K&C - Trenni does not want to get into show gossip; Curtis suffers from Dysgraphia 7-16-18

Mut & Callahan
Monday, July 16th
Hour 2: Trenni and Tomase decided not to engage in the WEEI station drama and Curtis had another major announcement.  

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He'd skirt and Callahan. With the current committee ahead and Gerry Callahan. One sports real WEEI. So different from. I honestly and it's probably something really try of course there are parts of yes on that stuff that like. Wind and those as if this is good or bad that I. We won't argue with each other like ad nauseam and it's still like considering each other friends of feel like no we're not at at Arizona friends and I don't know what that means like that there's a friend any. Element to women and men too I don't get it like I would never like. I address 67779793. Suddenly you're talking we're not gonna talk that I had you know. Or affable yet Robin Evan can go to the champagne bar room. While. For that lives must think we're not for a Newark. Because she's turf. OK it's fine again yes and sable that mr. yes I don't mean I was gonna stop. As a place brewers in front of the bonds were brought to the police were almost people laugh then I was stopped for the Tamoxifen and we don't you know now won't go to bottom will. They're not always you want to deal may be but not very nice of him by 2190. You better enjoy enjoy that turning to mosque he sent example off the next couple weeks these have long been a week's July yes double off the next few weeks. Wouldn't get that he had to all of the August according to the end of attorney to Nazi shall always offer a month. He has yet to what saudis. What's he doing. Along all week in Italy among. Percent or the monsters. Held longer. So. You could take time off in the Summers is a weekend right in the heart you sleep over microphone during the summer series the company was unable Saturday exactly opposite that you know it is for a couple years that would never. Did we US money ever know you never said that's what I mean we always talk about never saying no to any ship you would you your job to mossy. Whatever. He sucks hopefully he goes away is not sock you might suck like a person at the on the show pretty good he's good on the show us and so I mean. He can go on vacation not write in for a week in part sixties and missed one week is in this. Missed the equivalent fourteen is get Saturday to Saturday and is there it's indication there were joking about it erred in their reasonable climate. Through Saturday I did was I would encourage people not to listen to much or who's there and that means more relic Angela and showed his website person unless it's out some of us I would tell you not to listen to you illicitly ride which I would not. On each is obvious you drip they'll fire him don't go get a job some girls he's he's he's. Not worth and each of the company. Now. The fact that the exactly company. It's back on which flights closing on them agree and are you 90000. Using a joke and not believe Kenya and we have a lot of power on here to please the power to Apple's web. Something there I mean I'm I'm not daring you to I don't wanna sue people ought to watch dog wouldn't care why do you care pry him as a job or position like nice people been awhile that we've that curtain on the podcasts are targets are missed that talent for that voice that electricity. And a Fave write it for ride horses here not paid back at all you know not payback at all right da dum podcaster right Hannibal. No no nothing no thanks nothing nothing not nothing not one thing many hand Coleman. How animals a drip it's not happen now it is only more problem rob even probably a couple CU who produces for you guys producer went to the station. But the what are you put those ten best moments in the summer book. Well the fall book in the winter. Proposal block ultimately. Is like its arsenal blog re tweak the game more pages could for him New York's main arguments among a web site global rebound WEEI dot com we're tired of Harry tweeting Jerry doesn't show those people doing people a terrible or read. That is better audience there winner on WE RO KOK year. We should you should Carol good people work there about it obviously want all right rob are gone to people too mossy rock writer. The two big guys. Did feel it it's in the one we help them out they'll help us. I don't answer that. They should be LP to Muster should be. A discussion last week at W I I do you have any new dad is conversation on some thoughtless and last week now okay nobody. I mean. All the must tell them Edward. Yeah of course just to. Where's he's at the one you guys. Are one company massage parlor to the spot so it's like bush at the spotlight yes. The fourth in check and that's the opposite okay pleased to do it before I go down not what which opened. The new inject in to get my riding on an Ascot and and it's it's over yet that's that's blasphemy. Our past you Jerry and month to Alter our type of yours stupid markets have been abducted from Gregory's something great to my time. And I can have a meal that's it Holland so yes no. Physically from port somewhere lock lock it down he will have a meal with us tonight before mr. Lott and I really care all my god as of right now just admit you're dying goes to public U three guys I'll skip the all he had. Omar no I can you believe that. It's out you don't care really does dinners at the did CDC but I don't care so have you found that the Jerry. Chris I was edit our go to my brother Jerry Chris I would rather Jerry Chris it's going to be entirely about you wouldn't care. Not something big on the air at the biggest lie ever told you life because like that recording all other suspects last last there it was the anniversary of all let's price was the anniversary of the big Williams should capsule that we recap the last year. Our agent he's saying things before he said because here last week. It yet Larry Johnson we don't read that yet Monday. Monday is a reentry Monday we recap what happened a week while those over the weekend you've always put any Mercado yes it. A tree we close by the judges. I don't think we're closer debut month Jesus Christ. We cannot confirm but I I spoke with a judge. It took his wife about what are against police judgment. Yes and she seemed a little rattled my call so I'm I'm they'll have annoyed or excited about what 640 them Wheldon and I'll do my job I'm blaming you but she'd be ravaged because the actress who is a very against police to judge. Hope we will confirm you were auctioned off for dugout seats for Sox the Red Sox game on September 12. That's for dugout seats including by the way pregame. Field access to batting practice money goes directly to family Michael chest to the wind police officer killed in the line of duty. 6179310937. Right now 617931. 0937. Right now for that. If won't help with the family. And you get four dugout seats for the game September 12 green pre game feel that's the batting practice Sox talked tossed in Naia. McKee best baseball bat as well to get help the auction by offer a pregame toward the radio Booth. Hillary option let me give you lower the price cuts are more people involved yeah I mean would it when it get get we get some some higher deductible charity they're audio herbs and by the UA pregame toward the Booth. You've in my locker it is there fell apart what they September 12 the minority and we culture. Okay. As a safety throwing me be a dinner at the I was at before the game a little Wednesday. You Siegel EMC club with her and him Gerry Callahan might help as well that author Leo puts on Wednesday night weeknight well. So much that we he's in a stat that I'd say I would add a beach I would secretary double check which Jerry to own teachers what did you Wednesday in Boston I will be one do I as they headed for the family of this fall on officer he would. I speak for Jerry and that's. Yeah I guess a mile ought to speak for Jerry shore GI. I I had a great idea currently by. Gerry Callahan and Iowa have dinner with you if you want one for the game the EMC odd that Chris and Chris Curtis is well right ought -- it can layers while the entire carton Callahan show yeah okay we're willing to throw in as well September 12 the Wednesday morning due to the mystery off color of my sense the issue deuce got his station gossip everything on the table there and that's horse and if it were me everything's in place had a few drinks and frankly I asked them to do with the that's part of the package as well if you want that to me 617921090s. Have been with the show. Pregame field access and as the night went and yes sure it's okay. Pregame field accessing it and we'll keep bets autographed bat. You foresee to the dugout and dinner with the Kirk in Callahan show huge EMC club to write off the put that together price capsule. That's a pretty good to meet huge ego Andy toward the radio Booth yes that's where you can come I'm. Appreciate him a magic tricks and show and dug it up the lockers for drugs takes takes us to integrate the dog does a great Finley four s's. Does the scenes yes yes people all take a relatively few of the garden you know they are. Nestled deductible or. Excellent write your hat forbidding its all about that could be good. Islets that is what what what is this Shannon and read them hello how are you what what what did. Good morning. Amare the morning. Morning. To talk to the guys. That Ford's let's talk about. I'll market started at that should. You wanna talk to Kirk to Mike about that. But the bush raptors are the gets a break real quick OK you just say can you say I hate to use that you just say how much you like much when we comes on. Tomorrow okay thanks. Our let's go to Chapman read the Chad good morning Howard. Tiger Martin are you good thank you. I'd like amateur magician out but I'll great to talk about the latest results. Yeah I am wondering what you got are thinking about it I thought it should reach sidebar. News you. Russian Maria hate this right now doing what can you come going approach are real quick. Can you say help a big fan you are the show how much you appreciate the guys and you're done. Yeah okay apple and it's. A huge and let them give a certain outlet for us here this morning I was yet. I'm good how are you thanks and good morning I'm sure appreciate everything that it stop it but the Smart stuff let's. I'm wondering if you guys I thought that the public should re not market Smart. Some of the capitalization thanks so much the ego will sell the stock is violence to ports. Opened segment ended the Celtics. Legitimate question again we get criticized. Like resumption time market Smart not known the contract is nothing else some. It's just think of a market Smart thank you for your collection he does things no one else does he's a winning player yes he basically real player is the small things yes it is now all been more valuable to the Celtics and he has two other teams he's eight he's at the offensive line player and added to Brad Stevens says that stumbles almost the station these good shooter and a pack of some dude who. A person got me your seas be sure who. I forget what I want to markets wanted did you hear that no one is that markets aren't they good shooter. Now what is nobody has this. No one would any basketball acumen has said Marcus Moore signature. Can but what's on drug on. Mark Smart I'll shoot from the outside. A label like they partner. With ring want to mention. A secretary is critical for at history very. Critical of the Roemer layered onto the blighted area hired out this negotiating. Separate fine it was Curtis edition of what you guys do it better I think look a forty year old cars us again and again today and money. I gotta get checked in got to Plymouth Leo it's 4 o'clock checked into the fools perfect you can do a nice podcast on Monday set the week's agenda. And then do another one or Friday down lettuce and you amended its can be done today I want barometer on. Do want from care about them or other words like granola now that you guys to work out what's going down there. I get and the defense is all what I'll give them some bone from got here to there had nothing to back. I nothing to get. On the go already figured out is that Regina is the food court and there on the go admire what. Michael Maher rummage whenever whatever and then take a shower and take it. Watch a British Open preview legal battle Neitzel out of that if you want to do. All to get loose for our I would go play nine somewhere there. 099 holes by myself but my summer played golf and he played nine myself before we stand up. Public signal hotel room and to think that public golf courses. Public course this is the crowds. It's it's called the added that don't golf course traffic can be easy Monday afternoon would you agree if you're me checking in 4 o'clock summer's not that helpful or the united stick around and I was away at some point one. Oh. Him and get that with time media to the hotel. I think. You know be sober. Yes absolutely. Okay and yet but yes the answer is yes and you'll be able to talk to the guys. OK which I talked about. I'm not implement that I was just on. Always like that would be just I've reviewed first like a great job secondly what can we get those you talk about. Yeah I wanna say that market Smart. I. Argus OK good good at what all the puts on hold and we get back in this is embarrassing but can he do to reduce the old song for WEI think. WTI. Rocks is kind of joke with the guys you do we get John has announced a lot that can do that. Yeah its title he had been a club that got twice after the song it's a it's a dump it with the guys but is okay. Yeah yeah. Mother deal with you must we get a model singer with prompts them. Didn't. Are you gonna do our lodge 543. Radio talk to guys. Each candidate Bret the wants to dig at a college called twice this segment Jenny you'll happens you called twice this segment but you're ready I'm ready Jenin a why do authority. WEEI. Iran. A negotiated about you wanna continue to markets might only have I guess we wash your connection must add one bar it instantly. I'm glad I say that the Celtics hit reside markets where. Okay thank you very much see that it she's in the market Smart can shoot from the outside she gets her show and welcome a call back that question and it feels about Marcus Moore who wants to white sign mark and that's it. It's the Celtic. I could not I didn't have an opportunity last night to watch this session our culture to watch. I do not watch a lot Rio when he cuts from occasion and watching I watched the ten minutes the put on line now apple should not funny. I'd suffered he's not such a miracle and he's usually very content but it's you know what happens though after two run its course will do it headlines should. Kirk and Callahan on Twitter car. Sports Radio WEEI. Each time once again for. Headlines. I love Mike finance get the treatment really fair last week as well as persons of our model at one of their one bed shown them on Monday Tuesday did matter for them Thursday shows apparently without you here. I I didn't get this I didn't know how come out would be I didn't know how to I never felt they had the duels are on on the hole before either but much else. Just over let me just say who's really unfair that we I think. To call you before your big library side and they were sort of joining us as a line what it was during the during. It's time for Curtis courage and tell my hands. Yes dumber throw it. Question for Howard and yes who sings them. Throw it. It looks I think much acting month. We need an up in a relatively good job would mean there's rain Friday. Fine fine Exel. And promised to complaining after the show it gets me somebody else's so it. Couldn't do attitude like you did to you already are here is the preference they. Or example. Did you huge rally. I think amenable OK and to shut up so the money just for Thurman and yeah I didn't I didn't I needed to add a third man you know US department on hours. John leader brow. All we want old yet couldn't do it. Was my sickness and you were like OK fine. Brought on by doctor Robert that a lot of (%expletive) about the document your prestige. The they're doctors of Mike and his soon to be 1800. Get here headlines hosted by Chris Kurz Chris good morning. Good morning and if you about a month. Of puritan times in Europe guides them. Steve is handshaking and Ewing he's an popular morning hands say yeah this is a different and almost our paths in the opposite for the show. And an important. Part important. So what do you make that available as a paid downloads like add that my tax to be teachers soon. Now put out on the daily generation as hard as good as T shirts. Monologue and yet even nothing. I'm waiting for design our heavenly designs. With these articles that I design business yes I Guzman and action another idea that just goes. There has arrived at W yeah of Curtis design teacher yes look I I would because Iran we were good art institute. I have it's called this graph via I have horrible. By motor skills of the worst in writing the worst I mention that this this graph via. I was diagnosed with a retirement your visa it. If you want you want. I was diagnosed with which are beyond a it was a state run like Massachusetts I think it's for somebody like you right right that if they got past month. ERB what does he RB album and you're younger tonight was stamp for. I honestly don't know just take you Arby's the element between you and what we think that means I don't the army and Marcus. It is an exceptional. Except one person and take BR yeah that. And what you've heard of scram. Which that was flying a charge but get. Angry. That. All the support. We're so angry about. I don't know if we're able to hold old now I can afford to burgers Fries you oddly ties such America went into this we just futile thing first. Gotta say it's a real blast for you. It's expected that we all understand. That. She's so this. Actually a little back about eight everywhere they had every right about this at that point injured actually hammered on the drama class a issue goes on my experience. The the locket Morton is a text availability Marianne had originally it was and goes okay cigarette. Good morning good morning sought audit and I. Sacha Baron Cohen has a new show called whose America and that last night he introduced a plan as a I say before before you into it. I told we will say I was a huge algae. And I loved Bora Bora is one of the phonies who resembled a spectacular you've never seen him. Possible it's that it's through it seemed so fake to me. While Abu Mazen and. It's OT fake you. Well the whole thing is fake I understand like how you've never seen more that's one of the five when he will be the last one you don't don't don't pass judgment and more secure our agents and more and good as we would like these two classic. Like an in it's a question. Like his character like it and I didn't tropic thunder the the key. That now you will Farrell. I Talladega nights particularly funny answer on if it might be done I don't like his character will be. It's been easy for me but there's this stuff aboard his very analogy was fun to Bora was and you know huge efforts start. Oh the it. So yesterday he was. In characteristic colonel Erin Moran. Moran and he was pushing a program called kindergartens. Were to lose to arm caught. Random congressman ignored and being mart do you want me just say. On television that I support for an where roles with arms so we trust me. Yes you can tell your members of congress don't just hear a story about a program and an indicator of their supporters and you can tell you members of congress don't just hear a story about a program and an indicator of the supporter. I support the kindergarten program we in America would be wise to have committed to. It's something that we should think about America about putting guns in the hands of law abiding citizen who is this we is that. That is the former majority leader in the senate I believe Trent Lott was trend yes. He's on there somewhere yet it's only ten minutes they put her watchers say is I didn't I didn't watch I was watching episode to a very English scandal which is an excellent show on Amazon prime a lot. A very English scandals call he granted three episode miniseries on Amazon prime very very good. Well whether they be teachers. Or whether they actually be. Talented children or how to train preschoolers. May be having. Many young people trained and understand out of defend themselves in the school martyred for you make us safer here. It just goes on like its you can tell they were told to say something that back the people in Israel they were played it. One of the guys Joseph Walsh went on CNN late the night after you or is it easy and he lied to and say he wants them award. But it doesn't. It doesn't make it better to some of things these morons say on camera that that's you know she's so snowed defensed and these people suffer from this graphic here now. Yes it's educations records bureau ER VO I joined the tests are mailed us. But an upper third grade were you GPA in high school. I think it could be minus to him wherever it was like 2728. UN BC. EI guys are doing I was and communication psychology. Might my advisor rivers was like why are you applying to Boston College you have no shot I said oh my dad. We'll help right in that like that donates a significant emotion GPA and college ball bat it was like if you read. I. Guess it is gonna impact while it was going to be and radio would like these sort of always zero or white jury on one measure. Apparently in the past Sunday. Well yeah what that doesn't have descriptive president Dario thank you Chris and he. Are these all come back. That's actually it's a believe what you would program to stripped of his duty with the parents keep in my Byron program director said to me several times it was a he doesn't want Chris personal host headlines anymore do you agree with him or disagree feel free to call right. 6177797. That resembled a couple calls and do you want Chris Curtis did you know deadlines. You walker man and a host Ken layer Gerry Callahan we should. He's the only guy can host agree and disagree but but the forger to sesno guide. Well president trump this week that went bananas over the media coverage and he band CNN and call the ironic that the opinion is means crazy but the same time for its exact opposite of you down the remarkable that strange folks aboard guide. So Latin. Or art. And so the president told CBS face the nation that the EU was a follow your biggest competitor the biggest foe. Globally right now. Oh I think we have a lot of falls I think the European Union is a hot. Which led via Twitter world. Proper that we were yet it's a trust fund. And that's short one right that's it per picture. Lost. This summit this abdominal. And stupid. While I was gonna talk boat trump it on the play ultra powered that it went orchard so there's absolutely no chance that this is a normal meal for the president while he with. Good. But while he was with piers Morgan. Guys here's what the president did get past that vernacular. We'll find out the green or to test. Cucumber ties that. Number I smelled familiar me in the rated talk. Launched ourselves today a medal of cucumbers. And gratitude spicy red chilies shock. That world and Morgan. Tiebreak simple way. And jasmine writes. But it was revealed that he has a massive bark. Out and get. I listened to none of that was then you just Lucy was it was it was not a face zeal and there was a Wall Street right report on the duplicate all this weekend you're Vermont I wasn't Obama we didn't give me a quick. Portland technicals so very Chris Curtis wondering headlines yesterday was 617779. Yet I threw out a mop in it loaded up the lives right up in defense of Curtis distribute its last flight for despite. I'd be posting headlines moral. From my Plymouth which I don't wanna do like. Saturday morning I had a focus group of about twenty guys thirty somethings all listens all seen the show for apple like they don't like arguments in my room their big fares that. Almost to a tee everybody hates Roemer which I think is a good thing I don't know its date despite a screamer and that's fine the what's that early what's your take of Kurt we'll take a curtain. I got asked every single guy individually came to me at some point over the weekend and says. What's Kirk really worth is and what he had an adult and I went out Kirk's the vest he's like eighth term problem. I always say he's been good to me I like him personally participate in the gas and I'll tell us to be it's not that's not true and the opinions anymore. It's not true nobody works harder to. Run what goes on here. Eight. Apple are doing well I'll do it right what a thorough and it then nobody works harder nova care and thanks to for what weight. Happy and excited close. What ride aboard no no definitely not you wanna call that a book. Great quote wipe my accident in IG's. Out there. All the guys come under this scrap. Or group an okay. Cursed satellite. Folks and for us I mean we've looked out and I. I'd hate to see him are not doing. Headlines and more particularly. Hurt the rest of us and support group well. I grange you like the face of the scrappy Alex. Absolutely I mean we have a poster of it's one of our sport Retief I didn't look. Famous person with the scrap it and we know. Odd saudis and become like yeah a spokesman for the scrap the I'm open to I think it was a very debilitating what is his racquet again I'm looking not it's where you have fired mortar issues and have difficulty with but penmanship or else I'd love to penmanship what else. What else. Yeah. Inability to write coherently. As a symptom of brain disease or are they I'd be very we have our answer. Elbit. TV because Japan which was bad at this graph it sounds like it's a little more serious. I think my parents were searching for reasons why my great partners of it went paid and ice psychiatrist to diagnose and sometimes we get more time on my Europeans. There you go art that's that I'm not laughing at that and disease is in his room laughing and it adds regardless I claimed lap or three guys we got an award Chris asserted she's oppose Obama. I apologize if you're about about that. Can't believe I did when I did. Can't believe I happened to me chain by mine ankles to bench. Can't believe I did that three times in six months it it's bad stuff to talk about isn't a key come back to the word embarrassing. But you don't occurs when it's. Fraud it's a fun doing now is not funny with laughing at that no wind it's an exciting like my apology on this as the biggest lie told America in 2018 you saying you wouldn't care who attended with Richardson that's the biggest lie I've ever heard in my life you guys can go adults and biggest lie ever told that I've got to close to assume a bit about that ever since is that you're doing a show tomorrow I'm sales. You are alive as problems. Hello guys I don't know where guys that you believe what you golf this week and could. Wherever your own cells. What to say I don't know that's the question that explain a great guy he said. Yeah and shirts that would say glass were guys you're great guys have bothered to care a lot about the she'll be testing ever about you workers oppressed by. Which are afraid. Of if you were Jerry he'd ask Roger. The guys say but Jerry's. Other a lot of big Jerry there's conservatives from Dover elect is a point of view with both of Vermont and it's headlines by two by doctor Robert matter. Document repressed the carelessly used in the one Gator great friends welcome back and we get back to the story when the star of the show dog reaction that you that story's well. Make it to you trying to move before Christmas while working on the judge in the back for a month to 9 o'clock in the watch that your hotel. We are huge actually Mo usually India. The media massage and Jerry we are getting coupled with us together areas through the company massages. Over. And I. Murr I can see plus a CC minds what I thought I felt that Scott hopes when you appeals to carry sensibility she talks BO right away. Would you do would pay town last week. By or speed up for the first time which is very exciting. At a price advice from my thigh heavily photos of the UI hairy dies what color Speedo grand when Lou disciplined when you giant. And then you say you're available only just the mansion itself and I was does Jerry's just a spouse needed it the gay world and now that he was an expert started doing the show perhaps even more fascinating. But he go to pizza overall we cannot hook up and what I want nobody has an added there's certain periods of life. Certain groups excellently but currently do not catch. Mike and hand you might now we Glenn and Christian have chemistry. Mike Angell adult. Can't aired doubts remembered don't have on don't chemistry is known as does it feel like it was wasn't great they'll be better recruits. And I really considered you the originals back. That'll work better the real case and it occurs males in nothing earth I'm all of Stewart appeared more one on Monday and Friday for on iTunes and redefine cracked only yes but it's a Friday unite here he still won't push them I mean it's a responsibility. Maybe on Friday Hewlett. Worst ever mr. Bradford and number on. Mean not good right terrible relations practice and fractured. OK Andy you told it to be present told yesterday does pregame show is little icicle doctor. If you did you did the pregame show yesterday. With Bret 040 OK I was I was not injured any good business weeklies we can't get your regret that we at the park as I was not a series. Doing them much roll on let's roll here. There is a for home. There are held by its and they show on C that's a profession that you would ever love going to Fenway he's doing a whole thing you what is currently the whole thing once you Joseph wants him like guys yet ice free in the soft servers as rising at this week's well. It's an white glass semis or it's expensive right a couple little little child let's all salute campers off bill and I relies on the ice cream last night Soto. Who have something where you more direction Lexington a mental errors I could see that got little ice cream I want fractal we thought Gary my run for theirs or 20000 steps to doctors and treatments of revelations could for you. Abdul walking around with my commute the whole thing in my Dave Kaplan had like half of these through rust away at a high trucks which is cookies and cream bugler. It was really good for me. Authorities obstacle little brownie at big caddies Iraq there was no brownie you clueless so now the little brown had no idea is that a lot there's guys let's ideas over delicious the old little ground. For shall we are in a bar exited as it was not an eight Barnes and again he's not a into a big caddies in the southern did you did you ask them with the the most popular I did a thing or is she wanted to that is of what's what's popular flavor of the summer is written I don't know I don't know historical note now. He's not alcoholic a little brown knew almost right at that. Let's said that was Kaye has as much of the goes up to easily teenage girls and ask them most popular actually ordered by the looks like the Merle. Time why when where does the local popular flavor it's scream because of the country that you because every little local spot. Has what there is they're going to most popular flavors chocolate Vanilla now there's something that the locals know about your eight or is becoming an. You might miss on the menu the first time might default and personal life with a list of ice republic it's like Ken is favored ego okay that's everywhere. Under understood you might total place and there they are known for. So I was plays in Chelmsford where their chocolate by so he's he's tremendous O'Sullivan farms is the likes of Angel attack or has read there's sort of an awful originals were. The chocolate but brown it's crazy what order would not well Alan you would not know Kurdish we have that you would also ask you bid a bunch of different times okay. So yes I don't want to like that puts a man oral nice those girls that's on the ice cream does not saying it from the rooftops. Ask the ice cream person what the local favorite in every single time ice does not like yeah I mean you go you know what you might all right guys and anybody in the summer and I try everything like I thought he chose when you go ice cream place you know what you know if that's of no ice that's on the EC. It was shot yes it is I disagree it's a once great play all of this is not yet and it's much Chris reiter cricket. Game. When you drive a nice place you'd going there with the intention of it's certainly too little time flavors and place I would like phone calls on the 617779. 79370. Is the phone number doubt in either way. It's a bit I would like holes on a part of the show today in somewhere capable of that guy I would like to know do you believe like I do if you go right in place for the first time it is not creepy all ask male female young or old. What's the Obama favored popular ones are most noted I'm not saying it like that on attacks and attacks and sweet my mouth what's the messing around here. You are now saying it awaits on suggested I he's an update on the seventeen year old girls were from the cemetery next you're on America. Again I can can out with him wanna Baltic Sea aisle if you know yet I can now be. Why I can't persevere guide. I. I what's what's the most populous career ruled great question in the your social. It. Police officer ready ago. Which was saw the hi well the local favorite your right which organized worked on Donald's OK you can do you would've known equal the most popular flee yes they came to the police department said and Prodi's question I would know working Prodi's Donald I would know that you're going to it's it'll get a series I'll six and all that's at the beginning she knows the most popular flavor is going yeah yeah yeah. They wanna sell the most human is chocolate or Vanilla okay that's not the question. And locals what's a local favorite here. But that's we might not a different country yet it seems state you've beat the you don't think that if I skiing ice cream nicest here in New England not really different. Favorites like what difference chocolate fudge I'm hoping I don't know PS or Pacific national task ER it's chocolate and forget why you ask the question ironic that you are wrong right. Mr. minimum wage part time workers already don't know apparently don't answer your question and it does scare convert tips and if you. What's the local show me how you wiggle in those key. Unbelievable you guys what they what are your thoughts that Brian and say hello. Jack who he got my daughter or media in place. The Greek background that is eight. Apostle I don't give a place I go to the place is a way to assure your good dad you know want to attack dog are you want uncle mart rolling into town the what's it mean you are obese and my night tonight at nine might reach into the Bob McCann the sprinkles I think you'll be. You're saying creepy things where you are you born 2000. And just so I would not save Brian. I don't and I didn't suggest that she did it. Do you have an all male or female young or old can ask the question you're making about seventeen year old girls against any single I'm Michael rights group often have all people working as sick alcohol off. Ticket and not often it's always always Linux it's not as often I don't know how illegal to get those Thomas got his hands. It's a great version of that. Is principally Coachella fest looking at that we get that that is unbelievable. Three tape need build. David let's go to Dan distinguished from morning get too many tweets about this. David hello. Acre or you'll find thank you. They're not part I inside the human I think on the market that I don't want well. You collect one that is a little bit. McDonald's is different moron and a local ice cream place that analogy it's not. A thirty mile an hour jumping there's nothing more common than I screen to see everywhere. Every place I agree their grip easel farms in New England drive on the back roads pullover. But would you want it's I think which you don't understand generalist and now I've I've I have more ice cream you got a new exhibit organized and you are out when you guys are nice way I want I want to know nicely tie thing you know I think he ought to be risky Joseph wanna blow that chance I was on Linux and I think at the SP ice freezing every summer every day you'll easily if you take chances. Depends yet don't get anything pizza places are not the same as local ice cream place what would you pizza place Connecticut what did you say hey what's the you know what's a little go to Europe easy getting you know what you get printed labels for what was Reynolds what's the local what's the difference. It's different and it will ice complete literally nobody agrees Christine I'm not picket the calls to greet me Christine hello. Well Christine. The morning each element has its okay say morning Christiane you're out of all right you're not working at. Christiane what a nice street placing a little you know little Jean shorts and you're sure you're going to college next year he just wanna go home and he talked your boyfriend your friends. We creepy Michael Ganske Watson says hey. Really looking at least some and they. And you're used I'd that we are facing the lights go out and won the popular labor here. God please guide. I crash. Traveling I'll say we're not go to McDonald's only to go to the bathroom and we're gonna go to Google local played them and. And what McDonald's but right now. But what about the guys they scream is not like Becker Steve well. It's. I think I'd. I think it wouldn't hurt apple keynote will be probably been and still getting your favorite flavor that. Much I and then my. Are all right well it might suggest something you try it like you get the might. All of my god horror and asking for our taste of one other I I isn't saying at and I screenplays that can IU please thank you Christine ice in places my whole life so. Okay congratulations my point is I have never in my life. Somebody behind me in front of me in line or meters some of them with his ever never ever ever asked anybody I've seen Italian restaurants have seen other restaurants he basked. You know what's the local thing whatever or local beer right god knows best that US senate replaces two. But I don't act accordingly asset nice deepest ever view Chris. And ever network agreed yogurt cookie dough in the asset that. Of course when you're happy committee and the deal that it is nice person said you hate that depict what the district persons aggressive Michael by the way. Our local UC shot. In Italy you when you say you angle can I know you might let's let I'll get a large one of those please let's go to. In all the ones in my acre built go to Greg in such a great good morning. Hey good morning hello hello good. I just want to have lived on the road from big daddy's. Actually our my hair and I look like the rubbing the girl's hair. Yet yet. The right that's not true it's not anyone's hair gas these guys say they say it's like any toppings and much like you probably your hair off put the ice cream that is to be giveaway. And I mean I mean when regulatory path in order flavor they wanted to Paramount and leave. Hopefully I'm sure he I think that you had to lay down on your bed defeat into those Jeep and largest at the summit in ice cream place that makes no sense once counter remorseful world something. Not without Kellen Winslow good time for one more power to not think it comes he wanted Mike Ribeiro told him to you. Mike Miller Jack your call. Don't care don't cared usually take tests to Pakistan since he's got a good one tackles hectic. We're going uphill and particularly laws okay mud is right increase of mutt those were good. Our Marxist state yeah creek what's popular Bratz. Eight you don't like 10 o'clock like let's look at what I have just grab via. I have to scrappy you make it ought to do it does not call right and I play another thing it is our correspondents dinner if you're not. Is invited to dinner I didn't want to write some very portly Brit. Written letters to all of the spot. Yeah it's a. The it is just I can't come on aren't gonna spent a lot of time trying to make the right on the sale we are on the Capitol Hill caught. Don't worry about we will never have ma with us he may seek his way image that's in the may stumble and a woman will make sure. Did did you what did Jack around fine if you go Jack I'd last call. All right. Agree maybe if you do that we are an area. But as long I was against Obama or sanders' home they've always throws and other organized and we're in the wrong. Let we'll let you got and whatnot that. We're not gotten the plot. And good color. Great caller yes he's trying to tell stories with the way it's gotta talk about side thanks much guys OK did graduate loves the people of weight and about aides say you have to say and doesn't mean you're wrong I appreciate somebody find the good fight but what 92 and against which is the normal mode ratio when you are taking the other side write your your stretching all the more scared. They're scared they disagree that would US system like. At friendly's. Now that's a different part of the state. At a local menu to like the west and at the very beginning from just a solo from move on her. Kareem and sings I'm rinsing the reformers. Court. There's so freaking dog I don't know that. Jesus Christ now. Now this is not a guitar part. So both of not winning time a lot of fun read but if it was an M that's I think further to get goes goes forever the command. We'll keep plan right hour three coming up. We get back to the story that's it tries mean we have some fun to go with the flow of the real back toward restarting the 6 o'clock we get back this terrible story and Weymouth. That who I'm sure you've heard everything you've ever every week and everything in the destruction absolutely nuts will continue to sub beating as well Horry had the bidding. Work early thousand dollars thousand dollars on understands he's throwing a dinner and a baseball bat many thousand dollars and a now. I would just get an opera announced Monday summertime again here's a message again this hour and they're going to be a big debut this story to you you've heard I'm sure if not you Lucia mind me in this story more madness the state of Massachusetts the legal system. The judges that the governor. Are all at fault today a good man is gone and there are plenty of reasons why go through all that outreach next.