K&C - Will the Patriots go 19-0? What is the future of Jimmy Garoppolo? 7-28-17

Friday, July 28th

Mut and Tanguay discussed the Patriots loaded roster and the future of Jimmy G. 


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Heat's current and Callahan. Today when I saw the rob Bradford reporters on these guys were clapping don't exactly nude nude or no Powell who knew who I hate to see. I hate David Price. I'm watching the Red Sox. Under thirty and they're acting like a bunch of preschool children. Part now we're out of food that's. You all sit believe we. Little OK with Kurt committee has time now for the front office reports that it actually was sort of mood apology. As of now you know David Price has apologized for the it's I don't know there was chicken believe both things we value David Price is just the same way we. He did it actually. Yeah this. And Pedroia look at the whole field and Gerry Callahan casting couch all star edition of Kirk gallons. We like oh you must know you don't want to the other and it's. I get a group about. Tech that's the way he almost fell the rights big window. You do number two. It goes sector forward uses soft dump I have ordered for big money you're not itself is on Sports Radio W. Drug never walked out of the studio two. Do number two dude or might you go at that time that chair over their notes and you know I'm sitting in the chair across from me yet. It would have been a mess it would have been a leader would have had to fumigate this placements as Jerry was doing what. All I don't know talking about race like man you set but they need better for the show crack yourself that seemed well that's what minutes. It would have been better for the show off. I hope but I mean look lied to clean up and act I was doing declines that day. Who I was who declines in Callahan just kept going on and on it was about the the cap predict Michael Vick said if capita cutters I was listening to show that yeah. On and on and on. We were like five minutes past the break time the light was on the go to the break on squeezed in my butt cheeks brutal it was not a gaggle that it was like 817 it was not five and all that and they would they would know shop rite they went past the break known I don't know there's no way within an idol is on time out and anxious squeezing. My cheeks and I'm going in and just I'm trying to think about anything else and then you know. When you have to go like baseball peace dollar you know since that car or call archer. I you know clean the Rodney does anything. And he just took on that if I don't make a move now. It's adults. Iron I got a room and access it anywhere you count I go here to show up. I got a cow did you make it to the bathroom I did fairly that was what I was a little you know you have those tunnel less. Wind. Analysts say the sort of being completely gross and graphic just grossing graph it's it's up to Cali and just. You get into the stall right. In your back you and me when you go and reversed your light it's in hyper speed and and before you even can start to. Lower yourself. I mean you're like it's another sect it would have been Peru cremated though made it. Made it. When I came back Terry was still. Talking about and they never went to make an illness that wraps until they were late because they never went to break I was like much when god NASCAR segment were fighting. I was you felt asleep that was a signal map. And woody concede now and divided at the group. I actually don't mean to me the name of the show I continue to nap. And have to I'd just I have to amend your book when it when it comes to the hole when Jerry gets going on the race thing and alive I don't find it and I don't find and it's usually you wrote on CSN any dot com it's not about the gains while the trauma unit and a critic Vick is drama capita is a story in the national story today is John Roberts says. They may sign a so get ready for all day of our capita talk nationwide I'm all want anyway I'm over cabinet and be at simian just over and I just got to he's that good. It's it's it's not a topic that I care to discuss some like it doesn't do anything for and Jerry was. When all on and on and on and on and on the line. Was a big story that. Not really just a lot it was at least story national Michael Vick got all gals let's ask since when does anything nationally drive what happens here when it comes to the NFL you admit that I was more Vienna I don't get it I don't think people care about cabinet here I don't always agree with apply to national story he could do we can do two hours now. I know ratings CTE. Cap predict. May name or whatever you lever in the bath house in Montreal back it's better ratings than than those two top dogs seen the NFL numbers you get the you know there's nobody I know but unless relates Montreal math mocked but but but unless it really what much Brady was an answer about how he was without scorer and what they really did was now I finally got my game rite of passage that was not true gay and tell I had my first bathhouse XP. Our data there it and they earnings irons. I don't believe that. A national NFL story translates well he unless it involves a patriots and decrease. And a desire XI senior show do you guys do plenty of Fy NFL's the stories and all these different but when you have when you have per per Euro from like ten minutes or something and he actually brings information. About what's going on you know different things I think that that's interesting but. I just don't feel that even I don't know if we'll talk about it tonight where we are rolling out for a half hour tonight cavalry in the Capra story to me is just boring. He's a back up quarterback. Yet you probably have a job if he didn't if he stood for the National Anthem. I don't care. I don't care and I had the Pope. And you can you got it got there or fortunately. Yesterday I don't there's a coping going on there what's football. And they did play I I walked into practice yesterday issued a tweed Jerry. They're played boys of fall from Kenny Chesney. People or crime. I mean there were people crying that. They were at the fans were weeping there and I decided that moment you're right Jerry's right. Boys to follow such a great song I'm not on high school football from Kenny Chesney. A lot of my son play football now. I saw the page pretty storm passes Chesney in the background very deceitful lying. And I'll look my son play. Who forget their brain injuries Terry's right and it's. Poison fall. Brady drop below splitting. Reps yesterday according to Ben Boland other guys who were there Brady was twenty of 24 is Jeff how can track of stats to be gras closed twelve of nineteen with two interceptions. And thus begins the next 68 months of what happens next to Brady in the back again I mean it's different. I hate it's gonna be different this year because a lot of guys are going to be younger crop low. Both stories are going to be follow what's called a which union contract negotiations with oral Jimmy's future what's gonna would you be at the trade deadline. This is just not a typical. Tom Brady used that number one guy which he obviously is. And there's everybody else rob Lowe's part of the subplot. Rob Lowe's attached to Brady's hair. It's going to be a story it's really it's kinda strange it's really weird when you think about it because. He you have the greatest quarterback of all time Tom Brady is the greatest ever no doubt about it. And you have a back up who is probably going to be paid 125 million dollars would have their franchise are coming in and he's not going anywhere it's obvious that that. They're building wants him here. And at the end of the day goes on the right thing because if you need a quarterback to win in this league. If he thinks he has the next guy I think he's right I still think Jacoby percent eventually is gonna be a good quarterback. It's probably going to be in another team. On. But it's gonna be an odd year because. You know you know grapple may not played down but people gonna talk about him all season long all the inter in training camp by I agree but once the season starts what what's the sensation within I don't know contract. You know future trade deadline. Things like that if Brady struggles for a Obama. People will wonders you know bill is waging. Bill is obviously. Waiting for that. Moment were Brady faults where Brady starts to deteriorate a little bit I shouldn't say wading he's expecting it. Waiting is is not the return he's expecting as he showed it was a decline you know he's expecting a decline of Brady he's expecting to see it at some point soon. And that's a storyline. You know is Brady gonna continue to defy the odds the guy's amazing he has done it. That's a big story see that we're having conversations during the year we Brady has a bad game or a bad game and half Kansas City yes we are saying. It's time for Jimmy Ross or Oakmont Oakmont Oakmont Oakmont Oakmont because. And and what happens if it's in the office of points in the office of law and doesn't perform. Well do we need a little more new mobile quarterback and their injured in Europe well. For that matter the show's been big on exit the patriots win at 31 to seven it's the fourth quarter do you putting grapple. We don't Brady doesn't like to eat right and like to millionaire personals today but he's forty years old and if you putting drop below. First of all for him to keep continue to get wraps for him to get action so we visited stale sitting on the sideline. Does it boost his trade value if he goes and plays well and he decides trade I don't think they're going to trade him I don't think that's the situation. But we know that the delay to tread trade deadline in the NFL for reason. To create. Gossip yeah but you know so. But they Whitman if they would not trade in the offseason. And you're you're right that he's that that Nobel Jack is waiting for. That that Brady in decline game or two or three. The Y with a trade deadline matter if they're gonna hold on him anyway gear that's that's my issue is that the peace committed to him being the next guy. And he's gonna franchise for 25 million dollars and talent your mind next guy. That it would take there's nothing they're gonna do to trade Jimmy drop of you don't think that people are calling and told them let's check in that's going to be on you know and a vote and I know people are going to be making phone cause it's going to be were discussed and they according Cleveland. The number twelve pick in the draft and more picks for drop out now for when that rock below is untouchable. I think for ones they wouldn't trade which I disagree with I think you're right at this point I think they should trade him a year ago or two years ago. I can't believe he's still on his roster we're getting to a point now. Where you said a trade deadlines and a story here's the story to me. This drop low talked to one of his guys in my Tea Party majority is very prog rock I don't know this for a fact but I believe that. If if if if crumple biggest story out there. That he was unhappy that he wasn't playing dirty cart them concerned about it tucked under the order free agency next season and I don't have any tape out there last tape of bees is last year the first couple games of the year. Is that Dorgan guys drop below one a look at the tea leaves and say. I'm gonna go free agency and I don't know what's gonna know what my values knocking these highs it would be if I could play. A couple of games here this year and I'm annoyed got to sit here like that Tim knee is a bigger story than are they gonna trade him because they don't treat. How they don't want to trade him when sang at the stories is there's going to be a lot of phone calls people to be inquiring about it and and debates that began because a lot of people like you say you do trade. Now I don't think they Jamie is going to feel. That he needs to play to increase his value because right now I think his value was extremely high because the greatest coach of all time has deemed him the heir apparent to Tom Brady. I'm always whatever his name is the backup. How does your value get any higher. And he would have to go low and continue to light it up Polly play actually did against the golf yeah I'll play the game like that yet he's sure I mean and but if he goes out he doesn't play well that low loses value. So Jimmy to rappel wants to play because he's a football player. But from a business perspective. I think it's in his best interest not to play. Because. Again the greatest coach of all time I said I'm not trio. I mean he's he's made him priceless I mean he is he's made Jimmy drop low Monet. You know I mean seriously we know price I think 25 million bucks an hour at a price he's gonna make nexus franchise so the droplet story just think is always going to be there also here's another one. What does Brady lights it up. Lights it up and they're looking nickel in nineteen dollars and not more likely than brake short saw how about a lot this is your theme. They don't nineteen know. And they are there like nine in 08 and what you mean the trade deadline is I think around we tent right they push it back it pushes back against so he's like us to talk about it they're ten title and bringing it looks better. Bill Clinton in a trading. How come to an attorney to drop below what the hell you doing. I mean there's that storyline to the fact that a rock although here is here is just it's a story line it's there. And it's not going away. It's always going to be there and I I just wonder is it no matter what happens and they like you said committed to. Not doing anything with him and and it I believe they have and if that's the case than the real story it'll be stored in the year the real story is going to be after the year. And how are they end up keeping him here there really any give a backup quarterback be set the precedent to give a guy 25 million dollars. To potentially see it again next few let's play that they'll roll let's let's say Brady has that. Similar year to last year AZ if you get going MVP he's in the MVP conversation. Cameron Brady and even a 41. Sip and 25 million dollars to sit on the bench again we think. And back of the greatest quarterback of all time yes. Now be awesome for us if that's the case you have these two guys still here drop old barely play because he's terrible. It was who was that a different Amani Toomer. Outweighing the great leading into the Kirk and count and show. That's why hasn't played you ever heard of money noise Paula idol was those on the way in the hall you have to look at the money he making and he gives him to talk about. Does it matter dark I I'd I'd I'd listen to tunes. We are seeing you in the card wrapped up I do I do you had to pick your with the volume was all argue priorities right of that rant there and mayhem assault what you're guilty that you were playing drums in the car yeah little little little approached him 6177797937. Is the phone number I'll get Mike in the cart before the break came like it. They listen guys. That my great job as always like I just got the call Gary angling out just a tiny bit as. He just serve this sport is on the Indy. King of all scored younger Kennedy thing and that was that Jimmy Jean the football player he wants to play football. Or what is so bad about that. Audio quality is but it's true though I I I Anderson were to say it is it is cliche but guys wanna play. I mean much I mean am I wrong I mean I mean the guy I mean guys want to play because they sit in a gym droplets sitting here okay. In the my biological clock is ticking. You know I've been a backup for three years and going to be a back up again I'm gonna 25 million dollars but I'm not playing. Mean you you yet talking about. Matt Cassel stuff. If you take USC. And his time in New England so Jimmy or apple will have. Three years four years of not starting in not playing you know that's a long time for professional athlete. Not to be on the field he he's gonna wanna play at this is now on Jimmy's agent. What a talent was also Brady's. Yet he eats he is is insane I guess Amy I'm on advising him sing jittery. It's gonna be okay. Because Brady has to set the mark. You can become a starter at 28. In place for twelve years. You can't pitfalls that not already mold and how great Guerrero logging Brady's that's going to be the last guy play forty. Because the way the game's played because of the way the games managed and quite frankly Dick some guys if they're Smart well by the Brady book. Why don't you answer as to what would you cut your heart out EDT on a platter because Brady is an audible all you want a I think Brady does things these guys are not qualities that you think for wrestle with the commitment level I bet Roethlisberger is willing to us start you know vegetables and sugar free diets no no but they can buy the book all they want they're not gonna commit the way Brady did right bought or does but I think that if you commit to you know not lifting weights and doing the whole stretching thing I think panel of two I think some guys well. I think some guys get in league now and they look at what Brady did it it took a rock below why wouldn't you look at what's on to it. You kidding me or he did he is you read that the bull story today that that grapples following around Brady raptor practiced go stretched and run with Alison Guerrero absolutely because. You know. Grapple is probably get a few timely keys in jail as I know it's cliche the caller is right it's it's totals audio MacKenzie it's vomit inducing. But when guys don't play they get angry megapixel pocket fidgety I hope you know I hope it hurts player party and RS get. That is a sporting our football I hope you're right because we get those calls and you've taken to where someone says. All condensed droplets take a below market deal. To say your for two or three years through Brady's backup at alarming that I'm gonna do LB at bats and our cities here's a look at promise they're not play. You guys are not gonna let me go at least pay me. Air as easy to back up a 25 million dollar it's easy to be back 125 million dollars in let's face it. While he has continued. We're continuously proven us wrong it may jerks like me look extremely bad. Do you think Brady is going to be on top of the scheme for two more years I do yes I completely do you pray and I can. With the tell the put around him and the way he trains himself and the way he looked at the end the last few words who yes. I completely people see I start to think even at 42. You gotta we gotta sit and think it all last year 39 to forty did you do it for 12. Think I'll Brady slowdown. No mud to the Belichick expert is going to get an extra year no I don't think that's an EE I think it'd. Chris Hewitt pretty rotten luck over to the Cleveland Browns and number twelve pick in the politics I would definitely took my mid forties yes I look at 42 and I think boy that's that's. But allies said he was done when he got his ass kicked in Kansas they went to witness who. 6177797937. The phone number Brady garrote lol that's the story number 118. Is nineteen and knowing Tommy current. Yer guys it's CSN any dot com used to work I would never used in talking about the patriot in nineteen you know will talk about that. The skirt and Kalla. Goodness for Google probably downward I've recovered on the accused man of the NAFTA. This much better story about a high school book what you put his penis my thoughts on a much lighter story yes OK Kirk can Callahan. Nancy fox Sports Radio W. We choose to go read your silent during the marathon bombing but Ortiz took center stage it's as simple statement of perhaps a visit to a hospital to visit survivors were survived. Maybe Brady's fitness and we don't know about it I'm not sure that's what he's got the word that Tom starting his own charity so he's gonna start putting his focus elsewhere. Brady is big business. For best buddies so best buddies it's the thing I think Brady held them off. I think Brady said look I'm Bolton unless you scratch my back. Very very very very very very very very Brady. He's the topic when it comes the patriots in a leading topic this year his health has played a backup quarterback Gary's right. We talking about the quarterbacks all you will probably be talking about whether or not the get go undefeated. Released much of the year muck and tank weight in four Kirk and Callahan both stories yes your ball papers yesterday on the first day camp. Had nineteen and those stories USA today has written about a bleacher portrait about it. How will they go in nineteen and now Tommy current last night would you guys on early edition and on CS and A dot com says they are likely. To finish on beast unbeaten this season that is not a word. I would use but it's Tommy told you guys last night he thinks they are better than they were a year ago on fourteen when Brady. I just likely is like more problems not to bed at 5050. Ali the benefits to legal rights you know but were we talking about back to because that's. The way it looks at least. On paper heading into the season win when I saw with Tom Hedrick next that likely Iowa boy that's a bit much to be a bit of an exaggeration but we had him on any explain himself and I he turned me. I agree with a because of what he said and he's riding. It needs yes the patriots are stacked. And to go nineteen you know. You have to be healthy you have to be lucky. That we don't know what's gonna happen whether house we don't know what's gonna go along we're wrong we don't know you know what's gonna happen with the running backs out yet a lot of running backs. How's that gonna work is everybody gonna remain healthy there everybody gonna remain healthy in the office of law and all that stuff so you have to assume that everybody's good everybody's in everybody's healthy. And I think occurrence right because is a more Peyton Manning. Who the Steelers who's who won't get it you know we're gonna challenge the patriots. And there's always that game I get it it's like for me there's always taken like Miami and you know they've loosened. Our. The it is a game that they shouldn't. That date that they lose that they've lost Arizona Cardinals when they were bad philosophy that they have a game with a watch they're red right exactly happened. But if you're gonna sit here if you gonna make a prediction. I think we current uses the word likely I don't think it's an exaggeration when you think about it. When you look at just the difference big gap between the patriots and everybody else. The fact that there is no Peyton Manning the factored that there is no coach there's no quarterback that can rival the patriots in the AFC. And I and may be Roethlisberger is the closest one but there are quarterbacks in the. Rival the patriots are gonna play this year like you talk about the to help the team and what's put that inside currents right you can't guess help I can tell you. That if we're not talking health and it into account. They are playing much better quarterbacks readily a year ago last year they played guys like Andrew. This year on the schedule Lisa stark the year Drew Brees Matt Ryan ten it'll twice who was top and they faced handle a year ago Cam Newton. I'm Ben Roethlisberger just on paper they are facing I think it's 45 guys who were top twelve in quarterback rating a year ago. They faced one last year in the regular season so I was gonna make the argument and acting and I can and I'll rocketed him. It's I would start with the quarterbacks that's the one thing that stands out is he bad quarterback scary defense have been good. Bad quarterbacks have lit up this team. On occasion evil they've been good defense is and so you're playing threes in week two year plan mat writer well he's better quarterbacks. That would be what I would point towards. Previous schedule in general the quarterbacks. Gonna face fair point but let's go to toward likely. If you take a look at those games are the patriots likely to win those games. On paper to start the year yes that's what that's where I'm talking about that's I don't think that like it's crazy to me a favor and every game it above all of its biggest favors the guest thirty favored in every game as well and also been the nineteen you know from me has always been what happens when he gets the play offs. I carries you AFC championship Oakland that'll beat Oakland they'll have home field advantage Super Bowl. Syllables tossed out a really I mean it really hits but I'm gonna bet slide 28 the analysts who had asked what I'm not gonna bet against them. Because of what happened last year. I've been because of what happened rusher against Atlanta. So I went with currents is likely. I don't take it it it's an exaggeration because of that reason let's look at the warmest New Orleans isn't as good a team again okay they have a very good have a great quarterback Andrew Bree yes right. But there that the team that wants work now let's go to Roethlisberger Roethlisberger probably has the best chance but the Steelers for some reason or rather with that coach. He always played like the patriots have their number overall crackers they have against cam his. In hand Carolina had a better but it works I mean Newton hasn't been the same guy since he. Fumbled a way to super blood Derek carnal and was very good that's legit. Dating face their game in Mexico City right and they didn't face their car this year direct consumers hurt her so so as what drop this Berger her when they face the prosperous and it's all fair but I still think when you go back to that word likely it's not. It's not insane is it and I look you have to be lucky to go ninety you know but it's not insane in you know what else here's another reason. If Brady goes down. Can they win the game yes we we saw last year with drop so that's another reason you know Beck and Hannity the north Tom mentioned that put. You are Tom rattle off a lot of reasons and and he made he made excellent points. If you take a look at last year where they could have been Florida without Tom Brady. The credit goes down they don't miss a beat you putting drop below in the when the game all the more reason to think that they can go in ninety you know. It's not not us. It's not not and also Belichick has absolutely thought about this he's talked to players about this is a suburb he started prepare for. I don't know very apparent that the barrage of people you already rolled out and what he learned that you're he's gonna apply featured the thought process that he hasn't. Even given this any time is nonsense she's absolutely I think that bill was very big on history I think it's something that he wants to achieve. I don't know if you start to the players about democracy in certain players did you hear the response record in Slater saying it's disrespectful to their opponents they almost thirty all all all old back in that regard I yeah I misunderstood yes. I think that he knows. Bill always sends out the memo what the company align its I agree with that or whatever one's right go to all the right on the right any any law he is asked about yesterday's isolate I've read what you guys you know with themselves later in record the date if yes I agree that I thought he was telling. Use using it as motivation for the plain don't know and I are important in that order I think he's preparing for the questions because as a player. You know I'm not think in ninety you know understated about weekly here's the bigger question. Is he preparing because he wants to go and I sure won't be a goal of this team again late into the year oh well what is that it is a focus of this team and again I care about. The undefeated record yet and and Andy actually rising going for because you might. Are bringing up because we both agree the AFC is not great debate debate a practice started yesterday they won the division there's so conference they're gonna get two weeks thirteen or fourteen. An already locked up the top spot BAC they've already locked up all the number one seed the AFC. At that point is it's still wanna be goal of this team to try to run. Nineteen nor does the team. Match the marketing department which has started to pick up that you're laughing I'm not know. I'm not only did it all these URLs or web site I got onto beaded season I I can't get those of those web sites only they they aren't a witty and 07 availability of CBS scene from what. I understand there were at a carpet nights in a bar of the of the few bar mean it was I I'm with you can I get it. But that's good business a follow someone at perfection. Or something out whatever it is an area and who knows but it at 330. That's objects in the team rely as it refreshing that I think that's just good business I mean that's just and their Smart business as I have no problem. But. If you're asking at a fourteen you know entity step on the panel absolutely. Absolutely. The one thing they haven't done it to us last piece of history if it Belichick resemblance of these as a shell that bright out on shoeless Mercury Morse is only. You don't think any shoes it's so disrespect for balance sheet. Products tottering old fool Chris on the cape let's talk about Tom Brady with a ten wade bought in for Kirk and Jerry hikers. Eight mark we're. I don't feel pretty. Mentally. Want to play. And I think physically he got the training down. It long if you want to continue playing mentally I think he could play at least there to a year and you see people in their they eat iron in track are actually lied. Canada beat him in an owner of Amazon that as those who see knack thanks Jack Chris I think that mentally Tom Brady completed his game when he was ninety. Or or when he becomes mentally is never going to be the issue. I just I wonder like it 42 man. And 42 is 3039. Gloria essentially so to what's the I don't know 24 month difference from this guy what's. What are we gonna see it drop off it really comes out of the office eight years. It really comes out of the office of if the offensively keep keep the sky and touched. It and that's that's the whole key you know he could sit back there he can play pinball. On what your body doesn't heal as quickly when you get in your forties. Hey. Your eyesight goes trusted. I mean I'm sure I mean does Brady of contacts if we start seem very wearing glasses made it and we know that at the decline is in. Priceless to England's crown he's gonna have a laser ice are we talking about a primary had fleas and as a price Libor pretty already Brady's yet they're not really his eyes now are Azeri. As I replace thirteen 11 year olds have you heard fourth and everybody knows who was when you turn forty. On. Your eyes go. I mean it's just like off a cliff and you know people legalize what you Wear glasses when did you start wearing glass palace says okay so you saw how would you know that that's I have my wife Ann and other people I know that like a hit for an earlier reading glasses arise on his good. Things start to go when your body. When you're forty. On talent I know but he does things so different sound like Ed Callahan right now I'm channeling my inner Callahan. He does things so different in the normal forty year old who gets up. Slaps to work. Places that killed way to San but there's some bad food and goes to bed right draws cuddled Beers that's some Brady bright but you can you eat you know you can drink on the carry -- she want and that's not gonna help your eyesight that's my point there are some things that are not gonna defy age. Enough to play in the NFL. I just for some reason 42 sits in my mind that 42 bed and what isn't out number 33 I don't couple months ago he's great I don't know. RO I mean politics is one hit to avoid Lucy birch. Star of the show one point just tweeted a picture Brady. In glasses looks like it's some sort NBA game was already wearing glasses yet they're not real well. Those are. Those are not read these words take that's totally for why why would. It's only for doing we all those guys on the NBA's alma. It's style all the eight of the last all yet we object why would you Wear glass you don't have to know because people wanna explore. To wade Tom Brady esque look Smart audience applause. I mean he's got a genius. He's in he's an all right I don't agree. And music genius and call me and I think he's -- he's a regular guy I think is a heightened guys who answers college dummies that wanna Wear glasses like Louis Carter finally waited a unique ID channel looks more I don't know what why is a look at mylan Brady have to do that don't but it's the sparks says it's those styles. In Dwyane Wade was wearing glasses that the net lenses in them. I'm not hitting. I mean I'm kidding it's it's a style thing I guess I've Brady UC Brady were in his only in laws spiteful Alaska who. Six was around his neck was it like on 77797937. Is the phone number Rob Ninkovich was not a practiced yesterday bella checked talked about that's one thing about that old and won't get into next hour the reaction for David Price tonight will be as bad as Ron Borges hopes it's going to be much intent we in for Kirk and share. The skirt and cal. If you cut with the purpose of the government until I was gonna battle again and again and element small small picture would you get up GC record I look at it. She's got good cook couldn't we couldn't get Kirk can Callahan. Seek fox Sports Radio W. EI. Date to patriots training camp. What ten wins studio would lead of the day shows me there today they are effectiveness of the afternoon show there as well. I'm so we're here they'll be there with all the sights and sounds of day to trading campaigning for car. And the Maloney it 10 o'clock they will be live and in person talking to players in. Every else down there and patriots training camp Rob Ninkovich was not there yesterday. Bill Belichick conferring this morning as part is up press briefing that the absence for Rob Ninkovich and Joseph Cardona. Mobile personal Cardona was the filling out a navy commitment as expected to be at practice today. Ninkovich nobody quite knows what's going on to me it's rest last night. Current misunderstood me current thought I was saying that the push him out the door with I mean Ninkovich is 33 years he's probably gonna have one more year left and right. Tops examined a million ducks it's your final year of his deal billion dollars and 45000 dollars roster bonus for BO OK so fine so don't take your time rob. It's okay. I mean there's really no reason for this guy he'll give us a further day camp though it doesn't matter cannot be there he'll he'll what Ferraro symbolism sent some ballistic priests and ballistics embolism. Whatever. I don't think it matters I think if I'm the coach I would tell Rob Ninkovich take it easy. Just keep yourself ready. Returning capital CU Alan you know week one may bella check is your channeling your Belichick is he said real training camp starts tomorrow. Off first had a practice may be brought in which I'm there I'm just surprised though and colonel alluded to this bus yesterday when you last night. When a guy late in his career doesn't show up that first day it can sometimes mean a case hanging and up trunk slammer retired he's gonna want right now. That would not surprise you which don't talk erotic you know they announced today or tomorrow or. That it would not or he announces personally these are tied to aren't designed to retire no it would not but I don't think. We have no indication of that and I would not be surprised but I just looked at it is a guy that's 33 and is gonna get rating in his own time. And and maybe not maybe I'm wrong. But 33 dude and he's he's got a hell of a job. And you know outside after talking with Jerod Mayo who's been around the station a lot you talked to some of these guys who get out. Maybe year or two before they they need to cause that was certainly the case Jerod they were about their head. No Mayo is a very successful businessman right now would. Is a consultant. And he's he's immigrants out of business any sellers is wits about maybe he commits a stick in the same thing a lot of guys which negated that did not gonna hang on anymore. They're gonna get out while he can still be Canada drool well there was a 26 year old player yesterday for the ravens who just retired. And I don't think a lot of this is completely random and it is tasked to do with that deceit he studies that have come out that that wasn't a random study but. The journal study on Monday or Tuesday. It's at a hundred had a modern at eleven players that they tested their brains had some form CTE. And you get to what we're looking you made enough money. Where's the risk reward like for Rob Ninkovich I'm sure he is east peace over chief in his career. I he's made a lot of money if he's been spot in probably walk away in his final year and say you know what I can deal with a million less dollars whoever is after taxes. To know that I feel pretty good right now I'm not gonna be at risk and go do something else actor or another I think is tied in to CE TTP completely. Well I also still feel it in with the CTE discussion. On because if you take a look at a player like Frank Gifford okay who played. When they didn't have the helmets now in in and Kathie Lee Gifford when he died. You know they analyze his brain and found a CTE. Which is typical of someone who passes away in the seventies and eighties so at some point. You know you can look at football player like that. But CT but you're talking about guys in their forties and fifties and I still believe I cannot prove that as I have been I haven't been. I don't have access the lab. I still believe CT in today's game is linked to steroids before it's drugs and no doubt in my mind there is no doubt in my mind. All of us so it's it's. So players that played. Well before. Any of the need for really reports yet drugs right. So those those guys were all on steroids now and I'm saying I'm saying you start with the San Diego Chargers in the Pittsburgh Steelers which are considered to be. The first two Roy teams of the seventies. San Diego Chargers in the early seventies and it was the Steelers when Mike Webster and all those guys 75 of six and at that. That's second half of the seventies. You look at all of those players and you start to see CTV look at it I liked. Like Junior Seau which to me I always look at him I mean at his age. You know no is also a linebacker who's using his head to know that aren't a lot of advice sovereignty to my agent at the concussion do you think it's junior was and juice. I have no idea I went home like I almost a nice yes and yes I'm sure they were doing so most of the guys are the Jews for some performance enhancing drugs and formerly TH. How come we don't hear about the players. Prior to this group. You know blowing their heads off for it dying of depression or being homeless slightly on great ones. I can we don't I mean art Donovan. He looked like he was nine years old. The big fat guy that played on the line and Helmut sucked at them we never hear about those guys going through CT and having depression and all those guys of that in his sixties and seventies. They had a bell rung a little bit but not to this degree so. That they'd the study comes out early in the week 110 of modern lemon salt the 111 guys there'll wondered ten were all on something. I got in I never thought I I as a manager and dog eater mechanic I believe the doctors that it still led directly connected to. The about a head trauma I never thought steroids well like I never saw the connection between what I don't your your head get messed up and football players and volley. Hockey players. Play a hockey fighters as a little transition of hockey fighters who have been sites over and over again. Who read that same sort of issue it's not just football I should clarify I I and I I misspoke. Steroids may not be connected directly to CTE but I think it's connected to hold depression. Suicidal tendencies. In the brain injury I think it's all part of that mix TI I I thought a lot of those you can point to alcohol and drug use and you tie into territories and those three were all over you not a recreational maybe in a fraudulent and and it could be that could be as well bought. I just think that that's that's something people wanna talk about and write I think there's definitely a connection to a quick. I don't know me well I believe that's true. And it in the tank with theories true the league will never say that now of course it is that makes the league neither will you have a huge steroid problem usually NFL PA. How can you how can you play in the NFL today. And not use something I'm McConnell I screw. I don't know me and agree and I don't vitamins I don't holding your water I mean I'll guy plays in the NFL and comes back and using HGH. With the power in the speed. And it tenacity and violence Ibuprofen. That it's got a decent game could bear expert I don't know how they do it I don't hold it against them if they did do it. Six what they're dude 6177797937. Is a phone number Mott and tank weight in for Kirk in Jerry tonight is the night ten ways turn of the Red Sox he hates the Red Sox. Many of you do as well base in the fall calls we've taken the last couple days. And the centerpiece of that pitches tonight and Fenway Park. We just a more Ron Borges today what the reaction before David Price at Fenway keeping.