Keefe’s Keys to Celtics vs. Bucks Game 3

Dale & Keefe
Friday, April 20th
The internationally hit segment "Keefe’s Keys" returns for the Celtics vs. Bucks Game 3

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I don't think it. Right and I don't. Days I felt Xbox game. You got really bad bad view from. The Celtic myth that Batman let's start now that means guys that because Friday's defeat in today's Friday none of the starting five have stepped up their games. Their combined only to average 59 points amongst starters. First two games of the series starters averaged 82 and a half points per game. The key is the starters must break out of their Friday pomp. In order to go up three out for the little worries now hey Alan let's hear it in the right so I need grunt I wish we were on what ensemble can usually they tell people out that you. She learned a thing in our TV Noriega for TV created. Throughout the female pair a clue who's there any others after having birth. Since the Bucs playoff berth they have lost their handlers sitting out of the part two in six. Hos there and stuff like that outscored the box the first quarter by eleven and twelve in this series. Continue to win their quarters you'll win the series get a forty foot hole early. It's gonna hurt yourself with a thing April 20 is national lookalike day. Because the Celtics have Marcus Morris was that went in identical twin brother Celtics will win the game. It is national looked like they had subject about that the most forty twins pleaded out of thick or did they try to figure out which one is which I can't I got more bad news for and they all felt like Thabeet 37 of thirteen record with one day of rest. In fact make it 38 and thirteen because that the playoff game from one to two they've had two days on this this game during the season they're just six in seven. The minute. Why would they be worse with the next today grass I don't know I really don't know caribou travel and heard and adapt to help each other. This series the blocks have not traveled in herds or help each other fat old add to. Yeah not if got a Ed Middleton have combined for 65%. Shooting while the rest of the team shot 40% would want me to turn overs. Keep the box is to adapt in helping each other. He's he's brought on a per game three. Eric Bledsoe needs to meet heroes here and know his name is I how are you. I didn't Derek what's aren't start. Second chance points are key to the Celtics victory like an addict deep. It's a team and a key to the victory that outscored the bucks 4213. In second chance points. This series and have to when he offensive rebounds compared the boxed well. You add a Milwaukee both the game in Milwaukee tonight that this is an important key as well. Milwaukee both the largest dinosaur skull in the world. A nine foot by eight foot. Taurus Taurus Cranium you did say that right horror story and they do great photo made that now it's two feet nine inches taller than yacht yes. What's not a key but Milwaukee can at least boast this. Thank Cranium. I'm taller than young guys. Yeah that's pretty much well I think we've exhausted he skis. I'm I'm all I want to Europe of marijuana related one. Not on your candidate that is a lot like today national locally. I put a little feedback on what it feels like we have he's he's on Twitter and I don't want to go to Florida and the segments of the victim must listen. Fox who look plus miles formally arrested on marijuana charges last September will be well that's a good one night that's the efficacy skis. As John Henson doubtful. I'm not gonna play action I was told by bill Michaels on 157 the fan in Milwaukee that John Henson will not play. With what senator Larry Sanders once and I believe the players theaters also didn't feel his thoughts he plans gave a terrible person. Letters to editors the again that I did it out at how do not feed your dog is terrible. That is McCorkle and let's not a whole the whole thing like that in Wisconsin. Back in the war in Iraq. Knocked it you've got to take the dogs away from yeah I think they did I think conservative as he also took it NBA career away from themselves. And I'm happy I'm back in the NBA for a little while that blocks shots. They go I don't know I happy. Through the this entire they aggregate. Today a lost feeling god yeah I'm not feeling I think it's in that or like more keys for him but they're not all positive yet there's just these are the keys for game three and it seems like it's probably going to be a Block's winner a the most damning would be. The record with two days off. Celtics and mockery when their two days off. Techsters got a possible for twenty connection on a doubt it's 420 Celtics green four leaf clover five leaf plant. Now that's got that helps our Mercury to. Box but I'll grant you know plant bell and a poorly over five fleet plan that no that's true. This is also sort of the other Ray Allen pole as he of course Victoria balking at a great Celtic that's ultimately T know yet if he's more welcome I would imagine they don't walk walk. Yeah nobody cared and I don't think that it welcomed here. I don't think they love him necessarily. Here in Boston anymore but. I don't know how big I I got the Celtics in five now because I've. As China does not feel very good yes face that your eye he's in the loses today or tonight in and they win. We're back on Sunday and Sunday come back wrapping up in five. If you change your pick it's progress every week of keys did not sway me they'd throw you out I don't know about that we get Kyle yeah yeah now these salt heat. I'll get any keys on you not about the top that and things go on out to do some re certainly easy you know I didn't stop him. Yeah. Well a lot of this Celtics went lucky charms sprinkle little dust on the night here so that's the key Celtics are what's. You know lucky charms you know I don't us let's break time what yet but now. I started Deanna leopard time art yeah. You can't just hard to do this could get you to a better. Brett lucky charms always rely on both boys got 300 or gain to attend the real problem no but you've had 72 hours of Bermuda Turkey now that's an army personnel. I'll put my daily couldn't do it again that we decided I laugh at how much Larry I got married here and I'd rather than it cereal so they'll eat cookies I think. I've heard this though dale this can also be key in the game the Celtics have never lost that game when Kyle Draper is eating chips logged on he got. What you know I never lost about this the and that's damage and its right to sell eggs are picked 35 and no. When leading the series two games and who I think they will definitely help me about to die down but I guarantee you. I'm saying he's he's he's a nice day ivory keys Al Horford ass holes being honest I don't I. I am okay. Big Dominik yes a year yet. Will continue to dominate because he's been great against the bucks all season Celtics are four and a half point offs they were dogs the other night where there I think they were one point that. While at home at home. Away from. Richardson was then we got to go there again. It's Joseph Johns is not quality bats so I don't even want him out at liberty legal custody via sponsor of Kiki we know yeah they prenatal I think you what are they sponsored eve before it got there would be a problem public this part of the sponsorship maybe come back out banks. We got to come back every game. Yes that we pushing I. And that's an article I don't know if there's a lot.