K&C - Tom Brady on the state of the Patriots; Management is down on Reimer 1-9-18

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, January 9th

Hour 1: Tom Brady called in and shared his perspective on the current state of the Patriots.  Kirk gave Reimer some bad news.


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Its current. And Nick Saban back after warning him of the national best level with the knicks is definitely with Kirk committee ahead. It was reported. He would do at the end of last week and I've got to read the articles blogs that article describes you get serious and demoralized. First are on notre talking about again I've read the article about what that refers to Oklahoma looked like we've been through this before him and I know you wanna report on things that are an actor it and and attributable being a. Appreciate and Gerry Callahan. A prophet and who. Why did you put yourself part of a joint statement even if he had not read the article arrive was informed of some of the things that were in the article. How would you describe your relationship with Robert Kraft and Tom Brady great I was thrown there that would have to do is ship without extra. Close to your attention definitely backward patriot I do so from playing the groups in New England Patriots in 2008 team. Down on Sports Radio telling you. Well I don't know I don't know I had this story is. Baffled me more than any other I think in all my years of chronically missed signs of the sports following them I don't know where I stand they. Vasily minutes minutes seconds to say what one of those choices shoes militants along the open in front of them. Good morning when when I'm currently in have a view Niger Italian hero treatment alongside earnings and a producer is Karla doing effectively uses when he chooses producers. Also on the other side of the how we got a lump me in Nablus mayor here for and they aren't set is due back hurting. Dispatch radio WB yeah. Well I still believe that the Corbett the crux of this is the other stuff that still continues to back and you know as I said yesterday. When if this came with the Red Sox to a few fortunate in the beer. You would have heard Terry Francona on the afternoon shows in the wish we get on fine them I'm going to be in those guys graduate and to be management tonight it rights certain beat writers for short would have been. Thrilled to deny it you know and when that would suggest me Miguel at the pickets how are you definitely Dahlia go from pots cap yeah I was a dad again yesterday I think realizes that Geoff Pollard marking actually how he gets. Added another big outputs and suddenly the imagine that I even. And all these guys but. I don't know is I ask you guys today this morning where are you on the story here's the. I mean is. We've we've you have talked about it you've bass to Brady have as Brady over the years. He's never have been friends of Bill Belichick always just been a working relationship that always. Got along great in oh on the field. In the meetings whatever it is never that they've never been hanging out Nantucket or right on the Kentucky Derby I think they've made their peace using big altogether though last year was that but probably much in the same group Portland. And they were in the same foursome more than one round or something. But they don't play golf together right here on Galveston and that was to compete and enjoy they were there they'd have dinner together I mean no doubt Brady said there had dinner together. Right in Belichick wouldn't wanna eat that crap right. I had a more late I've had more lunches with a bit awkward thing across the street and build on every couple months ago. Right and now they'll go ahead Tom Brady and and I think it is. I think they're being sincere. Belichick isn't Brady when they say. They're fine you know their fine at that word would would be perfectly fine there were some really I don't think so that's that I think that Belichick can't stand Guerrero I don't believe that it he's defined with Brady has Guerrero is he's greedy at this Italy amenable well what would. Constitute a real problem the real rift where you would say. That thing game he'll and that's going to be an issue vandals business partner in the godfathers kids from the sidelines it's then just went thirteen to find you can not like that it just head into best actor in the NF LQ different. But Jerry you know not to do get you do not all the pitches for the Super Bowl and Parcells want to leave I mean these things happen you can and lost. I understand it and lose because you want to leave that was part of it that was absolutely part cannot begin to even those of that strike happens it's do you think two years ago three years ago that Brady and Belichick or bugs don't I think. I think the Guerrero thing. It's just human nature of your brief that your best friend which he says the clothes person's life. But he says in your coach tells them to go pissed off I think than one issue. I don't think it's important issue and it's. Also this at least issued game starts right what's all that matters I guess but the dollar check yes I think favorability perspective telling the earthy matters grapple things have been matters most and it's a. Angel and you read an article by about eight widow and Cleveland plain dealer it's obvious mystery just gets more curious and more curious the circumstances around traits I think X when he I think the most egregious thing. That happened was Belichick only calling one team and not on the browser why not he's not. And not doing the best thing for the team. And some of the story the big expose today is favorable it is a positive look at Belichick in a negative look it is a good job. On top embrace what's your other explanation as to why Belichick did not congress into sensuous it was emotional it was loud and emotional because it wasn't as his choice I'd trade him because that's why I don't see it succeed it's big time job Brady I didn't have big time that's a big concert hit job when it hits and yeah it is it the purpose of the story from me. Anonymous sources perspective is to make Tom Brady look bad make I don't take a piece looked good images I get I thought I hit the much patriots it's on the future of what Belichick is it child on the court which are on craft to some extent to somebody certainly Guerrero. But it's its design and I've never you as you said yesterday and that you were given sit. In in seventeen years Brady's never really had eight teammate bad mile and he's never really had a teammate dislike him publicly. In this or you have a teammates and Toms changed you have a teammate accusing him of Horry whatever source accusing him mcsame Belichick's in the info only wants to lift weights. You have. A guy who is upset that he didn't win paid two week this is the most negative portrait of Tom Brady well that definitely below teammates specifically of course for to bring you the story. All the his friend president nobody's quoted him teammates quoted anonymously. That's friends and friends Gregory's two legal she's opportunity in this for an agreement but sure I can acumen on mats Torres straits Amanda you like with sham and everything but there's even after me out some shaky report the ancillary. He tells them beginning to have quite like the meeting between did Allen Crabbe I ballot check that's been denied a couple times that it drop we'll getting locked at a TV talks are certainly questions appear. That are the mics on let's get to the Brady interviews brought you buy a house member cater northeast slip through distributors DC you'd funeral vigil federal credit union. What can these UCU and north east men's clinic specializing exclusively in men's sexual health on joins he does each and every week. Tom are you this morning. What about what happened yesterday and what's going on OK everything all right. I know my wife. And New York. It is low blow it. They're very ship it didn't get on the bones gonna make lunch. Not this one compartment door today so I you know pop patrol today for one. Our house from what I don't need X are this. What a bit so let's get let's get to and I guess if you read this ESP story. Art it's part and the people. We're losing Tom Tom let's get back on which Richards Chris start. That was good start does he look at these sub parts of its if you see if we hammer you go here's a second. As we for Brady here. Chris is talking to him two of the greats Chris Curtis Tom Brady can be really would like hers is public in public view that our top backup. Hey guys dope from you so as I was asking him and your response to get to read this ESPN's story. Yes that I saw it I didn't recover recover but I thought that the parts that a lot of people out about it so. I. Most of them. Well you I just said Tom before he came on that in your seventy years I don't ever remember. Eighteen made an ex teammate who bad mouth you I don't remember he made an ex teammate who publicly. Dislike him I respected you. That in this story there anonymous but they do mean you have the quote a friend and alleged Tom Brady friend. Who says you've changed they actually accuse you of being upset that you didn't win the PT of the week award. I know you know you you're positive guy I know you try not to let the noise bother you here but this past that and announced under your skin to some extent. Well I you know I think that. There's a lot of things that are said you know. Well you know I think you can go about your lights and certainly here would this team you know and try to do you know what I've always done for a long time and end. I'm you know the Iguchi maiden worked as hard as I can't help team win and then. Because somebody writes something that contradict that and I think it's so everybody that we whatever they want to believe so. I'm I don't put too much thought into it relational. I feel like I have a great relation my teammates and well. You know if others don't feel like they're great question you don't want staying back in our tried. You have always started as you know due to ST yeah I can be so. I don't think that's ever really changed my mind. What you can imagine who spent you know the bulk are stationed all the city spent the last 45 days picking through it that's a couple of specifics I wanna get brought Jerry mentioned. In differences were a sham right Brady is noted to staff which I don't even know what that means a few times this year. The no matter how many game changing throws he makes Belichick hasn't awarded him patriot of the week all year is that what's going on he said that the patriots staff this year. Now I mean big plate that again and I can't imagine you know me ever saying that or me talking about that or. You know it's. Hard you get that question. What this picture what is patriot of the week. Coach give out weekly awards and you know a lot of Lamar. You know weekly awards when we win. If they it's a great dignity dozen. There's a lot of people. You know geeky awards and its city. You know just attribute to guys who practiced well and play well and or hard to achieve first and really do all the things that you know our our coaches ask. Did you not win it this year and did that upset you. No I've I wanted to know where you are so. I don't like I guess that's hard it's a question. Alone won't really know basis or. It's part. Of an audition like that. It. And another sorry charger another another. I think the story here is with garage below its sad he was going to meet with Guerrero he told patriots staffers against hatred staffers. We arrive at TB twelve the door was locked he knocked nobody was there he called the trainers to be tortured is nobody answered I couldn't believe it. And that night and the Byzantine trainers instead. So it did that they're paid to get out essentially like Alex and I guess you. It too and allowed properly get treated by TB twelve I'm your response to that. Again I mean that I'd never. Again it's at parties and at some questions it's so far from. You know any true that I know or any characterization. And our relations would my teammates or. I've never denied anybody anything in regard the QB twelve are always found it very flattering amputate. You know go there. Again I. I think this speaks just. Someone you know whether it's the writer himself for you know whoever he spoke to what an agenda they may have. You know it takes some type of pitcher that he got in coach always says speak for yourself and you know I've always tried to go by that. You know I. This that I have great relations alright you mean they certainly did we give me I'd love working with Jimmy we had a great time together you know which are not the book about like always. No just slightly on my teammates and you know. That's just a few. You can yeah you weren't celebrating when Jimmie was Trey because this story says humorous yet real bounce in his step you're in the you're liberated similar to scenic specially excited hollering cajoling with teammates after grapple over treated. Yeah you know that it's it's. I think that's just such. You know poorly. It's just such a work characterization that I've never. In eighteen years ever celebrated when someone's. Been treated. You know big. I mean I think that shift. You know I would say that's disappointing you know to hear that someone would express or writer would express that. Because it's it's so far from where my beliefs are my teammates and you know I think I'm very empathetic toward other people's. Experiences I know those situations birdies he had never been traded or released but I can imagine how that might seal. And you know I would never. You know ever feel that way about. You know when Jimmy got traded when Jacoby got traded I've kept in touch of all those guys. You know. Matt Cassel garner all these guys that I worked reflect electric at such good relation all the quarterbacks and it worked or are kept in touch it. Basically everybody. Sort of characterize that as a certain way if you know just completely. Completely wrong. Here's another one so this is this this one I thought Jerry and I thought would would stick out the most viewers when the group's slogan yes this is the one that's eight typically you've missed a lot of practices that writes in the team's private evaluations at the is pinning their rights and teams prior to the valuations which would beat me to believe. He has access and is indeed slowing showing the slippage of forty year old. If he's contending for a BP. On the fourth quarter play against the chargers for instance pre get a clean pocket they first read open deep possibly for a touchdown that were the ball quickly over the middle Hogan. Went nowhere to run and was hit hard injuring his shoulder he missed all the one game of the rest of the season. Thomas trying to get out quick patriots staffer says as for Jolie has increased. Nervousness has also increased. Question it pushes its what did you what did you look at what is your reaction when you hear that if you haven't read that are. Again figure valuations. In the UR I I hate seeing that you may get hurt. Certainly ought to pass play like that in become Chris is my locker mate I mean he's next to me every day so. Would you believe sorry did you have a notebook that. Did you miss an open receiver deep there's a number of people have posted the video of this and to refuted that there was no open receivers that you didn't miss again ID. A do you remember. I remember the play yeah and I I try to search Chris you know pretty quick. But you beat it wanna open and again I. In other a lot of plays over the course the year that I wish you know I made a better player honor. You know I never tried that. You know really I don't think about. You know get rid of the ball quickly called moderate honor. You know I just try to make the best way I can't have it certainly their place that I don't do a great job on it. You know those who want to mark try to correct. More stranded again do the best to you know make the best let camp. I guess my question would be is it. Personal who they would have access or what are these teams private valuations that seems really really vague to me. I'm not sure and I you know I think that. I think that's so. A big part of you know what. What goes on. You know in in you know some of these articles and that's why I never take anything too seriously anymore I think I've been a part of a lot of articles over the years that. You know are just I disagree with where the people can write whatever they want to write evidences. A free country and I think people you know you can say what you wanna say or. You know all of the height weight in my culture other people are evaluated on their job. I think it's just part of being that my position and I understand or not. A lot of you know the first 31 other cities where people are patriot cantor Tom Brady fans and I know year. Or so a lot of competition with them. You know on media have been a part of that for a long time to show. I think you just got to take the good the bad and it's probably harder on the people that care about because there that want to write me and they've read it quite like a lot of people you'd read that you. When we grew up which read the paper was the truth and I think you know now you just. You know take everything. You know just a little bit different now so. Is anything you brighter urban told there seen in this story true in your mind anything you've seen. Minutes. Sure torture our orders only do we cities that you saw some of the stuff in the story we read some some parts this review may be rhetoric haven't read you heard anything yet that you said OK this is true. I mean again that's that's a tough question and answer I don't. It's it's everyone has different truths you know you when you talk about the way I see things. The way you guys keep things the way. A writer makes things away. You know coach Belichick ACC. I mean everyone has different truce based on their perspective ever. You know I feel like I go about my business like I have every year. And again just are alike can speak for myself because that's how I can I don't wanna speak on someone else's after. With their experiences are you know I try to do the best I can do like I always done I try to support. You know my teammates I try to bring a positive. You know enthusiastic attitude the work every day just that's my nature and that's who I am and I don't think any of those things have changed over the course this season and they really haven't changed since I got here so. Was gonna wrestle unless in on the writers make and stuff up and that could very well be the case somebody is trying to drive a wedge between you and Bill Belichick clearly. This is not a positive portrayal of view it is more. Positive on on on bill but yesterday bills that he is a great relationship we view would you characterize relationship. That weigh on you and bill. Yeah absolutely. And I'm not spoke. Again I spoke out there's so many times and you know even this last week and I did show and you know coach coach actually has been such a great coach and mentor and I certainly could never accomplished anything in this sport without. You know every everything that he's taught me you know I've been so lucky to play this teen. It's been so many great coaches here players. Doubt members. You know mister Kraft and Johnson and you know that's such great support here. And I think again that characterize it any differently than how I may say it and again I can say it a million times. And it's somewhat correct one thing and then it's really a third whoever's listening that want to believe it and they beat it wanna believe it took out. What they wanna believe they wanna believe expecting maybe differ maybe today. Yeah I don't know maybe they. I can only say. You know I speak for myself. And act are always acted in. And I think you guys know me pretty well I think speech every week for very long time. You know I think you guys can. You'll probably disseminate a lot of information yourself out. Short but I but I would say yep I would say you know. You know between then now this guy ricochet and has written two stories about about you guys really want emote Guerrero one about the whole thing and then hold one a couple months ago on the globe. And then this one we're ricochet him again this sort of ball in on. On Guerrero who writes one player visit TB twelve under with a perceived as pressure in declined to allow Guerrero to massage his legs. It fit in said he asked to keep treatment to his arm out of fear that one occurs to force muscle treatments as a package recovery Boston sports journal. Reported on another player who stole my teachers trainers do squat but later instructed by Byrd and not do them. Ricochet a right to use Brady would tell teammates bill's answer to everything is to lift more weights did you ever say that the teammates. Know that I can. It's not how I. That's not how I armada. I'm not a divisive person you know I mean I don't speak about things like that and again I think everyone. It's. We've talked for a long time about how I feel about you know training and my preparation and again people come up to me whether it's my teammates or other guy you don't say hey what are the things that you do you know whatever things that are work for you. So I can just can convey that certain message that's how I trainer. A light year sleeper. Drinker. You know all of those things that. And I just try to get them you know the answer that. You know it's very that works for me and it certainly doesn't mean it out of work for everybody or. And every player it's up to them. You know you're listened. You know what I'll say use it or not use and it's really it's their career. I'm not that I couldn't care less in our one ever want. You know experience. Being that I experience and I've gotten older so let's just. Let that's just what I try to convey so men like Saturday. You know cheap burgers and milk shakes you know and slept three hours a night and then. You know. Stroke drinks sold all I mean with that I would be very accurate. How I'd let my life so I just try to say what I think works and you know it may not work for everybody that's several consolation. It's that more than that. I guess it's it we look at it just seems like it's human nature were that's my business farm you know my good friend they got father my kids if my coach says to me sits me down and says. You know we're restricting this guy's access here. I think they'll be upset that that that would strike me just basic human nature but I mean was that the case that conversation happen again he writes that this happened between you two. Yeah and it's a fact a lot of conversations with coach Belichick. This year last year over eighteen years. And down. You know. I'm marketed it in certain nor private conversations I think we talk about things. Of those things are private and I respect that and she's my coach immunities. And he took her coach and I have a lot of respect for the things that he says some pinks and I try to honor those as best I can so that's part economic team. And you know I think all the other players. Do that especially on our team. I think we have great respect for our coaches are just our head coach Byrd all of our individual coaches and what we had a great season. And we're sitting here thirteen and three and were trying to go by the biggest game of the year. Can't in our focus. Should be on that that's where it needs to be. You know other people try to take that focus away I understand that that's part of you know professional sports let our task is. Understand where where where energy needs to be our. Try to go out there don't you know these are very good football team and that's where the gold as we should be. You know who's. Talking behind your back you know who is up anonymously talk and ESPN and saying these things about you. And about Alex. No I don't let that. You know until someone expresses certain things to me it. You know I don't. You know I you know I just you know go about my case so. I know how I feel ultimately about. You know a lot of things about our team I know. You know how you got guys are you about Alex in the work we've done together. You know I just keep doing what my processes and it worked for a long time so. I don't get into too many of those things. And you know again I I think those things are probably more frustrating for. People that care about me and I'm not the only person it. Note article written about a lot of you know things are written about that. You know. Those individuals are being written probably disagrees. That's okay that's part of being in sports and I don't take them personally and again it's. Whether. A writer speaks you know some Warner doesn't speak to someone on the lower level. You know I don't I'm not gonna try to predict those things it's just mentally just try to go what do bought into. I'll I'll yerba has upset many treasure veneman the madam of a ticket handlers someone who's either. Talking anonymously behind my back or making stuff up I mean I'm would wanna take a flame thrower of the place. But I guess you can't do that. I guess before we let you go Thom you've been on lots of teams once in awhile even a team a good team a favor a heavy favorite that has it had a letdown you know. The famous ravens game the jets came in the past that. Is this does it feel like one of those teams that that that that can't that won't happen that you will not. Now read the clippings and take yourself you know too seriously in. And have a letdown. Well I don't say that we meet again I don't think our team has ever read an up and believe the hype I think it's. We feel like we've had corner and we try to do you got all year and I think there's been a lot of hype surround Marcin. All season it's been that way for a long time. But I I think there's a reality you're playing in these games say. You know you need to grind you need Ernie as team you know the titans they have gotten here. You know that they certainly earned it and they beat a lot of good teams over the courses you don't. Winning Kansas City got that this couple placed a player as you guys know that we've had so. I think we respect our own we know they're very dangerous teen. Or any to play good football and now when he played great football game to win. And you know that's a great challenge for me you played a game because you know you don't know what outcomes going to be you don't take anything for granted you worked as hard as you can't. Of course the week to prepare yourself to play and got to go excuse them and get the job done but no one's gonna hit it to us and if we win the game an advantage could well earned it and must be a good team so I'm looking torture you know work hard in and out it to work and I. And SE we can do this week. I tumble talking next week thanks so much. Thank you. Talk radio interviews that brought you by house and we cater northeastward through distributors TCU due to a federal credit union what can DCU cede you that question by journalists what is the quarterback question that we brought you by northeast Minsk on the specializing exclusively in men's sexual health. Well we tried. Ashton everything. He is honestly that's that's who he is he lives his life that way does not want confrontation is not want. To. A fight with a anyone. It is interesting I mean he did not denied out scorers axis has been restricting he's never denied matters ballots which tells me it's tracked. Yeah his eyes are definitely true I believe that's true I mean there's an obvious wrapped. Between dollars documentary. I think the rift is between. Belichick's trainers and ratings trainer and and these mortgages and Brady's trainer as you now. I'd expect what you Brady's press and but I'll guarantee you that the training staff hates them right and horse that's training staff his. Probably one of the sources here problem in non staffers on the pranks that look the stories are really really really probe notre there's no way around and in the first timer record that was my first equities that Obama. I mean Wright is no doubt so I don't know I don't know what I mean are we just went through five or six examples of really. Concerted effort to make birdies and I don't remember. Too many of those over the years you know Brady says that when the player of the week or. Saying that you know having a friend of Tom. They Toms changed those same guy anymore and that's in and that it is. Clearly. Someone with an engine McGrady looked at it right at saint time they Belichick look good and Fred does aid is no doubt -- changing from -- how much -- changed -- that -- -- definitely -- like ten -- -- -- -- lot -- it was three -- four years -- -- -- -- -- now -- with the -- -- it's far -- there are -- -- -- far far far didn't -- startled -- -- fourteen years old -- is that -- an article it's it was before -- -- and wrapped -- -- -- -- -- he's become a -- -- -- his retirement was -- -- Be a bigger deal with things like. You know winning the battle of drop below there's no you've never seen the evidence ever hear anyone say that he never I mean we watched every movie makes. You advocate the senate the hated Barack Obama but I'm saying like for all the things we want criticized Brady about how the new issue again that's human nature is trying to keep this job and it's to Haiti got little else to look at eight when he team I don't know are those who view him as competition assuming they defeated yanked could be as class is jailed her probably not probably not of course droplet Brady is looking as football mortality in the real attention in Iraq of course this presents an -- so you think competing with them saying he had to compete with them. Brady wouldn't wanna do that he wanted to get rid of him what he won at the end it is and when they battle BP right. Will he win the battle even if they didn't trumpet government yet if you did if you packets you re looking at it again I'll pick you and Bob Kraft office said Trajan drop I bought that winning the analogy ever lenses the story I know about me telling vendors they're humorous sarcasm off I'm not religious. Zain pledge that's always really supported them clean time by me and a percentage and an historic house says acknowledged in this gallery Britain Belichick and a mandate from Kraft. Yes yes why Nat asked to make sense to me the question and apple. A mandate during that it's our meeting at a blistering six hour meeting but it certainly happened whilst the only call one team and Utah Virginia must really make the trade because he had to. We don't call one likewise tries to have to. Because brings the MVP in the better player of the so Valerie reckless about it realize the middle of one data Brady's you know be known shall we are required one phone call. Don't should've done why did you that I don't know because Kraft. Kraft said you have to do wood in October was to get to trade grappled yes and their children. And mark I think Belichick looked at it that's fine but you before the deadline set to make history now marketer franchise and it's so much money Jimmie said I'm never trading rates sink guys in a semantical game what is actually I'll ask again and you never answered this question Jerry and I every kid I mean when asked till march and he looked at before the deadline and said if I keep America franchise him to Acosta with the get rid of guys tell us because well million dollar he's always that you know that's not true sure do you read that Joe Banner. So what to do it in and out and -- and not through the exact opposite right so again Jeff and that he ran red tagged so that and it's -- finished Joe Banner said that's not true. You could easily do it but they explain to me again why about checked told the browns he's not available offseason line and instantly crowd all content to its sprouted two days or more Jessica Lewis or if you just tuning in Terry Pluto Cleveland wrote that the that the browns were more than willing to give up the fourth pick in the draft and more booties. Amber and bell this week has been the amazing thing is this is a positive portrayal Belichick. The only one who was negligent here was Bill Belichick the only one who didn't do what's best for the team is built now crap too. Well what do aircraft didn't let Allah check pick his own airplane and make him is that he intelligent he's wanted to get rid of Brady into the season. He did and mr. Gault grapple pin and he wanted to do it he felt he had to use time. Is great he's great he's Billy Ray he made it impossible. I didn't go check it was Belichick who's on his own with a budget this December and would not have done Brady one's sure what Bill Clinton made it known what was immediately wondered MVP and then won the Super Bowl he would not have done. I acted is that the only guy sports who dues coach at no doubt Nick Saban would do it was. And sports on professional sports it's he has art 6177797937. I guess we get reaction to braced up as well. Did you go through the story and more Roemer is alongside important ally. No matter how many game changing throws he makes Belichick hasn't awarded him patriot of the week all year is that what's going on he said that the patriots staff this year. Now right I mean big like that again I can't imagine you know me ever saying that we're me talking about that or. Hard you get that question really no basis or of a U shaped like that. And you worked. Celebrating when Jimmie was Trey because this source says you Rhode get a real bounce in his step. It's just such a poor characterization that I've never. In eighteen years ever celebrated when someone's being treated I would say that's disappointing you know to hear that someone would expressed or writer would express. The chair tries that is a certain way is. You know just completely. Completely wrong. I'm afraid of us the last segment. Which Jerry and myself and Alex counsel to tough very very tough might be an issue or flat a lot of questions Casey guys had senior moments when you went on any time you read Elliott wasn't even mentioned you guys asked nothing it's nothing else in the senate and I was gonna ask him what they asked him must ask him he already answered you know how easy how is he with TB twelve and younger players to keep pushing on them as if it wasn't asked they said. When you address that objected to Q I know that the 20 yes the article says that he first himself as a loner. Do you consider yourself to be alone. He calls himself alone that's sort of the story yes I would say you know I would I would refute whatever and so. We learned that. You are we you don't get wet we got the word but not not get that dad died. You know. You are. You why you're so it was like I said. Well look it's sort of insects on the worst crisis simply migrate my classes pretty takes real prize is you know and being in positive person as he tells you all the time and he is not gonna let his guard down he's not gonna get an awful out and I'm seriously and those cynicism though liberty he's the greatest. FL player ever and he would be terrible talk show hosts and we agree on Afghanistan. Politics cynicism though would bother him if you're creating your positive ghetto is definitely in the condit's flicked that national icon who writes about that as well and eventually Wear about it we wish if you or somebody Jerry for eighteen years or whatever it's gonna eventually Wear get inexperienced at that. I don't want to talk about and I'm just disappoint a leader cynic indeed I was yes right that's true that's true but I mean in this. Medium you have to be have to have a healthy cynicism. You have to be confrontational you have to enjoy the final break could Bennett and TV great Brady's greatest you know competitor one of the great competitors you ever see on the field. Off the field he does not wanna compete in knowing this would drive me nuts this would drive Kuerten and had insane knowing the people you work force to avenue in the back. Anonymously. And ESPN is running and all as fact that would drive. Or drive I mean hell it forced Bill Belichick to give one of the best. Interview she's ever given Dale Hall on the question used you really yesterday because I'm amid an halting talker. I know the other stuff. Accumulate a bill into the pulpit coach Dick LeBeau no but values really get these guys have this served his purpose these sources the anonymous sources. A cassette workers and the ones who actually exist. Our Belichick guys they'll probably on the trend extent they're probably on the administrative staff. There's all kinds of ways of hiding there there again Indians were Sheehan do many different ways but. Clearly there Belichick guys Brady knows that he won't. Don't fight back publicly. How do his thing on the field he'll fight to the death on the field off the field he will smile and turn the other cheek. Yeah that's that's never gonna pitch and off he never gonna change at this point. Adding he's been Hardin also by the trump stuff but it flaky stuff for him what's the point. I get trumps definitely changed him if that was pretty innocuous title started I agree media had a locker in the world but I really today was just today eighty it's like that that Bruce Arthur article on the on the day that I'm wants us crazy routes I was at the assets professor in the thanks much right announced the pages to lose to throw trump he's. If he was what was most thoughtful Bruce Arthur. Pop worker allergies that's how Steve Curtis out actually there are always tough sets wow there. Stay current as well you know these these these weird to vision Lithuanian making money out this guy and why can't you be more people talk you know include how can you say that that's what he's been laid people off if you scrutinize while he says that he's he's just never challenged Steve -- people look up to him and they glitter you know with a gleam in the Sacramento Kings -- rate securities said Oprah shared 28 point oh or analysts on -- grew up to be the size of -- remember nobody -- -- -- fortunately he's tall enough and athletic and of the -- but why does -- -- Greg -- -- words -- more than some arrangement which -- they have good players. Different idea and it makes him and I and self interest and coach says it's go go trumpet that's the go balls that's the guy just doesn't jail of course they're usually quietly that none of these coach millionaires now he's multi Alina is that live in gated communities you'll pick the appreciate it brats got incident in again. Now he understands editor half lives Stephens yes sure it's scheduler or ESP and senate were to win you'll laying off. Qualified Reuters late eakins rose. A what do you usually is emir of relief and Strauss ever I don't know that is is it I don't I've never heard of defense trials but I'm sure you Lyndon its two biggest more clicks and I am I it's of mylan at least here restores the probable I don't care about but I had died or why it was all right idea I bring in Jeff Goodman Meyer right entitlement and I think it's on the I'd among I think it's a watchable on board was just the people like the airport scene in. You know that the deep -- reality show they wouldn't they wouldn't go to a game because the opposing team wouldn't let the reality show cameras right in the jewelry it's more clicks that are constructs like the typical I mean if I hurt might not know that but that's waited as it works Steve Kerr just wants people bound and down before him like he's the oracle and can enlighten us oh great one. You know if you would think seriously when it consistent you know and he started be a little pop that's he's probably. Yeah well like it pained I don't necessary like how hot weather widget that can you I don't know enough about it just like stuff yeah politic and so the apparatus that syllables so are you guys who did whose life depends makes it on my young African American guys. Is in the lash out against my boycott is hurting young African American casualties to article over the unemployed now numbers but our lake created a black unemployment the other day he's excited let's point out that its size it's dropped dramatic and Karstens and in comparison but you know what you're you're gonna have to wake up soon and just. Acknowledge I don't know what I think grew I don't Wear weights for national and image front as an eye on credit limit and especially after I told Kirk has to have for the show giving credit trump knew almost half the world cross keys to the National Anthem he knew which figures are spread collective game smooth operator and don't get started started it crosses. Offensive to me I don't watched the first three quarters and a and I want housing issue. It's sucked but did you see the news of the face mask they missed I don't know Alabama to receive the upsides on the blog on I didn't officiating sucked. But the third quarter was great and I took all the display at my body's shot that I watch on it I did. I mean I was on the middle I've had turned up at halftime and I must articulate who missed and we all this cares a great great game. And I'm just wondering what does Washington great in the first half did you know it was terrible game rightly you know turn down great in them they're ruining the game the moved back up QB took some stones and it worked out could've worked better I mean that. That is real drama I'm happy for coach him. But I'm accountable that the game is the best phones like they're passengers that was that I have for you looked pretty happy in Baghdad and now Jalen hurts today's going to be getting calls and be transferring somewhere I don't know these terrible. He's not a terrible point five and 20 yeah audible over the ball like one pick and Tony were actually 25 into effect. Not me I'm not an iPod Som I mean I can't even throw the ball going in China at halftime moves a little nervous and you know you want to worry about him again the urban legend did pretty long record the legend of to a as soon as they can hold them until they bring in somebody else and they had been on this kid this is I can't wait to watch him play and hope he's he was a fun guys to watch. Only to me grow up so yes unfortunately for a to hurt he's not used to Australia for a time but an endless and only Saban would make them liable for college football that a lot of not coach I think you know double would have made that move course. That's all the time Pete Carroll is an old football anymore but he was pretty ball's in his time. It was. Awesome and most people's analyst didn't step president that like after midnight right I most people don't care overtime or doesn't matter when they Kevin mr. Reid and into the ratings and a ten night portion hires in the meeting should eight attacked Russian there was an incredibly intimate. Overtime for a national title game. By definition is pretty exciting yeah and when you throw in this little known freshman. Both quarterbacks were true freshman. Under that pressure means they're eighteen right. And her young woman checked go to their rigorous Presley put them back. Kevin Spacey and little apartment for all of us all the tests unannounced judge James Gunn overtime doing no. I don't know but one of the semifinals did the Oklahoma game still those Super Bowl game averaged an overtime correct. Kind of like I don't think zone and out of it happened the first 100 excitement that Clinton got into the lifestyle that is already these means of twenty to three in when he seven. Those have to reporters that the boot to the cleanup orders you know there poison center there that's when I was 27. Of hope and it was going to be aboard fourth quarter George was gonna win but it wasn't. Alabama came back now is active and a walk off I'm 41 yard touchdown mentioned over time. If you haven't seen that George picks field goal 51 yard Portland. And which is goofy kickers that last lose whose great little cult hero what do political hero. And trip Alabama should file already interstate thirty what was 35 or vacuumed your 34 to end the regulations and he was nervous he was himself. And in overtime just at 25 they sack to the freshman. And they get like a forty yard field more important for Google out of it and if yeah and this can never ever would hit it very next play it takes place it that was a walk quoted that. It's. What it might mess with a nightmare we that's not enough Saban has a more impressive record and even as his old boss bill Belichick's six national titles the five. Share for Belichick okay five and nine years pretty impressive remarkable and I don't know better now with the voice. Packing there was one other national champs to the went to overtime hours or Ohio Ohio State Miami and yes that's if that was the first one we've and then you rightness of wolves have gone over her. That's right through the pages in my house look at if ever play the closer ballgame netter. No doubt provider and one night when a loss applicable to all things blow wants to do you think we should talk more about the titans encumbered and yes no and I -- whatever the market scenario to. As we tell me I was never going to be the first export and we could be here for forty minutes and I hate being the 82 and a transition I don't see you feel that my Axel a little bit of back going to affect the football coach it's special team on the chess match since that's the flooded by people saying we should talk more but I don't know yeah. He's looked at it as just big playoff game gets ignored it and how was little chess match going over. Could that be the least. And sexy at least glamorous left him here's his answer to your audience is meant might be yes the Broncos games and you blow open kibo is coming to town in the battle for what. Tebow is Tebow is taught and that you know the man goes to Obama is an awesome player those anonymous Texans teams so those ones that came on the Letterman jackets -- so quickly you right away and JJ watt had the Letterman's jacket being true unique under the fidelity but that was will be cleaning up the game we're talking Tuesday here equipped of them and he does football gods of the Logan Ryan named some titans defenders all run out of Iraq. I'd bottle racquetball huge factor in the game. Always there isn't isn't it safety and cornerback Adam and he's a young guy right I guess is it. Ali dale knew that that the votes of all things you can tell from the back and and I don't blame bill that would keep it simple white asked a question. As he thinks will be assistant coach causes no assistant coaches and vegetable is well as a player right but much record is penal and can you get in can you get in twice slick is their coaches who were. Oh we'll talk behind plays like Mike Ditka. You know low com are you of the opinion that assistant coaches should be considered that's inclusion in the football hall that's why I asked not obsolete. And I believe he'd be one. One. I don't blame and but I would dale was doing that was is excellent Belichick and the other good job I think I think that was one of those ones were. They they got support from Belichick feels like it on its transition gimbal. A little practical about it rebel changing my suck this day and he said he wanted to talk instant is so rare wanted to get some open office chairs something on the record it's great hall of fame rating mosque finalists for that fair to say over the last twenty years now many analysts it's not the week to beat Oakland. Do you think. I do I agree I don't know you but you and I both read that was good though absolutely appearance. Brady never thinks that way never thinks I want to get some while a chance to set the record straight he wants to ignore the noise could be the greatest. Ignore all the noise in the pin patriot history of the Belichick clearly lied Polly saying that relationship without Adobe era. Any that was on prompted. Right here. And I think. Keynote speaker this action was a good question from keep the Belichick ousting of the hall of fame rating among finalists for that fair to say over the last twenty years. And a talk about drug Terry Glenn ones that show and here now though the other an excellent job which he directed the due date their dale. I'll detail that keeps a picture of it will be sent on that. Give us a tough question now they didn't have teeth it's fine you later John Roberts of course. I forget Mayo instead. You know it suits you like to see John Robinson team wanting to on did a great job offer house. You're McCarthy who is generally did rain Boston Colorado's organized virtuous these it was a real rams that's it's good that his son. Now former pay all its personnel and their fear away. The patriots connection means he talked remote for the books it is there I think you're kind Detroit who's gonna vomit for five Quinn at Harry yeah I know they're everywhere bill. But it didn't Saban ever worked for Belichick. Oh yeah whose offense according to the patriots went six years was now. Not true non Mexicans want us to last year and he's with the browns don't get through now if you're and out today everybody is if you're the colts. If you of the Aaron lying and have to make a call for the giants have to call on have to try run blank check. Saban was honest at the games he's never been happier I don't blame them not only is he won his sixth national title fifth in nine years. He's a great freshman. Quarterback is he's great recruiting class the common wave. Defensive players so fast and so nasty mix more than gruden calling makes more than group and there's no power struggle I editors know Brady rare situation if you're stating that I later. That's exit touching his head as we said is apparently is free this quarterback is from Hawaii right now we teams schools had to fly over. To get from Hawaii was adamant saying Michael. We're potentially waited eagle has stored in the past US seed UCLA and Arizona some flights in and of assets and Oklahoma and Texas weather was bad nose right place at extrapolate over. I'd say it's it was the last time saving to discredit Arab he never never never never ever have the the president. Is that the present our caller he's like he's like Manny Ramirez is checks just at into the glove compartment Everett taps into the that can't think of anything he would body. No indications. Right they case yet and maybe elect the hotel but the main checkbook not a stone is always is doing those particular the whole trip form where I didn't place here. The only Israelis fear that propeller like they never get -- house in a Jamaica done you're done it's done and it's homes hateful they pay more why we managers we sort of settle distort the boost has paid his mortgage that's I think the gets free cars free clothes free restaurants from fools is better than being the Pope crazy which is depleted the groceries as one of those. Caspian picks it walks and I'm gonna make a paid it was restore. The specifics of your big guys who made it off this three million dollar mortgage reits and Matt to Texas house they get three million dollar house in Tuscaloosa into new management in the three players and the players don't get paid on post its highest paid out they do once they're done with their two years in Alabama than they as protectors come today. Is eroding outrageous. These folks. Happy throng you spoke about before players I don't care anything about the experience with the that this is a great win for players and I've never been happier life. Is turn over all against his former sounds weird but remarkable it's psychologically twelve of them on all claiming he had this game one. The safety for George's is probably elect. Hanging from a bit cheap in just sort of mental game. I think he's a senior to exit veteran and Jessica I get. Fooled by fresh and measure your whole life is the time unemployed that's true that. Would you think he's gonna make everything himself not mean he's done as if he's a senior that means is not a great NFL prospect truth is also that are 617779792%. Back this Brady stuff. Back to what patients for as well. And read each and social meetings raiders are you weren't there I want to assure you wanted to take calls on what they thought of armory and you should do just doing what he calls that you've bought us ice notice you stick around. Unusually long this thing was at a meeting like boom designed to be without me yeah apprised it to not. Actually on notice that you guys talk about me was it like these anonymous sources talking about Brady to have all of us don't you usually don't you say Easter. I wanna hear your reaction to Brady he gets the I have friends question did you learn anything. Do you believe Tom's kind of did you really intelligent place where Belichick and those guys will react to that get get true story outs reactions out of bodies were patient we know we all really tight yeah he would go to that same battles in Montreal we did not seem very this time but you know home. We just like tonight when he likes my journalism on a recall of a producer ice your real journal six point 717799%. Of over. Have you had a chance there to read this fire inferior you think I had that I ordered on Amazon doesn't Cynthia and now. It's like absolutely Christine bay and end of the fired theory of the new patriot story no evil genius in the way that yeah there is some guys makes it does that point. Human WE a sports network thanks for coming in anytime soon got. Who is sue O'Connell. Police who have gone publisher bay windows very prominent publication in the South Bend. There's a millisecond I stop I that was done in time cable news very highly rated. To take cheese Fries onion that is listed on the line you guys must I was though checkered and evil genius mysterious or communitarian. Yeah speak that trump said. Slot that Steve and hasn't changed his shirt and does he stay with Jerry dirty dance ticket counter banning guy so what are you know last year and I Barton a lower right would I cannot abandon gotta bear it here's. Here's what I hate in Kirk hates it more than I do and as you guys have. Experienced. Is he's got a big scoop to Cuba beginning due to give it gives them a axial so absentee votes actually goes. What is the website. And gives the big scoop two they competed well Manning lobs I don't hate us that he wants an end and and he's a big league career. A government or at least anything if you look like all those guys in real sermon Mikey and I hate stock and now I mean now that we know what kind of weasel he really is. I mean 36 your pupils. They're just not that he missed yes there's barely accuses senior believe race. He's a veteran and he was nervous he missed the twenty something yards aren't so after the show yesterday. I stuck around for a couple minutes and not any longer than usual while most here that you talk us. Jerry left as usual gathered it was you know that's fine and he's he's changed he's at peace is he says he's a that's okay I'm. You do yoga that's created says you're more open mind about you don't want to come with these and I any time the yoga teacher since she wants to expand the new class and you become that much. I'm Iverson on air you should have not demands that Alex. And that's need to practice makes Bernard Hopkins let's look at. I don't wash your hands and he did wash his hands when he was latecomers. It's a wash your hands had a athletes who would stand on national pretend it's why did you fake at least a lot. Little daughter up for that perception of the hydrogen part of this joke. Lineup he was running but they're a direct hit can or the board. Right since now all the that's just courtesy and all the rest of the button push us all. Yeah or abort all the press the button pushes have to get his germs now just didn't know what all Indian Paul Watson's eagle on week in G other wash Asean's. If you flush the toilet I'm not like he's really just more discussed a lot of people brush their teeth and a lot. I was in their activities have been that selects him on the sales guys probably teeth rocked the investment I think in Medina ID like don't they know this show won't matter if it's only around Preston yeah likely to show off. I am I don't even know he's a true and if you're afraid of a little too good compression tee click outside use bottled water and having them. Good initiatives clause that are going in this beating analysts to discuss it maybe having a fight with their wife and kicked out of something a little backed the man so let's get to meet let him so it was a really meetings or Joseph I was relieved of the the clock or you walked out about walks could be you can avoid it right. Yes which I try to do better and better. Who's in there and now we're talking about the Catholic Church in fort trainees are going to be with us that Toby suitable. That's costing a leave of absence from the court challenge of breaking through wise. Why we'll stressful she needs she's got too much important and excuse breaking news now she can you showed pictures on Boston public radio and yesterday I believe correctness torture between. Should you do weekend's result of that Jim Braude in my creations can work at us. So she's out for awhile things you more than me she natural thing as me I think her issue. Is with the mutation. With the general in Austria and yes as a witness toxic assets of the division I don't notice that a bigger issues for us a good year. What she'll be back usually it's about us but the style that is whatever she's back raise up whether for good reflect on the good luck going forward stay leaving. Him. So. We're going or potential PepsiCo which people on. We Roger and I can do a show together what's the while fine might finally guess anyway. Mossy and re McCain camp opens our bonds had a good time out and all things remit to once we. Real yes this is breaking news had been it's just over your hosts our house to Christmas because new revelation it's the new stock dropped all let's talk else guy I'm Mary and a compliment it's a guy who won in its Christmas and access Marc Bertrand anyone Marc Bertrand as well what would be and salary like I have bad he knows or. And I yeah. It's Ivan once a week over over years of either always I would not quiet giant swords came back not quite once we know we went weekly every continent but here's here's the S you know. So I was here October through my advantage you I was once a week often times twice a week beat you guys did you express these concerns last year or is this and you think yes heated up. I got a great that nothing has changed your program objectives that you should be on the show once a week that's immediate issue of W. What how the Clinton might airtime elsewhere is increased on the station knows it does he think that Blair also amnesties and I nights and weekends at times no matter. Yes how he feels he bluntly. He's richer or weakening and I deceit or cheering rumors we know without them over Christmas break I was around for three days NIC driver I alternated dozens of other like there are other people as a matter in criminal prosecution of Fareed that's why I've been lied to my face. All welcome to the days yes I've been told them and threw it doesn't matter really matters who we thought that's very much that's the thing you really care were Madrid Madrid have I just want to I'd rather yeah of course. But I don't want Marc Bertrand on the bus full time post. If he did every day five in all you guys have been on the street. Now I can do it to their credit to fill Zachary who a lot of issues with it she broad Zachary backlash that rush week not subjected to a total teams right. But I thought that would be the other the other one is much that's the other issue while some news but is diet and issue. Finish. I apologize one it's gonna take you would think justices issued a not to play with issues like that you say someone didn't want long missing person. When you at this diet this your plans this what is it. Two things clear for you know I guess that Franken more pets so it should use this as Clinton fires that on Henley's than you must not drinking enough. That. That's him. Now. Think its handling this very and you know that is. Every is is an up and I've been here on weekends like when he and how you go online and maybe another host. Who would be your 1230 at night apple online community okay all right another host. Just I love my Jesus Christ such a cure all yeah it does sect have been minor and easily the world and yeah I mean my dot. I was surprised. That's added wanna bring upon hair department Secmen I am beyond upset. Bush is secured your prime camera definitely outlook will allow he's a home loss that analysts don't know. Joseph outs yeah. I think slow it their reaction it's a love to hate is that right. Let's listen you know Don Henley is now. He's honest about the money to please the problem months to go and that's that we get back rugby if your calls to pin wanna criticize us for instance do institute lame job in the Brady boy I you how ironic is this in the Jerry Kelly. Wanted to separate interviews could tell it was this. Is not our fault it's time for me was good today Al Brady is remark it does not. Questions he hateful anti always does he never got on quickly share more per critical about who embodies that sense whose name he eat he remains and like he remained have a four agreements he stuck to the 224 agreements. He did not. Like Belichick he did not flat out say that is alive right by this will give me your reasons for that to that you. Yeah he never does I think some of those things aren't lies also want Belichick doesn't have a good relation to Guerrero said he did to do certain things which is weird I don't. I don't know if that's about as nothing he Morton's posting proposals that you know holds exclusive new look at this 21 year old temple on the offensive line it's a real personal political live life you know the only reasons does the s's casinos on the NFL matchup problem bomb it and he's like you've pointed. You fat load when you released a plan put 9000 pounds. All right 617779790%. Questions of these. Do you agree it shows our bond art program direct yeah graphics out during the should be on the show once a week you could go Jerry. Who think he should that's the question for you guys out of its full fault lines at 1230 at night and that's important great reaction out. You dig out should be on the show or not and what you didn't Brady and mutual replay about 830 so much uses rolled back with a chance for play to get to an hour or two per gallon which is next.