K&C - Trump is a moron, Kirk understands but doesn't endorse, & Ken has Thornburg splits 2-22-18

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, February 22nd

Hour 3. Kirk and Gerry take several callers weighing in on the guns in school debate before Kirk finally has his fill. Gerry tries to walk Kirk into a confliction in his argument, and Ken weighs in with Tyler Thornburg righty/lefty splits


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It's Kirk and Callahan. With core command. And Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. Background chips that we are strong we need that. If we do that when we see this trouble. We have the nab them. I'll make some very jittery this eighty. Donald Trump who was a open public Jerry you'll never get troublemaker now that's that's as close as it's got to criticize them aren't. Paulson us who's elected crooks thus for being like. Right wing Joseph we never art nobody. Criticized them more than each nobody in. Cause they opium for the poor me you were elixir whoever mossy. What's on the chilly so it's really in the US. President of these United States of America. Eagle Friday some twelve minutes ago. If it potential quote sick shooter and quote knows that the school has a large number of very weapons talented teachers. Will instantly shooting at sickle all caps never attacked at school powerful code pop salt. Must be offensive defense alone won't work. Exclamation point. Well three minutes ago says a strong push for comprehensive background checks and emphasis on mental. Raise the age 21 and Salem on stalks congress in the mood to play and do something I hope. What's wrong with that I'm with them. Aaron wrote it right out. There's some problem with the metals are real proposals which you rarely hear from any politics. Shall you know please that there ago. Wrong. Comments and gun control that it had it what is it adults in a crunch some cash app of the movement is usual it's. Not like this in New York. Kids but it's sandy tweeting talking about but that was different though this yet but this is different I agree this is different. Let's go to really take some calls a lot of see them and people are becoming number of calls on its Milford I was trying to find the broadcast yourself here you pay. They do your job to your job good on. Early on asserted that the beta it's not about the NRA it's not about guns and it's all about yet married got you got the art around the perimeter when you talked about metal detectors all the other foolishness. You can't turn the country into the wild wild west so the schools this that would start. Army keep. So we're so we're where's where's that god is all. On the side or confederacy. At the same sort of becomes a room they go to say to correct so I settled late that. Not necessarily a little. We just looked at a badlands was twenty minutes this kid looks like. The longer than that. There's probably to a hiding in closets under desks or fathers like I was paying for things that teaches that the people themselves easily have them okay so probably leave them and they leave them at home they don't do that the supreme a school Embry. Bringing everywhere else I'll shoot people are everywhere that your. New agreement the schools though the league and the costs that they showed a loss limit that according to unlock some. Some people that statement this on our diet. Why why are we talking about outlawing on stocks now that should have been that we got the Las Vegas let me but he agreed that they turned semiautomatic weapons. Exist these differences yet it's your kids at that school who spoke about that's never had that before we. To dislike this change the conversation in the country. Well we'll see if it changed anything because these people back politicians are getting paid are fighting an irate 55 million in the last election. That's true no doubt. There's not quite you think I just Ricky three concrete proposals from the president four minutes ago. Our report Mort Mort aren't. If that's relevant to an. Echo. Eight years ago while Obama now. Well this time express Estrada did nothing after Vegas right yes this does change the conversation Obama or present is at least get to talking. They changed this is this the Hamlet about school shootings will Obama is what the truck was not at his office logs are public with that now. It's less meat now. Which point the school shooting yes and I agree on president control will pass as well that's. And these kids are talking on past capital Bob was present issues Japanese keep talking. You can see. Let's go to Paula comic vault. And how you doing guys pay. Jerry usually excitement human and I couldn't be more conservative that I do liberal but I gotta be honest with you as a teacher and high school. I would not feel comfortable carrying a weapon of any time. What buttons to get out so like where talk. To basically arm ourselves with what we have the barricade that door because it and our fight minutes is when it all happens. Not polite and in particular that the security or as well as to saw off the so. I feel comfortable not having to bring a weapon it now a bigger issue is. There's no. That's why put this sort of on the market not because that is what got me off. I think the other big issue as. Jet this generation and it's so desensitized. My rights my students the other day wish all of us are kept videos. Those kids in school they're cute note it being. I want to. Writes great race. Archer what it's videotaping his mental health issue but I agree. It's a mental health issue with the kids in addition to that also if you're really get used Jerry's world back you know. 67. You had these huge guns. I want it should check them to help these teachers now all the all time not once every month doubled to three months ought to do all the time. Every other week. Once a month subject let it get this if you do this and Jerry's world. You're gonna have a teacher one day come in and shoot three kids that blow was rains guys added I don't that's what went in but. Felt so early. It is not necessarily attack not that are surely it's not necessarily. So some decent budget cuts that were so special featured Amarillo heels for it's kills jobs well thought you know delegates will really we'll see that's awful adjustments yes stuff he's shootings. Oh yeah you definitely don't there will be more shootings if you let that out there will be abortions that would be there were absolutely abortion as coach were armed. Nicholas crews would not ask. Them that group. Two that would be just the typical or what so anyway and there. In Atlanta when they know Selena that would wreck of self anyway so what was it raised one beats you would have thought you wouldn't. By the way that you see it went utter a final it was stocked for awhile. Is this cluster this teaches that done you're done Ankiel went there it's not it's not prevent any day you know but it was you know. Winter it was ostracized there with this. And wetlands that. It's a white collar whites think if it's all the the biggest match of shooting back. Is that actually what they wanted to know. Anyway that I. Anyway so thirty scoop fitness and tennis goes it's talked about class and it never got that. Note. It's. And it. Erica Garrett I don't ominous pattern that you that I would let up in court at by the I wish I deserves I appreciate that I was taught that. Her yes sir I general corporate personal security team you know not yet he. He's mom. We were over in Afghanistan on record sucked anyway. You can't force Egypt to carry guns but if they want to carry it why not I know you guys are concerned about hey apple updated features where it all by. 62 weeks straight Marines shoot Arctic doesn't take very long. You know he had a couple teachers. Have rippled in the possession could stop this thing you know home most classrooms close proximity of one another. You know you spoke about it kicking down the door would AR fifteen. The future cost ought aren't good. You know limit it to one classroom at bat affected you know I mean you. The training part I I understand it from a statement of a strategic I don't trust the teachers don't trust the story. It's my did it carried ski. In my class a class they've gone goats albeit place were the war in which the place where there's so I disagree I disagree no that's not disagree oddly. Honest emotions. That's what this does that number it's how many questions there America. So the odds are your class Ortiz. One million. Obviously it's a teacher has done in your class to the odds are higher issues that. Got in the robot. Of course it is of course so of course you're alone on security. High school we've. Nobly congress a one. What equipment that security gauntlet shoot it's one less person what worshippers fifteen of the school of networking. Check the mental health Gerri good odds on this tour title. Spending. It is our security. What job are you know you're not scared of guns rights to music on your feature when I see comments aired last play scared. Go to. Know that it's in Gloucester met. Pay Callahan I did I think the argument that are arming teachers is so stupid I mean think about that the type of person. That's gonna have begun a 2620. Year old teacher and your asking them to go seek out and delicate. It's sore saint and basket and protect kids. Semester begins to address the met the best picture but the mental health thing is social it gets one by admiral. Here's not all some girl who's you know middle America Beckham's its shooting up she's getting your annual World Cup are locked away users edit. Lockett and I've always in the room built. You're you're cedar accurate she. Like jab with her children and also no fly at the active approach shot at apple which are Solutia cap. To tackle. My solution is he here supports of his mental health well who definitely added that it's not like that that easily that's poll we wish solutions Donald Trump's through bull it's that this was a solution long before. You think there armed guards. And security at Harvard you yes so why do we want. On. Harbored helped and I'd let's is to get army wanted to. The school talk security guard for as well if if what sixty to have music at point six on that note the purchase order. So the teachers the right to protect themselves you know passionately that constitutional right what outlets while they have a cluster. Because stupid people say this is against the zone everybody. You wanna come in here lands another cruise the money it has no she you know commitment of the teachers at all. Not a battle I want to hire you which means. Your door. Org and nick. Chris and the K Chris. Hey guys thanks in June to comment here so arming teachers. Would whatever kind of training they may have. And you're expecting them to react appropriately and threatening and chaotic situation we police doctors who can't even react. Properly re being chaotic situation and that your outlook and teacher now who get shot and killed a mentally disturbed kid. Go live bat for the rest. No. That's brilliant I. I don't look at that you know and the snuck some of their choice deliberate killing demons the theme or if some guy did you plug planes and head. Now that they do that that's the movies that might answer spot that's about these mr. Davis. Dave. Pick a morning guy pal today. So an alternative. To Clinton outgunned and teachers can't don't have any expand and implement a training. Yet how was that can there are a lot of weapons training and familiarity and experience in these situations when he picked. And guess what else they also have a mental health issues you know what I. Mean obviously we want them to be considered. But tenure open animal new Canon were hole. 400000. You're fighting that's being treated for EST. Your biting his. He EST right there by using your by the disaster. Yeah and I want to chance but like you said mental health. Issues right you know if you could pass the test and probably disclose schoolers as a that got magistrate your good. Absolute principle that Uga skip school council several to get settled out of the school gym teacher knows I mean that would be regal. Seriously red Texas town Trafalis. Everybody's got a train him has done so we've got it in ninety guns that's going to lower never ever happen some crazy nineteen year old she'll never go in there with a rifle and can look like that are most don't care they. They wanna kill people they think they're able to lose. My and you can't do this in their shooting back wind up. And Mario all right Mario. Gary I Levine at the Euro wedeman is the only solution is for real police officers that are spiritual. That are looking a lot of people looking for retirement related to a terrible about that hole that's been even if you can't train with the current and out. Experience servers it hits the government and expect that the sweeping package of subtle. I'm with you up with a with cops never should that if you that's definitely true if you have a retired cop or whomever you want to every school America first ball again. Up with it but secondly totally practical for. That. The Massachusetts forget all the stuff it's all make you know that markets it Seattle. Hey good morning guys up. The problem is in my opinion the problem is that if you look at the veterinary schools giving their all done by speaking. They know the layout of the school they know where the people are gonna be congregated. So that make it a night saw target foreign. To go out and do what they want to do the probably hit it tax dollars. The people in the local people local community don't want to pay for the security of dictate. They want a political solution whether that solution needed to you know change gun laws increase that I take. But the bottom line is all about the tax dollar it said hey we're gonna great practice but you're you're going to be secure that would still be back. No question it cuts somewhere else mean what are your priorities. I said I agree I think is still a moment to make sure you're dealing in practicality that teachers don't think it union the world anti union would be against you simply need 100% not even a conversation to talking. Your dream world of what gives other customers. With the teachers in college that would let the kids who are licensed to carry out that compared. What if a college student and nineteen year old kid at Virginia Tech heavy school here detect Florida gulf theoretically at Virginia Tech kid. Who's grown up run guns is a permit to carry isn't. Side arm or hasn't briefcase or backpack I would never say leave that in the car accident can be exciting man offers a lot of weapons. Response that kids with her it's your diet you're saying they absolutely tell that the state of the Virginia out there ya go it's what. And that's all it moral high ground as a result or off the school is out in the school work or because they wanted to settle in data with these students and that's what's it all Iraq all but that was because it was a soft market but you know what what is happening knew that was out there it would. Of course every dime that's what you don't. Carefully taught to kill people just they think what would you miss digital they want you know possibilities it is they they get shot they think that they think they can go in there and do it anyway. Their what they did a study to get around this do. Maybe three let's kill me my guess is if you enact this around the country work it'll die every good if you know I Derek yet. What ought to get us with dots that a definite. And it would be more deaths there are taxi every single digits in the bill. Now. And there are great guns now mark you just want to let that just exactly as well that's what it calls execs what's that 777. Night. Resettle them. This is. Divorcing parents into the classrooms it's it's. Campbell evils. Time and time I guess. We're getting closer. Have a conversation polls I think it's a lot more security guys who don't you know that costs money you'll see a lot more security guards. Cops to the tail. Especially high schools. TC. And when someone calls the the it'll serve 39 times in my Mika you know what's called to and so all points bulletin contrary but I hope so. And treatment mental health I mean how many red flags that this house unbelievable it's staggering. I believe there's another proposal that comes from conservatives the way it difficulty G. The RO. Gun violence restraining order get a restraining order which would which would include taking weapons away. Say this remembered so obvious and you exit this kid is depressed angry playing video games and analyst John Whitney wants to shoot people got a bunch of guns. Don't. Required to process you know if you were. For an annual white kids you can restraining order. The court correct there's no process correct you can do this without due process take the transfer. In ninety days right and then maybe. You can. Inquiry met on all of that check and it's good excellent good that's a good idea which is getting real traction. More calls 90. You'll want to use. Madison New Bedford and Matt. A little older. What did you drive me crazy right now because it was on the end at the what. OK get this straight you guys shoot from three row. Which aren't in it and on our right only made for right. Salt right. Okay will get a little bit right. Actually created there and rage. Acted somewhat freakish I think in that big ball on the platform or actually just. Jersey workers were other 25 rows are drooling bowed his or her dad's got that she acted acts are. No solution is an electoral I solutions I worry about the 99.9. 9999%. Of schools with this would never have this that's that's got that's an important one knows it will happen and yes that school where pat what and I was gonna Google there are teachers who kill themselves. Every year high numbers are huge kill themselves. In stroke. Sure I would teach happens all the time last week park and correct. Because they couldn't if you are teachers Rick and our teachers are about to happen. Far more that's because of that there are solutions I don't tell that to the architecture great lost their kids race it'll I well. I was one to break any Jerry that's a great part I'll help. That's the reality of the situation. You know some of those kids with IQ. Wendy's hot and windy. Hi all I think he takes the morning I'm I'm I'm actually a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner and I actually used to working criminal besides two point. One in this every don't want we don't get correctional officers I'm inside prisons I work at a prison. As you know it would be taken over by Ian thanks so how in the world. You know it was a possibility guys in high school a kid are several kids could overtake teach us. And so gag me no offense and act you know you terminate the continent's got. I'm currently what percentage. Caught actually average and yet gotten and it's like less from 5% in the aftermath of a police propositioning a kind. I see that they're just that what they go through it is kinda feel a schoolteacher who never gotten themselves. The alternative is there. It's up an alternative the alternative you're looking at you said it is to teach shoots. Right killer yes that teach ads meant. What's true okay well it is the teacher that's the only correct. Apart right apart apartment which would write that aspect. Focus on the score doesn't as a teacher walks out housing. Starts shooting it's. While expect teach you to your. Advantage. It just like so bad teacher. Says. Security. Out the government school economic number. That you. It would schools I'm not I understand the situation conversations. I've. I'm not you know schools. Won this match Smart. You're telling us. Up with Anderson were part of the country right now history that conversation. I would say no. Now. Art history right now I just if you are opposite I want to the school but it shouldn't. Shops pubs and shops are okay. These teachers the school I've done OK okay. Let's. Is that what you use is that it's an hour at public really. I. Ask you actually so. Let them off. I. In the different apps that you understand I don't I don't know I don't okay. One. I don't understand it there is standing dividends what do you. Others and be like school. It is your. Honor guards like. Bootsy why don't they don't know. Chat on goats. You want them. Not to do anything you just talk in double talking. Gibberish. On it. Well this is currently a match. So refinance if this is they had to ask him that does not act like there's a raw but the actress one armed guards at. I don't think that's it's yes or no this is a simple question. You want on Lexington. On okay do you want. She. Doesn't protect quotes tunes you're not asking you just don't. You want them them Logan sure one. We protect your terrorism okay so I don't want them at Logan. We need guns. Guns. Are no guns at schools vs airports. In high school so they have them. It's enough guts even Louis yes that was my efforts. Here. So you know there at the technical speak don't wanna go to guys. Which one. Year. This proposal. Here it is votes drift around Terry Terry get on a picture of Icelander about it. Actually it's not paying your lows here. You look you can't answer you want to go cards at Harvard OB. Okay good so you. Want to each other school in America every every school in America. Teachers out of a guy who's betray all that. No this isn't us it's their choice is all Jews here all the chores yes what all that it's absolutely during. There's going to be killings that you wouldn't do it's going to be talking. I happen lastly you think there's one there's no if if you tried to teachers and missed that it's up for shooter at. You visited this they get you to fight to try to god if you can brawl cluster kick into the night shoot commission by the states you this stuff is going. And what it was a bad note that you want to set securities. And principal. If I want I want no guns I tried realist sweeping. A single got him. And recognize the reality of the situation which is safe and me are you one month ago. Arc of the situation going on right now we want security Don Imus I don't want Anderson white. That accents in the back of the sex. Forget it activists. Are expected shackles that would limit Chris cars talk to please send Exelixis future. They've walked in its class and some. Crews from union. The likelihood of getting that. Drain opening thoughts and your argument is it might take too long stop. Argument is that that you know has just begun there. Alan skeptic of August to expect at Q what is this thing we agree on when the actual shooter comes in school. Great work. Every escort American and 99.9 percent were never. You teach a quick punches to leave their guns in their cars. Those crazy people if they can't go there pocket notebook how these people we don't know I've done. That's my in the car we learned we learned you can't legally enough ads about health issues correct. So and correct yes it looks to us. Stricter mad at puncture leads in the car. Yes yes. Now that teachings in the car. Just so yes. I like those or that she doesn't even reach its pre caseloads and Mike initiatives fights more potential danger no ultimately that's attached. Our action that's accords let's go to Gerri I Jerry. They got a couple of quick parked outside of the court first of all could cure explosion that these guys don't want a guy is is not the case because there's. Just a bit of and it pot graduating. There aren't going to need be spared death penalty kill you don't want Scott. So they're. Duck that question is publicly that they. Themselves. Ambush by it's still the cells that what's Josep self. A lot like take your time. I Jerry. We're talking audition but that are out there are a lot of people and upload an example the German across the depth review score high functioning individuals school application event on out. Kirk doesn't make a moral unworthy of carrying. Yes it does yes it does yes it does if they don't. Terry guard they just you're just what were the point if Terry occasions about this did you guys that's a good news. If they let me ever done or you know whenever we haven't relic of a gun divisions we have serious issues. That. It's an act. For all want our focus here we're not talking about stopping the technical I could never gonna happen. You are not going to be able to stop. Well people killing another. We're trying to do is spoil our view diminished the multiple. Looks like we're now can we. Hope. Didn't and tactical switch and it just the number and he's a bit of back and environment in which a higher. Protect the incident of gun ownership. And say. Much of relationship where a number of deaths all of the content and crimes. Are both the owner of the 40000 deaths last year by guns. Like. 300 world won't like what the remaining. Hair and. It was like 3%. Expect. Six what's separate set at seven night seven that said it's more calls us I guess we get back rub rattled when the final while to get to him as well. Child as your talent that we get back here. And we took an expert on just or. Can you confirm this just enough for pretty. You talk to it since it and wrestling expert that you seem like you did he seem like you're talking about our question good in these rock news. Whatever o'clock news here we've not. But quietly to breaking news for some rock musical would not believe. Did it melts or on yesterday dale in which he attacks were thanks very statement. We are wrestling expert on who. Said. Bookmark that did you hear retiring this confirms sufferers do that fine. Gun in the school to protect from potential grizzlies. That it is Gephardt opposition. Here's the cubs ends up at CU would agree that geographically culturally of course Texas right now. It's perfectly. Saying none of it now will be held principles of results and those of us. But I agree that that they're they're principles and April would go yeah that's the target shooting that's what makes it it's like we refuse to leave. Right and that's part of that conversation you'd agree it's never going to happen and outlets. Massachusetts never won a little hair that happened twenty schools and markets question it's a great no I don't agree. I agree and it's and I wish I had some great answer I don't. Annoyed or your solutions greedy there there's a perfect in Gulfport I just think it's expenses. Something. You know at least another debate but police were debating not yet I think you're doing more. We redistrict that you're doing more harm ultimately you know most frightening statistic heard in and has been a lot last few days or Burks puts in price forty. In the last forty years the the them. Number of people in mental institutions the gospels. Decreased 94 iron on about forty years ago when I was kid. People like when it adds that Europe should cruise program institutionalized in Pittsburgh state hospital and now. Not only free they're watching. And John wick. And I was at the world and watching this video games there in the illness or seconds a second of second generation of what the medication is what happens is the snout and salute solution for. Which not in some extent it's right now the which just masking its. The water I mean I think you'll see the age. Yeah by eight. Fifteen that it raised yes which is sad to find an expedited too little when I do yes that oral got to be illegal immigrants right. So it and what. You on the teachers had I not a granola about it trapped or outside the classic boom down. Bad idea speaker Thornburgh and let's just do 181. Right right 230 that's what you'll yes plus. On Q well I loved what it want to its chances. What's that support 1147 opiates plus has raised concern is that Paterno did now I get lucky. In the document. Right yes we can take a speculator I alarm security went to school funnel money that you grew me a 100% but I understand your own. But it but I but I said no you didn't us for that you don't want you understand it. But I shall let you have armed security like are these obscure my hopes. Yes of course some will think of what bullets has gone some basics real. That's legally high capacity magazine I bought. For the a regulatory culturally well a couple of arrests expert report or will you go back rock rap and rock rap for the Jewish yes. That's a yes. Let's go to Gladstone. If you if you in that you puts a Glenn please. Scotland's that Agilent. A leader and good morning so I was calling. To support. Jerry's argument. In regards to make any changes schools I happen to be a liberal. And a lot of actually have found before I go into this that. A lot Democrats liberals like considering. You're not seeing it from the media but I had a lot of conversations. I've seen it. Myself I've had a conversation myself. And I believe it's necessary that we have to make a change. In perky touched on this what you would consider this I think it would work where. You know we have a certain percentage of students changes that have gone. Okay. It doesn't have to be you know half of them that doesn't have to be all of them. But do you consider that maybe five or ten how big guns. But students don't know who Africa okay. And so another word to choose concealing you know coming in not. Announcing that they have begun so. And I think this would work because it. It might not be a 100% bulletproof. Not transition he is sorry. But. I I think it would work. Imagination and expect them literally this again nothing objective or trauma director. Switching frequencies when you say something like that you're lucky to cohost of this program some subways Clinton's a nice talking to you I was listening not work. I'll discuss its corporate thing is screw me Dave in Boston. Update that what's what well how is Norbert looking so far this spring. I'd thrown all possible he's a ammonia could elect a long toss. Gut. Oh here's an idea. You put up a safe and every single key to Ireland. We're right next one vote we're we're we're six what 777 nights that we would firefight at the close. Their exports of terrorism I don't know what the polls open people's thoughts. And I'll tell them died of its the public arm. Each class people whose between. Good idea to dot. No whispers that it's not yet you meet god minerals. You know no I mean. It's cute 021. Pupils compete in the regular. Let's get the rest. We're gonna get to wrestling real or rob Bradford six wants at its best chunks of two favorite topics and actually we have got I can't. He's definitely. We've got this it's a big this is a spot. I don't know who the best wrestling. A Wii U will vote really team no question. We're gonna get the edge is Rob Gronkowski retiring. He's come back to make it easy in the joint session wrestling all. Melts I've subscribed to disguise newsletter for. But five years yes to disguise and we'll talk to all the rocket fuel next.