K&C - Trenni defended Samanthan Bee; Trevor Noah tried to get Kirk and Gerry on his show 6-4-18

Mut & Callahan
Monday, June 4th
Hour 1: Kirk, Gerry and Mut discussed Trenni's defense of Samantha Bee as well as an odd invitation to the Daily Show. 

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Current. It's Sunday in his seats in March you would just give it goes Alex Rodriguez that investors should watch out. I ask you guys both have gloves on at either I didn't get that level. We're just had a fun. Awful awful awful pilot doesn't mature enough heart and soul. Yeah. It is amazing live round pick that could affect. You think you are with tour committee ahead. If you truly want to do what's best of the team and you had to rethink the premises of don't go Guerrero call. Thought you need to put Malcolm Butler in the second half possible 52 fastening the graced American bit of all time the doors light my fire we were in Atlanta fire milk a lot of people. Shouted build Joseph Adam Chris Mike and Gerry Callahan in the United States it's seen as like a third rail work that you do not use Siewert circumspect if you shift gears and you watch British television Irish television mosquitoes I dated a buyer's guide for a couple of years old boy eighties used a lot don't tell me how to use the word this word is about women did not care for that it's our word and meet can use it however we would like Yahoo! Sports Radio W. I don't know where aside. No way I heard I do I have an idea and I think it's you have to start there we have to stop back here our friend Warren irons my Q there you're guaranteed anyway. Those pirates face it is something a little bit and now they're supposed to come at a we have to start with a friend training. Defending the use of the zebra I thought I heard in the a pretty amazing way it is pretty amazing ways I sat. I sent the card to divert a given credit could move. Is that could move that first segment where trillion. That was it was honestly just from diesel tonight it was its a shame my and it's a shame that those two were together as the ball making outrageous points hers more far more. When I was in my she was too tough from the it to do the segment was tougher in the coming to show others must decide somebody I don't know you may be mean somebody had to be necessary. Did you just say what I think you said trying to be ultra feminist the one who you know when Bryant Gumbel and cried about the C word and we've murdered defend women women women. Saying this saying that now if I don't like the policy board when the right one what does mean tours I thought maybe your voice right here maybe your boyfriend used to lock out. I was back. Because he was with her. Irish boyfriend noticed that. If you missed and I don't know why you're you're gonna hear it. Turning this defendants in that being said the words not so bad because in its in Irish culture you know the world's drunken you know eating it right drug Irish treat their women garbage that use the word a lot type of Ireland but few times so you analysts what's the word I heard a lot when I was there either she's sitting here on English and Irish TV yes you and you might but I don't remember watching to news shows but maybe those on the wrong channels I want a few other shows I haven't seen or use them and maybe caught McGregor uses that right after trays -- -- Irish TV. Are just too. Foreign nation defense. The Irish boy different and she says later we'll play at all it's that the piece from Canada issues that you understand a word yes I'm never been an American dollar is not a writer realizes that now. So she's. And. What are we started camp welcome back and they're welcome yeah offered enhancements as from your your job interviews multiple offers good currently. On the straight she goes right to like it logic jolly translate. And he said thank god this guy she should one call lined up one would talk to Mossad to be off the Europe and we division I was only in the headlines on Friday so so they got going right away. She's Canadian in the states it's seen as like a third rail or you do not use seaboard not as the worst word you could ever we never hear and we don't here used saying. Political satire shows. If you shift gears and you watch. Average Canadian television the British television Irish television. Eighty used a lot it's just can't just sort of part of the vernacular and I wonder if having grown up and can't. The effect of that earlier in the news of the union again. Wonder if having grown up in Canada if there's also desensitization. To outward. RR a would be god I don't socialism is certainly the current judge. Have sat up. Well out he said York cop. Said attorney educated now on kicks no no. Can we are we get it back because it cannot chance that car right idea that cut top left to be present when I'm Bruce and it caught. He swore to god that piece called the woman Karr has since I said Kerr and start whose guns and get away with a of course because he's a good liberal but he called a woman in the newsroom ABC word about it yet but it's what we've brought our ice he's. I respect descent is the woman was part of it can't hurt at. And Canada. So exist trendy Q we can't that are in here. We could try. That just says she doesn't she wants to be surrounded by people who markedly to mossy Jim marker that someone I just wish somebody anybody mutt anybody all the callers at least try instructed juvenile justice the three had the caller is right away. And and then get to mossy. Saying come about a market trump deserve to be this is supposed to picture of herself. With your child gets over Lily white Christmas right are loaded one out there she is you know as opposed to posing with her other kids you know the act like Brown's labour and black post five she posed with her white baby. Right and if market trump host a tone deaf picture of herself. Holding her glistening Lily white child glisan yeah how happy she has to be with him yet and and you know lit angelic Lee and all of that you have to expect that York and it takes some heat for certain goals. Should be called all day feckless. Kerr because. Was busted on a picture. You have and I've had enough to so once so what she called that so I honestly it doesn't matter who cares of some dumb comedian called that. That's fine but you're trying to eat don't affect the defense you've been totally fraudulent. Care I've had enough enough of rose and which he said it was dumb I'm sick of people can't people be fired off a well I mean it was an eyewitness illuminating the don't know why there right hypocrisy. And I'd say the face of these the hypocrisy is the our fraternity. On Tuesday because if someone had said. There's not many clinical Michelle Obama that the treatment of Laura Ingraham they know what they're called irrelevant compared barker trumped you know Malia or Chelsea Clinton know. Compared to. Michelle Obama. If Michelle Obama. Was involved something whatever you obviously Walden policymaking she was very political seems very active. If somebody on the right and this would never ever ever happen Calder feckless C word. The the the help help would rained out to glossy and a trying to beat defending our state of the right to say well you know that. I'm married boyfriend. That it would that the personally that you wouldn't whenever we got our our bodies are around you know that was. Whoever's. Dennis Miller ghost Obama because we can't think of another item massive volume car. Abilities as lore she said Laura Ingraham sonic Abidjan the woman she does trap right which and he wouldn't say which woman but she could say yeah he's got those that you would never find her body again her life or job everything destroyed. In an instant semifinals satire you understand okay Canadian cent right you really understand right right Chicopee Catholic kids in the hall girls like him that would make him the minute news. We then moved United States and right for shows and of comedy writers and they were a bit of a word beasts what. Welcome I'm Roseanne Barr said that she thought to know Valerie Jarrett was black. Is that more outrageous than trainees excuse for some of the not to but I don't legally Turkey we write a pow and I did I. You don't I used to think I used to not think Ballinger was black when we talked a butter we talked about her being in the Muslim Brotherhood. Amber was she when her family is yeah those connections and she's Middle Eastern. It doesn't matter you can't call Middle Eastern person that either. But if she says Roseanne Barr says I didn't know she was black people mock and ready to share why why I don't think I would say try I won't say even though she's on the other side Smith abused it in one of the people of marketers to know when don't believes. Her apology apology and told yesterday that they work for existing. Executive put it but you know I'd but I don't want her to be fired. I don't want anyone fired right so I hate this you know or is it got fired rebel with a votes oh announcement to be. Was and got fire but it won't they should be either apple beef. Get fired. The reason Roseanne is fired is because Roseanne was sort of kinda you know a trump support. Was also history of this too short but she's definitely set off legs and arms like that makes my point why it was a 5%. She should go bald because what did you mean they're making money up she's got a long history type of things. As for the ABC when the minute she tweeted this out. They knew there was no way to Munich on the show anymore is people we're gonna lead in the trust care a right advertised as he will be smack you might do this. Church of Alex and that we shouldn't and bubble and I was our policy is lots of people teller. You you go girl star politician lots of people say you'll she can go far enough so humorless for accounts so those words that you want to point to Osce although he surrogates like lecturing people college degree comedic minds job mossy. Is that there's no there's no with two attached whatsoever. Not wells we have tracked in our outside I don't I don't I don't I don't I don't know if she can't yet again that yeah you can't you feel last answer but as you can amok in the majors are going to make it through. Joy Carl blocked me I've never and the communication with her ever. This vote on Tuesday professional lake feel bad for Eric. I think she's a professional I'm sorry fans and chooses pummeling a win today right then I'm a woman guys treated me. Leo yeah it's really tough is nobody's ever tween and you should I don't know associates gave remind Megan who Jude I know she did that he's not dumb she did that Dario in the same I don't reveal factors that play right off. Does that hurt. Yes with a pretend. Mean tweets. Really hurt like it take to hold reactors you know that you learned in kindergarten that sticks and stones can break your bones and liberated and guys like and and they say Julie. She. It's. Somebody else and actually Rick Horrow. Twelve penises. Mean I I can't it just ahead of me I can separate a and I seem upset at them pretending to read this week it's idiot with a she cried it out. And cried for a much over the first. Wherever that. But would you take about and these guys are pigs we know that it's just. I'm looking at rose in history she's she's done crazy offensively and all of America. As we we'd I'm not a lot more we knew she was a conspiracy that we never talked and I don't know the tubes on the record and she was. She knows full blown Alex Jones conspiracy. And there's been a lot of those things mean. She's we BC got the it was somebody's insane if she supported Occupy Wall Street right she ran against jewels and for the Green Party nomination. If she's if she was still that far left she's salvage. Should salvage that people are fantastic guests Williams prepared. If you Tweeter thing without a jam yes is this horse that she called with it channel who would check this when Wilma and the team filthy Nazi hole. I. Machida never. That would cost you ratio that would show at that point right so she's going out of derailed after try to sell us on any manages the assets putting somebody who's would you leave dealt with these people we took calls. From the from people who thought America bombing that false flags people crazy. She's crazy and people like werder in the BC decided to write ignore that shame on them and let's be fair Warner has a history of ignoring beat sitcom stars shall we say misgivings. To make a few dollars I decided right and you're right if they they they anticipated the backlash. And the new will be a big deal an advertisement there Allen and then they said let's just. Carl losses in the end it quick and people praised him as an out boy look at the courage if you decision. Cards may be seated at the par keeper right. I was out I would Allah all would it take brought to shore make her deal with the real life from vacations in the show that would have been a tough it is illogical their fault but even it's it's it's their fault it's ABC it's Disney it's Tom gores fault because they knew. What kind of loose cannon she was in the invest in the show and of the whenever 200 people working full time on the show. They knew that their lives that she livelihoods have been on lines all doubles this nut case. And by the way I love you so Joseph Rogan talk about the seasons and her resistance and eggs she's gonna do is podcast. He's she's mentally ill he's she says she isn't such as she's she's treated for critical issue which is cut in terms of illnesses are crazy for twenty years and and this was inevitable. Yes was that evident when she set them off Twitter in the twelve hours later she was on the right tweets everybody in Playboy Ambien and you could tell right there and she doesn't she just triggered a tweet your tee times in. Golf scores and check yield looks like what is she. Seem to get her ass kicked by K all kinds of which are great decade our analysts rate it. There are directed to be finished join the crowd I don't like your greens are pleased. And says it. RO was a polarizing figure on Twitter she's theory very politically active you know she made a great point on Twitter and she said. Don't tell me how to use the word this word is about win if our word and week he'd OK so trying to try so general tweets out today that your. The C word your doctor Carol right which is because I mean what's the real regional commanders or general. Should we set out you guys. I asked how to find jab the judge decide mess I had I just say Iraq. And it deliberate. What are. What a fraud what if it's our way I love that it forward so again. You women could use it and then it's over salute my guy uses it like he's got to be Irish. Well through it because he Canadian or British television might pass it if you're from Canada and by the way I have. I'm African I'm half Nova Scotia so I guess I can probably use the word yes your half or not I could finally McDonald's everywhere that. I dated an Irish diet for a couple years. And the C word is used like the word on it and you know what it on sensitized now to highlights you did not rule out translate the word I have your boyfriend who I was and Ireland but it's not true and Edward. And that was the president's difficult. Animosity that we have right now is a black you know Michelle Obama once said when you go low ego hot dogs and at that level. Short Obama's never stoop what level. The level of Spock it's true possibly could be used several B whose liberal look at tat Agassi ripped out of attacking again a conservative a woman who posted a picture over kit online now at the green light you put your kids online you can be called that but that's okay. His owners through the car ought to be called the C word by men for decades. Women and Abby told when and how they can use it sorry it's. Stuff for us now virtual to come on your general test groups that asked until she could use to see where else you want Estrada to that you want to call it will be okay. And that really resonated with me I. Now I ET this call somebody like this is this it's like. That stuck with me LLC and a few that you wanted to say let's just say it on the trees stripped candor what it does not against the law that you beta candidate before probably so you can use the word right right she did not catch you do and what's important Irish for awhile so awesome I dated and I urged. I hyper. That might have been is a pet name for. Well it's just the Q we're that you do well at all duck. My grandmother smiled and born and raised us. Mop please stop. An Aussie I I I don't want trying to go anywhere wants them station ones. That was the most interesting thing I heard. Since I've been gone what that pat and and mud kicking your ass in the debate about the National Anthem I enjoyed that are in need to speaker's public buys it definitely has yeah carried you know you don't worry little one month I was bored you might hurt him. And you didn't he read counterpunch brilliantly. How did you brewing. A little boy legal argument. Idea. You don't and you can't that's now to discuss you know you might have beaten up again I would give it. After the do a fair point but that's that was Saddam gone reminders what. So happy that old yet from the debates haven't learned that net down 6% growth scenario and that's really. What sort of check check that Santa is expected tweet you did. Yeah I subtext. Nice text and checked in at five for the week ago public while last Friday was the point was the big debate. Your whole thing was a Goodell made a mistake that's. And I believe that if you said right now simply set it up now united eligibility nothing and away and what it called on the indices we don't see it can be big issue going forward. Which it which it should it doesn't you know again it doesn't matter the players are going to protest that's obviously what you think they're gonna Neil. Yes. And the teams are gonna pay the lines well some resorts and it will wrote those guys are idiots but that's with the marriage the onus so my argument you get my axis of players to be upset about and owners pay forty scenario now days and RC one prominent players in Dublin but it's a failure paid for but it's better than what they had before absolute. And I don't understand owner who wanna pay for it makes no sense to me it's bad for business the ball determined that the decided that. My goes owners don't think it's as some do some don't put but I think they know they just don't wanna admitted you know and wanna seem. Cool and politically correct and one hands of their players. No they know it's bad for business of why I would look at secular if it during the break if I just said the trying to you know you're being such Siewert. How quickly things Serbia which should be lines HR. Not now expect that she's open herself having Silva for a fatter but you would have to explain to her that your part Canadian and Irish have to be half Irish right time totally completely in the clear yes it was raising on the air. You should ladies call right now McCoy Agassi 617 click snoop dog's yard run should beat C we're Tuesday after news that monies which. By Tennessee thing is that what's. What's what's the what's the best thing for trying to figure cited Tuesday. It was managed via CU two days ago yeah it's good to see you next Tuesday right. Cement you know get some guys Meyer on the call in the no no call when in the sea port. Right well good Irish the Santa was dated American girl and use that order on the like the word the C word hey we'll see if the day will pick one woman to be deceived the day yes it's awful lot and saucers blogs that we could put them on the Twitter account right pull us and C word of the day who are your favorites atrocity conservative workers are trying to retreated be really positive it will it'll just pick whoever Roseanne Barr will you are on board of fox trot out pictures from bid more leeway on. Listen it is you're glistening Cilic I think this or did they depicted something gets in and better educated and a solve a bucket truck was supposed to knocked. Take pictures with her child for the council holding berg listening Lily white style that typical duke and public tomorrow she's like you know obviously. She's fair game because she's human she's party music who sings she's fair game. No way that our nobody is so she's she's gonna guess. And during search any thing heal a scary listed Roseanne but there was not some big comparison like all of that is just I got guys I didn't yours yet enforcement and things. All these people on Jerry's liquid fire rose and what about me it was more of a broad double standard we talked about it that's all they were doing there are prepared is all that wasn't the exact incident. It was more when there were other instance people were pointing to not a pretty time. It was a broader conversation just Samantha bee against Rosie yes that would change the most prominent. Liberals oppose prominent example of a double standard most recent one and another one this awesome race swirls brazen example would double standards as the hiring. He pulled. About the same time that there you know these these thought police a couple of areas starting job wars or read as unbelievable athleticism job if you like Clinton is she raising duties and Rosie and did you likelihood. She's got she also is a lie she's not just. Fanatic. You know radical history. But she's alive she's the ones and all that might Mike commands whatever. My blog was packed. Which is come out of blogs and passions lie about bode. About it the lead to a little investigation that found object she wrote those things. And many many things other things. What you saw it on his job if that's Hillary's shall job on because she slip out that you know. She's white should be gone he's gone gone gone gone on May be gone not made that night are good but there's. How do you get gone and MSNBC. You know this the please hired Al Sharpton. Your question or just hired Bryan little slaves is there Williams Mike Barnicle packet that they had and who standards none. I mean you just have to be full on committed liberal. Two to work there and you could be is crazy years. Irresponsible of you wants from had attended trying to defend her this week and she. I'd don't like that she's in her name came up and I don't think they're when he was younger she gets something that a friend had the same thing happened it's something that should those sorts of she wanted to take all the Jews out of I have friends. Removal the Jews from Israel. And move on to Europe because he's so no I would at least urban problems Jews in Europe that they can do it I'll look. You may be right she's a total nut job and and maybe change some lunatic. If she were you know white guys but they like Brian Williams and Mike Barnicle though Brantley was due. It close did you mean yes I agree and if we question the question on that. It is nice to have all these nut jobs on MSNBC. And and make it you know liberal affair story he's is he wants a while and I don't think I want action was right want to know sort of right it's like expose their hero every once it's right there. About our but I'm following the MSNBC that's good truth. Is hasn't gotten there yet known them fund's board forum yet. For him believable and the the tricky back from the first break you can tell people listening swell here. For music they'll get back that I wanna go around the sports world and now is Tom Brady's story. Stocks is sick every show I've heard flick a week has done. Some Celtics you know some of sorts and a soft left hand turn to kind of Petersen active sports. I really seen that. The white guy forget to bring honor to get ready to bring you give up on everything else just get to Brady. Belichick who's also board at this point it is a pleasure Lou there's nothing new so bands will be good tomorrow. It's only going for once and then went away I went. Which was James and Dickerson yesterday's test of just listed as terrorist addition to virus morons and and and James called Dickerson said. They met you seem like they had to humans exchange and Indians are Dickerson was rip them. Is that the crossover like yeah yeah. And then there's something music and you're right it was I thought I was gonna get tense but didn't know that in the catch him that I was losing to guys potentially. On a question right I like Alec you know. These are called when I get into it. House passed version and that was the point that we feel sounding and I've put up process that why why these must know the -- that it would write to us is just shoot and I watched more of disseminate game and I have watched him many Sundays so far. I didn't know he was so bad and is she still silenced your typical breakfast played my plate and now and I don't like and they. And that the men ideally are the Crawford boxes it's Sunday in casinos arts and we just. Hey Odyssey suggests did you shoot par just couldn't choose to sit down can she still looks she should state what she stood up like that you lose there was. With a lot. I just I think she's very track I like when she answered as Iran and Alex were A-Rod and makes a point in Iran says not now happen to myself third anchors you wanna look at it she actually goes tries I want to in the overall world globe. If six I was playing left field back in the day you do that all the time we'll depends like that's court it was quirky they're Houston right with the left field in the hills of the check that out of Fenway should go play the wall. Enjoy to do it there are talked a bookie that's a bubble you're some dumb thing that others that you're such an five cents to do dork you left the game and a bunch of. That would both get on yeah sit back and put you could stand up like golden door open if he. Hot spot and reasonable guy is a giggle yeah what do you laugh and you two before. This and I decided Russia driver and arrows are carrying it sucks to be yes and he's okay but but he seems good because he's on with these yes. Basically from machine to between the same thing. As anybody watched this team this year and possibly towards hard with a dunk the heart and soul is not even on the T. He played one game exit and its US threats sent out they dislike the most its price one between two no question and if they the ones who don't like him don't really care who they are relevant. Until months or hard. A soul yes in 2000 in these eleven on the 2000 team Alex you're supposed to be a network. Really that network analyst she says nothing but but they show the island what's his face is that when you walk off home run this year for the Braves and the good news. And now just been goes like you know it's really cool about that. We saw we were eighteen inches office and nothing else just that is Baghdad. When they have the entire third industry story she tries to get Iran involved and just she says it then it just dies he does not respond to Iran wants no part and I don't get ringer is back and Iran wanted no to a tennis on back is McKee that's a load she's we get the best small arms yet he get that outside pitch even though about a small Iraq and teller. It. You know I just Jess and I loved it would have been number on them when to tells the number 32 inches just have a things that are holed his bat and that's why I was walking down a road was busy senate you're playing catch with one of the whoever when the Astros was it. It's a terrible broadcasts and once now and his what you gonna give students come and all that Richard teaches in the World Series ticket and on defense fund their stride so awkward until three no results it's one of those things should just pull the plug. It bring back Schilling. It'll probably do that happens to that and takes a while to finally make the right to get away women's open DuPont replica of Oldman chilling in the Booth off with a double standard world forget rose and Schilling lost his job because tweet a smug a re fine tune Samantha bee after job after a pen he has been hired a guy. Who calls trump the Nazi Hitler and everything in the on site they'll bring us everything in eighty does it is enough his book is called trump is it. Crazy F and something no problems at some crazy that's the title of his recent book. They just hired him cities are 6177797937. Siewert Monday correct. Know Tuesday was all right to mr. That you were pleased when we have to veterans on academic sponsored little thing figured she loves that hard right towards ours and I'm. Irish descent as well right soreness or call people and Europe Canadian welcome what can refuse and as much. My animals considered myself to average Canadian animal yes I think so yes we can call motto monkey I don't even think of what you're in which it was Smolinski polish slot. Slovakia slowing I think. He's obviously a Yorkshire Slava go up a break and damaged its Pennsylvania Wilson if you look the same as well a lot more than appetite Calgary. You're you're since we're OK that right and I don't even know. I don't tell me how to use them to listen in for a week. I got sick neck here and within a month's interview I can tell him to. Refine what. I'm surprised they're here today all's surprised to get the text tankers was the Saturn does nothing in the world Saturday and you know Christmas and so the week and why do you sense that so pathetic and I guess that its its urban fitness. I think we are aware of it might. Terry Kirk trailer to 0% hurt by the status of the picture between. The saddest looking thing of all time ISS. Skiing and data brokers that. She's tired you reset the trying to join the car when. Yes I know women today cement could be its typical ladies ladies college drive in to work whatever you do well we know we work whatever they're not putt. It America's breakfast actually guys. 266617779793. Cents are for an attorney who's in there. So she's comfortable using the C word you were words we did you feel the same here from you ladies today. On the Monday 617779. 790 what are Irish I watched full lives on the sea or I want the right now 61777979. Through several grip. Me and ahead Gerri shall. More with a KNC right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Characterized. Irish people as we will roll out we use that word. You're really digging here stand you that wanna get a shovel and go somewhere else then. This is upon you can't have an intelligent conversation because people pick something on the go oh yeah yeah say Irish people spare a lot well. They use that word because it's to sensitize in Ireland he's not like Irish people who have lived here fourth generation. This is like somebody who came over on the boat eleven years ago they used it and I'm telling you that my experience is it easy to sensitize were. You don't Freddie has honestly hate to say she's. No no sheets he's accused omniscient phone goes that's it that comment right there are stupid she struck so so this well usually we went further well he's right after is there a Sega and he's right now is Samantha bee I wish. That's the point she can use it more in Ireland used the word more. You've heard Carlo McGregor for example right at you people and her boyfriend immigrant. I I believe I believe they use it more I believe there are places were swear words to from words used more than others advertiser could be it doesn't that's the point where she does Samantha bee she likes estimated anybody else it's not an Irish guy. Turning she's not. I should do is Irish rose. And often times that word the C word was used in many comedy shows or any other like to promise on his positions whatever stupid question neck. Like I. Was just so on and that's got to utterly different to yours. You just. It but put. That could be true to is given that the dates. In Ireland that you slot boyfriend his friends that use a lot of us Irish guys post upset too wouldn't it wouldn't submit the bigger my point is it's got my own column saying it's not true. He's from Ireland she was missing because she isn't likely see you say you wouldn't raise Trimboli illusion that you would agree the Federal Reserve and if there are certain cultures with the Edward is desensitized. And you sure in in hip. These shoes like it's more troll around spell it differently right on the sale at least the short placement you. But that doesn't mean that because they do with the whoever that Samantha bee year Roseanne or she sees this he's gonna use on the handed this tenuous part is that if it was somebody on the other side I would not be defending that person. With pets I have an Irish guy can say I honestly thought bigot an Irish don't you think of a conservative Irish guy from some Q it was from Ireland there's hole and use that word to describe did train sailors from of course right right no abortion no chance or the Republican Kevin column Ireland and a college I mean that's different from my first text we get since you know we used to see where a lot. Of apple argues an island right that you just you know right. I don't think. The use necessarily use in front of their wives are front of their mothers. Notes a guy I talk guy talk right coastal respects his mother and his wife is my yes ma was actually what about that process studio. Of course browser I was yes you were a lot of soft spot only goes the Irish bar with the guys and it's whose world uses that right. He has soft spot in his heart is popular game yet women who've gone on the wrong track knowing it's. He's never stops trying to help them get them you know back on the right he was even like he's he's the kind of guy you so nice. Like when he didn't find it accord attractive he still bumper up on that after ability to license on their the kind of guy one that's how dad. Without a label on that less than a little worried and he more than the other guys he bumped them up for personnel yet and yet he knows I was good to their morale right prince. So you not pick to third. He's the third round pick on me. Which is not that Michael Jordan was there to give yourself when extra. Into this study. There during the heat right. The I'm serious I was tendered during the last great activities were three guys OK I'd be curious we know we have wants Lee's that was that was pollen that Lama. Colin a league teams seriously it's 6177797937. Do you agree betray you says it's okay it is no other way to say geez it's okay eighties he were to control if you're one you're worried about a liberal you Campion and Laura were we. We get that's a good question we get. I think via Portland penal words right yes I mean would it be a Kayla took the F word check engine with the Boston. Eight. Okay great movie you could combing the mic. Before that refinery for a holy (%expletive) you right and it cools. I don't it's good question anyway. We're where would we do you what word would you want in a word magical. And I think I would go to your Ford if it was just your normal and I were just grace were its agree it's yeah it's a verb to announce an adjective used in its very descriptive anyway it lists rather take that first in the trash and whatever everybody with them that the male Siewert. Can't say that but the the east. Occasionally. The award for guys. And you so much in the mail us. We need them through Serbia out that we use that's not that's like can't be our work force. And you've seen here probably could say so one version you know cocked as gunmen were right like that idea. But in I don't want that word ever agree that's a great award of some were abuse elicits a multiple slow block he's your word for an operative. When you have France for those of you never like left Dorchester. When you have green room and went on TV. OK I might. What does that Hamas he laughed as easy as denigrating all of. People haven't left or left so yeah haven't ever has never left the country and I tries like judges and responsive and I act you know I got France and I. She goes through you know. Moon by Turkey and Pakistan must go ahead of militarized zones at them right just North Korea shifts. I miss her only about or just. She's welcome back she's she hits a nerve review of the very few co host Lou. I like it legislator I just think that she's she's like Rosie crazy. Which is good you never like left Dorchester. How many women could just fine. Just forget the merits of the argument that would come on and defend the that word defend some investment also what was that Cohen defense nominee you will I don't wood two birdies and an island here peers would would Ellis cook too. Thanks added chin not accurate well. Should it. No way she's apartment defends them because I'm not saying she's oh she's Smart she's kind of tough yet she's she's I didn't mean literally did that very I mean hopefully enjoy listening globe she's not how many would have the guts to do. Raised upgrades aside what helps but yet but the car which is have the guts from Austin correct she used. She lost and there. Now she's happy knowledge of a margin who have no problem and intimacy. If we get there which when she dumped him monitoring your days at 11 o'clock twelve that I just ridiculously nervous so she scientists. And policy were Tuesday she was we're just my idea. Okay we'll see you again and the stock to Lindsay. In. It was this thing in the middle close extreme. It out to Lindsay long man who lives yet. Day of mourning mourning. This Chiming in on your conversation. On what I get Carter. Conversation Kathleen do you merged into words politics that. No I didn't might not and I totally disagree and left treaty saying that we'll get. If you're a disgusting word. I also think if somebody called most Michelle Obama that say it would be. Out of jail if you weeks we just apply and then. In -- the do do these are for to be criticized as Samantha visas Roseanne is it's that that's not always but they would conservative would lose. Her job sure you know what's funny should just say is finishing just say you know what. She's she's wrong it's dumb that she used it just eat it's that she's right liberals occasion and a fancier ponson a couple of weeks now can I Arnold I could snap that she saw Samantha bee in constant refinement doesn't. I can barely sit through like that one click they can play in the other one is who has and that's what special RH BO specials Michelle wolf another dose of political it was a Michelle wolf was attacking Roseanne Barr and I saw the two of them on screen. I don't zug there honestly to their to their hideous and how much is talking looks like applies you don't well I just got to ugly people shouldn't show wolf. She and her instinct be to do. To Somerset for Jimmy Kimmel ebitda which is defenders can you yeah yeah. Like that's what Joseph wrote and he said she's a plea stand up comedian who always. Goes over we're in this world now where where it's let's get this person fire this person for this person fired. And to some extent can do in the podcast couple weeks ago. We're gonna be left with just Mendoza. Math test version Mike Greenberg and Shelby veterans that's it that's all that's it game that's always gonna do that at that but dailies or private but that's a different conversation right article jacket and filed for. But dale had that Canadian anything else can you guys must speak to assess the strong Canadian right. Toys 'R' Us all the time thanks Lindsay are you want some customer and she's got moments in let's talk to Lisa and go pass and I Lisa. Good morning guys. Good morning Lisa I don't know if you guys remember last year I called and because tourney was saying in fact. Her best friend a husband watched walking Petri because they were trumped court. I called lane and I say different but we're now her boyfriend her husband's policy. And Torre lost her mind. Leave it yet why is that were hurt because about where you know yeah. We implement we'll that was Lisa. It was our own thought it was last year when. I remember what. And we'll fight it hurts but. That's. What actually want from our should. Howell new tax Reinemund where she's a few bad for you should all of them as that a similar thing where women who doughnuts and saying it lasts. Bank should. Why. She's. He's a convenient see she it would have been when it suits her narrative she's got a similar Richards it's a political narrative she throws at them there. Right and that was unveiled but if there was a public in the chart which you like to ask. Of course. ARAMARK act. A tremendous treatment of Trump's of that. Malkin. Might want it sounds like I original opposite Elvis when there are a lot of things not only he's Irish. He said the he did as well I don't that's affected trying to evolve from president. I mean some of the hosts woman this he lured. And if it Chinese had made almost industry and defending or however bullied on social media right there was somebody on social media call somebody to see ward she defends it. And and she attacks are proposing will their child. For picture for a which is which even though people do all the time I. I guess for people hold their babies like that it's we will have you ever been on any social media plus well it is right now that you see it everywhere going twitters that's Twitter when you said. Should I had an answer to or urged to plus kids through all the time McDonald's junior left his wife and still post pictures with its national podcast advocate. Who should the shipment process and rip them could put the kid brother Mike it tapped as regularly as separate chiefs have muck muck to. I'm outta business Christen and aims very high Christen. Morning good morning person I just wanted to say that and you know as art but Chinese that. Hire people backward and whether it you know at women children. Creek none. Grandparent. But they don't use that to describe women they used to describe the art effect posts at 3 o'clock in the morning I can just pick out. Priests nuns. And I think you know how do you know this. And I'm Manny doesn't refer you with that were busy. A tons. And my wife would leave me. Like the main that I did you did you feel like to you a trendy Crist and that is a woman did that's your word now that the men can't you guys can use of their view want. I am I think gets picked the right audience. I think you don't care in the right audience if you. I think it's just the opposite like I think it's the one word we women I think I think that you can't use but that's and that's definitely I mean I'm America we stopped an Irish right technically a memento. The word I use allies against a word to use. Yeah we usually when call each other like to joke when it's appropriate to them when it's appropriate order she's a podcast it's. You want to Y catch of the right rough today. They got it. I was actually referenced in my. Our government does Melo knows that. Much more appropriate but I remember you were his mom was like B to BB the office 1 morning. Right I've heard a youth with a wife Deanna you that frequently yet. I'm. I actually kind of admire. Is that true let's just take. I can't I thought he insists he sure. I can't use that generally confirm my wife. My daughter's mixed company work because I could say anything. About it. I can't say that hurt them. It's a whenever it was it's it is not desensitized in my house let's because you guys usually prevent Ireland. Yes she has yet to bring her back again for a little while and then just use it they just are caught. That's your priest use it. None changed tires I happily years I can't believe that's two of the reason a couple of years. He was with a no that's right shortfalls in a couple house of cards is no way. Couple of years already lived in Ireland. Just came a long distance yeah what's the what's. And then it's hard to believe interviews with more about it and we an island rough 16 kids my friend Doug Kirsch Huntsman could. This doesn't think we should do the sweetest thing Hersh constant as we. I've got ice and Posey is a great run at the daily news right. Which they. Kirsch it's a T man. But I can't thank you call them that's right none in the air on that. Television Irish television. And Irish people I gave myself this is not that it's back. I heard Tamar c.'s analysis of this he had some get a bigger problem upward tackles. It was well it does use annoyed over dramatic perspective as a writer I understand why it it that's the only works toward the the adjective doesn't fit. Correct that's also for. Major lacking ambition or initiative right that means like. Mutt is feckless I don't shouted no commitment to from stupid I think she is stitches though it means that you thought it was okay notions are attorneys are constant good IDC and cards must generally fun night comedian entered its usually go to some will hold a conference on cement that beat. Pretended to laugh a little people's homes and the laugh at those things and add people actually go to see that Michelle wolf. She's just hideous. It's like fast sometimes when news on Twitter. The sub disgusting you know someone phoned a rat their food so it was a picture and you don't want look at it when I see your face was ordered him whenever. With Richard through the report this yes like that bombed yet right and and when I see Michelle wolf. I have to go by really I just I can't look at. An advocate for women it. I can't help eliminate an empty box exam time. People go to clubs that break out there critic I get accused if you're if you're meant trading you know having tampons you bought it used to box itself will be useless. It's now that funny than feckless he would I don't know it's really funny. We'll take on the Cole quickly quickly Susan Lisa. Hi Jerry how are your tastes. Well I heard I mean yes her but. I understand the whole situation. As far as I'm concerned promote bio up in word. In the English language. Might be different that's the way it is I'm outta my house. Perception of just normal perception which were being would be worse I would say probably the network's worst we Edwards worse but it depends who sang it on saint by the Denver and saint Edwards and so on a guest speaker minute perspective the words I would never use would be one or more although you see were waiting for a news network yeah I would to put to the and words and songs and movies true. Mean it's in. Lots of us. Big pop songs for stewards all of our Netflix right agent did the united amount of C words that podcast and particularly. All right now let's go. Which is to watch jag and respect that thanks Lisa got Utley and survive push factor that. He survived that I'm happy well known listens to hook through. This and I won't matter who wins the film on Thursday. You can you go to Belmont taping a Thursday it'll be up there's the owners of broadcast halls across the board politics we'll talk started toward a 6177797937. The tallest colonies have ties in the something on talking about real quickly get back in email we got him last week so we try to trap us. The trap us again walk us into a spot. I don't know what you're talking about you know talk them. Comedy Central and all right yes I would clients grass to a pure Comedy Central and read email and I went back I mean people hate us in and pay you yet. But I didn't think people. Thought we were stupid. That person thinks was deployed Hernandez document to open the doors that's what's at geysers and met all of this can be able reaction yeah right. We're back with more club Kirk in Callahan on Sports Radio WEEI. Reversing from Boston on here on the show. I'm saying well he may be involved we know he's non dominant crazy to actually drickamer grows we got sacked the patriots generally don't have a lot of us. I feel it's just the patriot way. That had some guys obviously the pro team. Murder now. We got some nobody knew to do hopes. It says my dark side cut there there is produced by Jose Baez which we've that's right yes yes. That we use with Casey Anthony's Olympics were stupid so I understand. So we got about our program director jurors are about some amino if you guys are one of the gets more info one potential daily show interview. That's with the notre ever correct my name is Matt Paula Darrow and a producer at The Daily Show Trevor no. I just have to voice of my top fault and he knows well. Smart move I was wondering if Kirk and or Jerry from Kirk in callon will be interest in being interviewed for several working on about. Yawkey way and allegations of racism and boss how. I was never show there's from December 2017. We discuss this topic I think to be a perfect fit for our side. Let me know your thoughts we have a moment I'd be happy to discuss this more should you guys reached thanks. Matt Paula their producer of The Daily Show which forever no. New York new great exposure although a man so so we're gonna bring in. They gonna bring in some ways he would not. But if office tracker anymore every some guy and ask some questions. We'll have a really good twenty minute conversation makes him any points and disagree with each other talked to the guy in a so that was really deplete a real good guys here really Smart. It'd be for a minute segment on The Daily Show where you have wherever power Brian Terry whomever on one side saying the issue of racism that Jerry and I saying you know. I don't again Jones epic something just thirty seconds 52 clip we look of total racist idiots. The units they could see you know and they'll be good good news for you know all of them all the people who wanna bring us out. And then you know we get trouble for right. Succession plan we should definitely. That's the plan I mean I don't know edited I don't want to plan B is when we declined politely do they move on to a but term don't Taylor. Glenn who I don't know fight right there trying to let somebody else made them put them. And you know united had the same reaction was kind of laughed and should imagine actually doing news. Imagine being dumb enough to sit I would know Trevor and his producers and say you know whatever occasion. Give you an example of what we its. Always say I don't think any bees had him we're Penn Jones right don't I know that we're not that upset I don't happen right I would say that in would be from a cup weeks ago. In watching the game and talking to people people companies that it's possible of course that can happen did. And there are people read such organization can ask them how people read such organizational believing either of them right but but you know it's just can't. But he. Finally fell for this thing no problem with these this ED this map all of their seat that I'm Tom Athens I feel like a fool like you do with the Hernandez. Document we've been in our defense. It didn't seem like any documentary with the was ever gonna get made with the made him and his old to be in this short right did not seem possible. I mean I know. I don't know much of an oxygen when the ice time you believe that of course yes but it's a good point but as we've asked enough questions are but I'd I didn't think oxygen network that that was not know why would we don't go to battered kerrobert they have they have the they have the resources that was like an eight man team. It was a very professional operation. The whole thing was designed to write to us and make. Hernandez out to be in this which is still put some money and isolates aliens and then when you see these credits and C producer. Hosted by us while we were hat you know that with the official who still do this segment ago in the history of you know they were the last team do this in pinky Higgins and Jackie Robinson Hank can earn and Tommy harper and all legitimate stuff racism racism racism racism cut to us in who will sit randomly I don't think you were races at one point wherever. Meaning something totally different though that I seconds yes I have us and you will be a gonna laugh the obvious laugh at us in an echo and you know they'll find somebody else to do. But you know what would December 2070 shall Mac Politburo was listening to follow on Twitter at all adorable. Well she's she's please this is the guy is trying to bring us your travel to Baghdad. That's we'll forget it was going to be on it because you do this all the time there won't be you. And at that it's different you guys have brought people on the disagree with you battled back and forth in this case the you know it's gonna be ended packaged just she's a mere five minute TV show right and you could daily show a difference a function of this whole show Google would not be to make a slip that would be too literally bring us down to literally a racist and too little or make it look like you crossed the line. And you would be good job would be in jeopardy if all the default would be ridiculous like different and it a whack neutral saying we bring somebody on you I would love to have the off Trevor wants a common -- Paula there aren't a full discussion rushed in particular important. You have your own record you record the thing we have a camera. You know if we really wanted to for some reason but even that doesn't matter right we'll play the whole thing out the people who wanna stay Derek did they don't care where it. I sent emails to people they don't care of course their whole life is. Whole crusade is a vote taken things out of context and lying about whether it's that I keeper national under its you guys write that as a matter right. I mean they can live because some people think they're trying to make the world a better place shoot right. It's insane. Of course let's deal with or about where I think we're about to vote would I think I'm just about them. You yes oh yes you've been busy and it's a good good good morning. 617779790%. That was that puts a team. But the Joey as a wise even reached might tell us to stand now. I don't know maybe one. We must be received let's talk about on the air that's who said I wish there are no that's familiar hey what I think I speak for you when I say we will be more room. Vigilant. Power forward. When someone asks us to sit down. And do an interview would give us an immune Q and ten minutes half an hour. With a preview more like someone that bigger ones and foreign aid to deter we we weren't the only ones who were duped. That's true. She's next project. Surprise surprise what is next documentaries about Casey Anthony Tracy and started stock and yet if it puts on yeah that is right page and the oxygen network yeah I mean I would never ever watch Japan can you imagine. He did documentary. Depending upon or by your goodness. It was big for you could got outside I two I explained excellent mother you know the father is very suspicious carrots. So I think all absolutely I mean can you imagine his lawyers scumbag lawyer absolute field. Makes documentaries about his guilty clients uses its network to make two. Six carry out his his defense even after the trials or. Just to make himself look do you think because this woman did reporters started missing for thirty days that you might be guilty sura and she's part usually through her. We ruled on the table or a shot straight into the woods also alongside the accused Google certainly not a targeted message that's what's. It's a big deal party. And then blamed for a jets who lost to scratch right to this crazy sick O daughter it is yes it's despicable. In this by as. He uses the network and all the money that would be to make a documentary. There was enough to just when the case in court. He wants to win the case in the court of public opinion at Politburo Paula bearable the producer that all of durable it Paula Paula terrible is by it was just of the lord turned Stan. Also segment producer of the show. Oh I mean you sense that he's not conservative who is what you don't ever want you to use your Smart you could endless. He reached record treated Sally Field with just queen was so remote you can species so yes since a trip to be a lot of she's flat wrong call evocative Siewert. C order is powerful beautiful nurturing and honest accurate. Just after. And he powerful beautiful mystery before that was quite shared you retreated. Preach preach shared with another missile launch back to him does that mean. The older or whatever and I'm at a point in front of the show I get back to. Sits up and not political and he's what we brief welcome George CB QB we can maybe pitch yet to us that's a good point I call that he wants a couple of good his second shot or nervous but c'mon. We love the show him. Doing what we're concerned we're gonna be trapped attractive force it Malibu could be if he talks about right right. I'm always a chance like you know who else is involved in this project you know it's how we brought here to which what was said December 2000 he's really given to win what would that was a personal. Yeah watery gel that you don't want. Decker hurts I get that numbers aren't right they can use us even if they don't any of us that's true. And they can take a set of contacts. I suspect that's probably have some help them all there's no question and several people read one newspaper and one who I don't know what the other person. He rings yes she is professional high ranking gutsy he's very religious six point 777793. Cents. Our team coming up when Austin acres already been talking with Oprah speaks during a sound that no sign yet coming in seventy polished. You fight the good fight here. Harkin Oprah about what was it was the subject it's about on his life longevity I'm sure. Parroting it's going to be big because wells a part of it all tells you know that's the only thing would did you say when some thrown the ball on the on Monaco. Did you say yeah on the air I missed. Now talking place was a huge event Israelis say terrible look at the same but it's Wii is now. You've lost that he's got a comeback to his poem. Come back I would else Peyton Manning it's resort course people of that story is what people. The was humans Austin's Paul and James are rigged in Ray Kelly and Mark James doing as well right yeah we have a some Bill Clinton's jumper here in Atlanta you're going to do it I think that she didn't of them place a marching Dickerson at the it was a good show. He's tremendous that's on the globe as saying. Bill Clinton's term is comeback this is helping America's combat deaths yet a couple of DOS for back to operate as I say don't right our twos.