K&C - Tom Brady's weekly appearance; Headlines with Curtis 8-27-18

Mut & Callahan
Monday, August 27th
Hour 2: Tom Brady joined the show and discussed the difficulty of learning the Patriots offense and the travel arrangements of his body coach Alex Guerrero.  Curtis once again handled Headlines. 

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He'd skirt and Callahan. Which Kurt committee ahead and Gerry Callahan. Once Sports Radio WEEI. I. I'm here Jerious dots and it was back tomorrow. Every throw at rob Bradford joining me is to kick off our to Tom Brady is Tom Brady interviewed brought you by north east electrical. Distributors DCU vigil federal credit you what can decency you. Shaw's star market and north east med clinics specializing exclusively in men's sexual health. Tom has called this morning. Morning so I guess you seemed a little frustrated with the the performance of the offense on the front that be accurate. Well. It wasn't almost triple option around. You know I think like anything and I watched the tape and there's things that are really good thing. You know secret from score points. And offered to support you really got to beat. Consistent. Over the course that drive it you know the yen. Long yard situations and then convert it challenging in that area. Back in twenty years some might. That he. So we're back to work in front row at a all the pieces here now and you know we have giant Thursday and then after that it helped out so. There's a lot of urgency that I mean there's a lot of you know it's trying to get things right you know when it's not you know it's pointing Hindus to Wear and try to sort of kick. It seems you obviously with the Decker stuff and with Britain. And not having element it seems like your undermanned here heading into the season you feel that later or now. Well you know I think there's. You go to camp and I think there's things where your hopeless situations work now. And then you know the competition as we have. You know we eating in doubt and we have it's certainly start care. You know Jeff and and reject. Certain things haven't worked out a way that. You know we had hoped in that you know certain players with a Pope without football team on the ground. Loud and long enough to see it. Know every your paper and you are not gonna work out. Whether injuries or you know spurred gains that. Keep people from being at their very best and competing at the Hyatt of that exit poll so I'll work were out where we're I mean. I don't think anyone here as sergeant and the patriot that's in doubt for so wouldn't try to do the best we can do warned. You know hope it's good enough. Odyssey has been some guys obviously some been really successful some have and I think of guys like even lower back Donald Hayes or Ochocinco or Reggie Wayne. Rick do you know right away your college that they fear realize that nobody specifically beached in general hate this is it gonna click this isn't gonna work out as it is that a processor you. Where are pretty quickly. Why it's I think anything's over the quirky charm and we have. The guys who are in here at some point Odyssey of the talent to be able to play and compete in the NFL a lot of those sections that she ain't. A lot of production. Arm and do this particular situation. At that time you know are keen. Which it did work out. And I purchased a lot of doctors at Goldman. You know be successful. Athlete and being successful the tickle position on the team I mean. Okay receivers the challenging position and our you know our all that we. That we have entered graduate level type of all about it a lot alert which is not ET. Bobby deeper rookie party keeps the veterans. It's a lot of work it's time consuming it. You know we're gonna be effective on off since we've got to have a lot of no people out there that to process information quickly and make adjustments and everything changes week to week so. Everything that big adjustment in. You know guys you handle. You can compete at this skills of result. That's typically guys seem. Which are quite a few years or within. You know kick out an understanding. You know Josh Perry intense coach. You know. That sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't well. A doctorate work wherever you're not just the nature you know well. There's a lot of awkward like ago in Q that I would work very well. That what you waited. Some SP go along those lines of a wide receivers to I don't know if you saw it Dez Bryant going against Graham saying Tom Brady has always been my favorite player for a the first question is is did you see that the second question how do you have any communication with him at all. No dead just a little bit not to use. Are you available player. But you know I don't make those situations where our team and I don't. You know go there and tell me why I want and that's not a position I've ever played. Here you know you just respect. Our team or where they're looking for our personnel people and you know my job to play quarterback. Was ever hear that sort of make it work. But once our ever went second so I saw we saw the reports this weekend that. That Alex was on the team plane she wasn't for the second half last year I guess not on the sidelines that is that accurate. Yeah he took he lives with me that last week so as. Yet. So what what so what what what change in him not being empty plane last year and this year was that was that just communication back and forth there was that. Understanding of other things what what led to that are being able to happen this year. You know I don't wanna. I'm Mikey and all of. Okay yeah I met when I ran into him at the it's maverick in him at the Super Bowl lashing Minneapolis camera talking about the time we might talk to him there. He had said his opinion that all the stuff had been overblown he and Belichick actually had a pretty good relation even that. Would you say that was true. And so on into. OK guys. You. And everyone knows it's well documented how. At the workers argue together. I know I don't know you know I understand that I'm just trying to figure out this other reports this weekend these traveling with the team as you on the side while our front. Our guys have a great touching it. OK I guess that's that's it with with McGrady and not really sure what. What he's upset about. Every evening get your question the I don't I don't get elected Guerrero would not answer this obviously go back to the band hole and thing. Where you want to wait yeah I don't know we bogeys die when that happened I thought it was because the of the directors of the question linking it I don't think that's a lot of skepticism matured Brady's frustration is today I got it with. With three rows action Lukowich in the curious I said to him I talk to Guerrero. In Minneapolis he said it was all overblown that he said you know this this sort of issue going on with Ian bell check in the battling back and forth I did not expect I do admit I got meal. I get why he was pissed off at us in January about Roemer told league I got that the time expire until. Understand this doesn't make sense are we sure what's going on now because all the talk about the Guerrero. Situation the last year fines on those outside live and I spoke well but like I said was. When people ask about the gentleman thing that's linking Guerrero with the performance enhancing drugs are right I'd sort of understand that or via you can link that up. With the growth saying it's. And ask him just won't you have to be I don't really understand what. With the issue he knows going in this interview that this is going to be topic and if he doesn't know somebody to but I wasn't prepping him but it was even a combative topic not it was just I was curious and so the ballot the last question I guess was the quarterback question of the week. Brought Cuba north these men's clinic specializing exclusive agreement sexual health. The Brady interview brought to you of course as I said before Reynolds sponsor's I've lost a blow to read and replay it now Chris my mystics. Don't you even touched by saying that. You had spoken with ballots and we and it's causing a big deal that others had been mischaracterized the relationship between operating Belichick and Guerrero and. You see you're pushing a little bit. But because he says I don't want talk that you followed up but that your job I don't really follow it was more W I just said he was I was a move on was who was on the sideline Friday correct wasn't big enough I didn't think you it was a fair follow. I don't know he seems it seems like he's been to right between the ball and stuff which had it was a big deal either in this he sees its. You know has their butts that we can we can tell the difference if we give away from double thing okay we know way he shut down and right we may not agree with that but we -- way shouted down because he's leaking or someone's saying that is the Guerrero is being linked to win PDs -- correct yeah this one was. It's a question asked to be asked it's a topic that everyone's talking about it now I would. Has there ever been anything sing don't ask about Guerrero. Well that was a little bright soul. If I mean this is a legitimate thing to sizzle with this is at the heart of everything you know if you want it. If you want to keep saying this thing here I don't wanna talk about even after that last question I would assume that. Probably that was going to be the last yeah so about it there because Evan was really one again as opposed to your question. The sports I what are they want and what. One question I would ask him if I had an emblem and amount of time would be about his belief on distractions he's talked a lot about distractions what he hangs up. On the show right now in reaction to an Alex Guerrero question he's Smart enough to media savvy enough to know the reaction he's going to create. From that. Because we're all gonna read into why why why didn't bother himself if there's still tension at the top I was NFL mark we've mentioned and the big game in the book that just came out. In the characterizations in the air. And leave bitch says I learned that the pitcher shaky line with a top robber crept about it Tom Brady could cobble part. Breaking his blessings we'll keep The Who talked him right. Tanya prevention and that's what's gonna ask about a public should be no well I'd say the Brady is if I get a chance to talk them again which I guess I guess a well I don't know. I would say oh this is kind of part of the deal give a business partnership with this guy you put them all for your documentary you produce a documentary together like this is life this is how it goes just answer a couple of semi tough questions about. Well we fought back and forth a perfect 45 minutes two years ago when that's that is Oxford ninety seconds bizarre about it dissect the subs trying to clarification I'm I'm I'm I'm surprised that's like I said. The Roemer think I totally get from Brady's and I had no problem that a defendant in fort with a hard with a hung up to this. This one is mystifying to me I don't get. Well I really given said Brady is a Smart guy he's as a media savvy guy in so when he does this for two the two time to grow has been brought up since he started talking to -- right the whole thing and it's. I don't think he's been brought up in any other media. Get together right so he's done this twice nobody asked you about Guerrero from here on end because they don't want to be shut down by I guess I get NBA you're doing your job your wrist and no I don't. Yes but I kinda think again filing with tickets you know I'm not sure what the you know. To me Brady can't say he can't but he really can't say I mock the talk about Cabrera that's that's not that's not he's. Maybe visit this partnership with this guy he's made his living like it is post careers with this guy. He travels with the patriots he takes care half team you can't say he's off topic in opt off. Off limits you can but not like realistically it's a distraction. This whole thing about I don't know. Not just create one I guess and I'm I do admit I got sent thousands I was not. Surprised at all once I figured out the package was at the end of January I guess it would yes but didn't surprise me again that this one is confusing me. Well it also it was surprises me and the potential to craft for facilities and African. Tees. Cameo ever and I'm happy or crap from our people here again opus if if if Brady says two to the people here whoever deals with these things look out on happened come back next week I'm not can take your career question what do you do we don't ask older titles but what a horrible about it we said we'd we'd make it very clear in the audience that's the case but the continuation of that there. I think that surprise you though shocked that I don't know if I could happen but doesn't surprise you that that hadn't been if that's the case that hadn't been broached before this. Like leading up to this who we all. I think about I don't think I don't know what you know yeah I don't know what I don't know operate expect and also you guys have such a UW been interviewing him for a how many years now yes that question you have the back and forth with the Guerrero stuff before. I just don't. The the of the rebirth thing when he hangs up I think your point I think we understood fully justified by this surprises me just because I actually get what I have got a real Guerrero. Right I mean I've only shoot targets and had some issues I've suspicious police who. To expect him like I'd you know I'd I talked to have the issue a notion of him obviously something's in the past we don't want fine now. I'm surprised item and surprise three guessed it gloomier for me 61777979370. With Brady with for many announcements can be tough call went with the what went on it's obvious that all six or 777. 7937. In headlines with Chris Curtis is well we'll take your calls on Brady and all that's something up on us. Shall replace him here on the times across the country 200. Hundreds 101000 times this is not good for playing out killing the last half hour please raise he's trying to control the media which is. I don't have a problem with that but you know peasant. As long as these people can see through. I think it was a decrease packages Tom Brady again that but again you can't. Make career your business partner. Put him in all over your documentary and it's a you know I can't and I won't talk I mean I guess it you can but it's not realistic ask. He's treating access for. And that's world and he can basically saying I'm saying man. Used to rest shall. Right 61777. 7937. Is likely 46 calls from Angela I'm sure during the break with no thought all right let me have it in headlines of Chris Curtis. Each time once again for headlines. So I don't wanna get into it OK guys. You and everyone knows it's well documented health. Of the work that you argued together. I know I don't know you know I understand that I'm just trying to figure out this other reports this weekend he's traveling with the team was he on the side while our front. Our guys have a greatly populated. It's time for courage and tell my hands. I asked. Then. You know what you know we miss there and yeah their views on the sidelines and yes Obama. Pressure's really I don't I don't know characters that. You'll direction we're Smart to follow their because. He similarly at that I don't I'm good and leaders to do and there's a good. I'm I'm I'm confident my if you give an example of what something you'd did having them in respect of this I mean you're interviewed your questions robredo was too tough. And I trust Paula. Wife. I divert and forgive me my all mighty Kirk for you like the dead bride. Typical W yet dot com and La routed at that spot. It's legit you know I really Stockton which he called the mass of the simply for the pigs and god knows his role played on him. Axle turning. A think we're in the overall it's it's unfortunate that it's the timing could have been better this would when he's he'll be out next week he's he's pissed about I'd. The gripping to trigger for some reason I mean I understand it. I'd look to social media for election. Now we don't listen to say is it is because people that work you have no idea and I reference that all the time it Terrero and we've talked about that that relevant government IDC white people it's important to him is crazy now this was I don't know why one when you start talking about nutritional adequacy but it is a combative back and forth. This is Jessica receive this was this was open and I thought. I am that I swear he guided the who's in my son Antonio light yet you'll get that. Then faction of the party supporters by anyone with a brain and I think it's more likable or its ups they routed their players who defended the headline that that that is an old school Red Sox where it's. That's true. Headlines but by doctor Robert matter document their prestige the hair doctors of the Portland 1800 here. Receive calls we'll get you guys the second in the car ride in Bellingham on the Portland and the car in the area of the guys all hang on okay. Here's Chris Curtis is hosting Atlanta Chris good morning. Good morning guys reported this morning good morning. And what are you doing what's Robert do. Let's mortgage market and about eight months and exits beat the light goes what. You'll take history major with a means rob it's a much a lose lose. Is it rob is too far over that which I don't know what's going to remove him and I Brad I etc. I have my. Line of sight of removal is your thoughts on your partner or like it defensive stance of the morning with good morning I. A little rattled I don't know. Well I you know I just have such a nice talk with Thomas and along we said hi Chris and I said corporate data that banks and you know I don't want to rile us on talk with a out of the idol could. Well what guys that Donald Trump or is it through John McCain steadily as I write about that he Mon two point. Excellent transition and in the president of the United States declined. To issue a statement. Alice passing and I say this oddly says I'm not defending trump to accidentally becomes worse moment is we do we had to cut ten from the debate recently x.s. He's the war on terror fears is that what you are prisoners captured. I like people were captured OK it's. That's not his best moment right there may be his worst moment but so McCain trump hate each other. Hate despise seeing now we want trump to pretend he liked McCain just he hates that guy that McCain and he's not going funeral right. No he's not speak docket if there's a dispute that they'll they hate each other they just happened to hate each other. Much have to pretend he likes McCain is the leader of the country's senate president of mutual respect for what they don't shop there. Sugary. That they do I could McCain make analysts and I don't think the market analyst at the citadel like each other. Equity want attracted potential output that's insulting trump on its interest to see my deepest sympathies go out riots on that yet with a picture of him. That picture of Donald to myself yes suggests that your job killer we have available to phones pets. Did you do as president better disorder to say does that that the people do what we need to criticize about what they'll say he's not being a bullet this jet was right right. That would spyware that. Could it be the bigger better man it's a good example you need to be didn't get bigger man John McCain. And albeit bigger betterment of those people want us to win those remarkable radical Muslim I think the most remarkable part of you read McCain of obituary. Is it the union says McCain is survived by his mother. 106 year old mother Roberta stole did you see the was HBO dot gets an excellent. The George W. Bush and Barack Obama will be speaking thoughts about Robert. If it. I want to get your thought about it. Incredible thing while McCain is under the Hart or that your account handling of the Republican Party you'd like McCain because he sold them out I totally get that I really Anderson over the coming from independent thinking of terror and on top of that but I mean I would say that it became more port McCain easy doubled to be liked by the New York Times about that part of the world just following what people's right in not following party line type that. They also be tremendous thing but I can understand if you're a part of the right between the part of the party disagree with him until soft and get that you do agree with just isn't war. When you look at this like for you really look at the man's life as some as a whole. He was in basically what's in the hole. For five and a half years. They broke his arms sometimes upon we could Colmes now there could have been released could it really does not more than once this is that was an admiral and he wouldn't do. And this guy who was in here in that hole. Became you know. 20000 electoral votes which meet the president of the United States it's one of the great. Wives in American history to iGoogle and so on ovals or. You think trump was in the right on a lot of these are right in saying. It's it's sort of like when they want people apologize the radio when. They're not really sorry they apologized but he buries them for the apology but he can't really win the neutral in this situation you issued but when notes right. But check issued a state it's a Hamachi like McCain and respect McCain's you wouldn't be right. You can respects and maybe you could just pay respects. You respect sure if you read that you think about is him saying he cares you stimulus if you press I guess right and wrong. But a sheriff this is Google through all the pressure you've felt. Francis should know right from us guys such a bus geysers on what a vomit he is what you vomit when the vomit the Catholic Church leadership is and I feel bad for people who really care. You know I think my wife and friends of mine I think family members who goes to go to church every day once a week and it really care. And they're doing this again Philadelphia stuff is worse the Boston. And now I have no doubt. If this. Who was the guy's going broke what's his name Carlo Maria being out. Is I've no doubt he's right no question given the history Catholic Church no question. The Pope knew about this in buried which is it all if they did this again it's. It'll be arrogance of these guys who live in this pretend world treated like gods people actually think he's closer to bought them for regular but you're good RC my buddy and eagle. He goes to church every single bit of ice with it goes every single morning he's a great guy he's a good Catholic. Why is the hope considerably closer to god in him why. Estimates as to why does he Wear jeans like tens Fran. He is not why why don't get why I am not be Catholic thing. The biggest car. It's fraught history. Of merit of the world its conference's. But these tweets all loving each other and how we need to treat him as he turns out if it turns out he knew anything at all a bit them but that what happened to just move them elected it would burn out rate or I always Wear them so how is live right of the former idol finalist helicopter who have in the palace by the water of servants literally washing is the promise of the Pope. Haven't looked at him I didn't write the note but is this whole light is paid for extremely god make some money. So that's our I don't know allegedly told Pope Francis for what is nothing much. Thought about the the most recent sexual assaults on children is being raped and he knew about it it's about what's move around somewhere else with Barry is very historic any reaction. So to boost the Cotchery is. And you're into the Red Sox have little idea to big story the Carter yes and and quite feeling each option. Who he strength at Erik Bedard Evers. It with another hired a high level apart likely coming to mill hill is Annika or memories. An erroneous and September 1 what should it was doing the last thing that shall cancel. How to. Read about weed smoking a she blocked him now. Yes you tweet about so completely. She's well maverick is in your votes are smoking weed eat your brain by almost three years substances to 120. And now issued obvious the incident we do this. So march 8 was their last. They've enough here for six months almost. Geez it's an opportunity to do. Toward this week I saw me through into the south. And she's done Soviets the skipper days idiots are being slow Leo and those cheap guitar I was listening yes did you get these people right left. What's he doing now. Sports center is a guy questioned the opinion these sort of get SC six shows are done and they're doing a much more sports and I chose that's progressive this is a vital. I want to turn on the morning to see happening game last night getting the spot that's the that's true I liked it but by the way you wouldn't say if those shows were good. If it was a good funny show like PT I was at the start in the corporate highlights should say this is I like watching this. It's because show stinks. The segments though how long is a segment on that box sportsman. Elections there Holland hello I would use that we're gonna talk about these next fifteen and it's like and so you round and round up more Pete yeah I would greatest. Mean that's like thirty seconds that's what should be done. Okay Ronald over program and I have more awesome all right your web site we don't know if I am including the Boston sports and I. Late shows he's a good show. And the Oscars that's violence that's headlines by two by doctor Robert lettered document their past the hair loss leaders and when the 1800 Gator until you're on the Brady stuff which insurers. Now all over Twitter over the Internet it's an excellent. Perry already have a or does it really that would that they get his managing editor live tweeted out of the era as dull buzz about the Dez Bryant question yes it was great job I've got a question because getting back project. Debating this bill cannot hold that against me Gloucester eloquent as well but I was more elegant like that question about the about the book yet. Probably not when you ask me I think you're set on unity. She's wanted to examine frolic and that's true because I don't need it Guerrero and a the only thing it sets down and please when you call upon you musically Robin response. Tommy's at the time it. Closer to guess the question to you good to say without that today against us feel guilty. I think you do you do I MA that's that's a classic interview crotch Kellyanne why you say I'm easing into it right yes you just read you docket you to have quite a report we felt like that on site about the Montreal to what was what was that we. Thumb is. And along those lines. Wide receivers to I don't know if you saw it as bright governance programs and poverty is always my favorite player for a the first question is is did you see that second question I've you have any communication with them at all. Back as not a bad question you I'm not gonna I would defend human spirit like clearly talked. And that's sort of frustrated upset right there to disguise Blumenthal of ours was immediately sensitive. Huge relic was booming off journalistic giants. Fresh off the Raoul Martinez spotless the Brady definitely will go to Stacey James sent down for him to it could happen our explain why the state James is a way I can confirm that. All three you hit back at the all the pay out Robert Kraft for me this look this nice one message couple weeks ago we could it's all gone but crap that's. The stuff goes through with me very nice message seems a very nice guy. It was very nice to do and by how old is how the patriots upset witness dictate how you come up to Simpson's PR person. Dot via scenario but I don't I don't know they at least always up sentinel that Kevin Gregg could be upset at that reflects player hung up on you. Kevin Gregg whether or not if you say it's legitimate choir I don't want a man and a one gallon I have to defend the play on Wanda that's the tough questions and expert trees Judy Martinez. Shot opportunities like his guns at least what's and it's a Graham post. I've thought supplement circulating on Twitter and we going to return the breakaway red lights on would well yeah what's going on I don't actually know what it is. And I'll just sent to me I haven't in front of what is it it's it's got a picture of Hitler that's never gets ever good start now and it's it's a valuing what Hitler hail. Yes they all are it says conquering nation. First disarm its citizens Adolf Hitler in 1933 points to okay. And it had a from January appoint moderate I'm glad that you think the message yet after and then he says this is wise message this is why I will always stay strap. Fast fact the truth welcome. Here's I Annan always anti Nazi. That's on it's it's I guess I just I don't I don't pro gun and Dinah it's from five years of those classic now. Well it's why I'm so sick at a pace we were between the fibers that are absolutely right exactly Kurt praise me and broadcast that was 2100. Million U love if the this sort of ironically to it was a really it. It's important it is and everything. People look at people's houses and frequencies some real psychosis there. All right let's go to. And they have my back pocket and go I don't produce 6177779371. React to the Brady interview to replay when Chris. I'm 9 o'clock 9 o'clock OK Tom got a report on what's going that you probably know that what's going on right. Are you doing great on the interview what you got a little exciting he pushed radio that clip that's where elegant could be different beast. I made isn't this is what many here so I yes okay so I appreciate that I'm I'm taking your feedback from ingesting thinking about but I would say. Oh I'll get out of Baghdad. Yeah you've got a beautiful interview from Guinea in sight to a credible Kuwait this crime on all of these in the white dead right. Can't content peachtree that you release in the table wouldn't like it. I think it's all the air ball. Rob serious Tom I've obviously it's on your during the break he seems frustrated. I just seems like me you listen in tough question to miss US of that answer yet about the receivers in Weston. There wasn't exactly like yeah now will be fine. Yeah I knew this team yet equal I mean think about how would you hope you're him right now I don't know at home and right he's gone for the first four games. Decker did not work out mussina retired but clearly it was working out he'd be evident Ireland and Britain are brits failed out so what we have nothing I would say this is is worst record receiving corps is as a person to McCormick he's ever had. At any air by the way in which you assessing for supper contractually yes you have a five million dollars on the table which. No quarterback in league has the play fill up Dorsey has the play sports. It is he said start last night but she beliefs is you know it is is they are setting up there I could see why he's taking the sending him to fail. You get a wide receivers which get to keep your your trainer your business partner on the plane that was built horse that is was a guy who was an extra guy on the on cuts were getting tough last year and he's their number two receiver in the death. And I wanna come back to what Tom said about Jerry troll ever and I always try to get better so now what strike. Jerry's role. So what should we have done. What should we have done being sincere way and we have we have we have Johnston bowel don't go -- don't ask a question I. I would say you could feel memo we did the Roemer and review we you Chris. You could feel in the air he's pissed off from the start we can ask to Jo-Jo to question that's our question. They cast even why part of it did you get that sense of happened all I had a completely you can. Now it was like the college is very forthcoming actually use tennis now huh the last question that pushed and he said no and then he started off at the start anymore right answer the core I think that's right he just said no if you listen to defend myself here. If he just said no in. It sounds of just move on that's it police are talking book or about how you want to talk about it it may seem like you want to you're claiming great. Topic that's on news and I know you're told and she like pre. You're exactly and huge huge patriots supporter and and you've never been physical means that he called me about my first let's get to the real poor issue here to forget the great Paul frame him Vincent in its investigative work. Paul how are you. I did I I looked look both felt that it was that is in the motel right artists adjourns. Right under our self yet caught characters watch it but I think. Don't arch street it. Would cost an hour. Social with the person about fourteen world OK I five bathrooms yeah wow that's a big place. Nice if you want fourteen individual more outgoing call but now about sons. And so cute they're marketed its yet but also. Donald who may not actually at our. Most places is that the color TV. Noted. He's an RTC. As you down like put the quarters in the die stole five and it was kind of a news. Or it. You think I mean it must have so he's been volatile for six months. I think more than that a lot of money don't care if it's what's on the cape in the summer. You don't Kirk I don't know Q you'd watch column up. On our good enough it's more depressing we got an outside your dad is in my house. What it's a weird thing I'm trying to help your family bring you together by god Brian let let me have. Are so listen it's a privilege that you have on radio show a great guy 2000. Okay you couldn't tell that you the world you know you guys just frustrate. A bright cold all right let me just I did all the time you want but relic actually stolen I was thinking was so we asked in the first career question I asked him how surprise the good that this with this which you shut it down. And we're sort of in a dead silent mode we've been a couple of times last couple years. And sought to allocate at least if Brian shop for second and that's okay he's not gonna talk about it we're moving on then he started talking about it. OK I knew that. And silenced all of saying it's it's a privilege in the greatest quarterback I mean listen I am I'm a big fan of it but when the plane is. You sound like you're like one of them little kid is entitled you know he kept down that's in the. Not OK that's your play that's that's your opinion I'd I don't agree I I don't I don't think it was one of those things where I really don't I thought we were having their conversation these patriots fan boys are gonna drive okay brutal I mean I've got lines opened 617779793. Separate hung up on meet today. You on my side Tom Brady if you're Kirk cal and listener a he would take Tom Brady's side he's on five pupils or meet. Was one how many people he's about one on my son's seven how many times I've been the public will be an Audi of port outdoors just spoken yes I'm I was asked to go back this year again I'm gonna do. How many what's the African thing they give other countries. Now what's the dumping the reason people are Markota apologies I'm officially at the talkers convention city I'm speaking there next year with the Ford. Couple lines up at 617777937. Dave. Is in a car hello Dave. Hollywood grainy not prepared to get these questions it blows my mind very challenging not ready no insult my vote Guerrero is coming. And cowboy an answer ready. Certain distance frustrated lately you know let them blow away. That's as I sit recorded a deal is I think this is just the deal of rate doesn't like it he can hang up on everybody walk off and press covers all he wants of course that's his prerogative. But when you write a book with Guerrero. In Guerrero leisure years you sort of you're the guy you're gonna do the rescue crew with you tied it with a he put them all over that documentary yours. The deal is you're going to be asked questions about Pereira its news and no it doesn't like it but it's news you know was brought Guerrero to the forefront Aubrey. This is this is how it works yes. Go and it is honestly trump esque because put Brady is doing is painting the media in your mind about shoppers second too Smart place. Okay. He's. He know he's very popular figures are right by hand. Well as he should be hang up on cork in the show is inherently a criticism of the media writing job immediate done you any resident. Who was whose whose only distance these days seems to be to criticize the media. So rating is exerting whatever force he can to control. Need a trance thing is hanging up on people stopping congress rock's rock. I understand what your picture I just. I I I don't I don't know I said I I was I was actually was on our show that was it led to a nerve you week. I was with Brady a 100% on the dreamers that had no problem that no problem this one maybe it's because me. To go to go back to what the previous caller said he get to know these questions are coming he Ali went through this once with the real thing. You don't there was some confusion about definitely confused right there's there's. The confusion here you go into this week especially with a report the you're referencing he had to know those route there with a Guerrero on the team plane. You can grab her questions were coming let's get let's get a thoughtful theirs per sensible sober yes perspective on this is that we can we get that please speak to John Westport hello John how are you. John John John John if you've been drinking today. Now my work I actually I'm not drawn 24/7 but hey we blood actually. But not ever happen every time we talked you say you were drunk the day before you you say war then you make the next thing you know. Candidates let's send it. An all out action on the pendulum not a journalist and sports journalist are you not an athlete questions and a minute he doesn't want him to pull him but. Obama always does all of this kind of ties in the Brady still willing to come in the studio and have Roemer slap you around and I'll. OK gonna do this ourselves lineup okay sounds I continue. Well I made I actually like I don't wanna call and put your baby book. But Brady needs to grow up and see what he says if you are natural relationship with the guys you can walk into question. It just goes with the territory and he doesn't want to that's typically find it to prerogative but. You know we watch sports journalism. You're you have to ask you called dumb and without you and I don't. Well so it's nothing more born this very very important question is Tom Bridget paid for the super. Serious for the paperwork like everyone else has found at fifty dollars and replies to carry. Let's take sequences and Joey Nash PLO GO. Erica you do when I'm good thank you live. Oh. It almost two years but do you. Scoop up this. Early after the fact Erica Kane oh. You indicated that you have a good relationship with Al where it expects fourth we do that we authenticate. It would amount if he was on the sideline. Oh yeah about about I'm saying we don't text back and forth like I have a Texan and probably a month we'll text like every day and saying we have. We not he's not have a greatly should now we have a pretty good relation that's the kind of thing we're texting like all the time. But you know and getting out Vatican and the anyone remote blew it OK I think we are right. When remote little its way back old and if it I think if it I think that was kinda like you like. Well on our little friends and all the rest of that OK I think that in that case. I think. Although I missed it a habit or need to be all up all her. Really now why I don't I don't I don't not really I kind of want to get a feat I wanna see deep into the it was Guerrero on the sideline yes now OK let's move on that but draw gases question rob. I really didn't get the sense that you know that was gonna happen all clearly I was out of line opened 617. 779793. Seven's number and I'll get you guys you want line opened 617779. 790 threes that were played unity you guys have heard yet replay again I think we may do it twice is pretty short right you may want to hear a little drew yet. We may do that is and a lot of reaction that you'll in the way and we'll talk about the Red Sox I guess it's aboard these two guys who bunch of other stuff as well Kirk and Callahan without Callahan had relic and Bradford.