K&C - Tom Brady on the possibility of losing Josh McDaniels 1-3-18

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, January 3rd

Tom Brady called in for his weekly chat with Gerry and Kirk and discussed the possibility of losing his longtime coordinator.  


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Kaye joining us right now by the ways shall kicks off on media hotline is Tom Brady's he does each and every week I'll get your read in the second counts for those of armor how are you this morning. It. So what's your mindset right now is watching. Sports in this one of these pregame shows her appear there were one of them I think was Bill Powers suggesting. You may suffer little arm fatigue after this long. Cease and what is your process during the bye to use coaching did you give her arm rest as it is no different and their bye week. What's the strategy of the next couple weeks. Well it's great because I do you know you wouldn't need to do mentally or physically to get ready. Play your back and there again could we play on her car at night so. I mean different things are different than Colin. Thinking gonna compare certainly. Based on what could go to won't have to let. Hopefully not everyone does what over the World War II. You know be ready to go hurting him here. And what makes seem unusual that a week of practice without knowing who you're playing but you guys do this all the time in his eighth straight year. What the first from buy do you even mention our. Do the does the potential opponents even come up this week or is it just about you guys. It it's mostly about. You know I think although incurred on our you know who were prepared for him and now there's a lot of scenarios so. I think it's just more folk song what we need to do better in what we can do and how we can do better. Now you're evaluate kind of how the news gone over the course you're. You know about specific sample size. The things we've been good act and maybe have been so good. And you know now. Really it's it's it's game to game so you know you have basically seven plays left in the season. And if you do goes well you earn the right sort and other certainly probably go. Whatever we do you know it's. It have to be you know our very best or there's no guarantee beyond that. And I know you won't say you know we you'd like to play but there are three potential opponents I believe you played one of them you play buffalo twice. It would it would be easier fit the four buffalo that advance because you know them so well. You know whoever it is or what have won a playoff games so you know they'll be confident in. Although some sort of a quite awkward. Looking wouldn't quit tobacco of course her extra weeks ago. It'll be good team whoever is buffalo Tennessee or Kansas City and you know they'll fight it out you know it could trust to be able to be sitting here. You know target there the second round so. I don't think we used called a too much and who it is there it's more how we play I think that's how we approach it it's not where we always who we play. You know how we play and you know we. Take care of all we eat you know convert on third down that we score in the red area we. You know stop the run of sweet you know do all things that we talked quite a weekly basis after it will be in good shape. What made around here last couple weeks so vote. You're playing it close up the season obviously numbers were as good as stated 1213 weeks before any reason for that did we do agree with up your play over the last month wasn't as good as the two months before. You know our eyes Mario cart prepared the same way you and he and you know try to block area and place aren't acting and so. You know it's something that Joyce Littel at your current inspection system. I. I entered were lost Tom here on line called back. Let's do. What Tom called back in the second. Yes so what what went what did you your book covers thing. Say good power made it seems that the show was for parents have been suffering from mechanical arm fatigue but Sims and got I think obviously we've seen the numbers of the last five games but I agree with the forget it was one of those guys that he can't count against him it's below zero not everyone looks out of sorts and no one looks good right as any any player he skill position player look good when it's zero degrees now now known Tom joins us now during average stock at times it is it when you look at the game when you look at a game like this past weekend. I mean in the weather like that Joan was sort out the window when you when you're trying. You know. Do you are you applying to take a look at film and I'll. You know I wouldn't it. Wouldn't when you play games like at what you know any element whether it's cold weather knows no ring. Coach always says the opponents. But it's you know for example this past week and it's not. You know the weather so we just need to be able to perform better than the other team. You know it's it's obviously it worked challenging program but he just being out here you know into an anything what it. You know negative would go at it more challenging that you know the goal is to win games so a quarter. You you draw there with practice in the weather. Don't talk about it and talk about things we can do our weapons that we can't do. Just based on the conditions but that's just part of playing the games so. You know I'm glad we handled it better than the other team. Last weekend you know if there's weather in. Couple weekends hopefully we can handle it better than the other teams so that's purple ball here. You know in New England it's different than you know playing in a place where it's going to be that climate control over you know I think we really use that to an advantage. Because we practice and that because we're used to it. You know I think we've had a pretty good record over the years of playing and winning in tough conditions so that just speaks to that mental toughness of the teen and dealing with whatever conditions we have but it's eighty. Hopefully we can use those things as an advantage. They were there was a series. We're Brandon cooks just didn't look like he was on the same page when you Tom and look frustrating for both of you. The miscommunication. Should not should that not be worked out by now this is week seventeen. No I mean it's I think there's things like that you. You'd learn every time he kicked a field wouldn't jewelry and I'd been playing together so long talent played with Wes Welker are but with yup we're into. Our current round for a long time and I you know things come out that if you haven't talked or never come out this article you. Are you guys worked together for a long term there's things that come out there you know you'd. You know maybe you would do look at it differently at the situation can't get all those are positives on on a moment. You know it is folk also it's. That can really ever goes to plan I think that's part of you know plane down in I think we're happy that work you know thirteen or you have you re yeah. You know academic job this year put ourselves in this position but as we move forward we all want one seat each and every Clijsters. Let us a little more liberal with Clinton could cause. Him. You know when you're in a single elimination tournament it. There's a lot of there's a lot at stake firm believer that work or get to this point so. Hopefully we can really narrow down what we're what we're flexible work at it we understand were not as cadet and try to just. You know do our very best excuse there are level. Let me ask you a question you just just intellectually when you see guys walking around before a game like that. On Sunday in my T shirts and shorts some guys were no shirts Bill Belichick who's in the sixties walking around in shorts and T shirt. What what what exactly is going on in the minds of these people doing this it seems like madness to me. Now. That's a pretty hard core and that's that's fit to do that invests in those conditions. And hello colder the base so it's in colts. Furcal we now. And maybe compared for a few minutes play. I don't understand that there were a couple of hours or guys. You know playing with with hardly unique take on that's that's pretty uncorked. I hear Belichick and he knew compared to other bad weather games but the difference to me. Snow can be fun playing in the snow and if you look like him on rain can be fun mud. But that's no fun Nicole had zero salute and others put a different sport everyone looks miserable players coaches refs fans everyone looks miserable when it's below zero. Yeah well it's just it's. There's nothing you can do is no way to get around it right there could be a lot of our of our most memorable. It and now. But we haven't had to get those critical one reader and other critical of the last. I don't know 56 years is that very few snow even though the weather and cold. But maybe you'll get more coming out and crude cracked one this year which was on. You know the freezing cold weather and I think when he gets that negative which killed and we got a lot of data practice. On Thursday it was just we don't have defenses are that would have the codes which obviously a lot in the players. Clayton and we are just and a couple hours to be pretty tough but what they say you're used so little bit. You know but it there's no way to get it out. Are you surprised at all that. Drop Lewis played as well as he has have you seen a lot of movement at all now. I haven't watched any of those giving them really it's there's been a source folks on on our team obviously it. You know present to win we've all heard me that's that's pretty great so I'm really happy for him and you know you did a great job. I was read the story Tom karma story over the weekend house look better this morning. You wrote from the Acropolis drafted 2014. Punctuated by Belichick mentioned Eurasian contract status until the patriots pick up the phone and called the niners there was never a moment Brady didn't view him as a kid and wanted to take his job that you looked at. Barack I don't think about it it will stay inside your armor its article on that site you. Also this team and there's been a lot of players drafted over the years and other quarterback draft it and I'm I don't think that ever taken away from where. No my folks are preparation has been so you know I think everyone on the team that your help us win the more good players out. The better it is for everybody you know. You know that extreme sports so I think yet Tim grace. You know competition. You know that maximizes every once. And really get the best I've ever but he. So that's. That's not have argued it. You've played sixteen games already which is more than you played all last year post season Super Bowl included I believe you missed a few of the beginning of the year has ever called. 35 sacks I don't know if you think that's a lot or little yet won only one game this year we didn't get its act I I know you always. Talk about not being sore and how you take care yourself but you are you feeling. Any unusual way aren't there and will this it will be okay after two weeks off. Yeah our hearts go get it deserves some on some residual guilt over the course gates my physical or server quite so. You know just unhappy if you look I think I saw it before 2008 and oh he's a outlook might be enough or pretty tough mentally physically. Try to argue and beaten you know claim and playing all sixteen weeks I think there's a really positive feeling about that the united. You know I'm happy where election chipping it now what we don't have. They didn't you know extra bumps and bruises the coal we actually matched up so hopefully by next Saturday and I don't feel on most as good as I have all year. That's that's what a welcome. Fills it with passes the last three or four years for in this first bye week. It's interview time for the coordinators Patricia obviously your guy McCain opposes and are going to be interviewing here during the week do you anticipate. McCain is giving you jobs seems like this easy work on that seems like this year more than others and that's inevitable now. I haven't spoke with the dark. Not understand obviously what people you know we have those guys there's. You know at the top of their list. You don't just done an incredible job he's an incredible coach and a great friend. And you know it yet it's that time of year where this is oracle to get their opportunity and a lot of coaches you know got fired and the other guys get tired you wanna take the good ones. And you know we have some great coaches and and Josh has gone to the agriculture miso. In all those things sort themselves out there and you know that's a sure we focus on. Our team what he needs to do to help us winter. When it when it when the time comes. We all know how vital ground is too because you know so when he didn't play a few weeks although he did win the Super Bowl without last year. He played Sunday did you take it. Upon yourself to keep them healthy but not know won't put him in danger thrown to move in the middle as that was a part of the plan just don't know it Crockett. Now I've that was an at all it was just you know some active questioner became you know crock and guitar if I didn't realize so there's something that don't. You know no. You know when you're out there to call from the reports that play clock in the conduct he sent it. You know you're thinking about execution and obviously we're not trying to knock on the all I think. Every time on the ball a positive thing just for one reason or another he just didn't get the looks like he normally get so. You know aren't we we won a game and you know that. Yeah that was a positive let you know York's one interpreted also certainly someone knows there's this critical. Are you surprised it's it's it's kind of wild deeply dislike going and one head coach are you surprised at the consistent turn over each and every year head coaches in league meetings at the 6% on every single year. There are at its partner and I think words. It's a tricky thing in the continuity is such a key to success. I think you know from the pro level. Down to. College level. You know there's there's so much more that now. You know which I guess is really good for the teams that can't keep the continuity I think in a way that's been really great last. I think it's. Our per play your heart for coaches it's you know you have to they're trying to restart every couple years but you know that's it that's ya though. Maybe it's always been like that I know certainly you feel that way now there's oats. What you coaches. You know that kind of common goal but we are great continuity and act infectious. It's been great actually credits I think our coaches. Com you know our players organization for being able to keep everyone together and I think you keep their one other women. And there's a lot of things are going to win and losing games. And not feel like we've noticed. You know we had a great we had a great run on the continuity and grade bulk we recruit you don't. Speaking of head coaches are you ready to give up on coach Harbaugh yeah yeah you can't beat Michigan State he can't beat Ohio State and you are now. The only Big Ten team to lose a bowl game. I'm not Iger might have about a lot of people believed it would not come across one structure that we have been. It is have been able to win that does the bigger gains and this year is actually is whisper but it. You know they'll they'll be back there always there are finally get a good recruiting class and coach Harbaugh Greg Cote. And if you Wear this but Rich Rodriguez is available to him he's got fired a gun fires are. There are as. You know yet validation are machinist and let you know Kurt Carr was the man he's. He'll do a great job. Our quarterback question of the week is brought to you by northeast men's clinic I BJ explain this to me to focuses sometimes I get them sometimes they don't explain to me. These cartoons after the games war who was doing this what is the process behind it is it's a subject of great speculation on the social alligator yes yeah we are all these things yeah. They're there. You know I think there was some of started last year is just you know to have some fun with. You know social media spin and that you know Fontaine it can't be involved in the acting. Just bring a little levity you know some of these games and some of the wins have been on so there are a little different meaning. And we talk about a Meehan the guys that I that I work for themselves. Now hopefully people enjoy it I think there's nothing more than that is if a you know just a fun thing to do and I think people enjoy it. Shall let my mama. I have been revealed what the alligator comment. Not an idea who so mr. Well we let me ask you before you on Twitter and like. Lincoln dummy account and on your name. I've never been in Twitter. Never got any Hewitt and I think I was a little late should take it to that. You know presiding country without some of them honest it was it about Nolan used golf. Doctor sees FaceBook is mostly good. I never really there on Twitter. Were you do and that was set New Year's Day. Country and boast about migration was that. We suggesting that's the hangover cure the TV twelve electric lights. It's helpful elect elect are very hopeful and in. Obviously hydration injured or not you guys not much I care about. In the overtime. Without on over the years yes let. There's nothing there's nothing worse than bad and that's why stop drinking honestly it was it there's nothing worse than bad hangover actually nothing in the world nothing. I think. Yes that's units at yes that this occurred to you about from one they're out late eager too much. I mean everyone has their moments. I think once you have kids it took a lot harder Luke thanks. Our Tom Kentucky next week thanks a lot. That Tom Brady brought you by house lubricate and northeast or for distributors DCU ditto for recruiting and look at these UCU and north Eastman.