K&C - Ty Anderson rips Felger; The state of Bruins talk in Boston 3-13-18

Mut & Callahan
Tuesday, March 13th
Hour 3: Ty Anderson braved the snow and joined Kirk and Gerry in studio.  Ty said that there is only one person (Dale) who talks hockey on a daily basis on the radio in Boston. 

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It's Kirk and Callahan. With Kirk man and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. This expiration date is about ten years. And it pisses me off when I when I try on the radio. Or rye listed on the morning show and they say that there's no good young writers and boss to no good there's no next wave of voices. How can there be when we continued to put out Jerry Tang Wei and Dan Shaughnessy and Ron Borges on every and any open available. TV show radio appearance. Well I took care board to support you mean what else we're rages on what was I need to do here. Hi Anderson the hockey writer Bruce beat writer for WEI dot com joins us right now on the finest week incessant every. Details. All right guys podcast zero bucks given zero bucks here and also it is in Celtic stuff on the website usually go out and name zero parks given. Some on Twitter actually. And a give almost too much on the tailors it means it is great time it's funny when like he gets heated because I'm not used to seeing yeah he swears he'll last week. Guys drinking when you do this podcast. Water water station I don't realize Dale's been notable parts there and win on his rant against Mo system. Implode Kirk. And the media and the entire hockey media that you were sitting there equipment most you can get away right. No your job Lucia it's a Smart shoppers oh and and it's a good question what deal to do that show but today you know take again it. And I want to hold one. Because laughter is no drop in fourth but the term and one place some details so they'll salt onion. I mean it's still upsetting it's the scarring if you want to use quality and did you agree with them. To a degree I think that ask you guys you know hockey shows not a real house and nor expectancy because I think that what you do is unique. And I don't think I could see guys that Britain down the Bruins power play or winning and we done it that pass and I've done in the past and and Kirk's right about one things you know. Doing what you listen nod regardless of what they want summit sarge and I don't think hockey talk. It translates to great radio myself now it's a concentrated show acumen can't that's fine that's on the beat Cuba I don't think. Now like Bruins like beat writers are fans. Even care what Medicare. Medicare like our show doesn't talk hockey was a matter. Well I think that they want some good hockey talk in Boston might also fired the puck went right I mean I cycles and that lead to another podcasts and you know dale can do something else they can by the way you should've said dale. While mine she'll be new or the other beat writers on national wanted to talk more ought initial figures. Well that's a good point I mean. Listen everyone here knows that they can call me whenever they want a anybody I mean I got why haven't yet shot as he you have another chance as the third man in in the afternoon. I think I think will AM very inexperienced and be. There's that having Troy Brown Susan and a much of this either. Was lucky passes I've sizes and are now somewhat in my eyes and it's nice it's not when talking giants here. I have on today about yesterday are gone they've on today and behind it was supposed to Mossad but not drought. Actor Alec Martin who's been brought losers when talking to agree with you at your heart beat you could do hockey talk that than any of them third time said yeah but I think that's also a fear as well as that because to your point. Like hockey doesn't do well so that's if that was all Alec says it says that. I think that is the reality that we're gonna go lift my dad. It doesn't translate to fail they're really afraid that in two hockey center details of the B two lucky centric let's I don't know if not jail not dale people in charge of these decisions and saying hey Ty you go on yeah he's in charge of that decision. It could have you on if you wanted to couldn't. Yes yeah so I mean it's how works for us two times a power game coupled plot to steal one and apart. Oh that's so he doesn't like you which is good we go if he does like Q that's the point in your favor it off the year. Well previous critical on the your village were off the year journalist breaker. We're talking about. Your government to do this or not I mean choice personal unbelievable it was nice that the Fed might franchise. Resents me I don't those words mean but I'm sure in order to make sums it was you really first really paid off very personal now. Well but yeah good good. When indeed we had so you do think that them other shows don't forget Kirk committee of the show should do more bruins' top. I think so I mean I think so exiting this team is going to be good for a long time and I think that. But I would debt that most talkative or just as hot team right now on this hot and it was a bigger bigger overall in general the people just signal the Bruins but to be honest with you. We don't to a lot of Celtics talk either we don't to a lot of in a Red Sox talk you talk issues we talk events we talk. Personalities. Well that's what are you guys notice or are we talking obvious only sport we talk about you know a lot is football. Yeah and it's in the league I we talk a monologue is Tom Brady or maybe you know bronco Belichick. But for the most part it's you know it's issues and events and stories and drama yes. I think that there's also there's a large majority Bruins fans who. They feel as if the hockey talk that did you get Boston. Is absolutely terrible and I would have to agree with and that. Terrible terrible old Michael Felger is the worst hockey personality in the world. He doesn't know anything about the game he goes on and on and on about it he's got awful on TV and when you know what he saw the reader does that mean it's terrible you know a big mess right for Africa. I'm listening in and Felder was stunned that I would just change. Cash outside. Yeah these you know gone if he says I go Bruins public that was a year ago I'd say see we still produced Nixon I think they're fun to watch stinks on station. Wanted to talk oh who does color card neglect try to do an outlet I think games I think it's I think. I. Operates false narrative details peddling this 95 explosions the greens that is it gets older and Goldman and was 100% right that supports about the oval hole as I've talked to you is they told you I appreciate that want it and do the problem isn't you know in and by the way even elicit their and a compliment you say that you know people just tired of like John and me you guys I think dale and clip that's not true I think you were here for Jim Jim Brown era we were under orders to do it them yet is under orders I was getting sick I was executing sportsman's I don't know I'm that's you personally right but then until Jeff Brown came along and an order Davis would talk about every day. Enormous would guest to have on every day. That's was the best break that. The ninetieth I've got troop yes I did plus we stayed on AM which was disaster that through the summer in the middle there I really do like speaking as someone who grew up I was. 1718 and when that spurs beat any sort of came about. And I switched their because that was a hockey fan and also that wanna hear new voices so I do think that there is. Some truth to get arguments yeah I think the voice is part is part but I don't think I think we did remarkably well when you're how old were you eighteen I'm an eighteen year olds even put the radio and AM enemy out on idol. Before we get out we were on AM and we were not just compare but I can tell you inning but I can take from me listening perspective I was sickened Dino doesn't get sick you. Now is get sick of Glen with Gilbert and you know whoever birth every day the average considered relative who's a good amount. So yeah but I think the worst thing we did was known that. The reaction you mentioned on us that the little that they were talking hockey so we had 2 o'clock close it out of their order to get itself wasn't that was the year that we're under orders was that the pros rates would double it it actually d.s that's TV. I don't care you know what. Again the golf ratings over the weekend. Would double the Bruins should we do week of golf I don't of course a us thirty we did some type of righted yes I have to say yes we did tiger talk to do golf talk. When Jerry one trial and he put a liberal and I was right to we didn't but if tiger wins the masters the day after the masters will be tiger curt that's for you tiger when George abbey is good person if Justin Thomas wins would sit on its golf talk we talk though Mickelson the raiders will be good title Mickelson for 45 seconds which is my point time talk personalities and people and and you know stories we don't talk about. That team less is Super Bowl or the extra time. We don't a lot of Red Sox thought they do double the ratings of the Celtics and Bruins it is interesting. Actually recapping mean right priest has it right and now the brewers or something like you know fired Julie last year's sensible paraded you know couple days and or marsh and got suspended between games and doing the big story right. And I understand that. Oh Sagan didn't get up. You know he's still we get along that what you realize that that's true what when we sit there's no appetite for for the coverage if you well I don't know that's a city correct edged I didn't. Early that people come to you guys for that so if you that's built saying oh well blocked shots outage thing. I don't think you are coming here to you looking for that. Well who's gonna. Nobody other than everything I think that's really it really didn't I ought to think that's an as far as that you know like this like on your ruling that let their hockey fans they want. The games you want them talking about what we watch the games and how much of Bruins the market I I don't think in again I mean it's not even decreases in the view it that you might take this personally. But they're the you know if you go to yeah I dot com for sports the Bruins can read the last that the that belief that doesn't shame of the globe and usually the patriots by the way picture that read most of southern to the tickets are free candy thanks that's something he was a writers just got it to particular subject even handed bachelor like ports so the television ratings are so close friend real quick listen to what they want is supposed to do what the list as more disposed of get as many lives and ask him about some details like you say they'll ask committee agreed yes that to a degree which is not a good answer he via a simple neglect ansari and kind of go in all you would agree let me ask you do agree with day. Yes OK okay this is what I think yeah like yesterday for example from the Icrc talent you have between like comparing the the Tiger Woods rise so what's wrong with back on you all worked up about that. It worked about it it's a silly comparison does make any sense I sense that the ratings for tiger. Were higher than that Tiger Woods it's his first chance at real win what five years for you know what else is the only answer between reason and talked about was tiger vs. Golf in general court Jack golf without. Tiger and it prettiest but here's the point I think if tiger was a plane. And Paul Casey beat Sergio Garcia that would 2763. Race car so that about the same as the Bruins game yet and without. And those role we are you talked about effort and I have now liar tigers ratings that final rating in the Valspar was higher than not the masters but the other three major Sunday's. Yet US open a BS in double almost double by and large are amazing double towards between the British Open that's amazing. Jeff George Mitchell he's only any I think he's the only actual needle mover in sports miserable it's a huge rating. The NBA finals of the same with or without generally with Withrow LeBron James W baseball's we know is nobody really. Nobody puts it in their sport does ratings like that that is unbelievable. And if tiger's is tiger is in the lead and into the final you know last day of the masters. Let's do it at like eleven or twelve match with the tournaments would do try to get him off his sweet time about why you beat Elena. And how important slide but the good that the rating in this week for Arnold Palmer's terms ambles why does it bother you wouldn't on all Curtis to it was tweet out the facts. The numbers for tiger and in the bowels are in the numbers for the Bruins in Chicago on national TV what cherry picking the substance right that's what tiger is what hiding anything it's a twelve. Thirty hockey game between a playoff team missing. Are all these three best players persson non playoff team at cracking the regulars on the Dave Artest had a ratings hands on any of these we get mad nasal there was indeed. It's at its apps are poisonous slot for the NHL. Apps so his average rating and usually those are actually hired a Bruins after the Bruins brought her to run a 32332. Embassies in those are refi says so that's a three to a boss yes so that means what percentage of fans are watching. Madison or 97% of fans are watching. Well let's let's have this discussion in if the red if they're bruised left engine BI Red Sox for your season games then I think that's a fair is such that people do not care about hockey. I think that would be of value real time I don't care what hockey orbit as her. Well this movie Heidi Heidi again and again I was confused on the Bruins in the playoffs but such appointment organized nesting and its agenda and Zoloft is exactly mean Bruins are messing right whales or else and they ratio of applause but if your point is on the off its with a brute Red Sox too better. Well early season Chris Sale start. Do better in the first from. I think I think the direct comparison that we always make here is the Bruins and Celtics. And I think if you honestly if you watched the brew this Bruins team you watched a pristine the broad are the more fun team to watch of the two Celtics are boring team as the suns are they say the subsite that was was with gamblers and take a listener they're not they're not an engine team because they play the style that's not like Houston's illegal state it's boring grind you down. That's entertaining it wins but it's not fun to watch and browser there and energetic they're a fun team they play. A fast. Fast paced island. A play Q I think that that's an interest in a lot of problems are they gonna win in the playoffs and then go to Lou that the finals because that would play and talking on. Nuns as an entire question tragic hasn't thrown by the menu under one meter. Now the morning guys on the Politburo there now we we we appreciate we appreciate you just tuning in its. Gary tang way that fat load puke just texted. All of us that not coming and how serious ties so why should I say sorry for Curtis cents on the run down every day all the stories right bred him anyway but it makes me happy sends out I was did you sense that has Waterman and goes right to better this is the last thing with about what time. 0655 that's tied to an I have no problem that so got sent out in right away right after that anguish and this attack saying guys about tomorrow. Literally I am not knowledge is already just out no I'm not doing a Texan Bacchus at least here it's big release it has to be two feet of snow so it's. Because you're job. And you probably go to whose other job so he can always there's no there's no question that he'll definitely get that job. But does he says can command in the news notes last minute so we throw out the invitation tweet. Any ambitious Boston media member wants to join us. We get three replies. Tai Anderson who's here with us right now on WEEI dot com correct and Patrick Gilroy. A lollipop salesman with the world on fire by an hour ago he's on his way back when the right now outside of our life. And asked among the ways of from NASA and yes who was so we book the freedom Kurtz looks a preview and then as the bond lots he says I was only kidding right. Our resources reason that the garbage a figure report about Adam detail responsive coming on here before going to give you the so who's on the dale and keep playing this week that's his punishment. I so the only two in the whole city in the old. Knowledge say a 500 listeners want to come and we says it's how we do it right rather yet we drew the line on listeners and producers' hands on it progresses. But ties here. Kilroy was there and and it obviously you're you're kind of boring soap opera that's okay because we appreciate we had talked Bruins that's getting excited and really that's what you wanna talk about elbit. For me listen I can't you'll hear couple months ago Bradford you repair and everybody the station you're saying guys stink you've got a nice shot attack and felt we like that toddler you adopted on the the late Michael Hawley last time you were on your same right of Bradford. Yeah yeah shows left to right the station happy he got talking to. Now I day talking to but for me I can't sit there and be like I wanna be on the air I want chances I want this and and not an illness that's that I would put. Tennis racquets on my feet lockyer so we went we do you think you fit in on the station. You know I just wanna get better that's the only thing that I wanted to do and it's hard to do that win. The development if you go to stop and start and I'm on every six months or so like I think I could hack weekend chipped it really didn't issue a management. Well I'd go that far but I go like an opportunity ID Aggies have advice go that far that's that's about it featured on. You know like this we had this holiday break and which turns on talking to the tallest players he's ever seen. I'm like Jesus and I get a here please can we tried these on than it is legitimate criticism that blizzard which that was the stuff. Usually do and there was didn't know put all affairs talks what Red Sox well Tulsa players that covered. Is and is these budget truck had as drastic as opposed paging doctor should do you think that's a classic ports and your signal listen butch and buck you've taken that should be me. Absolutely would you do. A light that that part I don't know I mean it that's that's tough for me to find a good snapshot can wired year. Partners in the video eulogy and money there Friday as one of the heavily against it besides a one hour we do Sunday skate course. He's not a must Islam and now we give one hour. That's the other thing you would done the other day who took over and he hugged the money art opening they did like six course for as it should know. There and also why didn't you do really don't want to know why can't she do to us we've had this discussion it manages to signal. Why would start said. You two hours lasted but we've rotated Saturday it's his rear admiral this year and it wouldn't put the bill for readers here who he's pretty spent years and it's it was a budget thing. In one dollar shelf to show it eats a carried use weak and he did. I'm gonna go up when these weeks and Richard from these two and now you guys friends though not mortal enemies. This is flights. In knockdown drag holds all the time 26 and outlook as the U. Few quickly here fourteen age you are you guys parental iPod man but let's talk Republicans and right after right slow it's a little strange he's. He's had an opportunity to have that you could you have a guy Lindsay at singles success is yet really how much they cost. Not as expensive as you think probably what you do yourself not allies in the prison. Like when you subs are leisure with a tattoo artist you tend like trick and a knock off hours here and there rate should know let's say you save some money there at the end of the day and the average show me one with that's what's so when you most proud of what was David X. As a reason for that I don't drinkers smokers rate edged out he acts is that but that our bonds next few fervor being on the station exodus and shows you don't drink or smoke. I admire that I forget illustrated slick C. J. Wilson. Knows when you name is Judy yes C. J. Wilson is one. Another popular one was the enemy fighters CM punk he's so what happens to stop drinking. I had a cover up but I don't see myself ever doing that lines what happened did someone dies when you know gives them a lot of lot of people that riposte smear people care about they got involved in that kind of stuff and I was always just like Nam and avoid all this and I'll begin in the areas people that stop you know what you know I think if he could. That's the last that you should all of those exits just don't know yet but we cannot get tattoos let's go to data as I can hear. So if I gave up Franken in drug and against the next you're smoking smoking days I don't smoke well you might start who knows. But if you do start that you can't be straight edge anymore you have to drink then did you drink at one point giving up now. Know about it. Never thought to have you drink it teaches you now I would lead to one like can a fourth of July put down the ball you know what did you sit miserable human rights to in your own miserable for you taxes. Right ties seems liquor. Fun lively guy. Marie's kids hat on backwards and Cecil weird you drink you don't love happens really hurting others before it is not a good look you went on yours you're already look at a place to place of business now. This is this is the radio this is a place as adults were here now you know being adult albeit you bankruptcy court. Tattoos and hat backwards is on those exit double tried US doesn't let you appear on each franchise total cash island guide. He's got a quirky touch is the that was even this and that's how I look look at why it's and you're right it does bring us it's what's on my wife and why you weren't T shirt that's like ten to gold's thirty degrees and ironically it's what's hot. Here. Let's see here was out here it's never it was a it was a right now arm there. That says no matter how it ends around out starts that's a leader. Genealogy reminder that there until I see it on the others like it elected and so that that one I mean it's just something and some notes that's what's the next. All seems like a misnomer to show the holes on your memorable song. Well I'm not gonna do that that was a quick cat is your honor your father still lives. Yes does he think those are cool not my father hates taxes he's very honest about why did you. He's he's he's he's very much like. This whole thing is like you know you be more be more work it be cooler rather if you had any tactic if you're writing is everyone has that usually very proud to be straightened sober one should be proud to have no tattoos that because. Max now he's right. Dabble over and he's gonna get at you and he backed off that memo got my mom got a full sleeve when she was like 52. You're targeting not the real thing he joined us late if you answer so what he. Adult film sure it was a six. It full sleeve which he was 52 gap somewhere around now widget that they divorced. Our there they really never to gather it's late I had I had never remember any sort of like every time there will you have instantly and anger yeah north Arthur people and their parents. I don't know I like him I don't. Earlier yeah he's gonna get get out the show that we get Gilroy tricks the case of beer a day in and this kid doesn't drink anything. Right at all in Dallas evened out I I should use drugs in your desk looks if I MCDX by this is how I look I I try to make up great I don't know took time to hawk I really had no matter what it is that's how it feels I agree you know like at the Rodman theory the more outraged here in the outside the more than did you on the inside a nipple pierced something now now I don't give it appears things I'm gonna impact of big back tent. Now any testing policy not our problem at all did you connect him to know the rules nothing above the neck nothing now on the hands. Whose rule. Does my own girls Malia now you have a girlfriend yes. You get married. Now CB needs to switch could use a single guy you're talking most privately to drink gestational policy literary long time hold this year. She is also Tony's solution. She works for mean she does like office work for party told the new. They might ask how tall are you. I am 57. Note on a hot dog on a bus that's what I'm shocked by. That's that's my last physical option allows just justify us physical just under 57 I would be 56 you got on silent. You take me against taller I surmised. Much. My first break of the hour hello yes alters product it protects its once if it's it's 79% Wilbur. Gary thank whatever decision port to Boston to retrieve your name and number. Architecture as soon as I can. Really doing. Emails costing cheeks just so gross. Quality dividend to Rosie asked him on again Campbell. You have a much and I'm not. It by the way I had I'd die a problem is it's like freaky to me I cannot have one much of what's true and as a guy there's bagels and months and we're generally launcher. I couldn't find a cop you know because we're on cops here yet so I just it was dirty old cup like the cabinet. And for my neck because the cafeteria is closed cafeteria is closed but do you bring in the conference's ten cups. Just just Boozman who don't have any of it now available. No material problems there is that a the little person in my first. You you don't if you breakfast this. I am a 140. Five pounds on the view of what's less I am a month I like him because he's weird that's the number one essential for being on the cast as you know did little bit of jet way and that's not good now weird now. You know any any breakfast. Not 570. I don't like I don't like I don't like anybody measured him would. Measuring whether it's out of your way to get breakfast with blue people first time everybody. Periodic corporate McHenry lastly if barrels Martins are taxes they get. See much right here. No I don't touch any rectitude because it always gives me a horrible on a they're like pancakes Thursday morning's post cereal off serial abusers on technology serial serial NAL's finest signed things that they we have bagels in there you wanna bagel. Yeah. They can't too much money that act of two bagels no doubt version of three or four glove one. In one. Again she's a good karma I choose not to I definitely for short one munchkin no change it's not one month that don't do it dollars don't know what do it. I'm with you on that don't know awaken a month and it'll remind Lima vision for concert here. And dipped. You know girls are the ones from this yeah yeah there's a new dawn a good place to it's like a fin min brownie inside and down and so it's a great. Appointments bluntly. Grossed a cookie used to sell case. Jogger was quick get kicked out cricket but what happens at the Coca islands of excellence. You puzzled don't think the Boy Scouts I was a boy I was cub scout and we blow animated voice kind of music kicked out. You know on why he's the brownie. It's time let's really. It's had to do you know Joseph average. Imus and so I do absolutely we big fan Dino Gilroy was not happy with us or to show these three stories centered view over the you know their buds he's still pen pals. I don't know or remember almost anything about. John. Either just a very desperate and Daniel was in abject idiots here and having this gives. I think. I think. We could place them as podcasts detail. Sure but we typically no time did not I don't know NATO is now on we're we're appointee they know impact not none zero. He loves Bradford references boss I was Bradford is a real job ran for the website so awful. So. Does not ample time now so what else to do. I do I mean I I write for other web sites I'd like and other web sites makes more money just little things like that I mean. You know it's its intent to money. Yes if not having money you shouldn't get tattoos like Johnny extravagance have I have on a single Tatis as I sign on the idea that I believe in begin Ford probably but did you did they do you push her mom and getting the sleep too well now she hit from all of us. I guess our Christmas and she's really a long sleeved shirt. I launch he sweater she tractor. Get in this review. Why not mean nothing that kind of intrigue no matter. You see guys on. Yet now we're not in this. Now not units are a little heel shall user. I look at middle school in high school we're not doing this again. Attractive terms asking and the image of the tests say yes to this now now it's pushing lookalike celebrity I don't know stormy Daniels you. We should look like. With and she's she's take their picture she's a massive kid rock and we. Our hearts we now it is another. And she's also she leans she leans right she's blinded like Jerry talents are all right intellectually Kid Rock guy there. Are you sure the courts. I eat canceled a show last week he's very upset Oregon and a Mohegan Sun she paid 450 dollars for its effort to which he can switches it to open the the weather. Couldn't get out there which in a money back and yes I was coming back yeah we shall we different committees he took the White House and that it would trump and Ted Nugent. A science it's not the senator Johnson. That nugget and it. While we find them more time Anderson I think knows how we had a picture yeah. Is she strategy. Now now that's the party girl. Why we can grow up she rematch tiger up it's tiger percent my life I lived in Chelsea. Second half we live in the Erica while moved up in the world ships. Max tells extra lounge okay now we are never go there oh my god bathrooms and homes do not want in someone else. He went from chills what I go over to what specifically the move from chills edible record. Known as some of the wood tree trees yeah. Well the family got bigger. And then also I was living in a what was a bathroom turn into. Bedroom basically its side like of the room seemed that you realize ties that this place is populated by little rich cancels silver spoon whereas it's almost like like currently in hand also pressed hurdles and it comes here comes Gerri who's who is so far reaching he'll have so far removed from now wants to well sizzle return in the brutalize somebody rich kids around here who like on these private trips and have their boats and let's happens I know her reasons I wrote my. Well you had your money before you earned it but but does not work ethic might work ethics unparalleled what would you do to get the most earn the most money. And that's what our needs. I would like Ahmad that we did we did the right that you saw and the wait should want us to cover sleeve right now is not such a Smart although we did see nutrients that when they you know it's in my dad's ex he he was drinking a few regrets that it was a mistake. You have to join the club to be in like an X rated kind you like not believe so. I don't think there like there might be one I'm not a party club deedrick Pellegrino. Well it's worth TX in your life anybody else. My roommate does the girlfriend she is straight edge and now she drinks drugs now. Yeah GGQ that she's afraid like did you have treated for an army family do you think I don't I don't care like bets. Everyone I know is basically everyone in my life has treats alcohol for the most part so I don't really mind how would the what do you drink Genco. I'll have that that it's curtains youngsters and a I tried to Natalie a third the third instance Soto are loaded cranberry are right on my favorites as well as quality hockey club sports. Forged or would did you see Brady last them cove there yeah and I thought that cynical they were supposed to be funny. And he really was not a fan because I never really watched the show I could not terrible. What could not believe him that he was like I feel like late night TV show hosts are always like social apps but that they know what the answers and execute and I talked in the background I think he didn't know he originally had a lot met he had no. It was awkward how bad he was so inarticulate it was did you know it was that. Clumsy I thought I I thought that was in two matches and trying to be funny how effective in the apps sync them to be funny doing it the a scam is. That like I'm not I'm not really it's it's all act I think Brady was disappointed how ill prepared cove there was an agreement is owned really asking me this same question I don't care who late night host is an increase stimulus against anyways I can really play along he's a funny as the radio obviously he's not strategy guzzle beer which is gone viral video. Or place out of tobacco puts out of that and we'll push sound recordings and he's more urged exit numbers of times temperatures about possible that stuff we get back at times out this past couple seasons there's been politics mixed in with our football. Do you when you see the players kneeling on the field do you know what they're nailing four or or does it have. Have no resonance for you what do you what do you think when you see that yep we've done our team. Wasn't too much of that but it I thought it brought up a lot of healthy discussion walk him. And you know I think the great thing about sports it brings a lot of guys together a lot of guys from all over the country from all different backgrounds and cultures and I have such a healthy respect for the guys that I played with. It's great to hear their stories to obesity can respected there they're need to express themselves yeah. A stupid too stupid questions. Like what was it that was played this questions so why don't you alone and here now I'll respect guys that I hate them so stupid and it's stupid people would like Steve called Wear socks and exploit ten million a year that easy. That is wasting it means to and watch these shows. And and I. Knew he was in 88 in in just a name holds just has noticed trump paving. No phone he pretends to be some of these non. He was not prepared for the seaweed does not even know. The essential. Basics about Tom Brady. Who was weird it was weird out ill informed us fifteen million a year shoes. You have laws about that some to canceled LeBron and buried eleventh hour and I'm amazed at how it were missed quite get to get on pretty. Would you say although I don't think he's a good option yes like now but that you. Given to me play along drank a beer policy I think they think is accessed is that kind of went semi viral until late night television writers San I've of these night shows get some tweet that we are some. You know stature question went viral the downs that they they think they did a good job by questions I don't know enough vocal bears interviews everybody's like is. Is that fact is that he does. No you bought your diet office when the seasons are wrote about that the book you should read that I saw I did reason likes it a bit. Right. Know you and read a book you even known as call he Olson goes what is it called he he. And crazy acute TB twelve method as charity fund and understand I think that was an attempt at a film you know not funny even a little bit if you see it it's thirteen minutes long it seems like it goes up for a our military awful. At the end he gets in the drink a beer Brady goes as a. Back in the day or a good dear tiger there. Do want to watch on here. Joy do this again this is a weekend. He's there we just are returning and I don't know if they're competitive guy. A I let you go much funnier than she'd called the she's funny this cubicle here until late and he could barely get that don't wasn't even a full. Height it was like ten ounces in Colebrook accused in a pickle over the desk he usually handle. And I'm a market that precedes it. And then before that. I'm he made them when they're reduced Roberts before that he rubbed lotion on Stephen Colbert on some lotion first close. I do like lotion. Poland can you help me you know what's funny about that nothing I've ever laugh that's like that's uncomfortable laughter. They're laughing fiscal bears and I like lotions like fake solid real ethic and you guys are Cosby on your right it's. It is it's it's fake it's just weird like until after we notices are going well Brady Britney is. How articulate this properly. Brady we strange guys that are working for him god knows there's ever. But he's no weird he's I think he's happy and he's he's comfortable I think he's confident he's weird but you get thinner than this. Can't I mean. We solicit what 225. He stunned look on that drawing that they had when he was in court and it's subtle look like and more forgiveness and so thin to me to blow here. What else. I have fun with Cooper Erica was just it was good to describe yes Scioscia ill prepared to work. It is I spread it seem like you're gonna have you know reverently. Vin Diesel polls on Randle out at me he canceled at Salina found right here is nice easy questions and edit them integrate it shows showed up he wasn't ready fort. And you would think if I'm if I'm col Baer wrote to say you wherever Kimball Allen. We have a chance to get pretty talked about maybe you know Malcolm Butler good to grasp what Belichick wouldn't about trump right. I dare to trumpets announced that. And said you've been playing eighteen years now yeah. OK average. You know luck Chris I mean this is this is ways they do it to Chris Farley on S and all right it was Paul McCartney birds but is is I think is the way he talks like he's trying to be like to be able to have to be funny right. Zero laughs of. I ask a question. Since the late night television world right now as Fallon and Kimmel and Comair took an ask guys that I know you guys especially in the mornings you know people are just not gonna say if you're watching and they're all terrible nut not elaborate on balance I felt as the worst you awful. Conan O'Brien still some try to count him on what disease or sickle breath terrible they're all and Seth what's his face Myers. All right yeah. And they're all the same girl white guy he's a Lexus liberals would it trump. You'd probably at the British guys seem to know varsity. Who's that I hate him James corn down that load the engine result and everything we don't know awful how would you hate Macs and that I hope materialism and a habit I don't know I don't know the closest thing I watches John Oliver on each sums everything he's everything boss I want him to get us out I don't go that far less pathetic he makes he makes you laugh adding more than the other guys do and the minister is only once we it's not every night. You know and that's the same agency based companies make fun trumpet you play trump. And they say oh so stupid like Kirkland and same thing over all right balance the highest paid seventeen million she's. But she's million. Let's go to Kevin in New Hampshire what's up Kevin. Morrow morning how everything ties doing. I think he's doing actually pretty good he's got a loosen up a little better wanna see more about six. We all do move to believe yes that was as high school over again. Yes I'm stardom. So I finished e-commerce times yours last night and not open immediately contact was no offensive or are bad by. My take away from the entire series is you who's completely self serving and self aggrandizing. Like anybody I Mena I wouldn't and William who disagree with these trials self aggrandizing of of course are self serving he's trying to get his brand across I don't think that's even dispute. What would it. But he would bet whom release is that type of contents what they're simply play. It's that as it is a vapid like what I mean LeBron would do that and specific yes give me specific that you found it particularly offensively terrible taste within the six episodes. I don't I'm out. Police say that they'll be so bad taste on I guess I'm asking what specifically. Within that whatever what's told runs and seven minutes maybe thirty minutes what jumped out. This subplot of the entire thing is this is this simple legend of operate. I get all act like. As implications of what built around here like that the organization. Are you go to eight super mammoth and they have an effective team. We don't know. We didn't have it doesn't matter now these guys why he would try to trick play work noticeable for the Eagles and birdies and catch the ball the suit like what I had an effect that has a sonic last night that Chicago. How does it manifest itself. I that's I wanna know like I'm not I don't know if you're right or wrong I just don't know how how that would work. They're out there there have been some people may be out there tonight. Particularly find it compelling that that the way to crown while you've been with the team how outspoken he is that what bucking the patriots that's kind of rating. Us. I capitalism to do with that that you may be right with Pereira was asked to do the documentary. We've documentary blunt trying to illustrate your outlook. Or from a fan's perspective it's a very interest in peace and R&R sure. For great patriots team building perspective I mean it's destructive. It did not. Now to start now it just went to their eight super delegates delegates are going to single player on the team. I think you'd be surprised how little players and team terrible the street watcher and I think they'd like Brady I think they appreciate Brady does not too. When you're on the season's gone you are proposed a fighting with the ball does not elevate himself above the team I was fine with you about them pre. Parcels thirty for thirty interval packages that we consumable with a ten. I was tank and it was a timers like this is a huge distraction heading into the game is what it lost the pleasure on the glass is such and the ground face it the players on defense really cares Bartolo the Parcells and Belichick retired in 1983 and so now no no no and you know what. I think Brady I think the it's it's over the Brady experiment has a turned out to be a good one tournament the great I'd say so. Kevin you can't say this thing's gonna blow up to blow up on its too late. It bet it's okay this is greatest player in NFL his hi nice double play this out we get back here later that I think that the Asia Gisele sounds much worse thing about other stuff but and we tackle Todd as always we'll see you. We will bring him back at some point. Yes short amounts ones can drop some I guess we'll do that you back on when it's on Saturday it was it was Sunday in AM with -- layer to the big game let's show it again no communication and on the show it's we I want I just has Kenyan walker retire tomorrow and it is there were so that doesn't mean it was shorts we just talk about during the breaks your own show you talk during the week on these guys doctors. Yes doctor and we can do you know how many kids I can't text and coming kids cannons one right one what's her name on that I don't know that he's his wife's name. Don't know if Monica mania will be quite famous artist. What's what's. My wife's name is a nickname it's connect still on the on the card yeah one letter. He's from the Ky K key Israeli tanks to empty she's a tie to tie it or does it. The did you could be the occur Tribune I'm sure. Subtle as well as assault Ozzie the most onerous and my brother when his two Brothers names. It is and ought usable. Ryan and I don't pretty impressive roll pretty impressive a store's parent always depends why I mean why why Jesus that's so inappropriate. Okay it's my mum on the Ellis who work working late ties and as a Kid Rock group I. You mother of the meat Kid Rock now she and about 26 years ago. Yeah. It was acquired. She short and you think it easier you guys whereas the eyes of a 5556. Yet it's that typically don't buy so they have enough funds. I tiger luck we'll talk Q or was he Sunday with Ken layered with things always. Right excellent hour for a coming up nationally really bad tribute segment potentially here is who killed last forty minutes of mission next.