K&C - Tom Brady is looking ahead to Pittsburgh 12-12-17

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, December 12th

Tom Brady is putting the Miami game behind him.


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Right now is he quarterback and doing the patriots Tom Brady's weekly interview brought you by house lubricate the northeast electoral distributors TCU digital federal credit union what can VC UC view and northeast men's clinic specializing exclusively. In men's sexual health Tom joins he does every week Tom good morning how are you. I'd do aren't as good more yes. What got a lot of sleeping in what is what is the big take away. From last night handing anything specific jump up to this this this effort. Well it was so you know a lot of not a curry black and blue bird didn't wanna play the game we got our own. You know whenever you do that again. You know actually like the dolphins. You know they do some good things cover twice and they got you know good not a secret rush. You know you storm recourse and no one dimensional game and goes. Early because there are you know or play that happens. To send it out now playing him very out of sync and then. Not doing anything on third down nose you know big factor we couldn't stay on the field then and I just heard just a bad night. Here's the other headline from a Yahoo! sports story on the game promises patriots play their worst came along time but it really doesn't matter. In fact it doesn't you know that I mean your your you can focus on Pittsburgh now you'd take your business this week you take care of business. The rest of the season eight it doesn't matter is that. The way you look at can you afford to look at that way. Well I know they all matter in one form or another and you know we've we've got to be. Just cutter while we and I think it's. A claim in my expert obviously played in the late on borrowed quite lacked merit we don't convert well. They're two turnovers. You know first of all the one we don't get it and radicals can come back to relief pitcher so. You know we've got to do a lot better this week in. I'm sure wolf. Really hone in old got a few would be very different than what I eat we will root authority discrete Brett I know. It just a little bit about Pittsburgh and another really good man though there's got to advocate each and so yes I competed and you'd hear. What's what's the what's the thing that frustrates you most we look back on is the third down is that the pick is at the first and goal the ones during the jump so he most he says this is the thing that. That frustrates me the most the morning after. Well our turnovers you know there's the growers and she's just we talk about those. Come ad nauseam and widely. Record relate to winning. More so than any other staff has probably who fought back and then you know we may complete circuit so it's a lot more. Had opened at the end and felt good to see him you know we got a call from baton. And I think we will go. Not so it's certainly a team to team effort out there and and I don't think we've really got it done and in many of the phases. Colonel Kurtz talked about them. It's one game at one loss ever got to dealer who alert tremendous school or work. Obviously guys it'll live by the next man up Credo and it generally works for you but. Is just no next man up for Brock and you wanna Super Bowl without a minority one games without him but he it's he seemed to be sorely missed last night who feel that way do you. You know we'd like they're playing Cohen and I are as I don't know what it is I give Miami a lot of credit cup record really well on a page that did some things. You know well principally that know me who were trying good news victors. You know Ross on my reasons so poor. You know I thought they they they made some really good plays on the ball I thought they were just occurred really well so. You always look at full strength. But what are the cardinals finally it's quite well right now we can't put a lot better record at last trying to go to organize recruit really be with a beer. Did you know anything about eggs Avian Howard going in this game. Little bit you know and Nico played last week in another expert Bert closure. You know currently is that glow an under thrown circle wanna start. You know play a part that we have a huge game and he kind of came out of the book out and actual ball so. Trial or maybe you're further. It wouldn't have a chance could not politically you could really well and it was good young player. You see the and I am with the landry's celebration after the game I got some note mistress pertaining to the era ball to pay attention at all. Are items that. What when you watch I mean did you you study in Pittsburgh on the way home was and how that works. There are some who oppose trying to do because that'll open you have put America obviously I have try to cram everything into that in the today and Eric Leighton here a lot of film review. And you know they go look job. But I will try to make that outlook article put military plan or crucial that. Article apparent excuse article excuse against smoker should move on the road you know as one of the best usually cope. It's not the best so. Well we'll see it's well. We brought them to jump on. When we watch we do see the offense because they're so good we see Antonio brown and and and then obviously and bell and you know and threw for 500 yards the other night it's they have a spectacular. Offense. On defense. Obviously the mission easier and they capable. Of doing what Miami did put the kind of pressure on you the Miami did. Our. There aren't sure that go out will be their design. You know that I'm sure though one on any good defense really tries to focus on. And give it a quarterback and make them uncomfortable and go on the ball earlier than by. So sure that total current eleven they've been talking about this game for a long time and and it's an important April bookings. So. He would gotten and quite a lot better than. In our topic there's. A threatened and no real magic you know formula which is. Execution our planes without basis and epic that's what could take to be derivative of. Obviously don't have a lot of experience some obvious and a lot losing in December. To appoint with with with Belichick and the staff and you guys do you move past this is today's the tomorrow when you move past and start focusing on. The game Sunday in Pittsburgh. You know are pretty much move past it you know. And I got on the plate in on their way to the flight after election only gain an idea of our try to move on so it doesn't feel good obviously. Governor that we can go by Accenture and you. Gotta be able. Now folks on what's next what's ahead and it's Roca team and I don't think we can afford to lose anymore currently thirty. I'm sorry Tuesday morning and you know physically. Or credit. No Kyra right metal you look at your right to vote early and got to get her back and you know goal and air curtain data attributes include. The obviously in the broadcast commit a big deal about the third down in effect of this on third down but also. The wide outs that no our wide receiver who touched the ball or maybe catch until the second half minutes of the thirty. Why can't Philip dorsett I mean you guys made a bit is the first round pick cube mate traded starting NFL quarterback form. Like Kenny get on the field. So was playing quite a bit of you know collapse whatever for five weeks and then you know hoax was back in her night he played. Know a lot so. You know throughout that great trouble and they're so it's just all those guys that and they're ready and there's only so many guys are going to be out there wants to work with your packages and so forth that I think they're putting a lot of compliments and so. You know somebody asked Belichick after the game about the sneak tally gave the answer I would give I believe this but they're there is something or at least a question I guess should be asked why you guys have struggled to the extent you have the Miami his answer was what we happened seven years ago didn't matter last night that's probably true. Do you buy that as well do you think there's something there from when you played down there whether it's the conditions or anything why you're a record there are so different in a record anywhere else. I'm an editor at the question on the anchor for dinner at a if you look back each game individually I think it's probably here to pinpoint why we Wear loosen them. Only kind of make their early. They. You know kind of a sweeping squad goes no reason why don't think they're probably one. I think other than just playing poorly. And I think that actually play down their we have plate quarterly I don't think they would do it. You know Michael and Nat you know. Cisco you know wasn't a great is similar to what happened last night you know we didn't play well in the play offs and you know curveball over read he and into on third down we. He makes it hard you know they balance on offense when he couldn't convert on third down. So we discuss port so no one dimensional thing which I think it happened under quite a bit. And then played from behind against Simon's not a great way to clamp. Things are a much different against Pittsburgh for you and four for Belichick in the papers what what do you like about. On against Pittsburgh we're going to Pittsburgh. Rather tough hard nosed team I mean they'll be ready to go I know that they've they've. You know election there and talk about a prolonged now and it had a couple close games last few weeks and I'll wait to pull out so. You know we got to be ready to play. Sixty minute game and article play really well look and you know and that pot some. Teams that got players lot of players offensively either. I'll accept their release highly ranked effectively a lot of areas so. Saudi director for what you get this current year where remembers who may have. Was any party you mad at two pronged as Dave and cause of longtime teammate as a friend did you say what he's doing a westerly and we need you. That was a pretty dumb thing he did I think he would agree with that. Did you get did you get upset with a Mike as a friend as a brother as a teammate. No look at certain loans. He said what he had to say and I think he knows it was a mistake and you know it's just it's unfortunate them. He learned from it and move on hopefully never happened again I think that's what you take from. You're friends with lots quarterbacks you'll fraternity. Weir's band on that enemy in your in your circle. Obviously he's known a long time the other night I think he's the first guy with 3500 yard games. I mean he's got great weapons but. What is your relationship like put Roethlisberger these days. You know I don't know playing that well. You know really just from playing around in an arc on his career but not really much for personal relationship but it. I think he's just incredible music in an incredible player and current such unique style clay and he's got those guys going to use. You know that offense looks pretty on top so. A lot of work out for a try to figure out ways to slow down. But you know Ben is Ben looks like he's plays good he's ever have and it could be as you've ever had. Our quarterback question that we brought you by north east men's clinic and I know you know he doesn't do any good today but. And your rather obviously a sixty you know every year by kennel Los we've seen this in the past others that. Lost to buffalo on his sees no problem is yours ago or Miami Monday night that potential Beers and joke and a loss like this in the long run. Be good thing he would be teaching moment for for Belichick. Well I think you know you always learn. That the I believe you learn more from losses and wind could hear more critically. Are you more critically at highway where your act what your expectations are and what you need in order a Kaka and so. I think it will look at this on pretty hard it was so that. No locker rooms not very bits here in the plains like almost required are. You know Brit it's also our. It hurt the ability for a learn from in the older and older than dispute could this. I think we've always felt that one law. Shouldn't become too. Who should become pretty Cutler returns in the bad seasons ago. We got to go away to play a lot Carter and like sort of cultural put together requirement could go a lot of urgency and know what our potential often try to prepare good earlier. I tell we'll talk to next week thanks a lot. Okay caretaker Tom Tom Brady joins us he does every week.