K&C - Volin has some news on Butler; Fauria attempts to clear up a situation nobody understands 3-14-18

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, March 14th

Hour 3: Ben Volin on Belichick's conversation with Butler after the Super Bowl and Fauria came in to address a situation with Volin.


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Scourge and Callahan knows that he's been much talk about snowflakes. Three hours Powell were the roads but callous about the road if you are driving around tonight if you are doing snow removal I will anchor the storm coverage back here a fury wild guy or gal should say that if you Laurie Clark guy Eric hi again RE Clarke album everybody be safe tonight you know it's. Kirk Manhattan so I do agree with. I think everybody I'm governor I know everybody here who might agree dale I'm not a defeat we Saber made him doubt have finally we did last week on Vijay welcome the beautiful and charismatic of the snow it was not bad for me it was on this program between 200 do you agree. And shut up and go capitalized that he might step that we are figured it is that I disagree in my life will be hell yes all and Gerry Callahan of the it can be seen legal team left it on the back for the entirety achievable. You've got to be a tight when he said in the six team what team type scandal another patriots player hitting elsewhere you reportedly sent it to you deal with the dolphins. In the Dolan and his lovely girlfriend Bolivia sure who looked up below courtesy of door Ganassi fiancee now Sports Radio W. Fired our three year perfect Callahan and avoid showing it would have been pulled alongside by the way a couple of show notes 24 hours from now give or take. John McDonald us or it could first I'm here Islam Jihad kicked off. We don't know whether he will. Be perfectly candid when those at the site they'll with the ESPN but he got it wrong on the willingly come on our show knowing he's in question about it is he's got hosed. And I got his dream job through said he wanted to go back to call like I I. Understand that he loves cultural lines to spin I believe that but he had the plum job he was Monday Night Football the voice of that it. And I don't care what the gruden left and not teach what to believe twin Butte manage through this for you to what media guy wrote about how he is in the NFL or war right now O John Olerud and yes there are really the Boston business journal guest for a sports mr. yes but how critical the SP has been the product in the Amazon degrees and if they are believers night via ultra disorderly. Angered yes BS news' Sean I loved watching Sean because he was he would say things that. I thought you know you think these things like that call sucked and also game was boring and it's just overly critical though just honest. Sean was VI NC AV first will be a few years ago and forget that he was hilarious he was featured in to a roast the it'll be back and will be a candidate I'm hoping however that definitely could kick your right in the you know like he did this year yes and invited but wait he's going I may be hosting mr. myself it's I don't. All say yeah right now or your finger where it. I Malcolm has gone to no surprise he got it all right here good money to no surprise when two area that the contract Alice. You the details of this I mean obviously all the numbers copper all these guys are gonna be overstated its always. Here's the maximum value. Here's you know thirty million in guarantees like Ryan what's fully geared to think he got more than longer run I would face a litter I got a good deal he got thirty over three wood when he fully guaranteed. Butler probably you know the thirty million guarantees don't see the language of that how many years the is really guarantee probably too I'm gonna guess maybe get her mom really work papon's. Can work to Popeye is meant to west Alabama. Is doing okay he set for life his patience has has certainly paid off form. What's your take on the whole thing it it's a may I mean this is a mystery that we're never gonna get to bond of you know Boller is never gonna say if he's never gonna give his side of the story because it doesn't do him any good and and people you know energy guys before people in Tennessee reporters the American press and to order here bright and and dollar check will never given up because he's not gonna. Explain himself and he doesn't want to get more complicated Peter King said today he's been told that this is Butler had a lousy. Was playing out I think it's a an accumulation of things where Belichick probably lost his faith in Boller. I again I can understand you know promoting him for the game and sitting in for quarter whatever I don't understand using Johnson about a mostly. Over him on a key third down play in in the third quarter especially. When your defense getting shredded how you don't find some role for knuckleballer. And this is the strangest thing. And and that was somewhat from butler's camp but the calm by just taught you know keep check in and see how things are going in and. All of us a camp. He's you know his agent that is agent has a partner and you know that kind of thing. They say that after the Super Bowl Belichick wanted to Boller today you're held a competitor. What's. Next hour. It in its after the game itself when the dollar figure Alvin competitor is it possible that he forgot. That he was on the bench. Let's say given its Super Bowl and Bill Belichick yes it says please welcome while I would go Upton and compliment moments that always leaves us again Micah mocking her know like you know went went to him in the locker room afterwards and said in just say you're held and then I mean I don't know if it's true. But if it is that I was sad that even more than Mike Vrabel is getting hell of a competitor countries out that what they were good players that are tough tackler he's tough he's physical. And he's motivated. He's going to be good I'd be worried about the motivation. Now that he's been paid you know. Like what this is what. He's the whole world think seasonally and working towards some branch to the Super Bowl that's what is known for being benched for the soup now that was pretty savage. Crime was weird. Didn't it was a little sniffling wasn't like a unit it was and it was once I was broadcasting with a dual mode right turns drama and or yesterday it was a map I didn't go to in the Prius driving in the morning history here. Yeah I meant for your crime going to try and you. And so I think it's. All Smart she's when people's jobs they'll probably oh I agree I think some of us now it's now I'm with you agree a 100%. And then put it you know apart a mole people are criminal history to go so that's not a big you know England now okay on we do here all music still sucks I'm a lot closer to 45 minutes ago three zones while over under on how long it took a second but it's idiot shingles did miss a day of work but that's not trouble than normal rules were shingles and as the week. Is glad the guy that adults the injury on the sidelines and magically like the Paul Pierce market bell yeah and so that's going on shingles should run like that I can assure them of fraud. Yes so will we. Dollar check you consider Peter King sandy Kirkland handset spills its football decision. I think I'm well wolf this is it's that's only they set an unwinnable and if that still doesn't explain. Third quarter fourth quick 1000% other first town thousands of agree how many how many first announced that they have. A million we re you know gone over the numbers. He could've made one of those stops that the animals he failed to make for the third and third and six bad most of Honeycutt and had yet to tackle yet to direct them like why are white dress. Launchers to humiliate them honest and out of there today in case there's an injury they still needed the body right. Ed but they just demoted and made it put it in Johnson mattered most he spot you're now the fourth quarter and you're gonna play goner but as expressions even though I notional eagerly played 90% did not miss the playoffs. I'm tough I mean it's weird to help so what could have happened between Jacksonville and in Philadelphia what could've happened. That he said he got a happy at each and had. Horrible week of practice not the one leading after the game but the the first week and fox discipline part of it wouldn't make sense because I mean eventually with a played with a pitcher for the whole game and trashed imposed discipline that is accessible but they needed because Jonathan Jones is her insurer cheated the body. They just needed the body Jill because of discipline that you. I think there's an accumulation of things it has to be disciplined because he got. I'm back don't you finally sat fixes this performance but he can spit at that every kid that's having so egregious I believe I don't know that by now right it wasn't all on one time you heard and fight fight Belichick's kids or anything suspicious to you bull one about the illness in and going I mean yes and it seemed like a strange graceful about eighty flew on assault and I'm friends with pro football doc on Twitter David chow now he's the chargers team aren't rock. He said it was very suspicious that Boller wasn't on the team flight is even if you were sick. That the doctors seventeen flight you can easily quarantine him on the flight in the volatile and you wanted to be with the doctors now supposedly used in the hospital getting fluids whenever. You know maybe Belichick was pissed that Boller missed the team flight now is the final straw Jack I know they'll be revisionist history I know that the patriot nation will circle the wagons around Belichick. If pot or place they win the sample of all we I'm out I'm not ready to go there because if you look at all the big plate one after another. He says it is a good tackler he's physical player he makes one or two of those stops and they win. But on but. You know who knows what. All of main push is up and I had no arrests mean. I'm already is it a knuckleballer was the difference by. He couldn't it couldn't hurt to use him as the defense got straight I know is that you know he played all year didn't play in the were historically awful defensively superb absolutely that's I mean my gut tells meeting with a one to right is what we. It might have lost by more points my gut is that they would have won I got his Boller probably wouldn't help them much because their front seven was atrocious and couldn't they were character in her. On nick falls on game and that's what is all about that. I I I I got killed all week for saying that you know Richard Sherman I felt was more luxury than a need for the patriots games. I do think the patriots still had decent depth there with Gilmore and Eric row and I like Jonathan Jones I think he's got it could take a lot of knuckleballer snaps. So I'd kill for a while look at the super bully your your real genius figured that the issue is in the front seven. The front seven could not lay a finger on balls and no quarterback can be able stop the talent on offense if they have five seconds to throw the ball. Becoming chairman it is was a great core I mean. And how much much like the first nine or ten million dollars which is about what he got that's the law I don't know I saw what Joseph Thomas says it is he. Didn't think his contract was to dogs agree with me he rates we in my in my column on hundreds of shows I would do it yeah he he agreed in the that he what you think that Germany got he had hired a fool for an agent that he had taken a cleaners that the 49ers absolutely it's a chairman for let me ride when they draft those three picks in the top 63. Please don't trade one for prefix and that's okay when they trade those five picks in the top eighty. Will be mostly defense and a quarterback correct our help on the defense they need front seven how big time off the ball linebacker edge help. Perry got her queen she came Griffin where it. Obviously I'd be worried about hands you know that's kind of even happening right in order was no oral one. Who knows but the best orator and they've been awesome and he gets in there he sees a pass rusher yeah he's ridiculously fast he's what they need. Any chance any chance Robert Huskies not the patriots next year I think it was just an interview will now he's pessimistic take this can draft that you were prepared book rock. Yeah I can't believe we have a partner states are horrendous Jimmy Graham he is right now to comic shaking your podcasts and so again the devil's in the details so policy which in eager and really got but he got about ten million year end Trey Burton got eight knowing you're Trey Burton's done nothing in the balance for the Phillies special I only debt and to read a line twice new com. Trey Burton's. Career. It's like a bad season for 640 yards again as six touchdowns 600 yards in force careers it's right I mean I don't see yards a year if he didn't make the throat of fools would even anyone even know who he wants. He's a good athlete actually covered in Florida and I thought the patriots would he was a former quarterback he's a special teams guy has got like versatility in atlantis'. He's an. But is like an X Tebow Richard I I don't it was tight end Richard applying this WWE stuff dishonest no money played all right well yeah don't tell me that he's going to be action movie star but if you're telling me you know what. He's made a lot of money he's put his body to help. You know million dollars appointed we need some clarification. You know we are now. Very soon brown we. All the top tight ends are gone at this point so if they're gonna get another tide and will be through trader for the draft means bases studies and oh by April you era you know you spend and make a call I know it and Collins chairman and called you know around the trees grow up blow. Did they kick the tires and Jimmy Graham. Quote not to me that's nice guy that you know he's. At best days are behind him. A good fit in a dome offense where he does that the block like with the saints he's kind of a boss with the Seahawks I wouldn't want him here in New England. It is about prompt is the way with his contract they can Tera his deal and give the new one and it would probably be good for the salary cap. At least four million in in dead money over these next two years so they can rip it off he's not give a new signing bonus and make him happy let our domino no one is gonna say not only for him melt no different elicits Brady no one else is as imports of the concede to this across to infamy Brady another guy he you can rip up this contract give them a boatload of money is signing bonus and lowers capital was a Campbell Sandra this week and -- a point over the usually do you rate rise contractually I understand he's now 34 years older than last time but I mean army their now too but a lot of times the patriots even though they'd if they know there -- restructure Brady or -- to create cancers that do it after free agency. Is it still want to leverage well we only have so many east you know cap dollars to spend. You know when they're when did you meet additional that now as opposed to other years. I don't think you're rating possible Ali he's hang on for this big contract respect I mean they can't drop below that be one thing are we on the air. Oh man we get a power outage here Ramirez believe racquet on the air a week of if the powers on. At some of it is our next exit the that the cable in the in the in the in an. While that race and obvious not so subtle on the ransom for the Olympic ball got there and obviously child sex usually tonight I suppose to believe you are so you tell us what's what. Break why it was a matter for reply on your off we on the year where the fundamental now producers I had he not know right I don't know where we're back. It was a call 617 sellouts I'm gonna have you know he's seven tell us if we're on their creativity calls it gives us all I. We lost we ought to get our go hide your foreign 61777. 7937. Bowl and now toaster but this time killed drifter it's been a full details I smelled a neutron that he's okay. You can do that and Neil Diamond head as I was hurting I had it doesn't really think about it. People you work for bigger problem. Geragos got off longer we're saying earlier votes and Kennedy. Said these credit you got in order to play another executive. That's great. Yes he's my favorite program director of program is pretty laid back pro Unix explainable in force for me to us to understand there was a little confusing. What's the status here. We are all mere re ever fear. Idol tour for so crucial to what little jolt the winding what went away confused some powers on Sundays it's. We still have lights it's averaged turn the lights off circle know we lost the cable briefly. We did OK right now it's back. We have a generator that's the big talk like in my neighborhood some people of your government now. Philip we lose the power quonset refugee. My neighbor has when it's really loud arson cost. I talk to guys been like for grant and a program nurtures texted me several were never off here. Purchasing for break realities -- yeah you have very anxious for the bulls aren't paying attention. Six what's at focus on Crocker 779790. Three's have little cute pitched for the afternoon show again next night at your calls well we're. They call its twelve week when you look like it I feel sadness for her and it dollars bad influences. He's got caught up with the wrong people at Lowe's to get into politics here but I would do it here you know IE if you would it have been born here when I ask you football question. Like obviously ignited greater than Dixon hurt like and get it by police about what you're doing your counting your cat over gavel. We dropped a pair of 86. Oh that's right that was a so bad that Brady beat Jacksonville and played through five write this like it's it's really good at least five entering any time at me. That really want to put Montana back on top. I pray that sets us based receivable losses. Rice tells the combined the rev John there was there was Johnson had a brain I mean all the will canes and Stephen a Smith's of the world and and that's Kellerman it has narrowed through and so Max elements on your side that your defense I'm not saying that I agreement I'm just saying an area and a lot of people out that New England who usually get a good public hate him. It's all rated a great pros pros so if you're good Super Bowl in greats it was a better athlete embarrassed losing to Jack collecting I was raised kind enhance his legacy in twenty years. Brady will be better off saying he's fighting two hits and five victory and his sense finally as. In light years from now just threw for 500 yards three touchdowns no picks at acrylic blamed for the loss. And and that and you think that hurts his legacy. That's what you just said I think that there are going to be a lot of people now who. Further debate his legacy is not wait to get a lot of people do you view again Max Kellerman he's a moral. But Max Kellerman has a microphone and we're racist right knowing a little bank note ten people what are our dominate anymore I always had thousands did you do you think. You individually you grade Brady. Better worse or no different after that postseason run. Know don't rock know what what the answer was well wolf 1 o'clock they'll admin gets the best defense in the league in and threw for 500 yards in the Super Bowl. Will no different because RD had an as the greatest of all time. Would that remind you that's your phone is your 400 hours or so now or. Digital. OK got it. Sort of on the armagh a marvelous commodity so it doesn't enhance his legacy that you prove. We didn't start of the greatest is a case starting at the top it may be some days some won't come along maybe maybe baker mayfield will have a twenty year career when the bucks who pulls prop. So you still get to rank and still get that not ranking qualify him. Brady that performance enhanced his critics agree with please I'd only enhances legacy. How chronology the performance if the falcons enhances legacy going all the way back. You know the huge comeback in the fourth quarter the big stats 2.2 there were ordered the jaguars and enhances legacy and it's a championship. I mean it did to an extent but that's not even Tom Brady's you know top five comebacks of all rank Super Bowls obviously you know Montana and great performances rubles Brady probably he has won three of the cup I've. Definitely falcons the last threesome the Seahawks. And this in defeat this 500 yards to slow I would agree for some of the same boat you have to win for to be when the great performances ever outs for quarterback but blow when you know go when you look back on a school for 500 yards against the Eagles have played you can't play better needed basically based. Drought disagrees that's relics. Did do pretty wintry afternoon all people went off the rarely hear that drought in the afternoon that's true that's true sounded like drugs when he was on the ball after the headlines signal regency word said to the ethical and in the afternoon show which gives an idea of how much he joins us right. So what's and so we will give you some point to tolerate this thing because we we like Q you kind of think we appreciate delightful read and our relation we like yes and so will know and and you probably. Don't you wouldn't be good fit here every day yet you both talk politics said all you guys just talk too much so what we mean just. You guys kind of dominates bridge pieces around we get paid to do you go all right you've got to force should sell but I'm I'm a strong personality as well so tiny island ball. You know unload our an apology plus you'd probably not a morning person you're a sportswriter of the not morning people and you would like afternoon Geddes the cushy gig in the world because they're the whole thing science I'm right up perhaps he could you can do some rising after the he'd be perfect ports are. You know dale dale I filled in for you guys when around Christmas. I went it was mean did dale how did you like him to go ahead DOC like is it okay through lawyers yeah we did a few show did you like them. We got along okay forget that you've seen a lot better so I could we have that we end any differences of good good good. Have a issue with you which is good. Would you be willing to fight. Yeah fighting is good and and controversies it makes for good radio I'm like you are you guys happy. Political controversy down you know how to make statements that get John dad's been like. I think we sure do I'd be controversy just in sports though like I know how to mix it up with Boston's sort of curious do you own a dog he says I do owner of Canada. Not important to just its approval. Do you get that trend there whenever legally in America with us at a pre marriage doc I had my wife had king interaction with the dog yeah or does it mean to dogs think if you look. Did you like to line so we did a story for ten minutes on united airline a reordering the stock because the team and you had you had nothing. Was announced that went on to say I want to say your opinion your thoughts on road Dogg murder I mean it said it is adding Kirk is obviously on his trial on a neutral cute dogs to talk about that type of Stephen Hawking and astrophysics we talked about this is your phone twelve is this is that now I'm here to put our NFL free agency okay. Did you forget you're out because you're gonna be somewhat or I don't know what that the afternoon with no nighttime home I know how to get people riled up but I just wanna talk sports I don't wanna talk about what we're delighted to do you have any friends I mean that seriously and cost and I do you have friends and I and him so where you from in Baltimore Baltimore DC and DC so would you go home and you see your friends on the fox sports all of you never talk about anything but sport succeed we probably never talk about what sports right that's so why does is it our lives are boring now because. I don't see my friends that much to be just talk about our wives and critical days only English sports. No but I. To me is is a sports talk radio show us how bad days outside edit content and thoughts on what has got nothing to worry about you have to knew what exam missiles. That is that was wrong you said he's like a friend sir Russell I mean werewolves of them why and Portugal after Kirk. Well as at the end of the day means the end of the broad brush I'm telling me piracy borders and all kidding aside. One of the great podcast at two A plus job yesterday I was really impressed for did it shock and shovels out as well as he exits and we love plug them big big list was this is we have yeah Enron does a great job. But how dairy career as it seems kind of balloon animal rights and good stuff I don't think our I think you worry McConnell as possible to these areas are these the best beat writer in town. You ticket. Kind of protect repeat it but technically it calmed just take it to gap old tape that is so nice is where where should passion when you're sitting in the NC right now what regular Jeff well. That he has opinion bad spot why I'm not that you hate the phones are. I'm not a unit that sport on the seniority that's what we do here at the reality is I have nothing against a pound he's decided from the beginning and he was in a be Miami's so that's to protect the last text what you have this quartz on. You don't want that reputation that you gotta you have a laugh. Never never nevertheless after significant is no there's no that production is subject to bowl and the only yes that's my point I'd like enemies he's had to clear the way are saying is you could be on with a couple born eyes widening even my case it was fun and Mark Shapiro or guys that we've got to we're gonna be good. Haven't written a really got a goal we could got get such an opportunity. We had a male hosts he's a final at its mobile. So badly so we want you to exit the show to Lucas we wanna say it was for us let's leave four preferable here god you got thirty seconds and your case forget about wells. We're big personalities stat your way and you guys this the station has a lot of teen friendly radios you guys are pretty probe treaty pro patriots. Dale as pro Bruins a big needle balance to it and want to bring control involved you know Ben ball and as a guy who's not from Boston nodded doesn't Wear footed pajamas to bed every night and it looks at things rationally and is able to come up with some hot takes like anything the patriots should trade grainy cooks and you know we get a whole hour of radio of good radio. Out of tastes like that. You're like all right who I hear I. Don't you hear everyone tuning in right now across giving us a bluesy you have to capitalize. On the fact that people hate you yes embrace absolutely you do breaks out of the push it. You have to on the air pollution notches to print. People hate you. They don't relish. How and Boland. The sense that he doesn't like you. Nobody cares people EC east he's afraid to say something like care my bosses. That's the problem I hate your bosses my everything like I. Actually there you go again what is your holds and what she talked a global suddenly get yes that is he on the what is news is we waited to Bob we're the Bruins sure we'll kind of watch that would. Cal cal bears a sea of barely golden bill golden bear and I want to be cal Stanford game features at the end at the picture. It's as you go yeah right. Editors this that's actually. That's primary today the stock to Brian I like you're helping flesh. I thank you don't don't you want amused by bust out of this'll Shelly doesn't I don't think he's like a big extrovert so can we write. Can we arrange this can get a shot in the afternoon yes I'll make it work you guys are management. Is it a weakness tail off number one is we may have happened and number two because born anticipated so let's make that happen I done good. Brian what's up. What's gone on at this morning. Good morning first or talk on that Mosley got for awhile you have fantastic radio band ball kind of suck they re not. You know I think you got they've been pushing pretty hard I'm just cut kind of tired and not always you know little little. He's recap everything we just said today given. Else thought I'd want all of the talk a little about or else and I'm not really sure why there's been a logo at all laughter. He's too old he's hurt. He would need outside receiver. Yeah slot guy and he's the right color. That's it and six stories not exactly slot is an outside receiver. Went to sentence the Astros fought that holds a listener he. It's our last two settings. Two bigs and outside receiver. Terriers. Are. Just this act. I mean he's sticky three catches for forty's you are seven and that's take its fourth final. Oh Willie not a slot guy knows exactly. I mean he's a broke you know he's 32 the Packers just went out and Victor Cruz. Off the feast year Aziz. Does the at bat he. In baton rounds of badly cord I don't think it's gone from like slot guys yes well you mass release need what is in the news. Christian for Israeli ambassador met its short one at this point oh that's tribal honestly right. Well known for a lot more admirable. And no classic yes so widely in the hash this whatever this thing is out yes yes being hashed down gonna try to understand people go to jail. Protecting their sources that. Or is it bouncing. It's very it's very frustrated but we don't know the story do we restore these do you do then well I guess not no picture of how else for a tells who told him. You know when he told them what happened and if you're just tuning in some people take their jobs journalists fiercely that would be one scoops and hand thank you. He broke the story this morning picked up by Florio by the way and my so obviously go back to find out that of the sources Catherine Webb argued for a year groups. He did LaBroque other and reported that AJ McCarron is coming to New England to start. It's correct OK we're gonna over this thing that nobody understand grammar of the report that your calls as well since he exits the 7937. Last segment with a bowl with four. It shock you on the fancy to the united. You sent America. Just thought just take it they keyboard that's what you think you know not that far we got shot and I would you go right ahead. Hey guys I the only good thing listen I'm not fat man living in New York. In this Christian Fauria yet nice neglected boy Abbott deal didn't mind that shouted at yes but it died well paid back. We are finally at long last resolve something I don't care about congress and I I literally don't you care. And I said before we get to that that I'm I wanna commend Corey for one thing you know he's obviously. On some limitations. Pranks that gone a rot I can't think of I love your limitation I think you should do for those guys are all right. I figured never ever let up on that order him I was so right you guys are the show which I write in that meeting did that or weigh in orbit claim even speak to that. And the phone was sitting there and hurt at all I kid you guys to keep the nurse at such as that the rule. Because the only two people talking in the world literally I just wanna get on the plane and go home. Do you guys usually usually fuels we exaggerate these things that I. Because yeah I think you do because it was he was right next to across America what I think they were legal problem with favors what does he stays left pocket all things that I. Listen I would sit there with a phone sitting in a hotel in Florida listening pal Glenn it's only. To step in that now owns taco or bode well Twitter is when you hadn't had the and he shouldn't be. That. And so sure. Yeah. And she's going OK I don't know who you are and her vote to launch official let the select Christian host the show as orderly and our original music you can keep that up for four hours I can do that art Solis what can we may remain can we please let's just whistles than what's your turn into what what is the issue don't ask. Visitors it thank you many issues re okay but that the main what is the the White House and yourself not me. No one knows how we talked about it on on my show. Because the guys he is and what that would happen right now you know it I heard a bunch of different things from budget for people and talk to other people other reporters. Which I told Ben about as the guys what's unclear what hope is to not throw for that and that was it I think I owe you know it's true or not. OK I do like I do most exits I want somebody else do the work for picture so bad then there are so he's got boots as they just let you know it is true why pet. Because I don't I guess that I asked all the people before I saw back in your view of the date of course is doable and Edmonds scored also quickly back through an attempt I can't ask him a tired so like I started my brother dies out crappy kind of like forget about it. And I heard marshals and I'll be asking now. So called Jose Joseph used on McCall right away while on the bus to the mall. That's what I said. Moving forward. Mario about him our laws are and here's here's an endless filling in for him on his own child with real I was. I was in here in the morning shows industrial design across activities during the crossover. Originally. An older person was looking for. I let's look at some clearly very safe out there clarification that was its Internet and I'm sad it's true I'm not liberties Izod with you yes that is it was kind of like that chuck was top economic well given the Borges thing. I'm guessing right that the that we don't know the Borg thing happened after that. So what suits them but that's the story though so when lows in Fort Myers. Lose at Fort Myers and Shaughnessy Maryland that's a that you guys down there we count there shows in the wind yes okay so that all happens what do think should he says. It's a loop is yet for trying to break bull or some like whoa whoa whoa wait a second call what TM like what ethnical group. And wants to bring this fall and that's what. He's going on dude like I holds what the deal was what you might not either you're not telling you purposely trying or your life to ignore an op. That's all right. Either way. Exit artists what are differently just done an at bat. What's this story kind of dangerous. It was it's an interesting story and what wasn't. And as a story this surface cents. No no I have a lot of holes and hit it wrestled some people can't ask. Ask you about what you I don't know OK I don't know I face like also my other friends in the media because we're all connected in some ways similar form have you heard about. That eight. Played it's a little prank angle to me at first place you know with the tongue don't. But that more amorphous sort of the second phone caller seems like you were fired solo post Lou gets you back in and out I hear I was near the time I was so hot surface in our policies are so so dead gorgeous thing happened after the Super Bowl and that's when I sent out the tweet and so Shaughnessy I saw him at consumer watched and seen him since then we don't hang out you know. As CNET patriots event so when he was in Fort Myers. I had called in and say hey I just had this or I had this conversation with Fauria a week ago. And whirlpool that no idea so. The Mountain View this is like these are dangerous I just had I don't call everyone in my iPhone tell Malden conversations I understand that. So we you know Christian our press only says I hadn't got stopped. I don't either one of your. Personal look at you when you draft talk. I thought I was like I want you to go a long enough you don't know exactly apologize imitate or play in his name that it went in to a whole I'll tell you you he's gonna rip Glenn did you like we default sections of the or criminal or as we know Glenn treats women the same as all. Under this it affinity equal up to pretender here grab them jumping all gotten off grew older total. Way to treat that tow truck is only okay or now. We're good enough to figure out fired our waters and you know well he was an act Shaughnessy initially. Today and I'd just on some issues. Goes I don't district that I think it's okay people around and just gonna this week I'm down okay that's a little admirable what is actually called I called right away I saw you now hot sports is sort Arabs at the source your anger there or because he's like perpetuate this like talk to media like everybody talks to the media everybody in the media. Talks to everybody I heard it by the way as musician anyway and Jerry was your you know your student US or for him. Not and I hate questions answered here's here's what I'm hearing. If you could tell me outlook on Oprah's tour while at ten how big this relief was told mom. I don't know what you think seven is the idea of a bit but it was there you know it's not shortages. I I think it's. Now that not a Christian and I passed and I I think there it's. It's deadly toss it hadn't been able to confirm its that's why we ousted their tire stores that we can that's my helmet shockingly. It's a good job you're the great costs of Mohammed cannot find out believe me how fine and in blue and these guys Thomas told the guys you tell me off the hero not from California and you have my word I would never do I don't ever there. I'd before he leaves him in camp wants to grade bulls' performance Alter it the slight the Tuesday globe. Well yeah. Mean money Tuesday morning partly different Greg Muster had more immediate lawyer and that there. Glad ten. Roland always gets a cease crypt keeper. I. Almost no fly a lot of public might get. Tar ball by the white. You. Ron Borges was set up you can't be sure about when you keep calling the sake yeah I know I know super duper. War. It's such apologies were you or we'll media court. And you're beyond the you know Parker that's when it taken now probably right to sleep. Found my brain doesn't work so warnings had originally and having reacted to discuss any rain is set to backfire I don't see that's that's the worst but I. They were the only need to know what the story out you know defiant and he's teaching. C'mon you should be why we call like Hannibal LaRue referred to sounds a key calls right. I I talked to a few people not Brian Hannibal went for sank just Ayatollah sudden can't trust all. Coming knowing he works right now obsolete not right he's the guy confirmed or plenty obviously. The foundation. Assistance from one mobile phone calls. Michael my short Brookline and Michael. Are you going guys good morning. Armed. Two quick things one of Malcolm both the reason you didn't get into third fourth quarter was as he did make a play on the question of why you didn't play ball game would be football. So what I know who else who can win the Super Bowl who cares stupid. Talk about Belichick and his ego about the reason there. Talk about may be siding characters. Is that Brady and Belichick still get along. This is another way for. Belichick does stick it to Brady by getting rid of his buddy boy here and that's why he wants the carrot we took Cardoso was pretty always get rid of another Britney think. It's awfully awfully close. Talent and his rating. Is Brady and the breaking point because I mean apparently not like cattlemen's take this and they trade at a little truck retires to pick a pay him or if they don't give in the patriot of the week award that you develops them. The lips mean. And all is gone. Ian Lewis on. Its older might be gone sold or be debate on Brian Hoyer. Might be gone on in pre cares much of course when he likes it would take it depends who cares he's here playing. The backup quarterback doesn't matter. So chipping one of his body are matters when instant drop we have all booked for the bad for the afternoon show you next week this would able it will have confirm or C assume all you could thankless yes later this Connecticut thank you remain that is our response out forever just Treo is is the worst for your bird to poll options yes and absolutely think he. Appropriate way to. That's worse than curves has meet Dennis which has great story or what Las Vegas Strip. And others were some where you hamburger and Las Vegas and it's a perfect. We should play them on an idol season 617777937. Hour for Kirk Callahan is.