K&C - Tom Brady on his first game action of 2018, his experience with Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund and the Patriots' bar for volunteerism 8-21-18

Tom Brady joins Kirk and Gerry during the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon. Tom breaks down his play in the second preseason game of the year last week against the Eagles, comments on old friend Nate Solder, gives some of his personal experience working with Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund and offers insight on some of the best Patriots in the community.

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All right Tom Brady's up the interviews brought to you by north east to a food distributors DCU. Digital federal Craig do you look indecency view Shaw's and star market and northeast men's clinic specializing exclusively men's sexual health. Tom good morning how are you. Margaret I don't. Good good good not too bad I guess before we get to this stuff which the couple of football questions you played last Thursday played well I just feel. It was me it was fun being out there and you know we know what we got a lot of work to do so I think. Unity. She's in games you know working hard. It's kind of a step in the preparation goes long a lot of things were doing but it did you know we haven't had any. Joint practice and each year or so of being anti competitive situation. And cabin and over a long time which happened you know since super Goldman. You know it's easy yards still rusty so. Are you playing I'm playing this week. Yes we can build on this week in a candidate a couple of days of practice for another candidate ahead of us or only for Carolina but. It you know guys are are working hard trying to improve a lot to improve on and it's a new team new year and hopefully we cannot. You know use this week it's all kind of another step or we won't get in that start really count. You know we talk about this all the time Tom probably more than you do is. That the detractors I mean we watch is in these people when you play well enough pre season game and you play great on Thursday. It is frustrates these people who are waiting reached the end remembered someone asked to. Adding to a bowl week about retiring you set what is at one moment or time. These guys don't want to retired they want you to suck what you hear this every time you play well it to heart and I wonder if you could be satisfaction when you hear this Max Max Kellerman constantly saying you're gonna fall for Clinton you hear this guy now. I don't watch TV much so on. I really don't you know I think there's part of it and you know special athlete. You know you're dealing with lots of different things in much encrypted on in RT a lot of people that support Q. I just not a lot of people that try to cure for the team you know if you don't come to grips with that then you're in the wrong profession so I don't expect. I need to get deported well you know football for example in America I mean you never. No we look at a lot of other sports around the world. At some point maybe you know you get to recognize a select what in the World Cup in the summer you know he LB star players. Pretty different clubs that they come together for their country at some point you know we in America and their luggage checked yet so. You know most Americans probably at least another part of the country they don't like the pages long right knee and I can understand that and out of uniter and a one point. Well done. You know they're just. Wanna eat Turkey went in when they don't you know I think they got a direct that frustration but more often. When you've been successful like Turkey and you know I think. Crush ratio gets directed at us. And that's just part of it you have to understand not to dig into. Used to say about Larry Bird Larry Bird look to win but more than that he he loved to watch you lose you looked at him. Grind you know shut your face in the dirty got great satisfaction out of beating. People can understand that feeling do you feel that way. I I really enjoy the competition so I don't. I think I've always thought about. You know you approaches. Mean you know my very best in my motivation. Comes from not let my teammates down I know how much into it. Our coaches. Teammates. Have a great and successful he'd been working your route or. I don't wanna be treatment while we don't. We why we are successful. So. About watching it I guess it's quite not watching other pollutants are what I think the bottom I think. It's about getting a cut out of myself and hopefully that's good enough on a day and if not then. You know not give the other team credit for. You know what they had to do to win and you you know and into port in Iraq and start. I don't think it is like the Harlem Globetrotters. Generals that you got a got a really tough competition and that's part. We had Nate soldier on your vote 1520 minutes maybe half hour ago we talked to a Hudson all that stuff and obviously we talked to you last year we pay attention. If all of the story and now we office. It touches everyone but obviously touched you personally with your mom I guess first I'd NASCAR how she's feeling in with what's going dollar. What they they attractive she's doing really well you know she gets her purse scans. I think every three months. And our sheets she's really done well it's been awhile. And she finished her treatments. And you know we just were always kind of and then open it come back you know and so far they have and what they're 20. You know it it's touched our lives in the pledged. My mom's lies in any yet it our perspective on life. When you go to those things long you know I think we're very thankful for. Yeah all the people who support her you know you know all the people that. Are doing great work the world. You know we always say this and I. My parents entered with his dad you with your mom. Learn a lot about the person that's a disease that you learned you know good and bad that people you mentioned your dad stepped up you just learn fingers sisters your sister is well you just learn about the toughness and loyalty of people that. You you're pretty sure of when stuff like this really happens it becomes a whole different situation. Yes and it's. You know right you he'd be used deeper and you know kind of however one. You'll put it on a person you can you can look for things but nothing quite like that that's ultimately what really matters and light. You know the you don't all think like. You start and not do you know you think about it being at peace love and care about. Think the dirt onto other managing. It personally instructed her life and you know that's really good at. At least dark and the boy it's different I'm in you know at this particular instance but my mom. My doubt it's coaches they're. You know they're my mom is definitely my sisters who were on him more cold cuts and my mom. You know they are so. You know they're they were just there to bomb whatever action and I'm. I think that's great so much for at least we come together in different instances you know months. You know sometimes it takes big things like that to come together law and for that and more time quality time to thank why are we can easily. I mean doctorate you know it doesn't credited as much as I do. Did you guys know in the locker room in the huddle you know what Neitzel was going through. You know I think hundred degree yes but it obviously. Pretty bent. NIC tell it's certainly not in. Keep such an incredible man and person and she kicked. You in good man I greatly. And he's just. I think the way he handled it everyone admired and respected and not much more and he's already. Just a great human being and then hopefully I will be dealt with. And it feeling a bit in his family. And I couldn't imagine. You only get better doubt. In a very firm we think about them and you know pretty well we all look you are in the situation. Did you miss some I mean as a as it got protect your left side. I struggled in duke has. Not been much of a lot of guys you know I think that issue. You know it's it. There's a deep connection and eight that are urgent action and let. And you know how many there are on the idea. Some quote I'm on the line on and on soak this in any day. Yeah. You know I got a great player in key early lurching you know I know he. You know just the great regard to keep it quick and I haven't Stanley all the and all the excess heat current national. Income and the cutter he's just an incredible person. Which are pulling your career does it happen at the beginning of the Miller or even when you get older where a guy like that leaves you're able to just kind of say okay he's gone knocking angered by the move on with that exit easier now than say second or third year harder the same. I think it's it's different. In some ways I think that you go to or more of your career and a lot of guys you know just a different opportunity. You know to go to play is we are naturally I think people like. You know players and as we are patriots and look at success. And I think people wanna emulate that. Or Portland. You know go. Charity charted our guys quirky. It's not like it was shock anymore I mean I think when I was younger I was IE the business side at the NFL in. Could understand why I took skiing in. You know you can't quite system were you comfortable college environment into on Armitage you won't. I. It would definitely more emotional when I was younger looking out just more of a reality and you are units. Personalities and looked into the Keenan took away that you would never know. Anytime you lose a great player I don't think it helps the team at all. You can replace that person with someone now to do the job. Where someone. You don't really brings their own personality. That the team but I know loose and you know I'd like me you know it's a big loss. You know like that we all love that that. You know you've seen here at about ten days. Put you know he's eating alone. You we just talked to our friend Lisa sure we're from the Jimmy Fund clinic that you told the story I had never heard before. Of sneak and you in the back door seven years ago issues guest. To visit a young girl at the end of her life and she guess promised not to tell anyone what secrets coach told us. Today for the first time do you remember that Tom and your. You remember her. Yep and out. When I was in Collie and we did a lot of art Archie was really involved in not with university mr. Hart trophy every. Tuesday night we would go on you know did it. The Children's Hospital you are. Always very scary out there and college or professional yet. It's the hardest radicalized and called him while I don't know what they're going to stick their reality that crane. You know just a small smile to their base or. Small moment it and it's a wonder what did you witness. I think that more could it. Be put it. And I know a lot of our players you I don't eat a lot are keen to. How to do great things in the community. And you know I enjoy doing. Honey I decide what you can do I know you do some of the Mecca where stuff too obviously you can't do everything you have a hard and fast rule that you tell your. You know until Stacey you tell your agency I can do this but I can't do that. You know yeah can he take them as they com where you're right you can you. And I take that. You have to. You know you are make sure. And you're just. Sometimes I think you'll work you know you over. Exert yourself. And I think you got a whole you know and I'm not yet getter you do I don't know exactly when those in charge that probably on a particular day or week or month. You can't do anything he can't. Announce which you can't there. The best who's the best you've ever seen Andy's croc up there. He intimating that he you don't sound community. Equant comedy in the course took over here. I had a lot of great teammates and you do it every time they do something. It it's brilliant architect in their. And a great end to it you know. It's what you see work being done like. You know Arnold art art team took kind of a high priority. Our community affairs community service keen is always taught her things year round. Over the course of all he's in training camp even in this seat there's a lot to do and are a lot and I need to be helped I think it's great that. You know keep the commitment and energy. Are taller appreciate joined useful we'll talk to you our next week cracked. Thank you all right guys thanks on that last question by it was a quarterback question that we brought them north east men's clinic.