K&C - Trump continues to praise Kim Jong Un; Happy Birthday President Trump 6-14-18

Mut & Callahan
Thursday, June 14th
Hour 2: Trump continues praise Kim Jong Un and Curtis once again handled Headlines. 

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Skirt and Callahan it is Monday night might it Knightley who. The news hi rob Bradford does good good good good. Yeah go by yeah yeah yeah I know. I'm still looking too far ahead well you can't look too far ahead because it is not that far good good with current committee had. Good question on Twitter today for Mike McMahon speeches tomorrow you guys feel a little different story to. In the some of the same types of juices for players who. I pledge I had heard from Marcus Alexander bat shoot a lot of worry and arrival times or this issue for me. Then on the phone job that's for sure and Gerry Callahan. Going into that oval again they. And determined enemy wouldn't do that we don't know. I'm really. Completed. And then why not done yet. And trusted and the late democratic had. I don't really don't sport. We're. And I'll keep this world. I didn't down. Maybe. So advantage negotiate 45 seconds to get things right. First thing happened I was a bit on its push to 4850. Who we got them working management can't blame it all went the opposite which is what we're going to use the outskirts of in my diet match it appropriately point 5% while. Now you can negotiate like you have a good day you're friendly tribes from Israel yesterday davis' behind the scenes secrets and negotiate registered. And he and he told. Hannah Anderson and told Stephanopoulos that you know. Kendra was a tough guy tough leader tough tough country that fair or good afternoon good negotiator. But the here's the problem I'm and that makes me cringe to calm on the trump got them X Cringely says that a Veronica viruses. Literally has as people enslaved in prison that's an issue today but he is the best analogy I heard from was from Greg got the goddess. He's negotiating. With someone's holding hostages. Some of holding hostages and you're the negotiator like in the movies then don't call you you. He's average commute to keep you going there and you've potter embody Awad who read it exactly you know this is let's get through this we can get you know let's work this out. Mean you don't. Tell the truth if you're negotiating the release of hostages there are 28. Million hostages or whatever it is now. In North Korea is trying to keep freedom. So I would just say this fat pig is there is a tyrant and a monster and the status that killer. Would you do puts. I'd being in candidate in sic tell I don't remember him saying these nice things might mean nothing to minute that's the other with a much is being. The negotiation. Could lead to a snow said everything that you understand that they agree and you know will they agreed I mean you know I mean of course will they signed the document as a floor vote suit of course but did you really think and and in 45 minutes you don't gonna solve the truck back like he did something was effectively toothless no. Well but he that you victory laps on not yet taken victory reports starting the process. Poconos and what's he like. He's he's got a with a good personality and he's funny and he's very very Smart he's a great negotiator on what who would think he said it was funny. Sadly even mean speaking English what can you said the was funny to seriously as we have now lost a hot hot hot button on it like Clark choked with somebody like whenever it's as phonies like Muster up on this that you think he imitated Bradford. Not a big it did you Kim John rude in during bird Bradford but you can't pick and Jewish I mean obviously it's hard here but you can't take literally what he says that the guy. He said in the past he said you know mocked a yard return you to some I am asking you. Did does that make sense what amounts it's not your Greg Gutfeld thing. Yes capture is trying to negotiate the release of hostages are in a way to Georgia with a monitor. Right you're doing it with what it was Arizona monster I've well negotiations would fall second whispers but yet. The worst well that personal network has about the idea of government. Yes. I hate that people don't believe someone Twitter just awful on the for a beautiful I disagree. Was bully. I'm just don't yet know we don't you know I'm just saying nobody apps legal principle that you can't it's funny you know you yet you push it push it push trying to people in trouble. And then when the world's most precious and back and a bit gets cranked up a little bit ducking to duck and again. I mean yeah I'm under the truck thing Nina it's it's it's that nothing's come north that it appears he's not in not he's not funny. He's not a good does have a good personality. Is none of the compass is trying to. Her mom until someone they waddle get burned from or your work we have you want to head mean that would be ideal ideal would be him to get assassinated yes. Then everything falls apart. And that puts chaos ensues with some dumb uncle Wright had run whoever it would be be weaker too slick for or are they have a great fervor of groups are for. Great fervor. You heard anyone ever say that did. Someone or something and I think our followers I think our Twitter artist out there is a great are great for. And I know that Tom knows nothing about the people of offering I'll try and I'll try to defend front percent is apostles and negotiations based peoples had him. If you don't kiss his ass left and right publicly. And we will go no where you vote yes or truck that says OK I'll do it and in truck by the way this doesn't really know how to do well enough but no but consider this. Kirk's what he did for a living. You know was I coach him make these international deals to build hotels I understand he dealt with lots of time when he built the hotel wherever I am aware of the dollar Dubai. Do you think he met with some vile people truly was present nobody is it the whole most people than that young nuclear weapons and suddenly you have the same MO. Bottom up suck up to one. Make them think that if you like them get the deal done. We are it's been like that before his present. Which have a hard time Wesley hotel there yes and obviously I am build up our yards but if you're businessman at the bottom hardly care I hate those wells I think citizens as well have showbiz that it would do that I tried this and that at the level trumpets that is that he passed that indeed it's like I guess I got I think he's having that attic of terror the worst look for Brady vaults offseason. Who's going to which McCall a soccer team was built its its that's that is not a good thing didn't get much grief for Charlie appears shows Chris wrote to them. And where it appeared rewrite that for. There that aren't aside yet aside I wasn't even in the magazine human it was on line is obviously your. Sock. Most law and quit the egyptians saw a couple of those a lot to measles is named most. Everything at home and the windows and the stories awesome you'll have to read it. The most colossal Yahoo! road is at all related grant all oh well I think we re justified stories I'm sure it's great what's great about it. He told the great story justified you didn't read it I ever thought he posted I read latency to post you did a lot yes. I believe he's hiding justifies on the cover this week. He has no I think so cynical when it comes to nationalize our weekly to a freak if you look at the Triple Crown winner in your make it a go to NGOs who should be given naked horse in the carbon Wright is he's wearing a saddle club restaurant is not a record yet survive months they'll have absolutely no warning and includes a jocular dispute reports bill both of course. Mike Smith a department who gets an accident it 92 pounds worth I was at a sporting goods please. Sir keep. I'll get that. A cult compound fracture fixed if you look at these temperatures Domino's delivery shift now in Tuesday's and Thursday's snow and stuff and a he's. But the the problem with the trump things you can't pass judgment yet. Now for all falls apart and that you kill him if he starts launching missiles again doctorate. Than twelve still look fat right yeah and in if that happens you'll say really dumb things I heard on twit goes tweet you on oil what you want to pause before reactor biologist wants people to understand why he's saying stupid things can John Ludwick and and his people look I'm surprised by that. And you know what does that mean. OPEC this is one thing where he's done this before. He's dealt with tyrants and just while people in. On the international stage when he's himself he's executed over 150 senior official was ever I executed any it would be good for me that you're. He's executed blocked. Kim Jong-un according to US news and world report acute over 150 senior officials and point well. How does he do that somebody dog right some pretty much stories a year older brother was poisoned our boys they know that whole public about it or anything. And that and the people of the news he says that love the people riddle would Paris at that level not surprised. That was losses people up and I'm surprised by the I have nothing to eat there remain seated sickly. The soldiers that affected in what was that was six months ago right. Was riddled with parasites this is a soldier the good news it's probably have better health care and falls in great jockey breeding. It is just a short it is always kind malnourished jockeys and that's the next thing you know muscles jockeys have muscles that much there's a small amount portrays Jack must. I think they do yes they have an all quitting golf course there that is built for the African John Jones 34 in a golf course there. They believe they said he the year forty people in the country who play golf. 4040. So not hardly ever get a new gun opens and a million dollars available they're got a father looks like Hewitt in three groups supporting the executive and I think. And I can't afford this what is now. Asked if your ball in the afternoon wave it affects of the greens a bit to the bad shot was so that is on played there no whatsoever that's correct would you. And I would play golf and Australia now what you just taken hostage we Joseph feel bad out. Jim Jones paper form of execution is to blow while with the anti aircraft gun wielding describe him unrecognizable. That's right two got selected dogs that's quite an out of it if you were gonna get a. Quiet. You can actually hear the gunfire in the background it's freedom of speech. Cash she should it's that's priceless because rush that's the win over here you with a missile. T shirts. Totally. Cash and cash and this is the track jacket now recycle that as an Afghan. Carry on in the DMZ. I have Brad does not go. Out. Hyatt in the hat. Imus had a gap. Limitless I would pass fast paced. The defectors are forced to watch the public executions in person that they know what they're interface will be if not defecting to the whole families it's kind of a deterrent and force watching baseball should not present a threat to his attitude is the most ruthless dictator. While they watch it to listen a little tired so she's a little broad reform for years. He's here I really well against it money well adolescent stuff in his top priority. Of the biggest ticket reservation at the Toro. Yesterday that over for us skipper yeah it's yeah. Left some substances and we'll put you shouldn't discourage people on Christmas Day and now to build on your legacy left to skip a look at these stooges in the in the music he's beacon Griese. Pretty easy to lead guitarist. The costs home much else to worry about losing that retired. The north means laboratory had nowhere else to go wood on. What will recede in the that would be with you last again his last book. But it fortunate in Boston 42 loss 40s42. There are we did it when you meet Imus few months ago there adult contemporary stations in New Hampshire race there's a Boston tops the bears are viewed as there's dozens of stations that I've never heard. NP eleven to you. Just remarkable knock. The president of the S and measures nine. And then I was staying and and our. Our. Just wanna know that he's OK she's. Credit to appease the guy that hard union. I guess not at this last in the ratings don't make it moderately decent and paint right on. Well obviously the guy is. Successor it is and it's. Stupid liberals believe in that you know going to be as good it's way more money at it right. Right I'm gonna fight for our allies and as for a year and half a look at our. But that's 42 to be giving them new deep deals or get it was a 113 yesterday so there are at all. 103. I'll be honest as surprised as well I'm surprising human being Gwatani Kurtz. On paper 450 cable shows that you have the ratings phony news Hannity number one he had this huge mugged in a nest in the market with 111 if religion which you talked yesterday point. And a broadcaster on rocket. Right you would who eat. You know we and we would debated back we wouldn't marching what is standards that didn't happen out at the explained we of course it did. Contract demands Belichick it's that's a real spot read a couple of shows finished. There and will Hannity to sort it out there are four million viewers that night clubs amazing get 231000. Different times let's put come what's the problem I want to obvious trauma morning. So it's the we have Zimmer and list on the Travel Channel editor 452000. High noon to order 46000 big big program. Noon has more viewers again yeah I haven't sampled it really as that is that's ridiculously priced really good to get up once people watch them before they go to work. As we get ready were workers schools that want to put the TV on. What's behind you rather be in 93 blown tire as fifty people who owns the I saw ice. A draw was himself obviously. And that was packed up and traffic again everyone's trying to work at 5 AM you know the gore where everyone's leaving early. A move closer because traffic is so bad you know one. Is money bosses fizzling down the street yes there are doing against that would put the issue to put it could be I'll tell you this don't rule out terrorism. Obama ready to come because of bullets 1514 at the fourteenth Arizona right and 99 between north and I started in Secaucus for like a model. Every you know few hundred yards another cop car. Another car another person. Staying in the highway was that there was one lane open maybe the street stop and look you know will we ever was rubber neck and his group had softened that was the cause of the traffic put. So now you tell me there was a substance in the road the causal these blowout yes. I'm telling you know relations. Or they've done exactly the last and the rotor liquid nails is like an animal how is he someone did that to bite act like claims yes I applaud that they put tax town assignment and they know it was that intentional because they were all facing up good. What you want people and likes to digital a lot of more traffic they make things worse yes yes I do anything like that she didn't like it yeah you raise and I noticed yes I was married you and I don't care how they get late night of sanctions are fighting back it seems to me and fighting back to plug the people and that put nails in the road in 93 yes why not to do its qualities in people citing the jets at TI at least stop in 93 but you've seen the movie state I don't know there's ways oasis to them. With the eyes may be viewed below bad enough spin out to go as fast as I do let's speak to congress of the yes I ask that but. But we in the music was just an accident and you won't find. All intelligent speculate where you're to work and made a good headlines with Chris Curtis which next. Kirk can Callahan on Twitter and Kirk. We are back on Sports Radio WEEI. Each time once again forward headlines and you and I. The good good good good. You know I've got hit that value back. I've and I just. And I can doing that tonight. Now stop that way in the senate did and had bad bad. That. Fact. Yeah. And. It's time for courage and tell my hands can't fly. Demetrius it was log says their own home. Oh sure Miller looked relic into the thriller the intimacy. Joseph Kelly kemba does which. That was liberal doesn't excellence in launch wrote by himself he brought him the outside doctor every day and we used to it's like they didn't technical chicken all the submitting a factor was 8080 pitcher nick effect that. Oh yeah. The 21. Called culture vocal with that go to catch all the troops to answer that July 1 it is really need to understand to be doing what's that about him little buzz of the broke out Tuesday. All too much I that we anyway. As adversaries skate back in the in the summer summer's day SARS. But yes and expand to. Thwart have a on every game yet. Him. That's a rescue prevail when you. Just drive and ran there did you at colonial and I are here today. Should just leave him. Yeah it's been you. Dale like he's always a feeling he's answered to all the stigma cut next to infringe your motto in life on the hockey knowledge portion WB I think it is a question for what can get better hockey. Voice and they would do a better job at NASA as he better radio and television person. That you on the question is of this is worried about that. Yeah. I think I did all the neat Dale's got the experience I was offered deals shop next term tactical that it was great well not one now. That's right just yet. Analyzed what you've done enough seats and the problem about it. Doctor Matthew pressed the year doctors Wes Welker great friends doctor Robert Leonard document eucharist 1800. Yet air. Diapers the morning guys. Good morning Chris. President trump turned 72. Why he's screaming realize. It was going to Oklahoma whose job you're right yeah I apologize I. Crystal had ordered and I'm trying to loosen that. Like a couple weeks ago they distribute the cars the earth sudden I'd like third Diet Coke to figure it was very stressful day. A little bit yes we. You find. What was strip argue with that thing which you know. Secure and more important what I'm doing all right do my best. When I'm moving you know herald news is not that hard to transport it sort of is. Where where where trying to acquire. Notes as the banned substance. Known to contraband. I disagree I feel like Pablo Escobar who took it. Happy birthday don't you heard that Mr. President yes say what you want bottom you can hate them Lekkerkerker love like I do put. He looks pretty good for 72 real guy who lives on big Macs is it look like it issued a shelter. The value that you mentioned that it looks good no of course the right now but now it is not hang and nobody got a guy over fifty looks good alternate. I don't think any guy over any guy looks good naked period to stand up again I think what's. C 67 year old guys on the beach. Only suspect gravity is not a post looks good Greg craft these nighttime. Bruce looks terrible to be sixty years old guarantees that the says yeah no arrests in this they division of the beach coverage great trumped athlete race right for us let's Graham would be different. Talk spun left and never ever take that and sued off. Well we also missed the president might that's in the belly comes out of that picture of him song a couple of minutes it's not flattering acted diapers. The president by the story that is a red meat for his pace himself senator McCaskill took an RV tour is as part of her campaign for senate must Virginia. You'll promise that you took it private jet. To all the places and Arby's wanted to get into that you get they're getting RV yeah. So the president said senator. Claire McCaskill of the great state of Missouri flew around and luxurious private during her RB two or the state arteries are not for her people are really upset. So phony. Josh holly should win big so she responded to the criticism of for RB Torre and approach. Plane was on the public record. Obviously property tax records are public record and I guess you know I. I know I just assumed that somebody. Who would have responsibility for this and my husband organization has hurt it yeah. We're. She's a normal people can watch product that's true as mutton we all flew private two point at a pace oriental ports. Fact we would never has never. Been an advocate. It was also big day yesterday for the president as well because he was nominated by some Norwegians for the Nobel Peace Prize. For war pretty amazing. When Padilla. You know they go and I know I don't think that he was up against with the company as we go to exit the people that are mostly live roller. I would assume they are not a group like president from chances them. What is the problem there was like it was a don't. And god bless the entire more than Obama didn't forget an album was done to be you done was done Matt what's the marriage on the moon they met to get us some effect on the in the congress that he's nominated for for meeting with North Korea. Yes okay North Korea's already dismantles. Nukes and take a long view I love the idea of we've let it real bringing our troops home bring art to brief 30000 troops in south commercial and Nobel Peace Prize who are bullet. I mean you'd be friends again together and we want to go to Connecticut overnight that could be more active when you know that you win something yes yes yes but tonight. I think it's better trump doesn't win so QB you know of course that is twenty dollars dollars and it did become an annualized and all that that's more fun but but you know here's what they wanna do the wanna give to someone involved in the North Korean situation give the consumer and wells Connecticut that we get the Q John moon. Because he's got a great personality and funny funny about it people with the integrity to stand up we go to Norway and pick it up just from his famous bits trickle for. I was hoping. Hopefully all our lives nevertheless little sections on North Korea championship they don't have sixers exceptional in North Korea now. There's such a qualifying for the US open I think Duke's record I don't think he's can easily ordered out I don't think he's gonna ever gonna moral Largo. Because then people would see him play I see him aggressive swing the Siemens it toppled like textiles probably better of course naked. Can John edwards' shoulders he's around. The much of them watchers funnies failure pictures. But we'll mustaches commodities because it was so it's our avatar it's agreed to go with it. I think caliber it parity answerable orwellian parted cancer and their their joint so yes it is true that they yes they. Right Jimmie Foxx was not nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize but this is reside at times ridiculous. But he was alleged to have slapped a woman with his male part. Guesses. I never knew this instant fame in 2002 it. And now all of a sudden I'm listening on my time out you've never seen this and I don't any video if you scroll look I don't think I could do a lot of damage is just the way field. It would great to blow. Or I don't get to kill mosquito. An incident always looked at ways in 2002 the woman came to went to police last week she claims that at a party after the Oscars she was at. Jimmie Foxx us house where gas for oral sex she declined and then he allegedly. And groped her lady what quick Richie rickety computer. In the face. So she was within striking distance off missed I mean I should it's ridiculous it seems all sixteen years ago but I guess that's how it works and some do come forward. If it's true regret opiates in trouble but it's it's an odd story right. Now. Very very. Now China is so she says never lowered mommy be hindered him I don't know pinning her down the council on it's own but drawn a crowd usually. We will be Peter and his knees and shoulders you have seen it in video but that's a salty and if you don't actually rational thing B did. Have you guys witnessing a bigger fall from grace in the heat of 9/11 to Rudy Giuliani right now. He's president's lawyer Richard Simpson but in terms of public perception. He's kind of us you know create. Otherwise collect from a pick me back because he knows Manuel knows that district has southern moved to describe the New York privately that's a good point I don't find it very. It's been the only person now is not good on his feet I've never I've never. After night and he's 59 elevenths when you have a camera that we need or use were read it before they were ready whose army was America's mayor the cover time magazine that would do well there. It was common to pressure. Was gonna do. I stopped and frisked stopped crime in new above save what's really did a great job on 9/11 was supposed to because when he wasn't he I he presented a strong from Rochester New York yes. I don't know I don't exciting mark you'll Gonzales and Giuliani might have been America's mayor well sucking up to Marty. Trying to no way. Already did not walk around bragging about hooking up with a woman with big boobs while still married which is what we've been doing recently the former mayor and nine times yes he claims that leaves. Source of southern York post he's been walking around telling everybody who'll listen that he's been having an affair with a woman with big boobs. While Rudy Giuliani Giuliani going to dispose polish his license also much Ossetia small books and yeah what are. There's tons of fun that shoot should execute poke through ago. And the jury found the Red Sox not. Maybe I know you foul ball hit toxin well. On a timer such with a deal that that woman no mention suffered its a weird when Norman do you really feel like she's the rich should pay for them. I don't know there are no longer hours and I would say no you want to do you do know the deal I mean you know the deal. The lawyer made sure yesterday to say again in a statement after all she by Klein was paying attention and it wasn't her fault or at the whose fault I owners and I'm not saying it's her fault the just the flu assault the fault of the Red Sox went immigration by the tickets on the bachelor ways through for the rest lose amazingly doesn't have more often. All right here phonetic now it's not gonna happen hopefully near as much Israelis Cabrera had a summer. Autograph back to neutral in settles for it to court I would kill those off but she turned heads through a rough and she wanted to nine point five million measures a couple of million dollar should turn out at some point. Right I would think something like that guy that's headlines by two by doctor Robert letter doctor Matthew pristine he hair loss fees of 1800 air over. This is and see. They show on Sports Radio WEEI. A producer over the weekend texted and said does not agree said. JD from Quincy called into play worst policy read what I mean we've got to create that's just that was your idea. What did you Texas and nobody enjoyed the region yes. It was going to be an effect if he's over that was kind of the I think I want and so it was a win that that was the LS. Finally I wasn't hoping to play the fact that's real fresh idea. It was a good idea yeah. Actually yesterday playing. I don't think I know fell back down this year old man get it right knee if it's England were lame song that would never request but that some people who have. Unlike the turtles Terry that's so. It's really suck it supersize it and I drowning in the subtlety of which you know what's gonna get to. Get that it's. Terrell. That's actually stuck in the back Alley Tom pesos kind of you know honoring that depression. What other ideas you have. The struggle from the snow on the putting green working through renewable egregious marks has more than watching the Red Sox play the Orioles. It sucks plain Orioles. It's what's one good we're happy about that are still very very well good result will keep them honest man can these events I eat very says all of the big. People should get their money back for my take is once you're wheels Orioles given up its June. The Lehman like run the bases kids under nine get in free all season long there and that's true yes the entire year every day amble toward your McKinnon a nine again for. It is today and he stills and what 20000 plus yet is the first should've done. So all of securities you always wonder how bad it is going to be Remy and O'Brien were fixated on kids eating and they catch on to because he's in different. Snacks was ready be critical of the parental skills of these parents let the kids even though. Shouted yes we're talking about one of the fathers a lot of irony really was he really had a which opened around current leader personally I like joking about a kids' weight adjustment to dermatology Jeremy allowed them to win any kind of they were talking and so some kids it was like five to feeding. No talk about his belly and look at the boiler on that kid. But he said when that offensive when they get older it'll it'll probably get taller than you think notes it was OK I guess those of patching and other war. Not kids under nineteen free in the tank truck 20000. That that sound and of single vigilant and 120 winds right exactly what what what extent do we were to happen great question. They have obviously a good manager Dan Duquette happened. If you can ruin the franchise since look at they've no prospects at anywhere near that that the level initially basing all of Chris finch David shot I was gonna walk away today. Yeah. Let's look at. Can you how bad the Orioles are your thoughts and you know this is the boss just asked to talk close I'm not going to you can I was is that because you about it I'm a few years together on damage walked out of the likes it that's good radio right there. Yes it is yes what have you or is courageous stock of how bad they are guests on now Stan Garnett. No we're good thing we exhausted it I didn't lose McCoy letter now here's will go I don't think they should treat form cause he has one year and that's it. You. Three people here. You want anybody much hosting NBA draft and I am employing guys. That means losing carrier ring Jerry than now the only some one of those two guys long term. I'd rather see carrier reciting long term we used to get out more about Jalen brown they probably would yes that's not saying. And I didn't say it wasn't but that's probably the deal that it would get Santonio attribute. Well to sell this would give up to get quite. Click the gone now. We'll pumping gas gets puts over quite displays data from quits hand down a company's great don't don't knock him he's great. He's quick part of turtles. Did someone argued turtles are about like four years Hitler general than I plus some pumping some pumping socks which. Everybody's like an interest groups asked the group is like that. Most groups like course the group is that a bad song well would some groups and other having a bad sign it. Come out I just moved. My favorite you know. Malone. I'd like delegation led rebel hey don't let it rebels straight last usually straight you got lucky is a great place. Is that Capellas American girl it's good song in there heard it. That's the other problem. Break. Awesome I number 23 behind. No yeah I remember all that kind of news is you have known. I flexibility diameter open minded she writes named someone who's made a song the last thirty years it was risky I mean someone. Who hasn't been around for fifty years expertise on roughly 46 years can someone who has been around for forty years that you like but. Who of each. BT one debate she did today I still have an easy day. Kirk didn't know either no no don't just now. Couple songs like imagine dragons that's sort of place. What Potomac Kate Kate loves and I'd like him that's the only music you know hundred K voters are good so let's how works I'm. My deep like use on these deep dive to do we know in country music singers. Why not should he likes adds on to a depressing songs. Songs the worst it's tree rates on the big assignment that money go. Like these things on the top forty you know you're an eleven year old daughter and a range image released under the lights on London time on them. Lightening of the son and a fun day. My you know real meaning meaningful sorry son my thoughts are quite happy together and they beat the media that's on. This is better than her notice is that it's a Dell and mineralization goes of the greatest doubt I. Last thirty years no. Yes you're asking me I didn't know yes. Pain bleeding under god rest you gotta listen like Fidel hello Obama should expect it to go but they're a Beatles songs like we've got. Best water to bridge the best song about depression it's not Springsteen had to break it loses its mum and Ryan Bingham as a song. Call it sings about his depression he should like its name it's my depression now. Stretches of this depression well this is more personal by and you know. Especially those oppression by depression that sounds more personal than the depression let's hope this depression. It is it is depression this is depressed most questions about his own depressed awesome for strength. Tiger but it always it's a great football right. Cracking up. Every trip to Muster enough edit anything for the sums Kamal the last two or what his client now floating body you wouldn't care because you should like these carriage lets us use equity character like good songs should let them I don't becoming should like I don't like this is what happens we use the same song over and over like you do it's sixteen UN of Haiti. For me to know what different version has a problem with pandora saw last thirty years. Roll the it's. Back my parents. We'll all this is amazing this is such a study is so even directly Campbell documentary that's worse. You don't think his wits about them. I can't Maclin Campbell's wife was a little zone right and his daughter honor yet who's much and been out there it's the Dodgers the Dodgers directed to you. This is Vin Scully played by played. I didn't. That it got. Having embarrassing. It's never gonna do that he's done. Yes in my shortest old airman Shannon who should. And should never have shown lied on my page treated toward a question Souter who openly Libya and we and she. But then there's terrible terrible terrible she's ugly too it's not relevant to the but I'm wrong but not relevant console all these new guys he's Hussein as he sat out presence on this and use doesn't our new guys yes they do have orgies in mergers like fifty Jay's been put to you it was it was and do. I'm giving you a song that song up which wasn't a noose on that you would like you gadgets can I would rather I give you Ryan bring them like if you're Chris Knight I can oral these guys I just two guys I missed that I can read more pleasure in making you upset in the actual pleasure of the song care amount of sense if you why don't want us at a set I definitely. Eric church but tries to turn to another church you don't get the chance so if it Adele and if occur person to go dummy exits open when. We might lose a dummy like searchers on April. I. You're stupid to you can't fault again I don't know what that meant to Curtis and are able to enjoy your mother doesn't musical he wants why he's not sure. He's got his physical well that's what music's New Year's so I don't feel like I don't I don't like different you recommend networks Bernie looks like I love recommends vice forced Eric church and you were sitting here as the best. I have to do you recommend books to be two different books and I recommend songs to unions I don't music and it argues it's far more personal yes we're talking about it. So of ice like the songs I think you'd like this and you don't even given a chance to correct because it's personally is that song might not mean he is a different meaning to under my hero and make a Tiger Woods part of what I would start a church and Tiger Woods we'll tonight authorities did you people saw why you like I'm going to unbroken is a great book by any definition. Does matter who you the at the JBJ's a merchant's son I wanna hear it though you have to have certain taste in music you and I Lex had depressing songs. Just my son not who does understand why I like assess us and be happy that's I don't think you're happy the magna said that's OK it's OK it's like the wall and yes especially when you're in the company comfortable. The ball bullets are great. Oh really yeah. Only fun if you answer to our purpose is a day to honor Dino. Auditors are happy patch of trees argument in charge of the US open can be easier. Grand Slam I saw he's woman up yeah just harassed my bag relentless and securely on. Wasn't the US open his parents projected upon her past partners completing his parents thrown out. We're even allowed to be on the course then I don't care. As a legally either the office weirdly I think you know the players call the shots and I said the players there's a harassing him that I guess that that idea and twists I don't know maybe have a restraining order so who knows. I out three cups 617777937. I'm a place on the stuff from 24 hours ago. 45 seconds when doing the best 45 seconds of Kirk really has great race itself like fifteen and eight minutes now we get the best 45 seconds and a growing I don't know. I haven't yet okay that was a good. I thought it was good some of them was the only exit dealt. With them.