K&C - Tom Brady intends to miss the majority of the Patriots offseason program; Callers choose between Brady and Belichick 4-16-18

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, April 16th

Hour 4: Gerry, Mut and Kirk discussed Jeff Darlington's report that Brady intends to miss the majority of Patriots offseason program.


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He skirt and Callahan. Which Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan plug Sports Radio WEEI. In her way through these are. Your gift might choose worked on my. You go we're doing this work and you know what are we doing this for who doing this or are we doing this. You gotta have answers to those questions and have to be with a lot of conviction. You know when you lose your condition you question doing something else. That's from the offseason doctor Richard but first time you rate that one mile run against Curtis. So Brady talked about that we've we've discussed this forever and we said this becomes a story that Brady wasn't here today no big deal Leeson. Putter. Dubai Dubai do his whole thing now I'm not a big riding camels riding camels going water slides in there just hasn't been. Does your I'm camels so the question was one was going to be an issue well Jeff Darlington. And if a network correct. Yes tweets out. A few minutes ago even after Brady returns from cutter I do not anticipate there will be regular participant the team's offseason program. He planned to spend more time with family and body coach Alex career. Brady did miss parts of pats offseason program and await or 90000 tents not unprecedented now we're going back eight years. And I would say the oh wait one was he was real and I'm one who have been coming off the injury correct correct if so on the cross that one out. And no wait no tents have now been eight years I would say it's essentially impressed and now let's say this a lot of people looking at you situation wondering if the divide it between the the quarterback in the coached both the best ever very real. It is a problem at a waffle at this point in recent actions if true the pilots were just who have when you're out there we just said that was his feet he's not here you can put you can come to go with a reasonable conclusion. What does matter is well now if that matters during the course of the season I have no idea. But he can't tell me between obviously Butler dropped low and below. His comments all this stuff the Brady stuff that documentary did you sell stuff ball being appreciated. We now know this obviously posting. This is real stuff going on here and I don't know what former fashion takes in in terms of wins and losses that I don't know but this is actually happen. Right and and and it'll probably you know be fine. If I won here is I wonder. But we've never heard former player say that things Amendola said. Especially an act of one who's playing in the division. You know this the things he said including calling. No Belichick and able. Were pretty. Provocative I wants and yeah. And and now Brady's going to be gone. And Clark. In this three workouts and you don't picture grunt missing workouts or he's a work out maniac correct and he's. We think still lifting weights I mean I know there was a problem with squads. But even Guerrero went always a TB twelve we've heard that report for truck consulate weights or bans while he's there with Guerrero working yes yes and he's obviously staying in shape. But each seem to have the kind of guy who would go to these things and be a big part of it. We'll throw the sky but he talked pregnant passes it's important to establish a reporter established chemistry who established he's he's ignored he's he's saying am I doing. And that to me and you hear what it who's coming region released publishing more Thomas and when. Is finished here volume Carter is famous was whisked him color that is but his but his famous here it's like he's the easiest family who do I he's going to work out every day he's going. On his own terms on his own schedule Guerrero to do with Guerrero. Yeah that's at least I mean I think the new name Guerrero in that will put by czar says she's also massacre and he's saying hate gay Billy can take or what the team. Likens to work with them I believe him is he's mentioned there for a reason and LC show how does that manifest some wins and losses and about this in in in Jerry's for for world he wants. He wants the patriots to be trade up or get baker mayfield. Is Belichick look at this with Brady and ticket disguise you wanna push back Tom. OK I am gonna go chips all in nominee get a blue chip quarterback Lamar Jackson baker may from a and he got the second round. A pick and act on the first round. We're a speed up you've got he's going to that it's but but but my point was I Brady and other reporters like him yes he did is that representative of the regular season this year which six. Raw not probably probably not this year regular season but if you got the got the first round the expectation would be deeply in and year to know by the way this gives us to this team that want to feel that the Super Bowl no no women all and I donate adult holder. The defense better yet let's. Right now who. Can you routed. Play there. We want to have more easily lost Butler fridge had McLemore Brothers and butler's gone anywhere and Danny Shelton now but not a better defense but on so how does voted him playing as soon as I mean I mean you know I I don't think so I think at best long wait till after the draft. To a pretty good yes I guess because you say you know if that is a corner in the first round he's going to be playing corner. No starting. Right and we don't so we don't know who that guy is my guess is socket these things bother next year there. Would you say I would say so but I'm just excited they're not as good but the not as good Brady's older peels off on in his real device so I think for the I don't think I after the draft to say the defense is. Is good or better. I guess we're going to all the guys. You'll still know so I know I know upon Hillary's I know what you like we've always known he would cheese and cool it was a free and all pro a year ago yes. Well I mean you know I don't who has as good last year again that we miracle stories the company did they got their dig up and I've sharper when she was. But they're knocking be replaced back I'd Iraq again all pro caliber corner this year we'll call on draft. Will crawled work out we've Brady of career yet. So that they'll have their own work outs with the bands. And the parachutes and only have an entitlement never element that's program late last week where he's working out at a I don't settlement won't go to this either. The coaches aren't really involved in this thing if you read about how this thing or not who wrote about this was a bowling ball and yes they wrote about notes the strength guy runs it. Coaches aren't even allowed on the field. At the beginning. Coaches you know I mean who these guys show up and talk to them and they pick tenants and they handed off to the strength coach. The players don't have helmets or balls. Football's right. Check this out this was a tweet will always wondered like Brady's got his own. Guys own call bawdy coach and this is own body coach whose homes whose. Taiwan Matthew video yeah honey badger them to sign with the Houston yet he tweets against the Houston check it out. I need. Massage specialists. Ostrich specialist. Barber made a car wash kind handyman and yoga instructor. This is one know safety one defensive back. Who needs a stretch specialists and yoga instructor. On those cannons and then. If not just the number of anti terrorism went to peoples is he so what happens in this car wash cut competitor I've got to get you for wants or needs all these things immediately you know people's throats and I can do you run. And Brady Brady knows sounds like look Daisuke puzzled. What's that Brady knows what this looks like at Darlington Albee is open question of course it is meant suits continued his message back and forth with the coaching staff wanna screw my guy who speak with the military I will not be disrespected that it's not that hard for Brady a couple of days ago from Brookline to Foxboro cracked easy. He's right he can do that he's not doing a couple of hours some more time this thing could that's very doesn't all the time right that's as far general pointed out Richardson's life. And so clearly he's doing the sentiments of the message Meehan Belichick I've coach analyst reaction will be. That's why this is happening. Yes no question we'll see of Crocs on board by tomorrow I would guess there are 36. Work out days he's allowed to miss three. Instill countless books night presents to 250000. Dollar bonus is that number right and by the way is to. He wants to make a statement. As to give up that 250 grand witness they missed more than three legit he's going to. Now I do and really I don't read it and now slightly negotiated contract out of 11 sale is not the money's the principal on marketing dealing makes things always happen. Good team guy hasn't. He will not be. I think this is legitimate for the first things first time you can see this this tweet from documents in this is time to they reported that his eyes is elementary but you could say you for the first time job leading efficiently and to ultimately lead the word bleeding is good one but it exists at the Smith oh you would say a whiff of this for one aquarius casino where it was as big craft Belichick. Brady mean people aren't out and crafts and had a evidently evidently not much was caught. Right what's not what was gonna be accomplished. You'd have to give Guerrero has office hours workspace might guess that sockets we borrow have to get a seat in the blocking your Belichick number. I'm walking in I'm saying your craft things I'm saying all of that crap and run longer and faster than you could you do it definitely I don't know there Wear sneakers or did you. A walk in and say. Here's Iowa. Every other quarterback in only you want to sock get this how my guy Guerrero who bio the team likes rock at his best season forever with. We like him he's part element of this office here on the trap with me this is my guys I'm forty years old. On the freaking MBP Italy and most important guy in history of the franchise I want that might happen. Eat in alum who want to hear about spell check. I need to compromise. He doesn't get. That prime office space he had. It's going to be down the hall on the court. Now again no I'm the best for him player of all time how much locked Butler to a straight in the eyes out by the way suites to get massage I let him back on the plane and I give an office just not and I say. Don't ever question my guy Cabrera again rail hey bill bill. We commit a lot of crap is committed to Tom you figure out how to make it work for Tom and just can't let me know that's it I just forget about all be okay with that. I guess you think it's unreasonable for him to tell Guerrero stay away from the trainers tried. Is Guerrero ski committed massage replace Curtis agree Oca. Very I don't know but too I think. But two I think Brady at some point for years and years after taking less money. And play along with these guys app is its toll on results in the say I want this guy around all the time. Know that the dog has done I mean and and I I believe by the way bill. We now how's Guerrero in Brady's mind last five procedures would happen is done a lot of money your pocket helped elect yes shut up and dialogue any sand listen. He can extend Crocs cup a career. We get the best time o'clock we need him healthy. Element to those are most important things in the world to Tom Brady. He needs it has anybody but he could really use healthy Clark and healthy and next year and in his mind. He knows how to. Make happen. But you don't what's made Belichick's great hurts appears he's stubborn he hates Guerrero he hates it he stands for it and he will not allow the other stuff in enabling barrels to Mac yeah I don't lasting health and well I can write and I guarantee there are two or three things. Belichick went occurs screwed up these were about this this and you've heard Brady talk what injuries he believes. He found a way to prevent the ice and for the most partisan health so far so good he believes what his money behind as he believed the crawl and or Edelman. Have been hurt. Because they didn't go to Guerrero yet earlier they mocked cattlemen for bench pressing and convert that time I might also think it yet so I think that he if you ever said that. Like Grover blame those injuries. On the trainer or Cabrera. I would consult all checked the chart yeah I was I don't tell my board though support that's an adult professional artists went public option I'm Tom Brady you're playing by my rules sorry is how it works I setting compromise on clue why haven't they yet or could it happen. Right that's that they're out eating and haven't yet an exorcist is the wicker sham story right the Brady documentary as documentary all our rights in January 5 or remarked Margaret two and a half months or whatever it's suitable. There's been no compromise clearly. Brady's not doing this because you want spent more time span means he's doing is because he's pissed off Belichick. And all comments basically I'm sure breed viewed feed into that's conversation at that he's sick of bell what do you think. Fans. British fans. And no no no not now not everybody you can meet her die hard knowledgeable people out there who says I'm big anti leaves a winner amongst of their players he's a coach he's the boss okay but here's I'd say if Brady. Walked away because of which side and to be or Brady just stayed away please the fans one guy has the walkway because this you're taken and you don't great fans hate what should say they don't like. Guerrero. Our other women used to not like Arlen tell you can't compromise announced he had some coffee dole out cookie dough as a Texan is cheapest source confirmed on going there today to get -- tournament hoots. Black and actually Applegate at the correct the critical yes asked in the -- don't do which is good we're reporting yeah good as he gets you on that diet yes that's why I enjoy more try to milk truck for him because it will not like are we. It happened this properly on the diet. Wasn't so you distort what Daniel's story he cheats though he says he's big bulls upon us like it has to be president of the people on the diet can be skiing is pretty. Ambulance weighs a lot leaner that used to be looks like I'm lost five pounds last five pounds with this year laughter you'll think you look that he is a digital I don't I thought hey what people say no I thought he did. He will seem like naked. I think he's since the end of the magazine he's been ninety couple any chance that Brady and cross state it's also go now and we're guarded view that point seven middle you don't they're saying right now by natural and opposite what happens if this thing that. If crafts just look at it Belichick. And wears a head coach. Kraft and Belichick all India reported they quit they're great I guess it. Hold out bigotry Brady is not been pulled out to get traded now Brady's not knows best situation is for them to get along. He knows politics the best coach for him he knows the best chance he has to win. One or two more to be your stay here with the Obama and of the brain is that they noticed one thing it is again you know and the old man normative and you. I talked to just racial reasons. We mountains if you said the Brady right now I believe he's at right now bell check out McCain as head coach I think you define it and he could just that that was finally said that was the choice of you said the best thing from his Belichick country thinks he explained he like most important that I agree that though I grew do you think the best thing is to have right now Guerrero. On lengthening his career is one thing that you should Brady right now -- key point guy for this couple years in the organization -- checkered Guerrero hit the career on the question notice so pick and roll which is well it would yes. Probably over two who's three titles in his eyes understands its front. By 61777979237. We are you guys Jerry that's a good question. Which side are you want in music warts summon him for we topics I managed to the surreal war I Bob Brady silence when I felt emotionally on paper he's such as well to your arms to make it Belichick case you may be taught us the mask click the you could PI mask I was Belichick it's a simple question is real you Brady's side Belichick's I shall I actually want your guys 617779793. Several. That is the million dollar question station let's start with number one. Certainly he did it very clear in his Tom vs Tom documentary told Gotham Chopra the producer of that that. She will be devoting this offseason to family we might out of read a lot into it at the time. But he was very serious about that he's gonna spend more time with them. He also will be working more with his body coach tells Terrero. Very controversial figure in this whole thing because he's not allowed at Gillette Stadium for bill Belichick's rules so now where you want to spend his time working with Guerrero. Certainly there is some lingering frustrations here with the organization. But I would definitely point to number one and number two I've been very clear reasons why bring people. That's Jeff Darlington on earlier with but he espionage yes. It's that there's there's no doubt now Belichick Brady clearly made this decision in line in the sand moment he's saying I'm done right now Belichick with this crap come back next year. But right now I'm not playing these games on student Cindy in its touches. Showing up. You expect the show up in work out if for work outs led by. Sexually Guerrero is rival. The team's strength and god is not believe the team's strength and conditioning guys who running thing mean is I'm Belichick running. A year ago to me at the same philosophical thoughts and prayer was allowed their credit right just now that it's an anti what's the guy's name Austria's Harold Nash. The national theater Cabrera Cabrera is the anti Cabrera admissible Belichick but this is not. This is not about this about him individually. There's about what Belichick is on the two Grier right right piece and right they go to same rights so essentially but if you win did it. He doled going to be significant on Guerrero knows how to do this better in all I'm sure that's what's don't have that really is correct in what he's saying. If smoltz. I mean they're not all school for Glenn Earl gray around the area last year was -- when was he banished middle billionaire yeah yeah things would have been around for years allowed to have saved her around the allowed around an off season programs -- last year can linger I would think so sure I would say yes trees at the facility write their -- -- the practices go back so right now so we don't know what the current state obviously he is right now of how's Guerrero with the patriots organization we have threatened to do we just here Darlington say at the career was not allowed actually not true Steelcase sought troops their luxury box came right back right now hands off participant. Right right it's done to restore were so nothing's changed if you go to TB twelve he could see it like Brady's going to be in Foxborough next couple weeks he told you go to well twelve in my portable and make him. Meet state and kings that extra time working on his backyard and a true in the to brave the elements. Let's go to Stephen Swansea what's up Steve. Yeah the only guy zones the obviously between you know. I between Brady and Belichick. That both kind of pinkish actually got to your credit to them all but we're one. Were you outlook all the world is to teach. You know my big fan you know hey you don't go quite quick duck food and Tony there isn't going that. You know he's just not as relatable as they eat up a man. There's no doubt that Brady's public image in terms related buildings taken hit the last few years is note on the people find him relatable. But I've seen in conflict and nonfiction reader I say this like I said if if preset up walking wake is Belichick's a pain in the ass when I said at an interview. Knew it would take any calls that are pro Belichick at that point. I know they're stuck with with the quarterback did you dedicate Time Warner building hope this bill fund and you know I'm being very eager and Maya five prior employer. It was look at. Moses career Cabrera as a strength coach Darrell Mack I Detroit community in charge of that's wired in charge of the world congress reasons wall you know. Brady is Brady go up as luxury box and get Assange. You could go I don't watch watch the work also work that a lot of anecdotes a lot of well not going to be there. You mean. Some 600 Curtis that is were cast at the same thing as a Curtis debris of this as confusing. So it sets Canada it's it's of it's a strange situation and I thought. By a April the middle of April and talk about the stuff I thought by now whether led to a big fight with some equipment whenever. We have some conclusion that there's a we have this someone's gotta get there you go shank Steve this is. This is bald from just right karma most Cabrera is the strength coach Jim Whelan is the trainer those of Belichick as Cabrera has been a seven years. And according to voice of Brady and Guerrero tried to hijack the training program. But the middle of last season thirty of 53 players were going to. Guerrero yeah. The TV twelve facility of Foxborough. And his methods conflict with the more traditional strength and conditioning methods spas but Cabrera. And this led to conflicts with card 'cause he. Who refused to do squats. On the amazing the Rob Gronkowski the ultimate but you know football right you know muscle had just you know been. Oh why don't you see what's our business owner if if you've never felt better than you have a key claims ever and discuss how united do you know to. I know what to its wants and nobody saying that he I agree but he's saying Q. Rockets don't do this you feel better than yourself be I years but he's always says if it's Cabrera says to squats. Describe to say I refuse to finally he's Decker bus Christie's you've had a nice to have music I really can't. A worker outselling now to saying this this in this town should attract Cabrera Nash and as I'm not intelligent. Crazy but I will say I'd listen I've had some issues not even publicly about some issues decorum pastor friend. But I would say is and by the way I'm so happy I was able to get that to my mom and admirable happy and cured of cancer alive to troops great you never knew the cure was in the cookie dough or having dinner with him tonight. But I would say that if if our Sam Brock from Brady and it's working for me I'm performing great. And listen to Cabrera or her Guerrero puts our football for a reason why Miley is no reason why you go there in the first place if your vote that is to say. If you say you know I need you to. Even given some method of blocking. Or you know any stable that sucker or told to do. We knew if your Belichick was a lie like all I was coach and I got to tell you what to do like I told Jennifer Belichick's side but. You know I get a death the problem is both sides and he makes sense here I mean we always see Brady with the team he's running in those lines with the skip and to carry Okur in the do those things. But if you refused to do them and you got a problem with the coach. You might do additional things over there. With Al experts to have to participate. In the team warm ups say about a great looks that is you know what they're doing in its finest tradition doesn't hurt. So bright he's probably never noticed what is your before we came bradys who want his own stuff to. That's the parachute you get the whole thing yeah these plastics and correct it's gonna Ryan and Denver's Iran. Edit oh yeah on. No good guys. I let you up with that last night that about our operator label it a week but the fight that is just one. They'll fix it bit by championships these championships relatable and they got the multimillionaires let you know when I look at by the generally able. So to buy what they're. He said he says and as relatable as Payton man of this page I guess is promoting beer and pizza and and I don't find either analysts alleged it would take Manning wants to hang out what you but he feels drinks beer you feel the same abrasions three years ago as we got some settings who's a different guy get dads but he's not had tickets my point he's not just sort of strange. Adam York city. I'm saying but really a billion did you get that but there's lots of people you can't relate to can you relate to on move keydets. Now but is helping and zero I used for sale of Brady's got us for our member of the bullet Brazil's usually we set up for sale seems more regular guy yet he's rich regimes that more regular habit so you relate to and what doesn't matter could be with a moment of that's the last I don't care but I understand say Brady and outlook double Gisele people so he's to get parking spot now it's again ladies and get desperate plea deal and fifteen years now for what it's supposed work. Clauses working especially well where can you know disagrees user Belichick. Belichick doesn't think it's workable Belichick might think it's working minutes on enough clear he wants that he's it's working it's working away Belichick just like so if we confirmed that neither of those guys of their today right. Correct. I mean this settlement and today well there's no media availability correctly doesn't like notably Greece where in the parking lot of people lately we've seen before well now believe you'll know of Crocs out there tomorrow so grunt is definitely today. He misses two more days he loses 250000. And it makes it very. Allows statement accident reports of no wrong and no Tom Brady the two most important people on the team. At this event Brady's here every year you spent eight years and she last was there. True eight years and years and it's much much of that time. He had his own philosophy on. Now training his orders 03 years ago as last year just he was already into bands and correct you know one's eating away eats it all laughed and he's still. Felt compelled to shore up correct I'm correct. I am. And not all. All. That's something that I can hear that Curtis on lap you're welcome to. That Greg lewis' view it's a controversial and shortened race on my children went. Proves like it's like a six radio had a excellent rating and a wounds the video is very very we had sex I think cook lost everything you know. It's very hard to do I guess you won that you pew the end nice bit. Still you. You saw this totally bogus QQ that we are away from the cops are. Did run away from Kabul as he was pulled over Putin cops pulled up to ask us about the race or applicable it's listens some nice offices here in dal person has ops of point to answer questions as you can see the next story it's on Drudge. In Cambridge on Friday night I think Harvard. However give us naked. On drugs allegedly. Test zone flailing scream and in the cops you know took him down. And that the mayors like apologizing because they were little rough on. But why is that why there Lesnar apologized. Because they were roughly crazed. Drug addled lunatic who was naked. Attacking them seems reasonable and you're supposed to be more gentle. Well obviously bought today be big story I think it it might try to it good do you think that the cup was a woman to I think that's right Michael was a woman correct. We're here tomorrow morning this breed wrong Belichick can be bigger I think it will be it will be bigger because tomorrow's. A much bigger deal than today confirmation those guys are gonna be there for date to this local story national hit when you watch the Bruce's whose offseason. Conditioning program below the Bruins the Red Sox you have the Celtics on the water was leaking the phone to dial it like break eighty race Brady who can tell me. Guerrero or. Such an attack on January Tom seniority sets him Jeff Darlington times I just talked to Don you know phones so I think yeah a double check with him. I think it was gone. Now. I think those. The C has the name of the definitely has done Arenas I forget nicknamed awesome yeah. Ironically we only ratings for the three games this week and if you wanna hear horror ruined palace on Charles Taylor and rebels say Red Sox journalists. The movies go regular gives the X eight. For the three game separates let's average household rating and an eight the Bruins got a tan and the Celtics on Comcast the defied four point six and AT&T so. They executed the Drudge have and I'm. 100 use any of that. And how much. I mean they guys up next mission they're here right. Particularly if they're here we're back tomorrow what's are scheduled to what we have tomorrow. I just answering up OK excellent report that throwing us. Two seems like guys who were given out. But when we get to a Dickerson here are. When we get to us about the ways it's good Courteney Cox available temperatures. I've back tomorrow morning at six made big guys up next month we'll see you went right Wednesday went back tomorrow. I don't know it you'll have time you'll learn. Number I won't take your.