K&C - Weinstein's contract enabled sexual harassment; Who will be the next manager of the Red Sox?10-13-17

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, October 13th

Hour 1 - Harvey Weinstein's contract allowed him to perform the discretions he performed. Candidates for the Red Sox managerial position are discussed.


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It's Kirk. I personally feel it's very important to lose. Powerful. And frankly the NFL should have. Suspended him for one game at a would have never done it again the owners should be demanding this not the President Obama also rose. The road from peoples country to make statements of protest and have every right she'd. You're not honoring stand for the flag that you won't plot it's Kirk Manhattan that he knew boards keep her arms and. Oh yeah. Fat. I just wanna you know laugh about the very. I am just just. Senior nation it was. Your picture and had such great relations with Kate that groups those talk have been played sound on the talks orders and Veres and Gerry Callahan much in the all right much Friday but the point of that was. Send Charlotte to one. Months them so little hair yeah idyllic but take his clothes off and as she gets out there chainsaw to come from. You need you need of a rope I'm not quite right I might but if you enjoy the rest from your wins. Enjoy the rest of your Thursday and through the rest you'll find on Sports Radio telling you. God you know life. Gases get in the shower this flight tonight to celebrate her birthday boys that's their big birthday present she gets long watch our backs against the hot water bursts. In the lush ya girl that's because you're white it's a show that he had waited all set up her birthday yours or it's very day he's been issued we will birthday list number one was she wants go see stronger is not too strongly it's been good takers see that's good and number two with a Muslim shower with third. For well he's been overstating it got to read the fine print them. And if you just finish our daily news on our side of the wave right. Calls you you can get him in the shower that's yeah. It and there it is it's gonna sound like right there is no power tools and your no no no no mud. Is the impact Hamas he really cares about when it looks like his body I do see. Normally when he showers and you have far right you have like classic slash hour week as you can see your reflection on now. I could see you making love to sell in the next hole that we yet yes it's and one of the things we've already built in his clash our Allenby errors on the ceiling in the shower. On because the only option I wanna see once again I wanna see him. I'm surprised a lot of that's one fed expenses one of pathetic bird. A movie in which our. Do you think the parity accounts or PS sorry I thought I don't know I don't know if I started gift I can't read AA expensive boat and take a big blow when I look at anything else it's like yeah it's you know why you could rent tonight small boat UN as he. Are you getting any money you get your gift yes you get a gift. You get a shower to forgive sinners oh who put it aloof wooded boot comfortable around the color falafel run out of he he met Lou for a pinnacle of lawful. You want to do is one of those in turns one of his victims they falafel rub happily and nothing if not sensitive enough a lot of culturally simple a pilgrim bill sandwich or somewhere isn't falafel a known I've never had an operating when and its strategic Ian. To be what ground ball. Into a ball and that's that's like fried Fries and Alex and put a lawful thing on her primary. Guys it's so romantic and I know there and I waffle on not mixing enough food this. I feel I feel bad for Bill O'Reilly and Donald Trump because they get lumped in with Weinstein and he's worse and so are his words he's a monster he's rapists these. We don't do this I try to do this without mossy blossom must on this bowl with us on so generally. Fairly honest he knows that night he knows as the worst the worst of the worst. As. Oscar nominated may be an Oscar winning actress Emma Thompson said on the BBC yesterday. It's just said no one out. Atlanta. It. It doesn't matter you don't have to be as bad as Weinstein to be terrible you distill it down here I would agree I would agree there are all terrible but this guy's going to prison that's the difference yet he and yeah I use it as a unit to another level you're gonna see him make up call -- never seen between the NYPD. LAPD in the Fed's he is going to do hard time I cannot wait nobody in the new year it's been hired for him and hired. Yeah he just wants a second chance he's been on this reign of terror for thirty years at least. And yet he's asking for a second chance. I love my new favorite act of signatures of moon bat is this Rose McGowan got loafer. Tuesday and scream. She's a nice example that he's on TV show issues we know she is which is on the par which at which showed yet what we choose seat that's all she didn't know but she's on fire she shaved her head it. She's average fine thread for a movie I believe this is she's not a bad looking woman not she's not getting it attractive a live aid. Parts not anymore she's. Should it did script ready to go hotels and has once he came out and which is going to be an apple might not even sure she was the first I give them most and most think of much of the credits roll Farrow who wrote the story for NBC news and NB CNBC. The most corrupt media outlet in history you wouldn't run it because they're totally in the tank for Weinstein they should be. They should be ostracized by decent people everywhere these NBC you should not watch NBC should not watch it should not patronize. What about senator football you sound like you sound like somebody else in this country I can't put my watch out who it is. Read the details of what NBC did they they they tried to stop him. We're going to pay for zone camera crew. On the fairer to do these interviews with Weinsteins victims the fix was in like never before. Like eleven start in the first place but that's the way I I think he might have done in on the zone a mean clearly it could edit it out and everybody is doing it for NBC yeah I mean obviously it's a great story obviously it's unbelievable explosive story NBC wanted no part of it because they are a bunch of ideological. Like minded souls they love Weinstein and they knew he was a they obviously knew wings a two run Farrow broke and I believe had seven women on record this on everybody who's now at that reading all these stories terriers that course it is of course everyone in Hollywood news or clams that would Barack Obama knew. Michelle Obama and Jane Fonda on the of course change the course they did they all knew just get ready for everybody knew everybody covered it up because he was. Good liberal he's a good. Rich liberal. Powerful rich liberal let's stop with the civil violence go to the powerful and I'll get arts event part of it you think if you wanna take a look it was it was a big from supporter or say bush support or whatever you think he was not a good liberal that he would NBC did not want to get sued that's abandon all and the zoo. And it was a totally as he would that he Hank this that this was not about that a little about guesses about power like byte just like it was along these actresses. It was about power Harvey Weinstein wields power in his job they raise United States they would Mel Gibson and that's a bad comparison because season it was an actor and I'm famous got to say it was some are richer. One of the Coke Brothers now alliance and O'Reilly O'Reilly stuff that covered appears as well by Sunday. By whom in Panama yet paid people off the same thing. O'Reilly wasn't isn't in this guy's league nope sorry and asked if hey hot chocolate. There called some woman hard chart I mean I care about Riley got what he deserved this guy's go to prison cannot wait NBC will never recover its reputation optic Errol they care about is protecting fellow liberals that's what's important to them. But it is just begun this is just begun in on this rose went down when is the tip of the spear god bless her followers on Twitter she's crazy she's. On fire she just wants revenge and love and love revenge on rehab in Europe. It changes by terrorism that would make sense you just ask that he had eight they would never come back QB he could stay there with his filling me degenerate liberal Roman plants act I -- together and I thought he would have gotten kept him out of prison please go to Arizona he's got it going that these classic hugged him somewhat tighter and last night. And of Jesus see who is still repair and I do feel bad for every victim because they're gonna see that things. Smell that pig in their nightmares for ever. Mean he has. You ruined lives he has ruined Lyme Disease indicate beckoned sales staff yes seventeen year and it teaches that in dean. I I it never occurred to me that this disgusting human beings think and I would be interest but but even better than that he meets are again years later and passed an Ascot like. A basis I rate yeah got a experiment on this so many times he. Critic of seventeen. Kids. A beautiful gorgeous stunning seventeen year old and this monster has paid this degenerate low life is forcing himself on like. It's part of the deal he wanna be an actress you want one big parts is what you have to do service this. This this. For humanity. I mean. It's just so disgusting and it I it's not you know this disgrace is not good enough we need prison. And out you know you're gonna he had prison here and again a heart attack in the next three weeks the media and some sort of medical editor dad dad. Good damn good that they should let them commits it was says Michigan's bill opens in some pills and razor and said and it all you Apollo. He's got all these people around him now this is its candidate getting it works for him Jerry's right it's gonna get worse for guys that applicant is more more than storage from out of all these people that knew all the people that are respected. At some level as though. Whatever they do in Hollywood actors actresses they all knew they circled around this guy. And yet they won a lecture us on the president and Republicans and this is why when they stand up at these stupid dinners and these award shows. It's just ignore ignore all the car yet this can't be again out of jail free card the reason to separate things he's a paid. But it's hardly hi Susan it out if there is Vick if there are victims Hussein in what these people said don't bring tomorrow I don't care. Protect them but nobody I've never seen. Predator in this guy's league. You mean because and and no one else could because they'd be systematic contested this adjusts. Years ago right. I mean literally we have missed its roots in his contract this contract allowed. For sexual harassment as long as an item yeah they had levels of payment date he had to make. To pay off the victims without losing his job or his company. Like the kangaroo court like I'm most remarkable thing you know wells is in that was eyeballs is sleaze bag brother and who called the and who called them out but he knew about this for decades. Trying to protect the problem is we need the Weinstein for him and all the weed them all the whole house cars to come that we need them all in Orange jumpsuits. In in sing sing it or not. Lines this this. Echo Carol's here you know I've always assign blame this on George so I think it's expected it probably. To outsource spent it its errors and problems like this animal will to a source insisted that Nazis so I mean he doesn't get worse than that executed. Help the Nazis and find the Jews I mean do you get a more and get them worse human being in the he's you know. The contracts and as long as Weinstein paid for all this stuff constitutes a cure for the misconduct in no further action can be take a month translation why I think could be sued over and over again as long as he wrote the check. He keeps his job. That is as bad as a means that people think the bars to conflict zone untoward. We see in your contract you can. Yes it does have raped as they rapids as harassment. Treated somewhat improper leaders is a violation of the company's code of conduct I don't know what the code of conduct was. But he had to reimburse. Time Warner classic for settlements or judgments and it's like it's a concussions each one's worst in the last so it you know. 11 harassment 200 grand the next ones those two would be to 50000750. And finally a million dollars million dollar reached one after that antitrust officials assigned Susie knew we can get away with that any new. I get all the funny Billy also harassing these women and it's kind of settle out of court nobody. When the heart attack be painful clearly be a little like a stroke back half recessed that yes yes you know while telling he's gonna die taken lots of medical issuance and the hospital is so long term creek treatment center. And those go and will be Donald except that no sign of the you know the support in the sympathies completely gone in non Hollywood is citi's Celtics have failed because they're all protecting her own ass you think Ben Affleck and protect yet any you know business that's got his own issues right now. Then I guess zone so as Matt Damon and Benz or worse but they all have their own issues because they're protected him on tape. On video in front of huge crowds they all. Are given the all responsible to some level. And so I think that you think they're gonna protect them how yes and I know. Ouch circle around chances notes this hills it was sacrificial lamb what they'll do is they'll protect everyone else who was who rise doing this. This kind of behavior build. Protect those guys until their names Scotland as Weinstein start trying to take these other people that's it they they all do like what I value I was ready yeah that's it and you did ignore could. They George Soros was not a not. That now that was announced by Jewish he held that has been debug and I'll start with Alex Jones now I don't know it's don't know I've seen him say lawyers I saw him now say that it's a false one hall is true false I mean you slash fourteen yet they're not quarterly news older than the picture that went around on line of in supposedly you know like. Whatever you'd move Watson whatever uniform which is not now I'm it was a long form music hit. He was a kid is in the it was on supply and indeed about to send them just as I did survive but he's not he's a fourteen year old Hungarian Jew right. And in whose choice is not turn on his people is that even when back creation and Alex Jones and end all wars that creates a tamales to send back George Soros again yes that's what you do because he's basically I ask him on Friday morning to the items that size stick to tell everybody with sue an accountant fuel a if you nailed. YST one of these like three days ago said he needed to get help and he was gonna focuses attention on going after the NRA. That's the mindset of the Weinstein that you've invited salmon and left of the NRA all the moon bats in Poland Soros and tomorrow and I was gonna kick to credit back. Like Meryl Streep and remember to mossy Reimer would have his back it's always going after the NRA yes that that actually see real Reyes for me because that's like that's just helping the country that's how dumb he thinks you are. Mix well he won't give me a break of us and going after an outrage I've read it now it's like let's hear about it. What do these ain't over let's say shower and a massage what's the big what is shall I shall not and I I agree pot potted plant. I will too far there restart to send your DNA into plants and say just sit here watch this. I don't dull. The unedited and you don't that's that's realize what he's capital not a wife is gonna who's been watching like you know entrance of Arnold potted plant tonight you know I don't know known her favorite things will be a joint activities you can always Cecil cheesy policy watch coach once before Christmas John she wants to shipment spec that's the highlight every year. While she can't wait shaped my own back I get done myself do you go to dinner just the movie and then back to the challenge. One of doing. Dinner at the house with the kids and my give baby sitter and go out for a while ago see stronger right support our guys back and Xenia you've taken and Hoover right or not. Yes we are yes of course always available right there on the rights are for now you'll probably the movie's awesome awesome. Way. We have so hard Harvey Weinstein we have an amazingly. This does not just reached the level of having your wife. On Twitter and defend you. Is that similar Harvey Weinstein would you have to that. Selena known and unknown and that you wouldn't care now at all now import attacking me. Wouldn't wouldn't just have bird count would raise it up and out there does wouldn't enter my mind that I mean god bless the lovely Jane Skinner. Defending her husband I what do you think that's a scandal I mean it's it's it's funny it's funny in them and I assume lots of people have. What do vehicles per country once Kevin Durant got out and as a guy who haven't defend himself on its agreement Twitter. With fake accounts you knew this is gonna happen everywhere my question is who's got a beard this office. Who is likely to have a burner count defending him or herself the W media well we don't see how does that LM defending me and yeah yeah. Unclean. Church offend you hadn't yet but she's become a season real and spectacular that some of the images work effort to. Well god could take a lot of work you might get caught you'd have settled in how big of Elliott at the log into your main allies on the AdAware and post stuff then log out and my bag no way that's too many steps I always thought I mean I. He could build two and and she sees him take a mismatch he seems like a very nice person all the in accounts she here. Up in Maine. That she's very nice he's not heard dale says the same thing that people Helen that she's nice he's not a feel the inner circle and me in your part of the elite high society. In I don't he goes on anymore I think the V bar school crowd I dislike difficult but I was there's a plane I was on all is close I was on the golf course among two months ago. And it went right over me I try to get a picture but it didn't. The plain forget where it's at some. Good bills clown college in. Clark he clown shirts would then they're everywhere up their own that he goes out to dinner anymore nobody goes to. Jennifer's anymore 'cause he got heckled and chased out of essentially at a and a for a couple of years ago. He was just accused by himself got a few things but people started chanting I forget what is that. Story true that strikes me I mean they didn't want to say that's probably not true. When should we put it past patriot fans are raskin Dell. In an effort yes I believe because they're cowards Syria I think in person to person may be calibrated for what's he gonna do. He's not gonna find them he's gonna back away or is yes so exactly but I do somebody yelled enemy watchers. But just they don't you know what it's like can be uncomfortable patriot fans can be vicious and it's a much bigger. And deal and just in Foxborough Boston its global for patriots fans and Adele. Cologne nice quiet in Europe there I don't see them you know didn't know unscathed. Those three guys and ranchers mean. Almost forgot poor guys New Hampshire got coaxed into a by Brian McCarthy PR I we're with you that did it here here's Roger Goodell can't guy to a bigger picture record. All wheel is your camera we're gonna pose an instant in two seconds later ironically. That is one of the pictures that Jones Smith. And also known as Jane Skinner responded to. I Jason gay tweeted out Roger Goodell three guys will be disarmed by their families tomorrow. And surest auto why everyone's so immature including you I just enjoy the kick off that this season there L I did and that she cared and I never get the sense she cared for like like my wife I don't know usually exist plus your job. And I've watched her on TV all the time she was a regular on who rightly Chicago. And then she just decided her husband's making forty million a year she didn't you don't work anymore but to go on Twitter defender of and I think the you know she spends a lot of time in their little lovely little beach house but he doesn't so I think he's busy I was one of those kind of deals with. Keep you know earn and ability to sleep well. And I didn't think she the affect her husband took a lot of abuse on Twitter Dan once a year and cherish our students on her birthday on her and say what this means that he was taken this stuff all this means that he was coming home and complaining about that is an annoyed about the coverage and she's going after. Pro football talk and Jason gale these national writers. He was annoyed by the cupboard TJ elegantly us faster that's right there and deflate K that he was like. Worried about what everyone was saying about one dollar and I did a good job with it but if his wife is feeling she as the need to comment on it on social media under fake name coach who believe that. He was taken some of the dead animal I don't know if I'm sitting there saying over dinner sank the dammit it's the pro football talks after began shut up well I saw you scroll through shows. She's wallets he must be taken to heart all the criticism she had Toobin who's in each defending her guy that's her husband. Others say it's it's just funny it's not seers who whole idea that but this is down 2017. As we go forward be more mortgage were more higher profile guys she's not logic tells slight hesitation not like Al Horford sister though she's not like crazy. She gets she's like an hour for a she's not vulgar. Also why she's you know with kindness entertain me. She only would come out arc kind of weird to not a morning person Cyrus and that is the color can present it curves you boy I should go and member of so what happened you know I knew who helped start to. They don't trust shall come out and she addressed the viewpoint. James Skinner could do you know armed the bill's wife she could do interviews and she's there and articulate and Smart good looking and police chief says six officers were killed including the district's top. Top. Effort to clean the whole thing yesterday on the on the afternoon shall we just discussed an integral out. Okay they DI AA said it dale I've been wild man didn't like and evidence is chicken I mean it's that's saying it purposely thought it's not using it in the phrase of so so they can do it until a solid week and a music cock and law and he can go for. Of all of the agency that they get old enough they'll suspend its. Just keep it takes its notes Keefe and sang a keeping kids who lands that would be awesome thing waved them on for Florio for us to talk about dale. No I'm my goal in life is that the bill into English the NT we think. I think ally that's had a way to a little under 3 and 4 o'clock. And it was etiquette. You like to do that show more than to partner does teases trying to she's never there. Augusta can in my there was not this week my aunt is in town sorry can't do it she's gonna do for excuse you know kids are. No job wants another homeless beaten yeah it's gonna go out homeless children. She loves. Every Saturday and eleven appreciative something else that you get rats shows go where to go away she really elegant and Aggies start out on the show. Died Kirk and Jerry made trying a star she got a TV show you're going to be left in the dust my friend you're gonna be doing that show the host of elections if any right after us to leave that show. I would be gone like. She has a little way and I wish last night that a full four hours or did she just decides that. She has this show once a week and her five nights a week TV that's enough. If I ever added that decisions every day. I think it was we can hand that thing to buck and Reamer we could hand it to Bradford now morality into game you. They don't need me you know need me there. You'll Roemer and it's an Lucia and Tomas as one would be foolish human do crumbs house is something that vets that now that has now it's going to be anywhere else that's the prick with John what have been on this is gonna I'm going to be on five out of six days missed are you okay and you wrote to weed out at 1130 I was so stupid looking forward to the I think it was a bonus the term they were trying to. Spice up the turn to must experience and the we're gonna bring a first you do with the you know when he turned it down on its forget Roemer who's in for a few times. There will use more of a felon yeah so Mark James was the in this series they've that was never broke yes and was I don't know I don't know I'm I believe you when I'm saying is that was never broached with me to our detractors call for desperate measures like you have the that used to have veto that. I would have put that as a test absolutely you know I like doing an elegant do. And we do need to after this latest or not and I've I'm a little trick could go right haven't allowed myself. That degree they can have bad as do it was definitely true because I was told the last two days that they were considering Mark James ray a weekly Monday through Friday. Potential was spot on what I think you would have heard of it nights here on the station late on Friday nights that we saw here Friday morning true what does this guy note you play. Like pictures that Weinstein he did he did either one show here yeah it was only ones who was off. Or some good moments acts take it easy. Everything will be just fine. Did the one mistake complained it was one calf alleged. It was three games in the C Aaron rents are slow to three asylum. He's at a hockey left as they don't porridge it's too early or not he asked them if they also find some battle. Worry about the Sox yankees he sounds that a central casting for fox sport William Blair about if you put you could drop dead on Saturday afternoon. On you fox sports radio and I believe it was a show so. All the years I traveled to Tampa with the Harold cover in the Sox. He would always come up to name to hear anything about 80 I am opportunities radio you know. I mean he introduced himself and I talked him a few times and really know anything about them dismember think of mine and good luck to wanna show in Tampa couple times now than we kind of gravel that was that was that was like Weinstein wants he got in trouble peoples there come out of the woodwork to a we've got all these tweets that between those real name. At that women marked as the snare effort as us and it's there and somebody city get fired for asking for autographs. I had to confirm that that's an of the older Atlanta journal constitution. So stock. John's loss and Johnson and ask for who's not like players and Oscar and the Mets locker room your assessment for players he's in you can get a job likeness and if you just got fired for some. But big in place for autograph back on are trying to make your home for me I'm an accident I don't know him he has some connections he must announced the appointment you hear on the radio I would say talking government's campaign seemed fine seem like much recently generic radio as like I don't know how you go from Tampa robust and good luck to you Peter and ask you to walk around the ballpark and look for checks. As well move now one of its producers. Who used to market EI in Providence cities to walk round ball parks. I'm with him looking for chicks in I'd rather them do that than normal locker room asking for autographs. You know I asked for an autograph now and we you do neither did ones know you did I did but I had good reason. Vernon Wells followed the ball off my laptop. And he smashed it and I caught the ball and counseling and I just spot the laptop. As I went down to the clubhouse after is the only senator Don Imus. With the ball asked him to generic questions that I didn't even write to me it's too as I design and they got to leave you to my laptop that was you. Huge amounts and it's oats on my desk so I did I broke broke I broke rules. Yes I know Donna you're right that's the only autograph an idea I. Did it actually it's I didn't ask. Personally for an autograph I asked. Johnny Pesky if Bobby door my father's idol on Father's Day it was in Fenway it was an old timers. And asked Johnny if Bobby would no sign autograph my father and sure it blocks all that we grabbed the ball pesky as you know was greatest guys in history. He walks over and above we doors to sign this boundless natural signs that I'm like being like. Cool I can you know give us tomorrow filer. Fathers they loved this low bar the door. It's. Two on it and correct me democratic action and he goes on to get him to point Ted Williams. And like yeah sure. Walks over ten waved scientists in them just interrupt the crowd through a crowd around that it's just kept our consigned him to pack went holy crap. And get my father and we've Bobby doable. And then Johnny and Tibetans know you've got a senate to pass on Johnny's and it's I'd pesky Williams and door on the ball but it little in my doctor. And all of them was there a China you don't think that's good enough out and his eyes beautiful game sort of you know the other track six and this was well before the teammates but that was the greatest Father's Day gift I ever. Ever gave them. That's that's fair that you and Hamas he just gave Oki reasons ask if you are graphic pictures now we're not asking for those. You're asking for the money normal basis walking visiting locker room guy on the boss that station or and irritate me. I find something else to do. I'm in the wrong saw his Twitter was all famous people and that's all the tweets is x.s and things opens you know one of the things with famous people are racers and camper. Football coaches to wrestlers to rest was Chris Heidi good job when that injury history. He can sell these wrestlers and has the autograph small locker room only what they want the job and as they'd I would say watch NASA in the gives a pretty good idea who won the authors of one of the marching stories you somatic Bradford and for for reading the text and mocking them she actually it went on FaceBook and set how rate and how a professional Jerry Kirk were. And and rob and I were I Casey Dick's MO three it was close Eric that's there amazingly got in trouble for and Jerry cart guys of the good guys here. I don't think Mark James have been fired for that sexist that's sexist to say she got a week suspension. A British have been fired toward its creepy I mean was it should be fired I don't adversity and you should be fired and now I don't want to in this case because rob Knight read the back and forth he thought that was sexist in the church call rob paid there was definitely sex than mature but it was good to connect. It. I that mean he got one week suspension that's discord at the Gary Rwanda back on backed him another chance whatsoever that these two McDonald's and one back. Does add guests. And I W a guy looks and I animal. March game from you much more comfortable than element that you that it. Sure more let's look a lot during headlines Kirk is not units were due to worker kids I'm unsure. Ambulance. Namely business if you buildings people drive. Means that reared me anyway and at least they expect you should be. Crushed. I'll go back to bed knowing one's face today that would be honored me that on shirts supple place and his podcast yesterday did what he's done mail bags and and he rips on you so much that you don't not reply on him in this. He's wrong colonel Kimmel slobbering on the on the podcast you will and would the end I think about it you don't say a thing about it that's a disappointment it was an emotional well I don't think it was worth I have little uptight we're sorry about podcast is great to white a mocking him for I'm telling you you should mark four would mock units now movie. You'll just roll over and grateful Eric here a year process craftsman did know him for that. For crying again on his on the curriculum for that shooting killed ones that's not one of his career advice. And import we will ultimately we will do that it will place among but highlights yesterday up about me you'll get into tomorrow sees column where he's advocating. The dueling back and forth and and we don't unlock keys through these Tomas makes a case one guy he's wrong Bradford goes through. Both. It's it's pretty good one of what was right one of bones and it on this Red Sox manager at some news on that. It is that he's against me him feel you may get sued news is on the Red Sox manager soon as today 617779790. Threesome with Kirk and Allen and Okur. Sports Radio to be yeah. Show knows once again we are privileged to have balanced score. On the Brad those show we've been on a few times by Alex you've never been on this podcast. Why holding the title of bench coach of the Houston Astros. My once again is the first one. What did the bench coach if you masters so we've got we've never done a podcast of the current coach of the Houston Astros. Ever. That. Great hall of fame here the I get the feeling this is going to be the year of Alex Cora. 2017. Green. Is it a big deal it's on the bench coach of the Houston Astros on that you mention. I asked this the other days when they fired Ferrell. Was it again. Is. Alex Cora. Available for high here today. And the rules of football I don't know who was in baseball parent oils those that read it anywhere when it mean when you leave the Astros in the playoffs or nobody on the you know like they do this in football where they fly in. And by weaker off day lion. When they start yes he could on the right day on an off day lion's peak today and tonight with game one putted a little loose there. 8 PM on this there will be sitting around my radio listening looking forward to a gentlemen McCaw rooting hard for my Astros. This could you know when you watch and Archie automatically he's grown a prominent automatically route against the Yankees he moved the and the guys eight. They've won enough that enough room for the yank GAAP honestly Ameren furry yankees cubs world leaders Jackson would be would be better each international ask for better opportunities that got hit by the hurricane and know where that was like five. My. It's a little headway at all or chat I get I want that's don't want him to win I hastened his name's Harold moss and the Gatorade. Onto stage name is John Sterling how dare you anyway losses for the new. So they have that play tonight tomorrow and then after the Sunday. It's good for baseball should take every Sunday no illegal delegates Fiat Daryn good flying in and do press conference and shake hands and put on the Red Sox. I'd be higher IC thank me that he inner. Because if the Astros keep winning a U telling me if they want core they can't get him they were in the Ailes he has. On the World Series could be another. Who have we thought the rationing while than those two and athletes what was Russia and how it works right here every one will be asking who the hell is managing his tent for two weeks and he held his weight. In the sack you don't say a thing of not having any news around the World Series remember Iran what is yes opt out or did something and in baseball went nuts intricate hire a manager of the Mets can iron man's. Yes they've already interviewed him believe right. So if one of these to keep sensible point core. In the end I was due to. Tigers won't core I'm sure there can be eight. You could make it known Cory is is had Red Sox as soon as the playoffs without making it was Vietnam at a press conference about the eight and here and answer questions and people like John Thomas he will be OK with that's all I heard a rumor he's common when we're good we're good conduct has more question I don't I don't I don't work. I'm fine if it takes two weeks fights to be paid like we'll take orders from and lost the John and recently what he's told. John Henry doesn't need it and that's appointment emails emails and he does an email leave the mills NASA needs have changed over right. This chain of command there and I'm sure. And Nazi and takes orders directly from the owner but he gets he knows what the owner wants. I don't think I don't think the Red Sox would have trouble leaking you know. Alex scorers in Libya managers in the plan and I don't know parts of the I don't think it'll be a giant secret if that's what they decide on I don't think it's going to be news and Brad quote log love score is not the only one and Tomas he loves and Gabe Kaplan to celebrate Alex core is country contribution to them so altered toolbar. In the same -- -- adult with a mobile 41 neither has any man Major League managerial experience Paul Theroux a Smart. Both are good coordinate. Communicators. The people minorities are kept was Jewish or that part of Rio's Hispanic yet. That's important fact according to global Louisville's balloon that was held groups as they have to hire a minority. Why because Adam Jones made up of the story that's why because the Red Sox had to do is take the position it's yawkey way as a junior anyway. And they believe it in Celsius and the Red Sox are favorite movie battle there once dire white guy gave kept. I'm going pitchers. And a car and again as he I think auspices Jess is Jewish and if not more. It was more due adjustments that kept. Kaplan special way as I said yesterday. The Jewish guy in baseball's more minorities in the Dominican guy isn't. Yes he's points and green and Anne Kremer immunity only to accuse ever to play meter easily prove definitely don't get you mean you're getting updated every Jewish athlete every Jewish baseball yes it's a website you you were who Jews or something they would log on and in tracked them but. August mistook. Yom Kippur off the pour off 19. Count cap limited mental thing that's like he'd consulted a rabbi because in the play out. More of yours and plus on ESPNEWS I'm thinking man's he's really team in something world the FaceBook Olympics are one of them now yet cap was been involved but. As in so that's important you. I want to make zero part of lost and so I'll explain why after he's like into what why I kept everyone knows Kemper one likes him I think he's is that over achiever debt. I well here is that in all seriousness though. He's been farm director in LA the last three years that's a pretty good known thing on Evelyn arisen in the guy who. Found in developed or whatever discovered these young studs in Ireland. An eight he had and he's he discovered being developed in the thing is so Ballinger is gonna win rookie of the year he was I think he was like an eleventh round pick. And you had seeger he was a first round pick but he's repeated here John Peterson was that a fourth one of the most fourth Kamal was eleventh but they way they've. Gut player after player to player every year coming to the big leagues he's developing these young players you read Alex spears thing in the globe. Big concern for the Red Sox as Farrell was not connecting with the young players he was not getting the best out of me wasn't cultivating them. That's Catholics hold jobs that's what he does he deals with young guys and so I that break there and and the other thing is. He played with David Price and from what I've read it seems like they got along. And as much as I hate the idea of tailoring your next manager to the whims of David Price if there's somebody if you have somebody who can get through to that guy. And change the way he acts in the club house. I expect that answer I don't think anybody who's not John Ferrell is gonna have good success and David Price really all three got really hot on that we've mentioned all these three young guys hospice and and and Gloria core and Kaplan. When you make the case which owns the David Price might I camp I know I told you I mean he's SI so distaste and I'll. And I understand it's just the way the games downplayed but. Who does David Price want to click on someone called. These they'll Hollings that he should be like LeBron he should get the pick the price. But she's not how many championships as he one's gonna opt out next year they shouldn't focus on it would skate and target if he didn't get along with Carol anybody not named John Ferrell is gonna make David Price. In somewhat of a better move I don't think it's going to be some of but he I need to try to corral him in here at law I don't know about that you need to take it can't just be that he's in a better mood you gotta go next level it's at you have to be any good place he was in a bad place he's miserable. Stomping around all year you need somebody. Who can keep his brand of misery it's his opera now you're rotting candidates are well as hell out do you think happened and you're like Kepler do you think and you would like to see him get the job do you think you well. Now I I don't think because Ambrose he made the argument about. Big league coaching experience or managing experience he has minor league managing experience one year so that gives him a shot and I have a feeling that they're gonna put. More importance on like core being a bench coats -- miss being a big league manager that that's probably gonna sway things in that direction. But I would certainly time if I were to Murkowski in that front and a lot of guys met front office no cap from when he was here. I would absolutely talked to him and guys impressive guy that talked supposed to talk to him even those teams play house right yep you're off yet job I'm an interview a man that's going to be if it's going to be a promotion. He talked any of these guys yes just think about it I mean it everybody that you would be talking to most of them all of the Marie in baseball now on it you know a lot of mid teens are in the play out. Or is in the best spot those known to. He has paean we just we that the tigers and Mets wanted to interview him so he's gonna well he's gonna have his choice yet. Jobs and everyone around me loves them. Retro as as they learn and Bradford I mock him but he's right and you're told the greats are that are about about Cora. And play he made in the outfield trying to you know make this really Smart play. And then Bradford tells a great story in his column where he's he utility guy doesn't get a bunt down Red Sox lose and you walk in the clubhouse and quarry is begging. Begging the writers come over and talk to right from his locker sycamore overall split like that it that in Boston. I that means Sully you know one feel I know I don't remember I was I covered that game yeah as I pan out much. This should not safe and I because the media loves and hold acuity at the instinct and so would probably Ausmus mean these guys know that it's part of I hate this notion that whose I don't know what they're in foreign Boston the only thing is you here's the stuff about ross' missed like thinking Detroit media was too rough and unfair. So that's there's that and inactives title and Randy sincerity in my blog we come back because this is why were we need to cross spratt also saw the list beat these quotes from this is a month ago in September. This is why Brad Ausmus saar Peter Gammons sorry nick of Fargo he cannot. Managed the Red Sox emptied to browse you think about all missed or Ron garden hire them as these retread I'll give you the reason why they are not gonna higher office. We'll talk to you guys throughout as well it's Kirk in Callahan no Kirk can't see. Sports Radio WEEI. Finally after it's happened when Zach. Well about it a couple of weeks ago. And and the reason you buy it just before the playoffs is because he's already got a contract except. You've got a call into question John Farrell fare OK yes and if we did what he thought it was right. And it's fair to say I've got character questions about on the path. Oh which one is it. Detail on barrel while he's still here owes it dale Berra once he was. Is that tone changed a lot is that from NASA is itemized and is now in the care what I have a question I don't I'm surprised. We've made the Friday without the but the smear campaign kick and I gear and I'm not saying and again it's a concerted effort you know. Let let's go get him but you know reporters a working on the story what went wrong. You know it's from a broad scheme are you expecting. Obviously an optical nobody expecting herald or eEye or bred for someone to break. Breaking news on the federal front to find out why exactly Dombrowski didn't like. IMac and sheer facts. But I think we've heard dollar and here honestly. You know so I know his work on the scene in I mean we got to annul the globe ran a story they were in big story from our old friend Alex spear mild friend. You know it explaining the whole thing and not relating young players. Bradford had the stuff for players talent him that Dombrowski and Farrow sort of at each other's throats of match relationship I I didn't see one and a though both amendment and blow up in the club posts were in the office and yelling and throwing things or something like that are really had to close a real fight I think is like after the memorial stuff. I think the globe reported after the match out of things that day to rescue is upset at the inconsistent response of the Red Sox hat where. First they didn't throw adamant that throne behind his head and it's like which is it and it just showed like lack of control the clubhouse. Never had an argument which I'm. So as to browse to elect that the woman owner in Major League up in the box rooting against his team all year hoping that the open. Ferrell didn't win too much yeah I don't I wouldn't go that far. Now people want red Gammons or B clearly I think he said is of any word yet of whether these smear campaign I think Farrell fired a little shot at them browse Peter Gammons couple days ago where he said. Maybe John was worn down by Dave going on every road trip basic being over shoulder every day of the season. I get a ID and that is a weird thing that is weird you know covering the team as long as I haven't tram want them I'd never ever seen played with Theo is GM. He did he divvied up and sharing to take some road trips Brian right now and you know it was split Mike Hazen. Ambrose he's on virtually every trip and you could see how tense the team every time news or like. Abbas is here and there's these guys he Dakotas into Iowa that war on Ferrell and and I'd. I'm shore publicized arrow that was all the coaches you could see everybody was just a little tense as the bosses. I'm acting and is this the trust and he knows who's out there already when you bring gas I think it's democracies do and this is going to be Austin's just 164. Games for the tigers yeah I don't know it's going to be isthmus and then I think he could easily be core. It shouldn't be offs missed an assist from September SI have anything to say about it's going to be gave prime time no origin column today I draw a line through Osman so map boy back in September almost a no hitter eight and two thirds safety of the hit the ninth inning was it no one's gonna catch. But they didn't take out nick cast the Donald's for defense replacement ace asked about it is the first question. And Eagles not that's asinine stop the negativity is their sound to this we need sound authors ZELI. Looks that I I mean these guys can find out about I all have as the quotes directly. Outside if I wondered read it or duopoly and he could do another automatic diary endured to protect your auspices really really Smart though he went to Dartmouth are never go 321. The guy throws a no hitter for 82 thirds innings your first question is why I didn't taken out. That's asinine stop with a negative no one could've caught that ball it's a dumb question for two reasons one nobody could've caught the ball into the smallest and get there. Nobody asked the question. Auspices. That just shows you the negativity that comes in this room sometimes after games you immediately look to blame or point a finger at some because it didn't work out the way you want. We'll work out this guy up that question. This was in September and seen plenty they finish last and that's the news agencies there's no hit baseball and the guy gives up ahead again didn't have his best right fielder in the game doesn't think that's the question is gonna that's the exact question to rest. Your five what was the course is supposed to be how the game that's kept. But apple released book about Cantwell today that all that's gonna that Billy Mays could become all right. So that guy's gonna deal with shall see doctors get accused. That some so hard and really it is our best there is a day dancing pressure yeah he's talking I mean tell me from whom China sees one. Is is you Brad went hand in hand be mad at the moment yes how do we make his typical because it turns on the radio every don't know exactly how this works even he doesn't listen and perilous and all the time it's a lot to say that he didn't. Odd years from friends family I don't know his wife Jane Skinner. Listens in all this stuff and you for costly critical team negative about it that's the way it was the entire year for John Ferrell. It gets to be a daily theme and just Errol I think Farrell handle bad as well as any manager at one time right he never had brought them. Jerry got pissed about stuff the majority your country it and how to lose Kirk he didn't have one of these slimy Ferrell and got Batman Caroline he would flip out like this yes. That's the one we need to he did not addicted keys has it always does not seem once he wants yes exactly and I off a list that's one day and does any buyers away like. Com line you've covered team before its like all he was so rough to Keefe now we've ones he asks. That's the try to you're young every you don't Manila rough you here you go oh and I was on the beat guys it was. When men were men told John Mack if parents today are Jon and happiness caravan and the viewers and young reporters he would yelled snaps stare that you. There was nothing would keep went from nothing didn't like how you were using credit. Among and in an ocular. I yeah I didn't I'd watch which you. That is not elements could have now that's the men donkey. OP it's the next manager. Probably will. Right that's good but but Brad for wants the core. Ongoing unrest and that lecture I've read into this the that you or dreadful or. Anybody who's right about his knows something. Brad though no more. So score the guy mean and bill Ballou you know he made the case that that guy to hire has to be a minority in any kind of wrecked his argument by saying it should be David Ortiz. Isn't just eighties which is our way they can wrap this. I like the back of reducing the scenario already am Lanka's he's the thirteenth fourteenth Ortiz. That was all over this he really is. Jon Farrell's on the latest Red Sox manager be let go. Farrell's fire for the Red Sox the bold move of getting murdered manager and basic says the next manager has to be. In minority may not come pick through some of this just match and Adam Jones a just and. No he does mention the anyway take the lead all right initiative by the Boston Red Sox yes it'd John Ferrell that is are before. Just hostels to Iowa where if I were bill Ballou making that argument I would maybe make it towards the entire organization not just like saying you have to hire minority for me answer that. That makes no sense but if you wanna take that. Class picks in advance and would like it's a flight is not a good he went astray or backcourt is Dominican calico court Alex cores that really. Ranging from them and you feel like that's great progress. Paradox course I don't you know I don't think at the color the manager ski and will it order should be factored in Puerto Rican man out does it. Do people applaud them like you say this gate other side Jerry's escape cap what are Ricans are married I've resisted its it and I don't scenario and surrounded by ocean this. So much water they. Long we'll we'll do this we'll do I want your hiring piece I was in the middle of the ocean there is I was promised higher repeat today all we have managed meta. We have a good football guys Seligman each he's the it will mean is she is beat you'll firing. The inferiority complex of the jets that's his life that's his job he writes more about the patriots. Dominance than anybody. In New York again he does today saying. Yeah you can dream jets fans that you're never ever get your hands and Jimmy oracle jets fans are pissed because they're winning games imagine though and York and I can easily tagged right. It is parking cal and know Kirk will pirate repeat scale of one to ten Chris real quick fire Pete today. I'm a little solid set OK go will have that led headlines a lot more dough going.