Keefer Madness: 'The Crunchin Munchin Bandit' strike

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, April 24th

A woman comes home to find a naked person in her bathtub eating her Cheetos. Not only was the person in this house, but apparently had broken into the neighbors houses first. Keep your doors locked, and your crunchy snacks safe folks.


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Yes he's ready to keep her madness. Yeah racked up one up for Iraqi tremendously and I talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like reefer madness. You'll be in a great film of the men and not think so screw you keep yeah I assure you left. Earnings you. Just strictly did you Baghdad makes you. I don't think this is one of the strongest segments. Can nibble your gasoline. To run on the biology class that's probably the best that's where I'd want his right on the spot. You want to know. Of their guys are capable legs. Really that soon alien that we somewhat out of context. Now that was pretty much in contact us was right on the but G frontlines that's where I'd want his. Right on the OK that's very clear those are your words is not doctored at all. All right first off good news though is that. Mike from incest it's going to be back at today's Magnuson act baiting but many of the mad and I have been about my princess as the liquid. And he is gonna be back we don't know when but he will be season provide us with a lot more content like this you know well it's I don't know that as obviously very exciting bowl. Avenger is some of the ultra violent as some of the ultra. Video did I ever. Why can't open invitation to Mike for incessantly talked avengers infinity ward he wants to the clip this kind of brilliant conceit which he could remember the word of vengeance for your members all tall strong. Right and he's living with all old slow them with the yelled from. Like if I was of them pay rent house of the pain here members of the woods golf balls from pain so this story we go down to the week easy and in some sort of out of Florida now now is that it expected most are a Florida in round number this happens to be Louisiana where you have an interesting kind of thing ended here on its okay. Has been caught orange and did take sole right away. Now that the this is the newsman down there. He says the someone's been caught orange handed I'd get a you have. Butler has been caught orange and did taking a bat puts those. In the comfort of someone else's home. He tried taking a bath. With she goes and I don't really in your backed up there eating your Tito's I really act ads in your house eight shades of wrong now at the top smack to him that that stuff gets everywhere it's on your fingers forever at this and in your top of the and it's all that allowed him. He's cutie cleaned up the it is true if you're gonna eat she goes anywhere top of the bathtub masters jacket and all of your fair. In the comfort of someone else's home on fitness battle in Washington allegedly discovered naked. And it's oh yeah wall to wall. Yeah yeah yeah yeah I believe what or house that tubman and it's very what is it straight and close I think he stranger if she was it should show. She chose the top as a once participated in the house let it fill up the bathtub does it it would buy clothes you muzzle actually take a back or not Philadelphia disputed that yet these activities you get there yeah ever had a snack in the tub. I kits and a half now well. Now that you know I think you wanna bring snacks and we're near the bathroom the culture. I usually keep food drink out of that is definitely tirelessly in college for a beer at this hour that's never a couple Cosby you know on the kitchen on the counter in the bathroom maybe I've seen that notion that women and there are like bubble Basilan the community or whatever are going to bed nice wine net and its lessons strawberries profit but that's wrong. Other commitment that city and yeah our economy our men and women cheat out there Elena with I don't know chocolate is my best friends. General because you know eating chocolate your bathroom. McCain's strange. Often covered strawberries that's something Yankee candle so yeah maybe just do that together and scientists Evelyn Washington allegedly discovered naked. And it's with the data but. Happy it's a happy and says Monroe Louisiana resident. He's started really happened so happy. I mean if you buy it if you cheat you eat them you know I'd like the old Delhi after Cheadle and sent it down now that's not a happy that Assad's ouster of the bad. Freed a gray says she returned from a long day's work defied the unwelcome guest in our home greatly Washington's master with side window and improperly. Raided that pantry. Every hit ball was hit to kill poor. Simple. I doubt that as it would cheat on top of them picking your Frito pie before is like Chile with freedom is on top of it or mixed in with the caveat that he puts them on the issue is making human shields finally as you want it that she does it up she Donovan will go very well with any. To our standalone snack nomads. It would give mixed Tito's. She hit from the ship to port on top. The food the owners say Washington went to great lengths it inside the house she came to this side window picked up a paper pick. There don't paper picker dale yeah. That he prepared for it's what you want so when the when paper boy or or girl. Goes by and tossed the paper on you or I would drive down and pick it up yet get a little. All my Brothers that don't know what you've allotted you do have a lot of cheap it was announced. Making it might be an art but over so she she took that smashed the windows you know things for like old people though my father's knee replacement he had some uneasy at the Sox you know but it's caused the problem. One not only our members are even out and I'm out yeah it was ignorance and somebody was watching them you know war. Should it should at. Least. Smashed the window and gotten stock. Our heart of what I would cap or call it neighbors say they think it was Washington. Stuck at your house first. So that's what purports to the tub and that she goes broken somebody else's house first. But certainly at hand sand wells goldilocks situation. Like an ad there the unity of the against the G left and went into. It's okay. It's a bathtub in there which came up here and just open it over McCain when he. In comfortable. At all. The question I mean if somebody can't quite figure door what's wrong with the wrong with. An eight to what. It's a suspicion of both them and angry. She is looking for some guy named Greg. Eric Dickerson didn't we were informed us today. You may have been looking for Greg Dickerson visits him but there is a suspicion of both them and angry. Is he to dole out. This is it as the man that lives in this house is to go. Grace as she lost all the officer she snatched you sign with a total that would that would make you president bolts voltage. Without help you know this he can go. Greece says she was scared but at least she was nice enough. Let Washington took hold on one before she called police even though she got dressed in great clothes. Every time. Pretty nice I oppose the United States that the clock and all but I don't have any. All of our work cut out there all at the public order taken about the Machida is about the chemicals on their own husband says he would have been this night. Olson was reelected here. And president there's something really bad. They all say. We'll never forget the crunching. Lunch and it's. Crunching bunching. I think there's less than that things haven't thing isn't it this must be crunching the mavericks like acute crisis yeah crunching. Luncheon. Found infected partner there were on vacation and it out of the baby the baby now he's a go at that and still desperate. Is there. Available. To go forward so yeah. Yeah staying out there to the right of us. The weird part of the story is that the cheetah a Spartan now it's the naked in the bathtub part of they just keeps skipping over they do skip over it just keep going to cheat she goes as it gets the most attention they get like three pulled pumped here it's a picnic tomorrow from work you're like god it's someone's violated your bats and your tunes. Just quick updates on the unique with you yes please you can use it did talk on top of Brussels sprouts. Yahoo! pool on top of pizza. Had never tried I don't think that's a good idea that it's an active chiefs. I could see that at least eighty sushi. Right now though let's see now I think I do these auto Armani jacket to do not get an idea of rice speaking I don't like this idea also out burger. Crotch and up Ali. Danica. An act and had real famous on people's it eight Tito's notches when she. Went through your partners. See it well it's yet to. At its heart attack in a bag isn't it yeah it or that she's into the Tito's bag and it's with the data for. Happy and happy and says Latinos and not chips and she knows. She that was what she left the other house for all they had was tips grant. Look at for chi is that you never found Greg. Yeah zero story there bottom right I don't know what evident but he got in the program. Well it's weird it's. And I'm still surprised that floor I don't like an adjective that. I will look at there. I'm gonna look for. A naked person and she knows which I don't have in my house anyway you never know how are you gonna check I guarantee you go home of the first. And died now ever Keith is up next which is months. Well I've only had like mark was very excited to get them only money that month after month. Earlier Communists if that mud and mutt he's here for a coming up next Red Sox baseball tonight and rattle as well. Celtics game five tonight at the garden so it's when global let's talk about tomorrow fine. It does justice to political someday and angry. They'll never forget that crunching. Munching bandits. Prey for all your world.