Keefer Madness - Feces from plane find it way into woman’s eyes

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, June 12th
Conspiracy theories rule this week’s Keefer Madness when a car in Canada was covered in poop. Shocking, another Keefer Madness about poop, but this time no one knows how it happened. Was it a flock of birds? Was it a plane or three? No, actually no one really knows.

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The key bird may. Yes you make it cheaper madness. Racked up one up for Iraqi tremendously and it talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like reefer madness. Good deal of rebuild Lebanon and now he's an ice he's a nice guy and so screw you keep yeah I assure you left. Yeah yeah. I hate which he's got slit did you guys make you. This is one of the strongest and Red Sox stayed 30 poor. He'd kids how to think early end to the consequences and and through their actions. Your professionalism stinks. I question it. There barrels. I always thought well I wing. Cereal to Tuesday that it is time for key for madness and dale we got one that he'll never be able to gas. My ass for your guest now neck again okay go to that I guess I get it right up there right now the weather is getting nice out there. This serves as a warning to anybody with a convertible or a sunroof. You might think you're doing pretty well you have one of those things are cruising around looking go wrong well something very terrible. Could go wrong now we go up to Canada. For this sad story that's right Canada. Just felt like something wet hitting me it started it was true it's really it felt dirty greater weight could smell the smell of them. Never go back. Hey kid does that. It was or it's not about who are not. Album so my thing McCormick one for three with so that was then last week so there's a whole week without your there was a label him as a hoops or this plays driving around and then it got pretty bad for. Groves really again felt dirty narrator we could smell the smell around them. Susan Allen and her son or part of this very intersection. As they watched the liquid cover of their vehicle. And fall all over them. You know what I wish we had a radio. It's as did you don't you wish good video of the ocean services like you can't given that you think is seriously can any act things that there you have that you that's the reporter they obviously a good job covering the story that you get down there at the scene didn't recreate it necessarily but they wanna talkers grow. And they they spoke with the with the ladies. As they watched the liquid covered their vehicle and fall all over them there was food on my car from here. Entirely across the hood up over down the side over my entire roof. Down here all here and then the vehicle was cited as their entire one side of the vehicle was covered in Booth. Its really its head that though soup to nuts they'll it is. There's feces everywhere on the automobile but how it but how dale how to that mark had this happen. Refined car was just inundated with it it was falling from the sky you could yield. Following. From this guy Malcolm X and it. What's less than that do you think it has brought this guy of all places where are we safe. Inundated with it it was falling from the sky you could feel that drops hitting use it kind of felt like. We got a dump truck full of my dumped on top of us. Now that the five other nationally are limited on track on the ideal home of one of woods it's a people's tree in the dashboard ballots so we knew we may find out oh we may. When I looked up there was nothing above us that a plane flying it had already flown a little bit past obviously and you could stills. Seemed like things falling from the sky coming through my standard guys listen I thought my car was obviously open. Into what will play slightly it he's gonna play like a hundred heat yeah. I want you see a quiet about it. Let me get to vote coming out and get pretty close to good does it right right your wheel house of it you would see it right at ineptitude that's. And it started crying and my car wouldn't you wouldn't. Start crying that's province. It touches and sound is that says I thought you'd be judged in the app and now she's dram is she sounds that he sorrow over dramatized in this you think so yeah a little bit a little bit human human but they. Trying to pull moisture away from me so let fans rate you I sprayed him we scrape the vehicle lot Ike. Lots program. There's not a separate the whole plan I think it because. It's true there's no words to live by an apparently well it's not that you're. Felt just a cold sensation hit like my side my basic my shoulder and I look beside me I thought the big truck side is that like dumping ice cap or something. Then the smell hit my knows I've almost marketed instant. It's of them shut this quickly and we drove as fast as we could two blocks to the nearest car wash and power lost. My car and our bodies off. Allen said she'd like her vehicle to be detailed as a still smells like feces for cabinet news I'm Linda Kelly I'll Colonna. You know it's still smells like Maloney vsan. Was flown under British Columbia and others are you trying to connect Kelly and Colonna thank you of all the stories you've done this one has grossed me out them really yeah tranche a burger. This is my this is worse well there's more of the story because again they're winding their airplanes or other landing airplanes they're there they're blaming the surrounding area against what. That some people don't believe this to be the case. Cologne airport has taken the incidents seriously it says there were three planes in the air when Allen's incident happened. Two of them were flying nowhere near the area were Alan's car was sick. But there was a smaller aircraft an area but it had flown over half an hour prior to the incident and that particular plane doesn't have toilets. A plot pick him. So we know well does that not. The plot is that it violated God's world expert a week or something I don't know three planes in the area at that time of the attack Obama why in a different direction. One of them didn't have a toilet. More eleventh all went back and well. And I army we do a Mario earth aren't. The airport has a theory as to what might have happened to Alan's car on for you ready for the theory you guys ready for the odd yeah well the airport anymore yeah all right let's Eric. I'm perhaps I could have been some birds. But again obviously this is just speculation and our. Words this. Bunch of birds all simultaneously using the bathroom on a play. Race and area bird barely on dork what I know they are up against guys are and a visa and it's not a bird or plane couldn't. I give up it's not super dog okay I don't know why it doesn't read out. I'm perhaps I could have been some birds. But again this is this just speculation and are part of Allen isn't buying the bird theory. There's no way can be very it's there was so much that on my part in order for it to be without much food. Without a word of a light it would have been 500 birds keeping all of the same time. And wet it's very rare from my experience well. But I think and I is. Then using the toilet this guy right together well and I offered easy 500 birds together boy I think the one thing you've read sort of decipher is that like the bird who is white. It's also good point journalist careened. OK but it's not like human feces while so social if she sings as human feces it in oh yeah paper Reggie Bush he's got twelve half million dollars today is suing the St. Louis Rams really. Because oddly enough I know that about why he wanted. He went out and definitely this is totally boring but could guess what we also let's finish this I have another thing and only theories to rely on theories that Susan Allen says it's for the birds. Hey yeah. Do they were ready to Portland landed awkwardly on him and it almost like wheat slandered me and it was very. Byrd who is played in black it that it has thousands flock of birds to my overall violence accompany her image of the country. Kelly Hayes global news Colonna she also that ping guy and I'm not making you know the part of that is you're not yet. Ashley got pink guys shouldn't read anything into the fact the story was from. Colonna. I don't think so. Parties for something's not that it I think I from yes. Yes I am yes I would vixen. All practical matter it's a real thing yeah real thing I can see that happen. And now. Until she finds out I was from like you know plane or whatever she's unseat her she can make some you know what they also said she said in why I think also disproved the bird theory which really the only fear those guys had to offer was there was some of that you know like. The blues to the blue stuff and a poorly up and an off endless stuff there I'll add them before number what is the operator and would. I know what toxic I was moved up. Does it. Mean on this this thing that happened is that plane have the bird rights. Yes mark that they don't have the current price of the fabulous. Look at about one billion dollar amount you know I don't know I don't there on the next well. But it's my right yes deficit nevermind I easier and easier and out Red Sox afternoon baseball the mark that's right so we'll see guys on there they slack. There was so much that unlike our. Talent that you'd like her vehicle to be detailed as a still smells like feces. Then the smell hit my nose and I thought about it. And it started kind of like I'm pretty good.