K&C - Trump is having an award ceremony for the 'corrupt media'; Francesa's replacements are awful 1-3-18

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, January 3rd

Hour 4: Donald Trump says he is going to host a award ceremony for the corrupt media and we hear from Mike Francesa's replacements in New York.  


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Skirt. Get the rumblings out of Boston in local Boston media course I think grapples but Brady Belichick's hand was kind of force their Fort Campbell Mark Brady got to move on from Jimmy G and I know for a fact here's AFC. He's so we're. Willing to give a first and the second round pick for Barack lol I know Jimmy who upload utility adopting quarterback one of the best players beliefs and that invitation just question slaughter now with Gerry Callahan. President front this evening responding to the nuclear threat from North Korean away that the world is frankly never before heard from an American president you know uranium Israeli please inform him that I too have a nuclear button single nuclear weapons and other things but it is a much bigger and more powerful one and is including some bad things in my button works out here everybody god bless the united church and Kirk Manhattan Tim Roemer who. I don't know what you all are any little Chihuahua Chihuahua. Market. Yet you want the weasel my point is I would never usual for buried snake he's a weasel Warren Buffett now I'll be room for ST yeah ugly little. So he Chihuahua in the goats but yeah I don't see it on Sports Radio W. I loved him. Alone and in new Mac I have the bumper sticker me. Reamer here in the needs guy never support talk show of support all. I do now I'm concerned but the fusion did you punch if you had told me in the primary that there was going to be a special awards ceremony on I think we knew that was gonna happen. The seniority to figure out during the primary though even even I've been close observer of the crazy man Donald. Even I was taken by surprise at last night's tweets yesterday I was not that surprised me anymore not when you read about things on hold and awards ceremony no all because an hour. Hour an hour after threatening nuclear war with North Korea surprised. I'm surprised really yes I was shocked when our favorite Richard favored trump sound bite you to pick one. Let's my favorite that's when I gave that one nuclear weapons and that they minus one as it was before once yes I love. I'd like at least talking in India did decode breakers are right now are favorable and make no idea they called the Pocahontas. Can I like is that because I you don't like you can replicate. I should ask for a long before any of us were here. Although we have a representative in congress who they say it was here a long time ago. Decor poke this. But you know life. I like you who. Totally out of we'll talk to ever don't ever be. If you missed an anti if it is always good to 8:30 PM and we are we know we believe he doesn't rank but. If he did I would assume we had a puppy he does 832 last night he says I will be announcing the most dishonest and corrupt media awards of the year. On Monday at 5 o'clock. And say am or PM just sound effects and we'll cover. Subjects who covered dishonesty and bad reporting in various categories from the fake news media stay tuned. As the president and there isn't a lot going on in the world there is. Uprising in Iran there is digital and North Korea. And over the weekend he's going to be working on these awards the most corrupt my son to be put into it they pitched me this or at least from habits like NA you know there are playing golf. Jerry but what he -- -- -- times in one on one interview like every couple months through so how do you couple now to CNN and so he he Sony's he wants that your time is your god and wound up you can understand it's by Heatley looks. And look at it and now doesn't know one reason I'm exited read a lovely treat others like book recommendations you know there's no way favorable weather sheriff David Clark answered too late great John yeah it Noah David art software right now I don't I in his article he published in the works he's critical of the UAE people started as dozens Jerry did die in you know I doubt tonight why they've prison yet camera yeah. Why has it probably had a little dot com and go to jail good watchdog. Agencies in this country. Eight part series they shut that's right who would you rather hear hockey would you rather hear every afternoon for an half Donald. Maggie gray. Chris Collins and Bart Scott are missing right now. I apologize for for at least from my favorite show. Whether it's radio television. Film anything right now my favorite programs in the afternoon shall WS and I'd heard until about two hours ago. Allen on the believe it all started this occurred. Always say I didn't hear the due date you until the sport out here sack rate up and with all due respect my friend dale hall and rich. I'm have to dumb at the foot back and fourth I can be tough this is a great show what they did what I like this. They said it's always works is is about the formula they say like SS retired by princess or retired used. Let's have a skinny woman let's do me a black guy also former player. And that's pretty loud mouth wacky Acker and put them together and just happened CS will it was kind of like diverse than let's celebrate diversity of person without penis they study isn't he had played the NFL right and is African American and then you have a guy with a great voice who brings the energy and can get in and out of brakes just seems like to me and maybe they didn't even notice this can happen sometimes you fall on these discussions. It sounds like and I insurers probably the studios but ultimately there were some sports bar somewhere just pocket just to sleep at a bar home and are being asked like somebody was almost hit in secret magistrate people to shoot the breeze interrupting. Just laughing at Buick we're gonna have some laughs they've known each other miners examination of what 25 years yes it's about it sounds like absolute yes and I mean it's it sounds like. The conversation starts before the show after a short just goes on all night and you know what they do that talks sports this is they do they let you read your Summers Lucia. Deliberately exports was we're gonna answer the questions that you want Aniston we're gonna get to you you're gonna get to know what's and hopefully we'll have a few laughs along the way so that we obviously the huge debt of gratitude to my. The crisis first bar ridiculously high about Iraq now cap era when it. But that. The cap at. To talk to your agent. Asked for now let's you know laughter and and get right into it and work is that the giants gave developments you ha ha. I want does it amaze me another people like that like that Bart Scott Carlin. The tube executives probably more than one Barry for a body a lot of move listen to these three light weights and said let's roll because I brought consultants and on shore consultant to set the league is set them all down and got her room and it's OK let's do this let's do this citizens send out there everybody knows. It's like receipt. The start the year ended these these these that these previous he's due TV shows and those in the sock us Judd Hirsch doughnut ago and it's obvious seizing on the wacky neighbor right here idea of young shall ultimately hey guys. And in this and you know you to spend millions of dollars on this with the ultimate and they and and the reason they pick. Victim as does which he's a woman. He's a player and black easy guy but they could be anybody I mean their perspective but don't outings but right is the question are they good at it no end in the never got interesting opinion on never quite you know tab woman on the show sometimes it is interesting to get that perspective on certain issues certain social issues. The average that they're gonna do jets' offseason talk and I mean real which is why we don't have the points like twenty. Trends we didn't write yes he's only here because she's good at it we don't have runs one of three people with empty eyes and no curiosity and the shows fail. Which stories that you go that's Neil best that I hostages and daisy daisy they do review and that point out how to stub of a boring the whole show was and had over year to plan this princess announced the news weaving. Fifteen months there and get buried in the ratings all my smoke. Bartz. Chris Carlin. So it's up just ready to act as its new year new time slot knew everything. Although maybe sable problems in Athens maybe the problems for the Jack you know. I don't get first set to be just right into it just crowds like folk know grab assets to get into the sports another boring afternoon show. It into the sports. Scott also went down far riskier road we're joking about race according in the best. Interest of black in over forty with a mustache that Scott. Calling grace John comfortable on line discussion understandably Sosa knew about us justice now he was on the network show who is elbowing Andy had to talk for two minutes it was pre scripted and he failed miserable I saw it back there and I don't think that's a great brawler like is you can't be your site deals can be yourself much anyway. I've had easier openly kind of show you he's going to be the best one it was defendant. Finally close on you like partners like the show but but I mean I'd give it to be the best these three absolutely and pre season is old now. Count this unfortunate but it's not our own hold on hold on Poland play that again and why is that a leopard I hate that well it's good to see you follow what's going on the Letterman although I told hello Bob. So good to see you. You sound like 44 seconds. If I would never say to you start from good to see you. It in this other in the get a before the show they walked in the public talk that day. You think you ever really in a big impact big influence on the industry you're not communicating after all we did on the last. Castro we've done the last 23 years they that the the our sister station in New York has an opening. And they come up with these. Pathetic bishop curry they had a conversation. W Europe for the boom would you move a new partner to us Riggio which is a terrific CEO yeah we have any of boomer GO baggage you get personal for play this out and -- knows mr. Right idea or the other big talent. They kind of get liquor and hammered Laker now. I know. Okay sport he's can be funny at times when it's dry humor mostly sport I'd try him now. Got this year. Yeah. CBS. Network. Despite the name for WFAN and a big day for CBS sports network as well. A lot of new programming including this show we've got the official launch of the day it's still hard drive guys to send up launch. Earlier and it goes through good on that talk about isn't on them. Hired basically choose your borders gentleman right there when I John's acquired or at least they don't get. Guy called hello alliance giants hired widely all of the. Sure why is higher because he's old. As these criminal that he meet a murder you kill people take their teeth out who we're talking about a brother like student of the state they'd get a win presidency are only our. And we've got a ton to talk about as the giants have hired basically Whitey Bulger to be there general manager. Homers gonna wanna do four hours on the winter classic debate. The cafeteria. Blue was open thank you. No Marie realizes flaws right rumors that is it any and and throw him in there instead of that would work I mean Carlyle would have no white the only reason outs is great I told them yes I you're you're fine you're fine which you do your fine you've given your people you've you've done representatives and I would LG BT yes that is total she's all actuality but I sure bus or you sympathy that's right that's a real major but bullet but the dismiss it out whenever tumor size the boom and apparently. You an idea so we have of the Rangers. You lost so they did GO and number we'll get right in the winter classic audio the first segment of. Mario Boggan of origin. Yeah all right the beer man and congratulations to you congratulations to but yeah and CBS sports network as they start now the hitting the just. All excited faces and names over here all the different opponent different opinions and all of out of the south and by different needs you because you wore a local guy you'd gain from WS fans is where you cut your cheek he worked with Mike and Chris and sports thank you Al. It looked good today by the way I get a clean shaven head and that's good or another solid and the rocket about your you know there are. Sister station in the same company now when we go to the so will we can Ambien and beats the age. I don't have that we want the next days we Chris cut where cardinal result we really here's a future it is now works and I never understood why. So which to fourteen in the fall right number one. We'll have this little spot right from the poppy Johnson who who lives yes. And then Boomer Esiason who does a five reading the six rating will be up on some massive stage TV so in August Patrick and Patrick I just do or don't ratings played practice. It could got a good note so we'll get their stages at which they what you Chris Curtis on the extent I do not I don't know I didn't get up digital radio I'm going to be and I understand. We're gonna have to get along those guys and her colleagues. Well it probably have a big Stevie has dinner the Super Bowl RBC is usual we skipping dinner technologies to rebel he said he admired the success of your guys you know equal on these copies. God I'd keep visitors on the show until a born ray. He's a taser now because the jail like his predecessor did actually say that interest to help you might lead to address Craig carton at all and yes he's tied up there at an annual adjustment fart jokes lately because of the when hole for show for this afternoon talking about personalities. You know I like my Christmas younger emphasis on the last thing I know this evening I know and you play drip I'll give you everything he wants to give you energy organize fight. This could be disagreement guess what it's whether one voice in the room right it's going to be discussion Bart your black we got back opposite. A woman is sports right now in the error of me too. When have these colors or any media person and rub lotion on your Bosco yes imagine grazing believer grabbed her I mean that's the world we want to talk about playing. Played this locker played this record Joseph bass are talking about them above my princess they paid tribute to. Likes his seat for thirty years and Chris made this time slot what it is which is the premier. Piece of real estate in Sports Radio. Ash any. JD culture has a handle money replaces Mike Fritz I guess I gotta tell right now. Ever be ashamed shady is my predecessor Condoleezza that a bug team and I said it's a pass on to be his chance he's an unbelievable. Now. And I. Because he's that he is still back him in the back college in Saint Francis stump the last couple trying to do everything he was just one miserable guy sit in the seat taken call that nobody nobody makes fun of Francis and there at all can't do and the first thing I would say I was G as the GO. Q Greg you deal comes. The first thing I'd say the boomers say you know boomers could be geared that now by the way just I want brings about the year bought and a great deal a couple of Hamilton took us a good. Mean it but see but whoever I don't even react and I -- stone faced a top well live news when a classic and not think about it boomer humor really talked about this when the trial will he went on the right brain and how do you support but it is no doubt right how did you avoid it you must've been suspiciously give us who are about this you still doing hits with you guys would have liked stone tools and on the support us. The reason that we are not surprised that Craig. Cartons troubles they tucked a boom for awhile but the grammar or. That show we did read a mark Shawn Riggans on him and he I call outs I'll ask him that one he loves to Motorola little. Well actually a role agrees we're outs and we were erupting there are multiple commerce site please don't stop and I don't know the list rockets have told a partner you sound just like me card played an entire table electric bikes and yes yes who played 101000 dollar hands it's like treated time it was a million dollar and pretty cool I love carton and I obscures the wife is everywhere we go the role of red carpet arrogant elitist at Mohegan Sun. You know we get sweets we get dinner with the take great care was limos. Because of carton and they can and you know the reason message is look who's in millions and millions of dollars which he steal from other people. And the minute he got busted. Noble must've known that it all made sense I mean and then Brandon Marshall was witnessed that day. Said the card tried to reel him into the scare the name of the show is the afternoon drive with Colin Maggie and Bart I love that. While rules of the country called the chp or someplace on any but the college professors across the country loved that show that's debate that's what they teach the kids to do be boring you know bees sports editor at I don't agree what do they do I love them hello I would never wanna work with them again and we took a blood test it's we should do accomplice to Jessica's room and achievement we get Chaman we can have Ireland asked to be on opening aggression there. What else do you know virtually. Never Bertrand it's never for shore other toxic fake my voice from bastard you know talks several types of the oil markets that fake my radio voice at the cafeteria lose open voice is not how we talks conversational. No it's not. Can layered that the thinner were short yes. The station a kind of we mean what. I mean Glenn emphasizes. More slender yet when does the big word you know I don't know what the sanctuary oh yes this situation. With the Celtics. We are anymore and you work hard I want I want more the it MM BC you're the first for him QB here. For the first time events and that it. You know first half experts it's really great. Or they suck it is very rarely any in between. For example you mornings at W got it right at the very first time. Absolutely amazed being arrested for the very first time absolutely I read this. At any event I first got my act a life changing event for older man. Exactly with the very first time he had a six hour. A lot of the birds you embarrass pops off. First not drop you'll SPD. That journalists and for the old silent but deadly far hoping. He's 200 lame comedy routine who himself is how does that violate these prison he's going to please go to arsenic and far be it. Asif Ali this is for at least there I mean you know the kids run around my house and that was their big star in the way that drug I like this the fake voice radio bracket. I mean this I want justice ol' linemen this. Tangling. That's that was forced off the air that's true. But like but like weird to have that she is in Everett this guy Carolina. Were there sports was. That's that selling rule. In and and all the reviews and it was boring sports talk the first great radio personality great that you like as a fig voice. Great Rush Limbaugh. On strike expert yeah I guess as they start doesn't have one and called. I and it's like wait that's dreamers prediction I'll give you credit becomes true that that if they get Grisham and on and now which they're going to do it that's not why because he has say this is a good fresh new do you have and they don't do it moans woman at. Women too wouldn't it means I'm three person just when does a guy who sports based a black guy Anderson is that an agent he's going to be back to mowing and asking and gets the job. Gloriously gritty new report on the wizard of C Anderson yes yesterday. Best knowledge of please let it happen please let not the answer and that they need like LV granderson negate his holdings Qaeda classic and these parties are over. It happened there. What happen did you not listen alas we don't care what happens when I'm wondering why the forty leave this to mosque he was talking over. They left you let us and let it happen backyard are between three days on our station I could turn it all speculative real reason. Again if the whole mother to our show I would say the real reason that's just because somebody was talk at all he doesn't like Johnson mossy Tomas generous Kennedy walked out. We back the next day in York in on your shirt with four and I shouldn't read the republic I missed a missed a completely. Well all I heard it's Ali here and I hear them even I don't know it off well he did. It none of them didn't it might hurt I mean I did not hear about it. We asked to pos like the guy Chris prize Robin lotion on in Paris like national news there. Proof that your on TV congratulations dale violated contract yes congratulations. To the book coming out. Yes Baghdad I didn't read the different hate. And I'm really don't want him again and return wants me to thank you don't want every home team on his job and holly. You might get what's the difference in all some deals like being Ned deplete their over and ran in the big. All reasonably sir or I'd I'd Whitney what's the what you're doing pretty big girl who. Reverse the lead us to eat at all to fully and radiant heat today amazed he's been tremendous today. During the brief interview rating needed all he knows tweeting on his way to floors of one government kick around and says he owns some realistic head oh definitely this is dropping out of business now. And groups asked of them cancer in an option for yet obesity you know controversy now double and a little bit today in yesterday's what's left to center now we'll talk about a monster tomorrow but shore minister when he cause cost at all they get about it we already went over our predictions of where a treasure in McCain as well and injured very interest and we go to the bottom of the grumble thing. You're reading Roemer agrees with the mouse it's all because of. Completely I never said it's a decent theory now. Explain slate during the placate. Because obviously craft intervened and told Belichick you have to treat drop policy to the question is why Democrats feel the need to OCS are too mossy yes vita craft he'll need to do that only president to wake gates right the animus that he felt from the fans you know my question is I mean stands where fans really got sentenced to placate never happen to think craft was that I'd trade -- I don't think that's a reason why I think he just feels loyalty to grade but it could be an added thing like I be an injury during the week gates I'm definitely gonna stick by him. But no team no owner no nobody would ever trade the greatest player in the sport to sink in on what it who's by the way it's toughest game. This is not. In a Favre mrs. Brady who's about to win his third MVP. Who would trader who would Belichick what they know what Belichick went off course right it if anybody would Belichick and I Belichick wouldn't and you wanted to. I too am after this year and next year definitely won't say you're talking much hang on to grapple yeah obviously don't want to have on a grounder. Another year wouldn't say it's a compound that would doubt he wanted more offshore but he couldn't vote ordered work to be traded for right and he wouldn't. What he just said he won one would he would crack no we wouldn't issue now not recovered to trade the MVP lead us now. I'm 41 because the MVP he's about to go to another superior in ordinary life. Rob Lowe is good 41 action to grapple with a not could be grapple is okay Grupo is good good understanding of the best players league he's right he's done I district estimates he's definitely one tennis court next week do you think he's going to win MVPs yes no. No details Erica I think you mean they're good players they're good you know quarterback gets an illusion because only that his office is legal monopoly like man we knew of any results we came in and all those guys always bought by Brady played at right dot. All of us just went in Aaron Rodgers is still around as he stole a whole new generation of quarterbacks that I grapple consulate Wentz. I grapple first among these diplomatic arsenal yes guy who would have won an MVP yes possess what he's batted about as on this whole new generate yes by the way into the all names SES every time I know because you don't know anything about a symbol of really so Josh Allen play doesn't lead right now we've seen. Some Josh Rosen play action played about the extension crossing San Donald and he staggered mayfield yeah he's thinks that he's not stage and allows you grow a lousy -- other way. My desk and rob Bradford writes a column today a good would you call this one of bigfoot say they article and it's good but he says they commit Phil may be there when the patriots draft and you don't want don't want it you could say it's ridiculous but they're going to take quarterback I agree would be good uncertainties. He's not gone gonna go in the top five or 62 way. Rosen and Arnold and Alan gonna go on the Tom he's that you might be there in the second round guys five foot eleven ballistics he's not he's not to be a spectacular. It was a great call it's great great all age quarterback quarterback great college cork harbor attack. And in our. All the. And we can spray a smile and Joseph says a prayer. All of Enron. It's not good we were that remark against him Callahan leverage I think our focus it's easy to let's the next. Number we Valentine's Day value outside. Guys yeah we find that's true could do that. I didn't do as ruthless streak and gave the other guy and win was eager. And originally used this it's very heterosexual well solve these guys you'd choose whispered and that's a good idea. Rates and isn't that right and ambiguity. Was a lever again game. You know moments things about Susan crops on about day an unemployed fans as you see one game man there. Mystery just won it's it's part of just want just one this year. Well out thank you so much you guys don't you great tales about. Country all weekend in Montreal that's supposed to have you with some awkward stares at the -- as was I mean I thought it was GI Joseph and GI Joseph and guys are going to induce it was kinda redundant as Chris Allen told Spain and a story about Magnum rays think that was the rich keep topple more time vote yet again is Colin clean about how's Montreal enough for we get OK you're you're you're great and -- stole your act really so it was in tomorrow. On Tomas moon ago so we're not through the keynote for two days away from me applying looks in the months back correct which I'm going to be doing alive. 8 o'clock on Friday. Yes yes in that well with you didn't want you may contact with the skin became heads up so it was obvious she not get your gun and shot his legs and yet we eat enough enough time lacks even touch that is exactly get through the jungle he's gonna bring that the Jurgensen. Usually got received that it by the gesture 8 o'clock on Friday make sure much find that true well the meeting got next what they. Priests like Greece might wasted my Christian couple questions Willie McGinest moments excellent test that. We're back tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock with Johnson cost of living and breathing. Boston's and Kia bombs cyclone doesn't prevent us doesn't kill us all look well okay cooperate mr. whether they have stuck. That was about it. Parade full the other well here. Smooth. Actress miss time.