K&C -Tom Brady on his relationship with Bill Belichick 11-6-17

Monday, November 6th

Tom Brady joined Kirk and Gerry and discussed his ESPN cover story.  


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Right Tom Brady stuff. Brady interviews struck by how lucrative northeast electrical distributors TCU federal federal but you look indecency view. And north east men's event Tom Jones does each and every Monday during the season Tom I don't. What do you do when out here on some tropical island on vacation now where you back now back in the states. It yoga practice. We'll get meetings this war and so that is actually. Well part of it looked like you had a good time as a party at this point your life and I know you love playing believe we know that we are out there and and I Alan thinking you know it. I should just stay here. That's an. You know I think enjoy that time but I chose him back to give investors to play and so. You know it's a good break for it I don't think you have to do it you know for very long time so two or three days right perfect time. I mean I guess you violated her contract in some form to you sir for zip line or do something you weren't supposed to do. Now as pretty mellow there's from just kind of relaxing. In you know I was just. You know I she got some you know himself. Sacramento took. Those long days of your vehicle went pretty you know we basically short day. For the last. Center reported what July 22 select. So you know YouTube you basically. You know our work and every day so when you can't stop doing that your body still or so ago so it's actually a little hard to two two released photographs so. I like to do stuff anyway so. Jim. Jimmy gee is gone I heard which is said to Jim Gray about a good friend good player do you feel like his industry and a half years. He would Jimmy made you better. Well I'm pretty you know self motivated I think that so. You know like this that I you know like Kabila that we shouldn't have been so lucky. In that. You know I haven't you know just trying to think about what I can do to help the team wins so. I I don't know I don't put much fun. Did you think there was a chance that they've they're droplet could've stayed here after this year did you think that was just it knock him not gonna happen not pos I mean you guys. Obviously share the same agency must have some insight on that did you think was possible that enable it. Keep him keep you did you want that to happen. I really didn't have anything that and I really had the opportunity to take about that and register. You know those things are beyond my control and you know what I do is I Turkish opened into have always done for this team. And you know registered in the best I can do so I don't think about those things are a lot of things. You know that are outside of work. You know my responsibilities are to team and where you know people like to talk about criminal expert about much hypotheticals but you know what I deal when. You know what I need to do which is focused on. I there John Lynch said that he asked the value Ahmanson ask whoever the scenario that. It if the patriots were interest in dealing Tom Brady the do you ever think about that I know you've talked to us before about. You know he's it's a tough business and everyone gets traded and it never it rarely does it end. Ideally for the player did you think there was any chance that at some point that you would get dealt. You know again I've never really thought about that either. But you know general. I wouldn't see why you. That wouldn't be whenever one gets has the opportunity because there are different can get trader cutter. Released her you know I played was so many great players that that happened to several times. And you know coaches too so. It's just it is very much player movement is not new anyone and you know I think. If you try to play well let's try to you know add value to the team and you know you try to be a great player and if you're not a great player for the team you're on then you turn this group or for the other team that your own. Sort of desperately need to do the players just play well. You know when. You know to do that then I'm sure there are some team out there that want you. Yes I think that's. When you think about just playing well I think that's that's what you try to do you try to do well you know fifteen and I've been on for. You know a long time then you are or should approach it the same way in. Our area. You know I just try to you know do the job as best I possibly can't show up every day it was you know good positive attitude. Try to lead the team in. In you know we try to win games so I've been very fortunate to be part of a great organization that's focused on those things to and so. You know not that's changed. Did you we don't we've done it's a few times in the past couple years since this whole the flaky things started the most surprised. Maybe I shouldn't be may be just making nice again I'm Paul. Blessing to have them in it for sure yes when you when we make you cooperate you'd impart this when you talk these guys from ESPN personal you read the story the ESPN that you know moment you're on the cover. On to talk at least in the picture by the way out of the real quick QX sixty is this supposed to make you look five years old but I think that make it look like twenty years old. I think it's yet. Well one of its receipts. Well thank you look like that. Got that you don't you have a distinguished about you don't. Yeah out now for three that would be scared call yourself and twenty years. Holing the geez it would be on did you talk to these guys for what did you was it wants a downer now. Now I just it's a couple questions that they have this basic. Yeah they accept something. And so in this story they they get into. Are rarely hear that sort of the middle of the could tell they wrote the story obviously before the problem trade in this sort of hustle and threw it. They write to. It's about about Guerrero in Belichick is a collision coming different of Belichick says. It says that the you Brady's found himself in the middle of the conflict between the patriots in Guerrero with her blaming the team's trainers. For injuries some of his clients have suffered with Belichick making a resounding clear there Guerrero has no actual role on this staff as they said. Is it collision coming different Belichick says about Belichick and Guerrero do you have any insight on that you know if that's true or not. No huddle I don't have any insight so. Is there I guess is that an edit you know. He's he's he's Guerrero a member of he's not a member of the staff correct not an error has. Does he interfere at all with the with the current training staff them with a doer now. I think they'd be totally different state via. And as far as you know there's no issue with Belichick anger I have no idea open. You know I know you take pride in the fact you take the field every week and could never get hurt this I think the whole point of the story is that. That you can't get hurt now because you know and there that was called Brady's dangerous gamble or something is Tom Brady's most dangerous game that's most dangerous came out that that you know you you bought. You know obviously treading where Jimmy may. And everyone expects you to play well. But you can't get hurt which is kind of the strange thing for anyone to know promise I promise I'll never get hurt and if you feel like you know how to stay healthy. There's not a 100% is the time were. Do agree with that. Yeah I mean. Yeah it's a contact sports they get the car crashes you know every single time you take the field multiple times and mean anything can happen. You know I. It's it's. In I missed the whole year with my ACL. You know which was tough to sit out by. You know you learn lessons from that you turn you know approaching a little bit differently and again I spoke to that you know in the book. You know that I wrote about might develop my right arm means. I don't think I could sustain playing it. You know quarterback with my right arm cannot change my routine that I just couldn't brawl. You don't just hurt too much to rubble. And you know that would suck for quarterback you know so I change things I didn't realize what other really worked on my arm of each other you know work and other perks my body. And you know on the able to run able to draw from labor practice in all the time you know be able to. In the room in the resort that's important to you can't make improvements if you're not out there practicing. And can I feel like as I've gotten older I've wanted to stay out there and work with the other players and try to throw it try to. You know keep working on pocket movement in Qatar and obviously never been one ticker brought you know forty. But I try to maintain what I had. You know I think it's just got more efficient and it's worked well and you know I can continue to do those things so. You know my routine certainly works Armenians. You know I certainly have strong feelings about. You know how I prepared it and why would I get off that now I see so many players get injured on a weekly basis. In the NFL and you know I can report to practice every once they would have been so worried you know sort or cable just keep doing what a stupid just. It's funny couldn't make so much sense to me. You know it's it's it's Horford and sometimes I don't know why isn't anyone else get this this is just so simple but you know I guess. If phone support is sort of support me either. You know that there's. They're doing it for so long which is part of our candidates for wolf thirteen years so. The guys in this story they say that you're in your mind. Injuries or failure in your failing if you get injured and then they list all your teammates are. I think there's no quote it's this craw as we ought to. As you can make assumptions or whatever you want and the percent. It was an insinuation in this sort they go through your teammates including elements on the outer darkness at elements injures preventable with insinuate that you almost feel it could be preventable. But those are things that I mean that's I don't think you can prevent certain injuries no but I think it's. Can you you know reduce the chances I think you can reduce the chances and and who knows what level of force and actually takes to get injured. You know you don't know until it happens. You know but once that happens you're injured. Shortly that right I mean like Utley or Gordon Hayward injury I'm guessing you don't think it's preventable. But it probably not a good night I don't know if we could get how do you ever plex study that. You get an impossible standard. You know again like I view the use used by an example that puts you and I kept throwing the football. Without changing their routine I wouldn't injure my shoulder. I wouldn't injure my elbow. Through you know trading at different way. Training my body a different way I realize that I don't have any problems anymore. I just that's that's an easy concept from the somehow that we incorporate and my calves and share some. Cause it might you know might or might shoulders. You know it's. It's it's you know it's worked so well. Injured absolutely they have got injured you know but I look I also feel like I can recover really quickly to based on you know power train. Why not tell why not tell. Stacey when you get that request just just I'm almost curious about this in the ventured to us a few times. Why not tell Stacy you know what I did just tell you spin this off they scrutiny for a couple of years just. Just tell the (%expletive) off war and why do it. Is there a lesson. I think sometimes you know from maybe a little naive to certain things and you know don't realize maybe someone else's thing gorgeous try to go down. In a way that. You know I've always said you know pretty positive then you know I give a lot of people the benefit out. You know that's so I'm just trying to autism disorder do something good just trying to help someone meets someone they ask for something. You know. Does your national and state not to trust ESPN at this point or no we don't think like them. I guess we're pretty trusting person I guess some definitely someone that tries to please I mean there's no doubt about it always try to take a rebel we tried it you know just if there's ever. Conflict I try to step toward him as just the way I am. It's probably more like my mom dad my dad but it you know I got a lot of that from my moments. They say by Brady's logic the injury could not have been a matter of luck there is no luck. And they say. Our troops are dead disappeared that. The logic of that's just completely and I took that assumption. Mean and then they go you know they pick apart your book. Cause he's in I guess you didn't talked to him for long. You're you're ACL could you have I mean I assume you don't think you could have prevented that you feel like you could've. I've done more to come back from a quicker is that here if looking back. Now I mean now that I've got you know it's a helmet from I mean you know when he could not absorb. Demo force that was placed on it and ultimately that's what I believe injuries are. You know there's a contractors. There's a force that exceed what your body can handle. So I thought about injuries rather than wait to get injured which has it's a very traditional in athletics is you go to parties you can. And then once you get injured you now do something about it. My belief is why don't we try to do something about it before we get injured because you do all these things what should be danger to try to get back. You know for sure so if you can start to think about recovery. Before you get injured. You know I believe that the great baseline for what our body is able to do Adams worked so that I know what I brought to play Sunday. You know I can probably take a certain level of force you know my body now to exceed that that play get injured if it doesn't which hopefully it turns out by two. To. Absorb whatever to forcibly take you know that I can get up and you know are still go get treatment Alex after the game. On Monday accusing get back to you know great base and a force or practice on Wednesday. If I hit seven guys won't talk to you. I don't know approaching. You know Tokyo one dollar and I think a lot of hits. You know this year last year year before that you for that you're prevent you from that. You know my body feels pretty good so people just can't feel at this point I feel great I really do a few days off. Are bought excuse my body feels great that you're prepared for the second half of the season which is really what I'm training for a sort of train for the offseason. You know quarterback can't I tickle tackle blocker catch what can I do I can stay in the pocket to make throws that I can tickets. And that's what I try to Trimble Biden make the throws that you can make. You know to have some pocket movement. To deliver the ball where you know velocity and accuracy interest in the pocket and absorbed its. If I can keep doing that then hopefully I can keep played a really high level. Here's some tweets from a an NBC reporters in trying amber he tweeted out on night Halloween. Brady can't three days ago so privately Brady can be treated by bill after 2017. This was a craft decision grappling to make it clear Brady finishes as a patriot. Did you or anybody in your guess where your campus. Feel it should be traded by Belichick after the season. I didn't know who might can't do you losing your camp I don't know public is Jordan's speech in your camp. I don't excel. And sort of put it altogether. And I don't know if you lose is that you care. We were in this care is an attempt to speed this this guy it's Ryan. NBC's a Golf Channel guide any tweets out. Told Brady relation but Belichick is not great and all as loyalty is to mr. craft we talked about this last week is your relation but Belichick. Would you call it great when you call it no different than an what is your relationship right now with the Belichick. I think it's the way to oppose it you know it's it's you know I think he's a great coach and obvious solution local children police force. You know I'd love playing for this team and I think that you know. Trotman you know try to do for a long time but I doubt it for a long time and enjoy doing it in and also can do for a long time. You've had lots of back ups in seventeen years and none of them really is going to be a star. Do you think Jimmy could be the first. I mean it's up to him they try to pay anyone else it's and I you know I've never really made a lot of predictions on players and you know. He has a great opportunity and that's what you cannot force an athlete. You know I think you look it would like Jacoby start this year you know peace. Got a great trouble to opportunities gotten you know Jimmie you can play this last week but you know sure he will at some point. It kept everybody take advantage or you can ask for is an act is an opportunity it. It didn't really prepare themselves for an you know talk to him but I mean you can't. You know make predictions for people were certainly dipping under my control and I don't know I had no idea. But you know we'll see you want to get your opportunity just like everyone else you'll. Their coach always say you know your role is what you make of it. Everyone had a chance to make the best of what they get. You know what gets at different times and I got my opportunity in the second game my second year. You know and try to take advantage of it. You know you never know how many opportunities you're really get that usually the hard drive if you look more opportunities you get. You know that's just the way life is more than investing you and the more they believe that you that you get a lot of operatives SE guys. You know just. For one reason or another there's did you get a lot of opportunities and they never take it. After a few other guys that are maybe decent players that don't get many opportunities. You know I just sometimes the way that sports is. You understand though so belt check it out pretty lengthy answer the press concentrating grapple and he was asked about you he said given your age now. Yes a look at this sort of a year to year things so Euro pay with him if he uses when he's picks. Coming up on a quarterback as a whole bunch of in this draft I mean you understand that's the way the business goes right. And I think everybody here the year in the NFL I mean. Any player any coach. Oh and anything change easier to your if we look bad about the NFL. I mean. Something great and maybe it's gotten. Someone's gone and from there and refereeing these changes have. You know training staff changes. In everything changed and that's all the time so I don't think changes. Out of order if we. With any player coach you know anyone that. Shifting ourselves so they get to be able to adapt and change a little doubt that changed. Usually have the best season. And the most successful season in big change over the course of the season injuries change and you know what situations change in the game and I think so much is adaptability that you'd better be able to adapt. Itself folks are within your control. You know what you bring to the table to be successful. Day after day week after week year after year and it's you know we've seen teams that do so well when they don't do well but lecture me and our team has been so consistent. I think we just. Have always been a great job adapting to cruise fare was situation room and then. It has always looked great from week to week you know that but the alternate articles just to win the game and you know we've got a pretty good job doing that so hopefully we keep going for the second half. Our quarterback question of the week is brought you by north east men's hockey city you haven't read this ESPN's Stuart you've ever read these stories the pro these profiles but for these. TV specials NE SP Ana FL network do you want water reading these books you read any of these things. You know I think I'm here has so little time I mean that I just really don't have. I don't know. What did you read on the beach or in the plane. On your little mini vacation. I have read about the Denver broncos' staff throws tree it. So disparity their defense and try to get back scatter report from my coaches and trying to just soak it all that information. Really. You know derivative but so quickly to a lot less what you years and you know the players well and they're scheme changed little bit but. That's the first rate defense leaks are going to be. It tests and irreplaceable we had a tough time when it and what we're gonna have to go forward when this. I'll talk to next Monday thanks Tom. You know for Tom Brady joins see those each and every week and basically shot down a lot of stuff in the SP and report in this remember recently.