K&C - Tom Brady on the Patriots' big win and who he hates in the media

Mut & Callahan
Monday, November 27th
Tom Brady calls following the Patriots week 12 victory over the Miami Dolphins.

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Ayatollah Tom joins as he does every week Todd good morning how are you. Not too bad so I think only to go. I would say that most hits you took all you yes you be my guess unofficially I feel this morning. A little sore today but that's you know Connally years in. You know there's pretty minimal physical game yesterday so. Looks treatment this week can you know through to the next week. I you've had time I assumed to review the game review those hits. We saw Cameron Wake leg would view weeks it Kiko Alonzo for a punch it you we saw sued just level you. Did any of those hits crossed a line in your opinion on. I don't I don't think so and I think it's just very over the course of play it means. You know that that's kind of how they play they play physical they play aggressive and sometimes they get called and sometimes they don't in. You know have to rest call they call it they don't they don't let. I would ever lobbied to wrestle came back to try to get a couple by. We really didn't get yesterday. Did you think that Suh hit it was a penalty. I did see the replay of that. But it is you know he was quote him it is close to it you know real typical also. What could he cut some helmet when and when they catch helmet. That generally for the flag right. Yes I think that was pretty good that was that was further obviously helmet. I. What walk us through the the botched snap to let the touchdown for Miami. Well it was just you know we just heard on the same page which we communicate. So I was just I was covered. Look at the receivers in tone Sutton and I think has thought it was called the case and so. Vicious or those things are equal to turn it. You know just a fluke situation and unfortunately closest point split and hopefully we took we learn from it and it doesn't have to guess. So Ted thought that when you call a play and it was called the cadence. Yet basically you know sometimes you get a little bit loud and it's you know on Seinfeld say it and he maybe not quite sure and you know I can do other things to help you whole league he. You know that from happening to so. You know it's it's you know it's it's. Because of the experience and you know us working together listing on the same page so. You know it's just. But it is there's two there's Beckham's crosses with social they would get on the border Rezko also scheduled to be what I. I what I saw the ball behind these social chased after that you know those guys got their first. If you ever. Worry that T a team like Miami every time you play him at least since who's been there the fans are concerned because. You know he's dirty and the he takes great pleasure and an and they'll inflicting pain on the opponent when you've beaten a team like Miami. Does that focus change to do you feel the change from winning the game to maybe knock you out or maybe knock in as many of your teammates out as they possibly can. I don't think so I'm gonna think they're trying to win in you know it's just the style play it's. You know he's some people playing whistle some people play quote the whistles from people play a little bit beyond that in. And he's a tough player he's he's a very physical player he's always played that way in. You know he gets called for penalties sometimes it's sometimes he doesn't then. I think he's okay with that I think thirteen as far as what that. You know I'm glad we kept our ways it was good you know getting got into with they came yesterday and came to report to get kicked out. You know you just reversed for all of those statements. Are glad we kept our poise you know all day it religion giving giving needles totally. Is that is simple is coaching why you guys seem to keep your poise more often than the other team does it said we sought again a sincere attitude did you see Denver this article very sought to leave and Crabtree yesterday right. Yes to those cores would see. Our own. You know it's. It's very obviously you know it's emotional game and it's very yeah. It was very remorseful in your your fighting in wrestler of all day. And then you know sometimes you just. You know you do lose your Hoosier composure lose your poison just. Kind of cut it loose and you know I haven't seen one like that long time with the Cubans and Michael. But those are both very emotional players and it's just it comes up from target I mean obviously don't really want to see happen but it it's also. There's such a fine line between. You take it utilized in the past it's been. You know tempers flair in. You know. It's just the ticket out of control sometimes I just. I quite sorry I guess my question is do you play with guys obviously who. You know have temper issue play to echo of the woods or crazy I mean there's no doubt but yet we would never see the world would end I think beef before we saw patriot player and one of them was a picture play yesterday doing that the patriots uniform. Why is that what what is ingrained with stuff like that doesn't happen. Well I think coach Belichick actually did a great trouble talking about policy and he says look like this is where. Doubles sort of be like your wouldn't show a lot of plays for him. You know put bitching there will play and it'll show. A lot of finger happened after the whistle and say look like. This is exactly what it's going to be. You know so we can choose to fight back and get a bunch of penalties hurt the team. Or we can keep a poor reason swallow our pride and it looked at it apparently. You know and I think when you go to the game knowing that that's the approach. It's easier to keep reported they still do it you're still pissed off to him we Gregg Jarrett you know you can get. You know penalties and we would be different got personal fouls in the past that. You know I think Nick Price fewer than other teams because your coaches talk about it we talk about the composure and really does come back or her genes which is you know for the parts for the guy that held a lot of animals try to accomplish. You know then. And he had knocked out the game and knocked out a gamer not. You know analyzing your team and and that hurts more than being especially if you're on offense and you get fifteen yard penalty. It's very hard overcome you know first in 25 receptions fortified. The only defense they can overcome his you know they get a first down and he felt when their truck. You know it's is part of the game is so like a hockey word you know he can for the old days before that happens it. You know it's football it's in you get your chancellor next political bridges physical play to just within the rules. I was wonder what you what you think when you see a collision like Trevor Riley had a Mexico. I mean it was they show a bunch of times it was unbelievably. Vicious and violent and I assume Riley they're both in contention protocol. You'll worry about the level of violence I find it silly when I hear someone like Donald Trump says that the ports skirts on them that there. Call you know not let them play anymore they should be played flag football it is as violent and vicious as ever. And the injuries we saw yesterday that it just piling up. Just an overall as a as a fan is an observer as a player do you worry that the level of violence has got so just so much that is. All it's just one war of attrition I mean guys is go down every week in the whoever's left standing in them they win. Yeah it's I agree it's it's a 100% injury in the NFL players and over the course of season their regional players could be injured. At some point in I don't think you know the physical abuse. Going down there I'd like a lot of the changes that have been made. Try to prevent some you know some of those relief. The place where people don't purchases to defend themselves you know which. Those the ones that they've really tried to eliminate from McCain Rudy unnecessary roughness where guys are located in Egypt between them. You know clippers always for the year over the physical reality in. Typical example the most physical teams. You know winning games and within the whistle. You know that fifteen to replace physical low on the ball well regrettable almost 200 gorgeous day. You if you was to hurt there was very close of physical. You know coach Belichick always says is run on the ball stopped that coverage kicks in you know Archie was always got a good job would do that so. You need to play physical there's no way you can turn in you know flex hopeful and that's statue fell for all that. You're right it is. And that's why isowich respect for the guys who shall play and play hard. You know it's a very close or over the course of a long season you know. Definitely geyser didn't say that in. It was a tough say yes today it's definitely. In a big physical contact big physical play against with with big guys. You know a lot of that is very much sport don't change and you know hopefully state they always fight wasted. Take a waste of those places are where guys are defenseless. When they can defend themselves those who works for me when guys are. You know completely defenseless and don't they get hit in places where you know could be career ending her. You know just very very dangerous urging the government to do that. I'm watching I watched just as they do every week you speak after the game and then Belichick speaks to you when you watch go check with the media do you laugh like a lot of us do and we play the cuts have all the time or are you amused by. I don't want to do much you know. No. Should solo laughs its seed its interest to do so with Jerry and I talk about what he's so disciplined in the way he gives you can never immediate no I nothing. Nothing in his in his so you know. Cut drive but it's it's sort of action why that's appraisal break and two but Tom's conversational doesn't with a smile bright Belichick and the object is not. So why did you get nothing less than what we can open. Okay. Went well I mean you when you get annoyed is that when you hit the same question like 34 times as that happened and what do you hate the media is against them. Obviously nominee who would agree. I don't get a military often it's pretty hard to ignore. Is that you have remarkable discipline too because you have to do this that sometimes people trying to annoy you that hope and get a charge you and ballots would you say that you answered you hear questions. Your answers to questions may be different now than it was eventually 1012 years we've learned with experience are now. You know I don't think so it becomes pretty. Not a pretty similar. Registry editor I understand is why do I have a lot of respect for our scene immediately report underwear or just trying to do their job to do the specialty care and some people have been. And more experienced. Edit and others. You know there's learning curves for you were younger people to begin their try to do a great job and you know you try to hear the question and give themselves that they can do it and to move to help with their stories as. You know that's that's what I try to do some. So is your least favorite person in the media minute question and answer it's okay just so he could just say ESPN and generally not yeah. Well Bill Polian he's in the media as sort of a kind of error. I hit my list of players who are helping your whole lot this year don't write this type Birkhead Lewis. Cooks which guy. And you've seen a mall or do they have played elsewhere before they came here which guy it was the most pleasant surprise which goes better than you thought most of better. Does that make sense again. And if. It's hard to compare they play at a police patrols means it is safe for our offense you're called on at different times to make different place. You know reaction to such a great job for us Dion Lewis is looks mean. And look incredible. Yesterday just hit a ball ultimately watching him it explosiveness in the face of this. There were those social predictor. Of how he used car come fourteenth and that everything that we got some he's been up there. Almost every day. Pretty much every day initiatives. And so disciplined in so mature beyond the years. Room. Which is really hurt afford it the receiver position. He's just such a great guy and so counted. You know we've satellite we've worked. All the guys who brought him there just doing a great job I mean there's one I think who would it could place of being terrorists. I know everything isn't perfect. You know it's been better than most teams and I think we still can can do better jumbled and try to do better Troutman. We're dealing with some injuries which you know. There's no excuses just the continuity. I think you always tells them you're more continuity. But we sort of just find ways to write about trying to win games and possible can be big challenger to big win yes there on the road. In order to go there and try to determine to be huge win for us we could beat him. Into. Territory they have to do. I know brought crux that you're not supposed to talk about touchdown celebrations just a yes or no are you involved in any of them because we saw. Speaking Kansas City saw Alex Smith premise Kelsey scored a touchdown. Leagues last on the wanna game and they didn't pretend sack race a race thing that surprised me the most was the quarterback Alex with was involved listen. Can imagine Brady would ever get. Involved and choreographed touchdown celebration. Our program much from the Mets split. Simply change a rule ordinance that would second pit about it so I like. Guitar brought in was well what we're sure you suspect also local strokes I exit. But you know. James Blake has particularly videos isn't. But it's good it's fun for instance to do that so the person but I when I do when you particular seats of which keeps. You see the Eagles bolt whose Eagles wall in right that set us is yes your payroll bowling pins and one got rolled the ball and they went through a red light green light. I was doing was at the the vikings did. You tapper one on the head which it has halted don't tell somebody play hide and seek to guys behind the sum it looks pretty silly. Yeah. Can you assure us that. You guys don't have any of those things planned at least not while when you. Yeah I don't think we we are yet to hear it and we'll talk about it or four you know personal meetings and so forth about it so a Puerto. Our former reserve and other children have been an Arctic. You know I think it's it's odd to me or for the score and also ordered to key dates certain. And yet it in seducing you know some guys enjoy that celebration in addition to its total score and score and just so old they're considered entertainment. And you know which should be a fun game and you know the fans should enjoy it and hopefully with those new rules principle that people are sort of work. One less one for me is in practice do you hand the ball off and a jet sweep. So ever or is it always little flip so that you get the touchdown passes that Europe does it mean you have to put that that you know you're gonna get the touchdown pass. You know sometimes we hear that sometimes you pitch it. I think that pitch you know eliminate some. You know for example if Clinton drops it it incomplete passes. You know it's important not really exchange and the ball very often. So wooden headed off for pitchers have been the result saying that's why you know I really. Don't care much about personal records and things like their case. To be deployed to squirm when you consider him bitten. You know you can do that sort of what your light handed it exploded and it's. You are still favorable for the teams so. That that matters always and distinguished that is in the losses and try to win the game whatever it takes to win a game that's what you do. That you must get a kick out of the easiest touchdown pass of your life that that kind of a play. Yes it is that that's the best that that is easy but it is an easy words too. You know screen pass some girl is going to be using a Google search for who go to roles that were under protection and so. Yet they give its we're just trying to get all of your children. It if it takes separate potato type place and we executed well without a rudder was incredible the blocking all pretty great season. And in. Cookie into the breach of loaded and so it was pretty cool. Our quarterback question that we brought you by north east men's clinic you guys pass the niners nine as you watch growing up. Yes if you're seventy. Winning season in a row and address this in turn sure has in the past. Is well what do you think is is there could that pinpoint one or two reasons for that success. Winning seventeen. Straight years with a winning record NFL would be one of the one or two things. I think it's consistency. In and I think it's consistency in our approach of the consistency in. The expectation is consistency in the execution coaching and we got a lot of continuity with our coaches are a lot of continuity with our system. You know we've had incredible players have confidence. You know I'd have been a part of it. And as saying you know coach Belichick has just provided great leadership. You know be opens be consistent on a daily basis and his expectations are and you know we reduced. Which social and do the right ticket today and that's were cordoned put the team's first and pay attention and you know poor excuse just to give in or your efforts try to make improvements and it is so we could looks better than voters split. It's a long season you know it's sixty games so especially in the sort of give the sixteen games not yet been. You know four games or any gains or even twelve games since. You need to play the whole season and I think. A lot of potential. Of course long cease and it's you know all the discipline and mental toughness and all those things show they're all important at all you know you don't realize those things that we too. You know how mentally tough cure this season's pretty easy to two weeks. But he's visited an easy it was too little bumps and bruises and as a play different positions and you. They injuries at a the schedule in the weather in the distractions and you know how consistent can you be as a player and a dependable convenient. Makes. A figure or sugarcoat what people really buy into particular kinds of course of a great job of it. When you grow up in the forty guys rolling every year when your kid what did you think of the patriots the existing your radar. I didn't really it's always seemed little was I was so far away from. You know Boston's. You know this is doing the patriots like I didn't really know where to pay attention everything yes he had you know you really don't watch him play because he views are different but it. But. You know I just gotta pay an additional forty dollars were they were played so. It's been it's been a lot of sort of obviously been very blessed and very thankful and grateful for. Being here in the support that's been given amoeba. Your team and our failure and so it just been a great experience. All right Tom we'll talk to next week thanks a lot. A particular.