Keefe’s Keys to Bruins/Leafs Game 7

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, April 25th
Sports radio’s hottest segment returns in time for the Bruins vs Maple Leafs in Game 7

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Julio losses so there's your win here tonight. Daily TV presents. Players accused tonight. Bruce asks so here's your basically listen like ten days and I don't take more of them come correctly you're like a CI. It's something Dana she's sitting name please. Easy to win tonight's game. The worst thing I've ever heard I'm gonna just raise. Yeah he's he's he's. See I think I'm gonna quit my nephew job. We haven't all but there's that open yeah well we all are pending another guy went in Atlanta area. They are adamant that without an event he ski but that what better time for the return of heat keys. They games that did wrong basically at the TD garden tonight aren't you guys ready Ari guys sitting down and hurt yourself but those skis yeah I don't yeah spectacle of epic that's -- ago I don't know how the teaser to shape up but after the end of this will know for sure. Who's gonna win Bruins or Maple Leafs let's begin. The Bruins are unbeaten in the playoffs would Ryan did not go place fifth. That would not playing in the with the idea that they're not playing him. Here's goodness all right dumb key is and what if he did a late. Lot of adjustment you never know that's happening at war right now you'd think they would take this thing that would guarantee victory put him there that's from that it never lost that Otto on the ice. Tuukka Rask I know why he's not a ray's favor on here some are concerned about to grasp. But he adds more game seven wins than Frederick Anderson dust. In the big east I think that once it's won the non. Tim Thomas one more game sevens in 2011. And rafter and Anderson combined in their careers. It's sort of like that's I found that the dogs yet that the quality. Maple leaves all turn blue if they're tree sap is alkaline meaning a more acidic sap. You wouldn't want that to pick next. John is that it's time for the future not these are not outsource them these are minor league I don't like it. And my mind how about the other city of champions first of all the Maple Leafs have won thirteen cops that is pretty impressive. The Bruins have won six cups it's been awhile for the league's it has 1967. Was their last cup the blue jays won two world away theory that was the year after they won. Robert Gordon Moore and did appear among that didn't go. Point whose keys are these yeah give me an attack on a yeah the other thing I did beat the blue jays won two World Series or the seat of gas Dinara. The Red Sox have won eight World Series. Beat the Toronto Raptors at 10 NBA titles Celtics seventeenth NBA titles the Toronto ordered ops of 10 Super Bowls the patriots have won an Eisenhower all great and outbreak how many great depth Super Bowl the 10 and I. I thought Toronto fifteen championships Boston 36. Hot. Follow us. One of the nicknames for the city of Toronto is hog town it is an atomic pigs there early on I've never heard that I live now I have vanguard that it only notre give that a bidding they call hockey town and Toronto I'm hitting those folks up there and that's where it ought to count that as we think a haunting sound look a hog we don't Google that's the kind of bring you an update that we've been vague and today we've been here we've we've been. How about the game seven records for players this this should interest you. The data out Chara for and said. In game sevens in his career Patrice Bergeron is four and five. Brad marsh and no foreign through. On the flip side we'll go over Toronto Mitch martyr who's leading the team sport right now was never played in game seven. James van Riemsdyk is 211 a and almost a pitch. Four and one. Who. Actually adequate dreamliner and sixty. And I interject. Here. I have I've now realized I've been seeing great jobs. I give them any credit that I did not want a super bulls have enough team and it was a horrible message about this your English major so yes he plural of leaf is leaves idol not leafs it's not leads it leaves and had that parts actually in the gym and was one Atlantic ultimately you very much. The Bruins have more team Canada olympians then the Maple Leafs who play in Toronto. Which is in Canada. And it is seen them over the years at the Motorola should have more team Canada O line no active player has played him more game sevens then Zdeno Chara this will be his twelve games said that only two players have played more games seven than that all the time John can you name them cancer wise and Scott Stevens that's not that is very well now we should also play that you said that charge what foreign seven yes 73. Of those four wins and one year. 2000 a lot of room rights and dignity that Thomas Frieden the pipes Dana Larry we are definitely one and otherwise yes that does not know that it might be other ominous. Out of the top key they're not all positive these are just the keys to the game. Game seven trends. They'll kind of spoils of these kids that's why I don't worry about every way doll that team that scores first is 126. And 43 I think you at all that I hadn't heard that it almost a 75%. When he says that 46 I think I heard that that rate those score first and fight back the team has scored first won five of the six games in this series the home team. As they 58 point 6% chance of winning their 99 and seventy and for those of you wondering if 41 game sevens. Have gone to overtime. The home team just when he won and won there. Of those overtime it was coin toss it right now we outs and I at a when he can I am yes a lot of tonight yes the Boston Bruins will play the 26 game seven in their history. Breaking a tie with the Detroit Red Wings they will now have played more game sevens. At any team in NHL history. Cookies Al you see here it's supposed to take its only a terrible army I I like geeky art now I outsource the keys this can always go one of two ways. Usually you trash intern job outlook he got John that he's back he's the he's our hockey expert. In the pregame. They should play the comeback video of the Bruins went over the leafs in game seven for two dozen thirteen to get into rawness heads. Network or what I don't have a problem with the sportsmanship thing militants that also tired of entirely Elaine that's a little too opinion yet that is under brings the opinion correct you bring facts stats and facts. The other set for Sean Maguire office in Good Will Hunting was actually in Toronto. If the Bruins to get Tommy winning goals to reenact the it's not Europe all seen it may emotionally direct NASA to add three to the point of missing the game. To call the fifth. Sorry John it's just there's just too much going on speaking of Tommy wiggles John says here's a radical idea don't play him. On the second line up play off tonight John he's got lucky when John I don't end there had been in their follow in his ski the Maple Leafs have not advanced to the second round is still a cup playoffs since 2004. The office in American version hadn't yet they viewed Christian Fauria. Was averaging twelve point two yards per catch. In a local bread was 97 cents a loaf of bread loves us and I make a huge because you want to know how much Brett was back in 2004 Austin Matthews and mark were both six years all yes now of course we admits this is well with the team that has scored first. Has won five of the six games in the series five of six. That's the same score that hash tag door co host Ryan Davey gave to the Star Wars the last Jett died. Thus the Bruins need to do but I Lauren challenge they team up. Prior to the game in order to loosen them up and get off to a hot start. What's the kind of registered when I thought this segment couldn't get Dahmer and John it's what's the apparent chance that so like telepathically what an account already are perhaps this Jones like Justin Verlander talents that you just pulled. I'm not yet and it's your hat on and I. I John is as settlement until then that's a tough one as everyone knows salt they preservative. If the Bruins to score first Brad marsh and needs to lick all the salt off the Maple Leafs players in order to preserve believed. The leaned. I think our. I don't feel I don't like it he's here I'm glad to take full control of the keys. Dark sweetie okay should check with the NHL to see it game seven can be moved from the TD garden to Venus. Between this now hold on but it's not a Bruins. TD garden playoff atmosphere is buzzing however oh Venus is atmosphere actually it's favorable playoff conditions for the Bruins. It's atmosphere circled the planet just four days. Which would help the Bruins circle the wagons it defensive situations and maintain a lead. John turning your Ki yeah our idea your laptop get out of the building that you've put too much Matt's not that'll I don't blame him nightly news these communities around sometimes a coaching change to lettuce barb. That's an idea where it goes through your taste go to and seven you say we're gonna go at Petit has left an audience and a new different accounts the news is last month. I if he asks. It's. Got. It turned job that we should I don't coach before game seven days that he eco entity is the time already and not that he says that would be a classic Bruins move Mike he wants on the quietly replaced Bruce Cassidy wins him. Those thoughts that maybe someone in the conference so easy these are great I RE ND a couple days ago saying that master lock he has expressed interest and I'm gonna choose to believe that you're telling the truth. That was my idea it was early answers to get a percentage was telling you a get a percentage I just want free box so now that's all they heard that final round one and I don't get fired coach sort of game seven who who wins. After all he's won an Olympic and Lawrence now on I'm confused is that but I certainly wouldn't shirtless I shouldn't a put that in don't know what it outside I shouldn't have included I came Rex and I collect data on Dickson yes yes you you may have to. Now I got a couple keys on the ultimate machine Toyota people's land this guy really gets segment Aniston's Nikes are simple. Get early early tactic has no goals allowed. I don't it'll spots and ads and apps that. OK okay cut that program forward or personal or really Cameron at all. It better of some bread well 97 cents wasn't a bad deal. There is no Jalen brown dominates on Tuesday as I know but for now but Chara and Bergeron and brass all of losing record the game seven. Actually stay on Internet the best key units are as one in seven. Mountain. I don't like depth. Andy you are not allowed to rent a PS. So now so I'll find out at about five to one that's my dad actually you guys you he's just locked in five to one IDs and ultimately theory shouldn't. No of that now is not 1004 but he might be right. Sometimes they're chairman part time allotted to harness the dynamic he's got to be honest. Sees and has grown on me. Okay now he's back he's back on board he hated it he wore Kiki I know that's his wife calls. This is you're always majority believe better you were left and right because you expect it. That's right that's the ultimate perk that's caught the outlook she texted one time which is a key he's talking about a key. Fifth. A brutal six and seven that it you don't have anything else. I just learned that he hated you I remember now he's saying it's grown men. That's sounds like somebody's trying to get in your good graces and he also knows he's here on Friday when it will not eased. Parts in this for instance. Oh probably after the first day of the draft would probably need keys to the second third round I know how well they're gonna have to make a lot of okay actually rumors going around a vote closer burst rounds of the draft needs to draft and days that it perhaps we haven't opened out and we have to play keys to driving and parking lot about it in Nepal. Harkin probably one of the us there.