K&C - Trenni talked about her Iranian friend with Jim and Margery; The worst songs of all-time 6-20-18

Mut & Callahan
Wednesday, June 20th
Hour 3: Gerry and Kirk reacted to Trenni's appearance with Jim and Margery yesterday and the worst music of all time. 

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He'd skirt and Callahan. With the current committee ahead. And Gerry Callahan plug Sports Radio WEEI. If the goal was scored in Mexico sports expert oh my god yes there stay jumping up and down so much that it registered on the richter scale parade. Never never like well I've farmers where does say there like 75000. People in this where Mexico City actually saw the video last that is great psychologist come back like you know familiar role little bit bit yes it registered on the Rick you know it's great. Talking to let me tell you stuff. That would allow that violent sports expert and expert. As I miss her yeah I don't elevate she's up she's one I don't this. But you know should be crazy on this issue have been discussing so I can't be so so don't. So so you don't so spectacular every morning there Don Riggs and we've we elevate police do. Texan point subsystems to hate Reimer when we treat them like an equal but when we try to treat him like a crazy dumb wack packer you. He came around he was well liked right when he was a dumb one packer like mock election right. We believe we thought it was an actual you know human being. He's likely not yet he's dope he's done yet. And he'll be back soon enough front Marjorie Jimmy to do you always local things in media stuff haven't spent a second call people tweeting me that's correct not a word for not even mentioning his name is unbelievable. He's one of them like I said I think Kennedy you stick together man I guess I mean is I'm not sure if I get that kind of trouble who have my back I know you but I would for a first. What if I was totally guilty. Oil analyst or what would let me do that. I would expect him to tell the truth and say might disagree disappointing to me in me. I would quit when they say I was up like death. I would say we'll if you made up like that I would I would attack QL the title edit if you made a source for years herald well did you lose your job of the talk show host your body to be opera that you would mock me to know when yes owns luxury and the steam for the should die and we. GBH a rundown for yesterday's Boston public radio show their training and they had that discussion about trumps practices of immigration policy surely ask you let me guess they had a hearty debate. Fiery that you're Margaret Hoover area said a little bit just on court plumber. A fish called whatever food writer on the fraud and why might we not likely to get him once described as a tax money and work through the mayor on today. I haven't heard back I'm hopeful it's mine yet. And then they did the CDC did a report on new and an extra thirteen hundred calories per week in junk food and how we can help curb that issue. And then Nancy Cohen a historian at Harvard Business School looked at a new move this cello exhibit. So these subtle but are you wish you don't knife and do you mock other shows click on the station and you cross a street you don't Padilla the compact. The compact. That's typical of conflict go to radio show Boston magazine a once think big difference big of they finished ninth in the mid days last book right 1111. I talked about I'd say it's yeah. How there food writer talking about whatever and then CDC persons and then they have training technical World Cup. Yes well look obviously big. You'll be you'll are topic that gets a sport right you don't watch and they think ripping children from their parents is torture of Kim English novelist and a vast. There occurred your diet don't delay don't eat don't eat junk food. While a revolutionary protests on for cutting edge maybe exercise and ash can say it was a Monticello it's I don't drink too much don't. What I know you should exercise I let me just take the stairs instead of the elevator have water apple trick hydrates. We gotta get some sun from her he citizen to the trendy answer. Yes there is a a possible I don't know attorney Charles Reece I just wanna hear what she was asked about Tom Brady and he's younger and older and it's not listen to this answer. About what Bob Brady Brady and Oprah crisis K let's see what I do. Well look let me hear from about nuclear trying to talk to trendy I'm kind of challenge that I don't know me I need here to suited to reimport. But Tom Brady appearing on Oprah there are two things he touched on. Retirement and the and the protests a storm with retirement. I he said sooner rather than later which got everybody all of our if you listen to the entire context of his cancer. It makes sense right I mean the guy's gonna be 41 in early and our program to let his Ferrari Tonya on this I showed him a note and governorship for an. An unbelievable he liked it departments account numbers get retired and listening listening what does it matter that it's. Why listening. It's not will not turn that he went on to say when I no longer enjoy that training you'll say I'm not reached him that nobody everybody said this the last three because he's been working without. Railing. Yeah well documented that they did not. Of the patriot Allentown. First time. Since he spent time with his son blob on bubble Blanc in California that blah blah blah blah blah blah I applaud what we'll talk from some OT then I wanted to. Made it for some help happily move this time this how. Away conscious choice not attend and on the second floor to do so I can't help you there a couple of things you love working at least one being in shape and doing without question at trendy missed all of these friends in the human responses to question I don't think so familiar it's possible she was tweeting out pictures would still can't standing. A matter. Can you please get camera. It's a way. He act I've never talked assignment like Jim Braude from April launch in nineteen ours passed or get twelve or to. Because we've grown on. This time it might opt for accents is but it is. Cancer Hantuchova her body said it verbal celebrated. Requirement ordered off to enjoy it. The answer at Oregon and I wonder if I heard any brownie you're at odds packet that thinks. Things have changed at all. I. Did miss it as much he thought it was going to and that's sort of back in the pack that's pure speculation about my apparently back. Some drugs at a time has flown. First kind of history all of are kind of victory the first time obviously Martin relay takes its. CB. I think I'd be trait you name Mueller friends in net and she could. These I I talk over old skinny one you didn't say what I did say how many friends can you name and two minutes. Turning. And that all of whom again Rebecca you got a lot of friends. A boat ready to start the clock. He said I got back to his not to have my friends at NASCAR. I dam and they can Dejan man Ambac and that. And what they have Ed and my friends that have been best iPod ever saying that because mark my dad and my friends who have fans. One my best friend and a hole out by Janet when last we have a Matt. If you love that he would have a tries not to can't raise him ideas that I sent to harass yet and on my best friends by the end of my direct job and I got an area that was went out and re engaged now let them back. I stepped over this guy who is dead he was this they have an end at the bill today I think his name as top pay is there NASDAQ staff. And then who can. I was that and him and then I go to all my friends and can't. I was outside the best drama how mission stamp. And I would problematic because they was it red book right now about day to day. I didn't look at guys now at Hobbits actually yeah. And some of those knob other guys. And I sent on my best friends and Hala. I read it narrative is synchronized president is rabbit back. And is not now has got a show on here got present that you don't get investigative work right now and not president. Movies be it tower to a good friend to not have its magic had some house out back. I was either have that problem I did some work for me enact otherwise red got. I was exit at night at seven they shop and got they could have been but dammit am a professional in match I think Erica Jack. I've read about got a lot different not that out now. Rap rap about. My gym and I got some climate. Anybody who's there I have read about the matter baguette bread adds. They add your speculation. Apparently back I'd say at this university them they're wrong. There's a lot of friends friend she is a lot of friends. And down. You'll have friends. I could I could name he said to me who my actual friends like real friends. Real friends I could do it in twenty seconds real for a good lesson I take it Georgia Pablo. As I have not yet what's. What about back there on security but yes we would let me take him from you without right and and occurs is best friend brown Brad. And then now about the child for. From Tulsa or poem my mother Bobbie when I am bumping my real friends I would say by Egypt not counting family members. Appreciate them at the gym. Rob. You. Much. I've a friend who's Iranian Newton. I love my president she's not there when they granite state at about time. Pocket that's a tragic attack that she was a call that it was at 47 degrees in many the last math. It's not that she's I can't let slap its half hour rain and a half the magnet. What happens if America they'd Iran has not Angela. How about what's the roof America how are Rupert country I my parents got away from what people are raped him married and distraught and how much votes are not root for the name. It's that it could not have happened and that I had those are pro football team went daily that they have revealed about the pocket but actually it's not if yes. I only news made it impossible to watch that came in separate. If you're a woman of domestic victim of domestic routes you can watch a game correct. Aren't because there's been domestic violence can watch a movie. Just a TV show you what's wrong Polanski movie no issue because we just abroad Kevin Spacey. And Mel Gibson bosh a problem if you issue that you can't watch NFL. Fell. Not only gone to now sort of these usually expected to did tackle why is that dilemma if someone leaves Iran because it evil regime and advocates who have questions women well you saw article rector of bodies hanging in the streets yes. It's on the move are with. It was excellent mediocre was very good people's. Seat plus I heard back from the mayor's office what time's coming on. What's the issue. One hi all I guess before you dish I know I've had this happily married. Which really sharpen topping the portion of artsy she. Was seized from eggs came gave him become a Tenet and thirties are Chris. Policies. But the mayor is not a bill more so now it is like beam me use him it's OK I just wanted to get the tip of the news doesn't hurt and he's really excited it's past score. It's not marrying kind. We go back to that this from yesterday. If you missed that we don't really camp systems for the summer big big news is that someone on the island however of of that place it's unheard of on the basketball camp to which the house can't yet with the cool yet be really good. Or my status that yesterday if you missed the big news if this immigration onslaught of the top should be everyone's talking about it later I miss is the Celtics will no longer practice in Waltham would you say now practicing brighten when he's taken to the good job of sort of conveying the excitement of course of course you do get real quick and there was there. He broke it down contract without notes he just kind of you know weighing in property to a club off script it's so overwhelming it's hard to. Whether or hate you finesse. It feels like I had to pick equipment gets he gets on a all of are you being did you know stories from there like if I went there. If I went there yet people that I should be talking to people will be trying to get some trouble to begin in the scare that is gathered there on the New Orleans Mayor deeply wants to be the wacky sound appeal so what's the most it notes until it wants to be like I don't know how to quiet locker room looks like you are changed my characters at the show. Well why airless and ignore early not because I went with only 5% on our air earlier error was when you were born took notes but it was dead quietly H nearly touchdown and they said here's the excellence governor baker he's gonna speaking good talks with just me and Bradford on the quarter. Okay well let's let mayor's news or to send mayor won't do your job for just Ramon Ortiz said none of it was a so he had an isolated episodes of the mayor I was Asia watch. It. Weird until you go because of I understand but yet the option eat there but also take it with his there was only option was his Asian food. When you say Asians and do we years as that is Asian Asian societies and educates that you know he hits it Chinese double. That means that term that reverend mystical that's yet to return yet but that's not appropriate. Probably shocked when I was that makes me wish there was there so I love Chinese food that probably was probably good. Quality Exel Sudan which was agreed on with him last march he gets the puck watch. Aria that's it raises rates to raise the great so we pay for. And 25 points on my terms of they don't want to thank them Mikey because of the digital visual comes it's great purpose and guide. If the mayor at the he Gupta for our actions wearing green sneakers. His underwear is what's easier under the pants to Caesar and of significant you can then we get lost they can spot you mean they're on the wrong feet but they look good move to new balance we have won his hand the embassy in your hand on the island on the calendars it's. That's because disparity because he's not gonna join us was also more and more. Up more than previously was a lot occupant of the doubts about Bos head. Yeah. I do it did I saw a big issue hoops these obviously basketball players hall mania too much was can Marty bounce a ball. Read our backs that once that take pride in what you do. The kind of trying to talking about is not marrying kind it's about hearing fiercely can't. Read our backs legacy burns bright in the city of Austin and I want to thank his daughter's well. The share unit Dallas. Because I remember it being kid. Watching the Celtics. I originates. You know remember the 76 championship so commemorating one. And I celebrate the 86 saw wanna I wanna. Celebrating 12. But what I wanna I wanna thank you for that has never talked about his love that way I mean his love for the city limits on. Nowhere is more evidence the right here in Wright's house nowhere is what I do it through his children are Celtics home explaining you're losing maybe 484. Championships in Boston Austin train in the city Jim talked about that. I could probably say that this state of the art facility. Is one of the best in the country if not people how would have. I'll see any other how this idiot possibly go out in its own and XCC that anyway how would you know. It is and I know he's written but I mean compared to so let's go back to this as we still have an answer. It's not the marrying kind of prime do we do we look at a time in the area kindly and they are ordinary kind the kind of prior talking about is not marrying kind. Now that that everything can take its efficacy not an arrogant. But that's hard work for. Okay he's going on syllables that arrogant. Not marrying kind of America doesn't have it would be awkward tee at the end of business partners and a it advertised on marrying kind. Now others say people with a married. That's right. At least he's not as anything a married for a get a girl who longtime girl but rather was the right dot. I'm here you know Kevin Cullen at a great match lift off eleven miles away. In Boston right in the mostly Chinese food and smoke cigars or racquetball at a great life again that's suppose I like them. It's not marrying kind. America and good name for it you better objects announced priced afternoon. It has new balance looms over everything that I took. The stated you had to have corporate name surprises these kind of places right as it's big money to call it now they tell you how much custom built. Was not released and finally we impress them so you know that is incredible allegedly tossed all right have you been in the Bruins place all at war which is better. Same architect Jerry if you look at what and when you pay attention to people who did assembly square you're big on some swear I used to be in those two kronor the liberals are million dollars or more. Seve five million that they have this they have weights that are now. Yes and waits with your Gerardo or shall three pools and showers are about what it called it's called me at this patted tables will be your ankles taped get their reproductive or in the barber chair. This I saw someone threw at the bar which I -- noxious that there's some neighborhood is pretty amazing because you've been here only five years right six Aaliyah thickest most is I served as a big warehouse that no one knew what was in effect in nine years ago vs down there was critically they'll be apartment buildings and groceries to Ricky would steal food what you're shoplift it's not sustain the everything. If plus the Celtics in a room with three chairs and he's waited I changed. Mr. polling there as well for any of that from when they'll sleep. Be like and comfortable margin like that though. She takes that he's in Africa they have been there they're Micah. Highlights magazine they do you pinball machine do it he likes it death sipping cups and had the practice policies which is. It you ready for the big ones we already received brits sitting backwards on the toilet for the easy it's that whole process and it you know he could board the old conventional way it was not marrying kind of a marriage can we were trying to get them on the ink like come on mark and it was think it is definitely not that I don't before Leavitt the Jimmy Fund. And I won't be any fun. And laugh as you can dance Ludlow has an answer for us finally. And interpret guide Dan. Hey guys are getting out of work I just figured I'd argue IC. Why I might be is that you create a YR eight. I was little eerie kind. And he's not married life time now amigos and then at the beginning is not marrying kind there's no doubt that he's is so deep that begins with a hand there's no doubt. Mary. Someone thinks Tim and Eric is he thinks Tim therein was arrogant is not marrying kind this there aren't. Done arrogant liked me or is nearing a word and they are. No well I would polish. Made it is don't. There were typical Spanish. But instead. I'm. Makes you skirt and Callahan. And on Sports Radio WEEI. Ivory Irving and number 27 in the first round to New York for joking Noah and Chris talk supposing this and which is your god my god it's would you do that went. So and so would I say yes I'm joking it was it was don't put me in my opinion it's over here for crying out loud. What what they talked about the size over the when we're open straight post I have this in my hand Mazar it is with pleasure it is so yes I tell. That's true or TV. Use you said this out the story who wrote it. I cancer stories of the time we're posing this for a oh it's it's a trade rumor is that trade rumor it's a whole story about this. And I annul. You know Marc Stein I'm Noah ticking McMullen. So is absurd right. Oh here it is time we Irving and number 27 in the first round like you don't agree Jason New York proposing you're asking Noah and Nolan crystals Portland sea Mohawk has like thirty million or about stardom a pleasure. Optimistic after a month. Earth you've got Martin armed. Like which you do that one house the homeless said this just Christ relax. For caller said this you'd hang up and say you're in and always lender proportionate. I'm kind of Irving. A posting is in no. It. So why they didn't hurt you know now with all this controversy canceled twenties have packed. It's virtually worthless almost in the second round obligate you to porting this to be excited about the objects pours Hingis hasn't torn ACL Moody's. He's gonna heal up as any. Irving's the new problem to what he what are we talking here. This record pretty okay what about wise it's stupid person is twenty to. Seven feet tall and shoots threes and excited. I don't think so either OK so why are we talking about when I'm not like descended on why is it ESPN dot I'll read his front. All the respect for what source an aura that you. Are we I don't sentinel because it was the buzz of the city yesterday it was talked out of the way of putting out in my opinion on here talk about it too because I missed my parents. I heard dale and keep going to all the people are going to be in the naked issued via Spin Magazine heard. I never have to them. Olympic soccer players in which direction that we're doing our second annual make additional meeting with photographer a ratio of that I George drew Greg Norman's it this year you could shake. He sixty threes he's as does his things and attractive man the huge six as a credible data 63 and him maybe. We are game I'm Billy Joel's ex wife Christie Brinkley yes or your wife is 63 WB we knew what sixty three's she's unattractive which is Nicole says she 63 it's. Enough said he wants this agreement. Would you wanna see a magazine full of sixty something year old naked people. I grew up watching yes yes I was yes no when you grown up there before they were deceit lies to. Summit about to be just people out there and ninety's yes sir which isn't like to see that. Yes sure why guys in their sixty's aren't attractive approach is close are no he's not there would be to me. The president as a coach. I know for 63 year old. Annika it. But it's just absurd that you sell it will be the highest selling issue they have all year this. Will see our Brian. I would operate in the World Cup regular would you buy would you buy one of ESPN personalities make it means a bond issue when course we. And SP. In virginal McCarthy wrote it looks like we Alberto Greenberg is a puzzle together. Back together again I. Which we have Michelle beatle. They have all Chile's so well Michelle born Joseph Smith in all only Bob we. Let me just he wouldn't look at that obligate it to the look at yes. What did you spend so much we wanted to ask her we're gonna do ours. Who fought for each one of them. In the Fargo promised that the naked pictures we're safe with him outside some of you want that's he's missed that he would share more than one. We said we wanted to Wear like gym shorts are pigs through since it now. We want to music alleges do you have some okay recorded at that literally says McGraw singer and he wouldn't go away at her infant twenty minutes and and you were sent to didn't honor went silent because it was such. Only minutes you're the only one I've ever known in my life. These meetings are kind of uncomfortable kind of tense you make them more and more on the I would and you stood. Them belittling them and a dog and Michigan quite the opposite you know exactly quite the opposite I said thank you. At a crossing here. Why why we still don't just say I think that's your job when he as the relative ball wasn't just us or him it's not my job and you have a shot think I was glad I was in Charlotte told Dick. It was a day you just shut up so that's a classic classic mean. Artists was he noted that you're a big lessons I wanna be ridiculous that's just do my job case of sock puppets wrong he's like you said it was not have had to decorate I'd like really great way greatly. In his box and you know him you ruined it I was glad you're just a bit. Say yeah let's just sit there like normal is that he's a job maybe to put my dog sodomized with a hot dog bomb in your private parts of my. Why people get to completely naked so that we wanted to do that stood out joy there's no book committees and defaced I. Knew he was excited about it yet because before we gonna go next to war. Into the construction site to a public like a construction hat on on the being our asses and so they now it's all built this very natural capital that's true. Where Celtics knew still not open incidents whether open it. I was. This doesn't yeah I don't know maybe you know you project hands over your private and then against you know likely or at least the show is junk though we were we were saying Clinton's gonna do this you suggest he deal with dale and exit and they'll sit on the program. All the shows and even Monday night agreed but of course he you do enough that kind really think Musharraf flexes its who's excited yes so we're gonna do listen for a flight fought trial was little harm to proves that yes the casting their beachfront need to mossy you know it's anyway yes. One in division one to ten which Randy and ten. To mossy which have been good. Behind tomorrow's who's been through it sure it. They were there for twenty minutes after after I said this is guys OK you know happy to help out. You wanna get get some science advances or showing these pictures that there's no third parties involved picture of Martin Wiener. In your camera. On your computer for the rest were all on teens react. I don't think I was any more definition I usually know he was played more pinkish. But I was recorded as a the only person you know who can do yes no matter of every now without question. The only person I've ever known to any kind of a quiet tense room. Can make it worse and and and see if there's. Like you don't mind being in the room while I think it doesn't with a metal but largely analysts we want it's I'll. Processor yet registered. What side you're playing use I tried ouster and so it's in the comfort of silent as it was boring yeah I mean joint assign points or sounds good thing to look at a base quite launch by this awesome yes yes yes and and talk straight talk. So we national song enjoy this ounces at Emory. Whenever it is all have a great new depressants on with them here it's called finger on the trigger two guys sitting in this kind of parking lot. I decide whether shoes so finger on the trigger. Doubles and cost future. And he says it Soledad with the finger on the trigger without blame albeit dated Stiles. We hear you hadn't you know people's whereas here a that silently supposed to look at publishes explicit does. Moderates explicit where we talk where countries wishing Lou at a resort. It's not a country and so again archery that's not a country now and so I Seneca yeah absolutely did. Whenever the theme that worked hard I don't know actually right I would like lyrics I. Ever again for his wife left took his kids lessen job he has a hundred dollar have a no money. These guys for your own little like what I hear that problem not the right song for these these were people. Committed suicide left and right. What I'm hearing this sound like. That's been Allman Brothers gadgets that it does have a mother Molly hatchet. Still Ted nugget. I and I did you click on the Brothers now and in the there. Well like the fact that they're right wingers other legal rights I'm no Angel bug they don't play its pristine crap plan no Angel. Today would you call that with the best song ever loved unknowing Angel yet about song ever new one every week or you can love I'm like it should find my and it's just a hawk. A trapeze. Still that's fine he elects song I'd be at right ROR. So what can push a little bit more storm. On the way to migrate all. I was into town to the crossroads most of them are always had a a place I was and luncheon today. They played a song sucks. How many third thing. Let me. That's all I guess that's right. Frontal joy we saw Jones says the best song no one's surprise and you lose another one who's old. That enables positioning in what us officials town a snarl or the other day it was a placement like 23 songs that are already. Rock and me. Witchy woman. Held her I do each of these torturers is that I know people listen I guess I. We're Beverly Hills. Thank you so. That's when she's bad but that's only natural that build tools to. It's it's it's this huge divide massive between hasn't between captain Jack and teller. Or love worst songs ever once one of the best songs uptown. Or you or even let's let's Vietnam zone tonight site yet grates and grates on in inverse of that vs the longest time. Dummies Rolex guys that's is a great song that's brought a special report which is a good release version of me saying I like that he and his signs of global or whatever it offers music you feel it's an insurance office no wait for your agent. In the Euro pound girl the other one is which code. Moving out terrible. Terrible so in my life persona handle the threat I don't hear them I hate I. Hate. To yourself to reserve right now. Proving his sore finger on the trigger and I like that I'm I'm comforted by depressing news this is. This is torture this is not supposed to be deported if you're in if you were to prison summer for the year in the played this fairly loud and then you play as if they play this for these poor children. Down on the border and I'll be with mortality Google's enterprise that's who I want to talk Erika more this stuff play. That she had and pentagon suns in the Szymanczyk it's. That'll do you know that's a good so yeah. I don't know it all is that would have that bad Eagles that what's happened and patent. Hey guys they speak Marty and I called Petraeus was. Good hold unless we're gonna play Marty first. Talking yesterday the new Celtics in a facility and you could tell us what he said. I. Losses can hang on some content who's at the new he. Ribbon cutting next door here the orange sauce marrying kind. And with the whole thing you're a little more once take pride do. The kind of prior talking about is not marrying kind was he says there that. All right. We'll Lamar distressed be all inclusive and to help this is taking a shot at white supremacists. And he's saying the kind of credit and talking about is not an arrogant. Boom. Souza are rife and auriemma marrying kind these old news talk from a white supremacists we should it earlier and I don't think so no not you Marty too much credit as well. Who knows. Married because he's unmarried daughter and confirmed bachelor right. Thank but over. Good safeties are a lot of things he's on this list but I'm not sure if anyone that you could really put. According over maybe even for no promises omelet this as the charges are Smith is on the little that a top fifty Malcolm Jenkins the guys were mentioning that at Stephon Gilmore isn't on network to the top hundred players I don't know what that this looks like but if you wanted to know accordion season that ninety's in in ninety to a hundred ranging doable maybe 75 to ninety re not I don't know they stop at top fifty I was it's an outrage. Think about it. Obviously brings the best player in the NFL. Einstein brought him a fifteen could be a little higher but you know he's tied into it Peter. I think it is. Below list. And users it's a free got an application for a day. Your top hundred aren't you doing guys and everybody's door and there's at least three guys and every team better than that McCord I like him I think he's terrific I think he's a leader I think he's good tackler. But there's at least three guys and every team better than them according. Repair damage to prepare. It. Rogers was number five Antonio Brown you Libyan bill three who is why aren't Donald for a lot of guys who aren't showing up but I can't pregnant holding up for contract and one accurately is number six Von Miller is number seven simulate for a patriot Graham one. It's always. The key is exiting. I honestly don't know rings and it's one caused him to fifteen in no other patriots start August 15 and she was one. Who did this. And all swirls locked. Half an easy Jerry can sure get every spring training and other did this that it was in a phone network in addition astute at all this point really cast for about ten seconds like lists. Lists this much whatever she did shakers list of top ten states of drunkenness ideas the greatest list government. And we use of pars were song here. The worst on some worse than ever get that respect I got to be a guide 71 average downloadable we have agreed avarice and I'm sticking to my guns it's the worst time I. I think you're right what is it. Well guys it. What is that doing it ruins remove what annoys you to devote. Yes good I don't know that for McCarthy I'm gonna get a yeah I think I'm a good mood like. And my annual physical as they went well I was gonna ask it's funny when you're around. But thirty as this occurs is a spray always forget there's a Christmas Fitzpatrick. An average thirty year old who briefed I don't know thirty must start examined an old Leah. I would walk in my physical Manuel whose charter that we don't hear anyone what's Keefe and home my. Before the reform. Holds a kid and other producer Bryan a rank aren't celebrities or what up what's Alex doing my guy Alex for Mandel what's he thirty. Here so so when you're thirty you walk in your physical right. You walk in the doctor's office in your cocky young could say I'm an ace this you know I feel gonna look good I'm fine right. They gradually changes and I wanna go and in my fifties. Almost a little nervous the bad news fatigue and mark my guys have a great doctor talked a long fingers I love them these gentle and presets -- these rationally prostate cancer. Iran via. On the office and obviously it's like for you before he checks me said that yes good. And I'm sort of getting nervous my handsome like because that's what they're looking for obviously. Andy irons contagious. And nobody it's just something going on them or at age should put the finger in my father's attitude. The only real you know every guy's gonna get it for the blown up every night we asserted her as a matter right now a days when you're certainly don't treat that's way over I register said no but they have these also used to have these radiation seeds that the object with the last twenty years. Usually your vote that it is in my follows sixties I've. It sure goodnight Valencia didn't matter in the end there anyway. I'm all nervous then he's doing and it went far it was great office stopped. He said. You know served time. He said. Don't worry about it it's perfectly natural for guys to get an erection during this process okay yes I said doc I have directions and but I do. That opens up. And set a good joke. He's the whole sep that Joker been. But the other things he's conducting inning obviously chick in my neck and back and heart. And impulse that was all time ago he says ovals I think you tap them better if you were talking yesterday. Is you know you keep yourself apparently Gucci by tries opus we exercised that right he said you should. Be proud views knows that one. Sit in on them and fast that's of that puzzle I wonder about like my buddies now when your buddies your older and I most of my friends are. You've seen my friends are. Morbidly obese so when you lose your body of the glasses. He's a nice to friends there. Was one of the angels plus. Would you choose to take those whose physical was the doctor Singh says you know it was a hundred and he knows this can happen. He drinks a lot right. Most sort of lose eats extreme case of the summit and cooks he's in the that sort of single guy who's for 340. Useless numbers told me who we were talking about this tomorrow. You know blood pressure eventually human being she's aggression about eventually a new blood pressure medicine because it's inching. Eventually get that he says it's it's genetics Lotta nothing you do he says I have obese patients. With great blood pressure numbers mature and no high cholesterol and their 400 pounds. Genetics is most opposed to your parents with a 99 before you did tonight probably yeah. My how my mom I doubt it's a team around sixty I was with Feldman a dime in my I was a whiff last week and one of George Bush and his grandsons. Sam and he's George H. W. Bush was 94. Yeah. He's still alive and is on the it was a memorial service resolve the grandfather. It was nice have so he's not six speakers who live forever remember it was and I will be. The gremlin as other grandmother still lives she's not before you go to some live forever and probably will seize. Note that some stupid to share drives and crashes yeah those drugs exactly that'll naturally he's gotten all going on and so. I'm much horrible meetings and my grandfather. One of them died. X 63. Goes likes them and all my grimace mated to Bernanke's. But the words drinkers and smokers. And it was you know they didn't eat right and exercise by the guests on this that you live to 72. Yeah that's about. That's the worst Ron. I'm not a young but it's the worst run Willis still be killed by text or on Ryan's unfortunately so right I can ride my bike. Like golf it's August August 7. And I'll get killed by a text fortune real live cops don't care of the plate three weeks it will be kind of in the poll that's true and they're all live for three weeks time and that pitch that's that won't go to had gone. Their bets on as a solid guy in the tech like writer for the car accident to me now. You hit your car. Opponents and in got a scratch since I drove and how I at 62 for me. Which you get some kind of cancer yet no cancer six late late year sixty died early sixty. Would you be. Bloomfield really hard on course for years among Ramallah before right it's it's I live in fear but now every day. I don't fear the actual moment of death I feared the process of diagnosis the dire diagnosis in and help you go through you you you feel to the point I almost. Almost think I mean not fight the wind you feared the check of snow on the like and I'm not I should say fear them. I've some but I I was nervous I go in Aysu memorials are used to be nervous Texas in the worst so when you do that it's not so bad. But I thought could yesterday's huge percentage that you should give yourself credit ago one goes on Hamlet is so cool ago no one room. I want to buy underpants. Sure that's the worst and now on it's been much who the other perks and he's got a little old me it was a waste its biggest Curtis. Was Curtis is waist size and space. I did not hear you to waste sizing your big war to waste your reported six what he said it was now the route thirty to 32 and a bag. Right yeah he sees as soon as Dumars insert these are 36 and a bag they met New York record I'm I'm doctors about this the literally to a mad New York what's up man. While no man yet some are earned on high alert that you guys are there generic vote on that pictures so that's. Kirk and expression are what sent you really wanna go what's next in Merrill's street and. I know that our lives I will know I'm outside in this great question struggle with every. Forget two days of celebrity tweets what's the greatest event today like that and RO LB though and discard did Ellen Portia were there are no that's it that's it excellent points and good when I'm -- him go. A struggle that. Stephanie tell us that can't afford it in the other actors that Sony's performance so that that would talk a lot. Tony performance was like sort of that. The troubling thing relate disguised nearly lost his mind he's essentially Glen Campbell he's put you. How liberal he was before trump came along. From made even crazy liberals who gets even crazier right you know like crazy liberals in elect Chelsea handlers and Bruce Springsteen's. It was now that's almost is Bruce bush was president pretty sound turned from produced a really listen him keeps it out. Even in the running is a great embarrassment for her food here American. Look at it cynical Fuld the narrow before the end of his term that we have some big news today in the next hour the SP nominations are all out who all the categories that we any any surprise at all best jockey I think is when the we want an actual conflict that we get.