K&C - Trenni reacts to Bradford and Mut's podcast; Katie Nolan is off to a rough start at ESPN 11-22-17

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, November 22nd

Hour 2:  Trenni reacts to Bradford and Mut's feud; Katie Nolan's in-depth blooper analysis.


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It skirt and Callahan path between military gun today evidently cashier's mark what you're given that pass rush I don't think so. Drove like a maniac was his quote the love but I noticed after practice today Bruce Cassidy was still not commit. The he would not give up its articles. Background people out with Kurt committee ahead I was very proud. CBS news you are ever did covering. The allegations against rather. Do you think less of a person that's. Objectively yeah but that's what you have to do. It's still isn't easy it's still very hateful it's still very hurtful get the kids at the pump and Gerry Callahan. Drumstick in his friend wish we're live about their games at shoppers rest there they'll enjoy me. Hater and tie hockey players from different. I'll let. I'm Pete flatly denied that he says that didn't happen. There's something about the security of a young woman on Sports Radio WEEI. I want six. You'll figure out what went on these guys and again see this it's where you can't use this can happen what if that would cut back. Rob in this Marty getting it might benefit actually that's not the big idol big Liza I'm talking about the field goal at the table or. Joseph and I very ago. How great defensive nor. I don't interrupted program like that at that point nobody knew we were talking about his handlers went on nobody knew were talking anyways he causes of these two ideas high rate might have to break one of my rules that I have never make fun of ridicule. Criticized Kirk's podcast who's. It's the one thing he can't handle the man I don't think Kirk's particularly thin skin you can make fun of him or turn out to parents and fairness you usually don't podcast a party while not. Actually that usually it all the time missed one or not so much failures of this Richard the candle to sign players this week. And somebody in the through work hard and you add some as per day off don't get it does have more pop report Michael again. It's like for you Jerry it was a beautiful actually I was a waiting for my English is IBM had him podcast but you know can't Peter Maloney woman podcast. Do you just summed it up nicely interrupted and try to bring some order when that was impossible equal in Albertson I'm approaching your. You've got in the way of the good fight a couple of times to hold on hold on hold up hold on hold on that someone knowing Kirk in low view. Would not spin many rush hour days and Callahan tunnel. Okay Colin. Was which plays well rifle yes you're interrupting you shoot. Gone and gone and bounce and got some guys that are actually a commission sent an open. You almost can't because with with the two of them. That you'd like Q like the chaos yes she is set up and left that's true passion setup and left but I felt like that's fair criticism. Yes for workers is sure. Doing applicants is not a well let me know. What you decide. In this podcast was it beautiful. And beautiful masks and that's what you love. But it but. Holding on such a good two best friends and in him when he embarrassed mutt that much that you get embarrassed I didn't really it was fair to both of them I just thought that on this one happen to agree more month I think my won the round and he months more articulate and months like wow that's awesome and at odds market to open it over power him and rot and it went. A rod he's rob is he wants more wants more all the time he gets defense and upset when other people get more whether it's me. Or my recent trip it's a different area gates tried but he won't say it's. I think it SAU trim that he hates me okay will I can tell you. Who do you think we even with all the answer yes I mean you buddy but you cared you ran out to hold you hated to any. I mean the people that actually work that would surprise because I've only been nicer commonalities. Worked and that means let's not you it's not you wish you individually it's what you do. My apologies okay that's that's different and actually Haiti neat person like he hates the situation right hates. How IA eighteen like white hairs that you take weekends off is weird. I don't understand it either like edit it he especially because he wants to be on the radio more and Ike is an opportunity to be a very I mean. Mean obviously you know whose side and a moment arguable issue in the view and copilot so. Our. Name don't care. Mean it sounds like eight arable dear. And the fact that mullets on Obama wants to please you will know month month worshipped the ground as the tennis are correct. Precisely precisely the idea that operate in which is first and yeah. And a couple of us are judged on Daniel alliger. Allan Baird Marty Smith and the pepper and that's good radio particularly in the middle of November rob knows December rob knows it and and much. Killed in this debate as much as she just wants them than it will get picked up by. You know those web sites that about the trade almost like some human talking point or more you want to. Who's to ingratiate yourself to one of these guys course. And mark wants to do which. Right you get what you people do anyway that's different tries but yet but like you said post who just fighting that's much better radio that opera and copilot served on Alex and apple whatever. Who took its delay pretty Damn Yankees and tiger now it should be hostile shall we had sold its yet to. And let's go for an hour in November so hot stove sounds like from 1947. Signals come in the end we capture. It's like they did you look pressure not to let that I want to bring a Red Sox coverage into the 21 century you had in this it to bring it into the twenties occasionally I like Charlotte that shoot for the stars sometimes I know I over I do think that they. Baseball people who are gonna listen to a hot stove show panel like the old school what will those people too few modern. Actually have. Even if if he gains some water if there's music if there's. Sound somehow it is conversation there's debate this opinion. Those people bail they don't listen the game if you actually had someone like Lou Maloney in the Booth giving his opinion criticized the manager. If we see now I don't. I think that is sales. No I think I think has little I think having Lou in the Booth is great because Lou isn't afraid to compliment when they use in the wild he's also not a great frame compliment but he's also not afraid to criticize when they do something close and personal with these guys critical of farrow's sees the post harsher I'm just it's hype exodus would you eat which you have gas you why not because you're you're. You're the team broadcasters and I had there isn't differ. Frank you guys lacks a solid team broadcasters to hear him trapped exaggeration trap. You can be as critical as you want you can you can bar opened fire current doesn't pay them who cares we pay them off and art house and far. Okay uber yeah I know places yeah you guys I know you guys don't think I'd. You know I like Lou in the book but the case can be as I couldn't keep thank you very much cadet Kelly could be whatever you know Jim course or give me another. Former players excellent. Anybody don't play idea that you don't have any opinion you don't have any edge any attitude and humor the happy talk anything's. Is dubbed tales from the and the guy and I'd just like Craig's like he has ties to crazy that this any resistance of this to modernizing. The covers of the routes where it hurts in the stock show in November on Wednesday night or during game an August. How do you tell it like I I would still be against that why. How do you feel when you're watching San patriots came on CB acts like Leno and Tony Romo does make it he is excellent okay so that but if we have that equivalent to. Team this year yet if ever is that equivalent in baseball would that make you happy. It would it would make me yes who would be an improvement absolutely doesn't matter to me I want to know why you're likely baseball verses apartment paced the gain is just different people don't like the game as much as we have to entertain at a generation to spell out university about bringing the toll rollovers and I think some people think that's actually. If you do that that's what does suddenly get people watch it's not gonna hurt I understand that's that's a small fortune minerals are gonna say is while crews that's a good flow rate stood at baseball and watch TV. I must say though when I act when I was in college stead brewers brought in Mac passed version is not MLB network in emperors were here horrible it was and I hundred plus games a year but he was entertaining. And he was funny any mixed in pop culture references and hundreds of people watched fantastic and saying I don't think I hear it some I think Jerry's not listening or if you have someone who entertain us. It was ten years and Kirk's a unit and you know obviously it's obvious. It's obvious why would ever won anything to sound like so from a hundred years I like to keep it very. So let me disagree wise Lawrence will not on TV news to your question I'm wired moms placed Anke isn't real ill and he's dead Edwin Newman on two in the nation under. Why. We're down a goal touchdown pass from Brady to a middle of the three only unless that's Carolina Joseph doubts about the 48 yard field goal. The ice the kicker the grand you know comes three wins it 33 to thirty Panthers as the patriots fall too soon to. Hunch. More about this week it's that. Dave Foxborough for. Match today. You know why threw one right Foxboro. As on game day there's only 1000001. Way out. There is about the. After that the man. You really sold the joke news. That which issue. We should who's wonderful and it's terrific traditional. Can be my card project that's when my current project eagle like installed. I love this goes out. I think or whoever Lou Maloney your match scourge you can handle the game to overturn outmaneuver you and so that lineup aggressive player and listen to a couple and his. You put a Mike and buyers iChat on your own radio host and Andrew sisters they even knew about you do not need them on the monitor and a host of that's Obama chubby checkers you wanna like you want three Americans should move all the way it's like 1960 yes that's my sincere obligation something in the last half century. I'll call in the public that. It's a vicious ads it's overly ambitious I think self biting off more like a trend 54. Who 54. A 47. Between Tim and Joseph federal team in the sixth inning Allah you know Kennedy gets a little they get their decoder I saw the radio mystery that's administrative pressure in the sixth inning. An update Mike McMahon in just a little bit Mike who is Mike McMahon ski probably was my nose and it's. It was Mike brought up Michael and Mike and thinking. About your past progress ever heard anyone call Mike is my column like he's much. Or monkey boy an update Mike McMahon in just a little bit apparently so did my mom does hit you boy. Question she definitely does when bush goes there she is also yet to matters of very nice month. She really is he took the week off the week off as indicators of him. The week of it it's the week right Joseph it's got everyone's gonna get excited. It has no right at the point is that's a wrap Redford hammering three times this means you lose taking stuff literally jumped waters off the chi says he certain is it would have day isn't doing and when a negative and that's important Alia. And talk should go start dinner at the kids are human rights and they built that Wednesday. I was nervous today. That's an autograph them and it's not an era and a register so what are you doing on Thanksgiving since the around alone in your 500 square upon. My hands is going to be the weaknesses that rappers haven't little tiny Turkey. And oh. I hadn't thought I am taking soul cycle class in the morning and around 10 regular morning at nineteen mature on the future 5000 and a huge road race yes and want us. 101000 people running it like it's what time it. It's cuts in the third 830 Kirk will be making a speech Wednesday. Start running. Joan Benoit his Bill Rodgers is great race she has taught me about it's it's world famous second biggest race in the wind. To throw a switch soul cycle classless it's. It's divided chess. Tell it like this I can now kip we get to park campus and slide right in there on the market. It's you don't make speech directed there and deserves and Roche. Wells is there brick and sequoia Rogers great John while this rate it on young guns there in the world. It's a great mayor Jerry's there TV stations in the in the drones overhead yeah. It's it's an awesome race and the weather is going to be good right yes and it rob Bradford actually be as well. Really rob this right. Now I might come to more arbitrary than you would he beat me I was and am I coming decisive rubber at him. Run fast or press of the robbery at the John on us that's truly human more press for the robber and that anyone in history of the robbed which direction I was there finish spelling of his name and he just ignored me who's focused news videotape. Why do you know new that is amazing rob Bradford ran 26. For two more times you read them out of fort he did it. Is he running it yes in two Saturdays going worked together Museum of Science. Terrific listen via this great. If he if I was running a marathon is there's you get around America incidents of I don't know. But it is very OEC. I think the Smart thing on collateral over think about the hills in the pain at the combine you know moment he's not mentally tough enough and in the senate was robbed me and his yes. Now retired and so I'm more Americans for. We go cheer them on a few runs while it makes what makes achieved you won't eat it crucially the finished you're never gonna run another as of right right after announcing that he needs that I see I like mine what's the that's gonna run whenever I want in my Alaska aren't particularly delicate team really of the windows program at fifty miles but they obviously I would totally do that that's how much he's here. But rippled. So what's rescued Thanksgiving they look like I am different heavily as having me over to her place and their families. Single for a have rooms plus the water bottle line. A Prius and she said the good time and I don't want it there in the. No it's great it's just it's it is rather watch T field in house I would. Emily is an amazing amazing country. Currently it and was the best wares this it's like two blocks from my house I can literally Wear slippers or mr. perfect liquor paradise sister parents because her sister has her work and the rest of her family's honor Florida's that's a much smaller banks and my howls of 500 square feet. Issued as Atlanta it's tricky it's like 700 some ash it was a achieve that she has a remaining forty. And yet what are you get home. He's got a big house armed and well now. Captain nobody in the road race and now. You've got to vote well fortified football but it might be going to football game but I don't want four yes get your high school full game yeah some different well why would you don't Kirk in the not run in the race and then my Brothers. And cousin world go to restaurants. Launch yes or whatever you know at the time. 3 o'clock 230 with a launch with every gesture of good he's Thanksgiving dinner okay great if we get Turkey. I don't eat Turkey and I'm like why you know likening him now. Nothing I mommies to. My mom used to make Pia is you know my posterior Thanksgiving and I separate pasta dish 10 my god you're like seven year old gases and not a high maintenance on your should be be almost as Dallas I don't like he did afternoon normally dad's fans say. Eat what mother cooked you a little pain in the ass but not Kirk's notion enjoyed doing urgently than the prince Kirk what would you like hopeless like and now. Look at myself. An elegant couple pieces of garlic or that you make from what kind of restaurant to. It's a bulletin board is it's it's a place here in the Bancroft. No hope you know orders sold its. Shape. I don't want to actually talk to be a yes I want everyone out there ever an act. Capital real no no and no one can guess it is it is dragon. Does for you buffalo wild about the fact that we've. Frustrating guest worker washed out and he's getting all hands on games I would like that we're not going there was a nice place as buffalo with a different kind of place. Because. I don't wanna leave my house. Is they won't they won't be. And ultimately we it's like he can't make there's people around talent rose does that noble snared nine boom it means a jump right highway in the week that he does he wonder. Thanksgiving night a big. You go to the movies on Thanksgiving night portrait watched the rose one of the Harvard but he went on our football games that's to do on picks Republican. To go back to know what seems less creepy on things Internet you know with Kirk in his job and having a lovely daughter was always glides in high quality solid lead peaked perverted clock conscious. You'd she's what she's young guys aren't ideal ice Ozzie spoke semi automatic but my high school friends there's like guys aren't as. That pig to help the team is ski on Aaron had is that I don't everywhere once he does it I don't want Iraq high school football genius Arnold your son's up fame members not playing. You go into the future of adult over the agency forty. You're pervert or loser but what about college football's a pervert the looser group now has different high schools because creek Erdogan called Jeff has just sort of when to use that. I'm with I'm I'm cheaper godless pounds the year. Out of temperature we're talking about the generic and the terms of the game here on my father went to the child's game every year public. 40s50s. When it came on him. Mean was that perverted column is our in our Atlantic season highs with this smeared him chills that lines. Rumored. We're gonna say let's go to Steve Buchanan and it's a. It. They. Know Asia happy Thanksgiving completely let the market sound. That's a good request I've heard a lot of that last week it's only been weeks since we put that together at last week right. It was last Friday so five days we have completed nearly enough and much of the week off and marked as not to tell you Mike does not like that's really. That's a good idea. Let's put Aqua oil output plan mutt he had an headlines here. You want that right now 735 plays later. Sure we don't. Nolan do employment now what do you think curves it's critical right elsewhere and played a great unease we pick requests it is for you Steve. It's show. Whom he loves gardening. So it to go. We opinions. I should know. Sure. Almost. The monkey. Slated monkey show on Sports Radio telling. The wings most listened to morning show. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. Sighs. Yeah. We know and then Kirk and Callahan and number one wack packer gets called up to the big weeks I'm not anyway. Oh you are definitely like how my black has the horse racing complex opponents are drinking. Are definitely there's no shot I'm elect has a lot of lap tracker one black you're the lead back there's the Mike Mike and Nancy caught current. I really caught me being on a weekday loo little credit pause as there are people here on a weekday in the cafeteria. Lou is open now one of America's great studio hopes back caddie area near her period. Under her chambers on a pregame show much channeling his emotions the right away on all Davies guy. Voting is coming at a bar dribble next PM thanks for going above my head should be like little kids. Why do you laugh it's it's not you think it's funny I'm trying to feed my family at homes 9890 due ninety days you know what I don't understand it. We should talk about sports is it rest of the show it's time for a career. And and not much men's. Headline. Go start dinner at the kids in the all that and ask god gave it. Why. Is he up for the week which is much do we know something's. Amiss hemorrhage I headlines brought Cuba. I can't be so yeah. You Kendall is not sorry and hedonism. Not run out there when it's online it's not right whose fault is hurtful person is overwhelmed in there. We we and wants things to do it. Laws place a plate. It's a question nothing else would like your plea to. Not more than usual. We've put a lot a your plate that's the only who belongs. To a lot just it's a totally correct. No thank you won here. Headlines right through my doctor government and got news that US prestige he had lost ultimate take it 100 Ivan it broke my first I swear to god. 1800. Ali is not his right dominant hand in the problem that cute. We're restarting. What's justice. You used props here that I few hours to replant trumps what jumps out. Like to I was promised ball so fortunately. He is also important every now I don't care but it's. Let's do. Rejected you better. I got in Europe which you do they're up. So I don't think the tweets themselves of that bad I just think this is 5 in the morning as the commander in chief. And it and it enables you salary yeah there's nothing winner as missing and it's a secret. An officer. Has I'm looking not like I got and I got our record of basis. This is at whatever time the times is spineless idiot thing I've won. He says it wasn't the White House was in the State Department wasn't. Father Lavoy Lavar so called people on the ground in China that nothing his son uh oh. A bit long term prison sentence capital letters it was me. Too bad the bars is that poor man's version of Don King without the hair just think. A second part. He's not done part two Lavar just think Lavar directs it to Lavar you could've spent the next five to ten years during Thanksgiving with your son in China. But no NBA contract to support you he says it's not that's I'm not yet but remember who about shoplifting is not a little thing it's a really big deal especially in China ungrateful fool. Why is she a Portman version. Forming its version of Don King. It's loud obnoxious he let it acknowledges the trauma of Don King. Many attributes all right guys might endorse them right and good guy sure I don't think anything it is that as an academic. Questionable but but honestly. Is. That king's non unfortunately guy killed his term at her and Erica I do indeed. If I chose to. The guy killed this guy kicked in the face at his last words were gone and will pay you the money. Wasn't good enough dollars in Imad. I'm Kate kicked him in the face and killed him OK so wise wise from now you now between what NFL we have them with you later I understand that you're right about that that's that's an easy opponent who's dummies that's red meat to. What is the point this. This his appeal it Lavar Burton got a nice run on CNN of art and are not the don't don't don't take my reading ramble about now a lot of ball. Awesome start greatest ministers of all time. Ruth's Chris that the well Bob ball handlers Ron's from end of roots. It's actually he's very that read it gets CNN. Obviously players cause ago Chris coo Mo. But at Wellesley to it was a it was a topic all the cable news channels which he watches and everyone in the white tablets why it's so. You cannot poke the bear his thing is why I actually hit eight half liters to sweetness he's been busy pardoned turkeys. Is. Arts is still wasn't treated about finally he is treated cents those streets. The stock market Gaza stock market Laura Ingraham recently this Joey married no retreat and nothing about the he's made raucous. Tell people is he's great teams and cities just links to FOX & Friends are mentioned. He's got nothing to do with the tweet you put FOX & Friends at the end I agree on its own use it to be given spans really big you've spent time doing this but he's. Well as Hillary said he'll never tweet from the way right she hostage is not wrong that is a British troops Mary Todd what it says there's never wrong there's never felt that the coach is echoes from his brain was fingers. Is nobody involved structure to practice the apprentice host a showman that's what we're vulnerable I mean we're definitely be an apprentice most definitely. Nobody. Agreement the Bobble from one that issue you know Lovato solicited laughter the Bible said he would have thanked trump if trump took the three shoplifters back on Air Force One. Or from visited them in jail. The tar balls. You know how wrong that original artwork I mean not yet you haven't heard what I haven't heard it yet. Perspective and Chris Coleman and what to do where it would argued that it's the opiates and Jesus Christ this good all he had to sit it out hold on hold on hold on hold on T Jones number that is the just right gust front bank not a matter. And the right yes and that's it that's she's literally do bloopers from 101520. Years ago I fumble and run the. All 66 yards in to the wrong end I don't know how. He is about where we are the alarm goes off in the morning lately whereas mine are terrible and there is a possibility it like you know they're going in the overall away. Turnaround. Oh stop stop stop over the it was Scott van pelt. Says that is of people are what I am telling him that people are not watching ESP anymore and that's a political. And more money Gasquet and all make then turning whose network all probably five times at such a short time that I got marriage you've given today's climate. You get you always ask yourself this track. What is the leverage the Kindle who she who they really TP it. Shouldn't care who makes less than currently competing against from the group's six million in my grudge or sandy I think she makes. Less than 200000 dollars. I don't known that I that that I know is it there's no way there's no arrangement frenzy is I think you'd be surprised at myself I. I bet that then there now Allen laugh that I really need to get a slightly up to college credit agreement thanks chemical. And but the real true. And at the conflict and announced on some it is going to be a winner of the phone. I don't like it. No no wind this things right now drinking on them on line. And and designated rooms that's good for the baby and it's already tank is maybe that things are the ones that things challenged and that's if that I'm most direct she's pregnant no assurance that our coaches and all of the did to probably she drank and smoked. So yeah she did she did not apparent to all not a parent at all should not it worked fine. Put water. It is likely to do it quickly and. Our kids today are more screwed up the kids when we were kids. There's a hundred years. It's pregnant errors. Yes I'll try to do the same thing. I'm almost talked about she would go to the that the will be du lion in they have a cigarette she was smoking my status won't useful and look at the other going over us that they it's like how it is now doctor who's delivering a baby is sacred and my mom when she went into labor agreement at a bowling Alley and my dad is Boeing and my guy I'll be it was like smoke he couldn't round though it is great mental interest rates. I'm often asked I asked my face time with them tomorrow whether any modern boss that sensible enough. Nothing OK okay. Maybe there's one who 300 game on the data that make Keeneland next we'll top tens of click here to bookie penchant for cultural she looks miserable like analytic and I had a death and I I honestly feel like Greg what's going there I've announced that how did I get here. How did again here so Kutcher on easements that the cheap but she knows that great reviews you're able to die to save themselves. Six on our ultimate all tapped when he. Not honorable old iPhone remote rock Adele and all these people couple you're right I think like I thought her draw with that she was out field goals in and yeah yearly isn't it if it doesn't want you know has his opinion and put them. With all due respect to where why I have run she's not an anchor she's not a reporter she's not a comedian Q. Okay great I was futures Q. She. I was cute as a Briton Henry who got fired. I think she's way pretty or she's a pretend he's not attract these issues right when I picture and what's more I don't get how Jerry gives a weakness. Yes they are either rip this pastor Saturday. It's in the past is the pastor defending college are Alaska is child's necessarily more. Much outrage you re anybody sexual predator as a tribe brilliant if is wired and it's quite old all of them. It's why these these forget religious people drive the sort who slap hundred podcasters who denounced him constantly would never vote all of their awesome different answers. Well I think that number one you need to understand the feet. Forty years ago what this sits in late it was like in and Alabama it's well you know what is a what is. Birdied your body blows thickest most and the room could you explain what that means like you say that. So it's in mind what certainly it was like that's what's that's the body part globally Stan thank. Levy Levy that's the real long urgently beer sit and wait and see autism different work sites and whites. What do you know what that means Chris Curtis I'm working and now Brian other serious Kelly how are you spoke about it found a consultant greatly added Euro to a guest at a site easy Ian Kelly yet yeah anyway. Expelled what's that they've gotten some efforts. If they are another round against Roger yes first. The zeit Geist once I think I think sort of the detect agriculture heparin at the time I guess now. Certainly it was like consistently. All according to the German English dictionaries at some labor. Was asleep and not see where your mouth that actually stuff. They stayed down to have. This isn't right were pretty decorous in. Local criticism sits in the way of him is they German raised roughly translated into saving in life. Yes and ambulance politics in which taxes been created in its function and purpose at that time zone right out of the theme of time. So it's a word he used all the time problems creep met or Rangel says German as a creepy. Well it's picked that any guy and ask you. And the Nazis ruined my German language they really so worst thing needed to ruin worthless if sits is its at each via the rest of its. Let's play they'll quote from this lunatic. But let's move otherwise. You got Robinson late it was like in enough Alabama it wasn't unusual. I mean just sort of those teams for. Graduated from West Point and then went on into the service served in Vietnam. And then came back and was in law school all hopefully. That or many of the ladies that he possibly. Could have married we're not we're not available then they were already married maybe somewhere and so here who bought it there. Is perfectly reasonable defense okay and I are good that I'm coming around its center. By the way to the lady that he's married to now miss K. Is a younger woman he'd get back because if you're old or something about a security. Of a young woman and there's some. This guy outlets are a serious look at all right all chemical which is still say we we have this option can do is contact I would have doctor Axel double talk it. Something of did you see the effects for raw didn't like a hundred years ago her fifty years ago you were Gerry Callahan back that. In your first wife died so often be giving birth rite which is fine it's part of the deal guys that's their job to get there right. Which average second might be like they they often that much younger woman now. No it doesn't do much for me but got your back then there was the there was this sets and yeah this assembly who consistently and I wouldn't say. In the years ago what there's certainly been with slight. It's weird to uses its German words like religious that's okay. Yeah it's okay to marry someone when it was 215 yeah fourteen is he has more. There pictures 1529. For those I mean like later on and now seven issues like 56 way to do that is because when you starting nine she was if there's anybody better now. We're of that now to cast your great and certainly to some he's. Eighteen needed three year old let's listen. As opposed to a 48 and 33 yeah. I would say that it depends of the sits in layman's Emmy back then you get through your specifically that. I think that was still weird though that that ebony for SARS he was 29 and she was fifteen and hit it weird for. I we've argued about this I have my doubts about the yearbook. Gloria Allred woman but ultimately what you thought. Two things that stick it me as one. When he said when China's would dating you know. Kids he says that wouldn't be in within my customary behavior. Fortunate to do you yeah utterances jeopardy fifteen year olds who that would be Mike and secondly he talked about. Asking permission from the mother's he's home from Vietnam. He's flew West Point he's in his late twenties. And he's trying to find the date elites talking about getting permission from their mothers. They're mothers like you arrange it's we would you certainly it was like. Mean that's it doesn't matter whether he does this woman all the glory real woman he's had contact your veteran asked for permission before they gauge report. I know now and it now would you ever do fortunately authority well community wouldn't be within my constant worry it would not behavior and every time well as that position as her as I get a personal which are defend them you know. She could be fourteen which could be Smart fourteen year old. Right you know rich kid to church where I really a NATO and I don't public Jerry Amerada high school football game second from a supplement sophomore. If it's by the way he's. I I'm pretty sure he was indeed. And from animal. Yes there's I think it's almost as you would take back to this point and the from the mall that should be if I'm Doug Jones URD as the market problems billboards. But I would just say and from ABBA mall and GOP are helpful for him humble form they do their stuff and can I just. I'd tell lies about you by doctor Robin Lehner a doctor Matthew pressed 1800. Air over. Gary is on Twitter hack Gerry Callahan. No more room card game Callahan on Sports Radio tell you we. Traditional Black Friday game here I think it's Pittsburgh and now. The Pittsburgh Penguins come to town mayor may not have Yevgeny mall and he's hurt right now. I would probably hold off on on two day until Friday's. Yes I'd I'd that. Her. What was the noise out. After posting about your life I was I've done that you should go home you know by the recite field screen just Erica and I are and and Joseph bonanno has decided to bring out Alex Roemer percent of the dais at dale started with the whole -- any human being ever so that when it deals ever field. They've got a little battle right Friday ending in Pittsburgh young Kafelnikov off instead of and getting knocked him out of the messages who if you've ever seen it better revenue may or may not have yes. Jamal who's a better than anyone has only one in his plea that there's a anyone any sport there. And Malkin he's a hall of Famer yet at Saddam came toward me he was not so rob here. I'll try to diesel. Walter Jones can you check that I think he says if you listen. That would be the best who'd be the two best seventy ones yes to a duties. We have some better. Walter Jones was so yeah. The top my head Toobin seventy ones and on the 71 belong to that magic that it's better than Walter Jones a season ago he's in discussion. As a big hockey them and now has been like sixty ones in the parking number of state. Rick Nash. Sixty ones and you Sampson. Yes right. He. Can't believe an account closure to Abraham. 1414. It can get that camera with you Bob Cousy or Jim Rice today and while Jones a sports Illustrated's greatest number 77 to more bass to fourteen is no debate is Pete Rose. Did he keep he's lucky. When you particularly I don't know. And I worked with youth you know person I've if you if you really Joseph Morgan sent letters out to get the numbers people of startups I I hate Joseph Morgan but I like his effort I applaud his effort it seems from a different I can't handle semis watch attorneys show and I think it was when you're. It's called the via Bertrand could have been ten withstand. That they would let us just renounce it shouldn't. I should get over on the total number channel and talk like that. But the idea that you put in Clemens and bonds and you don't put in Sosa and McGwire drives me nuts by either you expect. In the steroid guys signal we've always agree I agree I was number number I was in a fight when you're over I would -- and I don't go to any of them because I don't either because they and I have sucked mossy talking with us yesterday. These guys got together did something the players didn't do. Right that would wishing they altered rewrote the record guys who played two not to steroids don't write those guys Marist has cheated. Tempers true of every single player Eric the only its errors I don't think Tom Glavine did steroids now. I don't guys like Frank Thomas said he didn't do steroids and the Gator didn't but there are others that he didn't do we sue melted that's not true it is not so a guy like whatever McGwire or eight. For Sosa Palmeiro bitch bitch if you and if you want to let him in the second pick young and he it's writes a young thing they'll eventually getting these young guys all say out of Baghdad in I want to get the whole thing it would is definitely getting in the hall fan. I don't I don't like that I especially don't like the arrives in the Manny Ramirez and re Manny Ramirez Maynard here is because they were caught multiple times and they were part of the time when at least no longer accepted. That you could argue if you want except briefly you could argue that it wasn't a banned substance it tactically and is not a banned substance these guys' legal Amanda plans see I heard has happened -- they were doing that's. Listen I'm just why I'm more playing devil's advocate I bolstered by the act. And I don't it was in relation at Langley the wrong it was an. There you there was never a point were using illegal drugs was or how it's always been there and tablets announced its maybe. It could be an ounce sizes had a Monaco candidate a candidate this year. Though I want him if I wanna keep mall company hatred it's such a course they do say Kaplan but not all of them and that's a weird I mean Sammy Sosa while -- argument why it was like sixty imaging radar and it was that there is on Wednesday good away player Dave price are good you know what. I would like to segment that I'd let Sosa and McGwire and not bonds and Clemens is that great players and still cheap. So screwed up don't we start what we hope we don't we and I we need new credit picture is a lot and I understand Pittsburgh Charlotte is just not right you can't just leave the game of shadows story version of an eye and he was so jealous of McGwire Sosa he said again and again here I was doing steroids he's like fifty. Could you could about how you I. Solich at Miami I don't doubt that at all yet so I. Don't know you don't it is not incumbent upon sportswriter baseball I'd say. Let me find the time where they decided to start to a story and output line here and I judge them on the body were where where even DH. The H I'm all for. But don't like watching pitchers on against a Stratocaster guitar. I love it and we hit it out of our national I get you started. This intelligently played UConn team. It doesn't matter what happens. This is a big event who would certainly magma was a big event now to see you. Have you too many imitation down here to watch you every. You do Gerri do riding high ever done that agreement Fauria came back nicely and I pollen all the time when dean and cowardly imitation every bit as if that's the thing you do when mr. in the office which averted before bazooka Nora was meeting remarking it. Did Agassi percent this whole or typical divorce I did the whole. I'm not a voice Geithner and argue that which is why your limitations is so good there there there's about it and quite that good in a pretty good. You think you sound just to create characters. Like whom. And some would say I would that ticket Dick flopped in his creation of mine that not true evil something from somewhere and likeness is a crazy quotes about I had published Johnny most house. Well rob he stick. Yes yes Michael Rogers the president wants off the ocean. Does when he found. New and outfit couple's two thumbs up to outlets and rap raps need a lot of things we've seen it. Collected from so I can I don't. And how sensitive and I would never criticizing me hookah or an open records euphoria you guys beat him Franzen on him but we're not friends right now but did that its its exit on its so insulting that you won't do your friend happens do you afraid I saw feared your eyes when he Purdue has launched an unhappy and I were active in my eyes. And it was Hewitt here. I didn't want my for an Corky I bring it out. Back off. UST did it I was right you were due back in its rule. Of the worst case fruit punch in the Persian punch in the face Kirk you gotta admit. That would damage about a minute rain and Christian Fauria scam. I was scared. Sure it was stuck right there. I agree I agree estimate that you were trapped worst case for me was he punch me in in even in party can be done my part it's been offered little news. There today through. Did accurately two Tinto may be crushed it over the Obama also got through the night Utica and presentation this. I don't get what you advocates is that of the emblem on the rug with a couple of a couple of things to get to. Earlier this other stuff but this is a big day or even bigger for the Boston Herald open apparel tomorrow correct things today as. Us but I just. People who tweet it's isn't it before us right vigilance where we're page. They've with the exception of oats and it is terrible and I can't wait affection. Yes it's like the it's it's my favorite story here sponsors Gerry Callahan. Pitch to pay. Like some weird like royalty don't do. Page. As close asks want to like Perry and asked the one good layout couple loose. Straight marriages two that's when I romo's girlfriend was formed why are guys like with him to decide this picture craze. Think it's occurring inside you see this picture is this why would there. Good luck that they just keep running acts that as I. Through any words of my favorite story and more I mean I still in high school those. Actually you more problems more the that's the flesh as these dummy gym teacher turned high school football coaches read this dummy players and put everybody in the laundry room is or its results and fired up on the front kicks them and deletes but this is via Google Voice from fall boy wearing a I love you Gerri let me make me laugh at. And it's it's very very well there's macaroni plans when your body a little box and new homes thoughtful zionists oh you can't relate so I don't was due to high school football coach Steele it was not like Thanksgiving. We don't because he's a halt so that and there's your acting as if you were guys equally stupid that your girls listening. Honey I was Ebert going sweetie. To make plans either but finally later tomorrow night generally when things will never be don't say that around evidently Pennsylvania Ohio the jury did work opportunities we're gonna read this we get back to target. Six what's an action you podcasts with. A diploma so. Why don't like that to me. On. Civilian Americans are laughing into his column Brothers seizures may last fall apart. My Brothers. What it was axle very sick what's at 779. Recent seniors make final memory. Last Thanksgiving game on forgettable shifty eyed Gerry Callahan a point but from what we got state of the parents yeah. Ask your hair looks better today. Advisors later it does look a problem I think you better hunting tigers minor acute training equipment you iguana pretty effective attribute in the government there and look at the pictures. It's probably. So young threw the ball forward in UH well Jerry plunged you know lights all staged a deal here you know drinking minutes until I guess he helped the absolutely yeah granddaughter gilts that's that's what's right Gerri is called him more next.