K&C - An unimpressive triple double by LeBron James; Mut lost his mind on Sox talk 5-16-18

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, May 16th

Hour 1: Kirk and Gerry agreed on a overrated performance by LeBron James and Mut lost his mind doing Sox talk during a prolonged rain delay at Fenway.  


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Earth and Callahan is your point that he's not as good as we thank you dissing black holes and Matt thank you for your work that you do in northeast Ohio. That's ridiculous. I feel sorry for LeBron James tonight this month. They are. A lot of voters are very overrated won't go very. Lose sleep over you don't wish that you could have thought something is the governor with Kirk committee hat talk was on the field but I see the grounds crew start Miller around it over at Fenway Park the sun looks brighter it feels. Different with the Red Sox nobody's elections this nobody works harder and nobody cares. Added we're now at a point now. A great point now where the off season for Dave to Brodsky is going to be brought back into the fourth on the tax rates and Gerry Callahan. Yet being guided you have to take your guys to give effort like on those plays when. Not going good you're hoping against hope. We've got to be tough or cut your heart out UT on a platter there being physical legal ruling gave us off is Beatty who cross the Celtics could take. Want Sports Radio W. But I told yesterday cherry pick itself excellent series could be right I told you yesterday whoever wins game two was going to win the series that there's now no doubt. Is there one in front of what while with the capacity there. It's 20081400423. And John Dennis last night's besides you know you know it'd been about a yeah there was a few. Nice session a truce sure yeah nationals a future salmon salmon and I was I don't think it's paid but as a look shared open I don't Arab world's standard I grade times that. This isn't some real good seats that work wicker somebody's pregnant Acosta has come on from LSU up we weren't his way to lose seats. The the cougars have a good time yes but wasn't. As drew tremendous and I would say you know what you said after game one and it's not you know and genius thing is true the Celtics. Just work harder and I would say the best player before last night for me was not LeBron jeans best player on the for last that was marked Smart. Yet the best game I mean why I will say I will say one a and one BIR. I heartless on after the first quarter thought LeBron was horrible. What are the last night we want. What can I start the show sometimes when you get to you suck it. Why can't I start here's how I want us to go ahead. LeBron James was not great last LeBron James had a great first quarter LeBron James had a really really good game. On the offensive end lidge got the knowledge and us on the the last recourse LeBron James was big dog is any of the cavs LeBron James. Mailed it in a defensive and that's why the Celtics are winning I mean. You can hit result they if you want to do it all first half he won the bronze. He got a couple friends of flooded out ticket could hit insane shots acute in the first quarter looks doctor McKee Bob which did do that for today quarter things got these point and abroad that shot. You know when the when the shark are from down hated Morse is a Smart space right over by the bench. Numbers weren't always so it was more just first course of remorse and Martin and Mark Jackson thing is unbelievable McCain is and bring and he said. He's not gonna make shots and consult bright it's not gonna happen and we knew that was gonna attitude you can do all game you can play hard we didn't where he goes you can usually go in the basket which I do it she chose essentially not to Newfoundland is is easy shots or two shots got longer father and father away from the move by the use tired I think it gave up they gave up an advantage to play was. I of New Hampshire remember when when they stole the ball and more civilized behind the back pass or bounced. They showed LeBron got back his first instinct was to stop that you stop for a second and start to run and you saw that. Final basket before they took all the cavaliers guys out. Let me just completely gave up and the rosier Zachary Jalen brown when he went out missed and went up again for all others that two and a look at ice I started to witness I don't know if you do this let's start watched LeBron. He coached as much as anybody does he got food based and he gets credit for playing defense he gets credit for blocking shots. But they're like glory shots I mean glory blocks in a great job while that's right he loves clothes he loves those put you want it's in talk we're just grinding. Playing hard every play when you team. Need you when you are in a desperate situation. He did not do that the public the Mark James is right he's overrated I grade I man die in a gesture ever ever gonna agree on this I don't gonna watch the same anybody innocent that OK we can both read all the salary or watch the game it doesn't matter I saw. I don't basketball mr. basketball I saw a bride Jane I gave you these these spot on analysis have to game one. If the Celtics try hard and everybody if you watch the game you know him. About trying to argue with you Kirk's subpoenaed think we agree OK we agree it was fixable restored Michelle to just you know I'm just kidding we're totally agree to sit here photographers right. But recently an idea that. No but. You know what we should take calls and Italy calls leisure guests notion because we can find people I heard some overnight. Talk among spectacular little bond was last night you'll LeBron was less have you budget bill bunch of hard shots being the game. It some at the end. If you put his head down under the basket and play defense is yours be 11 rate this game is on LeBron James or was well I got ten from the line and that's in his head to repair the guy's a guy I don't think he wanted to go to line let's let's let's be fair here I mean Larry Nance junior. At least he tries Jeff Green. JR Smith JR Smith sucked isn't some other Kevin Love played pretty well Kevin Love was the best have on the floor attic so he was the best cap on the floor. Better than number 23 is Kevin Love tried Kevin Love hit the boards and tried to plea deal if you up for the last. 2030. Minutes of the game give or take. Abroad take the ball on the court between like between the legs between the legs pull up 26 feet that's it he kept by the way I itself to get the ball. Ball move ball move involvement you open three get the ball side to Horford goes the basket get the line I thought another play was ending a glass in the news right back to plated. Was that rosier theory. When they literally stood writer and editor and they know as I was watching that real time going Witasick and it's immature for this and then they show the replay it was worst than I thought Vick got a sale question. Said this is the back to back imaging this kids stand their weight and hope I miss this it isn't just you know one guy when they show the replay all of them. Print ads to student looked at him it was like. Eric Bledsoe all over again it is amazing. The lack of urgency you get from the cavs. An escape to handle Lehman is about to explode and those that edited the age of it was all I mean they get a so what does a lot of eye rolling in the case of the most outstanding Cleveland I know I thought I do regardless basically says that his story that there's been achieved with the organization then Gundy is a great upon as the price has he was great last night LeBron has that great gays guests. He's great it was abroad has that affected the first time Cleveland. Yet in Miami read rights Brentwood Northridge or Riley for windows it's almost negative LeBron column local LeBron out of it in his senior year to where you can tell these guys great as LeBron is the same I don't want you with this record done. They get a bit down LeBron may go to Philadelphia and you and what you do that's. Mean did that take what he could stay in Cleveland and like you know bring Paul George and Cleveland which I don't know if he could do. It's a lot mean they're dead they're done. I mean it that there in the lottery though at least when you pick right now I mean that was the most boring lottery and this disagree GB heard so it's not a Jami Gertz in that it was nothing like no than what we we did this last year that such terrible production through these. Mark Jones does it Mark James Mark Jones does the job market should change and he indicated early and he got this expected straight from Sacramento through it and everything is the Celtics have the rights and you know Washington as the right it's not -- Lebanon you know I don't think it's fixed anymore you know what I'm only as well and you're viewing the stuff fixed anymore. But of the night two nights ago. James Harden. Dribbled. Atop the key for half the game drove to the basket or pulled up for some crazy long three scored 41. And lost right by thirteen last night. LeBron James stood complicated drivel as much as hard but he just stands there a law does a scope things out. Give some kind of jab step and launches a three he scored 42. You lost by thirteen. Mean the better team won decisively in both games the better team is advancing. In bull series and the Celtics I mean god knows no one's gonna pick from the finals but I can't believe. That's who we thought people thought lots of people on the cavs were the better team an opportunity go by all protect home court. You are yet. I'm with Kirk camp we've ever said who's been on the cigarette that's right yeah cable or people sent a game people say he's better than Michael Jordan no. Honest or contact our last night I just gave up average Americans last. And 760. Yeah yeah to you like Mark James was asked Robinson and yes I do. I'm I'm I'm not arguing Mark James was so pressured margins of basketball guy Mark James was pressured on any money. Oh. Vastly I don't know how much is strong word but he is over rated at say I hope he played I don't think deeply good game I don't. I'm okay be about to meet but to watch out there about two random shots I don't think he played I know your group but I really thought you were gonna. Disagreement when I said exactly I believe what I guess if you look at only the box score in the box or can lie and so auction Gore's not doesn't lie I'll tell you life has won the box toward doesn't like. LeBron James. One block zero steals one offensive rebound. Minus nine those are a call the muscles that's those efforts that's. Show me some of the effort from the guys the guys the most talented guy. Probably. Ever when I consider size strength you know I've criticized plus minus slot. The guy what the best plus minus in the game last night was the guy who played the best mark Smart Marcus who's the best player on the four a difference maker and you've played the sport of basketball for soldiers was appalled but secondly you do that you've given up. Right that's you do would you say screw we can't handle this team. There in our heads I did exactly that took a once in a summer league games like Mark Jackson said it was of its game is over here. And yes I think so we were losing at the park it was upon move I regretted it seems that that it. And the next week I would to basketball camp of the New Hampshire user we will ball solidly yes it was an upfront about I was we will find things that happens he did he survive. That's what we have had my father was so disappointed I think that's all right it's still haunts me. On the ride home he was so McNamee he knows paralyzes thought the camp next week yes. And we had such as a joking about it but he hit the pole it was an outdoor game last summer league game right that's what is immediately it's a total par no actually no control your body. He should get some big fine you'll love flagrant one. Percent they both James and I mean checks and bigger and were ball surprise correct and outplayed again I think van Gundy made the point it was Jackson. That Tristan Thompson helped the Celtics out because he goes Basra so I was gonna Margaret because she tells Martin's radio punching him. Maybe he could not work it worked out that that you know it is not the first armchairs passengers especially clinic access. He's known for specially legacy as we we've we know that. So you know you. For you if it's remarkable the Cuban going to keep they can score keeping community farming stand up and that's what I tried to do you know. I could I worked open for the Celtics I don't know how Eminem and member markets are we were oriented area few months ago he's done for the year after hurt himself. I don't know what his contract's going to be I have no idea but you almost have to keep he is gonna do everything in your power to keep because he's one of those guys seems to me more valuable to you that he would be someone else. And and doesn't look surprisingly. Good on the offensive and I'm huge this generation of three of us did yeah just looks comfortable and makes me make a great passes. He's great with the Alley oops that the main yet. Yes indeed any yet it's an occasional three gets the basket play great obviously. Made two or three enormous please me that dive it's he'll play at the tip in play was involved and he's just so hard to get around here is him he could be LeBron. He makes LeBron work harder than he defends the brunt paranoia than you can be jailed brow but. Now they said the Jason Taylor can't cover LeBron to scare easy to physical difference or just the basket he's too skinny to light to what LeBron gets so he gets a passive at times offensively he can get the basket every once essentially. He doesn't do it for fifteen and one in such a great passer. If you go to the hole and they've doubled tripled you find the open guy yours could anyone Everett that yeah it's unbelievable he is tired of you said at first. And he rests on both ends of the court on a fancy restaurant that him all of this and and defense he doesn't cover anybody he just floats overtakes you know somebody's not involved in the play. You know just kind of stands in the corner. And waits for those someone to make their move and he just waits to go. Back at the other end I look at us but with rulers are the best stat of the day and you love steps sure starting backcourt. Celtics vs Cleveland 41 to three seasons. One basket from the this pathetic backcourt star George Hill played George Schultz unfortunately 33 minutes and he's better than Jared knows him now know 33 minutes I was said he put fifteen. He took two threes I don't think either room and look at clinched its junior corporate a couple of shots. Jeff agreed to play 28 minutes last night. In hood. And and corporal was excellent in that especially in the first half capable of this job. Yeah yeah and again these guys Larry Nance and and another whoever holes offensive mismatch Wiki categories and they try harder than LeBron the OJ Smith. They try harder than George Hill lost interest in Thompson works. Oh I would you guys in the way from New York's art that you know she started he should've started in and he gives you some have certain and some size and strength. But I'm would you. LeBron soc class my exit dog if you forget 42 let's take well calls and he played like dog right Allman irons a month I was shocked at blue chip before me happened ten years ago before he left for every once he gave up in game six of that series against the Celtics. He gave up last night I was the blame that we wait they know now that I can win. And I I think maybe they win one game at home game after game four. So to come back your game five just one week from now to protect its and so roughly a third we can judge and out and officially off the gold state already be done at that point no social play the warriors. And the Celtics will be the warriors in one or two games that's yours that's a great year. We'll keep showing carrier ring and about for the pretense violence. Has rosier was for the unbelievable the third quarter almost a key in the game or you put the game over for six or seven minutes. And they cut her to. If that's Irving had a look on his face that seem before that kind of lets on the bench of Brady look it's the same price but he must be picking 11. Is going on here easily but it just pleasure watching LeBron whose short short I mean he definitely wants to Celtics to win yes I'm sure have to lose. But it must be sitting there you know I'm gonna get my job back he will mean he's better he's he's he's better than what I write edit I heard Marchex is simple these games you can't under so would lose don't the cavaliers. Are still cultures these off as LeBron James and he's awful they're also quit the there was Sara Evans is this dribble dribble dribble jacket three sub let's go down move the ball around open three and and and bobbled every one of the Celtics threes are easier than the caps through the caps threes are contested. The casters are longer. I mean Kevin Love took a couple present to be 27 feet so LeBron and LeBron doesn't he doesn't have to. Oh yeah and game out and we do the same thing too that's that's that's run Lou saying the south to boot up their game up. She is laughable I don't care Emmys. He's pathetic and he's he's you know in the coach's last 23 games in the NBA ever. Ever this is a lot of the bring him back on October election may bring him back with this awful team actions humanly twenty games late in getting a lottery again and good luck to him but the cavs. Time on stage there did their time as a relevant. A team MBA is over. And be in the next few days and degree yes and I'm impressed that the Celtics the younger guys. The rosy years the browns teams don't even they have no fear LeBron done now. The running over it that they all who are playing with such confidence now it's remarkable that LeBron right there isn't perfect example. That play were were Smart to tobacco. And goes about commission's benchmark falls up in a talk about the follow the largest but that's the one awestruck and yeah earlier literally just stood there. I started watching them if you did this at home if you're watching him in the Celtics and when this came. In the second efforts on what's LeBron. I was amazed how many places takes off I was amazed when little effort because of the defensive end because we always. Give credit for being in better defensive player obviously the bird and you know it is physically he should be the best defensive player ever got all the gifts. But god does he coast at times in the second half we played 21 minutes he had. Zero offensive rebounds he had zero steals he had one block. He was my first it was minus seventeen re calibrate its my mom. In 21 minutes the second half he was minus seventy played terrible second half getting in a couple of random shots flu shots great shots whenever short of that. And I could hear all the way all day you can hear these people saying he was great it was great you know did all he could. He did not. All the ball that much you're gonna get nine or ten assists that's gonna happen but I was not that impressed right I mean. Any threw away a couple times he was lazy lazy it is great first quarter and an eight baskets. A chance to rest when he hit a total of eight when his team desperately needed him. He wasn't there until it gets it team you tell us your composure in the fourth or politics or. LeBron played as well as he's gonna play in the first quarter there was 2723 Cleveland one right and you said at a place like I said it's up to win me too many to upgrade. Unfortunately. I said at again after the first quarter he has no help or not I mean love Phelps loves loves the second best player on the team. But beyond that who it who helps whose whose whose hair I mean Thompson he gets off as a rebounds that's really bombs just like right there I worked hard and that's it who else he's supporting cast for the LeBron James show. Yeah they suck terror the coast stinks. The the bench stinks the backcourt is awful I mean I'm not saying LeBron james' point guard but I'm not saying he has a nobody from LeBron James the point guard. In the other gods have to get three shots yes I have to its shots and no chance miss hot cold. But George electors that is terrible and most of these garbage absolute terrible. Much criticized in the Middle East the collection team it was like in the first quarter I don't know about Texas that's raving about how good a coach Tyrone Lewis and 62 games over 500 or whatever it is. Hussein an example tummy in a lot. Just to look at his record he's got LeBron James and then of course think that says we always says is every good coach has a great player. That's not the case for Tyrone Lue. I mean he's had a few coaches was breasts and guys right now have a great player that's he's a great player he did not too good ones is that right right let us sit on the bench squeezed in that little spot I have to see this as he does have a great players got guys who are going to be great but yeah I was right two guys who were definitely he's he's close he just does not have a superstar I mean there's three. The typical NBA has three teams correct he has for sector fifteen guys right there will be no Celtics. Irving did not play now probably it will light goes on MySpace is thirteen maybe I think maybe. And I don't know what OK maybe that I would just say that I went on on the tee and it's so none of those fifteen. I mean obviously the cavs have. You know guy will be in the first team they have. A guy could win the MVP every year. But. There is no great player for this coach and every single guys Baines. These guys what ten threes and that the policies before and regular season Shuler for these experts instantly percentage. Or place which was at all right now let's take Kevin Love over Jim Brown right now. For how long for the rest of the seas were actually no I wouldn't I wouldn't you know I would do from now or of the future. But but I am I'm. I think Kevin Love had a good game I don't think Kevin Love gave up on leader Kevin Love hit some shots and had some revenge anyway at some brief but got some rebounds and seemed to play hard hit the floor. Ron James I mean I did TV talk about that shocked that vicious shot to the jaw. Which it turned out to be what a strained neck in thing. Susan is not that these these sports senator just said vicious shot to the job ever get a whole lot of news about the law. Which I do. I'm surprised there you know because he's been the most important thing has asked mrs. fright that's offshore as easy at all Gentiva did you get the sense ever. Watching the game that the cavaliers can do anything to the Celtics defensively you know the Seles gave if they want to go inside they could to get open three they could Celtics have five guys on the floor who can shoot. Like almost all the time true. I mean unless Monroe is on the floor right they've Clark asked him real issue is he he's he's done OK in the series about you shooting he shot 39 last night. We issued game one I don't know we'll check and he's also. A penetrating addition a restless and anxious last rites that's remarkable so we have five rebounds and nine assists four steals and thirty minutes. And or twelve in game one. For twelve game one issued 33% surge yes he's been maybe most valuable player for the Teamsters 33% reserve right and he's and he's penetrating passing he's been. Trees tremendous last night I thought fighting that was maybe is best game is Celtic last moment we always talk about the receivers that which receivers fight. In a fight for the ball in and was a knock against Randy Moss never fought for the ball. Every guy and the Celtics flights in the fight for position capsule and fight to who picks. The only fight to get back on defense it's got a tough resilient group of guys. Nobody fights on this caps team I think he doesn't fight as hard defensively use is are actually. Not as hard as he's too loose I. I don't remember them which he was again if he's he's not that none of these I know I would be it would be a weak link on defense defense he would do weekly mortgage market shoot from the outside right you know would be huge we click on defense. And Thomas though Obama if he left and was like. That people want to give them a Max contract that you confirm Larry Bird and Michael Jordan Britain. And he would be a total weak link on this team it's its amazing images move on and when guys are gone. Other guys thrive like what if Heyward were here US that. Yesterday of their before it would mean to brown. Come off the bench and play a lot less and not doing what he's doing. And not matured before our eyes I don't know what that I'd know what you think in the offseason Gordon who could even stay and watch these items column but I mean you know do you know take his seat. To your question did. Terrorist you're gonna play thirteen minutes a game can I guess unless they deal on its which always have to keep in mind. This year a crazy. Ideas like from packages knack for whatever for Anthony Davis record and under. Is Angel consider all of those things in a world and swept up emotionally and his team. That doesn't happen age you know he will deal whoever has the deal. Age of all they're going to going to leave it to the finals and their right to put a scare goals they didn't exactly go the redeemer to. I don't ruin his streak Beckham could get smoked in all I didn't lose years later but he thinks that companies usually went to. Honestly to tool missing and citadel women what for if you've here's how they do have won the first two games and so they can make it interesting. It's someone gives a vicious shark the commander has jaw. Sure you know when when LeBron went down he was acting pertaining to insert the sand. That changes everything right I mean granted the series even with him they can win but if the terrain rules and ankle. The Celtics could be NBA champs. Coach or could there are others where my results there would be that he went to rent was I don't know it's that would with the with Karim time Thompson does this mean they would find a way to tee to tee them up a play eighteen the 173 games essentially. Pop music I don't care different team now it would be it would mean to those guys. Oh yeah and that's a way to go naturally hope that's that's that's just sample that is their only hope would you agree yes oh definitely. And who cares doesn't matter it doesn't doesn't he fractured his jaw. And it's a table here's what happened is that the the war is not guys spotting up on the three point line everywhere right now. The Celtics will close out harder than any team they've played true NET include Houston. The Celtics will play harder the Celtics will match up better defensively. As as big and he keeps going now. They're athletic they're tall here's John here's the difference here's a big difference is that the wars are actually better players. You proud to say that mean Betty we are given grade a analysis talking about the better players talk about JR Smith and George Hill and and Larry Nance junior and how corporate Jeff Green right and talking about curry. Thompson green terrain at the Red Sox since its socks for going there and rude and everything however 35 minutes series would be immediate and and they'll say it can't it was easy to just be elevating him. I think I don't know during the regular season to remember who was. Covered number was chased around I had no idea. I mean some Morse I would just more summits that had four horses what I'm into shorter that was a garbage and I don't Horford. Or he can it's gonna be right Jalen brown Marcus Morris. I don't know I don't looks commence market from you can try he'll try hard limit and but he's just so long and elevates and it's so easy for him. Dome they'll make it harder than Houston militants favored by appointment at home loans that report. Cleveland's favored by six game while she's is that true. Celtics get no respect none so we have you know respect. Then we don't get the prospects are 6177797937. I guess the question is this would you agree with Kirk and me. Did you you what clubs to guys all watch a game last night. I thought LeBron James played in the housing a game as I was asked majority agrees to do it about two shots short of that. But he was terrible and once they take out. His defense started to evacuate from him right they kept their energy from him tickets in the first quarter they are all fired up right right right and once he's blocking happened on the corner dollar all stock market he you know he sets the tone. It was a terrible. Tone in the second half 61777793. Cent over. Citizen. Thank you for your work that you do in northeast Ohio. That stretch. Last time. Stretch. Bridging. And its first in the third quarter. How'd that turn around the biggest proponents. Turnovers. Turnovers and. Thank you for thank you for the work toward comfort and hope is that that was post game. But one thing is what she's young step ordered reporters to Ohio and lumped into the room. Love that game isn't any Eden news. And you crave as have been worn out yet and operates offices such agrees notes what that song has agreed that the annual mammograms voice that's. The odds and risk. The smokestacks regionally the arms of god into a beautiful sky dive suit. And went against them them to do restored Steve McNair. Steve McNair record. For WB dot com no no no and then I was in the parking lot of the Thanksgiving weekend. I got there early and I look over and there was another writer there again and new American tell you who has. He was drink it it really looked like personalized. No gun George Campbell and now knows now. You know. He was still alive we saw last night you could actually I actually doing what we hold on luxuries and lots of every texts. And calls percent if you just tuning in. Kirk and I agree it's one of those shows for the hosts agree personal good morning. Good morning and looked good today Kirk IQ you were wearing a look handsome like you curriculum you look on putting a we agree we both of my friends good morning mobile think LeBron sticks okay just so you know we both think LeBron James. Number 23. 33 year old LeBron James sucks about it throughout wrong I think he focused LeBron James and the best players ever in the game he's hedging can just have an opinion. He's generated. He's extremely underweight and I think I am Mark James was on point if you talk like marching for five minutes of past and I thought I'm fascinated by our taxes using force of nature he's a force admits he doesn't let up. Yeah she's just also. That's he's so bright he's vastly overrated I'm I'm on board with that we appreciate both Clark who pretends them who hates LeBron. Do you project rockets and I do today if you yes I like them. Kudos for north how testify at and a great job to a northeast objects catered I don't hate him and all these greats but last night he was totally over rated picture wonder though acquitee like in January to temple it's got a wind and Eads is not to give you a great effort last night. And pick that spot the root them this was a very desperate situation. They win this game it's a whole different series curt you said last did you seriously whoever wins is yes. We as a series I stand by this series is over over over over over Clinton may when he let it get away and I was watching them the entire second half. He he was coasting. Back up or down the court have to complete have to think it may wind I don't think it will open to a bowl games back in Cleveland doesn't matter they are not in the series they're not socially more plays have been matters mostly just well the Celtics will not give up. Begin with a game I go with you went right at Cleveland. There will not give up they do not give up they try harder they fight I'd according order. Some to do with desire ankle going sideways you know markets are give up like that you know he wouldn't be rooted in not market Smart is big Deaver. As LeBron James you know right he's he's he likes to beat these dramatic example but it doesn't matter he busts his ass. He fights hard you know he never lets up on either into the floor he fights through picks you know he does it's it's a mismatch right they switch. The guys covered seven foot eight UK or more Smart can shoot from the outside just to reset justification tune in the last minute to Jerry and I agree on LeBron James you disagree call 617 again if you just turn on the radio right now missed the last ten seconds. We disagree immigrant texas' you don't know basketball he should talk about trainee and you assume the office politics and happened you. Morning I didn't get a we'll do that through them and we were real. I think we agree on another thing we'll get to it is so I got a big big problem. With the Boston Red Sox I mean I would talk to us for the show I was this is our last night. Mean that they. (%expletive) all over their look best customers to loyal customers is pages just take advantage of them. And say was stuck at about who will tease that ability that the S 7 o'clock hour as that sounds good good suggesting that he will play eleven months but some fifteen yes sir. The U book Christmas art. I know we can do today so let's ups Leslie Obama. Confirming combat. That's right. That don't could come on we agree on everything not matter analog great today met all the Ford headlights fact let's go to Tom in Florida hi Tom. Yes good morning the morning of four Tyler received yet if they're out on this subject gradient. We call will run apologists this sort of like the Hillary Clinton apologists except that force. Delegates I don't be like I'll be the key for being chewing the account pretend like I. He played like a dog times last night about reducing right hate and I I don't think I was just pretending but I will say this great player he never gets in trouble do you think all the people today and we can a good you've got to move on your articles. You can watch sports center once they said today poll. On no basket I mean do do they all know nothing about basketball to some of them know best basketball and yet they're still locked in a mop up there's still a bathing. And they know. He gave your half ass effort in the second half. And the knock in a coma correct those are LeBron apologist iris for an aggregate I don't wanna I wanna be one of those guys and I want to do you agree to keep sorry go. It's nothing more Chileans you look your relationship acknowledge that people will not point out that the Celtics are. It's better than this. I think people I'd give it a point out now I think yes no they didn't here's what they've got to LeBron apologists are gonna say he's got no help what Andy does and what does that help you have but you know what that I think is a reason everyone on the team gave up there just may be Steve's talking Simmons you swept Toronto. That's hard to believe swept them. The fire the coach too you know like opposite he was probably Tryon and answers the series you give up and the rest of his his teammates give up right along with a Jeremiah is in Deerfield I Jeremiah. On its. And so you got to a point about LeBron not tribe and about today Internet can't get there whenever he wants but. You know it if he pulled out for a midrange shot or drive about either way it two point. Only got to about eight you'll Wear people down. It and that I'll probably sparking a look at it does. So much more than just the two point that you're getting. You play and if your wanna go line. If you've ever played or watched you know after a while to get that at that mode you just pull up you don't wanna go of the past he won't have a feeling the brunt of van Gundy and and Marchex and which is giddy over that little runner that that rimmed off the wrong foot weren't producing charges brought to right I mean. Let's go to great shop he's English I think he should get a better shot than that. He 680s the strongest guy on the floor is incredibly athletic to work across accuse Dina left in the past it was his wife and two. I don't confuse that that was you know right behind wick. How did so UC's where was he behind the lowest. I have no idea you see no doubt that what's good. Does. He get his films on us like to meet it. Much of framing in my Mike what's happened. Edward Michael sort of what you got over the years that he. What did you ever. There on the sixers who have championship via. Good. We'll also. Put on what the water did what of Iran and wonder. Go back and look at you know the series six ask them 560 years always Washington. The best of five senators and one of those is he played all 82 games. But but go back to that series and we I was right in line watching it was amazing is rookie year 86. That he's a serious point came yeah. He think he had a good supporting cast that he had a chance I was second year second year. It and I'm the most amazing thing ever some do. Was tied the game would no time on the clock and no one on the court. Two free throws in amble over the place was scream and there was it was wild also by the way so great as also to maybe it's the best team whoever you may be right my Q may we may be romanticizing. Jordan but I never remember him coasting and lo thing and taken I mean LeBron James had to win this game he had to. You know and he didn't seem to understand that in the second half a terrible. What's. But in Portland I would appreciate. People are not rewarded player. Well I was not for sure he doesn't sound so good. He he he didn't care what his teammates don't you know he wanted them play hard again maybe if I go back and watch ray in the playoff game from 91 in the third quarter toward takes plays off on defense I don't know maybe a dollar and Alex O'Brien saw LeBron US. He said I'm done became analysts. And violates up. It's Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. Meeting him this. This gives me an adequate right it's what you saw from the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight the second half was an absolute embarrassment. He's right I mean AD Sid we can not deal with this I think that the that the play the crystallized that perfectly. Two plays was it Smart fall LeBron watched that rouge your three were all five guys before. Just today in waited for mid to Indy to dump a 30 yeah and I'm I'm glad they replace the Rajiv on the Rosie is three million that. I'm looses I agree. The Celtics did the cavs didn't have any shots like it didn't matter when the and the game was over this. In the Celtics just every man closes out a roster that was David Price and he does a little bit of David Price where it's when the going gets tough he packs and it. Yeah little boy did I mean I'm not cars with a plea for the caps passes judgement on this entire career I just Parma last night. If you wanna as the presumed to be used to say if you DVR the game go back and collect a look at the second half. This is a front running Cleveland team with things got tough you know they BL a good chip Smith at least at least he would you know tried to go. Take one of Celtics host sort of Ramos and around watching. I was I think he's a ball is Jalen brown putback. It's the most embarrassing ones where LeBron in one or two of the cavs. Watches him put back a two footer that would satisfy that maybe the five the final basket when they're all before yanks them all of them might have been it's unbelievable court tomorrow. It will mean he scored over nobody in the put five. And but LeBron is one of Hillary could have hairs and push buttons that you know cares. She's still on active streak of people wanna go back on the DVRs and watch yes. I'm a DC area I'm gonna wanna go home as a disease survivor Mikey picked up by different sector Dina confused annoyed about something. And once designated survivor tonight. He knows that you tell a Covert fan as a mine you do you do right he would like he would like. Safe Polanco was considers a Netflix evil genius of the show but I don't think I'll watch the notre watch eulogies. And what's it about him was halfway. 61777. 7937. Wells forget that occurs when we have the return of -- Tuesday were small questions that should pretty good as a rod was not happy that house was in the Balkans as the mutt who sounded like he was on quite. Insane if you say his name during the rain gets so nervous and really ramp down so worked up he's contacting me flick give somebody ready to come and ten of the game to Rijndael panicked and money on the game panels well it's big to Parliament House in Britain sentiments of for good fifteen minutes and he sounded like. Rattle them like cookies terrain while we're talking about a god has fourteen innings pitched. There was of course Harry Potter just shy of the united. He pitched that was sad don't talk real marched in the Red Sox starter early that should deposit real sort of beginning. To count let me count the love like this Pol Pot were talking about a god has fourteen innings pitched. Over the course of just shy of two months. Eat it. And then we need to charge more just a chair rain delays and where it's never guessed that it can't they join in the conversation notre they prepare for the it would have been prepared for the game so they let my two by himself. For an hour and half but you can't you know a couple of calls who's who's a Red Sox fan I don't narcissistic America I don't know what to do it anyway it is in my regional Karstens with him it's Mark Reynolds wildwood why would be. I would never and as the group participant or grab your question Brett from the pregame si understand of course it was very emotional after game enemy's chances like Atlantis is saying he hurt himself thrown across parts sort of run through much boss which is it. I mean it was for T is out this post on such short reliever. So fatigue ever so fourteen and he's he's their job and world this year it's fourteen innings the trees and there's talk now. No support to innings. About service said. What team. Innings. It's. Yours yours yours from the chaired the two of you here for. Have they want us to coax matrix and him Woodley so much. 837 the on Mike and it was nip and let. I. Rattled last. Because of rain delay he was so worried about you know when was it always should have done should talk about the Celtics. No you should be any ball doesn't issues atlas of the organization. We pay money to. He's bogey you people driving in right now Stuckey to pick. It's pouring it was the worst rain pummeling your receipt for our half last night we saw yours traffic in history some people try to get Boston's a nightmare started at 830. Right around how much about what is it about 845. We'll map it. I did the 36 that the rain delay. That sentence for. Outsourced re what's the map. You have to have the rain delay the starting voltage potential future and a to a hunt so a 46. Just think 852 RR RR 8050 Kenny Kirk and Eddie. The track it's unbelievable. The Weathers allows navy game so ski and I looked over it was 4366. I did too so if you're somebody eagle eagle every night let's say you we OC industry or whatever some rain in a season tickets but sees these as best fans in your spending when every spending. Soups and nothing like that goes in the game. The Red Sox are bitterly that their pants off in Boeing's their fans littered literally the action. I wish we disagree on that too because you won't hear from any beat guys always amazes me now I've had decided about yours electoral between some of each issue canceling hotel doesn't count. These trees and a constant as a rebel he has put but I did say this for years and the response is always when they supposed to play who cares. I mean if there's lightning is monsoon you cancel that you figure when you play split doubleheader. Don't play with the in the years it doesn't matter don't right so in other words. You say I don't we don't and other days you know what. Suck it and sit out the rain free restaurants and 800 points. And here's why don't you so they get free chocolate milk I mean I as currently some sort of yellow orange juice color for us. Sound and might part oddities you write in my chips that this is a disgrace that should call this and people because people are driving in listening to him I think would listen that. You're driving in and you're taking its pounding on your traffic. She go to the game and sit your seat for nine minutes ago since what is standard hot dog. Why would you treat your best fans these are the people die cards. Why would you treat them like that I was no explanation for first pick was 830 which region the weight if you can get there aren't out first pitch was a 52850. Tootsie with an hour almost two out until his mouth during the appreciate. Much her dad's. Closet and Red Sox and ARAMARK just put a big. Message up on the board that fans can get free hot chocolate. Very nice very nice eight. Whose question to publish them Tencent broadcast since that's afflicting god damn losers. I mean just because you don't never great tart and apps this whole thing very actually gone. There actually got this initiative and it would go home watch the Celtics and go to bids by judge Kennedy's have battled what gas and other days of work it's called rain check. And debris particulate go home and organize an area ago. Chance of rain began ever something with a into the into the game people and see it before so to the blown after sitting in traffic for him for. What other business treats their. Best customers like it's institutional arrogance and I would say it's our top just in my opinion and maybe I'm wrong 617779. Seven actress and I'm curious if anybody was stuck in that situation last night as well pissed off at the Red Sox. Retirement LeBron James yours well mud is also a topic I think is always this do you disagree with Kirk and meet unfortunately we agree if you think LeBron was great last. PepsiCo education if you dovish with the Red Sox blowing you last night I mean just I don't understand who was he right where else would you do that. To a restaurant. Or we're hopeful that LB would never easy answer your answer. Airlines that's Julio airlines areas of this idea is it but the difference is you mean it was a it was a almost have cost you know that. What's it shouldn't be out. It shouldn't initially spending over backwards you know here's my test his his win I cancel the game. When no one wants to be the players don't wanna play. This is a one man I mean I affairs don't wanna be their dentist and on doesn't wanna be there no one wants to be bumps you name. So why play if no one wants to be too good question that more 61777793. Said Wilbur packed 79837. On Mike and it was nip and turn up when. When Lou Paul boats are minutes ago so we're at a state to end pigeon handler at a Michael LeBron I give up her mind that is on. And when I don't get much different today at the tail key Twitter account used to describe LeBron joining and bring us. Tips like when you crater like that should be describe and give my will be like you know that's key thing is gonna mark and Iran to respond charged Twitter account I think he's probably across to happy to adopt a medieval with a guy like hasn't faced really the exercise that excuse me that's one of yours. My favorite one is where they show. Kevin Spacey rolls eyes yes or the Michael Scott won one level or chasing do you Rossi ROS as I was volley did you institution that. No problem from the shorts gate commercial crew strongly opposes classes of notes from that skip the member of the moment they. That's accomplishments gamers are the excels at that we have three guys go to their party you'll be mocked the residents organized like on the Republican is not funny. Now let's be clear enough time I did you have fun deal once again I agree with you 100%. Bomb went to me who were agree on everything. We agree on every I have for banning banning. Heterosexual marriage in the homosexual marriage completely hour's time for. Banning heterosexual divorce and so what you mattered you can get divorced for benefits okay. Let her when whatever it married I heard I was too so between December side listen. I'm Tracy Cruz and Eric was on with my friends here Marjorie yesterday why should I listen for a couple of minutes on that could really wouldn't even find that on the dial. When Dina would but the push as but he says it could even last few minutes and she got into the into the breach at five for friends. Five her good friend she says she restaurants she restaurant at five of them got divorced within one year getting there which I do now happily I believe because approach elect her. I credit. If you get these get married it's really hard he divorced a year that's a good point legal like celebrities do right. But real people don't what do you consider would win when somebody gets divorced when he read a couple gets divorce some ego gets divorced. What is a year you say OK that's a big even if you shot a three. Five. Already on the 15 years seems like he's trial it's they say Jessica well you make it nine. Believe that use home for you the numbers drop precipitously after nine to give up yes yes and and it just. You grow and you porn injured couples like unit who were the glove honors yet my. My friends are all still married which is weird because they're all like. You know. Losers you lose does that does that kinda like runners and you know I expected to be comfortable in my circle of friends are almost a matter we get together rolls to marry young family it was divorce took me right which is weird it's. As my parents were married for sixty years. And and I'm the only one who's still married right which is odd but. I I want to play basketball we've thirteen guys in our Basque group it was me one of the guys who didn't get divorced while we were all. Plane was only a few years in that it SA US amounts and then one day and talking to one of the guys who play with him was Jerry and I said. It divorced. Why disputes mic conversation goes. Well as a rule because if you go six months without getting that. You get to Washington this event she has she's simple as that achievements or. All even hired workers. Six years so Chris said to denounce in the shows can divorce he's married six years it's it's a short marriage we knew yes but I wouldn't blame this wife at all not enjoy it his wife as got a little Lucas Glover white and yes I would surprise me at all. Right financial bikers so that really blew the Lucas Glover story if you haven't heard it's going to and headlines is more enticing but it's proof. Though that it's everything is not. As what it seems. I'm sure a lot of people so Lucas clover which he was done up right there eruptions also she's in the greatness of boys kind of perfect. They go stripped off though yes you did that mug shot through crazy eyes he wishes he had some you know overweight known. Irish Catholic news from the neighborhood died yes but that's she said and I thought I don't know anybody. That's true but sent from my brother's got divorced bless your primary merit twice a broad rise art twice. That's because she screwed up the service went nuts out that's reached them but but Ryan but I -- anybody of my friends from last year don't you respect that the way to know it's not working American white America first place we thought it worked they gave you a chance if you if you if you can be mayor what's the use no way you should be married longer than you were dating shouldn't. As yes. Because when this week he'd I mean you know did you guys ago America knew it is not gonna work just doesn't work so why. But they knew wasn't working got married and correct I get to deport McNamara for seven months and you call it he did that's a good. Now it now but that you know. He's right that would have you know it's tall you have card. I used to use your tires it was if the last week the first time you straight and when you were down. What town where park's golf media forget he yeah we do foxwoods or responses via. The first. Forget the call a couple weeks from doctor seductive after cares. That he said he'd call me so this affects. Take her famous radio guy. January 6177797937. Direct insult to shore obviously. But the cars with thing is just another example of these for an eighties and Jesus I don't want that one little line apply. Well suited to browse you like to ones for the ruling them. A Democrat he should at least I was wants to ruined Carson's been flogged him credit recently he's frustrated enough where there's food there's there's the gliders we got him to suit running about a story that stood out was duplicate that. That is that is that the mad about an insane person in. No but the mug shot looks a little crazy yes looks like she looks I would do you know I always had this. Discussions like I am afraid crazy guys I never. Dave the crazy girl accommodate area if he likes to creates its I don't what you tiger they scare data. Tiger and we probably did ushered it. The permit moves to explain to some extent of the discovers that some of the ups and downs in his career when he was you know one of our young players and went away for three years. Won a major right now Littleton and how much you know you can. Milk that. But yes I mean we you playing on the tour you're playing the players championship is a lot of pressure on you. Nobody include tiger had more pressure on the Lucas Glover gigs again it goes saved this is the first time it's happened though it's I'm sure every time he comes off to bad round is. Crazy broads like. But reading scolding him and how we let the family down if you missed it. She is Lucas Glover shot seven meters Saturday and when he got home his wife. Imam and his mom. Call them a keyword Tanzi. All the me. Other names vulgar names and told him if he doesn't play better she's gonna take the kids and leave him. Pop short option after the cops said this is why cops who shot finesse this and kicked the door of the police crew of the cruise regulatory here's what this was gonna get them fired you'll lose your job this is why cops who shot in the face when I talk with the judge who will be. I think fired over this. This is while I don't know when when we talked a divorces and crazy guys. I don't know anyone who has wife is crazy. She's maybe she's she did wrong thing this poor guy is I'm sure she was what is our resources I was mom's name is Hershey. If you were in Hershey a picture. A golf life is being. Console her husband if he shows seventy like what's it seems she comes home he's the president he's economies like suction as the prospective students are on the get him tomorrow your ribs we've had beautiful home this is where we're here for you that she's beat them up. Threatened to leave them it's probably threatens to leave them and go with click. Compliment leave you we're going Zander from an initial awful shall I was and it's. The yeah that Bryce image combo and you know what he called me I like him. But John Ron Paul man I have a new guy rooting for the tour each week Lucas are Glover this poor bastards. He needs he needs it's been nice to sports and ice divorce immune nice you know that was him third grade teacher. Very nice very Carey's nurse thicker than with a high school with a victory in high school even though it was a good call for. He can action is not. Is not the best foot volley tigers are nice I launchers and dirty play golf needs to go back to that girl with the prom with. You just get divorced do its work perfectly normal as this is the weirdest white story Everett used it is saying it is totally insane. She hit his mobster. Sexy in the Buick because she did you of course if I don't and I us about her for a distort I made a joke on Twitter about it and it was funny because lots of people that. Appreciated whatever it took place that is what happens there Kirk or after that show. Assurances we have a Kirk. When he goes over breathless it's true I've known about those Y talk for a lot of issues but. I got a bunch replies and you should joke oh great domestic abuse humor. And I'm sorry I have a double standard. I apologize. Lucas Glover hit his wife I would joke about I don't think Lucas Glover playing like he's him to ask for a while Crist was turning. You can. That rob was not happy at all. That is why it wasn't that well I think he wasn't happy because she was. And I said to them quite simply what did you do wrong as you bring me some of them I said as the first one praised and praised. There's always been when he was totally fake you just two minutes of she would get mad at you right. And I said this is like in the past you do these commercials are public figure this out goats and and wake when they loved it from what I heard but he did you know he's. No I was told us I know resources we told you at yes you have. In some loss stick around after the sharpest. Beat us and it's a definite. We're. We're 617777. Knives resentment Howard you're coming back consultant for other stuff as well plenty to get to our team which.