K&C - Zack Cummings, 16, acute lymphoblastic lymphoma, Saugus 8-22-18

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Wednesday, August 22nd
In April 2016, Zack went to the ER with a large, painful lump on the side of his neck and remained in the hospital for 4 days. He was diagnosed with a brachial cleft cyst.

Antibiotics reduced the size of the cyst down to where they could not find it on an MRI and Zack carried on. Late in July, after returning from a month in Spain, the lump was back, but again the antibiotics took care of it. Eventually they tested the cyst and found it to be benign and started talking about removing it.

In January 2017, the cyst was removed, but the next day, the doctor came in to tell Zack and his family that the pathology results found the cyst to be covered in lymphoma. Zack began treatment in February, right after the Super Bowl.

Zack is a huge sports fan and enjoys football, basketball, baseball and skiing, and all things Patriots, Red Sox, and Celtics. Zack is also a scholar-athlete.

His family includes his parents, Sean and Beth, and his sister, Molly, 13.

He is a rising junior at St. Mary’s in Lynn.

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So we're joined right now by our friends act coming exactly doing. Good you get them doing fonts are counseled about yourself. Sixteen years old. Saint Mary's is then yeah okay TBA junior. Okay and what are you what are you doing here. Just here that's. In the sports eat it's it's. On. Well most kids or is this Carrie poised they're Smart he's a junior which means he didn't miss any time. Even though you cram all this treatment that Romeo and built that skip to hear that you know. Think my time and totally right on track with your classmates with your friends say Mary's. You have what lymphoma polar correctly. What does that mean. And. I have a great as a nation tolerates what what does it do to you without you knew you had to know some. What's wrong so. When I was news in the eighth grade grade. Com I had a bomb bomb my neck then and it was kinda coming they gave me antibiotics it left. There are times where it hurt a lot in that speech at that hospital for it. And then. And it plans to move it. In last February. In day. Came out of this surgery. Everything teen who can't sign in game tonight doctor likes it she's. Well we found cancer. Can't. You hole when you heard that news fifteen them and what you think we're just first. I was scared I didn't really know at this day I just kind of crowded. Scared and. Don't look scared him more of a pretty tough. Well now that kind of conscious last year and a half forget toward still less aggressive treatment. Right and I have so many great people supporting me and help you know. Don't need to Jimmy Fund and everything that they can. And it's just helped it helped make this much he's. Other than. Surgery would work. What else that the treatment entail. On just a lot of team a lot of hair. And a few times at one point it's wanna an instance that they gave. Was close to me. Every two weeks. It I was allergic to it. Dean and he and other option lies. Two times per week shots in that so he would sit in the room and screeners as it coming three meals and get through each month while this is for. Your fifteen. I don't think it could handle them do you still want you still going to school while this has happened. I miss well I'm just a little bit at school eight. I missed I missed about a school but I still was able to complete. Its. And now you're back you're ready to go back to school play football. I'm not in the back to school. At notre. I to fight effect upon. That's awesome scene Kirk's freighter football because one is can send applicable I don't excuse scary thoughts on life after work. What we're all experts who I think I'll keep him a pass yes we'll he you're allowed outlet allowed the players. We are what concession. If you played in the past there yeah you must not as summer football. Me and I've played defensive end who needs the best position. If not for the second quarter right. As a favorite team reception here. Such as sports nut he knew there wasn't one of the picture really sixteen a slight let them avoid it. But you did. Well good to see it collected doing well yes that's great so it's in your field you don't get. I. Yeah. Eyes one there's one thing I had. He won at key moments ticket list right. And good professional. Just news threats this is not not aside and yet. And I'm weakens your bones of that yeah so I ended up hurry back. Six which acts as well. Updates on this is where it's way experts agree it's time to get out of bed. But then there are days where it jumped. You please mark up again. There's going to be okay mom that's going to be at a hero like ten years everything goes your way now work that you've been to enough. Yes Agile got a swing Airways can feel it literally you're gonna get every break it all I could. Look good for a punch for a bunch of bad that's gone on pets are much. I have my football teams Ares. Football team. I've been so amazing. Its outlet. I am I'm. And number. 19100. That's it for all of its it will accept that's exactly what I it's. One of my teammates likeness as well this important but it. I had. So so they invited me to the team didn't the end of the day day let me set up in the Booth with all the coaches and watch the gains. And it's just great to have them Canon also true team impact. I got paired with a touch on the us football team really cool yeah so I get to go to their games practices. Conan O clock that's football's all about curt that's what I was the best sport they don't do this tennis as well football's all above the camaraderie. Teamwork together this Ryan rose concussions and tennis were they wouldn't match their brains scrambled. And they can catch up to answer that I would you do come back next year talk to us against Coca market excellent thanks so much that these parents think. Thanks so much so again you can help of that very simple. Call 8777312340. Great great kids like Zach. Apartment import shortly and its president presently we're doing yours rather obvious it is going to be our big numbers for us from. Still bus that put audio there matched them. Boy you must be really great guys that say about him. Is this when we do which shall we don't know what what is it went home port. Number. That you don't. So that number as it's being put on the screen I'd like to do dramatically that summer tote board. Almost done here. 1847321. Blow the bridge like half a million dollars or 13 we came in more accidental I got later and notice so it felt the city that we did it you get active your friends Ehrlich for the past couple of days I would have to say seeing these kids and hearing stories. I'm more impressed myself I was to me you should they now that's that's my take generally now mostly human rights act. Absolutely sure this is the woman itself deserves all the credit not for school storage tales but for help and house. It the right TJ yes no doubt we usually an uproar plus exit to open the stupidest and it's. This year was at least we need the baskets we care it's the best stories and you came through for us once again please. Yeah I mean I think exactly you just can't see. Everything he's gone through with that smile on his face I mean you found through the pain and everything and he just. Beam theme access my house I think we knew there are so thankful for your football team I figure one whose big deficit that they should be thanking you forgot. Almost. Went across. It's football that's correct. I only get him into us into swimming QB that's that's that's that's a great. That's a great observation because we had a putt to get today who beat and who could vote no it will win I don't know. I don't know if they would glow if they hadn't been for what they've been through that seven depreciation. Four for life because of all the hell you know that that through all the this scares the hand that come here and just smile for the camera just blows you away and the different kind of people difference souls. Definitely may be fair and try to get his picture taken with other members of Red Sox enough so what you just want to. You know did you get any place to be players to meet you. Last year and Chris that's a good he's in gas. Spring training. Jimmy Fund you have and a few nights and it's training. They wanted to trick yet great. An effigy it's it's. Of course and that's it together my team knows it's a figure Martinez. JD matches ago yes he would bring them into yeah it's Ramirez mayor mayor you don't want me. But. That you released sandwiched struggle oracle could be the best ever at this. I think so I think rod is just one of those guys that he's just a regular guy right and that's all these kids want they don't wanna think that's what was so special about Mattie. And rock she didn't like baseball in Miami any of the players is kind of went to sort of go hang out with other kids and then Brock came up to her and she just had a second new. Just a regular guy that wants to sort of user what he is at the baseball player to help others and and he saw that he has so how to get to sort of make you guys happy. I would I think we're everybody's favorites rock called even Kirk's crew for Brooke I wasn't sure and it won't it will be sad because there's not gonna last forever. Maybe you'll stay here maybe you'll become the next my can't get I don't know what he's done has last rack and got up. I checked this number I had Turkey and Lisa and Zach this is today just today you may injure anonymous friends. 502300. Oh boy I was 502396. Thanks to everybody and credits her ex friend next everybody call. Thanks everyone there donated to. All the patients who came in today of what you volunteered unbelievable work they would keep rock next. We'll continue to slow things for the last couple of small moment John Tamoxifen. Instead of months which is going to be ugly. But valiant nature listen dale erection land Christian. And two in the afternoon stick around tonight do you donate 8777381234. XK cancer the 20222. Live from a to W yeah I guess engine firing your telephone presented by our selling insurance.