K&C - Tricia Severns, 45, breast cancer, Stoneham 8-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd
Tricia has been a stem cell transplant nurse at Dana-Farber for 15 years and was diagnosed with breast cancer seven years ago. 

She found out 5 days after she was diagnosed with breast cancer that she was expecting her first child.  

Tricia went through six months of chemotherapy to treat her cancer while pregnant. 

Tricia made it her mission to work throughout her treatment.

Her treatment was successful, and she and her 7-year-old son, Matthew, are both perfectly healthy now.

Tricia counts among her career highlights throwing out the first pitch at Fenway in August 2005 in recognition of Dana-Farber nurses achieving "Magnet" status.  Alex Cora was her “catcher” that day.

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Joining us right now is Tricia severance. 45 years old. What's wrong. Idea remittance arranged he has cut it to not a born in July raised and I don't know. Troops quit before I don't why don't you think that I asked her she knew chuck Thomas exits from Stallone a halt on relate better. Now now on I'll let you know secure about the same age. I'll talk it looked like your vote to twenty years fifteen years good guys yes you must take care of itself. So what did you what did you write your story that you want to in a we work there. I work there I joined the team I'm tired it was a 1010 ones would never forget its hands I was manners and I am Alan nurse practitioner acting partner. In 2000. One's ten right now and Halloween I found that breast pump. Parents knowing I was in mind the mid to late thirties at the time I'm on two sets it'll go away. When it didn't I had it by the top seed hands and I came back at stage two breast cancer. And I'm teen excellent physicians nurse practitioners and surgeons ends the second thing they said after my diagnosis and that they would put plans together was that it was even advisable for me to get pregnant for at least five years. At the age of 37 right back caucus to capture his debts to five days later I had to comment on colleges to tell her. I swear I didn't just go home and do that. We're expecting. And her response was okay. We've done this before Babel figured let me make calls and it. So the very week I met with high risk obstetrics and met with my radiation oncologist surgical oncologist. And being tweaked. In between their specific. Doctors and nurses to treat these women who work part time. So you don't duplicate the average the average age is I would guess in the forties or it's for breast later yet. So I'm. I would expects is there anyone of my colleagues to the barber could treatments are even more physicians have an interest in it and spend more time. On the research. But the entire team worked very closely together. Am I happen to be paired with in partridge who is a worldwide expert in young women with breast cancer and the irony of at all was. In the oncology clinic I am in the young woman's. We room and when I go to the weight room I'm in that advanced maternal age. Oakley is at an OB. And the first time I met with the obstetrics people you know they say to me. You were treatment would be simpler if you were not pregnant and that is an option and I say it it's really not from right. So we went to surgery I started chemotherapy when I was fourteen to have finished chemotherapy when I was seventeen and I 37 weeks pregnant. And Matthew was delivered down the road at Brigham and women's means a perfectly healthy seven year old. And he's had one sick as a pediatrician in seven years. And in the entire time I was treated I missed one day at work sounds stressful. You know. I got excellent care and as a nurse. I knew what to expect and I parent. Enough knowledge to know when to ask for help and went to just one battalion. And I have a lot of support to do this one day at work and missed wanted to work lawyers didn't. Minimum so we'd we treat the schedule that they allowed me get chemotherapy at 5 o'clock ninety. How it would work home to hate to run upstairs to get I am sick days mean. I I was prepped so I didn't know you do need to see them do this why pregnant. Given up on home. But you know. I was tired I am not a barometer by nature so. I made it through a month won't matter to me and that's where along. We have Kirk and I bull and through these the the data proper experience and and my fear I think he agrees news. Nurse practitioners do reverend doctor just go look for the right now the most part of town no question and I'll they make more money but they really shouldn't you guys were on the show and you guys connect with the patient you answer all the questions. I think when I mean in the nurse the few nurse practitioners of Madison went to school school little longer to get it now. Relationship with patients and eagle Arctic national and weeks we don't we. Our position colleagues at Dina Barbara we were very well together and our position colleagues we get a lot of respect and your bag compensated for our position. Because it is hard working it there for a old. Lot of allergies are more important doctor's degree. A position coach. I really do mean. You want worldwide expert we also want someone that you can pick up the phone by 24/7 given content with this question so your job he's answered the question is losing some aggression and a fixer and that handyman what do you what do you legal or Michael call. Or. What sort of a translation process too good in the doctor's comments to you dependant and fought it knowing you it's gotten a nurse practitioners nurses if we train watched through field that's. With my experience and but my. And it's nice to be able to have that connection with patience tell them overtime where you know your physicians. Have a limited amount of time that they can spend either in English or more the clinic and hospital. Because they are so busy with research with fundraising with taking care patients access so you must be the X. Burt on. Pregnant patient. Over there so like. Unofficial refer balls and my friends my neighbor my cousin just got diagnosed in economical. Unfortunately or fortunately you know we're seeing more and more patients who are diagnosed and treated during pregnancy. It's nice to be seven years out now and have a healthy child to be able to say. Listen I know it's it's a rough road it's a hard nine months and even afterwards I had multiple surgery after he was born. But you do get the other side. And you can have a normal life and healthy life and now a full time job and healthy kids so it's it's nice to be at that part the majority. Where Europe held an example of this absolute yes and thanks so much for joining us thank you so much perhaps.