K&C - Tom Brady responds to the reports of dysfunction within the Patriots 1-9-18

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, January 9th

Tom Brady shared his thoughts on the state of the Patriots and his relationship with Bill Belichick.  


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Skip to the Brady interviews brought you by house member cater northeast slip through distributors DCU federal official federal credit union. What can these UCU and north east men's clinic specializing exclusively in men's sexual health on joins he does each and every week. Tom are you this morning. What about what happened yesterday and what's going on OK everything all right. I know my wife. And New York. It's it's low blow an idea. Yeah did. You get on the bounce gonna make lunch. Not this warrant on Dartmouth north today so I you know pop patrol today for one. I note from my notes and check out this. What a bit so let's get let's get to that against have you read this ESP story. Our art it's part and if the people. We're losing Tom here let's get back on which you reduce her start. That was good start does he look at these sub parts of it and see if you simply emirate go here's a second. We for Brady here. Chris is talking to them two of the greats Chris Curtis Tom Brady can be really would like hers is public in public view that part time to back up. Hey guys so dope from you so as I was asking him and your response to get to read this ESPN's story. Yes I saw it I didn't recover recover but I thought there were reports that a lot of people out about it so I I. Most of the. Well you I just said Tom before he came on that in your seventy years I don't ever remember. Eighteen made an ex teammate who that multilateral and remember he made an ex teammate who publicly. Dislike or respected you. On this in this story there anonymous but they do mean you have the quote a friend and alleged Tom Brady friend. Who says you've changed they actually accuse you of being upset that you didn't win the patriot of the week award. I know you know you hear positive guy and know you're trying to let the noise bother you here but this past that and announced under your skin to some extent. Well I you know I think that. There's a lot of things that are set you know I well you know I think you can go by her lights and certainly each year would this team you know and try to do you know what I've always started for a long time and then. You know nicotine may work as hard as I can't help keep one hand and then. Because somebody writes something that contradict that and I think it's so everybody that we whatever they want beliefs so. I'm I don't put too much thought into it relational. I feel like I had a great relation my teammates and well. You know if others don't feel like they're great question yeah that one thing back in our tried. You have always started. You know Peter best teammate I can be so. I don't think that's ever really changed my mind. What you can imagine we spent in of them all are stationed all the city spent the last 45 days picking through that's a couple of specifics I wanna get brought Jerry mentioned. In differences were a sham rights Brady is noted to staff which I don't even know what that means a few times this year. The no matter how many game changing throws he makes Belichick hasn't awarded him patriot of the week all year is that what's going on he said that the patriots staff this year. Now I mean things like that again and I can't imagine you know me ever saying that or me talking about that or. You know it's. Hard you get that question. What this picture what is patriot of the week. Goes get out weekly awards and you know a lot of Lamar. You know weekly awards when we win. If they are too great dignity and there's a lot of people that. You know GQ awards and it's pretty. You know just a tribute to guys who practiced well and play well and work hard with the cheap first and really do all the things that you know our our coaches out. Did you not win it this year and did that upset you. No I've are wanted to know what you're tired so. I don't know what I guess that's hard it's a question. As well well really no basis or. It's hard. And I just shake my head. To. And another sorry charger another another. I think the story here is with garage below its he was going to meet with Guerrero he told patriots staffers again patriots staffers. We arrive at TB twelve the door was locked he knocked nobody was there he called the trainers to be tortured is nobody answered he couldn't believe it. And that night and the visiting team trainers instead. So it be that they're paid to get out essentially like Alex and I guess you. It too and allowed properly get treated by TB twelve I'm your response to that. And I mean that I'd never. Again it's at parties and at the questions it's so far from. You know any true that I know or any characterization and my relation would my teammates or. I've never denied anybody anything in regard the QB twelve are always found it very flattering when key dates. You know go to air. Again I I think it speaks just. Someone you know whether it's the writer himself for you know whoever he spoke to what an agenda they may have. You know it takes some type of pitcher that not I coach always says speak for yourself and you know I'll always tried to go by that. You know I. If that I have great relations all that they certainly did we Jimmy I'd love working with Jimmy we had a great time together and I wish or not the book about like always. Just slightly off my teammates and you know. I think that should tell us your. You didn't you weren't celebrating when Jimmie was Trey because this story says humorous yet real bounce in your step you're in the you're liberated similar to scenic specially excited hollering and cajoling with teammates after grapple about traded. Yeah you know that it's so that's I think that's just such. You know poorly. It's just such a work characterization that I've never. In eighteen years ever celebrated when someone's. Been traded. You have been cut. I mean I think that system. You know I would say that's disappointing you know to hear that someone would express or writer would express that. Because it's it's so far from where my beliefs are not my teammates and you know I think I'm very empathetic toward other people's. Experiences I know those situations birdies he had never been traded or released but I can imagine how that might seal. And I would never. You know ever feel that way about. You know when Jimmy got traded one Jacoby got traded after untouchable. All those guys. You know. You know Matt Cassel would garner all these guys that I worked reflect electorate at such good relation all the quarterbacks and our workers are kept in touch with. Basically everybody. Sort of characterize that as a certain way it is you know just completely. Completely wrong. Here's another one so this is this this one I thought Jerry and I thought would would stick out the most humorous way the group's slogan yes this is the one that's eight typically you've missed a lot of practices that writes in the team's private evaluations at the spewing their rights in the team's private evaluations which would be me to believe. He has access. Is indeed slowing showing the slippage of forty year old. If he's contending for a BP. On the fourth quarter play against the chargers for instance pre get a clean pocket they first read open deep possibly for a touchdown that were the ball quickly over the middle Hogan. Went nowhere to run and was hit hard injuring his shoulder he missed all the one game of the rest of the season. Thomas trying to get out quick patriots staffer says as for Jolie has increased. Nervousness has also increased. Questions that pushes its what did you what did you think what is your reaction when you hear that if you haven't rather. Again figure valuations. In the other I I hate seeing that you may get hurt. Certainly on a passed away like that in become Chris is my locker mate I mean he's next to me every day so. Would you believe sorry did you have a notebook. Did you miss an open receiver deep there's a number of people have posted the video of this and to refuted that there was no open receivers that you didn't miss again ID. You remember. I remember that play out and I I try to search Chris you know pretty quick. And I thought you'd be 210 and again I. You know there's a lot of plays over the course the year that I wish you know I made a better player honor. You know I never tried that. You know really I don't think about. You know get rid of the ball quick are all moderate long terror you know I just try to make the best black candidate certainly their place that I don't do a great job on it. You know those who want to marsh try to correct. A more stranded again do the best to you know make the best let camp. I guess my question would be is it. Personal who they would have access or what are these teams private valuations that seems really really vague to me. I'm not sure that you know I think that. I think that's so. A big part of you know what's. What goes on. You know in in you know some of these articles and that's why I never take anything too seriously anymore I think I've been a part of a lot of articles over the years that. You know are just I disagree with their people can write whatever they want to write this is. A free country and I think people you know you can say what you wanna say you're. You know I'm evaluate my culture other people are evaluated on their job. I think it's just part being that my position and I understand there's not. You know. A lot of you know first 31 other cities where people are patriot cantor Tom Brady fans and I know year. Or so a lot of competition with them. You know on media have been a part of that for a long time to show. I think you just got to take the good the bad and it's probably harder on the people that care about me because they're the ones that write me and they greeted by like a lot of people you read that you. What we grew up and which read the paper was the truth and I think you know now you just got you know take everything. You know just a little bit different outside. Is everything you brighter urban told there seen in this story true your mind anything you've seen. Minutes. Sure exactly sure. Our orders only do we said he said he saw some of the stuff in the story we read some of some parts this review may be rhetoric haven't read you heard anything yet that you said OK this is true. I mean again that's that's a tough question and answer I don't. It's it's everyone has different truths in out you know when you talk about the way I see things. The way you guys keep things the way. A writer makes things the way. You know coach Belichick may see things I mean everyone has different truce based on their perspective ever. You know I feel like I might go about my business like I have every year. And again just are alike can speak for myself because that's. I'll I can I don't wanna speak on someone else is after. With their experiences are you know I try to do the best I can do like I always start. I try to support. You know my teammates I try to bring a positive. You know enthusiastic attitude the work every day just that's my nature and that's who I am and I don't think any of those things have changed over the course and she couldn't and they really haven't changed since I got yours so. This Bill Russell on us in on the writers make and stuff up and that could very well be the case somebody is trying to drive a wedge between you and Bill Belichick clearly. This is not a positive portrayal of view it is more. Positive on on on bill but yesterday bills that he is a great relationship we view would you characterize relationship. That weigh on you and bill. Yeah absolutely. And I'm not spoke art I cannot spoke up there's so many times and you know even this last week and I did a show and you know coach coach actually has been such a great coach and mentor and I certainly could never accomplish anything in the sport without. You know every everything that he's taught me you know I've been so lucky to play this teen. Spent so many great coaches here players. Doubt members. You know mister Kraft and Johnson and you know that's such great support here. And I think again to characterize it any differently than how I may say it and again I could say a million times. And it somewhat correct one thing again and it's really a third whoever's listening that want to believe it and maybe they wanna believe it took out. What they wanna believe they wanna believe that things may be differ maybe today. Yeah I don't know maybe they. I can only say. You know I speak for myself. And I are always acted in. And I think you guys know me pretty well. Figure of speech every week for very long time. You know I think you guys can. You'll probably disseminate a lot of information yourself out. Short but I but I would say yet I would say you know. You know between then now this guy ricochet and has written two stories about about you guys really want emote Guerrero one about the whole thing and then hold one a couple months ago on the globe. And then this one we're ricochet him again this sort of ball in on. On Guerrero who writes one player visit TB twelve under with a perceived as pressure in declined to allow Guerrero to massage his legs. It fit in said he asked to keep treatment it was arm out of fear that one occurs to force a muscle treatments as a package recovery Boston sports journal. Reported on another player who stole my teachers trainers do squat but later instructed by her to not do them. Ricochet a right to use Brady would tell teammates bill's answer to everything is to lift more weights did you ever say that the teammates. Know that again. It's not try. That's not how I armada. Well. I'm not a divisive person you know I mean I don't speak about things like that and again I think everyone. Is. We've talked for a long time about how I feel about you know training and my preparation and again people come out to me whether it's my teammates or other guy you know and say hey what are the things that you do. You know what other things that are work for you so I can just can convey that certain message that's how I trainer. How I yeah sleeper. Drinker. You know all those things that. And I just try to give them you know the answer that. You know which area that works for me and it certainly doesn't mean it after work for everybody York. And every player it's up to them. You know you're listened. You know what I'll say use it or not you and it's really it's their career. I'm not that I couldn't care less in our one ever want to. You know experience. Being that I experience and I've gotten older so let's just. Know that's just what I try to convey so men like that I eight. You know cheese burgers and milk shakes you know and slept three hours tonight and then. You know stroke drinks sold all day I mean with that. I wouldn't be very accurate. How I'd let my life so I just try to say what I think works and you know it may not work for everybody that's several consolation. It's that more than that. I guess it's it we look at this just seems like it's human nature work it's my business farm you know my good friend they got father my kids if my coach says to me sits me down and says. You know we're restricting this guy's access here. I think they'll be upset that that that would strike me just basic human nature but I mean was that the case that conversation happen again he writes in this happened between you two. Yeah I mean Arafat a lot of conversation with coach Belichick. This year last year over eighteen years. And down. You know I are marketed to insert nor private conversations I think we talk about things. You know those things are private and I respect that and she's my coach immunities. And he took her coach and I have a lot of respect for the things that he says and thinks and I try to honor those distress again so that's part economic team. And you know I think all the players. Do that especially on our team. I think we have great respect for our coaches not just our head coach Byrd all of our individual coaches and what we've got a great season. And we're sitting here thirteen and three were trying to go play the biggest game of the year. Can't you know our focus. Should be on that that's where it needs to be. You know other people try to take that focus away I understand that that's part of you know professional sports let our task is. Understand where we're where energy needs to react. Try to go out there about you know these are very good football team. That's political this we should be. You know who's. Talking behind your back you know who is up anonymously talk and ESPN and saying these things about you. And about Alex. No I don't let that. You know until someone expresses certain things to me it's. You know I don't. You know I you know I just you know go about my case so. I know how I feel ultimately about. You know a lot of things about you know our team I know. You know how you got are you about Alex in the work we got together. You know I just keep doing what my processes and it worked for a long time so. I don't get into too many of those things. And you know again I I think those things are probably more frustrating for. People that care about me and I'm not the only person that. No articles written about a lot of you know things are written about that. You know. Those individuals Serbia written probably disagree. That's okay that's part of being in sports and I don't take them personally and again. Whether the a writer speaks you know some Warner doesn't speak to someone on the hour. You know I don't I'm not gonna try to predict those things it's just mentally just try to go what do ought to have them here. I'll I'll yerba as upset many treasure betterment an item of a ticket handlers someone who's either. Talking anonymously behind my back or making stuff up I mean I'm would wanna take a flame thrower of the place. But I guess you can't do that. I guess before we let you go Thom you've been on lots of teams once in awhile even a team a good team a favor a heavy favorite that has it had a letdown you know. The famous ravens game the jets came in the past that. Is this does it feel like one of those teams that that that that can't that won't happen that you will not. Now read the clippings and take itself you know too seriously in. And have a letdown. Well I don't say that we cannot update our team has ever read an out and believe the hype I think it's. We feel like we've had squad verdict and we try to do you got all year and I think there's been a lot of hype surround Martina. All season it's been that way for a long time. But I I think there's a reality of playing in these games so that. You know you need to quad meet Ernie this scheme you know titans they haven't gotten here. You know that they certainly earned it and they've beaten a lot of good teams over the courses you don't. Winning Kansas City got a couple placed a player as you guys know that we've had so. I think we respect our own we know there are very dangerous keen. We're ready to play good football you know when he played great football game to win. Can't. You know that's a great challenge for them you played a game because you know you don't know outcomes going to be you don't take anything for granted you worked as hard as you can't. Of course the week to prepare yourself to play in the medical excuse them and get the job done but no one's gonna hit a two arrests and if we win the game and advance it could well earned it and let beat good teams so I'm looking torture you know we're driving him out it to work and and SE we can do this week. I tumble talking nicely thanks so much. Thank you. Talk radio interviews that brought you buy houses in Decatur northeastward through distributors TCU due to a federal credit union what can the CUC you that question by journalists when he's the quarterback question that we brought you by northeast Minsk on the specializing exclusively in men's sexual health.