K&C - Zack Easton, 11, osteosarcoma, Merrimac with his mother, Jackie 8-21-18

Zack and his mom met Kirk and Gerry during this year's Clinic visit.

In 2007, Zack injured his knee during karate class and an x-ray discovered a tumor in the upper half of his tibia.

His treatment included chemotherapy and surgery to remove the tumor/upper half of his tibia and knee and replace them with an extendable prosthetic implant. 

Chemotherapy concluded in May and all scans are clear. Currently, he goes to physical therapy to help him learn to walk again.

His hobbies include playing video games, hanging with friends, boating, swimming, and karate.

His family includes Jack, his mom, Rob, his dad, Kathryn, his sister, and Socks, his cat.

He likes the Jimmy Fund Clinic because of all the games, parties, nurses and doctors.

Zack feels that everyone at the Clinic are the kindest, most wonderful and caring people. They truly go above and beyond when caring for their patients and families.  They did their best to make Zack happy during his treatments.  He was sad when they stopped having to go into Clinic every week . . . he missed all the people.

Jackie and Kathryn have walked the 5-mile portion of the Jimmy Fund Walk many times to support her and Zack's friend, Avalanna Routh, who unfortunately lost her battle.  Now knowing firsthand what the Jimmy Fund does for families, reinforces their commitment to support Dana-Farber.

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Zach Easton joins we met that means that yes I have sex yeah zero. Came an alien Obama's right that's right that's the Merrimack you don't act. Good yeah. So how old you. Eleven years old what's your what's your story. Well my story. While that. It's almost an eight year yeah month and then Jackie Jackie and I don't think I do like a couple hicks. I. I might let the place. It really know who. But when we want to talk to us is to again. Next sure yeah it sound like it to her home. That's how I thought he would survey them. So this I am now I think they send mail a lot. They found out a way to learn. Don't get rid of my hand ceremony to learn. And now have a titanium. Mean what else were you. And. Remember. Rebel rebel. From the day he was phasing for his junior black belts this time down very impressive so he was going through some very intensive moves and stuff and that's when he hit hurt his knee during class. And of course sent us for an X ray Saddam Boston children's you know. I own the tumor and you know couple weeks later they diagnosed them with I ask you sarcoma. What what is justice commerce so it's a solid tumor that grew inside his bone is so and now. And it basically eat away the inside of his bones that they had to remove the bones. You know and now makes the titanium. Yes it's pretty it's pretty intense that what they think they did in the had a reconstructed Blake is neat. And this bone. As rusty says that they put in actually had your box and it's so using magnets and no further surgery well. It can lengthen as he grows since he's got quite a bit of time team to grow act real. It's pretty. Preferably kikwit that I like. Hurt. Don't let somebody. And you resize the clinic and didn't notes in like you have a good time with the Clinton it's not all. You know it's not all painful when you go others. Have like that nurses Lardner mesa. Activities there is really nice to come. To. We'll let you take your mind off thing yeah what do you like junior there would activities. Yeah. It. Yeah he really likes the nurse him. Yes they're great you can't get better staff and that the Jimmy Fund clinic everyone is wonderful man it says here by the viewers that supplement them if you missed you missed the nurse is there one there. You need and you did he actually doing it wants to go back and visits hoping. Yes he does I mean this is that they use they took great care of arm and they are spoke very focused on. Keeping him entertained and making them happy while he's gonna act. You know going through chemotherapy in. You have it you can do any of the activity any of this trip served Fenway or Christmas pardon him what do you know it. All of a gesture to read some gentlemen. Her own yeah I want to what my. With my friends. And I sit. Yeah. We'll have to and we fantasy day here didn't we did it was a great day. We have a lot of fun is expecting get up on at home plate and hit a few ball Korea to do well. Not an excuse to say I don't like and that's but the most people can't hit a ball out of out of cell with a wheelchair sitting out an impression. He did really good I feel now. You feel good when you're ready for school. Your own views expert. Yeah. Voters often. Axl you know. And when he Zach has his scans Carl clear that everybody can respect. He had a it's one thing nine months of chemo and then mass surgery in the summer. For his legs and his leg is healing he's doing TT. Says here your hobbies are boating swimming at karate get to do all those things again you going to be doing all of you to be boating. Swimming. Correct. Yep way. When we could just come doctor's office later on we'll see it it did not just American swimmer I. Is Blake still healing from surgery you'll be back in the pool eventually did and we diverted. All. I just. My birthday party where you do your part. Like. Well. And games. It. I. Want this part because like. Like I can have one actually. I hope for different Smart marketing and any that any good friends kitchen met at the clinic and he. It oh. As a video game truck exactly it sounds like the truck when you can trust that the chopper off. The traveling arcade. It is excellent well how odd is that a good time. Reading it wouldn't effect. Here. Yeah. Now. I wishful thinking. I tackled by Evan is going well and see you'll see some of your black belt next year these women and doing stuff thanks. Six. You know. It would. I think so. Featuring him term 20000. Nervousness in the rather than national guards and we'll see you soon okay. I think middle attacks thanks thanks yeah I think these guys haven't assign.