K&C - Will Holbrook, 1, hepatoblastoma, Beverly with his parents, Jake and Stephanie 8-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd
In January 2018, Will's pediatrician noted that he hadn't gained weight for a few months. Being cautious, the family was sent to the hospital under the assumption that William was having GI issues.

Will was seen at the ER and the doctor ordered labs.

The doctor felt William's belly after the labs had come back a little funny and it seemed a little swollen. However, these abnormalities could all be explained from a virus, since William had been getting over a cold. The ER doctor ordered an ultrasound as a precaution.

The radiologist that conducted the ultrasound was the one who informed the Holbrooks that William had what appeared to be a large tumor on his liver.

Jake and Stephanie met with doctors at the Jimmy Fund Clinic and had a CT scan the next day. They then learned that the cancer had spread to Will's lungs.

His treatment has included chemotherapy and surgery.

Will loves listening to music, dancing, and going for walks. He loves dinosaurs and balloons.

Will had his last chemotherapy treatment on July 18.

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There's been used there isn't like any piece 00 photogenic that would have an acute this you just answer it to him. And politics if you have a he always will always it's nice to have William. They have these pretty personal. Worried it might not hold the ones. That will work. With a look at act. I don't mobs accuse nervous but didn't you do not reviewed and told to talk but we're just talking during the break down the pressure's off because. Announced let's go ahead. And got a question big question here that's just it. Is amazed at 8 o'clock or seven we're doing well or molasses paced the a well told sports cricket. But we just got to call a friend of Kirk minute this call okay he will match all donations this hour. Up to 100000. Well. You have a friend it was a 100000 dolls I've never again I guess I don't I would say is it said this is on Urquhart and because he decided not to that. Can thank you Kirk I would say these good to have him that's very nice of him to do that we're taught in the friends section and with this kind of though this is a great guy going no no it is not wanted to mention he's he did no action series when do you guys in anybody's requests. Was only those he hates you purposely asked the orchestra yes he's bar Heidi you know. He lives in town much. Which in town likes you come back and I would say he I can send text you sent me. Last night we said I'm the only person distinction lights. That's what he says really it's yes and he said he also doesn't like some of the forces that are against us so. God's way of doing. Yes like me lovely like she would net 1010100. I was so well he cannot be easy if we don't get other people to donate correct you won't have to give a hundred will give a hundred. One match. All donations in this hours or call 8777. Of them up as an unbelievable what it is incredible 100. Thousand dollars have a friend that hundreds slid again as you grow up with a yeah it's definitely it's. 100000. Dollars this hour. 100 out of fuel ration runs we can raise 200000. Dollars a sour instead of 773. On 234200000. Dollars. The the match to match my pal mama makes that completion. Of the I don't know wells is gonna help. Will it help will hold a little buddy we'll hole seventeen months old accused YouTube of senior white. Two it is parents Jacob stepped in different Beverly it's an illness and right now is in Tennessee and that. He's fallen a little baseball round with the photographers and he goes to Canada for the cameras are you guys doing today we're doing right and everything else will devote. Will how on how you want to open. You know. Well we found out about it diagnosis in January serve you with ten console at the time and our pediatrician with treaties that you know what something going on knocking wave. On this continue right down off the documents around. And naturally in the top acts there are burned and Jimmy Fund clinic. And where we got the news about his how to close tomorrow which in his case. Experts are lungs so it's pretty rare cancer right when you hear that word you have any idea what's what's going on. Now live with you know literally asking how you spell it right on your soda can look it up after that conversation. You know nobody. Your mind and everything you know it's it's a lot with a lot troops or. But I would say about you know one of the great things about living where we are ours are accessed through world class facilities like that. Within the first week. What we have the one new disease. And in that first week we were or talking to an expert doctor on how to classroom actually thinks things get better or do they. Scarier hazard. And from that first dale. I would say it it gets better because that you're able to talk to these experts and the biggest thing we want with the plan that ushered out the news. What's the plan how to tackle the thing. And we sat down with the doctors. That there barber and we put together plans or through the options and if cutting edge because that surge in Kimmel. He hath yes. And yet that he's a tough. Tough kid looks yes and he's not squawking and measles restless but he looks. You have flown out it didn't feel better you want to reveal them were enough of these of baseball and looked forward violent baseball's a studio. We have before through trick. But you've you know he took the countless calls bracelets as rubber yes it's got one of those and it's got a smile on body up. You could tell that he the fan favorite over smiling no matter what hit them out of over total rookies losing weight anymore no now. He's not you thought a great job when it comes back on. Yes yes he definitely has you know he dropped off a little bit but then you were able after the surgery again impacting foreign and all of the solid foods out. You think up little bag that those rolls back to her one year old Duke Team would be to get. His sleep he sits still for. It's hard and he wasn't feeling wealthy middle of the Arctic at the time so he he lets itself. It's hard when he's not feeling like you don't know why could he can't talk to you and I think that was the hardest part. You know as a monument to just not feeling well and trying to criticize her dad where is there any can't tell us and that's you know that's the tough thing about having the ease with cancer. He has last treatment in July to July 17 and eighteenth middle class keep. You feel good right now. He's feeling great actually. If you wanna mention we're just found out that he's officially in remission on. And adulation for us it's fantastic winners so we're we're gonna grow up an appointment on a great job. He's in remission only seventeen months. It's slipped. Tough life so far when you get this just enjoyed the indicated. That's third now yeah darts at little things clicked on them splashed out of the park and not have to worry about turns into and around us let them have fun and we knew he thought the best thing ever so he's he's doing great what is. But to bless have had a blast on medical last. It's it's the type of liver cancer it is. Bad and in his case it spread but you know you wouldn't even with that. Diagnosis. They had great treatment plants there and we've used one of if not the first of her through specific type of treatment. At that facility so. You know it is really cutting edge medicine that about welcoming the chance to you live here. The proximity to New York to an forever if you live somewhere else in the world or if you look that another different time in history and I think of that rally is ten to. But guess even ten years ago has about ten years ago and you know when we first found out there looking on the Internet about how to laugh so much what we saw I was you know really scary really but then you know. Talking to the doctors they kind of want to do the last ten years in the clinical trials and the progress that they had me. And that's thanks to donations and so you know now even for a child like pulling his seat for. You know the chances are pretty that he can live long and happy life which you know we're so thankful for and and you know we're thankful that when your inner harbor read it yet entered a few seconds and. TV's oh yeah that's because happiness he doesn't have to minutes he can't mean. It said before no better have a cousin of the general but the radio it's something that's true point. People play in seventeen months you know and he's seventeen months and as Kirk said. Q this is accused ever seen in my life big blue eyes smile away quite belly up. Look at that belly and you know just having a blast was he like to do. Exciting and you know area yeah institute in the end there yeah. Yeah it's seventeen months is kind of start in this sort of figure stuff a little he loves dinosaurs title says just like crisper and that's true. Yeah that's a dance and Harris Chris. Construct. A big smile yeah or even your lovely. I actively. The work that. Let's lock. Out. You know anything except for hands around it before now you're right now that's great surrogates and it's. Now our moment. Now really proud mom. That secret that. No doubt that your bit. That's been so prominent words it's no chance current laws that isn't that it's. The kids love that dog the way that it definitely. Expresses an Akita victim of the yes yes. Is not the Cuba is skiers you know like these eyes is an unbelievable I love him I get no quick down and I think that it. Million doesn't. Hold him but he let leave. Yet he knows what would you chance I. He played hard to get into. Let's great so that's been in remission which is that's been passed over. Please visit the clinic for 26. Years when avenue and 2715. I would say six we were well. Now I'm all now be given effect quote what it would be for certain kids 25 years ago stars and he had progress in our. He now way fathers those kids that there was no hope and you know we just celebrated his last treatment and and I actually did it was that one of my favorite tweet because. It was pretty much up and as I agree tweeted that he's. Not very freely segments I. Can't. So. It is the whole idea let everyone who wants to be and with well come into the picture and there was no room right there's no room because they think all of us in the clinic reach as we celebrate aligned with these parents because we just. Our hearts break for them and our hearts are still with joy for them on those moments and I think being here for so long lean. That there's there's so much more hope and kids like well there are gonna get on that school we talked right. Yeah I think drug to be their knees hopping on the bus to go to can. Now you get up all the Jimmy Fund clinic lining up in caring BO yeah where his biggest cheering section. That was. The first time I wrote it's let's talk about me here first of political Lisa and her mission in life. And we talked in their guns with that was that was. At a different context is that sometimes parents just want to get to it on the box they don't know how long they're it will be around him in the goals ticket first Creighton. To see the kick it on the bus what the other kids and I think I've put this slobbering miss what you're telling me this story but. It's changed I mean I don't want to skip well on the bus and when it will. My get well sorry yeah matter at a couple things. Not a good armed serves I spoke earnestly tells Heidi yes the Wright affair and we won we won on his talent and I. We won and now we line. We want to be celebrating graduation weddings everything you know we want and to come back to. Our survivor clinic and we won a few minutes and beautiful adults making an impact and more so is next few months Oakland. So. In about a week or two is gonna get the port removed from the stress. That's where they administer the chemo and supplemental that I'll be a really nice and a final step short and that more on that every three months routine where we'll go back and then checked out the picture looks great to come back next here. Reluctant yes we're definitely I cared well we come back next year he's not right he just fired one left extra early zones. And if they're still out for them amphibious if you don't have a better. That's a Holbrooke family will lose stole the show whose parents were great as well we'll see you next year. And yes great congratulations again thank you cast ownership experience short course numbers 8777381234. Gerri this hollow. 000. You purposely so we go out there I heard that her as a friend that. And Brent which is the big news widget which is an underdog I don't have access. And bigger news rich and wealthy friend and bigger and bigger yet a very generous wealthy and Berkman hit his pledge to match ultimately nationalist to stay on in this hour it's 8 o'clock Roush match at 10 o'clock hour if you donate. Kirk's Clinton match. Up to. 100000. Seen new change in face now. That is why these guys that protects this and so that's the answer he listened to Carly and you don't know though Matt and then he saw well. I see if I had an anonymous friend you know Kirkwood director on his name. When non strenuous in the hundred. That's what he has yesterday policy of return than me yeah. 200 rhetorical question that I know guys do that but. No Kirk's fronts in the match all donations this hour to 100 grants vertical and 777381234. Lots of people with it's the call it's that phone or text Kate cancer 220222. To donate twenty go right back.