K&C - Who will be the permanent 3rd host on Dale & Keefe? A massive hypocrite exposed in New York 5-8-18

Mut & Callahan
Tuesday, May 8th
Hour 2: Gerry and Kirk broke down the candidates vying for the permanent third seat on Dale & Keefe.  Another fraud was exposed by the MeToo Movement. 

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Have a good time was off. Is on meeting Bunning to. It shows how well. You're out we have one distorted over the weekend it was short guys think yes I'm not considered dance and make stuff so much for this city or the interstate that I've always plays a guy ever going to be a good stories are told but you don't believe looking back on now. Had a quick tour committee had no you guys don't like to feud with the morning shows. Security have decent team as a whole thing play seems strong color red charter oh. They don't venture into the sports world all that often though I think an ally whom John Thornton joins us right now what do you think they need to act. Oh yeah I don't know I'd tell them you know entity we don't I don't want to argue anymore. And Gerry Callahan. A fire and that right down I didn't get your legs and it. We have we've ever smelled it's only fired head and many different. One hour. Hope they do one Sports Radio WEEI. Open probably permanent and we're just trying to. Hope with like you know who holds sway some swing or not a bad medicine may be able. About the next and next and white satin. As a bug Jovian stern populace that it it gets sort of we should Cyrus song right philosophy that he's got him Bruce Springsteen I don't get a green and not Neil Young John Legend U got a good thing right and his group commonly we know that Rosen. Francies neighborhood it seems like a really means she simply could take a regular guy who obviously some patriots and shows up the stadium compulsion towards left the group a couple of years ago. We by Joseph retails at just left in the middle of the port. Done back yet he's got three years in these cells and stadiums like it's too I don't know anyone. In my life that are fast and stand with 70000 people we guess that some. Very few like Helmand. For five magic noticed that the rest are women this budget will be sold just as he's handsome. It's important. Yeah. I didn't pay. As young. As it is what you like. And who is the way. Act. Tell us. Oh loves puzzles prevalent and gets in those. On true weight as they did these mortgage the stage. That's the road snows through usually when there. You sort of for once powerful group was that uses of the four Rudy for a Grossman don't before they had Z out now there's Austin right off on me. You know Joseph Perry back of these to know what it in the Summers. Shut up and every Toby separate into a park couple serves about fans back all right delighted that stupid in love Austin water level was yet you used Boston. Travis left I talked. The policy of this yet and he he's that's awesome he could affect us. Eight and the enemies out are there. He was he was that was right that's what's what's that's what's it sees an elusive musician and a player who's also. Yeah good point they have good point guard but sports. And they they thought you know you're pro potential. But then the knee the knee to end the call advertise story vote so that was that Bobby didn't have arthroscopic surgery that I. You with a union still see the railroad tracks on his leg. To tell stories Collins grooves here really long. And he got the call for Vietnam when it failed. He went home the stats of what happens. It indicated he said that's good that's what the kitchen table yet to today that was over the countryside. Tennis areas so Brian you're so scared. Let me call it counts as one of the best anyway. Still no we haven't hurt. All we're open source media media analysts are opening survives like dale people tweet me about the style thing I did nothing new to update I have never I never call for anyone lose their job and including Kevin I'd bite on him to do it and we want this and he asked to. Port to the city. It sounds like the heart news or do you like in some ways if he left of the change cities mean the and the key would be to say we need him back now would that mean it no updates right. Nothing. Now does that mean they're they're this means two things. I want Friday afternoon and check. Them. He's one of two things one. There's a to pretend area. Or to their doings achieved actual thorough investigation war emblem just saying. It's really like six columns that's all you gotta do six. Three who says he started. It's an a to a good typical for wanting to be careful of calls right so get a digital rights a vacation I'd. His life is hanging in the months thanks to you don't factor at all for. Now that you're right it was him these two and they're gonna put the figure used you brought it down dated someone had to shine in the light of truth finally found my pocket. Fixed it. She's just. I. You know I'd I'd feel has let himself goes probably drinking two months lot of g.s here. It was we us and said good good rates nicely and Camille I didn't hear myself was not eating right was drinking too much was docket. As time goes down gets the special. He has youngest corn beef at the diner in used to store Heidi it notes maybe you decide I guess we have onto frenzy is at the Dinah to go all the time. The body is and Americans wait for the past the patriots trivia contest or something but just pals of guy. Who loves. And that's right he loves us you'll go because and they go back as always it is always thought about it right. We and I've been around the block a long time. That's one of those things that's like saying I'm crazy funny are good that yes and you say Nancy it's a ways don't security Pat Summitt and I would never say they understand that you figured I do indeed so so what did you say that's different things now it is would know what I that's I am I started thinking I've a friend. Tells a good and we knew today was just saying that he loses he was you know. Drinking and drug and run around. It's an excellent could be wasted it's an excellent father we still lack of three young kids I have a job as night our analyst. With someone brags about a good father there aren't that sign that there having. Doubts about their fitness is of by the people to be true though adding to be a good dad but also Seaman doing enough either. Someone brags about fighting there on that they're now putting out enough and I'm really well some of those are crazy they are the crazy ones never tell you agree that's the that's different ethnic I think it's about that person it that it would I think you have some. Matter what you do if your dad if you take you go play golf if it's like. Correct. He said he really Smart. Although Kirk always brags on Smart they're gonna rumor about the smartest person as far as Catholic news today definitely. Not a good sign him that he's been to you must have been outscored its accompanied him did you must think I'm Smart that you know it deepened yes the adult brain damage you've had a chance you must think cars this month that the fifth among the world. I avoided a remote it's true it's a separate room much to know which were John McCain fund that's OK he even though the governor of Massachusetts is that's OK on that resentment there and say about Oswald was his name beat me. If you know as long. That have brought extra names roiled apple yeah that's true. Anyways are speaking among obviously he's about you would personally have left on this couch which this person which is kind of Steve the show right now which is not a big deal to me I think concerns Jerry. So we reached out to a bunch of people out almost all and said though correct. Correct or left we whittled own business you run you run them off I blame you 100% Q did you certainly did Tomas you obviously. Oh and some sports who Portugal I was I think you don't have wanna see him again until we have a month. Alone and I can tell you're serious about that are not I don't know. I've thought to be better talk about here and taken to a listeners that the service because we've danced around how much can we talk about. On the totality when we talk about the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Adam Jones shall we can do that we can. Meanwhile that we're done not talk about said the couple weeks and done not it's OK I mean I'm I wasn't there is rules that you were you heard I heard it I was on the phone he was confronting you and news. I'd say is confronting she'll. Yeah which is featured a small part of the slope are okay. It's up to you gonna defer to you in this. Okay I'm thinking about missile program has OK ma we still have yet shall never tangling I don't know what happens mutants still on the market is listed as he still is still on TV it's a bizarre photo display and wrote I've talked to him since that day saying it would loved ones gay line. Weeks I talked to whom. I've even noticed them and wants to the TV and the red tweet by him sweetly you would clash on ice is admittedly a single tweet about him in weeks as a matter pennant disappeared right Reimer would like to have back these are not selling to long. In discussions yes. And that's that was right. That's about it now so we tried. We've got lots of Italy and Andy heart I like the news from the correct Dickerson is still in the mix against them in Italy which he do of course he. I was once a week with I don't keep us at some fill in on the weekends he showed up even though he could barely talk it's to prove to everybody. That he can be reliable yeah. Tucker was mental illness just try immigration easier grinch himself would you in to their first thing I'd do without seasonings used to say how. So we hired mr. Jerry pushed for Mark James last week because he pitched his tail off in the first I was resistant he was great in the afternoon but just that you over the week in my heard about it actually right I understand trying to do on this one I'm with 1% I wanna bring him in and study because he is the edit. Unbelievable performance on Saturday unbelievably bad with the same time tomorrow and tomorrow awesome yes and Tomas was losing his mind and helplessly so bad he's got so this spring this in. And welcome to our world. Given a shot in the least no matter it could be it could have been a disaster I think sort of an interest -- yes yes at least for a couple of hours yes we thought we have been in for two hours and once he got started late saying on all my work is there that we are I don't mean they don't want them correct phrase is summit he does not want a commission which to bat an emotional because he's he's feisty. Wasn't he wants a fight that he's feisty with late people who weren't really going flights a deal until mossy but he was annoying dale I don't think he would annoy you at the Q mute on an amused. I saw a big advocate he went up poignant worker means that mark. I'm just curious as to what's going. Is Mark James having an impact. He's been on enough people heard him on now it's easy having an impact I mean some people hate again bags on the show that it. He's been on the afternoon is going on weekends things on addressed to me. In understate this guy's belly check. In dealing you know we drafting Jimmy Jean the second round four years ago. But I like that elect that they'll ever go against the ads do she'd real. So what what so was marching uses. Reasoning. So it started with late nights scheduling the certain days I and its impetus it didn't work so that I said okay what's get a date on the calendar for next week. Eight to ten you it will wide open and then he said. I can't do it. I don't pass the time being I need to earn my WEEI strike disperse. Well he's he's afraid that's okay did you get any more than just that that's the extent he's scared you most you understand these things unless him. Here's where I sleep a little easier not eating Indian. We need belonged in the long stretches of marches because he really comes up for air. By just watch what nothing right and Andy he's being coached up by a boss Joey right to tell us to bring it. Yeah doesn't go in there in the afternoon mix well Joey thank goodness I'm confused. That's a good question there reach out to my thing and throughout the o's and him again you don't know he looks at duke exactly like the actor in parliamentary candidates and I'm Harland Williams the Williams who's the cop who drinks the urine and I'm gonna say that. Who drinks the balls for the year and in non dumb and dumber correct and that he's the guy who wears a body discovered something about Mary edit 66 minute ads yes it is that he's he's great at him and it looks exactly like he might be the same guys that could be changes naymick six different times market but here's here's the state of the afternoon. Casting couch tackle that's. I don't what they call their try and these people out the march games the only ones to have that we haven't had a Kyle Draper. Refuse to commend. Give us publicity that's right every spruce yes which was a disaster Courteney Cox. Campbell chemists and the ways and so yeah. And Rob Ninkovich yes and which one of those would you like to get none none none you wouldn't want. Screws can now. You wouldn't you don't want trickle given up on drapes yes. And obviously make of it he's their guy who wouldn't parent that's dale is he's not bad to say it sounds like he wants to be yeah. No Fauria is our last show he wants philosophy you know and it's like value based. So like whatever the value is. If peaking units on the return that's mighty will turn it turn apple I mean each votes and get us some energy yet so I think he would like to be. Warriors all our core of these guys who as a personality and why not he could do radio doesn't just wanna sit there with them. On TV set this game right but it did they guess that they've done nothing they don't talk to this third thing in Baghdad. If you do a segment riches he dale where are listening there with a little luck with you want these people he not like it we get somebody we always accused him of wanting. And these parties and I think we're doing it. But we don't know that for factor though a wide eyed and spoke to rich awkward elbows I'll tell you want I respect him or what did you tell me we you know it's always been part of our show if the other third person every day. The should be spot price at rich I guess at Richman says the daily doses are okay on the air worm is the produces Groupon composition bought us. What's going on what are we gonna do to like mixing it up. To urban myth see there's little time in it but you wouldn't get the truth like dale hates when these kinds on the I understand that's where org or rich. If they hate whatever Dickerson are the tally Ireland. But why not. Because they don't do that don't say they hate but why not hate people. Of course he's going that I we all hate people. So why would you do that I guess since he's uncomfortable doing that don't publicly not that great list of all time but still I mean you know. A receipt they dale wants as dale picking the art. I think that Richard. What he'll do an irony in my heart that I. Say these two were management asked these two more aware that on semi wide enough what where they don't don't give me I don't know where that purpose I like Mark James a lot we don't know where it's not every David DOT I think he really agitated those guys a fitness. How does bring energy a lot of vendors are down our maniacal. Little moronic energy at times ability I think any part of the leader in any hearts and G yeah. Mrs. No and depth. Is he admits these these things a football guy who lifts weights is PGA's purpose for what else is they do does yeah that's weights and reads stuff. The when asked would like to do I heard yeah yes I remember in the splits are reached a very sick that it damaged here you took there individuals. And it lists everything else so much it was all right bill that passed like what are your interests. Sports when you read and lift. Every general stuff. It lifts and Reid is general stuff what do you think he doesn't think Moody Blues should be in the hall. They don't like any additional two months or better from it until it. You must does not she's the same sort of Mark James too much that's in energy. It's very. Very low but Tomas he's so he's you know that's good out which we like but as Saturdays at the duties could tell that it would buy them take about this resort hotel owners are dailies buddies. But he's battle worn down but he's that's place he's he was him on the Dickerson and Mike talk Nolo and one advocates and among when he wasn't here last time yeah. But the breaks we're talking about afternoon have you done. Do you interact with those guys right what is and they're cousins said he felt it was very hard to fight. Webber I've talked to David saying this because he is talking need whether it's Dickerson. Or month or in these people said rather judicial post mortem them in the afternoon that Alitalia through people's same thing well not every minute epic. Month for whatever reason just loves to be around you write notes under whatever reason great great time you for use him yeah. It's you know it's kind of like Eric and I have been days and his girlfriend is the second girl for. That he you know he likes to be abused in the just role playing a million dollars already uncle and a little there or it sent. It's way to slay a your little hairy slave Soviet model likes to be of the Dickerson likes us. He would like to have a drought in the same sentence more followed us right do you think Andy heart would rather be with us. Away. He's very happy with them I think Haiti are those like the afternoon you know stress problems and all these little guys like no risks and ski all these are the guys they would play with them and those people as they wouldn't come in particular row they don't want the fight that's why I was impressed too skewed. Chris Mason. Who's a Red Sox beat guys who wrote about price toast as. A school failure you'll probably suck phones will find out and I guess I was surprised he said he would rather good. Take you long time his appointment don't really care marching zip on. You were strong as those you know what's that put you work. About Christmas and no I mean you took don't know level. Okay sorry to do at home chats don't do it again. But Mark James I'm disappointed in just as a person how Jesus Christ and being all eyes make you next week in the can I think he's out he's out. Well I mean that's his attitude go amiss synergies march useless attitude is not pretty he's to prove themselves that these little intimidated by you would give a figure a factor. People ask what second releasing me every time maybe you sent him the more intimidating. Group whose hate everybody. I just someone narcotics a month it's I don't hate I don't know. Right between minority and I'd hate our chances are that your gonna hate him. It people don't like to be made me an hour or so I'm sure does and he finds than usual. People don't like to be hated I understand that but he did do but other people want to I'd like I don't mind that we can do it's I don't know how many phone calls we have got the call screener is so messed up or even now. I like blinking in judo is she most coming out of that Jesus are we guys guys that's good questions there wasn't that terrible reset this about screwed. You're too good story it's we have one store that's unbelievable. Scene will do that and more headlines which. Sometimes pulled from the beautiful mind of producer Chris Curtis I appreciated dialog city. The man who before his massive weight loss across the world's great moments like. It's more how much Robert Blake freeloaders Redford's from an animal health secret foot ropes we'll know honestly think that I would not have been if I had a Ringo Starr yacht and go Kart. Joseph McCarty but this is now who lean and mean and you when he improved Curtis. Yeah and now. Like the back of the drunk driving so I want to yours if I had my million dollars what numbers did you I'd brought there for one. Eleven. Yes. 71. 51 well bristle at once you're on the ones you can do a great three students and Mo up for it yet. And it's either jungle dark jungle where that fantastic guests. I think it's time for Curtis encouragement and Callahan whose headlines. Not happy about. The two chimps. And in Laird Chris Kurds are going to play golf today. I've not played golf this year interviewed him. I have in the long view that the Obama did some. An excellent that I've played at all but I mean it's Tuesday their annual thing with a going curse of the worst call for an America. Close it I mean horrendous how come we never played a show of well we'll action junior member Christopher's speech and it's what the chicken tenders 35 years old. When you get through this it's about time. You paid your own way here as they give him a lifetime dream a vision that I think that you go real what times the or idols. Caller Clark told you and we can get invited. Them welcome. But we don't play as a force. Curtis before. It's true. Our ground against Atlanta. It's. Personally reassures the second in this group source from the golf I've ever seen in my life was public service that ever Anderson anybody to even worst hackers often they hammered. But still 500 pounds John Daly the British Open it's true he couldn't cars could do that should be if you had a score it there's probably 200. Awful that's already been that big ball in his hand at verse there and choke to want to take you to your drunk to that's supposed to help swing oil. Ties in the karma you were you with Kathie me to meet you don't. A deal in place are you Jerry that was what we had to stop it and they have a good enough for NASA Amber's right remember cursed be achieved it. This is right read after that is wholly made it to where practical head was paid to sound we have many arrangements for that OP she and so god. I missed. Who. Torn curse on me to flee toward Buick truckers that. I'm an expert in the peoples of like might you'd probably like. It's completely. Cured his own. Card with a he would. Are taken lists of Israel there on the golf course preferred doing jobless. I headlines brought you by doctor Robert Leonard document depressed he's eager doctors of beef pork going at 1800 get here. Good morning guys rough day for Eric snyderman the attorney general of New York I agree that. After a women who likes it rough. Romantically involved with him of comport with accusations that he physically abused them according to reports published in The New Yorker you read the story and I'd. It is hard to cry hard to even say were to begin trying to say most people don't know where Ivins again and most people are gonna read them when a ploy you again take a few minutes and they won't read it it's him incredible reporting. There are names dates for the hospital records photographs. It all it's all there I was the guy was saying in the draw on the B two from me bring in now Weinstein this and that he's speaking of these women's functions he does he claimed to be this friend of the women. And privately was a monster like you wouldn't like it was like is like when he's a terrible lifetime movies that the seem ready if where you know he engages him you mean slaps his from around the first woman. He hit so partner you're you murder for hearing during sex even before sex you punch them in the face smell them spit on it called slaves. He's on sunset home to call him master and slap me until he did went through the want I think she's from an Indian descent correct course yet this Harvard educated activists Tonya. I don't know yet. If he called her his something's slaves. Yes forget Brown's late rounds. And she had to call him histories for sure my pastor and through sport Sri Lanka. This I would say. You read you read she recalls he stark on his brows they demand that repeat that was his property. If she didn't he would smack her around that BioWare assays not rulings had worse things in the story. No no he's an a monster. He's an animal is pure evil and this is by the way a real. Boy it's a force in Democrat. Politics this is a well respected liberal in new York and you said earlier in this hole right by the end of today. I mean it's going to be tough for the New York Times and in you know. A CNN to sit on this. They have pictures of this monster with all of these all of all the usual materials Twitter and clintons and Obama was calm cool woes. You name it they were with this. Piece of garbage and he trump sued each other shows of 2007 picture whatever and trumpet Obama trounced 35 years ago. Trump tweeted that this guy these next two city's worst. Then Weiner Weiner and whereas Spitzer is still just wish her always she's always for five years ago this guy's been beaten up women for years. Those orphans to plastic surgery scars and they're under tort torso the result of an operation to remove cancerous tumors. He criticized her parents issued a press complaints about the clothes he mocks references dances. And when these women attend the birthday celebration for he demanded she be just the cake was arriving in begin to feel like I was ill. So the guy was in saint drinker to hard hard core bruiser that's what you can here today it's always take away the alcohol is gonna go away but. I mean there's not someone of those deals we wonder what in what form he'll come back in Italy what. I only make his comeback there will be no I don't he resigned three hours a scholars go to is done and the people. Who knew about him within the ones next in the cross here's a and once again Roland Garros the best journalist and I'm proud of today one night is the first Manning Paris last name. Her name. They were dating series upper west side apartment. Getting closer to a rate for bed he calls her a whore she talked back they both been drinking. He then back to the edge of analysts suddenly decide the opening and with great force across the face trying to blow directly on my year. Just came I know where my viewers ringing I lost my balance I got to try to shove back and take a sweet pushing back down even uses body with a hole we down in the choke choke it was very hard. Was really bad I kicked in every fiber felt that was being beaten by image for only freed yourself. And then tour sergeant he accused her scratching him she says that's where that's at incursions that that. Weinstein mark my worse than snyderman and it could be true but there will be no bigger hypocrite since measurement this with him tweeting after the New York Times won an award for their coverage in The New Yorker Padilla who movement without the reporting of the New York Times and The New Yorker in the brave men and women who spoke out about sexual harassment they entered. There would not you this critical national reckoning underway a well deserved. He says he Yorkers who is not he's he's right he's entering turn those that accurately as saying that of other fan of ranking them. But I mean you know why she did rate the hundreds of went for forty yeah I mean obviously but yet obviously but they'll be more community you've efficiencies for. Of course no chance but it's not. Anonymous nothing no speculation a couple of women's day a nail this down they names and dates he is I mean. Again. Two things guns he now gonna see the cover up because he's in very important Democrat and hard or newsroom you know my. In my quarter figures CNET hasn't touched the story yet they gonna do their best covered up it's really hard to do their best. How many people knew I mean they didn't know he was beaten a photographers every night. How many people knew that he treated women like this. All I'm able to you know let bullets labels again events where he was strong from girl I mean hunt and every night is of course sources it was trumped every night he was forcing what did you say no question how much rain drinking. A budget should college we the Palmer he's a population that the Buick Open near miss my mind was made in her drink wine yes pouring in this. So screwed up he's a sick bastard and a as this were once team. And still ask. Mean there's an evil in the present this guy is course so why they make prisons for people like this Eric snyderman attorney general would that be great to see. The attorney general yeah maximum security or if it's a rikers that is so we makers I was told them. Yes it is I would like to see her ex item in rikers. I promise you drinker you would almost always threw two balls wide enough in a night and then bring a bottle of Scotch into the bedroom and yours yes yours are so demanding very adamant that it was not a problem going to blow Scotch and a bad pressure to consume huge amounts of knuckle she recalled. I look more for dinner. It already happened he Bolivar mine being a counter yard had a head start for a special day you would say. Sometimes if you entry quickly applicable this she says he would come to Munich a baby would use its food. And hold a question I was holding my face. The force we like apparent say come on the meat drink drink drink at times action spilling it down my chin on my chest. It's insanity. It's madness it's sixteen cases it's it's incredibly more like Vista will go on the I don't know a lot of them I've never heard of Samoa and uncertain amid those last nine months we should we never heard something like this that's a good or heard of this fetish that a guy like. The pullback or Gallic Weinstein a clause beer and was elected he'd get one of sexual were passed out. I don't I don't understand too good to good question are those guys are trust diamond I get that that this does this mean who the next shoe to drop ease ease. Most of raped he must violently raped somebody. Because that's reason to wipe them out. Forced himself on his guys the attorney general the State of New York was still a couple of hours and millions. It's and he was an icon. He was a prominence is liberal demo crawl place releases well plural you know role played them ten. We slices like a sergeant can earlier in and she's bleeding again proves that you choker and there's an hour to two she passes out and publicly demean her he did it's it's it's it's it's you'll famous yeah I called my slaves yes she got exactly. It's it's they wanted it's in Iowa State's decrease server it's not sure but it's right up there and here's just another name. With a pal and he was very angered by it prompts win because he beauty got a chance of parole on the White House and is violence towards the women actually increase according one of the victims populace like social trumps all shuffle be used the other women. That's good Jesus will hold all gotten out what was done a great job of picking his enemies is as though say that's true I mean it's remarkable. Merval Weinstein said the first thing the scandal broke. He said he was to step down from his position and take on the NRA is right right that's right and you know trump you're fired I'm an activist. We need it as I don't it's mean the guys who hated him you know rose one hour and that snyderman I mean it's just one after another we're finding out what they really like. It's crazy in order pharaoh is. He's changed change a conversation America. Right wrong for our was rejected by NBC. Who had these stories who's on what he's doing Kurt he's pursuing. The rumors that have been around these circles for years right Weinstein you know and others in and now Schneider minute rose. People of Manhattan in these circles people who go to these certain restaurants and go to these big balls and yeah beginners and called Hamptons in the summer. There are rumors of vote. Once team in Rosen our ports and snyderman for years I. Ruth rose fairly why is obviously fairly new fairly young said. I chased after the stories audience on issues do and that's what he's done here. Mean and people in new record on you that there's that NBC was spike this NBC said keep that under your hat. Pulitzer stuff that's what it is definitely. The brains behind get up. Andy worst he'd be collapse in recent history John skipper. Has got a new job he's the executive chairman of perform group which is the global sports media company based in the United Kingdom a positive step down. Snow's. Keith Olbermann tweeted that he ran into John skipper in Central Park emitted wishes him nothing but the best the. He's sleeping on the bench and at the spring of get up Kirk we're just watching the break we had a remarkable and it generally and get up. Is circle and to everybody knows English so they just I feel so bad like tens of millions of dollars and it if it's every morning we look at just laugh it's so bad. There's this hosts had that look like there's been defeated they do they look like. Yet and I describe what they do they look like him. I have been we've been the weeks that it has that that I had atmosphere you know they get paid every day they just look worse and physically worst yes tired and beat up Greenberg looks like keys hasn't been writing. That's what can happen. So he just spent a segment promoting it kids' book. About a dog that is kid we pick his wife and his wife co wrote I think right now our beliefs are so Richard's wife it's just pictures of the dog acute horrible. We dedicated I'd say good five minutes to make it said Jerry during the breaks you're the guy whoever your. Some guy he gets up in the morning Basil breakfast and it takes up to work don't get five minutes of TV. He put it on you wanna see whether the Celtics last night the cavs last night and he baseball news and anything. Yeah Mike Greenberg talked about his dog book with his with his wife and they showed family photos of him in his in his in his wife and his dog what are we doing here and that he handed copies of the book the Jalen Rose and original beetle quick tuition items girlfriend's coming out of eight fielder. But what I'm with the Israeli some say they looked out like this is do this in TV is you know when they do these pilots in the two to three episodes. They know only to think they know over when these things are gonna work sometimes they're wrong they're one of the killed Steinfeld and and other terrorists but sometimes they write that they've put on there and they pull the plug for a couple weeks. They know the shows did they know that there is always how long three months. Not even know even two and a half they wasted tens of millions of dollars. You have to pay off these contracts. And this guy this this. Failure by get a sense from Leesburg time promoting a little kiddie book in Ohio say the show now after shows the details. The Who who would ever. You shouldn't worry it's just is like world of truce to yourself all the time. Greenberg I can tell Greenberg is dale that show only that it is my show we do things my way it's been boring no laughs no fun. And the two of them are decided okay in his goal for the and Jalen Rose is as good as for the breaks it gives agent called the better offer life or out of this is still never get a better off in this life if he's open he's pupils and just get me out of what he's just thinking you know what it sucks and getting paid millions of dollars which is Riddell for two years and then they'll fight. They just as a fighter Jones. That's true because of that the Asia have securities pretty good coming out resemble Romo because the caps weapon that's just ridiculous I mean it's what they're doing. Because lifeless it's it's an amazing it is it's awful terrible I feel so bad for that. I really seeing that people like that that's headlines brought you by doctor Robert Leonard doctor Matthew pressed the 1800. Get here or grip. Yeah. Yeah yeah plus. Looking. To affiliates of the south unreality over here call of duty to click on doing what he's really good at a oncology right now he's so good in fact really just gets aired here with the sniper rifle that pay for me field. So I think it would be hilarious and we're not going to be the highest ethic but if the pats got bigger it I think it's. Slogans are action items history you have to immerse college. On an already low and Harvard law which you know they they do some real winners but come. When he ran for the State's senator one whose opposite Democrat New York's one. In 2000. In six. Men get 92%. Of the vote. Next time nineties slipped to 90% of the ego over 80% of what every time he ran and there are lots of people. Who voted for him supported him gave him money. And a minute Sarah now he knew everybody is in Massachusetts crazy though Spencer Weiner Schneider moon. And she's just pretty crazy insane. And that's just that for its tip of the iceberg and they realize Giuliani's at saint god knows. We couldn't we couldn't. Didn't we can delve deeper and but this wondered where his connections Schneider we're gonna find out he knew. He knew everybody ball low price knew him do what I mean negotiator in the break hold on guys look at you once. At the very very worst people knew he was this guy who was drinking. May be stricken that much although I mean to be fair we know what Curtis. The thinking is girlfriends had bruises when they went out to dinner and I made. I guess he's got to do it for years it's destroyed it is to multiple partners. That's his thing people talk for Donald Trump knew five years ago. I only used most observers kind of world. He certainly not. You know in bombs judgment with respect correct trump right good news for him osment so lots of forest teammates expect a woman allegedly at the I wouldn't you know you read what you are and they do urge them to (%expletive) off people and that's why you're so good but. You really believe there's something within the bulls to make them more likely reduce the conservatives. Yes I. Know but I will say this they they think. What is it we clicked for his quote from in this documentary because he's it's it nails steeper and you think that when you really look at us as the islamists exit this is why they're almost always liberals is they think he can get away with things in you know line because a particularly in the right they do get away with all you need to know about this is prone Farrell had the Weinstein story. For NBC and they said. We're not interested way to order which are one of the biggest stories in the last two years Igor refer my have some natural prejudiced against people who were protected by the media that's a good out what do you think his that's at an opponent he's just pursuing rumors and several years on the U that he dealt by the way established Frank Sinatra. And I've no doubt it is that you did you think he came from woody Allen's radio. It was unlikely he's very hits it pretty much for this very very mixed up Frank Sinatra some other good looking. Right through to the for a quote here the more you get away with the war OK you did wasn't trying to get away. While Democrats is deep opposites I was quoted steeper and effectiveness let's go to the calls marks a Connecticut it's a mark. You guys think that they micro on the big Dickerson fan and I just and I euphoria may be you banks can use what are your sponsors like awaken money each get an loses weight. We're trying to legacy network that's going on right now mark he's doing. What yeah what we have Motley got on there and have some fun with it would withdraw these Z is confident. And it's not a picky but director of the mud or not. Yes I had some fun with that now we could you know you were making those threats as a signal jokes animals are funny are always class if you don't have a barometer of stickers sin is. Perfectly okay with having to sit right there making fun and also yeah appropriate. Degree. And more most of for sure. So on down the degree of salons and fumbled the guy that's out of a mark from Connecticut called all the time as disappeared uses French guys there. Gate cult not a rich rich from this no richest oil seed every other weekend. We go again when the life has kids that's exactly Danzig Connecticut what's up Dan. I looked up up by Jovi at lunch really grates on you in matches called little run away it was before they go. You rather run away from these little language that run on call and not. All other don't Jan run run on him now. Don't. Yes that's not that's not I don't know about anything that's why would you vessel the group though. That's as you know the group you'll jostle for me I'm trying to show that appears to have really like her or my music that we like to the afternoon Chicago. Eddie RC that would be that guy there will be tension. Oh yeah I heard outlook hereby predict it will culminate in an actual. Physical altercation and I'll be entertaining. A program or deputy. Anyhow it's pretty jacked fatal fighting in India are pretty good there won't happen. The finally you know people walking in the card any card is taken like Jaffe photographs of dale and feel free except it was mine to fight each other at this. No he takes one of reaches destroy these asteroids I'd. There's little avenge Udall heal a slight he country tuck your son talked to mine the juniors some as younger vote could be handled Arnold football player turned into play not really the probably play the rhetorical hole or its cultural or would you I don't Fallujah that you think you can handle himself to his heart. I don't know to be quite about the same age yes or born to death. I woe wouldn't hurt theater was light Saber. Church of Qatar body part with these future. It's a good question over the head but he's a razor boy became off the turn but that's from saint Edwards and do you think virtually every turn bad you're in the show. I am yes this next some. Mud will be on I don't know one's mom next. Friday. Friday we uniform all I got all not a Good Friday call us Friday. Will be mic for the month Friday. Some different. Six with a existence of these phones working six months of its list these things are blinking change and call it just be happy to jeans getting married why can't you two chains. I think it's kind of a visual but we are watching the video from this that it only visual. All morning which I describe to people just Sealy. Number and so Catholic like me feels I appreciate the Catholic political imagery we've imagery there. So breeze dressed like some ancient priests. Yeah it goes Mary mag you can the as it sells. Fashion. And you know you when you go on the cross and all brings to respond to the price of one remote next year Wii Fit to be should definitely there. It's the most bizarre collection of lunatics. You write it was Cam Newton votes for well to a tunnel was candid yet analysts look as bad Brady. Didn't that was last year oh was he in the industry now. Breaking looks silly Sarah Jessica Parker she's cards cabinet owner as Spain should nuts there. Distressed those times. She is a birdcage other birds it took a birdcage in her head that's been uncomfortable night. I don't think the people who can go wrong. Look ridiculous. Evidently just been meticulous the mortgage issue look at that and more people see McCree. Really characterized as a priest the right. Madonna dressed as some kind. One on a per teacher and DC. You can on the third of our judge react and that he seen. That's obscene that's oblique Levitt talk express. She's the tropical. Catholic. There just. Yes she did some veterans like very so Jesus John hark that's. Ocean and atmospheric Jessica Parker who's that Andy Cohen. Out for a trailer that's the name hit releasing honor that. That's sacrilege is that is a spiritual well I mean in the what is this what is what is the health and wellness. You know what Tom's not facilities as I've said and he acted and it is about how to that is how does that how does is open and they kept in the list of people dressed as nuns at the guy from black panther I've black Panthers just like the whole. Jesus. What causes is going biggest collection of lunatics have ever seen in my opinion like. 1000 only raise money significant is dumb thing again yes and a former museum. That was really meant on the Madonna and a veil over face which is a good idea recommend that for them she says Erica Jessica Parker said that she's half dead. And lots of people dressed as nuns and priests. Be known that person is okay. Assign Rupp hall on that we've been through a good gas pride our threes.