K&C - Yasser Farahat, 5, acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL – a blood cancer), Chelsea, with Nahomie Johnson, patient and family education specialist, Jimmy Fund Clinic, Dana-Farber 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th

Yasser and his family are originally from Dubai but they moved to Boston for treatment. In June 2016, Yasser had a fever and a sore throat. After tests, Yasser’s blood counts were abnormal so doctors sent him to a hematologist. In August, Yasser was diagnosed with ALL. His family decided he should be treated at Dana-Farber because they needed the best treatment for their son and Dana-Farber has one of the highest cure rates. Yasser’s treatment has included chemotherapy and he is now in the maintenance phase of his treatment. Whenever Yasser is at the Clinic, he likes to visit Nahomie in the Resource Room. His hobbies include swimming, horseback riding and playing soccer. He enjoys almost all academic and outdoor activities. Yasser loves animals, talking, singing and dancing. His favorite cartoons are Paw Patrol and Scooby Doo. He is very excited to attend Winship Elementary in September. He currently lives with his mother and his little sister Dima, 2. His father still lives in Dubai for work but comes to visit whenever he can. Yasser will be saying, “Play Ball” to start tonight’s game.

Nahomie Johnson has worked at Dana-Farber for 4 years. She works in the Resource Room at the Jimmy Fund Clinic, where she provides supportive resources for patients and families. Nahomie leads fun activities for patients and their families, too, including cooking classes and arts and crafts. Yasser and Nahomie have a close relationship – he visits her in the Resouce Room everytime he is in the Clinic. They love to play video games, build Legos and have fun making silly faces at one another.


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We start here we do we start tonight's game that correct. Who's doing this for them this is Yasser Sione mcsame that right now geysers that right. All the easy answer. Five years old five years soul and tonight you're gonna say play ball game. Rated go to site. It we practice we don't stay together we can work with the guys just do what he's going to be fine until the overtime nice applause logic it. A perfect that's. Press youngsters from Dubai as we talked to. You present and CEO. Lorie. A few minutes ago. People come from all over the world to come here in this case Yasser five year old yes it came from Dubai. Do you like it here if you like it here in Boston yes here. We like what do you like about traveling here. And fun to get them phone. That I could pick. Naomi is joining us that well Naomi Johnson. And you're the patient and family education specialist over at the Jimmy Fund so you. You work with families directly you're working with families I'm sure all sorts of ways of the Jimmy Fund. Yes they do so I worked in the resource room. And what we do there is for frank Blake Adams resources for families I found information about camps their programs that we weren't there like the peace program which. It's a program violates. Up each family get to beat sonic every. Thing that they've had like France and they get applied what tried the door like whenever they've had there which is a very. Importantly for some families and they really enjoy that and also on top of that we don't like lots of fun at the front craft than we think and act gains. Three today Cain talk though we did yesterday while we're at that Tenet plan. But it we did together. Nothing went well I was just less developed we have listened to be eaten. And then you came he came. And for. It and the times he conveniently different costs and the teams here yesterday he came in with that he range and we would look at the clinic. Played. Is your favorite show park patrol. Which let you Marshall chase who's your favorite. Not. Oh yeah you like who carded a rubble guy via legs apparently Marshall yet you make of the you know things on reducing the sun. And what's a song you know it. He's seen it. I. Paul patrol car patrol will be there on the double. Park patrol popular true. And you're Israel now new jobs too big note putt this ball. They. That's one right. Yes I guess that's. Kenya's current well. How do I do it. I know he's done pretty well there again today. He becomes operative. The Nash. Erica doing really photographers who love them and a stick in his own particular good yes if you have good. Look at it yeah Lotta people game tonight Republican for your start again tickets start the game at least say play ball tonight. And ready to go you do great trio. I wouldn't we are watching to union TV yard TD right now that you know that. Yes look a little political reasons I see who's a handsome guy right there. Bet that they are famous or TV you think. Excellent and in the resource center Naomi talk about working with families I'm sure. There are Brothers and sisters. These kids that are dealing with this who want to feel involved is that part of what you're doing at the resource center. Definitely definitely we have like so much activities that we have there. There are times we have like a lot of that planes and they get so comfortable and so happy there when it's time for them to leave they. That it just says a lot about. How important it is to have a lot of support and resources a lot of crap a lot of gains and just to keep them distracted and are occupied land in there and to have their time be able just his little sister it. Yeah see if Luke yes that Seattle and also sent. What's his sister's name. The whole action. She used to you get a lot of caricatures annoy you too much. But let's just tell the joke. A third it wouldn't hurt if it Montero and parent he. Wait you indeed do that it. Issue for me yeah I. Make silly Casey's sister. Holy bull. We're gonna be watching tonight you'd be ready played like tonight one more hop. One more time yes it would unity tonight played ball as loud as you can. Pay add. So much honorees well thank you very much as the only the only Johnson.