. You know those things are very much pain to be. What's your take on bulletin board material you guys never give it you obviously Belichick doesn't allow it but the Steelers in the Jack was apple went nuts and after the game Jalen Ramsey there stood corner said. They're gonna beat you and they're gonna in the Super Bowl the because gonna use that to be discussed that already. You know. What I've learned over a long time is that it's how you play it it's not what you say and I think. Everyone has different ways of adult thing coaches to players do. We do what works for us. You know those are other players don't work for them at. You know it gives going to be decided. To place the vast mountain. You know heights the best to speak with pastor. You know either really good player watched a lot of film on him. Got a lot of strikes and you know you gotta trigger confidence that's reflected in. How we played so you know I'm more concerned about how he plays as opposed to what he says. I've never bought in any of those things you know I know what our offense is capable of organ need to play really well score points though. You know again that's just speaks the height and you are trying to release date folks on what we need to do and a better stay focused the more laser focus we are our targets. You know the better I think what. You think. You think mcdaniels is gone he's gone are you confirm that force now. I have no idea I really Don I've I've talked to gosh about any of those things that you don't talk to draw. It took me about anything so. So it never comes up conversation we. No I mean I'd I don't. You know you're through whatever it was 53 times Saturday night the one the one everyone was talking about was. You're running right the chastened young women are close to line of scrimmage neutral left across your body to Ammann dole who's just behind the guy. And it's which for all we haven't seen too often how do you know there's no defender there didn't seem like even that time now to scan that side of the field. Yeah I have I was really. Focus on Danny I can just held deity is you know we products made eye contact and I could tell he saw had Obama I trust him so much that I. A lot art or quarterback you know you're. If you're still out of the field but you don't have complete vision all the time but would you tell a body language at the receiver that he thinks that he's got a if that's what you can really be decisive figure really count on the receiver to be your eyes. I think any man that help will play make that decision to try to get in the body language that you Oki. He always does and you know you're not that high orbit at a great catcher with state you know big play in the game. We're gonna need a lot of those this week in a lot of tight coverage. There's a lot of extended plays against this defense good guys are all right away. So you know we've got to keep negative plays that are there and do good job or project of a football. Goes to be big keys to winning game. Guilty if you've cataloged them attitude and maybe somebody will. I'm only guess image goes had as many big catches for you in the playoffs is any player during this means game for years ago yes he's got a lot of them. Yeah he's got a lot and lot of big ones. It at regular season games that you need to. It comes up big what was it well I think that's the market a great player and denigrates where perky and he's been. You know fight hard every game all the law. I had so much conflict should at least he's been incredible player you played so well the other I wanted to either play well again. Sunday and it really got won't play well this apology where you can have any lapses I think this team. Now that we're facing child you have every single. Every single play in every part of the old they're explosive and eight touchdowns on defense. That's pretty Croat whatever itself there's another one. You know against then. The last weekend these guys. Can play football and they they play really well. You know we got to work cut out for us. I heard somebody talk about Kyle Shanahan and have a conversation that Belichick after. And I'm couple weeks after the suitable and you know what went wrong what went right to kinda aired it out. Have you ever done that with say I don't know Tom Coughlin ever talked to him. About the two super balls. Well I'd never have I've. You know it is that never crossed paths with with those guys. It's kind of more players at all future tablets are bad which it in the off season it's probably more. Not so poke ball ball. Most of what coach call. That's lost thought I'm guessing for that's lost that that. Still hurts the most has to be their first giants lost right. Law. As written order one of those playoff loss about her ever. You know try to top form the most out could it mean the most to you good at it we got great chances that I feel like we've been. We've been achieved that had a chance to win every single one of those games and keep things are different and we win and that's why would welcome doubt that this weekend it's. In outburst. Well played eighteen that's very good you know just like other teams we've played in the playoffs and lost to beat you think about some of these wrote quote is silly and and it's one or replace them. You don't know what worked and played that's going to be reported gains Archie just try to. Folks on every single wanna keep your Mac remote. Focus and energy and I had every single play is you want to about a game bought they have you know not one play and you just don't know it's quite going to be that's what you see. As focused as you possibly can you got to study is much there'll be mentally physically prepared. The margin bears are slim. And it slipped to both teams. Our quarterback question we brought to you by north east men's clinic I guess that's this and the answer is I guess might be obvious but is this week. How's lowers the right word but it is with experience is it easier prepare and get ready for this game vs the first time. The first AFC title game is won against Pittsburgh after the raiders game at the snow game I'm guessing I must feel so much different now or maybe it's exactly the same. You know they're all different and there are all yeah I'd say for me. You know I've I think I've just learned. You know how to deal with my emotions for the week and there's obviously some extra. Obligations. Terms that. Our commitments for that lead and so forth but it. You know I'm trying to get it. Everything I can't it do it and it's this it's you have to earn the right to play the following. A couple weeks there's not a promise no taller at this point. I don't think that there's anything for granted. This is a team that were expected to play as well thinking we've played all season. And you know we'll be ready to meet the challenge so if we played poorly you know you don't move on. You know our goals to move on so. Whatever we gotta do to play our best that's that's what we gotta do and not about folks it. All right Tom we'll talk to next week. Thank you aren't sure. Tom Brady joins us every week.