Keefer Madness – Crazy Cosplay Lady Edition 11-14-17

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, November 14th

We close out the show with one of the best/worst Keefer Madness segments ever.   Cosplayers are characters, and this lady does not disappoint.


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I hated religion generally manage our friends. See how far enough because my generation. Documentary all about clock square across America from Maine to Seattle to one Puerto Rico. We want real war hurts. All mirror quietly. Called this to the cause let him as well as we interviewed the guy who corn the first caused play from the news took the issue Takahashi. There we go all you're mad this time as you know you're gonna beat that. I don't know that's gonna be it's going to be tough to top that but that was from Boston comic con this past weekend I was at Rhode Island comic on. In Providence. Had a chance to interview some element friendly here right on their mother that more people relish tray it was packed the Dunkin' Donuts senator's pac the convention center addicts or is packed. And I ran across this lovely lady who was wearing a red dress in black cat. Appeared to be the character from beetlejuice but it auto was soon many things so I start out by asking her. Who she wants the first of all can you just tell let people know what you're dressed up. My name is Lydia. I love that man I'm fine. All was she talking to you hide all full bathtub all you guys did and we are. Oh god I posed as there was just me and our business issues holding a stuffed animals stand snake like from the real issues. Film and so she right away. That's unfair apartment interviewed people and caused play some choose to pretend they are the character others just down bill from accounting and I just happen addresses or today. But you know I'm here to have whatever you want but she's don't believe he would. Thinner met wedding Dan. Now do you frequent a lot of comic con yes I do know. Which can tell me about your headrest here how did you put that together okay as far as it goes I do a lot of different things met my costumes I commission things like create things. I modify things. Commit I didn't miss a ball over the final where she at this hour from what actually I commission things to respect I create things. I've modified thing that's really the Big Three that's when it comes out and I was lying if there are now and imagine but it costume play the layman. OK so as far as this particular pet piece knowledge Roddick who wanted to kind he has made my phone lady in England. Hey those flown specially to you I have formally especially for me I had it cost them packed boxes made it is. God is real crow feathers is a real pros won't. Really in Rhodes scholar now a sophomore I have a wife who looked great too. They look great. Hello real I mean if you like from stall a lot of and I hadn't really thought about some things he derided the Crisco herself she may have murdered the crew I don't know a fair or those hormone when you look for some rude killers from president commission that part of it and I'm not entirely for. He is totally in line with what comedian when he would do because animal. They're defection. Where her father is looking at the Sheraton is a problem out there and he's fighting on some key area. So of course it's an area got about half believe over the top. Committee would do this and I'm Lydia so I'm still an ad it's tremendous what about the drastically over the drug okay to drafting this is my RI is so important. Laughs yeah Rock Island when I was here I was doing Hugo you know chino from dank and Ron thought. I'm not what America. And one. Of my. Here I was soon you uncle you know scene happened and Enron. Went right. Big stock I would feel lost I don't know what the third I don't know I don't admirable thing going on. You're think you know it. And I get out of here. And I just gonna say failure and auto and interject here that well I'm looking at the picture yeah that it keeps tweeted out yeah that's our she's in love with you. Q there was another look at the look on her today there's another picture of some holding a microphone and there's one picture that. She's holding my wrist. Like instead of the my upload actually our. We did about this interview I cut this down is like seven at eight minutes long. And for like two minutes who's holding on to my breath as those. I talked to our buttons and yeah yeah going integrated view of Ed Liddy this isn't her is that. This isn't your wife that is about my up our act directed there's not a George think of water holding your wrist which she. She laughed assure you OK with that idea that she's she's comfortable out artist you are not there when she was whatever she was from whatever she was from union. Here I was doing June you know Sheen from day give Rafa a I'm not an ankle Enron did I miss that and unfortunately. And my friend his daughter was doing interviews college hall projects he had to do about these kind of event. We saw the zoo thought crossed the sidewalk he found out that we needed interview with him I got a hold of him. Found out that his 'cause then. So he made his outfit she does feel warm reenacting. And live car I bought all the Havoc for this all requirements and she may need this draft. My body. How does that work as as you're standing and let's put a process is because you know she's got imagine you have to take some mock up of and didn't do a fifth. To figure out how much fabric is needed. To and I had enough for three different fitting the crime and we got an if you look at this baby yeah. It looks tremendous out I don't think. That's I've. I see. Our users who learned yeah yeah yeah latitude that Iran Iran although I won line I'll outlook that are fitting right off and live body Alia. Which I asked her about here. Us on the moving tank that's how I'd go I wing I'm gonna do it all the way. You absolutely have brought it all the way down to be crass but when she's measure you you have you must be standing there not a whole lot of close where you re comfortable with that. Of course not yet a part of the. Delicately going to that question about to be grounds where you look neat yeah he's going brotherhood that. I was greeted out we with the help of patio we figured that you go in Hiroshima. And it won't blow Tuesday Japanese video games. I was doing Google you know she came up from dank Enron problem. Of course I can get notes are it's a school girl outfit like high boom all move. I have been trying to trying to put some things and read the literature I've. So I mean I guess is professional future customer hit you can not trust this person who do not go to the spark that. Oh that's good about it I don't know alive and debate overall that's great advice that's that's the code of the costly streets right there is that. If you cannot trust this person who do not go to this person like there's the forget about the door right that's really I bet that's the bumpers are absolutely no doubt you. She's a professional. The civil war in Paris evening dresses for many many many years. Bob professional. And how wonderful woman. Now what you know it's only one other our cost and use but what do you recycle in the life see this again if I see you again you always constantly. I try to do something they did. He cheer for something different okay so are you thinking now here's how I could be mom and dad yeah I was doing him hanging my. And it. Yeah well goddamn yeah. It's now the shoulder looked I don't let a lot of on the shoulders of the V for vendetta logo tattooed on her shoulder. Let me just say this I think our classic case Andy you know as as now stuck his vision in my head yes. Should look anything like Jim coding in Oshima from bank and rom now you know things are not even when I union gods played you know she doesn't look like that. I was doing young girl you know she came up from dank Enron problem is that it yeah OK yeah. Had you specifically more than one yeah wow now that's maybe the most commitment I've ever seen how do you think I might. Oh. That wow I just gonna have you come back. Actually I. Could check out I didn't miracle that you're here and I doubt I doubt about it. Since I've got in my car I did it goes hello I would ever come calling up the hood of her car you know yes. I went about what the hood of the car okay. My home my car I got professional handlers don't yeah OK yeah. Hands on it is the V for vendetta samples from the movie black negative and my blood is on fire. That's shows a picture of it and it's like flame all flame. While you must get a lot of comments about. Yes I do I used to be like why I think if anything it. Do you see. While that is incredible today professional hair back stop now you have to forget and any trouble with the police because of that they C units in chief of the veteran drag racer maybe you know because I have to be behind them you do not see that some of them behind you went. Don't think funny behind the point that Smart. Against them but you know. I've been bigger altered political there in the east your backs on that hitter Hank you smell like chloroform key fact left the Dow got about an owner of three dollars and on the wing and I got hurt kind of unaccounted for who is holding your wrist is telling you to comfort and second marker that's correct. Disney is deeper than that do you see. Bet you that's up from the moving know that always. Yes I thought man okay do a great. As we head into all of my dad that's I've got to you don't have to ever. Look at. She was do you prevent them use the attention of the guys aren't you though it wasn't like that Natalie Portman school girl was not budget on the math geology at that particular little concerned by this western goal was. Yeah. And so I was doing Hinkle you know Sheen from dank Enron problem. That is incredible I had this passion made for me on my body from a different I don't know consular. Once again I had different parts made from different people I find you can make me about. You can make me real daggers I have realized the plot points and tomorrow. The united worlds as real thing residents world lows that the safety hazard but the last parts from different people with local. Sounds of the lambs. To the collect there. Hey I didn't meet with phonetic Lieberman has soliloquy I have won awards but I have done in the network. Yeah yeah an award well well I think I know what's coming we're about the the president here I don't know the. I've won awards for performances in this dress this well I also do other costly by the Fed I do the Greek goddess of Turks. Who is good news of music OK so I go and I play my record. And I what's songs to put on the record of and this is just a good interviewer here that is let's do a song I have a repertoire right now 68 song. Oh a quarter 68 songs on the recorder that's pretty good and that's about 672. Men it's actually had a if they're good repertoire Saturday you can play for. Don't you likely digital drums I can keep my second have a passion my diaper type. I do ballroom dancing you name it. I've been performing I'm not different ways since I was five years old. I live for death that is incredible bargain guys you know I do this because I love it this is where my money goes okay. I you know I don't guess what I lived for so when I tell you I've spent over 3000 dollars on the yes ma. That means I don't really I don't have cable I don't do this I mean I can't I learned I teach myself thing. It is what my life. I was doing you've got you've seen from dank Enron's collapse.