K&C - Where should Gordon Hayward play next season

Boston Celtics
Monday, July 3rd
In hour two of Kirk and Callahan Mike "Mut" Mutnansky and Jon "Meter" Meterparel discuss the benefits that each city offers Hayward. Mut argues that if Hayward wants to play for his legacy he should play in Boston. Meter on the other hand argues that if Hayward wants money than he should go to Miami.

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It's Kirk and Callahan. With Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. Hayward right now I have a very good authority he's listening to the show in basing his opinion on whether you like what he views so what are you yacht. Gordon Mike Brett you gotta come off man they got all the fame right out there and work demands repealed and that politics here and I kept. You have the best. Educate the pedigree and and Miami being able to let it out and step back. Play it goes to guiding boarded at all Lou. They don't I gotta do for you my friend just think you're one of those probably that you don't Bobby's bobbled it advertiser in Jamaica. Rent. You've got a better. Quote 21 additional point I can't think it's Dorchester avenue you want it let me talk to. Saw some of the sampling of rob Bradford never drugs stealing my eight. Show theme for today I was planning on fortunately if the first the jig is it's Sunday morning and rob thought outside the box I don't also do this that's what he did it the effort it phone calls from people all on Sunday morning. Pitch Gordon Hayward on the city of Austin came in today you. Immediately shot down my idea of doing fourth of July our stores. Okay you GNU what are your sperm to fertilize a store you go first beset by John that as you go first. That's able to time in a split on when I didn't get there because there too many people and I got shut out. Boy out towards the Hezbollah legacy. Idea pieced out by some 300 pounder. And I confide NEC. That doesn't have that's cells are harsher toward will get a lot more of those phone calls announcement while those borderline whatever its other run for the bulls and on this well this. Commodity gasoline I would not. There's too many people. In Boston on board July I'm probably like many appeal listeners out there that never even venture. A lot of candidacy on what's like to watch the fireworks on TVs on the mop bucket list now no if you dig at it by did commit. I would not go all the way downtown our order all would be a spla. To sit there are get get my Blakey out it's a there what should I Wear it or lose not with key especially now with kids with a four year old. And a year and a I kids a year and a half. Oh you're a big bag of view rules and all shot now. Sit there at the Yugoslav wait for Keith Lockhart I'd rather err at 930 I'd rather take it all the calls to people who one pitched Boston to Gordon Hayward of course I do that a QB was Red Sox baseball here now in the world on his game that makes it better as you have the you have the poetic the lyricism. Acoustic they own endeavors. And it rolled into the lyricism of Keith walker that's to be illegal to have Major League Baseball to play night games on imports of why can't do that. What you're doing played night games and night a night game in Texas. On the 4 July rule it beyond and want. What they'll say is they'd play the afternoon it's too hot to play in the afternoon right that's what Texas plays more that it is skewed it's. But since general type that's a good thing because the night games. Our federated on TV all that's what the ratings are down 20% they play 26 big insurance that's big games big problem for the Red Sox and their 20%. Precipitous drop off on it you mocked. There were Celtics in the the opening minutes of the show for what they did yesterday and apparently what they did it was a Saturday night Brad Stevens of their at the airport to greet Gordon Hayward Sunday was. In and around Boston it started at Fenway Park with a montage for. Gordon Hayward on the Jumbotron at Fenway it was a message to hand it was that a meet and greet back at the Celtics offices and explanation of how he fit the offense and he's on his way to San Diego meeting today at his summer home against. I'll with the Utah Jazz and San Diego set to make a decision wedges and someone home or public or 48 hours which you. You wanna get out of Salt Lake and dance NBA and assault it gets the call should be immediately. To exit which is why the media San Diego today. And you mock what the Celtics did to which I ask what. What are you supposed to do. It's Boston it's the summer what would you let. Gone out of the airport had first uploaded Hilton's. Take a right to milk that I wrote yet but you go to is there a doctor on the station. Or other talent alive I'd reduce these two reading you mentioned much is that sadly that immunity so that he's here you gotta do is yet aside all the guys to benefit Gordon Hayward. Because here's the here's the insurmountable. And in my it's a good question because I don't know what that I just that was probably their best option go to a dog and pony show predicted Philly big part of Fenway affect his decision illegals sports ticker this report illegals go to that you've been there that's gotta top illegals at the seaport the bar there are heard rumors that it is like a line up at his door that you guys have gone that's everybody's bought out. Should take him boss will want to go. That eagerness and now that your celebrity it's true but. The question is what can they do to combat. Miami by the way I think Gordon Hayward is going to sign why. One reason one reason no no stated then she's. That's that's is a huge. Huge boost for my we get a lot was at his side. He's gonna spend hours that Obama he's gonna spend his forty years in the NBA. Trolling in the middle the plot a packet Eastern Conference or watched her income tax yes okay. Yes and the fact that he'll get forty plus shots a game we're in Boston and I can get that. As a Thomas averaged what was once thought to him martian. Until probably around just in my official numbers yes. He's gonna have to share the rock with the guys I think he wants to be again at this stage in his career which was last year in Utah point two points a game 39% from every. Those numbers are probably drop a little bit next year I'm sure he wants that to happen at this stage of his putter. So at this so he's gonna get paid an assigned to steal three year deal he's gonna sign somewhere and then he's going to do for your deal op down the super Max guy he wants to spend the next four years which would probably agree the prime is Korean cell pitch to unite not competing for anything relevant when and the fact that he. Probably about in the celtics' next year fees. Close they're gonna jump from the eight C out. 53 wins with the addition of Gordon Hayward to compete yes that it will complete the might be a force there that might appeal once seated at the filter probably three or four spots. That's the music and that's that you still dead in the Eastern Conference BI IS and understand that why. If the money if the money is the issue then yes there's no state income tackle in Florida. A-Rod knows that Gordon Hayward knows that first that money is an issue Utah wins out. As they get the most money etiquette and they can pay him the most so. He can toil around in the middle of the back capital Western Conference where is comfortable. For a lot more money go to the back half of the eastern conference for our money without the income tax aspect of it. Or come to Boston. Play with a guy who may hit the player he is. And play a team that actually has a chance to you know compete for something during the next three or four I noticed your underestimated what Miami keep. Dude do you like ordinary eye on I definitely am I guess because wave of no more I. A look at that roster I see the same team I saw last year I did they hope dyed dark and deep in the drastic and Hayward that's the combination now Dion Waiters Boggs who's going to Perot. Yes new I think it would Hayward will ports. The Miami Heat probably fourth in the Eastern Conference which is fine but you know what chords make his money's Lebanon and high rise and so Pete for the family he's eleven life. That's because it looked to who put my green only drapes I'd love for cornea would be here. Love it gets absolutely love it we we hall where we don't lose everyone else wants that yes this is a realistic look let's put a number on Gordon Hayward sunny with a set. It's what more realistic than you do I think it's a 30% as of 4% to a number I was you use 6040. Celtics vs heat Utah Jazz album it has its title of the 6040 split. That reminds that. Basket a little thirty year seven point 5% the but he decides and so is he get that it be competitive and wants an actual chance to. On compete for a conference title in the next four years during this four year Max extension he's going to do it. Hundred points are the only place that happens is Boston and I don't think that the Celtics have some great shot and NBA entitlement recent quotes from Gary Washburn intersect where he's out of his ever loving mind. Sunday in the globe. But is not flip flop on throughout this whole thing the Western Conference added. Paul George over the weekend he goes from Indiana and Oklahoma City will get to that ancient and that. We know what happened in Houston before the weekend with crisp all we know it's got a Golden State. The lakers are probably going to get LeBron James next year the Utah Jazz aren't going to sniff. The Western Conference finals in the next four years not the Miami Heat even if LeBron leaves I don't think we'll be that necessary favorite. Odd to be atop the Eastern Conference postal brawn James the Celtics the minute LeBron goes they become the best team the circumference. In a conversation with Iran know and I'm not sure who else. Miami's no better than third meters so if it comes down to being competitive and wanting to win something having the chance to win something. And win the most games it's the Boston Celtics and it's not answer this question happens most vastly overrated it's a story in the last couple months. Gordon Hayward really likes brats you know why is overrated so he's gonna some result of because you know what he's played more games with this utter but he doesn't brats David's that you like coincide with that I'm Sherry does. But adding to leave you to all were clearly feels very comfortable being airy light of a wall chatted. You know it's comfortable and you tonic light the situation there. He needed a hole there so it's income income tax at Miami. And it's good to meet its. It's that Brad Stephens idol number one. And relevancy number two. You go you stay in Utah law you are not role WR than men are the men it's Gordon Hayward and the jet you're the you're the man in you talk what does that mean. We're in the Western Conference let's get apple brought next year and golden state park and play Georgia in the middle being that's is being what does that mean being the man in Utah. Maybe he then maybe win like Jack anonymity. Real then they should not come to Boston and because that's one thing he's not gonna get here in Miami he's going to be a star and a resell beach so he's gonna get bad start leveled every not gonna win as a lot of money in the bank Boston is the biggest platform for him. And the best chance to show what type of play areas in Miami you'll get lost in the shuffle is gonna score a lot of his stuff prepared there I don't think they're gonna you think they're gonna win all the UBS I win fifty games within. Hot in Utah he is a czar he's irrelevant in the fresh in the Western Conference the jazz themselves irrelevant. In that conference right now he does not exist you're not a soul if you want to play and the Butler the NBA destinations debates since they'd dare you talk he wants relevancy in a chance to win. Fifty some odd games and go to a conference title every now and then conference championship it's a city of balls funneled it's overblown at all that's what it's gonna bring him here. It's his coach selling him on this system and he and Isiah Thomas are you worried about not being the guy in Boston you have to. You have to make sure that Isiah gets their shots as the ballots that averaged 29 game next year and guarantee of that. Is Gordon did get forty shots a game Abbas lectured a much at and you might think the answer is no it's it's a little to fifteen less and less from less likely than that but he's also going to win. I mean I don't I don't know what he is is he right what what does that Agassi for anybody. What does the Gordon Hayward list. Is it. The on the offensive numbers. Is it the chance to win. Is it playing for coach he likes is it that the money. As he had no idea what this guys thank my guess is with all of them and no matter how happy go lucky you are it's always about the it's always about the money 6177797937. The phone number it's Jason points on Twitter Whiteside Winslow. Roddick and Hayward. May be a better starting. Group then Isiah Thomas camp Crowder is Al and Bradley I would say it's close but I I would. Slightly lean towards the Celtics if Isiah Thomas and I'm Gordon here or are your backcourt with Horford upfront. I get a slight it sells it but Jason's right may get not giving Miami dot. Enough credit I was asked stuck it is tough to make that leap from one year to the next he's he's great aspirations off the glass onto the Celtics or the other way need. No not anymore they have on days visit. Injury. It's common that I work to address today he's here to rebound. So Jason bright might Miami. This is my act good job by the did the listeners that that is a pretty good starting five pretty that's a fifty win team. Whether that's enough as you said to knock off Cleveland probably now it's pretty rare to go it probably enough to knock at the south but it's rare to gulf where they are now the bodies to conference to the top and when you don't underestimate spoke either. Islam planned spoke only of the do Soledad I didn't know that it's. Disposed guy what makes well great got a slight Fo likes David's credit after timeouts always out of the day the after time I'll play half the time helpless and Theo pick all the CEOs yes acute QB. It's heroes they love play for small parts of a lot of war I love. So I don't. I still think the date the Celtics right now as built in what the assets they had at the other part of this that he wants to. Oh win now at two wants he wants to be. I did is a bigger spotlight embossed in the Mayan comes the past maybe disagree meter maybe to listen to disagree. I'd there are some in the cash they're playing in Boston vs might win him I still think that when Miami spotlights on okay. There's only altered their treads. I'm out nobody cared when LeBron left they bailed on that team right. Mirrored that absolutely they're all superficial there all from New York but the other suddenly he plants. So I have no problem they did yesterday you can mocked in the for the fan I just went out of the pocket of the Fenway stuff what Kerry is that it they sat down and explain to him. How they are gonna share the basketball how he's not going to be. Second fiddle to Isiah Thomas. How he's going to fare that is much more important there also welcome Gordon and Robin Hayward to Fenway Park when did you wanna overwhelm him supposedly win with players. That you wanna have you know been one out there. But Tyler's nose of the world double missed out. Those types much regularly Celtics anymore the loss of white guy in here what is Tyler is a finite. At the garden next year on his request an account a little Tyler Zeller week. This year in relation to duck boat just for time so I. IDs gonna make a decision I guess tonight or tomorrow will know by then you'll know by tonight by fireworks tomorrow night. When you're on the Aspen on which of blank with your liking your transistor radio doesn't do it's him and I rob Bradford who slips as Sox radio network. We will know what Gordon Hayward is going to be your calling 30%. Or seven point five this article 6040 shows up in Boston now after 6040 I also said he did I told paying my pride that Paul George would be year. I had no idea pace that was hell bent on the middle or they prediction there did you know on Friday when that Paul George stuff was being talked about that. They wanna sent Eastern Conference this is a big deal that Kevin Pritchard in the guys in the front officers from the candidate Chad Buchanan in the big pacers GM they would take a lesser deal. And from all indications had the NBA experts say it was a lesser deal with Celtics are off for a house or send Paul George the Western Conference forcible for the younger sabonis and I'm Victor or depot. But that would get done for Paul George I know that was and how well they're getting up I think it would settle for that other one the best deal but apparently. They don't wanna get burned by haven't they need that kind of illustrate for a Arvydas sabonis instead who's a better place than this month. But this iPhone is no idea that they take that deal so no one did wrong again but I expect and they want to know. Trojan edited. No. In a gut that came out of nowhere. Clearly India and I didn't wanna do the Celtics are editorials in the Eastern Conference. An ally of a tool of people averaging thirteen game next year for the pacers but that's their stupidity. I know that there at that they're justifying that by saying Paul George's gone moral to them for Mormon here all it would 42 games with a one accurate from now. That's the justify it but we need to get under the cap. Let's go to and that talks expert that. And heads back it is considered studio that did their ease. Celtic stuff with Howard's and it said it's it's free agency weekend they missed out on Paul George and this is really it. After this you heard candor is updates its Gallinari. And that's it like that's a bill so well is it million dollar it is a no other offseason where they are one missed free agent signing away. From essentially doing nothing some trapping Jason data going back in and next year Paul Millsap overnight got. Thirty million a year. Three years and nine million from the Denver Nuggets builds up a damn cute polar would look consult the green. Just some of the nuggets but I anonymity. He's big as much as David prices. There in Denver at 6177797937. Is your phone number is much and meter in four Perkins Jerry headlines coming up little course include. Our president active on Twitter again is not putting twittered out not to sub golfing. He's pumped up never stopped off. And now Hartnell for July weekend has been no locked up if you Lar. Of that ilk sorry the number one spot locked up by Chris Christie in New Jersey over the weekend that is part of headlines next.