K&C - Wrestling experts, Pete Abe shoulder taps & ESPN protecting Mark Cuban 2-22-18

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, February 22nd

Hour 1. It's Thursday at Ft. Myers and K&C are amazed at the expertise of Dale & Keefe's wrestling guest from Wednesday afternoon's show. The guys also address WEEI's Ryan Hannable wanting to shut down Malcolm Butler talk, the Red Sox beat writers acting like honks, and ESPN's First Take defending Mark Cuban despite connections to the Mavericks scandal.


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Skirting. It's not my call Braden he's got a Joseph Montana character extract of the vault. Ball a lot of people get celebrated too much credit. Rating. She got the art can out run Tom Brady the perfect. Order I want this. With Gerry Callahan has been nothing about what you've been that says to me that he's anything less than an upstanding individuals I can't even believe a man would say that's the woman that he's. And I am not an. In terms of ethics and morals there's been nothing that I can see not and hair I like you like mark you've been a lot it's disturbing when we talk about what you would not talk about what you've been what the hell is going all the that basketball and Kirk minute. Can the next question here is Rob Gronkowski rightly so Dave Meltzer write these superb wrestling observer newsletter that I subscribe to for years it's. Are they serious about trying to lure Rob Gronkowski away from the patriots to the WWE I don't. Being dead no real surprises everybody else Vince is Burgundy exit fell back. Who has stricter drug testing the NFL or professional wrestling I don't know on Sports Radio telling you we. Our Paula I will start then defending dale he's going to. Yesterday as it is I want. As we kick off your live beautiful script is that you're showed to Harry. There you're gonna get that block if you must the market he must warming and way. I had no problem is accurate and ultra premium wrestling journals and America. Are right and when dale said he prescribed subscribe to a newsletter at one that's terrific that's an outlet for him to reach that reading is a great thing. That's right. Yeah actually ghosts of the guys sort of broke the news became on the station and brought it what news at that you mean proper communication. So became obvious that they ask the first question good question. What situation melted instead of being told by sources there's nothing to go up and he said beatable my horses Oguchi its rocket can do this or any guts. Jeweler so. I asked that lets you said. And dispersant to basically nothing here at. What myself. It low percentage. Yeah it immediately but. What happens. So say a grown man talking. Dale's my Q bothers my. Dale Arnold let's. Subscribing to a newsletter slight pro wrestling observer newsletter that I figure out who we year's. Ten to beat each other. It's it's. An. I I I know it doesn't believe it is like it. In saying why are you watching. TV shows he derives pleasure as restless for more. More closely for breaking that morons in five year olds want to aptly. I think Robert's point. So much much in the wrestling and love we love it's critical isn't exactly in the OK that's it. It melts. Asks curious and helped spot for basketball. Religion it looks OK and exit now rent at my house over the past Ryder Rouse myself when asked. Her well. Boston does. But large show we do. They do a terrific show. Any time grown men wrestling. It makes you could use. It to one from. It's it's evening. A lot of our audience to us about it a lot of parties. If that person yes I mean apple sources this guy who has. Legitimate so network source oral. World so besides sports stories I don't know I don't want to actually do it it's real politics. The I don't know anyway last march wrestling eight years old there's a real contact with Whitman pulling each haired midget its. Own round. It's a lot yet contacted and talked. What it's like myself we have anymore from the interview. Dollars in the movies could be a draw for grumpy as well but the WW he has as our studios in May they produce a lot of movies now. A lot of the mark on these straight to dvd you know the marine five star in the ms. Tate deals. Look guys you sign on with the wisdom is easy wrestler in any of their contracts could you know man larger companies the owners of its. What what did you say when Dave Meltzer. You yet this social. About everyone's everyone's different their guys are. I think most of the guys there they have to go to the company which is why some guys you know will leave Dover that we if they really wanted it to the movies you know John Morse and was an example like that because he. Want them in control of his attempts to be an actor you know Chris Jericho was another one was great relations were down. But he decides it goes to relational Doug archer. Mountain and do you. Were tripped up in the world I think people rightly and Chris Jericho as relation with the cult John Morse its future films not a big deal. Megan chart it's slow week. It's slowly it is a report I think it's worth the swing is Melanie shot. At fifteen minutes. With. Very happy. I've usually. Our results horse slaughter we got caught Gary. Sure but now everyone literally nothing else to world gets up early so I'll object what time does he read the newsletter in Milton it's Thursday. There's a big story today that we talk with. I'm WWE raw was in major ratings success all errors and what is that what is the word to bring a bunch of people under the arrangement. Like the river to win her heart loved all of God's work is isn't this Europe that you please on walks this government Schwartzel is so different. Analyst did you let it wants slick John with two so different noise in these chairs noble like oh you don't. Do you watch everything with them it's like yes you have ideas of what's wrestling he does not he actually does not confirm that and yeah. It. So now it's good family entertainment it's but I would I might note. Women. So we don't have sex Dallas Mavericks of sex life too much mind the wrestling term he's great on mystic. It. We have more news in two weeks is the return of dusty roads pack team classic. Obama. Is dusty Rhodes man that's a throats. Expired. Dale rated did during the for an frankly joke machine which. Are quite. Knows that you're right now what's going on which is why I won't. Work that's. But no rumors of crop going there isn't there were just. Going to SE you're we abuse them would have kept him her. Her eyes she normally the most cynical among us and you actually taken seriously. Go. In the into the wrestling world or into the movies yes absolutely it's it's nonsense he's really. I am disappointed not much that he's gonna do this possibility if he does it for a year to year if you're off. Those two it's W. The couple lousy movies it publicly that I right in the into play it will close connect twelve million right on the field where there and who knows what. The report its populous well he's not only is much bigger star in the end of what part yeah right now goes. Often the Obama goes away. Among Regis reform which in the reforming doing. If you place just said a third doughnuts and you'd but the way iris. Sure it's it would of course Boston free dive for it doesn't go away completely yes it makes much more while playing of course. Yeah this quarks and sources. Let's just don't like order so. That makes it suddenly you're definitely right to play for she's really good. He gets twelve. To not play afoot to to act which sucks unanimity but. It's a radical now is that health and yet smaller though when people idiots and that's an eight HL Massey of course this is that somebody's gonna say you're better off playing for all we do we have any idea and I heard dale brought in just a calculus physically. I heard Jim Mets was states it's more dangerous not warts. We're physical rest when notre bachelors yet he split in news outlets I've subscribed to for years. Tales. Authorities the muscle Clinton's approach and to the next to a career Johnny cargo auto and other interference with our O'Donnell losing the title. Verses on reclaim all of us but yeah. Enough on your plate he can spend time playing make. It to me even while roughly what's in between applicants for office football's real. We excellent. This different so big difference the sixty year old like fantasy football better it's re what's the full. Let's re it's a real players a real. War zone so slightly worse. If he's a weird about it spiral cut playing like a video game. Yes that's OK it's worse away. Yes I don't do that either solemn I'm Willem market. That meet them I know places like it's incredible outskirts that is no places. This. Ain't the place no that's that's what that. Good that has no with a ball of ice he's there have kids I enjoy it when I'm painting graffiti task sort of kissing Allen's asks that applies yes that is or so rock. So which point I don't take it seriously he's going to play quite right. 28. Right Bob when he eight but the one thing is yet to start yes. But what the discount don't know there's there's an awful recent you know I just don't know I don't do this. That's expect you that's different than saying I wanna pursue. Acting rattled I object to pursue that because the other. So I think I mean you admitted he does a couple of action moves in Brussels wants toys due media despondent and legitimacy Gypsy rocky rookie whenever there. And it can be no rematch this. After flights no one wants to read you know whether it's Agilent zone to pick one there's lots agreements but I'll leave race. They don't want to throw beat up the sport hurts its after the cuts heal the bruises heal its that was. That was Raj that was great in adrenaline rush looks which point. My point is when he talked about retirement it was. That it was. After the suitable note closed up important game for what it was an up into philosophy won and telling you weeks it was sort of it was a little up where this is stupid that as a matter of Iraqi fight. What does he was hurting. You know you're right now hurting all the time. Right so right now and I would say I don't know I would guess march April he's not hurting quite as much like it feels pretty good right excuse. I'll work my agency you know what I'm so fortunate applicable that's what works and you're hurting right after the game after the season given a month. You feel better OC you know don't remember the good tax critical touchdowns while we play that would not shocked at all the team. You don't Brady still playing well good. Don't wanna miss those years of Brady's little boy policy of sit out and come back when when Ryan Oilers quarterback yet again I think it's so there's only projection is your quarterback is that sort of election it's different lights it. Usually I think when guys. Directly oversee injury history it's a -- I think when guys quit at twenty tournament don't look you know loves the game you know finally. Chris whatever Portland. Or Google's quick real football now all right I mean they light us lava. Who mail right does love. Love in her life right it was it's painful but I don't think he loves. He did he would he would have to be dragged away. Now that and we don't you're right we don't cadets I think if he's really good at it. And you know he's a huge star. He's the best player ever at this position of telling me not easy when you guys that the rock was easier all it would you have more whispering in his ear Tuesday on Google won't. He sees families friends and there's no difference and it's really you've seen is him you really think it's an activist I don't see him get up every day why grounds to listen rob access works his brother she played illness have been hurt. This you know Wimbledon brought interest rates it's Wimbledon OK let's do it. I say are taught to be back to look at some multiple ways. I think that we back that would be surprised if you'd be surprised in. I would be surprised it's 730 this argument. Will. One year subscription to the rest and news and observer yes I do that no problem can I subscribe buttons for years. And how much partners. Very subscribe to someone. So. Street fighting Russia. Pixels. Yes I am you know that's so we'll see we'll keep I'd get a page of stories this this from right you called before right here and yes it's just it's it's this isn't this sort of scary world. The bundle them up with epic to regress this. Malcolm Butler that story is still resonates a little something we've talked yesterday. And X even talked about earlier this evening news. A pact covers the patriots. A reported journalists' rights. It's time for the Malcolm by the Beijing store to go away something okay maybe there's something here maybe get some incident makes makes them go away. He wants it to go this place is amazing if we get to know we all know the whole back story this guy talkback according break them. Don't expect things happen in terms of learning Belichick and the patriots spoken about it years here firm you'll hear from Apple's. Court's purpose and the march that coached last year. When his daughter ever talk what's happened over two months ago. It's a fascinating question how unusual was that because the patriots Super Bowl in eighty put the public talk to rest just except. No real explanation like to ever be different be truly was a football decision Belichick does. So just accept no several explanations to rob Bradford is boss which. You say you don't you're not doing your job and then and them and we do cause us real world. A big story you and I talked about it a lot we don't talk anymore. Of something happened that way and we were. Oscars we were criticized for asking questions for. To me with its what's scary is the word is that it's it's incredible to me that there are journalists we're inching. Who want stories to go away particularly. When the big story on the beat big story. You know in the in that in their world. And but the potential ramifications. And time apologetic person. Brady but I still don't know what Stephen A Smith sank free agents won't go right former players blasting this of that and Ryan Campbell. Covers the pages of should be digging for answers using its up to me. Big branches August and he says put to rest and accept that explanation Lechler. His couple things Ryan Belichick will never say anything I agree. He's right to get us let's break a story but the take office in Caracas Patricia whose free now he's free electric birds in Detroit. He will probably say nothing but you never know you get going toward that the team next month. March I would thank goodness I've somewhere else this he's gonna sit for the media in May be. Someone else and someone there innocent. That her older you know whenever TVs and maybe someone goes there much yard he goes there are source Eaton. This asks questions right he got agents to players and other players will be. And I'll I'll sleep that occurred icing on the podcast guys in the organ is saying it's that put ball decision which Kirkland and was the first increase those guns. Is not good enough. Because it's eight at all this issue find out why. And Ed Belichick rarely makes bad football decisions correct Casey did and even if it's not it's something that happened at school. Cool Jason frog. Our. On our window she's freaking out. Oh crap that was a gecko that's a dog. In the water years of their college. He's moving cars and terrible picture of the area and now. Tees. A freak out. So people believe in reincarnation thing that needs to be person. Yes they do that the horses east east could be Jesus was that were much better god Jesus. Here a window and see. Person seems personally I'd defer all matters biblical view and questions Ortiz and they've Meltzer Jesus I wanna do you think. Duties and is it about time we came back. Not two but 2000 more than two but yes this is that promise come back that's what we're doing right now would you argue I think he's he's. One word in the 50000. Upstream and that is 2000 yours along. IG's. I was them Duma the drug by the mall where you go to. In every Chemical Ali stores like target or. You know marshals. Cheadle guy on the bench at Texas there is connected to achieve these. And he's like looking around sports what is in the stories poems and be read along if it's important it's. Scenario. Gotten then left for you know their phones now and I. I see my future analysts say that'll be me tomorrow though no doubt too early. You know just. Waiting who's waiting to deport. In some ways yes. You know they knew it's true it's real well but he'd probably beat the good news probably beat it before. You know. And your dad. I should be afraid that she now let's hear what you thought it was pleasant. To the minute. That's not it but I think now that you're experience. Is is even Morse prefer on the mind if they go. Think you missed short ethic. The things arts and I agree but I don't miss it right at the actual test itself. I doubt it will what do parts of the worst candidate will fail us. Let's talk about seeing actual moment when you guys cables that it's the process of dying slow painful death. Yes if if you get the books that's one thing you know despite. Have a doubt this is it long painful that stock split. What's our community for all afraid to answer ashore last a lot of great audio. Cancer a moderate but the actual and you know it's only not yet we elect them. It would. Have been built in to do is not good enough because I like it here. As of the dice felt like I don't know what this because they told Padre like it. That in the in this guy with a partial. It is it. Is not you know this night in and often also known. Dead am glad though that. You have some. And unfortunately. You know who's that you could be this frog evil. You know animal shop those kids portal last week since it was Billy Graham but this. I wish it wasn't for that evil animals to all right most epic space. The last pat. Patrick yes you name Lance right ridiculous. War goes plea agreement and he's already he's in negotiating. Yes he wants to plead guilty. So well gets life in prison when some court and look at anybody's series of these issues. It. And you think. You're gonna be more food that you don't know. Just like but by the way I believe Billy Graham is nine left but that you were. Less. And seeing where it. Some everybody does in in my series hosted Billy Clinton. In hope Mother Teresa vote yes so did. You know. So he'll Mahler. Curtain and and other famous atheists. In Crist but it's in state pulse UUS might be 1%. As opposed to 99%. But you're an analyst. I think that's what faith it is usually spike outs to and you know it. Which are dead and set and he's supposed to do you don't more than you jump much that you were all of us scale I would be surprised. That wouldn't be surprised if there were nothing themselves. Used to have more faith and now I think going through the process of law but it seems. That they understand that's. When you have that crutch that's when you see Paris and I might as well have faith because what's the downside. Were the end or. Use collapsed on top flight one round. Opening. Shot. I've noise became sort of bigger than yours. A white applicants who works you know no doubts that. Sure etc. what's the balance I guess that means that outsiders. To churches and our week which is now no book. Oh brought us the other frog frog laughter. Yes it has tweaked the picture. It'd and a a deal for you guys wrestling so. Digital subscription workers but on the eleven dollars a month or 120 dollars a year to. Dave Meltzer Williams in the year is no way a 120 goals you'd read this is the premiums written for the news but you experts don't chew. If melted the Adam chapter of professional wrestling. It's good to think about it you can it's I used to get a million magazines and newspapers I don't get I don't. Minute by The Herald obviously negative couples subscriptions. Couple things. But it's hard now in the magazine world published it was so hard because it's almost free stuff so what's on TV so much on your phone. It's really hard I mean if you're paying your bills and one of them is wrestling newsletter tough call you write that check. I mean you really action sure. There's enough not enough on line stuff about wrestling with the sounds like you're well into my guess I. Still yes a paid. I've paid for like two years and then something piecemeal often want to cancel but I won't right I'll just keep it net you know the story maverick story Scott one's for one's right so what's mice and other big ones they've between up enough and what might sentence. It's something to bring I don't know bring to the beach and yes I mean can she bring on a plane to Foley's. The next generation there would be another dying all day on the arrow to trouble the globes. You know to report is wonderful off to globe is gonna die. He's dying industry us open. Yes I like the boss will go. I gonna buy that. They would say yeah these phonies like Kevin Collins and we don't want anyone whose job. If you're competing against someone your job is to beat him crept to put them out of business right to to defeat him yes so what do people say it. Because they think it seems awful stay right there on meet on the course. That secrecy he wants how we countless of course of criticism that means you whomever who celebrate. Its. We're just being honest if you're not being honest BC. You don't want to competitor. Your your your. Primary competitor to go out of business that's why you. Liked I was so happy when war. While William Fulbright did show. Actually no I don't know I don't know it'll orbit but no I think it's called it took all boardwalk right. So do you know remember that Zachary took me showed this in April 1 couple that's right yes liberals don't. Let's go work is what Eagles. It's work that's not today. We're optimistic. Form and did that have any legs at all I forget. What's in the news. Network I think should go back to piece acre. Mountain Rushmore no problem. Look at this with. So different being. Mean this was this his voice was a whirlwind yes there she was a stimulus. He was a lot of ways it's odd quote owes its. I believe yes slightly you'll partnered Berkman hit him and Gerry Callahan tried I really love you I'm sorry that we're strange that I think. Think we're gonna talk of tomorrow. We booked and yes we do we blue recessed in the last thing we absolutely would. How we do not rent his place we call them air BB 220 bucks tonight. Kit provides a great place to put it bedrooms which we cheap hotel which it done next yes that's 5% off to the 224. Dollars. And tight budget places great place that yes if I looked up what's available that each week. One box. Or 4002 we. Yes yes. 600 bucks yes that's. March meeting which in place we could be in the in the fringe episode yet go to that clause gives golf clubs though player. Go to the range yes definitely opened to look at it. Well on the little guy that is next year studies. Which she spoke. To on each deck. We should rent it never part. Agile mind there. Sure okay. If we're red for the week throughout the check swing that's. The agreement worked there ignores them in their eyes look in the windows to assess everything. People mostly it's too much to let you know syrup and all this soul is their worst job in the world in May. The hotel maid. I feel so bad for them unfairly eat but I still think the same thing that some picnics go all the Kurtz is next order me a used messy new hotel room as well and after my. Adams but I know some people in the in the keeps it just. Locker room and expect some woman coming to clean up every you know what they do so I accept me duties we do you go up there it's the worst. In the mean your room. That's talks happened twice in Minneapolis happened yet really actually very nice she's not unattractive versatility lobby and play with your phone. Yes it immediately too bad for her you look at Russia she picks up the pace to go bad. Or she's too itself in the east and good irony that elections seems to speak English so we your communities. On small that pits that took six years spent so much even if you stretch I spoke I can speak French. And French know now. Not much French Gemma broker. And teller it's good. Acute crisis roster crosses Puerto nice to follow audio so that no. Field wall. If you that's. Yeah its. Go to trump. Ever make America great you should not. My trip in my notes. And so six what's efforts habits at night seven actress cover all of your. The first app that's why we're here they are more mice age. I'll answer dale dale all sorts of challenges. Answer our wrestling. Who we've got some wrong information we do excellent be me here at some point. Alexis were here. A couple of days off as acting challenge to use. Ashley you such good run all the way around the field I don't Chicago on they know. I have to step on the concourse. If that's caused. Them some apartment I know in. What Dirk. Fun and it's against the rules. But that's why this rolls you know press this in an element. To schedule a press passes and you can while you watch. He could run the bases but the easy. For him to have the run back. Notes or support for. Jesus. I mean it's. Mr. rice exports at its efforts at 7%. Two people I'd like one guy eight inch. No don't chop and apple made news just wondering. Shaughnessy is called the pitchers like to react. I don't know if we're allowed to. I'm sure it's react yes drop date that's crazy crazy. It's like from twelve and a big day. If it was unprecedented. It was in which one of them. You've never seen the president do it follows weeks of those well brick someone tempered somewhat regular bunch of people in who you'd know. Our room d.s and disagree on this and no. Organ. Them. Wouldn't take much more popular. You and you're gonna have to use. Six what's got UK who can't you can't beat out you know when it that's like you know station Wakefield knows this this is our beat. Roomful. Being kids and their parents to this conversation now action or are done. Stations now it's your movement writes this this is change yes six what's that habits at seven actress Kirk why. Your take overall was you were not happy with. Yeah I turned off on waivers during like oh my god you guys for the worst of what is sure you're pile on. Today he's a great team needs me to work with. I love worked with a guy and he wants to do everything. And makes us work for me he's a beast he's really he'd he'd he'd just chill was below he gets involved are a million hours early season million hours late. He's indefatigable. Yeah we shop we dropped the ball yesterday about. And you conference in the midday England and Christian. Picked up the relics said. Repeated we're sneakers. But David Price the low price two to impress the glamour that Robin and and whatever players done talking he tapped him on the shoulders. That is creep that's that you're in night. Not quite you know wrestling world which are illegal weird. Really like so does that right. And that's acting out in the public party's right right that is right hand to meet with rods in his hotel room looks smell definitely. There was Reuters Roman you know. It goes into the or another family Abraham's. The CEO of the mavericks. One of the charges perhaps most serious charge against him. That he would touch women's halves and I mean in meetings. What was it hasn't backed talks to touching their calves are touching the shoulder. And repeat it is borderline. Would you agree. Yes that would say Portland icing it it does yes Laporte that's they were born there but it can be argued that that's it from by the aids advocate for a second. I would say that several positions of power I would say well he is the most important which will be writer he is. Who's who's so well suited 37 who would care of them did I don't say it matters at the height of okay. You really notable. Who's who's who's implicating none of them it was not a closely non. Know that points you watch over Reynolds the team works for the team if you promote the play questioning your client is like eight. An influential the other Alec deficit is here. When it comes a price though he is different this year for something happened when it is of his track too nice to Rome. I don't know what it is but he loves David Price of spot. And he's wearing sneakers would have Jordan's job today's pictures. Each. You stickers is the child if any risks noted accurate yes. What is wrong with the dog to react like I was startled those remains a question so what you're actually asked questions. Yes something that's what my in his fifties and it doubles between. Fifty Suze it is wearing sneakers that young guys where. To be cool to see we've received stickers that price that the same yet that's against their air jordans or implication that from from Evan in graphical you. Shoot you know price price mix sneakers off he's like he's like. It'll Dennis Hopper character guys would push. In the Obama. And and I don't even know which speakers winners which sneakers place winners on the case yes but it didn't speakers. That's important stats and most importantly you know if you look at it let's let quickly. You know wouldn't be bad we could seem to happen on the shoulders afternoon. It's a weird. Personal hardships like borderline like. It's sort of personal top secret. It's almost like good unethical take the jobless figures you're Smart it's true it's sad I mean Harold obviously is the last. Real newspaper. Were you get some sense of journalism got it wrong boards right. Absolutely no question. No problem sets at some sense yeah there's some integrity that obviously good. Pete it is really good at his job is jobs to mold the team. If that's the team. That's what is laws we saw him whose bosses arms Henry in the duty. That the other day against this is assignment to me it was weird when he was done talking. Back and subjects Wear high heels. At that rate of pumps up its right yes. I really that he was having trouble walk us. Yes but. Go ahead Shaughnessy what he writes a book and be sure shot she's friendly advice to Katie Martina is playing in Boston a is being and he has been. He's joking at first sight where we sit on your oldies is national elections in its curtain goes on to joke. And yet he's Smart. Smart just commandos now. To the explode when you hear anywhere socialists I took the whole column give me. It's lots of tips advice to a two majority but yes the you know all of all of you the last caddie were number nine it's personal. He gave him in the room. I. Really can't remove hopefully. All the radios from home no sports talk radio you ever. Don't blame yourself when things go wrong Harden yourself and why's that almost radio shocked. That Johnson's story. And Walt the reporters that it's OK to smile when you go to work spent a lot of time in Harvard Square. Monkey bets you'll solve my issue with this. When you're back in graduate him if he costs plea to not step in the batter's box with that initially he cigar store Indian. Who's right that is just blatant racist but quote will slip by me he'll show there apologize later. I know apple watchers want you form at. Never talked material like to know players bonds and Roger Clemens juices apple one was 31 player in history of the franchise. And its 2008. That's Jimmy Fund clinic as possible great. The baseball beat writers the ones who actually come up most every day to show us sports. Our doctors and professionals which feature professional Shaughnessy. Is saying we're going to be nice. Nice to finish that's amazing. The voice data and Shaughnessy wrote to beat writers are not your enemies it will treat to professionally. Mean he's a professional to where the same sneakers is the players and professional to touch them. It. Beat this baseball beat writers not turn professionals and watch and smelly every single day and where this same issue if you do. And when you don't showered they will washing our annual watching walked back to the walk in if you some lotion on your back out this over the dugout. Yeah really works it. You're just Abraham was that Chris rice bread won't jealous purposes of them that many see price what's the problem. But Buick in your back that's why he's changing these. It's that went in the clutch catches and say. I mean it's you know those guys that local drive. Us nuts and the left and the right to. Steve Shaughnessy. Them and I told defendant. He was great. Jim let me finish last night let me finish think. Les. He was it was great to be utilized because he was confrontational. Atmosphere they eat him and he was blustery. Yet enough to beat because it was so he diploma flights in the air. Just because when he was in the role players who it was that was. The job that was. Obviously. You know do without the year without favor while you know like if I he doesn't think mr. Troop birdies when it's TV. It's priced pricey to him Torre yes yes. Capsule shots which she that Pakistan. GD Martinis at. The letter mark. JT trust. Beauties in the right it's not been issued that we the guys in Anthony's which by the way are. But port I. That's the job it's supposed to be at this there if you are being honest if I tell beetle players hoops to get their baskets there whole lives. They don't look at his honesty objectivity. They think you're supposed to be in love you average IQ actress are real if you to a podcast with them amber beer. That's brutal brutal stuff that Brad flow in the gray area where's. Prominent player. Many of them it's on it's it's. Just that course of course right you know full works. It works Red Sox. Works for the rights this could have been written by that is. It was a shore. The check out there. That don't mean just our socks is there any disclaimer saying that this disease. Jay McKee it's nowhere colleagues here we were racing expert is in there. I don't accept that includes in his case he didn't. I'm sure because cheeky monkeys should understand that they shot a sixty year old law does create equals. Should share. Says that G Martinez sent. All. This on the on the run that program all's. Posh island. Hardship. You support. India. In Paris Paris or dislike you. You. So much tonight will I will have my. Probably all on. Mike and I am. There's another item here were Tilson. A no capacity. Don't you know it is the markets and basically that's also. Been asked questions or. The beauty is essentially what it say about me use there in. This part of right. By our shore which ought to straighten. This. Child you guys. All teens. Or about right. And award smile just smile she has decided this he's made this decision Red Sox hall were for the Red Sox oh. Curtis now. Crafts could portal Brady picked up Michael Curtis telecheck left right. Which the Red Sox star player or. You could you could it got a hundred cauldron where you first cart. All that and chairs the patriots meter is much much much tougher the pilot on prices and excessive. The other outlets in the yen up. Well mean tough island Erica now it is equally well let's show on CBS sports it's heads. Yes it's sort of what the but the patriots. What's the answer that's my point that's right about historically. You know last 3040 years. The patriots. And by the way coastal owns. John Henry owns an expert owns TV network. When you sell it to what it's all of the most powerful person in New England over the next forty that should be she's only. She will be controls every law all rate. A that they post it notes she saw. She Q. It's you know welcome to. Go to. It. Speaking of which. Is well owner Mark Cuban a big curtain credit you with the first one say this is worse. Sterling did in the eighties yes and Jason. While people and give him Crennel and the independent thinker and iconoclast. He's with. This is worse that would sells sterling and the book is rates that we execs once that it's at 77. Times. Nation. And it's this body for some reason. Not a big blow up back on us. Your calls 16 point 777%. Kirk. Stephen. I certainly don't wanna focus on him with something like this there's been nothing about Mark Cuban that says to me. Odd that he's anything less than an outstanding individual he's one of these individuals using your face he will let you know where he stands and how he feels. On he's on apologetic about it on but in terms of ethics and morals there's been nothing that I can see. Well we you can question him in that regard. Odyssey that tell you what you think EST today. With this year history. Technically Mayweather trouble. We Edwards whose currency or something yes. Either. It's going well. If we situations which. Yes it's one or ball yes oh my horrible. But most far older most. Sanctioned owner in NBA history. History's sports. And dolls early and Robert Kraft. True. Oh nothing records and personal question then you know what that word that we want to say about whether. Whether. Everything. It. Use Earth's history history usery history. It. Or whatever he took them. You Earl salt water rests at the map so it did not lose his job. Want. Somebody the mavericks organizations that are all well aware. Whether it's job and let some spokesman broke her wrist fracture as he moves his arms and chest. She called cops. Got there its economy of line. Pled guilty to misdemeanor. They only violence is. Now if your any organizations. In the world. You later. United States around back it's girl in the organization guess what ever she shows up. Who's. That work immediately goes to supervisors. It. That's where house members are Cuban yesterday. Oh it's it's amazing here's here's explanation. It's short or Burress before that says that you check in frequently witnessed it or see if there was anything going this company's explanation is that kept the round. Somewhere else might be. Right it's actually camera yes. Yes. He's also a student whose jobs. It was dropped the second. It's just so many organizations to woman organization. The history of this she goes off next day and goes right tour's right shark. But that was suspended with us jobs cupid who wrote president madness office accepts full decision keeps the staff. After the incident is well that's dead in the shop. So the sect attacked him around this cube. It looked at once again I'd say it was a mistake and wanna just fired his quote hired somewhere else Cuban told. That's socially freighter that's discussion internally it was a choice between just by name in making sure we had to troll. So every decision my decision and again I'd say a public to a decision we would make him go to domestic skeletons requirement. Not a lot you will chaperone for us and yet the woman organization or any other woman is setting all the people. That yes they beat guy by the way he did a TV show the face of the products on Q&A he. And it website mavs dot com this was the guy who recap things. Games. Make sure if she. Action yes because he couldn't stop beating up women huge player. Media belongs in prison object. So easily get out here and tell any other organization hires him this this situation to you keep and I. It's a job if I dropped call there at chart it or not. Accuse you like Andy's why he first was lying enabling these these guys abused women. Maybe you're right maybe Cuban and maybe there's other guys out there. Steve today that somehow this exhibit. All with or without segment about ten minutes and never brought that. Boy that is unbelievable and Cuban is a golden boy he's good liberal excuse for in the media. He's good friends with commissioner he will survive this. Emmys but yet it's also the right. Let you know liked liked girls need this is illegal mark yes and well and if you're another older you get any kind of trouble and about him right. It's all day long they'll probably do. So he's I was. Maybe I am glad he should be. Culturally so it's something I sent some pictures out so glad we got up to serve though. But what's works. What's worse. I would say girl's the worst may say one in the clippers. Scam. And he won he called altitude at all something. Woman punched it through fracture. Now it. Barrels of irritable. You know churches that it yet from side. Yes it's quite so good he's got he's a creep. What's worse getting massage from a woman. Or in Italy. Get it's rocked the Red Sox all be able chair it's. These. So this but it's similar anyway. The only differences after a low level. Should this guy's. It's got through Q. Every each ship. Q well this the rest of silly. From Ortiz. And. One point four. Year. Well it yields are. Great that it's on Jason whitlock who can. There are major singer American courts on all of Cuba. This whole. Thing in the house. A column basically. The success story at all. Misses is that. It's defending. You in the conclusion the column is. Work this out cruise line. It. Well in the minds of some of the sick of right it's yes are the biggest punishment it is no longer an Oval Office. So kindest interpretation about facts as it relates to Cuba which I would like to get easier because we you know. We we heard this worked were disposed to do to treat him kindly because we know all the little bit. Yet to hear his voice because we lightly like he's right where Fred you know him you you now that may have made some sympathy for scenes well true and fair. But that was a big Floyd Mayweather right now the guys had some domestic violence towards. But that I don't understand how do you look at that he read the story people that read this story. Pay attention to not say this isn't so can we play the rest of talent that's that's quite. Want you rooting for you want and you want it bad things not to be true about a is that is that. Could be true with the allegations are true about misery and then that's come pounded and made into a real problem by 84. PR higher by the head of PR. Who apparently was opinion needed and made people uncomfortable. Men got men who currently didn't now right. Please wait wait talking about mid Atlantic yards age but. They're blaming the U. Pittman is the one new votes the deafening if I asked elements of the two hours marquis but those station. All of these note in what Stephen mace yes yes of course what's esteem and for wall to. Kick ass and moral element Walt here here's another. I looked weak rights. The mavericks meet girls needs an agreement to ward one on one interactions with females. So. Two mile below females he says. It's the Cuban. Facilitating growth. Cuban knew nothing. Geez I mean Q and every admits it sets. He won Snead closed because he was afraid it would somewhere else and that's. What so what I'd miss what is each port. It's a question I don't know they. Bodies in. Imagines a decree that creepy guy. It will. Vice president it's percussion. Preemptive disease because that's what people accusing him off. You know this. What is it like last night we would definitely put us in the quarter moved along more romantic setting seven. Underlings. And they put him at both teams it's. Office vice president but. He's personal investment closeness polls. Governor. Products that smoltz. App. Some pictures governor is the house Press Secretary. It's hot blonde. Which. It was originally I said. I can assure you. You would say look at this and that's I am very often not like it's. Very. Whitlock is on your side he's attacking cubicle every. White light of our definition of how we keep things professional sports. Whether sterling. Whether it was Rick glad he went. By the definition exists which. Mix in lots of repairs compared to Isiah Thomas mix right he was there. He says imagine if this were the cowboys and Jerry Jones patriots. It and wherever wherever name. But it's it's different is Cuban and an element currencies more. The news reveal something. Love I talked to arrest shows hills and things but the whole cubic mythology. Which the whole thing that we were almost certainly knows. It's lake. Where he was aware everything. Jason. It looks as Richardson got and finalists. Carolina. Sterling at. His business for my words right now others discussed bodies are to Oakland on this. Right nobody is they ran him out of the race if he did race is finally. This has done well these are like she was what that's like to have football workers in store. Box. So this that the U whatever Cuban. They find them for something else seems to. Me what a big advocate when it actually this. I don't know if that's so obviously the rest of guys here's what we've all this August is a woman up. Got worked as toward the tee because mavericks. Or this but those wells and the solution was meant to sign an agreement to not be alone. Like he's like. You can't it's central. I think he's forget some monster. You don't get long. Q yeah it's about what you thought about what you've been at what I was going to the ball. What happens if someone which was a work that's on the actual. Rules need to jump out its via text happen. Of course size exports of its seven. Or.