K&C - Tom Brady on the Patriots' secret to success 11-20-17

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, November 20th

Tom Brady joins Kirk and Gerry to discuss the Patriots' impressive win yesterday over the Raiders in Mexico City. Additionally, he talks about how the Patriots have maintained a consistently high level of success during his and Belichick's time with the organization.


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Join us right now as he does every week is Tom Brady. The Brady interviews proxy by house we Decatur northeastward through distributors TCU did you federal credit union working decency view and north east men's clinic. Tom joins he does or do we Tom good morning how are you. Margaret morning or good good so where you you're the trip you're back now. I got it in my track down to our stadium. We got a pretty late did you spend your whole trip home study in Miami though she did. I was trying to get camera and so slept a little bit I'm a client and disturbs me a little bit where I. As most parents note limited dirt you get out. You've got to start the day. Did you feel it did you feel and look or felt discomfort is issues should say as you looked yesterday and it looked like it was about. As well as you've played this offense is played in a long time which is saying a lot to another plainly. Well as a good day. I mean just to at all. Drove the R&B I special teams are part of a larger complementary football and we kind of took advantage of some of their mistakes and offensively we did a good job of all I think one thing we really talked about it but I was. Eliminate a lot of negative plays once or backwards and I think we've really cut down penalties which. I've has kept us on track can relate burden manageable situation and the man. You know we haven't been turned the ball over which is always a bit saying so I think that's. Big reform in the first spoke clearly you know we can do is keep it going through it week to Wheatley you'd never 00. It's just picked. Crazy like that you know one week you could everything goes well actually that goes well we were riveted folks are trying to keep things Caldwell were a decent point. You know without the great Q when yesterday. Didn't really matter that you spent the week in Colorado Springs did you feel like at an event is taken the field. Well I don't. It's hard at stake. You know it. It was sweeter is good record out their air force academy just if you cut down on some of the travel and I see at elevation areas. It was you know some new for all of western experience. And you know I am glad we put it together on Sunday evening opponent has always achieve your face and not you know elevation there. Or they're you know weather conditions of the reps saying and it's always your chords I was glad we've. Really kind of focused on what we needed do to win game as opposed to some external things where there are some. Stuff made of that ultimately what really counts as you know I would draw play. Major actually enjoy. This last week playing in Mexico City all the stuff for is that something that you just have no interest as some you have to do. Oh I I enjoy it you know I think it's a good opportunity Terry. Now that you have different experiences. You know over the course your career in the London twice in Mexico City. I think those are greater cultural experience in general and you know great experiences for our team to travel. There are places label of the outside your comfort Zoller outside your routine and you know we're Wafer I think ten days so. And we are a lot of times kind of be together. You know hopefully that certain slowed down the stretch. I on this trip understood in the numbers as we speak I believe on the trip you're 55 for 71 for 605 yards six touchdowns no picks something. Clicked maybe it doesn't make it's not that simple but it seems like you have never been better in this offense amend the guys around you. Despite all the injuries are on the same page. Am I right is is it all coming together for this offense now. Well it began a two week to week and so I think we're versatile offense and I think were shown we can win at it in a variety different ways. I'm really proud of us when it on the road that's art they view it you know it's been awhile since we lost which you know I can't get it. You know it is just so they're magically happen quick on the road and yet so always stop. And you know we've got to just always find different ways to win I think the game plan or solo victory for yesterday's game plan is very different than what it was against Denver because. You take that they're an opponent that has different strengths in the matchup circuits curtain because I think the versatility of our personnel. You know we're kind of learned how to. Do things. You know more efficiently and I'll hopefully we get some guys out there are quite a few guys out. And you know at some point it be great category out there and you know I have a have a great mix you know receiver tied and running back. Or help your lineup I don't know orchids that point where there would be you know great thing and in the meantime we've just got to keep doing what we're going. I we're talking about this before for a minute or two when you Republican davis' definitive yes or no answer. I feel like. This fall play longer but I don't think I've ever seen a back is good. And looting people catching a lot of back field value and running is Dion Lewis you've played with I mean would you say that young lewis' at least as good. His fault in terms of what you need from a back like that. Well I mean Kevin was the standard you know for this team and he did it of course long career. You and picture well they and so part of compare anybody to air. Because I'll exceptional he was over the course of a locker retirement. I mean that doesn't take anything quickie on that yacht since spectacular bird and whenever he's been and their keys. Couple years ago we first got them you know it was so surprising that we had our street get someone is talent. You know yet thought injury years ago released rehab hard. You know you cannot seek out comparable used right now. You know all of it is audience how each performance so. I mean you were and all ought to make a lot of yards were thrown at Jimmy's making yards he's very elusive. Got great game. And these are great you're on the run game and damaging light. Rex is taken by two ways rentable than playing a great role for us on our team what might jealously and are you doing a great job so. The running back position has been a picture this year. When did he get so good between the tackles. Lewiston me. Yeah well he's. You thought which means we if you remember when he really was kind of our starting back two years ago when he was playing incredible. And then he played really well here and then towards ratio against the Redskins. And you refused ran a pretty good then to use so. Arctic is like any where you're trying to get better over the course sure career and yours try to make improvements and I know we coax a running game art. And you know there's a lot of you know expectation put on that position to make the right on every play. As you gain more experience in your in the system longer mean just gain more confidence. He yacht where a lot of confidence. I have been doing this sorry you've been doing is obvious is that since 2002001. In essence and I think even you recognized nobody's done this at this level for this long. Additionally especially now and it's a league where you know teaching design legally Nate. What are the if you had to pick one reason why you guys you and Belichick is Ron has been so good so consistent for so long what would be. I don't know I'm I don't know Kirk. It's it's just different here a year if they're different genes. I don't think there's any one thing I think it's you know really accumulation of a lot of things. Or packet look let me ask is do you think there are a lot of quarterbacks here in the NFL and in my trying to watch an answer. Who would do this trip flying get in late inning goes the stadium this early the next the next day is it is it something like that means you think a lot of quarterbacks do that. I have no idea I have no idea I mean I know works for me and I know. Urged you know pretty efficient you know what what I do and I feel like you can. Always dig deeper. Into the offense and always dig deeper into the defense network Asia and I think. Really because the continuity of our scheme our coach is. You are sitting in my thing we always you know we have a lot of at our disposal we get back exact. It struck because on an opposing defense because we have a great library or off and we try to bigger matchup again based on personality. There's flexibility with that Carl and he went guys go out and yes at one point and he was awkward and third quarter we it through receiver left. Brandon and and their look either from played on parking last year. You know. And we export side and you know four backs a lot of the offense just kind of more and what it needed could be getting came back in reaching certain things out and about. Boy oh policies in its. You're always going to be challenged at their positions and depth and injuries and so forth different matchup and you gotta have a proper security to be able to you'll win. Moved the ball score points even when you know you may not be you know most ideal situation personnel wise. That changed over the course you know along for months Opel also were coming into the most important time of the year. You know we're really good teams really start to separate themselves and were put ourselves in a decent position by five with six games here come up again. AFC opponent and we have to. Where best football. Do you have a look around and other quarterbacks run lead there but this has some bad quarterback play and wonder. Why don't they do X whatever you do that may give you the edge of why don't more guys do this. You know I don't. Again I thought that I think there's some guys emerged go to. You know at a really high level. And you know our. I always appreciate your order a play I know what I see yet I imagine. Are pretty good understanding of what their quarterback and play it looks like in. I know what that quarterback and play it looks like 20. You know I just I wanted to do my best to try to perky that are best position to win that. You know a lot of decision making had been fortunate to be yet they're aware to a lot of experiences then there are a lot of times where did it wrong. You know I don't wanna do wrong one always you're right I try to play as perfect as I can get out there. I make all the throws and agreed to try to thirteen minute great position to be successful and I think that's what the quarter reg shot. I always think it's like throw underneath them and you the one thing to do better than anyone it's just use the guys underneath for the slaughter tied into the back. Don't take what they give you one more guys just do that. It could be it could be picked a lot of factors it's a lot of factors and it's. But a lot of decisions are quick format again which you played well offer automatic buried Justin speak that they. You know it are seen everything I've made a lot of mistakes over the course of my career and I learn from those mistakes and you know you try not to make the same mistakes and so I'm gonna make a mistake. Hopefully and it's always likening complete. Some. At close to you know fired and their triple coverage. On a play where. You know based on my experience I know like okay this going to be a release. Low or high tide play he got to make plays. Over the course speaking and that kind of mitigate risk. You know which you know there are three got a chance citizen and that. You know that's happened as a few times this year to where we've been behind late in the games and you know you've got to try to edit really. Bake a certain type play where you know like OK there's probably a decent chance that. They're going to be able to make a play on the ball to let you know that's part of playing you know Smart football. Tony Romo said yesterday and by the way he's really really good at his new job. He said that you worked in the off season on one thing more than anything else was not overthrowing deep 'cause people's. And and make sure you didn't you know. Overthrow. In the end it like five minutes after you said you had cooks in stride that you lead the league with 43 passes of fifteen. Yards or more this year which is. Something you got knocked four and younger days. Is that really something you worked on not overthrowing the deep people's. You know I've got obviously. Always. Yours try to work on I mean it not. One particular year I think that's and you know a concerted effort our our offense. You know trying to make more explosive plays and asking him. You know sometimes offensive built differently we actually had some guys that can really get down field so that becomes. You know more emphasis in the wake brand and run away their Chris Hogan runs away that Philip horse that runs it is. You know they're very fat. You know you need to be allergic exit their skills that. And I think our team all ecstatic Gujarat taken. You know we had David weir or. It data and in our short and you know I would say in Brandon Cox in general you know you have a short. You know aside everyone has different role and you know we can get IP I think that's a great place broke all we can't and you got to figure out ways that brought to eat and your current weeks are gonna call for different things based on the you know strengths and weaknesses that'd be bad for plain cute so I don't feel like you know I try to read it out and try to make good or every time. Obviously when your brought all 56 yards down field bigger cheer for the completion goes down. You know but if you hit it at the end. You know periods of the ways in you know you can. Change a lot of your opposition activity as early on the younger they after the and you know every blade of crap on the field. It was article and I ESPN it was Al Hussein they're two guys were the story of a separate version 0% same guys wrote that serve you a few weeks ago or Jerry Jones. And he questioned. Robert Kraft toughness in the handling of the flaky the couple years I know were you comfortable the way he had your back during that whole thing passes away because in this last week. Jerry Jones called that craft out. You know I I'm not gonna I know I'll I. Try to put the bait and rear view there ought. Did you think when you acquired cooks did you wonder why you. New Orleans would give up on did you wonder why Drew Brees didn't want him anymore. I don't know that we're. A whole you know situation with that is. I mean we we've traded player we're really really great players for our team that just wasn't gonna work out for one reason or another and and I think we're just fortunate to get. You know great player like like Brandon. Again we lost great players Q and trade. But it's nice to get a great fighter retreat to and I think brand has really exceeded everyone's expectations really. Accurately played rejected out of Putin's efforts and how it comes to work for especially you just. He's just a great guy he's a great teammate he's just got such high character integrity and the district tried any hat. And they got here he is a there's been a real. Just a great great player great teammate. I saw on Twitter a couple of days ago. If you chapel hills mall you cannot escape any of this somebody took a picture with you tweet it out he said you're coming back from the movies which which movie agency. I saw daddy home to that was called daddy's home it really is that. Yes Mark Wahlberg. Girl Gibson's. I was hopeful there's so on duke. But great act it was so there are. You're what are your wall bird Garrett content to protect one. Yeah yeah it was a good movie Canon. I think well there was pretty great too it. They were users are fighting it he daddy I didn't know what they expect Purdue's. They consult with notes he could did you did you did you solo trip or you go to guys would you go. A couple cheap food court after pretzel bites. At orange Julius it was a late night. There are what we'll talk to next week. I think that schism.