K&C- Trump goes after the NFL again; The Peter King Challenge is born 10-18-17

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, October 18th

Hour 2- Donald Trump continues to tweet about the NFL in the wake of yesterday's meeting between the owners and players. Kirk creates the Peter King Challenge.


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He'd skirt and Callahan. With Kurt committee ahead. And Gerry Callahan plug Sports Radio WEEI. The multiple sources that was given me their files that nothing got done is pretty much a waste of Tuesday Dave what do players actually. Is there off right now standstill even when it worked out from the top of column traffic I was told it was straight to bathroom break and it was that was being talked about. Give to the point whiter heard they're Raja Bell who was in the meeting was actually reading the paper because that given day but I've been trying to tell the World Cup owners Roy and NFL not robbed the bill also a bit. They brought up Colin can operate up. And they went to a bathroom break pretty much without discussing it yep rock and over in the newspaper where he was on his computer read in Boston Globe how. You know I put guys in front grateful. Always have my doubts about the bill. Now you tell him he subscribes to the globe he's the one X thirty US economy 35 million year old Ian if I located the office. All I wanted to get a vibe you get to restore as the months they might have been ones too for stores yet every deputy Kennedy's story of last and the nuns read written and so I think was one has to freeze I don't think you subscribe to. On the proper legal costs 99 cents for six months and yet some witches. It's appropriate because that's almost on and repaid for the paper that's paid a dollar a dollar mostly. The under sell through the whole book this is the current account financial by the way the number one show. In doing and that's mourning afternoon they night not sport's number one showing only teams to beat them got some numbers recently thank you for that. Our officers knock the should I didn't like when Kirk looks at the numbers just brightens and use it isn't britney's yes little springs that becomes very. Generous ones I want breakfast who. I'd like to and that's good that's a affect me that's supposed to affect people and all those number problem I've done that should be the certificate it also just ports more. The little more fuel from the reactor yes and I wish everybody would would have that same fuel and if they didn't have numbers are currently goddamn machine. I'm like buying again an article on my god at work and I'll stop working an abscess in his pale port other people's ability did care. The people in the building cared as much as I moved maybe everyone else and put up the numbers that I here's the sad thing Kirk I did and I think I think the Catholic and you. At trinity to my chipping Jerry I think yes and by the way we're getting rid of the turn casting coach in gonna Weinstein. Writes hustle scrap its right what are you calling. We're calling it where the ten ways to look at how she would be size somebody else comes. I third we'll call you the third of the call me anything. It's what other people here that's all that's it that's a good good question it's not. No out of it OK it's not about Paraguay had recurring incidents it's about and they don't have. It's those don't have the courage and Kurt in countless. To talk about anything the other shows what obesity. Want everybody to like. 0% speed of which can answer questions serious question not just this here's question Chris Curtis said. I listened to most of the afternoon show as always do. I didn't hear the mentioned in his order that Allison and unlike you go as far as they did not mention that John Dennis is making his return appearance on the mid nation today. From listening to three hours and two medals in our show is all in Richard's endless nor shall we listen to the Ayers. Some aren't there yet wait a quick and netbook well the middle of it right now Michael. And your numbers. But Dina was on at 11 o'clock today with the media guys mixes return. With the mid day guys do is they pick up our scraps of guys are born we don't want Michael Marty job and it's like yeah good for them good for them that they know what to do in the castle back. Hi look forward to that it's eleven level that I'm eleven and I match we integrate gas that are involved in controversy Mike Portnoy nine thank you look you. While Iraq here. Now today is retiring ways with a shot of Portland which is good because I thought Laporte always a genius. I'm actually took a shot them one other time in all I don't personality wise he's we year he doesn't like Q. I don't know and I really don't know I can't. I've talked to point a couple of times I can't figure amount buddies broad anyway and I was kidding it's a good book by idea midday guys it's an app although. I guess it's about Fauria said it. Are your friends can be like David Price and you know about matter somethings that finally you've said that for society liberals and they always a chance he could be you'd think no since he did the bizarre press compound probably get you ready to produce quite easily price except produces in the clutch right. He's a week ago. Self absorbed but that's kind of what you have to be to be that kind of player welcome Ian BA right right I don't have a problem with that he's lauded. You know the whole thing about the earth and flat no one bought that hurt losing in the air activity and David Price of the station. You don't produce in the clutch I don't know what the numbers knocked over. For so far the car. I don't really yesterday and cut spore uses carrier missile expert temporary price wait one concussion protocol past CP. And then four. Solo it is this is really animosity it's not like Colin Powell had plans scripts it's now this is Dina how desperate these Dino. I don't know he's already extraordinarily high and I agree he's been offered a chance to be on the station. A number times it turned out really win with 22 months in got rid of is not a real and that's a little suspension commutes to be weak but if he were on the 22 months he could talk with the only the cares about to break a few days and weekends and and regretted using the talk of a great deal or lose Warren always want to have those guys I mean just do whatever it begins with a G people really care of that yeah. Election it's what half a year in and out and or a half months from now it was offered a chance on the regular phones that no voluntary. Which is thought yes and we've asked etc. so we've reached out yeah especially on the podcast and he said no right. Which is about that putt going to be there so. It wouldn't be very good knowing what it is I agree I agree are going getting out and it will be fate you know I think to change your mind is there real big you know like it you make it fate like Kirkland with Tom current. No like like fake you know like fate TV guide people always fake eat and everywhere I thought that you know the real pinot. Well no knowing. Did you do you know I do yes you've seen them and which would put it degrees and he's a wild man we get that today at eleven that's why he work that's when he was good on radio for a long time cause he was cry easily once you think you begin today at 11 o'clock now. No you brought down look that I am time this chance he will be put you know Glenn in lieu of some half. Have to somehow there's slams yes if we think they're gonna talk about curry urban now all kind of Smart to be around eleven amid pomp and mr. Iowa not and her gentle coming to yesterday. Now knows and halt. Now why does wonders what would you do it had my can and leave at 10 o'clock emotionally for yesterday. Announcing shouldn't police the authority outpace it George check before you ask that question. It he's this guy lives and sets because I left out of the today host your church your hairline Dunta podcast yes journalistic grabbed eleven today and no I mean Erica I don't listen in my car to dumb question. I would Kirk's got invited this is a floor show I should enable me. I'm certainly what can you do like the popping up and mud pumping on the weekend yes but I enjoy it that Dick from up to it should make it's or make people that often is making call eleven that is a Dick from. The eleventh. It would be it. You know what you know what gets you much. I I'll I guess he must pop. What does that upset. Her Portugal debts from real Kirk. And I thought initially. That is the sole power should be flattered. Once you handle it makes it can handle themselves on my ass off those three guys we'll do it would be good news the carrier ring cares about this war. So he Robert trainee it would be why I think. You thank a disagree but you get trying to be Smart you know. But it would be argument feels he never won the last couple years ever be used to be a certain things guy as you'll be one which means you we. What you got a they've got an arc hale terrific great show hits and three. Mean he would he would discrete hates liberals. And I can't relate to we're the best arena question you begin in Philly now out of bullets flowing through the pains here we go ask your questions look at the when he was well in Wilmington this that's why I'm angry weird way. When you do to be getting healed Sally Beauty of segment. It's good I don't know that we haven't I mean the but it don't laugh people it seems like. Forget at a flea market. Now I have anything besides Amy Amy Amy were mad we like man. Crazy like like arcade you know they do we do if we get mad that it's around. Are you convinced she's going to run for president because it's it's almost as if she thinks well this this jet fuel guys are going to be much of an issue for me I'm more concerned about getting into the White House and that's. How she's trying to raise or profiles that fairness act. If she's terrified of a fifth yield between Muslims and intimidated he's only doing. That was in studio I think but I think it's not studio here is that. That the Achilles doesn't. You guys I don't know with a record there's a great job our scale we like yes we like but I am a downward and you do from home somewhat of a sudden there's things that tunnel the only element is the big story I guess today. He got injured last night at solving game it was a non contact in the. NC and care Medicare as we just deal he cares what was formed yes maybe Alaska maybe eagle and Clinton cares about that stuff too. These folk on pretends in the rust he talks about this crazy right Winger and he comes and there's certainly understandable. That it's it both way. I think I think it's Asia especially if crazy right wing as we always are a Republican yes it is now of course he's right relive it is right is here. He works for living pays taxes of course is Republican. Com here is your liberal who was working for three years Donald made me up and all of its yes. Donald. 706706. How far less twenty minutes ago. The NFL has decided that will not force players to stand for the playing of our National Anthem. Total disrespect for our great country exclamation point awesome. This is what we wondered would he fire another salvo and he did and it's the only problem with this is. It's against eased against the whole NFL players owners ball in house and the owners want the players to stay and obviously most of the players want to stay and that it's just a small select few what was the number last week. 730 now on the 90 that thing gone yet non niners that's an area full. Right most teams other than the crappy 49ers. Are standing so it's kind of blown over again yes the trump can't. Doesn't want the bull because he feels that it's a winning issue in many ways it is a winning issue for him he's just not gonna let it go away was busy trying to bully Kelly talked about deafness on this wanna work there too. We try to you worst returns just two minutes ago at least the green in two minutes ago you three minutes ago. A form it's gone Democrat congresswoman told the fabricated listen to the white soldiers who died in action. Parentheses and I have proof and currencies set for racial off the air you defendant problems. Because he said. It's the it's the dealer mic when they sign out it's just he's talking to the window all right soldier who died in Niger. Not sure he knew it was going to be sent that nice that US and deputy US most these guys they know when the site at his chance at war part and ended the conversation he said that that they know that's the deal and he also says my condolences but it's but it but at first part of the conversation to the Democrat picked up on that Olympic congress and the holy quarters it's it's it's that he said you know the deal he had no -- what he said was based you know I'm paraphrasing. You know the deal. But it's you know still a terrible tragedy that something like that. It also could be you can also take issue is saying that these soldiers are courageous is because they know yeah I had I I I've read everywhere else or anybody but that that that might think you know that's everything they're plunging quote she told us. He knew what he signed a war which is true I mean it but he was sixteen and the it was one of the green berets who died in Niger David Johnson had a five minute conversation with his widow. The rap Frederica Wilson picked up on it that was the poet he told the window he knew what he signed up for this nothing inappropriate about that at all. He also said in great hero great America we appreciate his service and send our condolences Bob upon pots and all the rights of the best things yes and all the best thing he always stuff that Obama never said net that don't criticize the left and right then. I don't even care said the Bo pop and got on idol and I can only senate votes on Kelly that was suspect that's also like lost the fight and the only half the battle. Can't we can do B a doesn't get the fight isn't just all over it's a lot of candidates every trumpets really wants this is always going to be you know what and also essence can be at this point. Call encampment has been completely marginalized. He's not coming back and if you read our foreign minister met he said he. Susan file that's who it was clear he would never play again and he understands that. And occasionally wanna play now I don't obviously I don't think so but he sees the biggest fraud he's on the planet in our show up I mean he didn't show up and there were these protesters to we get a picture of one. In a Capra Jersey covered in chains. And in chains. Pepper nick. Could it could be playing right now in fact it will be starting right now somewhere exploded into this game Houston dedicated to the game task order and why all. In the white ball at full against Shannon sharp catch who's who does that three hour show in a vacuum every day skip Bayless nobody's ever seen it right like a no evidence that I actually as stories over I mean I doubt it I mean we're the happiness is a slightly crazy happens one of these games the only person that's keeping it alive as your president. Attend the question young. Published this week that's a good point the cowboys they didn't play last week right after he said one of my guys meals there route. The player you're right player deals are in the game good point play and yields during the game Jones gains that guy who had a for the internally before your before hurricane during yet. In Jones yanks the guy guys play in the game that's a big story I don't think Jones can do it. Became just the heat of the team unlucky and Gary's got emotional when he can't get at the First Amendment. And freedom of speech and expression First Amendment covers NFL owners and players and what it's done little else to say whatever you want right now just isn't anywhere on a lot of hills well no because because there are Palestinians really full goes on government buses right but that's how large regional as the boss I understand but it wasn't but this. He made at the rules is who went along in the NFL son well in the NFL doesn't have an agreement with the and it helped create it says everything must do so yet know the cowboys are making their own rules and they make you know greeted. With the union. Not honoring stand for the flag that you won't play. Well let him and he will greeted with he has spoken with said this before he has done some pretty dramatic things like firing Tom Landry and firing Jimmy John he's not made its own endorsement that is on them built that for against the nine parties as whom he does and putting it right says he is going to bench the guy who -- but I'm not sure win. Can't mention the game starts. Three minutes after the here you can do to second on you would be in and in 2017. You Italian area you don't know hurt but you know that's a different level it's obviously it's Brusca inning how different conversations and no Batman if it's Dez Bryant or Sean Lee it's not analogous to be shot only but indeed happen right. There come a victory doesn't do it. If some god is great attitude hasn't looked -- -- -- -- -- the next week -- Belgium in the second half -- I don't know how you do you feel snake -- way out of -- like I had a change of heart we talked about -- a lot of thought -- publicist theory that he knows that no one's -- -- that the he's had the conversation with the whole team and I agreed by the salaries and you'll be the big X-Factor that is is -- my -- -- -- so not stir in the -- states on the players and is a qualified mountains and nothing does not stop -- -- -- -- up with Turkey it's over -- 6177797937. -- even take those calls and injuries in the segment -- at home and go -- I want to get -- and I guess it was two -- one -- the rest of the -- -- injuries and shows fire Marshall -- we have this great handle on Saturday is a -- are -- headline we -- the -- up at the bottom line that's allowed. Get to them Larry King Live guys this match. I ask you commissioner Akron went that's kind of used to do most sitting in a spectacular job jackass not gonna gonna guess that I get grumpy snack time is your favorite kind of snack not America. It's time forward. And minds and it lie it's always just a phone call away it was a job at a Boston Kevin things on the right. Oh yeah I think eleven of the budget per minute hand in the Curtis Kelly chill out with a friendly voice on the oh hey hey I'm bang bang bang on this would do and make. Free sports stock committee and dizzy cohost of morning show on WEE. Nine. That's stunts I'm not doing stunt men and you not about to make a spectacle out of me and we were all on the same page. No old and why bush David gets those clans involves didn't bang on this it's time for Kirk in Callahan and some headlines. Hello my friends are the hands of headlines brought to my doctor Robert Leonard the airline stuff. Account for how are you. Gone you know if you're the second site I get the dog every please please shut up. The it was a good thing Apple's strong apologist. I headlines much in my group by my great friend doctor government 1800 get here the hair loss doctor one of the great it's. So long right Scalabrine. At 1800. Gay and they're paid out prize. It's gallon higher okay your came in Boca. Newbies tries too hard to be the character of the you know I think he does his best okayed in BC sports origin and that's really get from now on from you about that yes. Sounds good good you're gonna do this or something. That was a in the open the money Jones. When I think of effort I think about money and others I think are so invested in him. And this is driving them nuts I would like to see peppered a comeback and fail. It's almost better that he just days like the way in drug pushing so many people get so worked up wanting someone play who doesn't want to fight a bit of light and Andrea in testimony so much for him he won't speak for himself I mean it's amazing. I dislike him more than Catholic at this point. I agree I agree culprit is just too whenever as crazy group and tells them do agree with you they're pretty well and I aren't review. It's agreed. We can all agree. I'm shocked to find at Larry king's marriage may be in danger before Larry does not want brought out I'm not kidding around a Marlboro man hello. He's been married for for twenty at this point. That is so hard to believe and this is wrong the story says the seventh. Matters right now seventh wife is senator wife he's got more than I think he married a couple of in play wants what's I don't know I think it's a mystery. I don't really I think he's like a number Ted Olson you have a a clever establishment of penicillin can fit into having all of us. I didn't say let us out like. His seventh wife Shawn King is on the brink of collapse we're told the legendary broadcaster spam is supposed. Is encouraged him to pull the plug this miserable union was shot on over twenty years. Sources the couple have been happy together for ten years in spite of their fake WW public image. At the close of splitting numerous times following their alleged affairs of mistreatment of king that's her. Was 83 personal it if Larry King is 83 on seventeen hundreds and you can. At least 87. Hurricanes 83 years old no I think he's locating I think he's got that is it to get to kids with her dad not change chances as you can and then is seventy Louisiana. Low area her mission. Mean it is almost ninety and as a seventeen year old attorney can you blade to if you really fault her though. Sure yeah now now. Ultimately she married most of boyfriend Howard Gardner numbers that are recycled it was a baseball instructor over an herbalist and Larry were sharpened her sister remembered oh that's right let's hope that nobody is an interstate in the sexual angle there's been a launch and Larry shall have been close up ability. And you see him he can't figure pennies off deck and and that ends up on. It Lenny Clarke in the traditional letter came it kills. Two at sixteen page six reported here Shia a year long affair. With public speaking grew Richard Green. Larry and Sean callebs reports which is gossip into doesn't head baseball coach Hector or not they told Entertainment Tonight had they're shot she also denied. The everybody. She had an affair that she's now is that your family. Married a thing if it's a jacket he goes oh nice fifty yeah I NG ST ER OGA and I want they might as chancellor memorandum that's that I cancer can normally that's I like baseball's as we tweets welcome. You would you be there really are typically take after that it dad's athletic ability but in a baseball coach it's gotten him back. You've been you've been named Nelson LA ranked I had actuality I I from what I understand he's here every nearly 930 with just two security guys are his two guys and he just sit there any breakfast like new I. Hillary historical are aching like twenty years ago whose votes he canceled a big start seeing that you go to this place DC. News haircut every single every day and anywhere right breakfast lunch and replace wait for people who recognized him right week to take pictures and sign autographs that's what made him happy and then they went to his apartment. And was covered wall to wall hole right things with pictures of himself right other celebrities every single time it's liberty dies in over the age of sixty. Larry King tweets that within thirty minutes they're great friends whoever it is doesn't map doesn't. Wanna do is network. 200 million dollars one point. So should put that he's been divorced seven times and only probably 400 million if he had been divorce that's true but they don't actually see him. But a long time duty doesn't do anything what is delayed radio shows pocket track personal I don't listen to news you know nobody knows what it's on it's clear that room revealed that one Moscow or something to resell these terrible gas. Are we hope for a picnic area count accurately detailed record. It was as bad as. Or curtail mag I mean he couldn't back. We would you underdogs once you know out when he got some points lead Saturday but he got on one stage we got pot once you know the trouble. We'll see you throughout this was sexual harassment that Al Astra dates against Bobby. Resisted Dayton. I would say that it's not it's not hard once you bleak but it's it's troubling but I would I would agree it's it's not as bad as well now a lot of pressure going dates against younger workers yelling before after Friday rejected him. In it was very Coulter afterwards is a producer what have a TV shows that missed the mister Jones. I shouldn't nobody missed you know I've shown and missed that nobody wants it did last. But his attorneys right. We know that will do well given what we know given what we know. There's a legal action but you know deters. It's not like he touched her now we just verbally and mentally abused there did you use we'll just that is upload Jennifer Lawrence was seventeen or sixteen on the seventeenth. Yeah and then Molly ring lawless fifties when when they were told to strip Nee Jennifer Lawrence was pulled lose fifteen pounds and choose they can Michael why he. Back in the line up right she's she says she was sixteen I know it's. What an awful too it's a noble work mr. mrs. Lawrence when this happens it's a good question. I mean you know that you these these stage parents are we are behind the window basically the same like. In the UK would you do that they maybe should tell them I don't know but overtakes the teller would it be got to do. But she was a stars and little right. I don't remember that she wasn't that physical act I don't know I don't have those those parents are weird. Some of whom will you be one of those parents and no that wouldn't some. Well I think that there are some child actors are some young people who have very good careers like Bateman. Ron Howard whoever I mean and it not everybody's a lack of most are screwing you think the guys get molested two. Possibly who don't know here Corey Feldman says the court filed Walters. Scolded him. Probably a court Thomas Nolan he's famous stories he says that he Corey came molested by a big big big time. Celebrity explicit he says that's it she says you can't say that you're talking about a whole industry that's been speculated for a long time it's been a lot of people folks from one. Who in a months and I want you know this is who you'd you would definitely notice or I would yes he would a couple of though it is it's at that level Spielberg. That's not the worst guest ever. And it's saying it right that you produce to go east but I am saying that somebody like that that's always been originally she is one these guys are talking to. And unless those I don't know turned out so well you know the and no record our Paterno are actors and actually is he but for every Hayden Panettiere with a for every prefer every Jodie Foster or Ron Howard there are thirty frequent Todd Bridges is in and when I mean I mean you didn't hide but it's definitely risky to me looks show business but he too you can get August and the film business I know. Even if she does have the talent T shirt I disagree sung an answer when you're trying to have this kid. Hook what's the first came Jackie Kennedy which something weird set heartily sick yeah. Yardley yahweh is a bogey on guard Lee Boyd Kane lake and I figured you delay grainy. Yeah I gave you the image of your editor at. I want you do that what mr. answer. And the gospel good Kosovo penguin family tragedy as well a you do too at some point. Yes it's true that's just an alert you know like usually. Gary astronauts talk about those are good it will tell yeah merely following article is already fading with Seattle I don't know on the field and I feel good good but see each of the training and have sex you guys know that. You should hear the rumors he was filming off the air to break. Who about what. But the station. Are tenacious and yes oh era and a good outcome and a some he's got some real BA league schedule. Some people voted 92 comfortable really so all of a sudden throats and us. Wanna do that now. I wouldn't I somebody wouldn't you know would be reopen any releases. I have I would be so their real estate agent I was some people. I don't mind buying green bananas. That's headlines brought you by doctor Robert 201800. Get hair doctor Robert Leonard at headlines with Erica. Peter we appreciate your time we'll talk of informal courtroom what more what moments are goals we never asked you about the the play the play. The goal line. Austin's appearing Jenkins. It was a play. Just it was a look that correctly as it was and explained correctly in your view. I think that would say about this. Michael I believe that the only time that a replay or better that way on the the reverse is win. They're under and and proof that if the play was. Cool would it the plate was called correctly OK so having said that. I don't see how you look it that way and say that it was that they're a 100% true that it ought to be overturned that's my first reaction. My second reaction is. I woke up Monday morning. And I forget if it was the host of the daily news or picture in the paper. And the picture show off in the hearing. Ball into the ground. Head on camera is now it's there and look at the vehicles so that was close enough to see. Idiot Euro body parts touching the football. Just before. He. Has. Now you all else. Hit the ground. War he rolled over retained. I can't answer that one reason that is it. What decide. Whether a ball with awful or possession of a player or not. End and that's why in my. There are seeing. Them misunderstanding. You know among everybody. If you talk at all I don't have protection on how to block grant and himself out of well so Kurds in the ball never hit the ground. You know you lost money I don't know Shaq always show up well Malaysian officials will enroll. In that particular case. From that fall. Creepy little com. And I don't look now but I believe it's over ever so important. Is this guy is gonna laugh again it grounds it can still be ruled I was. And if you do crazies in the exactly the women have it was on its forty ground and act or anything else Leo cause. If it. I was looking at that are still over there and I would earn it. But I ought. To speak. And not all week explained the rule out having that oh programs still have a you don't appreciate it we'll talk. Tale hated this you know hope that that screwed up the clock I elated about forty different levels we all but if idea loved Peter and I might be follow all of that that answer me GAO is worshipped the ground the guy who walked on. That how long did you clock it's three minutes. She's a brilliant answer. Current regular desert canyons and thought Erica tried to hang in someone's head phones yeah. And then he jumped on any get down that he ran a lap around the buildings is Nolan. I steps and yeah let's just steps in nine inch Russia. James would mourn tangling. Brooks Brooks and protecting land a couple of bootlegs. Cleansed. Yup clients through the cleansing difficult and you listed every number and players have warned all four bosses weren't as all the retired numbers in Boston sports because I can do that. And and you get to the box as the athlete whose answer. That's critical at the end I don't know openly said Eddy Peter King it's like some ninety's right. And out the sound like some my favorite spot a man of daylight to it's I would have won if we myself but those guys she goes on every week. Did you tweet out to pick he's very shallow right out of Gloria desperate. We just tweeted the picture of Peter Hillary or fortunately Kirk is in his running close which is very unprofessional I agree I apologize and that resentment tell you may tell you why fortunately you don't swept his skiing -- people who sweats I ran before the show was and now all I'm sick. And I wiped out. Right now all the runs they completely wiped of the face when he saw a knee injury which is gruesome probably the worst injury anyone sauces and the last point four I feel like I was in sand storm after happen. In I was also bloody academic pants on when the bathroom to wash it and since we're. That's okay you're like minority shirt you're deep you know you can do that you're kind of what is right or get get it do you think at some point when you're running. He gonna have that movie moment when news. Headlights. Time every time arguing that every time I see a car commanding general in the morning I'm convinced it's like Syria wanted to choose a medal and are you that you events from a friend from moral way there's any decisions haven't I want the I want like I'll take the pain in the best way to have the vast SaaS makes him a better target yet how Michael. Allen and one where the people say they had thing that feels very that's good news and events like he's like yesterday's meeting renews they had all suspects. That's true good they are all going to be behind the wheel Hillary because there's a minister went. My original ticket yes. They're going to kill him on purpose. It's okay I'm quick I do want myself I asked I told you had it on and you don't want that type of restaurant with a phone now. I don't want these companies on the essentially nobody's. They will be because somebody saw one immortal banks for that's different and what does it gets lots of people for motorists through the texting as they're going to recruit. I do Winchester have much from one elected to Winchester. We step back on Terry's is about as. Products and like six different things newcomers to talk exist in two rounds doesn't list the word answer yes I knew you. Well you gotta you know my ask that fall asleep about the economy go to school fall asleep again. I think I would say that's it. Michael I believe that you'll time that a re play it or better they play on the field should be reversed his. Outplayed when you have occasion to hurt people so you during a Peter King incident I could ask seven questions could I get from here. To my car in the garage and back and treatments yet he's unions I just does there is absolutely yes you vehicle yes also the servicing those who can make a bet. Is it to play the TV ads from a can you run good Gary couldn't. Care pinned them back anywhere we tweet at the picture you're hanging so over the headphones Allah will be successful. And and you could see Kirk's outfit today and how unprofessional is where it featured Jean shorts on so we know madre in miserable. You mean. Good reference I liquid. Usually the notion or I'm really disappointed in how I would like is he get the ratings these is second to. By our most this year and homes and I. That's I'm a great replacement sure they do is great show and now Bloomington 84 off. And the hat. I saw Steve on there I believe that you celebrate acoustic show unbelievable idol teacher from the topic of whether. They go. Yeah. With the confederacy. That evening. In the game shot. It and you Jerry Sloan mom. And Joseph. Love a movie here I'm Aaron Brown's teacher most or elsewhere we saw Roger Clemens right I saw many time that's pretty cool like gonna say that I'm amenities that's ice to your most alive. No I have missed the third I think this one Ramon left. But. I have missed the third best live show restrictions one Springsteen -- the and then the remote house every season a one over an eclectic eclectic only demonstrate they're similar to I don't know I figured you'd like cheers Mueller but receives catalog means more ethics and it. I'll tell you we suffers last year was as good as ever seen last year in that show Boston. Oz by the way you should spend the six grand on Broadway and now and until and again he said OK either because after you said that on the air. I figured it out that's probably. Tens or hundreds of 1% of what you unique. Why do I 1% of climate I gates I don't think you drew grant on the time on this because. It doesn't matter which spanned if you it is really for feeling and it's really you know means a lot to you you'll say it was work that you won't be disappointed. I won't say it was too much money as you money on the money often you were lucky pants you're loaded. I think if your parents I think. Here's what I thought the whole show and I applaud the financial ones. Legal and business outlook and the numbers slip and you're just gonna bring it again. I don't know enough or during a no parents. Your parents about what months. It was supposed to. Warmer otherwise. It was a warm day I remember that. Summer indicates it's always. That's making fun of you here. Isn't if I don't know why because it's useless it's it's so self. It's being self eggs awards it would you saw Paris or exactly okay resort we don't know what month you parents that that speaks of when you're behaving. You know they're dead and I think I can guess I'd expect to get close to guessing that your dad died and Terri guess and with his own dad yeah I don't remember the date. Resemble what I know why it's unbelievable it's it's it's that he would never forget it's Dave it's my office in life I'll never forget I don't guess related but it didn't really I figured it was late November November 20. Point that are not fight within five days not that was could guess it was my records and my ass kicked you in the fall and hence fiftieth anniversary that's writes I knew that. Now note I do note the date mob ties in my mind. He's not exactly a week after. My dad death might have a week ago. Might as in my time it was a Monday is next Monday after Mother's Day yes oracle sons of bitches what eighty. You know other people. You know you too there are lots of lost parents would say it's unusual for parents about several weeks apart. It's our national. Closed at a news you'll find that down unusually. Slow but it but I don't think you'd only what does happen and you never said the ones but I don't act like it it's episode of the show is what they're perhaps societies were usually driving and you know like I'm like god used on ethnic and about do you think that they would prefer we talked the boat and on the news mark Malcolm Butler. No no I would now. As a work I think you do eights eights two and find out which we do an album waiting to talk about what's so tragic you talk about stuff and tragedy of the fall book your performance. On yeah mustache has long been worse than anything. Three cup replied important Ramon we'll see that we importantly and we also have to do it varies. How he knows. Why you know how you know how stupid stuff on Gilmore as we get today where you came up with a scoop can sustain and stupid recognizes that and how did you why how would you know. Stupid stuff on bill don't answer Carol double dip back into port in response all of these reports everyone's on off announcing it's been all these people yes Ian Smith pondered apartment take. Well port as well and we get back we'll talk again. About coordinate with and ones we did the first power I want you guys to wait it was the way the what you injury story about console thing that matters to me. The import only one hour John Dennis three hours.