K&C - Tom Curran on the future of Tom Brady; Mut is a degenerate gambler 9-14-18

Mut & Callahan
Friday, September 14th
Hour 3: Tom Curran, Mut and Gerry talked about the Patriots and Jaguars and the future of Tom Brady. 

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It's Kirk and Callahan. With Kurt committee head and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. He's probably playing a 45 early that really gonna happen. To Wear longer or work for that I concur that homework or all of us. Hole every hole is no different than anybody else now thirty her you know I'm sure he doesn't stay in power he feel he's still good player top level obvious. So they're paranoid quarterbacks are protected now. You know and you actually can last longer than he used to. Good you know particular physical treatment because of course there are so many you know book from those around here to here call for fifty yards. You know also couldn't play any instill quite quicker and a couple of times. War in Iraq and I don't think he's gonna quit because he's on the downside of this color me gone. I think you're equipped currency and a wife and mistress decided there's. That's not true. Meaning licences like she's got a voice in this but he's not gonna quit and still goo it. When I found according to one of his buddies Charlie Weis in her right there are still bodies yes yeah. You think I don't know he's on the same mosque that I would note Tommy still French thing yet. The like what kind of ran wild that texting that you're you're right that second not. Charlie can move or have department. We've and I welcome who I think they can state I think of Charlie Weis Tex Tom Brady Tom responds yeah they're probably the people that are not on that immediate response was. Charlie Weis has job he says we call Mike Hayden talked to a vote next lawyers see with this kind of defense I think the Brady would find the time to do real. Yes this kid is the youngest when it requires that we really don't approve of preferred Lane Kiffin. These 25 or 26 please. He does kind of look like dead is not big like that he's the same. Guys that. That's I think six at the Gary thing right there so you don't. It took a shot that Charlie was junior and there but the big deal this week was you said I think you say Brady's gonna uncle. Play for the giants in 2000 to always play the jets he's playing for dolphins Kansas city Kansas City in the middle country right now are in 2020. What I should wise because I said this over the weekend or an NFL Sunday not very good point yes you know shopkeeper said look. If Tom Brady continues playing past 2019. My suspicion is he's going to play elsewhere. Now. 2019 I've always figured we'll probably be the the point which you leaves regardless of 45 and he's admitted that it's going to be very very very hard to play golf would be five. He just said that that apple was. I think forty three's contract expires cross contract is up opens contract is up they plead twenty years flat together you know Belichick and Brady. The patriots have been trying to move on from him since 2004 coming in the past have had a guy waiting in the wings discuss this guy Jimmy something. They don't. Two years we'll have a guy greatest weapon wolf we I think most people reflexively say ha who they gonna get who they can draft draft is you know. Not that deep in quarterback who Figaro more about that later but. You know there are going to be guys to become free agents there will be guys who can beat coat holders and I'm not saying this is deadlocked in but my suspicion is after. 35 more football games and however many post season games Brady's gonna say you know what between my wife wanting me to retire between my kids getting older. Between my parents and their concerns over time about CT. End of the beating I take between the communication gap between myself and the players I don't have as much in common with my teammates anymore. Two different world silly walks away. I think that's most likely to happen but if he doesn't walk away Jerry I mean you're the big game the the mark leave it right right. What do you say at the conclusion of the book of operating in this past off season. He would have been happy to be at religions which used it wouldn't have bothered him a while I have no doubt you could and would play somewhere else let's think about that. So if he would've been in mark Leibovitz who's spoken to many many people as as to why if he feels as if Brady. Wouldn't have been dissatisfied had he been released this past season. What does that they changed the landscape as to what he feels like at this point and maybe how we feel that I am going to be were released this year he of played else. If he's released or Rick top. These early if they move on from there and won in 1919. Does it play elsewhere yeah. I agree or records it's one of the one or the other he got opportune I was no you don't know what think she would have an opportune my feeling is I don't think he plays for the patriots twenty point that's my despite his joy that I mean you you know I think it's mutual. Mutual between Belichick mutual between the patriots. Not craft as an adult and very. I think that the patriots based. Trying to replacement is that the what I know I'm between now and then deciding they can live another quarterback you met the free lesson on the other guys out there are excited to Cyrano like you know what Tom we're gonna move up your brain we're still here we get the idea when we're good once I mean that's another she lasted to drop you have identified himself as the Tom Brady replaced they do that can happen in free agency that can happen you know through the draft that can happen any number ways put. When you look at. The landscape regardless of who the replaced will be. The patriots beginning at 24 team would Belichick mentioned meeting contract begin to try to replace Corey. Okay over the next three years Brady played better than he's ever played his career able to beat back the best general wins the plan. We wrote it has absolutely ruined because opposition contract situation has hit so not only did he. Way beyond what anybody had but all the time invested in Jimmy drop by the coaching stay up all that fostering turned him into such a good player. They're not only did Brady make him expendable. He ruined the succession plan to carry through 20/20 and you know I. You know why would you say would really ring true or people be buying completely fit if they draft a QB. Not at and look at the draft and not even a native talked about you know Sam Donald but. Mason Rudolph if they took him. And instead of Pittsburgh New England took in the second round. We'd all be saying that's the guy you know maybe V had a good pre season game won't be go that's the guy two years the problem this Tom is. He's not prepared to. The Brady gets hurt this week or Brady retires at the end of this year they're not prepared they don't have the succession which is. What happens when you have an absolutely would receive situation the Perini and visited on them with what he played like I mean it's this series. Banks to and also to blame on Brady but I didn't play so well it would have been a situation where he had to move on from core problem when you look at well. The draft. Pick that they got back from. San Francisco which is. The whole thing smacks of a kind of a passive aggressive move. On Belichick's part we also wouldn't trade that stick around and I can't really tell what they got four problem right of me and a lot of moves they made additional L word that lets it to me like an emotional or impetuous reaction if they get for ones they wouldn't trade it. Where he said yeah you won in Iran. All of them because you know when it was presented by Seth wicker Sheehan that that Robert Kraft hold. Belichick retriever grow up I don't think that was the case in I've been told that was told them you not trained very. Died and I are not you know I don't register that we wanna keep break that's not act bad that's not accurate that they said. Free drop. A lever had to believe that there were conversations in which ownership mean it really clear that we would prefer that number you remain a patron has a couple reasons that. The main one is of Robert Kraft took us so much water after the leaky from the fee in case. That he didn't wanna be presiding over. The trade release moving on from Tom Brady's favorite QB drop below because he knew how that would reflect on him so. You get the plus it was the best player in the game needs him to forgive Pete and then you have you know so Belichick turns around and says calls one guy. Says here's the offer a not stick around with you take that are leaving are you convinced that's exactly how when I guess really that is so bizarre he turns around and says to craft we've traded to refer to a prep while we give it what. So I just corporate. And you don't want that would be a good fit not exactly a job not exaggerate on that would be in fire able offense if Belichick will fire. He's not and never will be so quick. If you'll find what bush wanted to Trace it that's a thought. 200 Vonage had to move on look at Brigham and had a and it. And you hear from Cleveland whether it's accurate not that we were given a report picker we would give you you know to would've freaked so this. Whole climate to be an atmosphere around that trade the atmosphere around rating drop well and the fact the Brady remains here in this all we saw this past offseason rancor between. Belichick and Brady which I think has been tamp down quite a bit last month or so but all that rank court to meet leads me to believe that. Top leads me to believe makes me understand that this. Wasn't what they look at. Is the ideals that you OK so so why is that he gotten another contract that's it I can't answer why of the candidates half an incentive wade and and he's never gonna hit decent sentence. What would it make sense you know better than most would make sense to give me another contract agreement extension if you think he might retire in two years could you thank you might. If you think you might even if he retired with two or three years left on his deal. Is there seller Kevin whatever patients every now and up would mess you up and you know it if you would recoup whatever kind of you know celery you know you've. And a guaranteed money I'd have to I have to grew up real quick just make sure but I think you would recoup that but the point is. As well. Might. Question number is that started to sink in what me is how much does Brady wanna stick. How much does he want to stick around all. To end and MI rebuttal to you and out of 2019. My scenario that painting here for a long time is that Bill Belichick between now and then decides to hang it out. Josh McDaniels takes over as head coach of this team and Josh is looking around he's look at the free agent market look at a traffic it's had two years removed they don't have a guy yet. Why wouldn't Josh wanna convince Tom Brady. The state has heard two more years how he's 43 OK but he still case and I'm here right now gotta look at my quarterback and he might be the best option of 43 as well that's like saying my suspicion. And this is it 100% Tom Brady if you please after 2019 someplace else. They could franchise and for 31 million dollars. Which would still not recoup whatever and in just ripped him for that here would with the Brady would wanna do better not I don't know. But I think that Josh McDaniels just developed to be a problem I think Josh Campion has would have faith in himself. To whoever came in. He would be able to bring that player along. They have guys in mind to guys like they have those have guys they look around the league and they think Brian Hoyer they're guys that could be starters and could be good. And and they know them I mean the mine appease my B 23 but they know there's someone out there for rich society at what Teddy Bridgewater when he was on the outs in Minnesota would have been not a horrendous Saturday that would have been a great move that would fan the flames like nothing else we've all been like okay now we have the succession plan. Brady's done in two years because would you look at last year part of this part of the logic that was used. In explaining why it should not treat ruffled for the season was what we didn't wanna phi delta on. Had either fallen off the cliff or haven't gotten injured in the first eight games and then we didn't have a succession plan the Super Bowl caliber team. Well now you do have a Super Bowl caliber team in part because if he Sox. And you don't have a succession when you don't have player who would be politically it's hurt Jackson Wilson. What what are they what's that McNamee. It's unbelievable. You leave yourself that ball you know in the past they get away with a two Mac Gutierrez was a backup and 07. Posey and a number him. Yup and what number was hitting the karma he might at a secluded Michigan armor Bambi was the only backup and Osama. Well there was an of the year it was about. Ex underwent castle command. Get like that you you would you Britain picture books nominee and if Austin seventh month Beckham here with they want to it was cold months you know. You want it would take comeback principal cultural worry activist went and currency organized and on rabies and retirement and on future but it is the only big east story this team pretty much banking and 617779. 7937. Phone number carton house the patriots by it will come back and talk more Brady with you next week's cook and I think collectively. To understand what he's saying yes Anderson mostly what we say yes this was a person to address this he's that I paid the bill to say to. Kirk and yes Sports Radio. I don't every challenge for me. It's a good. Why don't we ever. Why don't people just take him at his word is in place until you can't play conceived just sat there and said how hard it was going to be and then have to listen to himself because but. They had to do it. I'm not saying he can do it but is gonna try. It's all baby he's gonna tour. Seattle you think he knows right now I think he's so caught up in what I said before what can I say now was the fan base they got up an epilogue was directly at. A little thank you to the fans for deal with the spectacle we're gonna come fanned out little pins that are played a 45 on each argued that back on record. Going into the year so enough fans weren't like yes they were obviously at the end of commerce is time yes they were Jerry where have you been. I know about us on his own dark at the end of that that they are you got a theory of conviction and eat they are gonna wanna have fun as he's always says they play toll can't play anymore as the pitcher that's what is that I don't know if I had the conviction that was a one time we didn't. Which is set on the couch yes he's the producer and he made sure you set it up that he he's not happy is on current often reports this tension but he's gonna play two we can and you know what in mine up here. He's gonna play to these socks. Did you go what are we doing this sport and it's just really trying to sound who's doing this for a barbecue and us. He got answers those questions. He does not only now I just all play these ominous still I think I think that the apple which USA in mud is that he tried to we answer okay to find the answers that I find the conviction I know its European sappy but. That I think it's part of the reasoning that I don't think that he wanted to necessarily do it but Gotham Chopra. Followed him around he's an entire year starlets of cast is so I think peak here we get a reported. And he wants to be deep thinkers and values we've seen that on plenty tough path to with Tony. Whatever his name is Tony robins robins and the ticker. As a positive thing the Ford grief. Did you read them all everyday and it's the word got through all agreements. And in the whale pulled them but I read it I read the whole thing it is one of the worst were couldn't do it takes about eighteen minutes ago it's not a gifted writer whose philosophy it's a difficult read to show you hit it you can't live your life by that philosophy we could pick a running at once a trophy one year old grudges you do. I couldn't break I don't know I couldn't do wouldn't you take a run at love a good arch symbol he says he tries to live by those rules which is why. Which explains a lot of things he does he has movement he wants to be positive even deep and hard he's not even if he hates someone he's not gonna live to see that he's knocked him. Let it show. He's gonna remain a little was always on out is written as poorly as a book is written is they're not an upside to that sure I didn't say there wasn't that lets you do learn he's weighing in on the list is really badly written book it sounds like serenity now it sounds like that's scheme at some point if it's gonna about he's about what it's in the science societal reference where it's like I get serenity she ethics and somehow I want something light that's stuff explodes. At some have. Has to at some point explodes but here's the thing I think that Brady gets to a point we've accomplished everything you get all the things to 19 point gain. And that's a lot of well crap that surrounds it whether the money whether beef game whether it be family whether speedway boss treat you whether pre. On these people were pursuing things that you want and that's what we're doing it for. Honestly I you know. The answer is having hearings six of them we get up of 4 in the morning to sit here at 6 in the morning and talking to a microphone it's going to be days we've CD's I asked myself all time what do I do it is. I'd like we here and every few weeks they send it direct that if I don't I'll yet that's why we're here but who walks away from some than they really really love. Before they have to. Someone names light as Charlie like I don't even know early hour Jeff I don't know Barry Sanders review low around I was it is highly volatile around. Really really this should help files Robert wanted but that was Sunday really were illegal because the rules and restrictions didn't wanna live with all of that and that NASA speak exactly what ratings maybe the New England may be there are rules and restrictions and Dave what do you hubs is what Al Franken Democrat. And they've checked out would be the exception shall rule won't admit like someone that really really loves it. Blocks away because why because he doesn't its we COLT. Tom Brady at 43 with kids at the age that they are with the wife would really prefer to believe that he's accomplished every channel is that it's dot com and we've seen this before baseball players you know an exact. When they can score one locker room and the games and they love being around the game you know they're gonna be that day decline. I mean last year against the Steelers. It was a late afternoon game one of the best games to conceal regular season game lived up to go in the locker room. And Brady's. Kenny in the corner with his back against the wall in his locker he's leaned up against it and know the locker rooms really upbeat it was huge win in the AFC. And Brady's on his phone. Face timing was the end of this odd asking him about his game knows. Talking to him about his game McCain missed a smile and unity here but those of the snapshots of things that to me. Pull on you. As a parent at some point you wanna be what was it if you were asks his two sons and two years to be like thirteen and ten say. You know I think that should retire what would they say. They would say thinking oh it's way different chairs no way Kerry who saved a secret that on little jittery place in case is now on. On your side I would guess I'm just guessing is different. I'm guessing I've only had heard that countries can say that they can't see their dad he's he takes in a school Leo he said this the other element you know February to June he's often he's going taken McConnell I don't want it and I want oh and I'm that far and deep into the debris be mined and and the fear and we sit I don't ever well. But I think the key accused. Original and say it's gonna play until we socks which he told you guys you Jessica Alba and yes I'm gonna play until a sock while. He might play it that we Sox very might play until just none but I exactly castaways and sucking you know just an old are you get hurt and that's worse when your old you know like Manning. Thanks many retired because he sucked because he got hurt I think you also have to look at the landscape of the direction of the team. At a particular time to write I don't I think the team doesn't matter if you still Google play elsewhere Early Doucet. He will play OK okay but that's insane when we talk about doing on the contention had earlier this week that I suspect if you please after 2019 will be someplace else. What's the direction of New England Patriots offensively right now. What's the what's the direction of the team where's it headed there wondered though and that's terrific they go hard in this week it's still the best team in the conference. But I think if you look really closely at the people around him on that office. Philip percentage team stepped on its Crist who had settlement whose contract is up after 29 team. Gronkowski whose contract is up after when in nineteen I just think that you have to look at what the reality might PF 2019. When you weigh whether or not Brady will he be back or BP here. One other thing out factory and is he is insistence about playing a 45 in the tie into his post playing career he said he's gonna plate Phillies. He sucks yeah Thompson just maybe retire. Is in their pool the keep playing to prove to. The tiny twelve crowd I'm not anyone promoting diet and got an act and that's and supported a longer these play at a high level the battery is for his brand is already how many how many more diet plans to sell because I know I finally I have no idea but in united it benefits him certificate you need to replace all of you please clarify on that he's he's already done on -- only 45 and Google. But Thompson forty fives maybe a lot of question about that impacts of somebody's going to be standing in the bookstores say I'd really like the by this I didn't make not anti out -- and it's one guidance on global impact on the little TV twelve point. My facilities being brought up here it's it is a good point but he's already done like he's already and keep I'd really like to go or go world war go see the guys TV twelve and work on my neck but. He didn't make it to the quality of play us this advertisement yeah. He continues to blow mine tragedies 41. Mets in the minds is gonna blow 43 fees and these these mean it seems impossible. And I get a lot of it's going to be dependent on the guys around so. That it depends on all going to put him in a position to enjoy the game. 42 next year forty thrill if we can tolerate the rising your mates all the goal and Danny Amendola going Dion Lewis go. And thinking about trading on key content taller than I appreciate having fun and they didn't trick accurate what's the what they should think he told well I mean I mean I'm very reason that. They didn't trade crock I think was he made clear that that was that bring on someone you wanna do. We always wonder what the breaking point was it was a Welker journalism whatever sol and element of Amendola. Think it's crunch that's a yes I would agree yes and when you think about its interest in two to watch last week's game. It's see what those two players to together. And then that they picked. And Utah 88 in April you with Dick and after having seen the results justice's bench the quarterback you get a two months later entertain the idea. Of trading. Quarterbacks. This is the smartest coach in the game and he's thinking of trading back Kathy greatest tenable time. It seems bizarre mean and grew many colored people about it not to stay much has voted over the coffee machine. And we get a sense of the return on that. You know what the it was tepid the reaction was that it wasn't like we'd wide age we have on Chrysler's we have NFL Credit Suisse we have grown as if you guys heard it was just. Call couple people. And see what they thought and it's interesting because. The general consensus from from people I've talked to is that where it's unbelievable. But Brady gets the most out because radian dispute that's why don't get like in the dole and then dole. He's better here than that in twelve billion dollars we do not gonna guess too much for you there. To ever get a one point six million a year I know but the opinion over on the little guy for every kid can buy insurance structure hitter Sammy Watkins makes them like every two weeks. Monitor to calls must go oh yeah all in Providence Saint Paul. Want guys that. Oh yeah to remove their. I went into to this group simple arm autumn and he said he. You'll clearly scored article to these socks his definition consultant when he can't compete source or and you know Egypt that the young patriot the best chance that every yet. And they give him the questions that yet in each other. Gonna go to another team to what he saw possibly. Look it's not my choice would have cut you know currents. Right and it's not. It levels is levels or sorting out our art set a lot higher than most. And what if he's still good and Belichick is ready or whoever the canyons ready to move on. Well I think it can't what is it going to be the successor about Jack and what you said. Why not have Tom Brady or at least 4445. At least look at the best chance of winning. Do you think the patriots aside it erupted do you think the patriots what these guys chopping off do you think the patriots have given Tom Brady the best chance to win. By the personnel people they put around which is because of the program in place because I think if you talk radio look at a Macon fifteen million these are the guys are ramming on offense. And they just San. Fix it figured out you can do what you've done it before will be fine. I think in my viewpoint we're says I don't know I can't. Well I think they complement each other I think breezed by that old yet they still. The big names could wind and that would act with Djokovic. Who's this system has to look don't. That's it would Brady does he and rainy rainy days it was like I embarrassed Grady always wonder that doesn't need them I can make a lesser guys better. But maybe he wants to maybe wants Google there certainly wants ground they lost Dez Bryant he's announcing its older is he gonna get hit. Hard because Neitzel is not there one of these days Fred Brown what could be the justice careers may appear but did you think he's cutie about the would you break screens quote oral Paterson figured out according Coleman can do. It is free said the other day twenty wide receiver transactions. That they've made since the beginning it kept wondering why this and that the team that odd about trading Rob Gronkowski. Suppose it do you think can that he wants to is Brian that Brady would say that he no there's my wants him certainly does does he want Bryant. I think the Brady has a really hard time turns those of the talent. So I don't know how to count to Dez Bryant is Seattle get the reason why the team might not because they fear that he could be a potential distraction but for Brady with the one. Why wouldn't why would Brady want. A player's talent that is the price on those goodies. He knows that it is a little bit he's he's a fighter like he's gonna like that and receiver he's gonna. Like a rocket one because the guy people at the pay attention to in the B will will see what Jalen Ramsey doesn't crawl this weekend shall give the patriots and jags. Ott Tommy corridors here we're talking pay patriots. Yeah it's. 79837. Car. Executed executed. Here. The skirt and Callahan and ask him one basket and thus can. Okay good attitude about your repeatedly garage maybe when something like that you know he's only some silicon basket literature about him a pass to Lee Greenwood Kurt can Callahan. AFC fox Sports Radio WEEI. Veto it's like here in Boston good evening how are you. Just trying. I'd buy Danish no apparent. I'll lot of snow appear we don't like it rather than pound come on a lot of snow up here. It's worries that it is only their own corporation this morning I don't I don't believe that will be a lot more snow for one of these teams when they go to Minnesota. In a couple of Sundays I'd. On let's play the whole thing let's play the whole thing back in the final hour Charlie Weis Beatles Toledo. We get everybody involved let's try it guys are down almost limitless which you as it is an energetic Beatles covers the jags a legendary football. The whole thing and they don't. He's not a he knows hatred well radiator. One of those. There may be some. You know didn't factual inaccuracies or you know an actual specifics that's. The Syrian we're gonna meet actors seasonable. I was veto breaking on the pats meetings at the hell was doing the one bad and should that be don't want it to purple. Chamorro's night shows but it's a little late for meets it really we're we're very well you might get some delegates is when push comes to shove yet. You're gonna do which you've got to do to support from Russia if it I think so yeah if you don't line that's correct thank thank you are we need TV's ally is that is blown 500 bucks Suffolk downs helped lead his fans there's a migration got a bad subject of huge doctors feel as though we don't European smile yet OK okay zipped up I had it was okay fine and a boxed. Well to what's this we that is what I know what happens Salma gamble signs some form every weekend right yes and what's this weakens what's on. May Tennessee very sound cap with a good. With the predominant. And very I'll be very involved in ideally fancy on Sunday football oh that's right at skits goes without saying but no foresees how things have not been a little boring answer to. Tonight it did last week you know you haven't been to my MGM yet three don't football and helped. Not yeah. Love this we stuff where stay local Osama challenge is can I went families can't stop you from the emblem I know well it's obviously it's up and Dodi obviously viva world seriously how how. How to make a bet as five year old. Those Dumbledore and the window. We tube he's only been to this stand exit data make it as analysts say two books it's would have whatever data has and his wall but US dollars across the board is eight. Typical Carter bet there's two problems. It's it's a six month Sadler our usual. That plane came with us every now we go home school our. We'll publics turn now. The lights are on cardinal everybody good morning on the school bus and the school that he had a good week the Reno football last week on NFL Sunday picks Andy card that Arnold is also did you bet those guys as it could be betting was legal year nasty joke here would Dickerson had to say yes that is that Martins is it degenerate like you persons of degenerate as you know muddle asked. Again us he didn't admit about getting in line Thursday to put its football bets and when did the on court casino work. And GM are to a sport that he's looking forward is that the mark chains on if he said on the air the other day. Was watching. Liberty the army and sweating and elk as he put a big at a on who we've been always an army of liberty and rebel army and army and they were favored by 2040 sweat and like yelling at the TV from now until 10 o'clock it'll be Marquette night. If you bet The British Army you're degenerate. That's not what an on the probable you may have and it may have the insight he's got to 800 number is calling screaming during the game and he knows that are all focusing all my dad tip yeah tell the guys at least early Jesse Helms of course from those of I don't he's telling everybody at its reach all the my team is pleased that the yellen there was another guy who actually right on the other side that we would. We do what I needed this one thank him for now that we are not released. Thank you for them released. Before you play these areas to. We win. On Saturday Sunday and Monday and Monday and we hear it also want to put on March 30. Took forty you know plate he's at in my company unity plan to put a BC just like Gordon who. You did you see one and all under Ford or you're a while did you really well it was horrible. I don't wireless you don't really before it was who's you know couple years out of school and I was like spring and lawns for the one company down McCain. Worker responsible patriot for thirteen grand I would lose Stewart case and that probably lose to last them. 1970 united to real coral or. Your kid. Setting what it Earth's. Everything every Sunday night it was getting a falcons. And aunts and I jackets and ties that Stan Humphries do you know how to really repulsed me was Neil would do on the you know how many times they will be on Sunday Night Football. And he would just throw it in a nonsensical act. It is a snap news. Did you strategy you have to go way to get better judges give it up now durst had no more money to do with really much has no money he still doesn't. Mobile phones no Internet age where you you know how far you're gonna. Extend and credit limit on the diners club means months guys just aren't as good business owners thing I got done at all. All they have this thing it's called cash advance right but you put your credit card the ATM machine and they'll give you cash. Against your credit cards pretty. Over the tricky hole what a great lesson in this global secret if you take all them to a jury. And some very important that one odd that he knows. You eat you Monica. Original apple had the good field now this cash advance they could say. Apparently there's a big interest rate on but I it's free gas free god yeah cash advance but the good they are you gonna win it back and you can go exactly my body's national interest rate if I go win the money right now. If this force winds and deplete the exact almost. So it is the district elf I did my best those guys can votes mean to get your race to ditch is your important you have some leverage right now among Tuesday's show was leverage did you get some babysitting money out of this company IDs a good chance I'll be with few Monday through Friday for the next couple weeks. So you did this I know yes and I don't want tomorrow I am and I don't want to talk about that in the air but I think they. The the company is done right by Jerry is right away it's at and it's an official. I'll cut a good Coppertone can bless your baby sitter who exit of young girl girl lady who's written babysitting in the mornings what senate when you come in here who takes. Cued to the books. And be family members Steve is doing his thing when you ask is that taking time with higher actually job saying that on the air Jerry. Not saying what I'm Ed Cox pavilion on Dino so and others. I wish it was the deal was not available today did you we're gonna some leverage and he's worked at a new deal. That he did you hear what he's doing on money he's gonna bend the late race and aqueduct attribute to a quick ones they've amassed there. Avail to that much of avail as an open if you have a place that he's a guy handicapping Aqua excellence. That's a good idea come out fine that's a good idea to be Thursday or Friday segment were a big number then you don't want it could. Picks all got a rock with ointment in it's yes good halting the run whenever an extraordinary. Matter bury your bookie would month. Your mother loses your money stick with a all that's around that's. And what's failure to bury your book have parents still have your way last week. You know edit you already talking angle told the legal any Dana can headed to become the man I have some nice suits for militants could put those on c'mon and make every accident doesn't matter who you know why aren't you can Wear. Well if you want to. In all the way up pinky ring soup life. Come on instant talk to my guy will -- and it will be figured out in one and muscle coming out of work get hair down ga ga ga game it what's the hair doctors and well protest my watching all sides of the political this week and it's dumb does he could now he's the perfect candidate would you call me and all of if you think an area. There's little not that hearing more of them there's no reason for that there's non. Talked to Tommy and me or talked to yet been shopping I've talked to my friend that oppressive doctor do a great job on and I want this currently one would look at for you. You're if you like we'll pressed him I am not usually gets to it all shakes his head. I don't know exactly as if someone and I'm going to do he knows that it shouldn't I've not there yet what he's afraid I'm not afraid of anything you don't have the money. Stocky and when it took him back listen we get this if we get is double home tomorrow night up or down we are gonna be really in a good spot. I'll sit this Monday just flowing law. No I think when asked about he's hitting a double if he thinks she's a muscle had his scene of the G Jack. He wants to share a home almost had shared their hands that's his next to note that he was weak with the glove yes you know what else to keep up we it was a while tank top at an old little bit. I didn't know that we've got people talked about we stop or use our seniors juggle on down I did do a few years ago when a lot of credit here. Yeah America Q does the same thing since he drinks how many gallons of water either gave me eye to how many weeks of the tickets office a lot quite a few I wasn't content. Three weeks. Let's do that wasn't too Larry Wexler come back argue we're gonna do something that every show in the country and around the league is not yet all the data and until Sunday if we're gonna play Jalen Ramsey sound we're received jail and Ramsey when he thinks about Rob Gronkowski. This weekend patriots and jaguars would end here from Charlie Weis again. I would like to I don't I don't know the guys find a glass what are your parents is down. I think we should single Charlie toysmart double until we rule double cuts double Charlie Weis double Charlie ways double Charlie Weis will talk pats and jags as well.