K&C - Tom Brady, Quarterback of the New England Patriots 8-15-17

Tom Brady joins Kirk, Gerry, and Mut at the top of the Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon as he details how cancer has affected his family and how his mother is now on the road to recovery from her own battle.


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Nights the Jimmy Fund the radio telephone percent by the RL insurance foundation number 8777381234. That your volatile border text. Take cancer to choose your Q2 to join us right now is Tom Brady interviews brought you by how we've repeater Massachusetts General Hospital. Every day amazing and north east men's public Tom good morning how are you. Harder where you're good morning it's been awhile obviously. This year I guess last year as well this. He's couple of these mean maybe more views than than you would have 2345. Years ago. Yeah you know court heard that they're calling on the date. Or just a great thing that. You know are one who's listening is doing and you know. Cancer is such. You know part of everyone's life unfortunately near ground. You know I hit several one at some point and it's in everyone's family and you know it's great that people are now continuing to create awareness and they're trying to find ways to. Create better solutions and cures. Really help people that are really and so. You know obviously from my mom and and in my family are now a consultant at the Buick and there are. Assistant terrible disease. In America get it will participate today in and we'll open race for money. I collage of surgery are your mom doing right now. She's doing really well thanks for asking she's you know couldn't be any better and better considered never preached conquering. One hour for him he's so happy she's got some really. Another aspect that really positive and you know normal recovered so. We're all very happy with that. Obviously silly if Texas element needed does but you more publicly than anyone else obviously it's. It's a personal thing and everybody knows that when you know your mother's going forward you're going to putter change you Tom and change you when you siblings and and your family did you have to immerse yourself and learn about it and and you know how much do you how much. Optimism do you have at this point. Yeah quite a bit you know I think it's incumbent is absolutely you know. You know my mom going through my. Live right there alongside every step of the way I had I was you know arm on the other coast so I'm there on a daily basis so. You know like I can only offer certain countries support certain ways. I'm from afar. A lot of it was happened during the football season and you know my sisters were there. You know every day you know bring in my moms are her appointment and her treatment and really providing different kind of support care that you need to write that was they're every step of the way it. My mom's friends in my that's friends and never work they just everyone wants to contribute in you know help apparently taking and so. You know it's. You're trying to figure which you can help them win you know from the news individual and you know I I. You know you just do your best you can do it and certainly if you my mom now and come to her I think she probably had a different perspective too and I you know I just. You never go after in this place certainly appreciate all these cases we have and appreciate the moment that we have with each other and eventually we'll have. Try to focus on you know. Prepared surprising training camp last week. You don't anticipate those are great moment in. You know my wife had a little surprise birthday party for me on Saturday in my parents were and I thought they were gone. Sister rather than it was just you know of the moment that you have and you really appreciate them now because we're somewhat popular. Last year this time we could have. Many of those opportunities to do those things so it's just nice to share with them. With the PP cared and loved the most. You know you appreciate talking to you have with a. It is true that's Richard Gaines perspective right ME you gained some level of perspective. Throughout the entire process and you realize that you know dispersants not going to be here forever and you know obviously you loved your mom. Before the diagnosis but he he does change the relationship going forward. Yeah it does because you. You know we're all. Goes well. Being used to don't know what happened that we heard your. Perspective the great thing to have you know Chris you don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow and you're useful bit. And you you can do when your health there's a lot of things. You know our hurt. Nor its greatest positive when we're not help the issue wanted to you do you. And you do take those things for granted you know feeling good and feeling vibrant and waking up doing things you love to do when you can't do those things. When you are what are and you know just someone wrote a flu Irving temperature paid for it later dated. You wake up there and argue you can again so you know aren't so much bigger scale when your sick for a long period of time. It's really challenging and now it's there's change ever wonders who's got what could. Just when you happy healthy worry about a million things when you don't have your health only worth about one thing it kind of focuses every. I can't imagine Tomlin on twos with my father and I can imagine being in 3000 miles away I would be very distracted. It would I don't know that would affect my my job but it probably would. Your mother was going through chemo while you were playing last season while you were going to Super Bowl. Yeah in the armed illicit it was a very well it was a very challenging time performance so. Yeah I mean. You know my mom has been such. You know. Important. Supportive loving caring parent general bomb went down. You know you want to be able to be there for. Heard moments like that and you know. You just do the best you can do from afar obviously with the plane until all the hard to eject and there's a commitment. Fourteen and then you also and are you don't know what that was taking care current. Like I certainly not to support in much better or that one game off season they had been better and those games. No of course be here together. Which was the first time murdered her reporting career. Or was really special when you got Super Bowl really. Socialist celebrate with her and she was ruined the important content to mobile I just. You know I wanted to be there and I want you to get there. And unfortunately we have reduced their it was a really special time for our family such great memories. You know being there together and you know script and it turned out the way it did that just because it really. What kind of her treatments were ending at that point so kind of signified the end of knowledge of these numbers which he had. We're going through our government going through it. You know it was a great way to finish the year. Image you get a couple times that's a good plan though I learned with my parents anyways it. Is that you do in you know you need your some people you can you can believe in you know they're gonna do a good job that you do learn so much about the other people in your life as well when you see them step up. In situations like this. You do you know down. You know we hear very true on my character very everybody you know outrageous. They're they're sort think you know. No my dad was so supportive so loving you know so caring Rick Perry and I just remember faced permanent so often that there would rather not. UC med Centre in and cared for fiscal LaMont treatments and rather we're getting cut off hand right through treatment score they're the ones who knows I'm dealing. None of forms of treatment and chemotherapy and radiation it takes a whole over the course of months and exhausting Trevor but because. Just never fuel and you know what that was making the drive out there and you know placed on hold along with Vermont's like in the my sisters and you know it was great to see how. Everyone really rally together you know to really help. Him out but I can't imagine dealing with their. At a younger age you vote for me I'm. 39 years old look at how I'm going through I mean there are a lot of them where there's teenagers is parents are Kirk. We will you don't quite have maturity to understand the perspective of the situation and imagine. Cultural and that is Rupert you don't unclear Icrc the only requirement so challenging and tough and and I've been an experience where I met a lot of those kids and let those families and I'm. You know hopefully got a supporting them and in every way to care but it's very challenging probably stemmed that you would have. I Garrett. Hopefully we can repeat it should I wait torque and better solutions and cures treatment and Coca people live. You know better lives. We'll talk you mentioned that the kids that are dealing with this we're talking about this earlier. I'm sure like us you're amazed about their strength to be able spit. It did not only the growing up but he's dealing with that at such a young age does that give you strength the way it does to so many people the C. What they are going through and how they fight through this. Yeah I think it's incredibly inspirational. And you know I think we're a lot of ways and we don't meet people families and children that are affected by this. I'm parable the it got to put everything in perspective and whatever your deal with it is in this article. And it's very inspiring. Could meet you know these families and hear their stories and provide them a little bit supporter provide them. A little bit you know smiled war happy moment for crimes where they are really needed it not someone you made to. You know outlook Children's Hospital in that hospital in the city and yeah and you know provide some support on all these Trulia. Special thing that I would console me in my opinion to do that. And we are truly great. Way to keep perspective. Lisa do that a lot. And college you know uncle served him well for their artwork go to mark Children's Hospital. On our off season and I could just. Provide us well for the families when their real immediate. You know obviously it gives you probably. More special feeling and ready to families but I am. It if you know some great memories. I have seen you do use it change you forever changed your perspective a lot of paying him. You know Coke he could try to make some of the really. Challenging things that are going on a little bit more positive just push on from the poor. And I don't know often you've seen in the NFL films are FL network. Version of the super bull with my picked up. But to me I like the whole thing as well highlights that simple but when settlement says this for your mom I'm and hangers in my back my next stand up. How many of your did did you even hear it at that point it was kind of a crazy point in the game but did you. Did you feel that did you feel that energy how many good teammates knew what you go through. Yeah absolutely I mean all of a new. Our own people and coaches that might go to Q and I think it does bring a lot closer together in unique ways because. Our coaches and moms are going through it or not that we talked about it you know maybe they would have had to come racial that person at that time. No that was from the Israel commonality between Cuba and you know players that parents were affected her. You know other teammates who have been affected on several local. And children have been affected by cancer stroke. You know from wafers. You know there a lot of commonality between mobile experience fame and this is one where unfortunately what we can provide a little awkward conversation him. Positive feedback when Julie Julian almost desperate knows everything on the altar and he knows my boot you know my. You know energy levels and offered him creative at that moment it does it strikes me it goes. Never forget that for the rest of my life and provocative capture. You know brings Iraq. Some special memories good river celebrate. Unita leader went through so. You know it just shows the could that individuals are jewels I have one of other. So whatever other may have some support they've shown much I really knew that certain point but I really live their support their love them. You know and I certainly got. I think quarterback question of the week is brought you by north east men's clinic. At some point yeah. When when when you turn forty years old news does all the adulation and in love get embarrassing after while he kind of honestly just sort of the meal owns. You know I'm forty okay thank you wanna go home and that's caked in you know call today. I mean get goats out there people singing and serenading you know it's what you say. This is it'll strong. Yeah I mean I think yeah I mean I've dealt with the arm. I've obviously never have changed ever hear of polish on training you did a little bit. Embarrassing if you I guess in some ways I'm a little. Introverted. So it is whatever I think you have experts say it's a little bit. Very embarrassing or power for them. There and woody did you when you're playing your 55 united. Oh well all over it was never heard disposable that the hype is at the iPod that I am today. In the prior records department. That. It will be nice to you know some days you know just have a nice. Quite perfect but actually. Spectrum you're on practice and beyond due to a so well go over the great big me so I go back light shovel particularly in my face to practice. You know all the Brooke you know stinks so the fact that it's so great on the full book it was pretty cool for me and you know that all of their Camaro was so it was very cool. But to me was you know and other training camp which. It gave a series for what some are really. We have looked at duke for a long term and have to look today so it was pretty cool. One quick football question you've been on eighteen and one teams and human unsuitable champs. As you look around his room in the locker room on the practice field this as good a team. As you've been on at this point August 15 in the middle of August causes as loaded as a team Japan. I think we're mean that it's so lumps or from. Its so far from from. You know those types of things I mean you're talking about. Some incredible teams them. Now that I had the opportunity to BR very lucky to be on him down fifteen or so far from morning to the missile portico. It's really an unfair to set expectations. To me in my mind I insist it's really at you know if. Yeah seriously please you're guaranteed you're going 90 you know this morning. I just think it's you know from our first team I mean we need to be focused on so many other things what. People may think about it as a sickness or so much improvement we need to make and you know I love the guys are playing with this year is a totally different version of the team. That we had a well of course own strengths weaknesses split. You know how the season plays out will be determined. But what happens more forward and you know you're talking about some magical years that we have that may never be duplicated again so you know I don't know that's. It's really unfair to compare him you know to what happened in the past this team is gonna. We'll be able to write her own chapter couple weeks ago one but it could be determined by. The work ethic that we do and the trust that we have from one another in an you know we're still a long race from built back. We're gonna go to over the course a year and that's what we're trucks and that's what we're West Virginia. That's why were. It wrinkle correction in the production crew were trying to get better and we needed and you know hopefully we can be the best version of this team search excel. Are told talked yell you're obviously enough thanks so much for joining us this morning we're so glad to hear that things are going Walter momma taught you soon. Thank you I appreciate you guys have a look America they. Thanks Tom Tom Brady. I joining us he does not all year long to can light up the Argo to report right now 877731234.