K&C- Who is the second ugliest man alive?; Dombrowski's press conference achieved nothing 10-12-17

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, October 12th

Hour 3- Kirk and Gerry ask who the second ugliest man alive is behind Harvey Weinstein. Dave Dombrowski said nothing of substance during his press conference at Fenway.


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Stern can. After some thought processes. We a lot of different things have become involved includes those who put him and I can assure facts about it. I mean those are things that I keep to myself. Let's go to our I don't think you get in a particular instance I'm not gonna get in the particular situations where. I'm not gonna get into anything beyond that other than a lot of different factors. Thanks for that diatribe with Gerry Callahan who watched Colin peppard neck and I've heard it was terrible. What I did was taken out of context and frankly the NFL should have suspended him for one game at a would have never done it again. And it's frankly disgusting way the press is able to write whatever they wanna write fake news segment that Curtis pulled out forum. Media is bad there really dishonest people these are very very dishonesty and Kirk Manhattan trainees can be host to try to drive Bibi be complaining Callahan tomorrow we. We asking for a right again Callahan that there were number of people who go to stop this guy you have to ask NB CNBC executives that the details don't like Ben Affleck yes suddenly you're. Through our new. We as women have a long way to go. Woman's suffrage on Sports Radio tell you we. Tonight our three of eagle several corrections on what you guys decide this is. From the Thursday only good mood today nothing get in a bad mood today notes I can do observation yesterday Tuesday we can. I am right out of their day that somebody on yes he's surfing a flagrant and that timing approaching a bad note that I surfing the paddle board and our panel part of what Jerry. I want out I'm I'm Karachi not a good thing your bills is mail moves not a particular code that's on who's a great work as a running three times in the feel even better. He should do what did you ultra marathon of the false promise that you made that you when I was going to be a new crew. And you're an old America. Oh I can do I don't know I Winnebago and Europe and other ships false promises. You have to be Jim else you're gonna run that that Mount Washington things and point six mile strip mall Washington this might I was like dad died two days before he says literally the day before and that's not the excuse she gave up on that dream a long time ago I was to be a decree for that too much break go my dad dad was right to run and I am alpha on that was all the the ratio when vehicles and I think what we're battling anytime I run a Duma whenever 506 miles of the Madeleine welcome. I'm a chemical hill I think of those crazy people. They go up the hill up a mile point seven point six miles every year one or two people critic of the half marathons we. He's ready as a base acts and I think nattering on patient did you run up Mount Washington. That is the most I don't like Iran upping it and I found I could run walk up you could mostly. But that's in a technical on all fours times like climb steadily Wear that's it I don't wash could walk. I guess yeah pictured it I'm not washing I didn't run McGregor yeah. Preferably ten years ago mount McNabb not tickled. And that's it took ten mile run that ends with that in it was the hardest one ever done in my life ever in the settlements in utilities just literally relative price from mentally beat you to go up I don't think is on the negative runners that are positive and negative runners that we even had a marathon. I'm done with fully seventy miles I think she says I'm miles ago. That if you've done seventy miles an. A class a and you just fifty mile I think I might have 33 did after seventeen house. He's a marathon marathon and half went to six I think my wife to America thinks you did twenty more miles than me that I write on the yet. It's a line in ultra marathon people think marathon as a hostess and outside of laughter but it's this is sick though you're in you which is why you could duke which are sick in the head and it registered back in the drugs. It's similar. Daughter and a half you know about her big environment is happening Hampshire where. Take a seaside. Sure I'll do it we'll throw 96% falsely accurate and sign up. These things Oxygen Media attention on the board we'll take care thanks Oprah I think you're right though. Blake Griffin is sitting on a panel board tune in to view that the bush after missing something important like Whoopi yeah I think it was able reporter. On the ninth the last past. English and at least he and is applicable to of these guys who think she's fun to announce its finest Laugh Factory of some of these jokes and his opponents he's not once but he's not exactly looker neither is it. It's it's treated pale well isn't sure those hobby it's a Kardashian. This is the new direction Prius and they hired that guy who's a conservative but he's jock sniffer. Marty you have Marty Smith Marty Smith. Yes again. Listen to what I was on the panel board when. And and they'll fluoride. We get distracted spectacle of a job at this interview room this a good piece there's Marty Smith with. This aren't expected just know now that I don't know ocean were were lost their own side's world. Let's focus occurs that it's open record of sound all that did it is they did we get to the Huffington Post. Onslaught. Missions that are dialect of I like the sound after China's laws of the Curtis voice or whatever some the other warmer officials that you don't put that we'll second. John's loss in the I. Pretty drew wide singular grabbed. A solo home on slot. And John's loss but. That. And it that's always serial killer. It's wrong at that and asking for a Johns Allen's real name New Yorkers brought. He was wrong it's Harold Moscow sort of great to do my big take way from the what you wanna do once you know I'm due to prosecute you wanted to get to that topic post from the matures where you wanted you to browse here once which. Which we declined to come on the show this morning we asked he said. Ivy yes and we asked them every by the way more fake news that was clever NBC's innings in Europe. Give him actually he's in that same thing he's in Arizona. I'm for rehab sinners yes. It's suicide unfortunately he didn't grow if you really every dollar that was suicidal now when it is it's his daughter calling 91128. Right the older one yet. Should they should looks like the that you get the looks tactics just like running down the street Figueroa was younger kids. The gorgeous mother and Haiti's monster for take umbrage at that she's dead right Bobby Brown Whitney Houston's kid. Well we'll just like Bobby Brown that he can go one way or another and Billy Joel's it has support Billy Joel's daughter is one does in one of the sick Christie Brinkley and analysts like him yeah that's hard to tell but yes. It's unfortunate Joseph Rihanna missed these. That ugly but he's ugly. A judgment that was the perverts than usual broke up with a McPherson mister DD Christie Brinkley and Meet the Press. Oh yeah he is a hideously can he really good sic I hoosiers second one it was good to meet Clint Howard that's that's like Howard. He might take the prize these posters tickets. And in other stuff in the post she's lost if you miss if you just having and we plan to send the second ugliest human being is behind Huckabee. I do a Google's social. Google acquired stores I am glad to kill us is because a pretty 1006 or seven dollars to short six wall that it takes an explanation once. 61777979237. We wanna know and I want to call them as Harvey Weinstein is the gold on gold silver or bronze wary of these personal honor who is next with a second. Ugly is man on the plan. This woman will perform here yet so once cent off 779700. Bucks apiece savage wants losses on the list then you would never explains. If you were not a fan of you know gossip you mine and the with the naked CD is and it seems a feature in the Boston Herald for years. I think it was maybe once a month maybe once every six weeks yeah and they ran a whole column the inside track our friends Laura policy Gil feed the whole column. On. Rumors and gossip without using names Tokyo. Such an it would be like eight or ten stores any really you know tawdry things and guys. She went on there was with the baby sitters and doing drugs work in just really don't do much and I want to be treated like infant or something we yes yes he got dark at daddy mommy is jam on an amateur days he put their mouth the process. How apps such craziness say hail core and you got you you've got to see my eyes and your English paper cook it over here and over here this entire case out an audience I don't think we'll be seen them a raise that let me see that paper and there's a boom boom in there. Here. On Q we're 57 years all he ever got after it doing and there's you know the Fed control within your own now now. Anyway we would play that game on the air like this who was not a team will get on with that because it would say a Boston news and should find an old one or either are or I tolerate. Don't black athlete athlete tired at all sort of figure who they are more right sometimes we've. Didn't sometimes we said instead now you have and there is no is essential feature is opening right now they do right oh restaurant and really just it's just like hey so and so is eating at such as the restaurant right here's a and it and restaurants holiday. Ambassador to make consumers who cares if it's if you don't always wanted that to just make a catch and interests there and I don't know where naked city came from the department of their original but on a great old yet that's a great features we wanna read them or bring that back rekindle that. It's a good idea. So tell us your naked city story without the name and will try to guess. Who went like that. When you try to pass the course. Now unless you burka there. I don't do these we'll do the ugly this man in the world first and will do a quick. Well there's good suggestions on call and let's be quick John McCargo and is on American Austin to get. And the loss without the even Tyler or make jetBlue we have to earth. Yeah Steven Tyler and and pass. Steve who's ugly Steven Tyler manager Steve it's. Steve and ties got a weird like I did is there might have been hot as prime reasons not tax now made easy how. It's like a lawn scenes at work that it's is gone wrong jagr had a lot of work to scratch speaking a word has gone on to see Obama of on his back in the news as you as a long man what so like her initial First Lady she thinks she's the firstly she's his first wife now that's how it works she's hidden if you want that feeling which on the Buick. As many but now. It's just wills in the goes a little drama best looking wife Marla Maples I would agree note I would have to agree and is it and there are only can lousy song by the way Aerosmith overrated silvery well and we'll go ahead. They have gone what's believed. I don't have to agree with you guys where it. He's being ugly remembered that jacket adequately and and that we conduct in the white Albion even there and. Yeah I news idly sit abandoned is trying to vehicles though he wants to look at that dirty look like he cleaned up he wouldn't be that that we are now Harvey Weinstein claimed everyone's taste of peace and this and thought she thinks he's Dan and engage in Albany on a cover men's journal. We're getting. But he likes that looked in getting funny Ari tag with a couple of vacancy tax abatement of I think I might be getting those perfect you just gives me. Where where were that's on. Shoot. Them. Not to act is bad. Are to qualify. It would Bosnia US standards I hate to. Yes I can ask for their take take all three of the let's go to Mike in a card like it was ugly. Very good morning guys. Got uglier it's better to ever live up multiple. No that's not fair to look at all what about choose me or sound you can have a whole separate Karen go categorical. At all like it should that there's it's like the under the giant disease were under the giant what's it called lead to some disease sport we are good brush your body grows so fast. Elephant Titus is something like that guilt of what it was odd. And I was attracted christened its and I thing you said. I hello Chris good morning I am in now. Let's. One and remember what he looked like Chaz Bono is better looking transit and then click outward. Much as I would say that's the new clout to right. Yes yes. As Bono listen to said that's a gentler screen caller calls from an expert David Spade get through that is I have bought out and look to ugliest man Hollywood actress and let's have Marilyn Manson. Now he's we move that's a good tells what we're looking. Yeah once you might want to scare me and yet Iggy Pop is an element attracted me not on active John McCargo John. All I can say hey. Not a bad looking guy looks just like clips shown us how it looks like more. What what's. He was always in that that's true. The the all ugly team was always the Milwaukee Bucks member with no apparent test he Paloma could Randy brewer the Randy Bruno's and agree to Jack sick leave and Yang is violent and if you don't look at them Macey you're ugly and weird. And that's exactly there out of sugar crazy is this all night more distance and outs of John let's go to mark in Boston first take on mark. Good line that's our tactic did one got Julie Roberts that are prime time now. USC hung. Boris what's the name is still whip you know pulled a prolonged the cars go Ric OK sick. He knows Curtis went to school with his kids were there just aren't detonate plus I think eight plus suggestion that's ago. John is using regardless it is better looking and his wife for a I do not close I would say it's as one's really seem like they should get mired in Poland Portugal but they're still together and I think that that's solidified your stomach Arnold Ryan. Yeah he's really just weird looking and he's necessarily I see as he mentioned Weinstein you know even thinks of what's space she knows arteries it's it's random. From this pictures or float around and it's over that night. My thirties is the reaction of his hair that is one yet that is unlucky assays were really handsome that's a good order as we got guys and Johns and manage on. And on good unreal dialogue. And I. I love Dan and I think he's had found. Trying to expand on why. I thought. Isn't that down pat what is he was he's indefatigable ugly ugly men was the ugliest person W yet. Ugliest person on air person I've managed to 66. I'm close out now all California is real handsome guys yeah I was looking guy who's the mean clients shorts and a they'll call the key key to good looking man he public. Much so good looking mentally. That you were clearly you may work you are really looking I think about it but you act on a nightly reality. Details athletically. I would salmon and if you ran like six and one. Four radio for banks robs in New Bedford and rub. What's up. They. As far as. Yeah he is build various kinds not aged well now Mike there was trucks forgot Mike. Right. Steve Buscemi. I will be doing this at this morning when the show start talking once Steve Buscemi is a good one yeah quarter embraces its odd. Being on animal planet's. If they show bureaucrat in our. The jazz are really cute animal you know Steve Buscemi is a hell of an actor as he couldn't get to where he is he beat him he's a great actor. Mean Brad Pitt you know he's animated moment war Japanese beetles and pulp fiction and rose toward a big big big Mir next. Really it was a pulp fiction and now I did not say a mere act. Andrew and run well probably. This year's trying to. I mean enemy equipped don't work in my vasectomy but Gary Busey. Glued to Italy this sends a good idea yeah act college Pittsburgh play get this estimates up. They just want to read it anymore let me just how many hits you that intern. Just you know that's funny that's bad for your you know I'd like to keep a balanced and not what that would better Q left behind that. That's in yes thank you the group hey aren't high school years ago he's so cute hairy is good boy we can. It's I'm a campaign. Let's go to culinary New Hampshire. I know this experience honor what's happened in new to a remote street took it to. What's up you want to weakening again. No winner. And. That is true he's borderline like disfigured. Like humans so much happening. Is she I think caller on line one I think he's got Iran Ryan brother I think the other ones fortunate call on line three but that's fun and that skyline feminine kept his sandwich Kevin. Yeah not a handsome man go but that but knowing I was weird to see accountants. Ugly is on air talent. Show suggesting I'm do you wanna put Bradford in the mix. Sure sure read about re Arenas gets antsy at the hands and can't. What about weakens you got. And intimacy. Paper cards exit he's okay looking card LJ in a must and now you heard or gesture in a press conference mr. Brodsky to questions there have been passed by minutes before classic porch. Elegy is a handsome guy. We're going to hear these Boston look at look at the six different college through all blinking. Thomas followers of blinking strobe guys Rex Rex got an Anthony to cook a the delete showing as well this is not a good one Rex Ryan's a white. It is truly want to. Know if it's not Rex Iran to rob polar fives that's out riding thanks all and early on there he's got he's looked at this woman and he's way he is ugly. Ease and he looks exactly like his brother except for the had him I think that might be twins. Think he's either so must face. Which when you wanna go less Kurt I think like five one to report John and with the way they did once you know. Hey good morning miles up. Much yet this guy in the world at many girls. Ron Jeremy. Yet they get paid for thinking item that you mentioned a woman that's your right time and you know weird looking Obama can't agree he knows ugly is. What's a space Merrimack. James Carville. He's pretty ugly he's made it looks like your exact time it looks like court looks at what's his face or the rings. For him ball gone global golf via. I'm actually look. Problem is that he's way to big legal legal conflicts and could better looking can records. They're both really good looking they are purchasing a pick one. Curtis is Chris is logging out there we got the good the misfits were better than that sausage. And I mean it's not a short and short ditch is sort of a similar. It almost like a married couple as they do you sort of like a married couple out and Mike and less we're glad my uncle Curtis for the money it could move. If I mean it when pushed shoved Kennedy people you've got a money Mike. Hold. Adam and I. Would like Wes Welker to resign as Ares I barely confuses I was OK and manly losses and I am which is Saturday element ask. You ask a question weaken thousand calls that I wanna sit and a mock you all week. We do this every day out try to do once a month something we take a few that calls every day is going to. They Bengals provincial I'm not you Arctic area by area and appoint him on Gloucester Matt thank you can't. I can't do it you're out. But I sure credits are not more as that'll work them didn't have raised his slow start admitted he'd get his Adam's apple shaved. In his nose down. Adam's apple shares at at and that's only true. Regions it was a battle that they've the first show we did on brought on satellite he said dust from Adam's apples he would like with LA and cause is beautiful. It's a weird thing to have done his head and he could do that. Lot of calls on this joint that's an extra but greatness that if ago generalize. Brushes with greatness of the brushes great if I have a question what major Somalis on a six once said this ruin my due to the naked city he did you did you do to once that's about it you'd better idea was better. I hope we can beat it's the middle of my idea. Undated both Virginia say yes they were Oscars Edward's idea of a good idea never the way it was can't always get themselves on the clock right now older. It's morning swift current can count on Sports Radio WEEI. So that David division's first place fairly good rate. Were very high treason. Did you mean that that day pitcher and distressed change in the history. But you do a great job women division. I think we could do a great job collectively went in the division. But again I think you yourself in my situation at the end of the year combined a lot of factors involved. And combine all those that particular time that's what goes on for. Weird performance by some rust bucket. Yesterday adding you know I would assume he has a half he went silver fox I would assume that he's new in town in new on the job. If you didn't know but you say the guy at a press conference when he knew he wasn't an answer any questions he knew we wasn't gonna give anyone any. Information. That guy doesn't know these two guys sort of rescue knows he's doing with the rough for a long time the jury sort of still out on the city to people hate him or really liked it when this was his first moment we are really paying attention to him by a barrel for the target forever. He's now gone he comes out gives this weird press conference we answers nothing but I'm just think that was an ago. We're trying to think of who is trying to protects an easy trying to play multiplayer holder urging players come in and complain about Ferrell and when they had like their quote unquote exit interviews yes and age is he trying to make sure that day but now art arguably gonna go out try to go behind his back and talk to tell you gossip record yes like I think what is an Easter units is given some sort of recent right because. A buck for in the past I mean we could be employed question to a pastry box said. The issue was the same as last year essentially was saying to us it was even better and want playoff game whatever so he stays after lashing he goes after this year. Why I would also say that we'd ask you're there as a sign there wasn't a candidate that they would've liked it here I think with our entire being to bench coach. Austin is getting fired in Detroit out score being in a post season I think those are three solid candidates that they feel better about than anyone thought about last off season. It's almost was just 160 I don't I don't I just fine EE he's not he I he should be to talk can't. But you'll admit he would not be on the good list name is on our enhanced season and Republican he's young he's Smart he's Jewish he's trust or go home any favors yesterday though he did not go to court and that's Ross thinks who say. Mean I understand I can give oil state secrets but you can't say yet compelling facts while. Can to a woman's underlings to compile all the time to send knock answer that a McCain reversed and sold albums generally yes and the kid didn't do it. President Charles failed Leo. So you we still don't have a you have interns they came to me on any kind you played first answer five I tell you could literally put like fifteen of them together after it to happen now that. Pilots hit the first answer when this guy who called a press conference and all the media showed up they can. And get some answers. Absolutely just flat out refused to answer if true would. Within a matter of fact that it. Well I really I think in those situations iMac and sheer facts I mean those are things that I keep to myself. Are our baseball officials about. But again you way up bunch of different things are basically everything which way and make that decision like this it's it's a major decision. Those are things that. You keep yourself. But. I don't think you get in a particular instance I'm not going to get an articulate situations. That really made my office. If you can two point nine million fans this year. Respect and I hear someone you went out. This season it might ski what in here and very happy not to return. That he. What exactly happened in 2014. It's argument it's changed. As I said that's really something on the myself. I'm not gonna get into anything beyond that. Than a lot of. Why we hear guys talk at all if on this conference Ian Browner barker dispensing widely drag being here in the enrollment in the and they love to do anyway it's just like little nit picky tuba. Take questions Johnny Miller asked asked him was not. Where the facts was ready factors. So even answer of I can give you any facts. Doesn't make any sense. I -- it's it's it's not nonsensical. Concept shows that the only reason home pressed governments would be announced the new guy and then you get questions about Caroline what happened agreed to the press coverage and have saved you some answers these questions and despite the manager equally notable that that will he could be had no intention right that's there must. But unlike something can't use your PR team and I think John has got everybody don't do as dreadful the Red Sox a seven Reza it's PR team and they are our best in the business that's about it's not gonna share facts. Commissioner they don't they don't really know their due. The 193 games this year same as last year this year that note David Ortiz knew if I cheer it no David Price if you if Bianca dealer crews have asked in the question. And that was answered them threats or talking to her right pattern in the big Boston trick to protest protests. And you're gonna you're thinking gagging. Well I think it. Dion President Obama needs to be anti humility r.'s yeah I definitely educator I would answer questions I didn't take her case yeah if you don't like I'm so it calls on her last night as well there's literally no answers about Farrell or the next those of two questions in a what have Will Ferrell who's the next guy. And he gave no information was in in you know in in buckets right gases because I think it was a factor is the actually situation with price like that that was one of those moments where. Ferrell showed no leadership at all players including Pedroia and the rest of the guys mocked actually on the plane that makes her look weak. But we asked about it in the breast is introduces. Already this going back to the barrel. David Price at this situations. What if any role that played your decision to play manager and will ever any uniform personnel right what was it. I'm not gonna get any specific effort post certainly. Uniformed personnel I don't know that anybody. Who that would be at this point. I have no idea. Because really right now from England who Thomas staff perspective so. Well I've I talked about that situation formula back again and the publicly. We'll open. And a decision to not talk about you've said that you've talked about that you never discussed and that is I think perfectly legitimate when Ferrell gets fired that's a factor. Of course that is David Price had a legitimate to add to it. Not demanding at least ask for some sort of explanation as to why you just tired I won 93 games but I don't think anyone thinks should captain's job but. Why what was what was it that did that. Even though the team was performing its budgets feels he was the right I'm John Farrell an election press comes just say now obviously for on the roster don't like each we've read about this stuff on that. But obviously didn't get one if you. For watching it again. Apparently define what happened. If you're Carol defender whoever it is why they fired your why. And it's really an employer pressed to answer the question I think I have to ask comfort. And he's an app on the go won three division titles and one world's here's 193 games without Ortiz with a price. On paper sounds like a pretty good manager. So the sum than there this people wanna know what he views. And the GM stands up or sits down in front of people say oh good we're gonna find out something and a publicity. Candidates and yes. I outlining is so I've heard many people and allude to club posts in the dissension club those issues. Every lot more about. Yeah beginning with Becker sleep but there's other things Pedroia with the Baltimore shadow law and all that lots of stuff did you lose the club to lose the faith and confidence will be free to outsource the light of Christ and like so that's finished well and nobody says that. I don't ever really honest this was an issue in Toronto came right when he gets us Toronto ways that ice in the clubhouse in respect him guys and that's what I charge I can't see over the scale that's I. Somebody there was a guy goes right there's a story even back guys I remember even back in 2013 when he won the World Series talking to players and having players makes sort of snide comments about fare like 11 person in particular luggage is referred and as the pitching coach. And then go idle manager likes or eight weeks it was that say come on a couple or years gone. Farrell is agreed manager. Mike and holders and wanna talk to Mike upgrade and like what's happened. La Hoya wanted to 11 person was gonna defend their earlier you've got them I know. Why am I know I'm I don't know I'm I'm more in these are important propelled looks like equate college. There was more to the story and I thought it was about he did you Arctic the other day he. Got probably eight. He's FaceBook apps and there have been headed this way doing it and what's a better segment ugly people are this ugly people and I just want to know. I'm sick I'm gonna go back to naked city you're through its territory isn't a bad job explains in law's jump into the greens really were naked city and you know rumors about famous people. I wanted to see now now he wanted to do even better and I speaker's voice murmur on Lou it is yes it would a second we feel about things on this loss. Mean and mean and and that. That's when relentless as a relatively I don't know I have them on Ashley Judd fashion giant wakes up and analysts actually years what is it went here. You know once I'm John's loss. Can you know I'm not I'm not. I mean Huntley and. Are the ones that moment in your enamel and her other. That is that is similar of easing that the victims of poverty once he heard that there were just heard she's you know they should go to barely breathe. Fat that's what role like this occurs late just god if there's a doctor or science model island to reproduce because of you can it sounds like that. -- you think that's was yes part of the reason because that would allow him yeah produce never troubled with reproduction right no troubles. Scott how. Three out. It's our turn I say you know this parallel rate Chris Johnson how was that awful. I just got a lot candidate played the entire. I really can margins crack himself up and posted a spirit of outward attitude here is I was doing somehow some overtime. And then you can and. And Blake Lorenz yeah editing my head so I thought the government years. That is so poor life could I mean really are huge you don't do you go to yoga Curtis. You know I'd say you're not anything about those people who grew launch is groans and moans like that and many groaning yelled out literally every workers. Yesterday when home to the Dario got some work done and went to rule whole foods reduction. That's why his wife hasn't kicked my this shopping and the cooking or the dog walking what worked yet. The Astros were Joshi and so you put headphones and when you look the essentially. It somewhere that I work all the time in forty onward and Smart and a promise. 845. Of the one providing us now I look Kurt assortment complaining about them and every week fascinated by his lifestyle so mine all the time used to spend a week in June what do you do with that time there's a lot of time's right have available space right would have been drinking passing out and now you now. I was in the radio I didn't I'd make noises like a bit of they are patches for stock radios have a lot of hobbies listed as a money. Writing this in Reno doesn't watch me and we just got to shattered it was accurate to about six months in my class cheated death. Mites but she's still read Megan Kelly's biography my chapter three certain better. What does it settle for more subtle Gloria. OK Kyra if I were I would pay you more educated not split and go pro for Curtis Richard watchable thing yes yes and we could put on the website had been how to pray that the streaming Curtis go pro. We're going to the bathroom. Means that they would then take off. I doubt your level of relax indicted not by Katyusha. I think Catalan he read her cool watching him walk the dog and like. Watching American lumbering along right that it can with his wife or common conversation played an unbelievable like missing is mostly with all with us or you cooked right. I'd just caution pesto chicken I was very good or just talk about. A wide my wife his children should be eight separately we watched this is a separate out those palm talked about that after I arrived in our trying to figure what happens to real. I don't doubt. Your wife prosecute in that never drink again as you worry that you might too likable would be passed on your own moment tonight. The official party wants to enter into and you can beat them. That's true measures should order a drinking is more about the alcohol India addictive personality coming apart these children. I am. Yeah chewing tobacco. Yes what have you done this addiction is I've moved my addictions like running back in my other stuff in my life what do you shifted toward. Listening to the regular schedule through what what origin to the show Franken I'd focus more now than it was before use that might return as always if you like he's he's on trial in those are looking. Your parents wondering why you haven't read the pro created the reproduce they do a number I'm not and they're really beaten up. And Donna Maria rated B to beam then pop and they artery justices are we any closer this announcement. No that's not gonna happen I mean it will one day and closer I get a younger. When I'm closing at 33 holes yet passed 38. That much sings cheeses tree died in the geez it sounds like them across. Probably guessing you probably public and looking and then you know. And looking at Arby's what Georgina Chapman Primakov is a huge nine point age she's she's running she's a staggering how to get back NYC and more and more Red Sox talk as well as some calls wanna do now and they consider the one Telus rumors about famous people. It off. Bouncing in the precincts bald they've been written did you notice the phone's ringing the whole time Kurdish guerrillas if you asked him what he called for cuts and set up your clock when you would rank as a new. My looks like the people turned out stuff would you have to lie solely as another vomit on the recipes we. She doesn't exist right. And your car right now. Much better it's so vital so I know. And you want you wanna don't want to get upset if I go to your car right now it's much better in the ones of the golf yes why what how those aren't as target golf course it's the do. Disparity ten seconds to scripture. It's disgusting that looks like the dirt is Carter pursued it looks like alcoholics looks like almost Kevin was. Right and so it's believed. Prices that's harsh price which lets you see this breaking news by the way I did not good to is it worth I'm not teasing it is I'll forget to written it relate to why a human mind to mill hill her tall Belcher I notice with hey it's not usually does day. And that's news I didn't know that I agree but he surprised. I'm not surprised annals president you were little bump zone bonus Jesus on our force.