K&C - Tom Brady on reaching his 8th Super Bowl; America hates the Patriots 1-22-18

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, January 22nd
Hour 1: Tom Brady was up early after clinching his 8th trip to the Super Bowl and America is sick of the Patriots. 

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Current. Jack read the middle like a missile wall plus some their defense will be really good look at that watch this can be a little bit different. I've been your factor here I'm off. Coffee and instead they want ears all mock raids against them off. Tom Coughlin. Kurt committee ahead I have heard a couple people that Brady he gets pitches on him. Linehan had that exact same reported about 6:20 this morning he had hurt us that super confident he never mentioned again. Graham what are you hearing about Brady and his thumb or got back from mini holidays don't exactly that's what I ask what we don't what insight to seek out pretty notebook. Say the football both well. Callahan and it sounds tired in this area bothered me and me pretty good game so. In the fall that a great job he's talked almost. Apart in the open heart surgery I. There's a million Verizon for the Tiger Woods that I go to C gaming on the turn back check. Fall off a cliff top. Playing Super Bowl. Don't go away. It's Sports Radio W. Thought Sully conflicting emotions watching that. Obviously I've friends and family are patriots fans rooting for them. The same time I'm looking forward point commercial yeah but my perversely. They said on Friday it was it was a sexual feeling. I wanted the war show in America. Dale hauling keys I listened to 977 elections advocates and a big fan all the tweets at us now with all. According game to Michael Jackson to while Richie right brilliant. The worst radio show in America. Radio row for Eagles. Jaguars might dream up something I had in my head. Was Wednesday at 310 dale. Paul you keep even Ronnie Lott at the Mall of America something bigger and lousy game I'm an odd listen it's good I would encourage nuptials and unlike you they would have promoted and you know that would have conferences that I would encourage you. Not to listen to that trip. It did or didn't two just are those who just rich Keefe not to listen to that show in my fans are very loyal and before we get to the game which is not a supported my gripes. Let me just say the and a bogey podcast season three starts on Thursday that podcast drops what I again. To 2 o'clock in the afternoon in heavily promoted throw it. I'll Alyssa Wright is Susan drops. Let's say what's left disable this team on dot dot uncle I quit they'd get big big deal. Brady will play at least 55. You know we just were about we're gonna announce later on today that we are resigning with the patriots are paid its money page it's Friday. On the years that deal for. I'm gonna work for your income for fifty years and years the rest of Tom Brady's career has fifteen years now fifteen year old curtain and hand and we'll bring it every week they'll be then. 82 year old Jerry count and be interviewing Tom Brady about his top graduation you go with your 22 Super Bowl does that feel. Well you know what people are saying now you know. And as a vicious between you and Steve Belichick and head coach at the keynote he and he backed picture that. You know grappled and retired you're nine years it's it's unbelievable and I understand it's not as important. Is not as important. Is it meant I understand some as important as the boy can they weren't down as much as they obviously is they were to Atlanta when you take gronkowski out of the game. We take no admin you throw in the hand you're down ten points against his defense. And if it tumbleweed. Any leads them back to victory and no one is surprised no not that no person at 300 minute you think you're gonna lose a did not I do not enough. I thought two things Tom Brady will make some big throws close throws and Blake portals will not. Eaton never got the sense that portals and the jags offense was gonna move the ball they didn't obviously with the I mean he had decent numbers in the second and didn't probe picked and fumble. But they were playing not to lose as soon as I tell when when it felt like the Jackson subject was would find a way to lose is when they turtle at the end of the half. With fifty whenever there's very unlike most time I laurel was excellent he's aggressive I thought well no then I know I thought he would happen in his mind the hash it due to be aggressive that you can't do that they might lose. But they won't lose by you know just running into the middle of the line hoping. Brady makes mistake I thought they would keep their foot on the gas that did not. I mean I don't portals playing with confidence you tell me you can't get to the thirty got a great field goal kicker. I'll get to forty. And give mission although of aborted said that huge error on third seventy converted and drive him in his Villa and at the end of the first half the turn in the third twelve the cost them. They're rolling at that point in the please go down. The deleting all right did you have a sack fake right page go down the field score it's feeling like at that point it could between 13. And Ellison's 14 January 55 seconds ago two timeouts. At least at least get a start so you need what happens you've you need 25 and you need 35 yards and I don't know that any team team is liked pitchers is quite as aware of how often they called pass interference. Mature than the jaguars have kept up on that because. You need thirty yards you have 562 timeouts take a couple shots. Get a flawless in the good to write down the middle of the 54 yeah he's missed one kick all year. And you don't give him a chance while you might not succeed. But you do send a message you'd team and to your quarterback that we're going for we're not afraid all that. I mean they're neat taken a knee in and leaving the timeouts on the board was embarrassing and it felt like. They would down the stretch play not to lose and they had the pledge not to lose the last three the last three drives three plays nine yards five placed on the two yard three play mines one. The final three and an obvious objective that took a couple shots Gilmore made a great greatly on the once shot but. I mean that they had him in back to me was when you had to do you protect the board of pretty well dropped back take some shots may be get a penalty maybe get a I'm a big completion but she can't say let's just hope Tom Brady makes mistake if that's not going to happen I mean. It was was in the least bit surprising and I think that the which gonna do today what lots of people did. Yes there around he was take pleasure in other people's misery as a rule Sean Freud. Going on now because there are so many people hate the paid to him back to the number of people who already kicked it TB. Who just sick of Brady and sick of Belichick and sick of craft and sick of everything New England by now amenable if we focus on. A Max Kellerman on to Mel hill or whoever a woman as she can smell a couple she's a certain environment for choir director of and I can move. Tribute to write a bug but I don't think there's ever been a team. I effect and no there's never been a team in my life as pages of papers and has no it's not even slightly close. They're they're much more capable teams were because they had bad actors. On the team. But this there's there's nothing there has never been in like this with a whole country's rooting against them and they just keep just keep wearing. Just keep rolling. I can't think of a tipping of the team give I think also is given. Cable TV and social media it's like it's not possible nothing close it's not possible they roll on to their eight Super Bowl. And joining us right now is Tom Brady correct Brady's out. Yes no. Is it okay Tom Brady interviews brought you by house would Decatur. Northeast electrical distributors DCU digital federal credit union book and these UC if you. And northeast men's clinic specializing exclusively immense sexual health pom droids does each and every week on good morning graduation I don't. Are more I guess who else will start for you to the game itself we'll start with Tom's we all heard about we're talking about it. At what point during the week did you think did you think there's every chance. Wednesday Thursday to work a play this game. You know wasn't sure I really wasn't Wednesday it happened and now one thing about it it's that wasn't sure but I. You know just screened her practicing. You know. It did look at their solo bitten and fortunately. You know thirst. And in practice took some time also I think it is a little bit then. Announced incredible. So a lot better on Saturday and then yesterday I was able can't do it easy to do so. It was AM. Yeah I mean everyone. You know everyone deals with injuries so. It's just part of the season part of the year and you know just a timing and where exactly it was was cardinal divesting or a quarterback. Knows what it is. Did it ever get aggravated it took a shot from. Jack at one point and came in full speed nailed it seems like your. Your hand was involved in that or did it adrenalin get you through were you feeling no pain. I think it was it was in the game and on it got better and better and better so I thought about it let's have so I was happy about that I'm home. He insists. It's again not a great place for injured or quarterback. It is you know kind of is what it is certain there won't be a prominent couple weeks or children have to. Thought ten stitches that right. Particulars twelve point. It's consistent good news is brilliant cut and. Yes it's a really good to. It's not say how sorry sound so fluke you know right so you're basically handing off to to Birkhead and practice and it would that helmet just collides with a thumb. You know we just ran into each other in my son just got them back it was in the camaraderie thing to. You know kind of got got them back that's why close a lot works and you know the doctors who have checked we do know that things just kind of check on everything and fortunately there wasn't. You know the damage that normally comes associated with that so I think we're very lucky. You must have been almost hardly a thing given that which you you know how much you prepare whatever he does obviously your business but used specifically. At that point on even the usage of your game on Wednesday night you must be flipping out now and what's your mood how you handle that. I was pretty you know it was pretty stressful and I think I was stressed out that is. And again you know you drive home you get all the stitches in her hand and a place in the its. Yeah you're driving home and I got home and somehow wipes it is and how. Think in. Macedonia are just action practices that you could look so I don't know what's telcos. So you don't you get them out Wednesday and good to go correct. Yeah I think you know somehow open sometimes is synonymous with each and at that point you know again because I was fortunate not to tearing ligaments or. Or anything like you know there was no broken bones and you know that was probably to most. And that was not the best record ever hear based on. You know what we. Which target could be you know we just found out it wasn't. Named. You know and that being yeah. You know a lot of good luck out territory pretty. Unlucky injury it turned out to be a lot of good luck that it wasn't more serious work. You know Kirk entire board pass miss most people knowing our board pessimists but when you're. Ten points down in the fourth quarter I have no doubt on your coming back I have no doubt you're going to be at least in position to win the game. Is that how you feel is that how the guys in the hoe feel like no big deal we're down ten we're home we're gonna win this. And I don't think you know I think there's no coffins and based on you know. The situation and ascending incompetence were a couple things from experience. And then just from knowing that you believe in the guys. I think Archie had experience. You know this year we've been down or down in Houston. Little unfortunate Carolina and came back intact even. But before they went got to keep critical week that we provide in. You just can confidence from being Barton and I think all that's a lot of cocked to one another. And you know so it was brought that was Sudanese or deportable offense. You know that this guy the other guys just rallied and stepped up and do we needed to do make the plays they championship type play that program want. It felt like momentum toward Everett is delicate it totally changed the feeling today in the building much on TV can tell if it just felt different after the third and eighteen play with and dole them what three or four plays later you get and again for the touch out feels like that third eighteen play. Was just enormous. Yeah most of those huge and you know you can Teach for America an immediate from the nature. And knowing you're losing minutes. You know which plays gonna make it's gonna release contains site everything and you know that was one of those please note kind of got sacked him. Backed up and then you won't be animated incredible catch and play in the it all night meeting. Sponsored incredible catches as did the Politico post play great now. You know senate. I thought the line did a great job blocking and disagree char one victory and going that's one of the best fronts. You know we've faced all year. You know we hung in there we battled them. Ultimately came on top. Did when grunt goes what changes I mean obviously you use your best weapon in one of the best players ever play the game leaves it feels like. It's got to be demoralizing but you don't have a guy Dwayne Allen can't like step in and do attempt to do what Prague does Kenny think it down the field. A grown those. Well I think we'll go to they're gonna care. You know size speed sketch for years. I mean he's so clutch. And you know it hurts when he goes out absolutely does and. Could John McCain and uncles are rough. And couldn't advertising interpreting as let's a lot of personal opinion you know there. Coal mine and I let when. And you know it's just there's just a you know one of those one of those games and you know just. So that we can moral. And does so that you cannot open cute cute little outburst. No importance or. Since you last week Jerry disagrees that settlement babies right but I don't think anybody's got morbid past dispute and and Google senior in your career with the around longer but yeah not only so I don't yet as their own laundromat I don't think I mean. The guy's been in big spots unbelievable the touchdown catch yesterday it was incredible to do that did you have to work load at that high was that was that an accurate throw did you did its sale and a little. When I could. Come out. And some ohrnberger he won't improve or harm car Cadillac. Urban political all the hard. Welcome to conclude on these on her look back at the end of sorts and air. There this is just. Never give them because its and so we talk about our throws on the on the back and line no effort each. And I think those guys no wouldn't expect it. And you know the tactic and it wouldn't disclose who works for them to Barack Obama and they can actually that in order to get. So down Homeland Security catch in the late day. You know just left no doubt in people's mind was present credit so he's got incredible thing an incredible quality. Awareness and body control and I'm actually make a lot of great catchers but you know it could have and and you know you really showed everything you know last night. And the punt return was so great plains and that's clutch too good he was thinking you know leave when he went deep amount by two in the they poisoned call that was brought him but how do you have an appreciation come for how much. The rest of America is just heeding this I mean. They used to say Larry Bird that he loved the win but he liked to watch you lose elected beat you more than elect to win I think similar things have been said about tiger. You look to you do you relish the fact that the unit about probably 300 million Americans who were aiding the fact that your going back and on the suitable. Even on the inactive in the head you know as. You'd probably look to you of people living and other people can chances. You know I take this every year has been different in every year there seems to affirm that Rasheed and Gifford and noticed she murdered and the and so. You know people like that emanates. And then you know. That's their prerogative they could do that they want it and you know to make it just over fifteen. Problem. You know this is incredible incredible these women. And you know. Yet whatever people want news file yet matter what they want your serve or against us I know. The stadium last night and literature and plows are currently all excrement consume gluten. Oh. You know I just think about all the simple rallies we left the stadium to recoup about Super Bowl ring YouTube and the kind of support you're welcome him. You know that's that's what we need so it's it's pretty special. You yummy we ask you stuff like this I guess all the time but do you ever step back after the game yesterday I think I am going to claim might be. Super Bowl nobody else has played seven you're gonna play in your eight Super Bowl you go check you know coach caught QB combinations played more than four. Eight Super Bowls and basically sixteen full seasons as starters. Obviously unheard of. Yeah I mean I don't know what to say to that niche. It's it's just been me incredible support during yen. I couldn't do without a lot of support and I got. You know my wife my kids. My waist or purport to Michael or was picture retreat at home. And it just trees you have to think about things. That you think about it work. My family my parents and sister are thrown out of my teammates and coaches. Nothing's achieved obviously didn't this. Work done nothing could ever be achieved from you without ever once. A lot of support so that's kind of reflect on and that's what I'm really grateful and just let them. The best. Of them carrying it. And then it marks and the hooker to let your little girl. It's and back page in New York Post says the worst Super Bowl ever paid to his vs Eagles. Is a New York fans and nightmare. At at a I guess so. So. They made it computer course but we're so that's a group of people in New York edition were well that certainly are actually. I never a mythic a full this is closely as anyone I didn't think about Minnesota being a special place in your heart into that post game interview on the field. But obviously you're a grandfather passed away there correct and and your mother came from somewhere around there. You have them on grove couple hours on. It is kind of a central Minnesota and a small town cult are so. And my grandparents lived there my grandma died of multiple sclerosis you know quite a few years ago. I was in the nursing home and might cripple the former. He's a dairy farmer and a lot of thousand. In any form corn. So every year we go back in the summer and spend weeks and you'll like it took action in the summer right but my third. Margaret so I built the 2000 craft. And no discussion on the farm and it was a great it was a great experience for me was when internal when they occur are always. You know felt a connection in Minnesota and you wouldn't find myself you know might my uncle's here my cousins. We're just back from last year my craft of gasoline at the and it's just it's a great place so. Includes additional factor in last time we played Minnesota or a lot of Stanley. And expenditures and so. It would be a lot of great supporter of Minnesota to. Did you get a chance. Talk to grunt after the game. No I didn't see them in which you received a particular left when I send them met with so. Just in the world again about. And we excuse every year what do you tell all the young guys new guys who haven't played in the Super Bowl and if Stephon Gilmore says you know Tom what's most important thing is as he's ready to pack compared to Minnesota where did. Well it. Hindered acre. And it's like we played all year that's not that connecting to us. Everything around in the build up that whole other low got a commitment to you with those couldn't go to concur. Com our current co director for the current government. Can't be focused and you know you can be and has focused and to be. Because if it could corporations. And me and you can. Suffered on com. You know you gotta you'll ever after Iowa he does that they wreak this first it is. Try to mend our government. Can't cook people who kind of ready to go would go. Alt fuels so can take care of them. In could come come. Home in preparation and then. Google here we want your car. Our Tom we'll talk to you we'll talk to you next week guys you get ready for the Super Bowl and a congratulations again. Our. Tom Brady or truancy doesn't will be joining us next couple years in the in the east as we yeah. We announced a semi new deal to go because Monday impeach it's Friday it did congratulations that the two of them over the weekend when a tree flowers I fought for we don't Braden media sometimes you. Was that last question the quarterback question of the week flowers phones probably better yet quarterback question was excellent that's a phone throughout. Though now on phones matchup we got bats one up. But you know I you know what's left pastor Brady after game like that it's it's you know for a friend the other quarterback or whatever 99% the quarterbacks but the game defines a career right but it's where if you right there on the Brady was to be the fifth or sixth I don't know seven. And then. Question sponsored kept him 544. Quarter and Merck's. In this group 544. Quarter OT come back eleven in the post season. It I mean I'd I may be I'd. You know miss remember but I don't remember certain yesterday down ten in the fourth quarter of that in the Duluth two now. I didn't think there were gonna lose didn't think he wasn't gonna get in position we may be. If there was doubt leaders after the Lewis fumble maybe I am surprised that they didn't make a mistake a big mistake that and talk with the object in Jacksonville Muslims prized Bolden for a pick or fumbles strips that their their big mistake as you said was just conservatism. That was a big eye and you know what I mean I don't wanna make it about the officials unlike the jags who made about the officials they've they've made some dumb moves I. We days bitching about the rest. I just point out I've read this heard this anywhere borne yea interfered with the ineligible receiver if he saw Brandon cooks step out of bounds. What hell is he interfering with them for you can't catch the ball isn't him Specter says he's a good corner really good corner. Good cover guy until last week had given up a touchdown all year. Brand cooks run deep he seasons that boat or a kind of forces him out and they stays with them and interferes right it was a tick tack call but. There's no reason he shouldn't touch and write a anyway you I was Jack should escort and he he was the fumbled the deal Lewis fumble yeah. The he picked it up and ran and they blew the whistle right. That that was a raw deal for the Jackson object as other than that it can't find too much fault with the officials. And like what I usually do on the yeah it was a pretty good overall. Oh but meanwhile Rolen wouldn't you blow the whistle ball is loose enough checks didn't get touched after he took possession got up and was running on the side as and he can fly Indian blockers. That is a touchdown if they don't. Prematurely. Blow that whistle and there was debate as to whether that was a fumble and people were tweeting was amended to be bought the only debate was it's the patriots in the motion that he was that was of control a ball national media is pretty pounce on the right are you saying I'm Greenberg knows why didn't they pounce both Jack and and I understand that blew the whistle and they should have blown the whistle but a common Jackson right now. I'm pissed because that's a touchdown that's not. You know just 51015. Yes that is a touchdown if they don't blow the whistle in my right. Yeah I think so. An American seated a seat and I'm what he's human he's not touching him when he gets possession these jobs he touched them before but he's not touch and when he gets possession. And Jack gets companies rated run and they and that blows so again obviously it does blow the play dead right and Jacksonville's happy they took possession the patriots gave it up. But if he doesn't blow the whistle he's course correct that NC Brady affected by the eight at all and maybe there's a throw them he was unbelievably accurate if you wanna go back and look I mean there may have been through with three froze a that went awry that might have another program Amendola. It was a great catch but it was where Great Britain wanted to. If you compare the two quarterback portals had a good game by his standards and great game. Raised just more accurate is he for just more accurate than anybody I mean those plays over the middle when they get these. These option routes for the guys you can go in a row and sit down like him all the third with thirty teams in its bright room on the map that you in his right it has to be able behind him because with us it's perfect throws an -- and you know what he would he would really good numbers. But they could have been better view edit drop by Cox it would have been 140 yards yeah at least on the field fifty yards out how far runs after the catch you had to drop by wrong. Art in the group hit crowd. The one enemy hands even hands arms out wide to time about that yet. Ends and the injury tough player and a human hands in the usury. True we got smoked elements and elsewhere across as clunky heels on that a lot. Well I'm just saying it was Walton and I'm just saying those were really accurate throws that'll be the story I guess for two weeks but I think they think Robert 'cause he's not playing miserable course not a rhetorical or smoke and it in the next week ago conversation I was surprised he didn't play in the second half he started walking the only that we just watched him again that was right on the money that's tough catch a gut. He didn't say it was a Topeka city hit him on the hands yeah lead up though and meet Roger sent look at it right on the hand gestures to throw as a quarterback. He's gonna make it this way I don't think anybody said. That was a great throw because we're focused on the injury but it was a great throw. A crock Brock was out of it. Totally out of I start and I see them walking up the ramp but he looked better about it is done you can tell them that look in his eyes he has an anomaly on replay that immediate we watch he's in sees it sees America out of bounds and keep portion. It's kinda before he goes out of bounds though it'll why's he pushing personals got no room nights sideline they're making that call thinking before. True probably right but but even think of you guys you know understand there is no room on the silent a Mecca Saudi English you have him boxed out you did in nice job and he keeps portion. And instead of an incomplete pass it's that forty yard penalty right he's in AD I mean it's again as did exactly and what's the ball comes loose and Jack by the does no one here no one touches and no one's run with them that is that is six points right there. It's a great play by him through its receivables not even take possession until Noah has taught at all unreasonable one all the balls come on let's put me away from. Who afoot close but he doesn't get recognized a right if they replayed that like if they had not blown the whistle and they scored the replay that that at times yeah. That's what 27 and that when it would be perfect so right at 2010 point 710 at that point that they cut her new body break into play by play here. Respect the kind of prevent them that the pitchers some unbelievable froze for Brady. It's a well I'm with you grow as a throw I'm with you that foam was not a factor now. And when he got grilled by Jack with sixpence all of the name there. If they could that's the one that knocked those stitches lose so that's the one that aggravates that and and makes it tough and it didn't guess concede just kept. Thrown darts as a great punt return for amendment only wanted to keep doing now just producers behind. Since TED overall this is so bad as well as what that call like doing safe calls and like you know they were from the ball he beat them. They let up you know they did not come as hard as they typically do on a punt team. Yes it was that they were America turn up any room in a little bit not his best while. A Lotta Lotta sun a lot of agility so. The do you prepare for the game. A lot of you know Hewlett Romo can't do. He can't it's will be breezy. Right you sure it's OK I regret that I originally I'm doing now sister excellent I hear video anticipates plays he knows defense is he knows. Every pass routes but. Oh someone told them they'd like the enthusiasm it was like John madness to stabilize its enthusiasm so he's forcing guards and Majoli told the afternoon guys have fun and pretend like each other sort of feels forced I I I think romo's great but you're right it was. Think enthusiasm at times you tell even antelope whimsical. The sound effects shop it's a bat is real enthusiasm the end when Belichick does the clapping. Have you ever seen home I don't know publicly now include hunting always hugging Patricia. Yeah do. I mean that's a happy guy I don't know if that time we catch him lingering sadness. You know took. Was in the locker room later on that night that I can see a little lingering sadness on the outside now art 6177797937. Bunch of stuff to teach obviously. Now the patriots Eagles you're coming up a couple weeks. And obviously the inevitable drama that follows me in the show it was well in him weaker team here. I've been reading this of before commercial I'm so glad of course records and or anglers on his way was it like driving these you know an early funds are lethal gas I don't migrate. You know these. Big bill in my office in the big coffee negligent way about. Who said this in the next week it was suitable why questionable decisions question answers well 61777. 790 threes and short ethical quo. Questions of the day here. That's a good question. With the Eagles for two weeks of Jerry Mitchell stands for two week. Officials is top one penalty in Jacksonville a delay you know what I don't all the knowing when Pallet gracious yes. It was it was an obvious call its patriots. While at the lake it would not have been culled inward Jackson okay what courses where it was and always a split second he was not with record close as it was not that close. I only call was questionable we have Jackson and Jerry was bitching about the wrestler yet the board way that we call was questionable but I I I don't. Blame it it's his fault it's his fault call that comfort I think I'd like Jerry I'd keep pushing them I mean you had him covered you Adam boxed out. He could not made that can't avoid stepping on about why can't so why do you do it why can't that be your tenure apparently. It's a good question of why because then build any time receiver gets by DB they'll tackle. Twenty I was in college I don't an album it's just it's it's it's too punitive. And some teams figured out Brady of course figured out something don't you got to take a shut down the field. Because he they so willing to throw that flag help. You you take a shot down the field if you under throw it you've got a better chance of an interference because the DB's run in with you in the receiver turns around and thrust them back for. Back in appearance automatic. Why don't you do it on to practice it what did you do with fifty seconds left in the half and two timeouts that's a that would be my question who dug Maroney that's average actual fan today no question the refs that call. On jackets beat them also thinking what do I do at the end of the first half of my ponting before the two minute warning what are we doing here. Islanders were beggars. The story doing the obvious internationally it is 98 to ten it's going to be the reps right after the game that was immediately to take away people all across as a lot of sports and yet the regal post games over the stunning because if you watch that game because the rough second think the rest went to roll up her because stick with us. Did you guys carried right jackal touchdown on the Jack you know early on with celery that's a big if I'm Jacksonville I'm losing my mind watching that because that is what you're looking for big break big turnaround that's its culture 27 to ten. If they let Jack run that back in a little digital wreck Patti Brady has that adds that went viral not a good not a good to show you why why is he doing going to have locker room and go home doesn't even know. That everyone's watching the market gradually agreed to and afterwards in the tunnel itself but it would be hard for your compatriots in this wall created the NFL is this massive conspiracy to help the patriots when they've done everything became the screw and ask but but the thought of Jacksonville Super Bowl that Google really for all who again who's on that big ball but poster. Brady's on one side who's on the other side I don't know. I'm going to fold law. Chris Wallace or Fletcher Cox Malcolm Jenkins I mean a full Jai even pulls great yesterday. So I guess it's fool's mean he's a quarterback with a number five and a half. I'll be illegal five and half after after Philadelphia just took a part Minnesota I mean that shows Americans can talk about this for two weeks is being Jacksonville and the best pass defense Minnesota at the best overall defense. And they just form a part always embarrassing on us I mean terrible game it was awful by the time you were dumb of the papers press conference titles already over and over. Missiles were first. Is the death of seven none of them in case can and Chris Long got to keep them for in his with a pick six Chris Long. And that their blunt mall that big day reasonable be there and I can't wake escrow slowing my opinions American hero. The auditors disorders center for justice for this kid you could it be tragic entrenched local during the Super Bowl record dream come true. All right 6177797. That features everything forgets that two was going to be what it's a radio row we're gonna have on me to figure out my flights have an update yet. You'll be fine out those guys are about 5 o'clock polio when you're in a row tricks. Enough alone plan private that would have boys so everybody's yet a scheduled. I'm happy that to this fall's orient toward my mid introduced tremendous here. I still think you should come when Russell I'm not that's done by the way. I can happen kind your book that we're in that 61777. As he always calls me game master. 6177797937. The patriots are going to mr. bubble. It is the moon. 25 Super Bowl. Thirtieth so like that might have been a lot they don't do Roman numerals anymore which is good system yeah Roman numerals to him it's like. It's a metrics Al Thornton yell at Ellison and number Els and a letter over decide yes and so that's that's out. Colonel Roman numerals fifty what 535252. It's 52 that's if they booed Brady two years ago concerts assessed 52. Johnson Ray Lewis less attention to your killer Clay Matthews well it doctor Mathews. Baseball. Baseball's going to be some pitcher than among the canal. Remember sabathia. Sabathia is if the Johnson to go to get short miniature club in Tibetan at. To welcome John and opera Miller recorded outside of the best is excellent. I'm better than this which run with it or not get tomatoes sabathia. What time is Hasselbeck on 75070. X grip. Ten stitches that right. A particular is twelve good. You know it's his sister could do is just really you're correct. Sounds so fluke you know right so you're basically handing out to Birkhead and practice and it would that helmet just collides with a fun. You know we just ran into each other and my son just got them back that's why close a lot works. I think we're very luck. Very light. Yes. Yes. That's the only Brady says that. I like he always says. Just like I'm lucky you know lucky of these team is lucky to have these. Coaches unlucky my Fam tell us why America hates him more if these fake. Anomalies never never house. Like that arrogant moment I was a quarterback question that we brought you by north east men's clinic manager even said you know he's not gonna say. Make things battled through the pain. Right. How bad the injury was and is just one race now sound like tiger whether certain athletes like brightly patterned like you like Paul Pierce who's to make this huge drop artery right Roethlisberger is like that yes you guys to be celebrating not be played. You know it was a regular season games he played maybe not I don't I've I've had stitches slots cent on the month of them has to choose. That's weird twelve lot but you don't hear for the stitches that's true. 1212 a lot and menu the first report to get stitches but we as Hillary out of way that we and on the number. That and and by all accounts was very very bloody. And it was right on the moment to think about it that's probably the worst place it could be I don't think I mean to pinky. Or maybe. The part of the hand wouldn't be so bad it was a concern and when he says on Wednesday was think and you know. The worst of them I believe a glee when you're in that kind of paying your stitched up explaining injury Obama officials helmet what happened. I don't know what got pullbacks who's handing enough to Berkett right yes we are now so how do you I I shout I usually you can mess up with them jammed right. How does the cut I guess some kind of buckle or some kind of my guess that'll that'll search instruct I don't know in the that is bizarre. Not maybe Burke it was a watch. Are you keep those guys is like to be good Rolex who could be. I've played well as communicated. Always one words walks toward got to respect public square and they put over a loss for words watched them board or is why yes and one game yes on what time was there again he just loves watching when maybe it was a it was one of these like I have the measure. Rate now is that she got it back to you could put his locker for an hour so you studied the miles Jack pace watched like three played 33 times an athlete everybody located yesterday. And yet you are right. The only had not seen an angle where Lewis makes any contact with them here's what happens if what if they had blown thing had not blown the whistle is no way you can for the red flag at that called. Know your ears in usually think app and you probably. I think the referees were the officials so confused as such and usual plated run the whistle on instinct. That's efficient do but I think that's I think that's what happened I mean do you saw when you saw Emma dole make the furlough. Do you think it might have been lateral and and you gonna and and moos is gonna throw and yes. I think yes yes yes. I mean I looked at the replay and it's for passing them along as it as someone put that on the press coverage at a better passer rating the Brady right because he went 141 but. Would I pull out you know collateral I was gonna be was at that is good name of dole and some who's going down that site his side weather's weather's cooks or somebody else similar to the played Baltimore with at. I have you ever seen them watched a lot of football games I've never seen it double pass where you. Only throw it one yard forward Ameen strange generally it's like when. Element crude and Wendell I think it's fall air against ball all or in if you throw deep like this you're counting on the defense to react to default yeah so. I've I'm wonder why could went out if you look at him so much it's a pretty good throats there are guys in between right there are I mean bodies there. Generally it's a one time only take a shot on the field. In full the safety Egan you know you with a deep way to get an accurate but the guys are wide open it doesn't matter I've never seen a double pass the goes for your hard they give you two gimmick plays in what five or six players there's a flea flicker with. 0% may get catch. I need to know that is five plays later they are almost to a 62 with six yeah that's true to gimmick plays which worked. Why if you if the jaguars what you know have any gimmick plays why you will you tweak it that's my question I answer when between the end of the game so the people commute to. All I saw. That Pittsburgh game. Was you know in big third force sponsored third six point boards one for first where and and it was there I swear I'll no definitely watched that option where he's got and Romo point of the so in general you think he's got two options in the hands of the four that runs right but he's also got his bailout screen pass. That he could throw which I may be crew once or twice but he never ran I mean that was the one. So two scrambles. For minus two year remember he got one ya know one yeah. And then lost the error one he never ran in earnest with that play because. Format gets the defense to react to not. So you fake the dive to left you run right in he do any brand that's how shall bring a toll deep thoughtful. He ran for 87 yeah that's true all got out what its treatment awful how many times nickname did you see him do that not. I'm announcing its buffalo twenty to help to us every every third. In and it's such a good place such a good runner and he's not a good pass we have all been waiting for on the ball but. His strength is in the running at least the threat to run the a couple of those dives with two pools of four net. And you looked on the other side and said. There's a lot of room there its content and I thought that would just setting an opposite at some point is gonna run for thirty yards. And he never did get sprayed Iran for more yards and portals yes you're an a minus two right. Whichever expect and and why does everyone like they're including Romo. Think it's such a big deal on Brady's sneaks. Eliminated because Thomas and at that point in your tireless I think we're past that that's who we're what if someone please let Manny which actually Nance and enrollment was credits and autism does -- worked as a human I think was the right it is important that this that he was feeling no pain at that point and for all the foreign a talk all week not biased by every deals. Point four carries 76 yards three yards to carry. Didn't even seem like he would send the basics long before team. And that's you've. You win them in the red from one yards pages and 46. Doesn't matter that it just doesn't matter you'd be in the ball awful day Brady will be you. He got a frog gonna take some chances you've got to go for when you have fifty seconds left. And two timeouts that the and a half a great Google bought you hear about this is you know how I won't get asked that because I hate that he didn't need it. What we have played a second boy here before is how Maroney is sort of like the red red all week I was like Belichick I'm only work in for the first half of that game up until then. They pickets on the heels for so they're beating up physically second they were doing things that teams don't do against the U do peek at things against the patriots all the sudden. In the end of the first half with all the time in the world in border is feeling pretty good and what does it what does that say the portals. When Greg had in our locker room and almost had nothing to about oh that's good point. You have in the locker room at once and boy that's a little windier right to rule out overly conservative and he saw filly in the first half of them if you object a few votes different I understand. You can do 55 seconds the two time outs. Corsican 55 seconds portal takes in the and then 332 moral picks in the than the they say those two time to can use next year guests in a row mote rural Ramos said you know Roma said he silicon based he says the only decision to do you can't do anything else think why. Runner playing I don't understand if you drop back and proved me. So what that just hasn't happened Jose Morrissey is passports and it is what can happen you can complete the pass for a thirty yards on the fifth thirtieth you can complete. He got to the that's an appearance or you could OPEC. Right who cares all you care you don't pick the only debris at Walt forty yards on the field nor will it Montel it's a pickets at that point it probably aboard two that they can a lot of the only thing rawness thinking makers I don't trust my quarterback Joseph right. If it's Brady you trying to do something if it's LB sub do what nick folds yesterday. Teams do that that situation but he's saying is we're happy we're winning it could be better. I think this chance portal from Don peck. The fumble and do something with that but you take the chance my point is if you throw a pick there it's at the end of the world is not like about 66 that's what kind of throw forty yards on the field ran a park and we are gonna be stuck where it is that's at one. Time out on that so and so it's the second one's thirty seconds left. The end of that play is twenty seconds left. Who cares if he's given Brady is try to start the honest you look like you're trying in the past you look like you're not afraid I wasn't as a match and this great half Jon mad at the end of the first suitable picketers had it taken you there with a minute 21. If I'm whatever you for your right that Eagles did it it just it I mean it's just the way you have to think it's the message you have to send admiral obviously had a great year integrated he's a good coach. It's a good coach but I wonder if Tom Coughlin when analog commit hounded him and now a couple of scariest. Trying to do you really. Feel it's. I think more the second half kickoff you know they've come down. You know who bit you know we had to make some adjustments going into halftime and wanna make sure we've got that got them on an engine's going and don't forget the ball back. Sounds inspiring I don't trust quarterback at all had no faith in him he's playing great it's so I don't believe I'll run the ball with quarterback when he breaks it for appointment to the heart failure to drive if you have. One play. If you do the first time apron and it works you get twenty yards then you're gone in business if you don't you don't think it's stuff then you could pick anything you say we're done that's not that's died instantly released these trite story it was stupid I'd 617779793. Said Wilbur. The heart when it. He's not been based is that the picture your pain right now that it made it accurate Jackson I've heard they'll make it up gave it actually. They will lose so what what's the play here you can do with your heart you would think with this. That's I don't know how to do that crap I'm not a watery home and I got it I don't believe that yes they're definitely you're so I looked at as I look at it. I think your your factor here I'll call. All the odd Bob Bob 171 hears all and out of. And. It's his age. Donald Trump says he wore her cousin. Energy from what did he say such a rosy talk to them that was so harper from Jacksonville. Seth harper think this is billed as a week from now. 1617. Hours from now model be in the middle of a show. That's right night midnight. Let's get home or much amid political wacky send off at midnight to pick some awesome I don't know some you don't some nocturnal people who really the Art Bell W yeah this he has he has. That is official by the way congratulations that is breaking usually tweet Chris I spoke to Joe's our motto these morning's attack document called him. 0:5 o'clock which I was going to be one of those like argued that the state of something tweeted something. But it is that much is taking a step back a team player. I Drew Bledsoe himself right take a step back and doing the tended to ship out streaming live from radio row it. Excuse or reliever new fury with harvester text you tonight as much. Reid went right back card ye EE did you hear the old Alessio Yasser aspect of Guerrero and Roemer had he was ready. I I think on the I think I'm a little moment played Kramer on my my private jet you have come on your point yes I am he's done throughout numbers were too common your yes and you're not okay. I mean you're invited but her baby so you will not come on my plane right. Doubt we'll come into play as you're okay good with one. With the child's well. Also come on you're playing with one see I don't know I still mad at me disappointed in me you know it's funny is a lot of people ideas whole Lotta people. Said that to me this weekend you have so Jerry you should be. I thought about most of the cane seed pod cast on Friday. And surprisingly can Laird brought up and and I agree with him he should the final hour fatwa. That's AT&T shell correct exposed and Alex are like oh that's sort of explain this I never you never know and you haven't yes I have this twelve seats this three of us went a little items for Hilton's. I wanna talk mobile phone I'm I want to talk about the eagle theater first but anyway I am to say do it my preview and preview that your older so they gonna give ghost looks to nick pulls. Attempted a little effort that he's what I enjoy I wanted the vikings to win I was rooting for the vikings. Like all decent people 'cause. Philadelphia Eagles fans are the worst is very take them. They're just awful human beings they're degenerates they're they're they're they're pigs do a lot of news would and I so I don't want them to win and I want them to be happy but then again. Then again they they can entertain they certainly can. I'll put on a show in if you just waking up that there's a video. That you will see it is gone viral I've tweeted out. I'd I said this yesterday on between the senate for years that the you see these people they Bryant there where Brian Dawkins yours is mostly because he's a bad ass and they wanna be bad ass see see a lot of these number twenty darkened jerseys in these. Roving bands of morons I mean these people don't work and obeyed they just they they look for fights. Elect soccer hooligans are like the worst of the British or the Swedish soccer hooligans the worst. Anyway there's a guy in fact I could draw a fat guy in Brian doctors trying to catch the train. If any is running alongside the train and that's the sound as he's out to combat this the that and you will see it and you will laugh outline his other videos of frequency guide probably dune buggy. Up the rocky steps wesun downtown free market arrest as a cop so yes it greasing the polls this didn't work. It and agrees that's that's good to meet you should do that this is down when his and that's fine let them climb rat hole and let them fall let them die that's what you work at an issue vicinity greased the polls. So they can't clients of these animals can't climb the poles. It didn't work and how they managed to get the grease off but that you saw a bunch of these index climbed on pole on the couple balls that you're drunk enough he can do stuff like that you don't play enough or gutsy more innovative when you dropped but there's video looks like like around the mad Max. So these maniacs in the big fat guy would no shirt the dog head. I mean he's scary there walking around they got no shirts on the dog heads on their throwing for years people oh did you see that the violence fans leaving the stadium office and let it go full cans of beer. And he's like things just happen to be that rude on the team. This is what it's going to be like in Minnesota if your pitches and heading to be prepared if you bringing your child like 1012 years old. They'll spit on them or are they will succeed and witnessed the box next talking now about to hardcore old tiny East Coast sports towns. One is one lot and is pretty comfortable confident the other. Has not won the and they they are animals and they. Go there are the gonna go to Minnesota looking to cause. May actually yes and get ready for if so is the song people very nice. Philadelphia people or not is there any part of view. One that's Brady you feel like maybe you should have lost this game so Eagles right super good question you in his name and finally driving the toward him until maybe that's why through higher maybe me and it's already yeah and a bullet theory. Yeah admirable theory that if you go to Super Bowl and lose which they're not going to do. They pick it know when he got to make it. Non. Interest in the Woodward wanted to. Right it's going to be the famous files team Belichick and judgment and Matt Patricia Ryan Florence and all hugged together the real question was and equip the next day. The question is. What's that blockbuster story to reach going to be I think some reason tried for news we're patient story and more stuff Brady Belichick for it and Belichick talking leaving stuff like that. Yes I think it will be a vote the Eagles who will be. I think. And Eagles yeah. But here here's. My whole week before the game Chris launched in the donated kidney consumption perfect are injured at lot all the viewers compassionate Chris Long right Eagles Obama's you know that's truly got to get the trumpet aggregate Chris Long rates trump in the nude Brady and Belichick who loved it should. Be thrown out secrets about it. It's been will be all of that beginning today it's hates the patient's needs to patriots because blamed on if you're a world you hate to absolutely. Al should not that this is the most hated team ever in. US sports history there's no and even those seconds. I would say race may be years the cowboys were the White House in the me again Michael Irvin and a lot people are perfect like the count to me it was always the raiders but that was a long time ago right. To me the rays were capable of cheap shows us punks. On the paralyzed their hosting the I hated the raiders they had they got all the calls. Right from their different than Wright who would mean from the rooted for the raiders who could forget but. That you're right that was forty years ago. And and they've had. In the sense of success of the of the been down for so longer know MBAs mediocre that's opportunities that if a member of the University of Miami may be whenever that was there on the flammability and I was like one or two years this is so long there's still nothing close. There's nothing close to as the most hated team. In US sports history wiped out all arguments Everett or what ever is they have destroyed this should be a story for bids for. The New England Patriots have destroyed talk radio is no longer debatable is the best quarterback that's over the best player. He's the best quarterback the best player Belichick's best coach this is the best team the guys is in the best run worse most hated team most hated team it's in on the set records that'll never be broken there's nothing compared to there's nothing. The play of votes have you. Being such a baby was still on my private gala that we get back side some thoughts on that I am disappointed in you personally but that's. Unlikely to pass. 61777. 7937. Lots of stuff for the station to this have to figure out do we know we're standing. I this. We have to walk ten feet outside America we have because. There are gonna be nice hotels right there attached to the Mall of America where we can walk to I was there and I had no idea if it did so big have knowledge of hotels are attached to them but they're hatched in the right that's as. Yes there will be some right now you know Jones Obama's. In his office trying to find. A hotel for less than the underdog shows Obama who's going to send rich keep to the Super Bowl the patriots weren't in it. Is concerned about her thoughts as to your money well spent it's unbelievable our power to his next.