K&C - Tom Brady is under attack; Starbucks made a major mistake 5-22-18

Mut & Callahan
Tuesday, May 22nd
Hour 2: Kirk and Gerry discussed Tom Brady's absence from OTA's and Curtis talked about Starbucks new open door policy during Headlines. 

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Apply C site for details. Skirt and Callahan. With Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. Once Sports Radio WEEI. Careers most event about probably go to the film Roman watch more film. Homage surrender everything used to be the patriot way it's no longer that it is the Brady way alpha males are in sort of a delusion which drives them in a selfishness. And Tom's life I sacrificed all that. The best quarterback ever and I'm double that if. As the biggest story of the day Tom Brady did not. Shall protest ours is bigger story nationally than his local. It's good to a usual source for great what I guess I mean ratings are exceptionally yes but like did you get the sense. Around here at all 'cause I'm sort of a glass is half full. Game I was James say. Something like that posts as a Mark James I got a couple of Texas some of the holy city marching sounds funny so I guess we have to keep playing it through the prism of the last. Half and teeth. Through the prism of the glass half and through the prism of the glass half empty I don't think I wouldn't think we disagree Brady is being self assured by any definition. But again if it Matt I don't think it's gonna matter. During the season maybe a wrong it is different I would say the past that the patriots over Brady himself of the people. Over about how much being their matters and I don't think it's at all. I'm yield may go all I'll be proven wrong on the there was a year I don't remember where and when he missed like four games speaking the year 2003 event yes discuss my little area. It is cold like candidate and I think that worked out OK okay it's cold is cold loser for the because he never dealt with anybody's had a cold. We've known each other problem two years two years to tackle the entire yes it got stuck last bullet it was I was that we it was like three days you know Cole does it make you miss being solo and singled me even more now. As the week layered you're you know cold at all extraordinary. Them yet that's among the infectious diseases that we need to it was knows it and it cleanly yes that noses and the only is traditional look we've. Known. There. Good story tonight. Yes absolutely definitely got a screen well do you are always like one amongst your light ahead. What kept the most economic podcaster Canada stores. Loved ones the win the Belmont Stakes visits in three weeks through weeks episode at that build up we have to the big day to take its finance. Yes these do. These rays. That they are deftly put mob marching to prepare but there's the reasons not a big stories there's really no dispute this really no debate Brady's. Not happy about the way you know when does the road is the specifics and but I heard overnight show on the way and this morning and she was saying. I don't think he's any problem we're Belichick is well spent timeless family she to set better and Nolan while and surprisingly. No capital I heard for why the show yesterday I got accused are the addition and this could this is why I heard in the car and Fauria. Tried to spin and give them credit kind of jumped on right away. Four it was it was getting older now what's been more Thomas family loose at home I mean. He said he's had three months now obviously the first calls its notes laser in. Fox right he leads in Massachusetts and he works out so right part of working out to I was two for house today. Either in Foxboro or in Brookline doesn't that they'll build that argument remember much did throw it no not a human being is mine right that's not that's ultimately that's I don't even think he would try to if we talked whom. Or someone will interview I don't even think he would say that I've just been by half past transparent that way but not right now I agree I think the ending its insult to people I mean there is six months amid. Everybody's digging out killed quotes where he said it's important OTAs are important you'd stab some chemistry with the new guys right he says that we get the animal we have a watch on it Tom currents written that Adam Ben Folds and all these old quotes yet we don't move. What went to weasel move his. I don't know as much its current or recent Kara greet him but. He this time of year is about and get in shape right it's working out. And tell him. I'm working out getting in shape correct guerrillas an essential part of that yes and so he thinks it's hard tremendous put that aside. They just show up with a smile is facing a bounce in the step. We still feels like Guerrero is not getting the respect to the credit he deserves. Would you agree yes 1000% yet so that. Plays out and I think he'll be there on June 5 I think. Level with sickle resettle the people of the dark about the dollars that wrapped ports in the chapters Ross will be if he's if he's not there for that obviously that becomes tells us but he's always except when he was in California so who's been here for this. You know why he'd like it is. He's told us for years he likes the whole process it like working out he likes training camp XO TAs. So I mean it has to be a matter of principle is as you would like to be there it is huge two things searching number one that numbers as time started this car wrote yesterday. Started pre time talking much against football in within that within that lake you know he did it leads it leaves even more than we don't know. Number two is your reason locally I think the only way to store would be big. Is if they moved up to draft a quarterback. It'd be taken Marchex in the first round. In Brady was doing this would feel a little bit right or Florida they don't you Mason Rudolph and everything third quarterback and a third rather wouldn't feel I guess all the focus would be on him. I mean to match if they imagine they actually moved up in and taken mayfield but they aren't about Brady was sitting out. Ottawa they should make those who became less than never showed. Asking too much like to see much liberties and must seem so that's why he celebrity's cause some mug boy here. While he's would be good opens and said they're in policy was some of these with a hot chick I don't know it's June the show on a few times notes now. Who's right there on the right front Russian couple times I played were Steve's got knocked down at John votes yeah. Did they tell you that though I am and he's you know hall notes apps right that was mustache. Was with all. And they get on them the year that you and I eggs easy top separate buses correct anyway. Poses. You bite the grapple opened crop or still your Brady will be there that could question I would say. I would think and grapple. It's gonna get. The kitten and now all of a sudden your your gallon beaten around in you know having a gay old time and are coming up optional work flat. Is that really what Tony said about or Wear these I Allah and I know it's a broken record we're fit we're fit great product awfully nice Simpsons is just hundreds waited and that is and you don't. They get rid of the cat and now all of a sudden you'll give gala beaten around in you know having a gay old time and are coming up optional work outs fraud like Pattinson fraud. We'll tell you that him not being our absolute. It's a story and it does give you an idea of just how deep this little rift between the coach and the quarterback who just who just beat South Park and everyone agrees and we'll make some of fraud. I don't know. The fact that he said it was important past maybe I don't know because they bracelet actually had a newspaper he's gay. Yes he did he did he do it on the patriots network who else would Gallup don't have to be there are elements of flickered off a connection there always is famously flamboyant when it's through you saw that met gala for years ago for bachelor. Yet complete and think about that flew to prove that he's been at think about. You know. He's been a dink. It's really didn't think I mean he's he isn't. He'll be there in June for it to be there in August will be there September you know we'll be there next year allowed to argue about it the other side because I guess to good fight but. And he's you know and I don't think it's like when it's a complicated. He's pissed off Belichick once heard of bigger role. Until that happens is not shot hills until he actually has to run. And which means to me that Bill Belichick and Kraft have not settled the Guerrero dispute in I would say no I mean they they he does not have a new. It works based on there are new parking space who's not gonna be on the plane these guys they may think contracts a big I would I think that it's a big issue a medium just I mean it might be burned an item it views. That's been our reporters and whisper won the eyes and one reported that the contracts are bigger dealing clear early eighties get people talking whether it's. Rappaport show after whoever's people on the talking on both sides. If Brady's contract was or were big issue one of these national people by now bringing up between when you say. Yeah Abbott shelters in order for it started in what he's yes I do a rich after you somebody else he has other people. I get the sense that there's something going on with Brady but none of these guys happened enough to go with that report I think there is it has to be more than just a rare passed the so if craft you know credit platoon that at least there's not a last year though wasn't the contract last year. Does that once or after. And does it does have as a Butler because we're Belichick and bolster or. Ask Xerox gone now he's gone now to easily and get paid this leverage. He's has leverage in the past the board watcher don't forget that actually years ago do know is that more level in the know almost dissent in draft so now he's got all he's catching solo what's he done that because let's ask years ago and she's got two years of political pros and 41 years and any place this career. He could cash in an icy hot as well he never did in Iraq they have grappled seven years ago so you think could be signs a deal today that he will be Campion can't go unchecked socket and he's not going to be Heisman quarterback leak politics not do and produce 41 he's not doing wrong horse this is right choose that story you write finally visit chase he's right boards reported gonna miss the OTAs right. It's right well done apologized to board is now all apologize for. As you and you do it you've ruined his life on this matter authentic they're from Ross is a good source that are screwed. Right Arizona for the parent to know exactly that's what I asked what we can tell what should just shut it is not talking Borges. What a review board's view of the guard hired boards now three people room for a game so that those you know those fun that way I think suites. Well Ellen oh you do that way. Just troll but Brady will do the best qualities that he used to do some. Some media when he did the best buddies up until he's talked to us a fertility or two ago so that's a good number and on that he and we may get him on that Obama we're gonna try right promotes him is that he obviously cares a lot about the event and went to Qatar for the best buddies right. Yes now this is pulling American journalist asking him into the fund its talent we have the bodies. Who is that the son who's that woods said somebody else to be here for the next few weeks really is still around. Language it uses the best until the market all I got huge topic Gerry with a G Tom Ellis a move that the ten waging is that to have no comment. I don't know looks like it's what you I don't care as you put Melissa frolic. Who's most tribal chiefs and sports for a broader market most valuable James I think our team LeBron James. Holding lord Stanley Cup and you. I. Then one of our guys is a great week sons Mark James goes to think of Starbucks. Incidents that's mark with a seen him the company says CA RK. So reform. Again. If some we have some greedy we you know. Paul review. Community and as go to broad Peter Peters on was 20 tiger once they appear Peter Cabrera literally thirty seconds. You hear the tournaments outside the CFO. And never once has since they give credit wants to play that's what he should do. Should do is not to play in the NFL he besides with the team duty slap women around and see a good question. Mean I think I you know I love Portland we did we did he would criticize sloppy police on some of these cuts and he says you're just Syrians snuck it. Primary history of that's domestic abuse histories bad and you know I guess. If he goes out there time and and they healed the wounds or whatever he'll go up there and 2345 years and come back like Flutie did someone fact. He could go back in the NFL but if you won in a phone right now AB back up couldn't be a rule would. Rehashed the domestic abuse story there wouldn't be a good look there was no way he could come here. I mean there was talk about him back our brains no way because the date came and god now we wouldn't be the only ones. Who would you know reviews the story and it's ugly day you forget Howard that I liked he liked do you like Colin people who hate you. Developed a personal frank Purcell OK I work done that scared and you never do it no guts they call eight or Cephalon anybody's. And it got great Grace Kelly my point would be normal burnt. It's not for you and me. The jingle of keys. Are. Generally sound. Yeah and. And walked one arm up and we're going wrong. Or. Now yes go ahead either. I mean I get us out here we're yet stabilized and I I would like he would purists. Only eight. While Brady get street Guerrero. You make a lot Euro and Friday it then he couldn't bump and eat it eat. It. Here is. How he says she says there is best friend got Brothers Jon and write a bill to the vitamin is a huge huge numbers it's not a person. It's personal stop. And really what. Healy the pace as any aspect his all camera repeater to save our caller. No yield equal would you talk what you said mean the the business news in affable guy but he loves the guy. And physically guy's been disrespected. And you know what caucus to. Confidence that way to grow to be way too. I guess some laws for. Us today following today when he fought for a totally third point. He gave his new deal right in the B happens acclaim but he also. Thinks the Guerrero. Who's being disrespect them. By the organization. Right knee swelled to Borough is the this is not ruled muffin that's sweet affable guys to get the rub downs now but the article one time. When adults should go to Thompson and 1030 and thirty S now that he's going to be famously short. Hurts. Invasive. Today because he has not won again in this and again like the yell and scream epic match write about it and I think Brady's being selfish but you know okay. Right well as you've probably definitely yet from what he has never once by guiding a dvd clubs Guerrero Kuroda is important in the past of Brady's told you how important OTAs are now he's blowing them onus is told us how important Guerrero is OK okay. If he loses this this lays the foundation for the start of training camp and if you have a good training camp usually means a good start of the season and did season you know good start this season. Leads to you know good position entering the second half of the season which leads to good player so everything ends up having some. Significance to immediate. Is Danielle at bowling gonna establish some great. In Paterson. With with Jordan Matthews and arrows backs and burials and all the guys they'll put you get on Sarah Brady's told us over the years how important stuff as of now he's blowing it off. A year is on me that's. According to Brady in the past he's had in three years ago that makes him a fraud. Well in the passage to Joan portrays he's been consistent as you said the rate three years ago few misses with a matter it's a yes well that's why doesn't matter yes I think it's as though they matter of principle because he likes this kind of thing likes OTAs. He stayed away. Because crock was on Friday you doesn't apply and we usually move in the weasel Northrop's weasel its inconsistent. As a weasel moved and you pray that we don't move. We easily strategy eight that's legitimate it is. That's a lot of it is part do you think he's galloping acting in the SEC on the ballot in real time. Ways he Galvin today season Brookline. Or Chestnut Hill wherever. Where can we pork before it was in New York was absolutely today's Gallup venting in New York like 2 Central Park or maybe you know two. News whenever the zoo that we do we need element to the art gallery that a number did you what did you drop would you drop. Of course you can send that she can't yell UK okay you can Richard now allowed to them accents. Yes. And again you're okay. Each CEG home court advantage here which is keep Reagan. Never done that. That's it and that's the it's a three day now. It's an and you don't love Brad Stevens has just saw some three game series. This isn't he did you go Richard he could play. You know we all of client base had three. He said this is the NBA I counted 722. Times isn't as near the NBA he said he knew record even for him there was a little bit. Over night for a moment for good headlines that criticized Bret Stephens ones are reluctant to get shots for. I don't know why they're making it semis little run in the fourth quarter and it was a playing great believes finally got going expression of Ronald for the court quite a market Smart. By nine minutes ago I don't know that we Marcus was flopping all over the place where we heard something that floppy took last night I think she's is who wants more LeBron Marcus Marcus Smart. Who's the bigger deeper LeBron Marcus months close long he's kind of almost as urgent to get some success through. And but you don't want a Smart flop was on the brought right when LeBron this is the big password again the most important player in the game he's rubbing his knee. Like he's hurt and nobody not the fans until coaches know let the viewers nobody thinks nor this could be an issue. Right now because he's robbing a needle producer Edwards thinks that's LeBron got a little banged her own. Lou how we are in place that up because that's what he does you're good headlines that Chris for change and Exel Atlanta's Chris Curtis and each time. Headlines as a player in the show. What I get with sex like yet during between 10 AM and 6 AM likely to be an example would guess that. Say do you know wanted to book with the other 21 of our former coach self from NFL network or prior employer Ryan horn the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns and there's a connection to. Played for the patriots right I do not. Have any idea why anybody on 128 today would wanna listen to Brian Orr discuss. The student who gave us time Kurt Curtis courage and Callahan ends. Block. What years. But it's pointed to the other PLC fifty. Cleveland fans though there watching as to what's the greatest player ever the only team that's won a championship for them. And that's over a couple games in this team's been soccer game that that lead to that and because of thicket of Bryant Miller Cleveland. They know that watching you you've mentioned earlier I was not beat duke Celtics there it's next year and the year after army their two best players are this is means nothing. It is awkward title anyway really means nothing to this team means everything to that course yeah absolutely thank you. Just in front Kurtz lesion that LeBron James yes it's like it's headlines brought by doctor Robert Bullard document the prestige. The air doctor Brian Scalabrine 18 and again here so we relate. I sausage we dealt with him every day for a couple years never think of Emmett Everett and he and he never effects of technology beat it on what is life like he never talked and he never. You really think you really know him you're drunk the whole time really don't know but he but he knew you were direct and I think he's had suspicions. Yes I think he did a beat up on HR percent isn't weird like no he he and other producers side are not fans. But I know people like you more now than before. I think so I sort of course and I could or curse he doesn't care of anyone likes the XW that's what you like you were me that's it no nothing else I reviewed it solid here. Nothing else matters all the producers hate them host Tatum. Call as people you know management. Doesn't care why he wants like dale hates him I was curse at one. I'm with you hate me. He. Said. Dale it's you don't despise us and here it is guys headlines brought you by doctor Robert Meyer document the prestige 1800. Host of headlines Crist urged the morning. Good morning guys Starbucks is new third place policies off to a rocky start there 13 place orders placed policy. The third place policy maintain that employers should consider anyone who went through Starbucks space including restaurants cafes and patios in customer regardless of whether or not they meet you. Oh that's such a great policy. If I'm winning a cigarette to papered in papers to the company laughed as a as a you know I did winning. You know. I doubt a little bit in there and smack in the horse yet in onto her own right when shut up. Are comfortable David grab my you learn by aerial or ground and that's and I don't know that's comfortable place that we should welcome everybody share. What users claim they worked at a Chicago Starbucks wrote on the web site and homeless person using the bathroom got into a fight with a customer to another read about issued within start except the new policy with an active said that there and bags of drugs blot on wall species and other homeless people being seen spotted out stores in the Chicago and Washington DC area. The most of the most disgusting place in the world is now a Starbucks in locusts you know bad neighborhood weather you know are like drug addicts homeless Manhattan Starbucks or or a yellow that's different issue Cumberland farms ever nope ever ever ever I was there it or not allow anyone to shoot these W recipient of Kabul water's clean as can be clean as a whistle. Alternative clean toilets not a NASCAR events and Donald Trump is a huge fan of NASCAR. We don't test our rates you'll see thousands of patriotic Americans from the grandstands. To the pit stalls proudly way to ease the power plant. And roaring with Julie at the words. Still like you are engines all the in the pits and I will tell you one thing I know about that sky they do indeed Brian stand. But the playing of the national at them right. Damn right. They do that at football games through. To see the taste of this so room. It's on page one of the globe apparently so. Are you a better page once or troubled I'm guessing. On where trump doesn't tools on tweets that some of staff I don't believe this way. On this and this summer staffers do it for him and they misspelled words and use led bad grammar on purpose. Because they want to appear to be more common regular guy just us. I don't believe that big at all dumb stuff before his prices went five years right and and you know you can't do this like saying I could write in your voice you can't write and someone else's voice. Particularly when that voice is so crazy. You can't duplicate would trump does in his own voice mean if you try with exclamation points and ms. spellings who doesn't work degree he has to be the guy. I agree that. I we have a it's threatening note that caused the cancellation of school and pollen today which never makes sense to me as usage during the past what do these ever. Led to anything no actually never ending our cause of the bomb threat I just to hang up on your telling one. Taught in schools were canceled because of an anonymous and threatening note was found by faculty member at the end of school yesterday so no school on what is the know say. It does not since specific. Tremendous headlines and what's next a she scripts Howard Stern. Spoke with all out I saw a letter Letterman on his left foot on an upcoming MacBook showing some so Letterman has Netflix show announced an hourlong recess and the new views do you watch your left he's not gone over its human foot by having its eye on those things so why used to look as a kid that loved Letterman loved him loved him. Now hate which is in knowing. By the by the way got to survive me to which you would believe right that's a good point and others others may not at room with a bed. It used to to you know trapped young interns interns and right assistant producers and now Kia champions guidance of the topical. Eludes me anyway. So he has on lake George Clooney in cases that concern and Obama's going to be Obama was on and I think in what if some some young girls and honors well letter it's just it's just an excuse us. We had Howard is he's a miserable man. Power talked about trump and what he discussed the reading women when it was on shown to me like a guest who comes on and says anything. That is in his mind is a great guest and he would get on and no matter what I asked them he would answer yes at an a very sincere and thought out way I'd say. Donald. And I don't call mr. trump say mr. trump. Tell me. Who the great views if I ask you some change can you tell me who the great beauties off he goes first of all. Straight face the great beauties Howard. I'm not actresses. It's models and a lot of these girls. Who work in the you know and what works and in pain in history when we see six cents. So you know might say well. I'm thinking and Angel we use a great view seven. Really walked Wear out come on you get it was you know it was a great beauty who. My daughter of vodka she's attend and so we hadn't got. As friends should be. And that's the story is what it's years old Iowa Letterman Letterman is not. How creepy guys Wentz are you've lost you he lost them a good point pick another fight gave. Well we have a story out of starts sorry sir Chris Stearns cents poll says this turned taxes trump on a million times right it certainly started a Democrat this as a great yes yes he says that'll that was a great cast but he doesn't know support him. He's big Hillary guy that's tough parts to this fall on this lunatic who's running for mayor on the platform of like execute and everybody. Right as a change of mind and everything you say David Katz who's against that but at least been released but I but the statements Hastert to say that but he troubles great guest takes some guts and honesty to me as you know oil sticks since he doesn't play any yields and don't let's that we talked with that I don't know what happened there but this some kind of deal. Where they're not take it all the crazy old trump sound on its deal trump. New home and he's turned it is embarrassing troubled so much if I could and don't really know her trump and I think the liberals concerned life. Like we want to get away from the attachment or if they have it probably played a sound that's really embarrassing showing buddies all the time. His start as a whole channel to vote old stuff in the never played don't trump ever have which is good for trump. I guess having them but isn't that the wouldn't. We give people voted for proper level for the would have mattered because he's not serious is now Matt I mean he had stuff it's almost as bad as the Billy bush tape. And what it would in some new records but again that would help him. Well not that dirty election why he won. Nobody Billy bush tape helped them pick any idiot who voted for prompted the bush I'm just gonna. And like you perky. It didn't help to boost to the public to trump who's. It was forget it I knew on the video guide. The talking Frederick law bad. A passenger is this external charter of breakdowns bisexuality. Theory and some fifty to make different tactics to wanna do anything good to a ton of volatility electrified people costliest UNC is unique easy okay. Because you mentally as if he's not no one ever asked that a what you could pump it's this. Passenger Frontier Airlines flight. Assaulted two people sitting next to a Agassi moved and then proceeded to urinate on the seat in front of him when Jerry would do that these criminals to be fairness when you. Plan on whatever jetlag and India took a foot there's no rules when I think what jumps on like the the cards come and I think there's no other stories just terrific or wizard the day before the summer of service dog out of that there was a gauge of what he's ones they were stuck around with like sixteen hours. That is literally the sounds of the worst thing on it is it in its worst and like crazy because we've been sluggish and this yeah. Her ample and the what's what what's larger the way to close the long four hours right it could you imagine that 545. Times along that. But our alleged you'd you'd be you'd literally and I did with my kids when they're younger I was amazed we still talk about his handling it well that I did. Mentioned a little young kid year old three year old I mean now you're in the iPad like world but still. Like in the effort to get their four how is your own food that the kids but the violence. They do worse if the ball well you can always Q&A slide that's gone to a fan I am here I am that atlas which is sort of like this and we can do could fly to Vermont when you do that ultra marathon and going to be a new crew absolutely there anything. Rally will hear good. But look what Iran to take a pocket calendar of the Buick on top podcasts like why people are bisexual. And you can shut ash that shut up guy on one of your two we rebound brief we impulse yes. One person like particular we were parting Houston but he goes and kills them that vehicle at the window. We were probably firstly we use yes I don't even though we were in you're looking at it while 31 with this boy after it as a on Tuesday. Was eighteen year old daughter yes yeah. But his eight year old the lottery thirty carat diamond ring for her birthday. Cost over 900000. Dollars after perspective. And his sons though is mystery thankfully from but that's not. I was mammoon. There's dad's and son's only son beat a finger as 1% rate his estranged from his father to resume before Mayweather senior. Yes they strange. I'd open. They have me what position may weather's gonna play this old timers gamer. I picture was of middle infield is the second baseman. I as headlines by two by doctor Robert Willard document the prestige 1880. Here over. You just hope hope Francisco the game. God made god made you like that love. Nice yes that is me. I'm serious he did make you like that. Right and if so I don't think you can believe this of the disease will be used to use the term sexual preference vegetables like that you preferred that. That's and that does apply to some people. Because. And bisexuals so they. Well it's I still think it's that still from their audio you know what they have to choose to wanna be monogamous you have to choose so that will be shortened our quiet quiet we do that is why do this and why when I'm not having this conversation. Jerry wanted to reiterate and I had this conversation I didn't play it I'm not. You must've told them ten doesn't do anything lecture that I pay to play Google did not I don't know. Realistic view the senate complain boats by its tax as it doesn't. It's fine I just I don't think we're gonna agree on this one. I only know through green on what it's just the fact what are up by about interest. So your point is if you are bisexual. And the city or bisexual woman and you Marion and yours in essence turning your back on half of the year. Traction correct I don't just I okay and I'm really disagree with and I that. Part of you know a no no no no advocate ranking is still physically tracked that we can't act on it okay so if you're married right let's pretend that you let's pretend like you hear we again you're like my pants. I think your memoir my pets very happily married yard were very attractive woman. And you know women. Are turning your back on all those women as well but but it's the same impulse your head or sexually one would impulse okay we're trapped in this up attraction I'm attracted to woman and I have a woman. Film content OK happier than me and nine and is part of it and of course it is not yet gone to and I know what part of what if you're trek let's say let's say the wife has whatever. Enormous breasts are attracted to women who have who were flat chested. You're then you're in turning your back mollify just a winner in America silly. I'm not a I hate your basic currently in stance on so we are traction as a red heads and you marry somebody who brown and that's. If you had her as drew and and I find and it was just an attraction of opposite sex I ever. Someone of the opposite sex and I'm happy I am I have spoken about sexual think you get right. Of course but they have to choose to keep both. But he did you can't can't follow through humble but again if you're attracted to women and that's only one thing dirt track testing contract woman if they're trying woman dressed like that all women. You marry well besides Hillary he's silly talk about zinc and that's okay what do you call those people attracted tall women. At resorts has halted heterosexual Ike could you get to be heterosexual. If you're bisexual bisexuals and you don't of course you can't eagle preacher dominated some guy if you wanted to be a what's the difference is you don't have to act on younger actor and neither is she due like it to be with a woman. Again with a common every night one want it. Every night yes and I'm I'm Mike plays alright 350 a pack. Mike that's not a very happy my defense that one woman put the agent hounded. Might slow down a juicy. And what's affairs has poll via CRA's director yes she hugs everybody on stage Pompeo. She hugged trump gave like feasible cheeks like you'll know I'd European thing about it. And he hugged her like crap. Like real affection among parents and parents is to. Fairly tight why he's on the prowl. He's debate that she's not a pretty standard. Anyone least sent. He's asked why now owns a bisexual call to if you want 6177979%. That's bisexual Tuesday euros in memory of hunger but I don't accounts to discredit me no analysts disagree with you recruit me so. Alex would agree with the either us he said on the air. It is no such thing that's been Paladino ecology notes you buy it for gay person is innocent until things that are kind of presumptuous. But did but that's especially percentage coaching how would you know. People are more differently you must of course but so they're people or attracted the manner in which. He disagrees can I mean advocates it's it's it's. Home he disagrees recurrence thing we could get a monitored I get a house for man or woman that's your bisexual or do you get morons from one of the other so I knew yeah. Which is. Do. You man it's important outs email looking at or. I don't wanna hear that they like best management secretary. No we would not probably we re not and we wanted story here. Who are responsible bisexual Tuesday's. Effort good ones being I think we can lead to make an attitude. When did you know humans. When did humans can separate from the rest of and the animal kingdom what year become you know making some nutrients and was so therefore they just run around like an animal describing I think so yeah weld someplace you Soviet. You can't guess. Where subordinates and spurred local establishments. It's still import from inappropriate improper illegal to what do you courses which over the because it's not illegal for like a dog or. Whatever line to do. One legislate or to humans use to be animals evolved out Olympic refinement I think you know monogamy is kind of let's it is a signature moments that evolution and rape and you talk among men lines and rape of line right what this does no such thing as rape and animal can do you know. I don't know that we don't do anything about it every line woman is like on board. I don't think so it's insane would like to do it was sort of arrest them fund raise our charity. Arrested but I'll remember it. God I sock puppet degrees and you were me. I just don't understand I understand why I thought well let's go out and I I think because we I I understand that Julius Anderson now I just don't agree that's. It could be clear it's clear again it's cards don't a terrific. See you you would be governor George Collins take them on sale you have to. Paul threw just having an impure thought this churches right so you think having heterosexual thought management or sexual. I think now they're not necessarily the doing something but I but I think that give a bisexual gets married my guesses. If you're in an average bisexual gets married. At that point if poli experience both sides it by such and they're picked one. We pick the person out there on one yesterday one person represent for an entire says of that if you it is not by sectional pick a woman. That means you chose. Heterosexuality. Westerners. And you wouldn't be monogamous commitment to traditional marriage. You don't have to be used probably. Let people in my parents is people like that. Probably plenty of people like that but our question should notify us bisexuals we're gonna get them a twenty minute plus that's a good point. I like your goddamn bisexual calls. Out. Bisexuals. And pop stars the open dale and it is famous line but load them. That's what bisexual Thursday past month effort Friday. That's gonna be ready to reward ways and load them up Wednesday followed. Jackie looks that way he'd been. Have you ever had those thoughts I have never been attracted that was status. I am not one of these people like I hate guys who. You know hey guys who might enhance accurate that is years away from him at duke. Couldn't look at it for what's getaway for me. But I can look at and layered and Ryan Gosling and say okay one's a little bit more yeah you're right you. Without equal a mile pole dancing would you don't Holdsclaw and saying but I don't know you know. I too able to do that. Of course I've got human immediate Brad Pitt I don't think lookalike now as does my hair. Of gray hairs he hasn't attracted as title click or Destefano I was not attracted you now you bestseller rubbed her hands through that the starlet yes. The Olympic his goals and I'll show you one. I knew I knew he would have to in order to get Kirk engaged he has wanna talk. Today the court advantage which is my idea and arrests and duel and talk. Stupid policies are up against him that he shared or the break. You said you'll be worsened almost as bad as hockey talk about people yes and and I can explain it to cause it's his constant flow. Could football baseball regimented segment and Richmond said it's also easier to just sort of pick up a couple. Plays a couple players in basketball just this flow. And when you're someone in Glenn tries to DeWitt. And god knows Kilroy and James try to do it. It it's just tedious and surely the so it's not a bad start last okay went right what else we agree that prevents them not a big talkers from last and van Gundy says it all the time maker mislead it sounds stupid but it's true. If chair Smith shot goes in and Kyle Korver shot goes in the Celtics are screwed the greatness and I'm gonna take one step further. They're more likely to go even when the playing in the home court. It was OK now let's get to buy signal respect Jeffs in a car Jeff. Hey Jerry had a question for sure bill if you have a heterosexual man. That is attracted to women but beside that is look for the church is greater and a to be released if he no longer heterosexual. Though he has news. But he chooses. Abstinence. Is what it. But the other person chooses. To be little woman. Correct that's my only point. They choose. Which question again. I so her tackle a priest and yes I think the pre I think if you you know what there are gay priests and their heterosexual actual record and practice abstinence reject you do big priests are all a mean priest or not. What's the word about sex what's the word the use for them. Oswald Oswald state who have who have no physical attractiveness. No not that it's eight sexually sexual illegal recent signs something needs in the in the 87 and sexual you. Right so they're attracted to men or women or children or whatever but whatever it is they're attracted right right right yes so what's your point. But my point is they are no longer but they're still heterosexuals just the attracted so we capsule salute guests that are essential Greg Pritchard is different. Obama special at their current bowl there might. Thank correct thank you yes things only talked to John Pennsylvania okay. John's in Pennsylvania they had to check to make sure it's okay. John what's up. And I got a good morning. Derek gets so I I experimented with that in college and I I just don't understand your point so. Who miner carries. My experimented would watch. Manuel experimented would bisexuality. Woods' ball that's yeah yes. Yes smear him. But I did a good job. A judge who has. I'd say experiment with that in college. And her daughters can't Gerri I don't know if you pick by the other and how you're the actual bite. If you experimented with today are you gay or bisexual Gerri boy that really make a lot of. I've known for could point to two said. You have to pick if you wanna live a life for monogamy. Not quite sure I got a question about what you got to where. School it's a great question John that's an appropriate job much less than John. I I just really I just think that you know like I do. You know dear god how I guess are really interest didn't like you're wearing nothing creepy. All right that's our that's our creepy all non no I'm wearing a golf shirt and shorts about writing and right now from the public user will be wearing shorts and T shirts and maroon T shirt to the body and I've been used to write for the Harlem tech's you ask you that which orders a little our commitment comfortable. I didn't think it was appropriate I don't know why this I imagine would want to. I think things have just twist in this I just had made it simple. What was the projector like come talk and then like a foreign language coach I should and I understand it only really that I mean. You think it would be normal if a guy was married who's bisexual and you know on every other day when mountain lake. The men do not at all you do if you've been beat up women every detail to be dormant for guardian of that but he's got a woman he would do that has a woman on the guys who have women never do that but if he wants to be monogamous candy. We can be monogamous and he's a bachelor bisexuals remain anonymous. How do you do that. We still merits some feel beautiful and opinion yeah definition right we have but the two heterosexual gets to be with a woman. Every night correct right no problem he's happy with that one also assure you we did you watch history is filled with guys were just really happy women as you like you're bisexual you'd be happy right now. Or would you be with a pet him from really just if we have a great marriage with a great marriage factory members doesn't time. Scratch and ditch you know. I think I guess not but I think there's certainly point pornographic ballots that have used that so that would make you happy asked parents. You wouldn't know spokeswoman. Let's go to winning Connecticut they went. Hey you don't. I'm on Conan because I think that you're on an on the sponsored go to courses. Suit brought base here are. Part of the problem is ascendant if you are bisexual you picked all of the other. Your government not. The reality show for you like it's like he fall in love with somebody. And then that's it it's like anything else then you have to deny that others pointed to artificial attraction so. What so let's face some some some girl high school sickness of America's image not her social she's chosen not that it yet. Now boom while we get affects. Real agreement related degrees of media and Mary bisexuals. You're choosing a personal preference he agrees well choosing is referring to two degrees who's a singer reader him. Besides rumors once this is no such thing. What's key statement. Will find those. Through Friday you are roof. Did he for the drive I don't have a theory this is in the year just speaking of act. You're twisting an all round make me sound like a lunatic. I say I'm saying Andersen which is saying hedged on the grid that's all you choosing a person not a preference choosing person or persons either man or woman correct. Therefore it so facto you're choosing. To be either. With a woman or man either and it's always why we always excrement college wise and like and always a high school or why experiment that was as the experimental would you know. Hashish and an experiment with he got to stop you yeah. Did it again. And 7 NEWS at times sometimes seven. Experiment. To nurture if your ball Odyssey was assembled a few of attrition that's not experimented quite you must have some level attractions start right. Which is fine. They brought in to each his own I would say by its presence and he's not like really great to be. Well right master of the Taliban down in around I guess I'd our through continue at this sultry temple he's ball again find a way to do that. Maybe Jeff and it's very difficult to go to a six point 77797.